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Jack suddenly realized that he had been holding her hand for a long time now. He hastily stood up and turned around as he felt like his face was turning red.
“ Oops sorry did not mean to ... hold so long” Elsa said and let out a nervous laugh.  
“ Ye.. yeah... same” Jack answered still facing the other direction.  Before it had felt like his hand was burning now it felt warm everywhere especially the ears. He tried to cool himself down and turn around but he just could not do that.
“ Hey Jack” Elsa said after a moment.
“ What is it Elsa?” Jack said and did his best to not stumble over the words when he answered.
“ You ears are all red” she said chuckled a bit.
Jack felt like he was going to melt and sink through the floor when she said that. What was worst was that he could feel his ears get warmer and probably redder.
“ Could it be that your face is red too?” Elsa asked to Jack’s horror.
“ No it is not” he said and moved a bit to make sure that she could not see his face.
Elsa started to move around to try to get a look at his face. It ended up with the two of them spinning around in the room in some kind of weird dance.
“ Come on stop that, I’m not red” Jack said and made a turn to prevent her from seeing his face.
Just as Elsa was going to say something she let out a small sound of surprise and tackled him from the back.  
Jack had without realising it accidently stepped on her cape and this had caused her to fall.
They end up lying on the floor facing with their faces just an inch away from each other.
“ ….well look, it seems you really are red” Elsa said in an attempt to make the situation less awkward.
“ Seems I’m not the only one.” Jack answered and gave her a playful smile.
Elsa touched her face, it felt warmer and she could feel the blood rush towards it. It felt strange and weird yet wonderful. She started to laugh, first a small one then louder. Jack joined in and soon was the two of them filling the room with laughter.
“ I think we might need to cool down a bit” Elsa said and stood up and Jack nodded in agreement.  
As he stood up something fell to the ground.
“ What is that?” Elsa asked and pointed towards the little box.
Jack then remembered why he had returned, to give her the box and show her the old memories.  He bent down and picked it up. He was just about to hand it to her when it hit him that if she saw him in her memories from a child then perhaps she would see him as a brother.... or only friend. Somehow the thought of that hurt so he put it back in his pocket.
“ oh well it’s just something.” he answered.
jack and elsa chapter 8 : a promise…
jack and elsa: unexpected meeting…
jack and elsa chapter 6 : a bit of fun…

today jack got my nose XD as i was outside it was half ... almost snowstorm as i left the house so i guess i should say he got my face hahaha but well it kind of made me want to write so i did XD again i'm to lazy to make a picture so i just took a random picture X'D ( i dont own jack or elsa )
and well the reason to why elsa can tease ppl is cuz.... it seems she deep down is a happy girl that can do stuff like that ... that is when she is feeling safe and not afraid. i dont think she feels unsafe or afraid when jack is there cuz he is not human human + he has the same power.

oh right i wanna start saying what song i listen to when i'm writing and this chapter's song is angel in the by night basshunter
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Jack landed softly on the snow-covered ground.  He had been flying around exploring the world when he had spotted something in the mountains.
A girl was walking lonely in the darkness with a red cape dragging behind her.  Jack felt like something was pulling him toward her. He knew she could not see so he decided to follow her for a bit. She was walking slowly with the wind against her slowly climbing up the mountain.
There was something about her; it looked like she was broken as if she had lost everything.
Suddenly she started to sing, her clear voice filled the cold empty air.
Jack felt like someone just had hit him in the stomach. The song was full with sadness, he wanted to put his arms around her hold her and comfort her.  
But just as it sounded like the girl was going to break down she raised her voice and the song got a different tone.
She threw up her glove and ice sparkle from her hands.  Jack took a deep breath; she had the same power as him.  He watched the girl starting to play with her power. Her song had changed from sadness to a melody of freedom.  The girl’s movements enchanted him. She released her cape and let it fly away in the cold wind.
She now walked with strong steps and her song got stronger.  Like a kid seeing snow for the first time she played around happy.  
To Jack’s awe she created a stair of snow from a cliff.  She placed her foot on it carefully but when she saw that it held she smiled big and ran happily up. The stair grew before her and moved up. Jack flew after her on the wind, he watched her amazed. He no longer felt that sad feeling in his stomach; it had been replaced by something else.
When she reached the other cliff she stomped in the ground and sang high.  Jack took a step back it, the girl emitted a power full aura and the broken girl who had lost everything was gone.
his heart felt strange, he put his hand on his chest. It was beating faster and faster but why.
In front of him the girl created a castle of ice. It was sparkling and breath-taking just like her. He saw her throw away the crown and change into a beautiful new dress. She let lose her braid she walked with confident steps.
Jack was amazed, the girl had transformed in front of his eyes.  The broken sad girl was no more; this strong beautiful woman had replaced her.  She stopped singing but her voice still echoed in his head. It felt like the air had totally escaped him.  Never in his life have he wished to be visible as much as that moment. To be able to touch.  He wished with his whole heart that she would believe in him.  The girl turned around and her eyes widened.
“ Who are you?”  She asked.

