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yay~ new year, new icons! I think that seems to be a reasonable time frame? 
I really like these, took me quite a few tries to get them to look right. 
Ty cleaned hers up a bit and I'm 1000% glad she did ohhh such a lovely hairline ok

icons for myself :iconai-bee: and :icontyshea:, not free to use obviously, thank yooo :heart:
done in sai and a little in mspaint!! WINDOWS SEVEN MSPAINT IS SO SHINY WOW
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From your fashionably late slowpoke bee, but you know, that's just how I roll.

So to start things off, some of you may have noticed our icons... For the new year we thought we'd freshen up, and our CoP babies getting a redesign means I'll have to update those icons or make new ones. You can still see them here:

But I ask you don't use them ever since they've got our names on them! Same deal goes with these, they are not for public use... IDK why you'd want to though really :O_o:

Ty's got the sunset, and I've got the dawn. It's always been a bit of a thing between us. :blush: They both blink at 5 second intervals here, but usually they load separately so they blink at different times on the site! (Unless your connection is lightspeed, I guess!)

:star: Also, since I'm sure everyone's itching to know- the trip was amazing, wonderful, and entirely the best Christmas present I've ever had. You can read about it here or check out my tumblr (start from the bottom of that page for chronological order) for some photos and a video of us meeting that I promised I'd take. e///e;;


Let's dust off the snow and start anew! INTO 2013 WE GO! :eager:

art (c) me, done in SAI with animations added in Adobe Image Ready.
Thank you for all the favorites, comments, and watches! :dalove:
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"It takes such a small human being to lose all control and to lust like a fiend. 
So keep on praying that her fear keeps you protected, I'll rest my mind and let you live on my given time.
I've made this my life, it left me sleepless at night, I watched her world fall apart in your hands.
So tell me was it everything you hoped and dreamed? Her legs pinned down and face shoved deep into your seat.
You feel blood, you don't stop, you don't stop, just repeat, it only makes you harder, 
And this wait has only made me stronger, you have no idea how long I've planned this out in my head.
He's just shut his bedroom door for the last time, I'm keeping still breathing slow, grip my hands tight, I feel the demons inside me, they feel what I feel, I am connected through a mindset."

Stupid HTML codes aren't working again. Damn.
But anyways. We all know how much I like making characters with fucked up back stories. Here's another one.

I don't feel like typing a novel, so long story short: Her girlfriend was raped by her friend, so she slaughtered him. c: The end.

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I've lost my goddamn mind
It happens all the time
I can't believe I'm actually
Meant to be here
Trying to consume
The drug in me is you
And I'm so high on misery
Can't you see?

Miss Edge~ it's been so long c: Dem leggings x.x they didn't actually kill me this time but it just takes a while when I watch Maury XD 

Been working on Edge's character. She's really sick. Not like cough-cough, but in a gory way. She enjoys guns of all kinds, knives, axes, pretty much all weapons. But she doesn't give her hits on her list any mercy. She only kills if she reads their file fire and declares if they deserve to die or not. She plays God in a way here. Edge has some morals at times, when she's not killing obviously. 
When she's not killing or training in the gym, she's back at Raquelle's apartment either sleeping, eating, relaxing, watching scary movies, cuddling with Connie, until she recovers from an accident...hush hush xx and why is her knife purple? It's her person knife...*evil laugh*

Edge is mine c:
Base is by the lovely ScalematePrincess 
"The Drug In Me Is You" belongs to Falling in Reverse
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all of the thoughts in my head sing to the tune of your death.
hanging from a fucking rope. the noose is tied tight. this is how it ends right?
one more step and down to hell i go.
i like to think i'm insane but that's not the worst part.
because if i've lost my mind i'll surely lose my heart.
i'd be lying if i said i wanna be this way but it's a world full of liars and i'm just playing the game.

Redraw of this <da:thumb id="433881016">

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OC comparison stamp by liento:iconatsd1::iconatsd2::iconatsd3::icondontlikeit1plz::icondontlikeit2plz:Assume Male FIRST by querulousArtisan
"You're Pathetic! Pathetic!" The Boy Hanging From The Ceiling Grinned Viciously At The Other. "You Just Barely Escaped Death, Yet You've Been Imprisoned For Years. PATHETIC!"
Cool It Dude :I
Kay, So The Guy Upside Down Is Cedric Bertolf, And The Right Side Up Guy Is Drakul Abraddon.
They Don't Get Along Well.

Cedric's Design Belongs To Winter-Candy…
The Base Belongs To YNBases…
Edit By treacheroustorment treacheroustorment.deviantart.…
Drakul Abraddon And Cedric Bertolf Belong To Me.
Comments disabled by owner.
Template for the little details of your OCs x)

free to use!
There are no rules, you don't need to credit me xD
But please don't claim the layout as yours.

It's only 800x 1300 px
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Not sure where the inspiration for this came from, just popped in my head out of nowhere and pursued it since it haven't made many emotes in a while. :)
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I cast my hopes upon the Pleiades, the seven sisters who would come for me.
They'd fall to Earth to grant a child's dream and I'm still waiting....

Update: This character is now called Sureya, which means 'The Pleiades' in Turkish'

A doll inspired by the song The Seven Sisters by Celldweller.

The background is actually a pixel version of the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters. For the background, I did everything by hand but then I used a blur to soften it so that the stars would stand out. There are in fact Seven large stars in the image but the Doll covers Taygeta with her head and partially covers Caleano and Electra.

For the doll itself, I stuck to blue-silver tones with grey-silver for her shoes and hair tie. Originally she had a mask but I chose to show her without it.

If you'd like to learn more on the Pleiades and see the image that I used as a reference for the background, visit here

And if you wanna hear the song that inspired the doll, go here…

.: Information :.
Time: 6 Hours

Base: BJD by ~mariiiis-dolls -…

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