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helloo!! sorry for the delay on the results, a lot of things happened recently and its pushed me back a bit.

1st place -…
by xY-a-z-z 

your entry definitely stood out to me i can really see the amount of effort that went into it!! its amazing
congrats! you win 1500 points, 2 drawings + a pixel/pixel icon from me :3c
chibi from Spacette, fullbody from Damocloid, digital painting from FishyFeeshy, drawing from qears

2nd place -…
Bee contest entry by Spacette
by Spacette 
i thought this entry was gorgeous, it has a really nice style. i really really love the background and the colour choice
congrats! you win 500 points and a drawing from me, headshot icon from sweaterkat, pixel from hatchl

3rd place -…
Chocodile - Bee (ENTRY) by ll-vitiatus-ll
by ll-vitiatus-ll 
this whole drawing is done so well. love the shading and all the detail!
congrats! you win 100 points 500 points (decided to up this) and a drawing from me

there are a few other entries i really wanted to give a prize to so im going to update this with some of those when i can think of a suitable prize!

specifically Relivian, Snovve and HeartlessArmedAngel

winners if you could message me then i will send over the points, and you can ask for your art. you are free to go message everyone else that contributed to the prizes :3c

all the entries are here:
Contest Entry. by TheKatherynnDo Chocodiles Taste Like Chocolate by Jenny42Center of the Universe by mellocat<da:thumb id="461048382"/>Saturn by Snovve.:F.L.E.S.H:. by httpdogsBee Contest Entry by AckryllisEntry : Contest : Choco - CHOCOLA IS MINE!!!  Nom by CleasiaMine(WIP) by No-peContest Entry for bee by TayTerrTot<da:thumb id="454914784"/> <da:thumb id="454692881"/>Time For Fun! by ShonemZonechocodile supreme by KitzophrenicChocolate Gator by imakocoaChoco Contest Entry by satire-bowtieChoco Latte by Ghost-Sweatercroc by hatchlso typical by meureiGot A Sayin' by stellarbuck: . : Contest Entry for bee . : . by HeartlessArmedAngelsweet bee by catlinqslaffy taffy by KitzophrenicEntry for bee's contest! by wadmoopie
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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2014, 11:45 AM

ENTRIES: 57ish

some lovely designs from here may go on sale/some are kept, so go check them all out!


before you read the results PLS know that it was super hard to choose omfg
i didnt expect so many entries from all of you talented artists!! in the end it came down to me drawing half the entries to see how good i could draw them CRIES
if u have a problem with the results u contact ME personally and if ur rlly unconvinced with my design tastes ill offer some things that might've made me choose their design over yours if i have to!

in 3rd place;
i reaLLY liked the soft colors!! it was one of the simplest designs and really caught my eye *A* thank you for participating!!
you win:

500 points
a traditional sketch
1 icon
1 mini misu

in 2nd place; :thumb448590147:
omfg i love seasalt ice cream bc kingdom hearts
i loved the accessories that you added!! uhuhhu and those tiny berries are fANTASTIC thank you so much for entering!!
you win:

800 points
3 traditional sketches of any 3 (or under) characters
1 icon
2 mini misus

1st place; :Designs for Sale(close) by PrePAWSterous (tempuram/1)
im in love!! he/she (undecided) is so tiny and pufFY AND ADORABLE AND I LOVE TEMPURA??? i really liked your species creativity on all  your entries, but this one was so simple and stress-relieving to draw!
you win:

1500 points
traditional sketch+inked page of any 3 (or under) characters OR something like : Com: Ghoulyfox by ariamisu
a choice of either 1 teacup OR 2 icons
4 mini misus

thank yall for participating!!


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sorry i didn't end this at noon like i promised! We ended up going to the beach today! so any entires that i got so far today have been accepted into judging! with that being said, the MYO brittle contest is officially closed! :icon11monsters: and myself will be judging this week, and will hopefully have winners up by the weekend. Thank you all for entering and we wish you all good luck! ; u ; 

Don't forget to check out all of the entries in the contest folder!

I was going to wait on this, since i'll be moving soon i figured it'd be nice to do something before i left. MYO Brittles are here! I really want more brittles around ;w; so i hope this is a good way to do it

Guys. You need to have both a drawing (your submissin) AND a form! 

Please fill out the following form in your comment below. This is also important for those that want to make their brittles official. One form per brittle, if you're making 3, please fill out 3 separate forms, thank you. 

Body Type: 
Nose Type: (your brittle MUST have a nose!!, a digitless brittle is the ONLY rare trait that i will NOT allow!!!) 
Tea flavor: 
Tea Type: (this can either be a Light tea, fruit tea, or a Spiced Tea, teas that include flowers fall under light teas) 
Tail Type: 
Fur type:
Rare Features: Y/N; if yes which features? (please keep in mind that while rare features are acceptable during this contest, do not load your brittle with too many of them) 
Bio: (you can include this on your submission) 
Agreement to follow the Rules and Species information have been read: 

Tea Brittles

Species Sheet: Tea Brittle Species Sheet by shimapann
:F.A.Q. (this hasn't been updated in a while, but there is useful information on it, look it over before asking something that might be already on it.) 
Brittle Gallery here's some examples/designs of current official brittles.