gaaaaah i cant believe i fell so hard for them !! today i just watched the rise of guardians and i loved it. and i SOO WANT TO SEE FROZEN !!  but it comes to my country first at January 31 Q_Q  so i have no idea what is happening what the story and background of frozen is. all i know is that its based or well gets inspiration from one of my favorite HC andersen's stories ( the snow queen) AND that i love jack and elsa as a couple , they would probably be that couple that is always teasing each other and fighting and stuff but in the end would give up their life for each other.... in short never a calm moment i guess XD !!! soooo i wrote something weird....

i must say i just love the clip where she sings let it go and the transformation that happens in it.
and like other ppl i think that pitch had a finger in the game so if i continue to write he might plop in...... would be kind of fun if he became a love rival to jack XD. and no i dont think he vanished i mean no one believe in jack but he still had his power and all so what says pitch would not be able to survive ?..... would be kind of interesting if elsa was pitch last light ...... but now with jack in the picture it was flickering ... gaaaaah stop head!! stop thinking !! 

( i will post it on my tumblr too X'D )

.. i'm not sure if i will write anymore ... perhaps perhaps not 

AAAND i dont own jack or elsa XD 
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Pues  ruzz-chan me hizo esta imagen que ame!!!
se me ocurrio hacer un poema (cuando no) y pues aqui esta es corto lo se
pero me gusta como quedo
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I keep my feelings
All bottled up inside me
And sometimes it was nice
To stare into that bottle
To see the yellow of happiness
And the red of love
But even I should have known
Putting too much emotion into that bottle
Turns it grey and murky with confusion.

You who has shown me nothing
But kindness and love…
I am afraid to hurt you…
That you will see my dark past
And it will swallow you whole
Like it did to me.
So therefore I hide my bottle
From everyone and everything
So as not to feel the violation
Of a simple peek inside

I trusted someone once
Told them everything there is about me
And to my demise
They used all that against me,
Hurt me in every way possible,
Made me think that being myself was

So I built my masks
A new one for every day
And put them on.
Little did people know
Should they take one mask off
Another was there underneath
And another one under that.
So many masks laid on top of “me”
That soon I lost myself in those masks.

I built my castle walls around me,
Chained myself to the ground
And locked my heart away.
I became nothing more than a robot
Never feeling
Never smiling
Never laughing
I was a ghost.

And then you came along
Made me open up myself
Believe in myself
Love myself.
Gave me back my hopes
My dreams
My everything.
Words will never be enough
For what you have done
And I don’t even think you realize
What you have helped me get through.
And so,
For letting me out of my cage
And releasing me of all my masks…
Thank you.
Finally a happier poem!~ This one is about being lost, but then that special someone comes along, and you don't know how.... but they save you :) Please enjoy
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I'm sorry that I love you,
that I just won't go away when you need someone,
that my heart beats fast when you're around,
that when I close my eyes I see your smile.

I'm sorry that I care,
that I consistently ask how your day was,
that I hold our memories dear,
that I'll always look out for you.

I'm sorry that I smile whenever your near.
that I see you first out of anyone in the crowd.
that I always seem to be by your side,
that we just have too many good times together.

I'm sorry that I worry with you,
that I frown when you aren't happy,
that I tear up when you frown,
that I break inside when you tear up.

I'm sorry that I love you,
that I try to make you laugh,
that I want to hold your hand,
that I only want what's best for you.

I'm sorry that my love doesn't fade.
I wasn't aware that your love had an expiration date.
when were you going to tell me that your love had turned to tolerance,
and that now its not even that?

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"Last summer I took my cell phone to the beach,"
she says,
        "and the ocean drenched it.
         It hasn't worked since then."

She's messy, truly,
                     a dead battery,
                     a gauge hovering on empty.

I tell her to call the phone company,
get a back up or refund or some other nonsense.

She sighs
         (her lips didn't move).
For a moment I think
she's going to push me away again,
film up like ankle-cutting sea glass.

"I can't replace it.
I'll lose the last text message
he ever sent me."

I fall quiet because I know.

Today I see the cell phone,
                          and silent
                          with no hope of ringing
                          ever again.
The tide takes things
if you forget where you put them.
Sometimes I think she just forgot
that she remembered him.

A year  later,
             and she is still
                              shaking away the sand.
it's a long story.

anyway, this is a different style than I usually write in. What do you think? 

  2014 littleblueraccoon
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Cold sweat was running down your forehead as you looked upon your opponent, the very look in his eyes enough to send chills down your spine. This man, this face - this look was so very familiar, yet so incredibly alien at the same time. His hazel eyes seemed to scan every inch of your body, not a single one of your movements going unoticed. There was no way that you could get out of this situation, no way you would somehow survive this encounter. There was no going back or forth, for you feared that if you were to back any further into the wall you would leave a you-shaped hole in it. And forewards? There was nothing but a gun's barell seemingly mocking you. Waiting for you to be foolish enough to try and run.  
No - the realization that you would not get out of here alive had hit you long ago.  
A thousand thoughts went through your mind as you awaited for the man who once swore to protect you from any harm to end your life there and then. With his gun aimed at your chest he stood still in front of you, eyeing you ever so cautiously. For a second you hoped that his memory had returned to him after all, that after weeks of hunting him down you would finally get what you desired, but that last bit of hope was shattered the very second he repositioned the gun and, muttering silent words in a language you did not understand, pulled the trigger.


It was nothing short of a miracle that you had lived to this moment anyway. Today marked Sunday, the 5th of April 2014, also known as your birthday. Your 90th birthday, to be exact. This, of course, was not due to you living an extra healthy lifestyle, but rather the years you had spent trapped inside various cryo capsules. The men that had owned you for so many years of your life had always told you that they did it for your own safety - that they had great plans for you but you weren't ready for it yet. But you knew that they were lying, knew since the very first time they had thrown you into your personal cryogenic hell.
The only reason you were there was because they feared that you would trigger their biggest achievements' memories, would get him to remember who he truly was - and that the ones whose side he had been forced to take were those he once was so eager to fight.
You were to be kept hidden from James Buchanan Barnes at all costs.
The few days a month you actually spent awake were almost always filled with wonder. If their only intention was to keep you away from Bucky why did they not just kill you and throw you into the closest river? Why would they bother freezing and waking you up every month for decades if they could get it over with once and for all? Nothing of it made sense to you, and the fact that slowly, but continuously, you too began to lose memory of who you used to be did not help your cause at all.
Years of endless pondering went by until one day you overheard something that was not meant for your ears, something that made it all so very clear the second you heard it. A group of scientists had gathered to discuss an incident that appeared to have happened earlier on this day, something that worried them enough to wake you from your slumber a lot sooner than they normally did. You could not make out every word they said, but the one thing you heard loud and clear was enough to stun you into complete silence.

You were blackmail.

Should the Winter Soldier ever remember who he truly was, should he begin to rebel or try to get out of Hydra's claws you were there to ensure that he would still continue serving them until they would get another chance to wipe him. The only reason you were kept alive was so they would never run out of ways to force your beloved soldier to work for them.
And that was when you decided to run.