The contest will end in 2weeks! I will extend if enough people ask for one: 

:new:End date: June 1st 2014.

•Make sure you READ the species sheet before submitting your form, i will not acknowledge your form other wise. 
•You will own the character right, NOT the species rights. 
•Please include my username in your deviation/submission, so i can check your brittles through mention notifications. (and keep track of them) 
•You can submit up to 3 designs, however each will be Judged individually 
• Do not trace over any current brittle lines/artwork. or anyone else's for your submission. Draw your brittle for yourself, that's the point of this contest. 
•I will take note of small fixes, which you may fix and resubmit. 
•DO not break any of the species rules, doing so will result in a blacklist/will be ignored, depending on how severe, and you will NOT be allowed to participate in the next MYO. 
• The price to make a brittle official is 15$USD, +5$ for EACH rare trait. (i.e two traits > 10$)
•please be Respectful




the winners will obviously have their designs become official brittles to keep, and i'll draw all of the winners together if i have enough time! 

:icon11monsters: is going to make chibi's of the winning brittles as well! her cheebs are super cute! here is an example of what those cuties will look like!:

for the other designs not chosen; The price to make a brittle official is 15$USD, +5$ for EACH rare trait. (i.e two traits > 10$)

Have fun! and happy designing! 



all entries will be placed in the MYO entrie folder located here:…
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On Overpricing

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 1, 2013, 9:08 PM
Official Rokushi Shipper

Comment Skin

edit:yeee just so my watchers i gained since a year ago can read!also my writing skills fluctuate prepare ur eyes
edited a bit here and there

Points are probably one of the worst and best things that ever happened on dA.
For those people who are too young to get a paypal (or have strict parents that don't let you get one UEHEHEHE I FEEL YOU) it's a pretty good way to buy commissions, adoptables, and other interactive stuff from other artists. Sometimes it can help you manage your "money" more, and it gives you some kind of "wow did i really earn this much from adoptables/commissions i feel really proud" kind of feeling too.
Oh right, the bad part? People underprice all their art just so they can meet the standards that people who don't buy points with money have. They're most likely going to run into people complaining about it, especially if they price their art at about minimum wage or over.

tip; don't say anything if you can't afford it.
most artists take comments like:
"Aw it's too pricey for me, maybe another time!"
"Good luck selling, I wish i could buy it!"
"If only i didn't have more than 3 points"
"Can you give me ___ for ___ points instead?"
"bruh that expensive gl selling"

as complaints. It's nice that you are thinking about buying it, that you wish them luck selling, but yeah it's a waste of your time and their time, if they aren't the emotional, unconfident and shallow people that pity you. you are taking advantage of artists, AND taking away their business, which is sickening and downright rude. when people wished me luck selling without complaining, i actually think of doing gifts for them because they didn't try to play the pity card. that's just me, anyway!

tip; just think about it if it was you
Would you really like someone stating your opinion on your commissions if not asked for?
'lol freedom of speech!! amERICA!1' does NOT mean you can be a dick.
ex. you can't say 'ur art sucks haha freedom of speech' well ok try telling that to the police when you're reported for cyberbullying or something alright
Firstly, it really just ticks the artist off and gets you on their bad side.
Also, most art is under minimum wage. Yes, some people don't make art for a living and their prices may be lower, but it is what they feel is worth their time and talent. If it's not worth your points then it's okay, nobody is forcing you to buy them. If you give the excuse "oh but i'm helping them get more commissioners by telling them to lower their prices", i'm sure that they are already FINE with the commissions they're getting. unless stated nobody is looking for input.
I used to take hours on icons and sell them for 50 points. That's like buying a cookie, except i would need to sit and squint over every last pixel to perfection, or at least my standard of "this is good for a commission.
I used to be so focused on getting attention for my commissions, and was happy when the slots got filled in minutes. I got stressed, so I skipped homework and time that I could be doing better things, to make people happy. When I raised the price to 300 points, I still got all the slots taken in the week, and it was spread so I didn't have a buttload of icons to work on in one day. still a fair bit under minimum wage then, BUT I thought I wasn't good enough to sell them higher because of what so many people said about the raise.

Lastly, their art is worth what they have worked on for years. Most likely the artist with the "overpriced" art has been drawing since they were six, starting with a beautiful stick figure. It was their time from doodling in classes to sketching in boredom to real art classes in school and college (which can be extremely pricey) that had gotten them to this level. Now their commissions will pay off for all the time that they missed when they could be studying, or when they were in school taking classes. the artist struggle is real. some people aren't 14 and doing drawings because they're procrastinating on doing their homework (me rn GOMEN IM FAILING MY ASIAN PARENTS)
They're worth what they're worth.

// jeez i used 30 minutes when i could be finishing my beautiful rokushi fanfiction but ok here you go

Jared is a cool name and belongs to the most gorgeous person
also rokushi is my otp

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Icon and Points Giveaway!! (Over: prizes out Sat.)

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 13, 2014, 1:53 PM

going to be away from my computer today into Saturday.  I will announce the winners later Saturday.  
Thank you everyone who joined!

Hey, want to get a totally rad icon from me!
Well you could be lucky and win one in this
-throws glitter or something-

Deer/Mythical Creature Icon - G by SuperHeroPattyFatty Silme Sitting - Gift by SuperHeroPattyFatty Wolf Boy Icon - Gift by SuperHeroPattyFatty
  Alligan by SuperHeroPattyFatty   Dancer Icon - CE by SuperHeroPattyFatty
Things you could win!
-1 person will get an icon
-1 person will get 500 points
-2 people will get 250 points
-5 people will get 100 points
-1 person will win a chibi from AlwaysMowing

For this giveaway, there is three rules.  
1. You must favorite the giveaway journal. 
(This journal, not the auction one).  
2.  You must spread around my auction
either in a journal or poll or some way that people will see it!
Link to my auction
Art Slave Auction (Over)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This is the first time I am going to try this.  I hope it goes well.
If you ever wanted to get a lot of art from me, this is your chance!
Hire me to be your art slave!  
Art Items I will be offering 
-Bullet Points
-Animal and/or Human Icons
-Pixel Pagedolls
-Chibi Headshots
-Custom Adopt Designs
-Banners/Dividers (Possibly)
-Gallery Buttons (Possibly)
-Keychains (Possibly)
-Tiny Charms (Possibly)

Auction Information
- I will have a section in the comments for you to bid
-Money and/or Points
- Depending on what the final bid amount is will decide how many items you will get.
(know you will at least get one of each item.)
- If you want to team up with others to bid, you may.
(Meaning if you want to split

3.  You must also spread around this giveaway journal
(if you favorite this before I wrote this rule, you are okay!)

If you don't do all of these rules, you will not be able to win!

End Date: Friday, June 20th at 8:00 am (Eastern Time)

Css and Coding done by BrightenYourSmile
Art by FlowerDust
For SuperHeroPattyFatty only

:CLOSED: Commission slots

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 1, 2014, 10:48 PM

Games Accepted by dalminsPaypal Stamp by artist4com  dA Points Accepted Stamp by dalmins

Commission Info :

I accept Paypal,Games on my Wishlist [x] and Points .

Games on my Wishlist > Paypal > Points

Commission Slots;

1.  Jackaloops x2 100x100 pixels [paypal]
2. starpatched x1 100x100 pixel [paypal]

It would be great if u could  write a comment in this format; 
Type of Commission: 
Payment method :
Ref :
Pose (it'll help be get the commission done faster ) :
Anything else I need to know :

If you're paying using points , please use the commission widget on my page unless I say otherwise

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Bought by teekyo

I think I'm going to sell Preston, here is all his art he comes with!
You will get ownership to ALL OF THIS STUFF, offer me what you think he is worth, sort of like an auction
Now,  I'm not totally sure yet if I am going to keep him or not, I just wanted 
to see if anyone was interested in buying him! If I don't think the amount of money is worth it, then I will just 
keep him because he really is a cutie, I just don't draw him much (◕︵◕) <da:thumb id="378991711"/>

SOLD by eellieLady's Man by niqhtliqhtsno banana today! by cranberrii<da:thumb id="393653926"/><da:thumb id="393168296"/>
007 by eellie<da:thumb id="389308624"/>HHhhhhhhHHHHPRESTON by kittysatannekoxxx666eellie AT~ by peacat

<da:thumb id="381319244"/>Another Gift?!?!? (animated) by corginator
I Love Preston stamp for eellie by HairyPawter
Preston by leensor
presty by eellie

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Dreamsnare redesign contest! [Winners chosen!]

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 10, 2014, 4:53 AM
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Secret santa wishlist!

Mon Nov 4, 2013, 7:22 AM

_For MizAmy's Secret Santa_

My wish list
One of the characters under :'D

Negative plamen by griffsnuff
Name: Plamen
Gender: Female
Other: She is a feisty character in this form, really negative.
Bug by griffsnuff
Gender: Female
Other: Make up a christmas themed hat 8D
Mory by griffsnuff
Gender: Male
Other: Hes kind of femenine, and he likes decorating.


I would Prefer to draw:Anything is fine with me

I understand that I will be blacklisted and shamed if i fail to deliver my end of the Secret Santa

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O: commission info

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 7, 2014, 10:30 PM

if you complain about the prices i will scream

Chibi thing - 30 :points:
shinji ikari has a meatloaf by yosaflame
small dog by yosaflame

Island drawing things?? (tell me what kinda scenery u want) - 35 :points:
island by yosaflame

shitty icons - 20 :points:
make me bleed by yosaflame
free icon i think by yosaflame

joined icons - 40 :points:
what is 420 blaze? by yosaflame
*ren voice* aoba by yosaflame

the prices are updated but if you already commissioned me you still pay the old price,,
if you ask me when or if your commission is done theres a 99% chance im going to take even longer to finish it because literally being asked that gets on my nerves so damn much and it'll make both of our days shittier
dont do it

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