The bullet pierced the wall mere inches away from your head, the sound of the impact enough to make you wince. You had closed your eyes when Bucky pulled the trigger, did not want the last picture of the man you used to adore  to be one of the same man who ended your life in such a cruel way. Trapped like an animal, beaten and tortured until there was no more strength left inside you to fight back.
Yet, when you heard the sound of something heavy hitting the ground you dared to open your eyes again, staring in disbelief at the scene that lay ahead of you. There stood the Winter Soldier with his guns lying at his feet, a look of sheer terror on his face. And for a second there was nothing left of the deadly assassin so many feared, nothing of the man who had tried to take your life mere minutes ago.
No, for a short moment it appeared that this man, this machine,  had been replaced by a scared child that was completely unaware of its actions. There was innocence and fear, confusion and doubt - and the wish, the hope, that the Bucky you once knew would return to you grew stronger again. Had you succeeded after all?

"Я знаю тебя ... I know you."
Back to writing after a three year hiatus, whoops. I feel rather rusty and I've never written a reader insert before, so do be considerate. You should see this chapter as more of a Prologue than anything, though you might as well call it a Character introduction.
Also I hope those russian classes I took ages ago didn't completely fail me - do feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes though!

Comments and faves are super welcome! x :) (Smile)

Next: Chapter 2

Bucky belongs to Marvel, and you, obviously, to yourself.
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Dear mothers, you call it adolescent confusion and it is, we know that,
but we respect your opinions when you say you want divorces, so is it too much to ask
that you accept the word 'gay' without the arguments and the denial?

Dear mothers, stop the victim-blaming, it isn't our fault if our ex-boyfriends pinned us to the wall
and unzipped his pants.  We didn't ask for it by dressing like a slut or being a lesbian,
just like you didn't ask for lung cancer by having a daddy that smoked his heart black.

Dear mothers, cutting is maladaptive, but do you know how angry that word can make us? When
all you can say is that it's a sickness and there's something wrong then congrats Captain Obvious,
you're alienating us further.  We're trying our hardest and draping a curtain over our birdcages just makes it worse.

Dear mothers, we're not the smartest people on the planet and even if we can pull the As in the grade book, maybe
it's a shame that we have to, you know?  The other kids don't get beatings for incorrect equations and we know
we don't live at Susie's house but moms, Susie never has to explain why the 95% isn't equal to an A.

Dear mothers, the NSA is on the phone, they want to know your secret.  Yeah-- we watch porn, we talk with
strangers online, and (God forbid) we delete our internet history.  What gives you the right to read a locked diary?
What gives you the right to go through chat history when you don't think we're a danger to ourselves beyond disappointing you?

Dear mothers, we love you too.  We're all of us just as human as you, even if we call ourselves gay or straight or girl or boy.  Children find it in their hearts to forgive you for cheating, for drinking, for abuse verbal and physical.

Dear mothers, can you forgive us for being your mirror?
you know this is free verse, but it should also be in urban & spoken word
it's meant to be read aloud :L
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Silly girl,
Whose eyes rain crystals,
Why do you wish to heal?
Do you not understand the beauty
Of your ability to feel?

Silly girl,
Whose grin’s so bright,
Why do you wish to change?
A soul with no emotion
Would appear to be quite strange.

Silly girl,
Whose face is dull,
Why do you live this myth?
You choose to be a shadow,
Smashing daisies with your fist.

Silly girl,
With wounds and scars,
Why have you chosen this death?
No, sinking into your own grave
Would be better than such regret.

Silly girl,
You’ve started to feel,
Just recently you’ve started to cry.
You’ve been down this path again and again,
With a pain you’re designed to deny.

Silly girl,
Whose eyes rain crystals,
Why do you wish to heal?
Do you not remember the torture
Of being unable to feel?
So yes, I finally wrote something again. And I'd love your opinion :) Comments are appreciated ^.^

If any of you are going through something similar, don't hesitate to note me :) I'm always here to listen.

You can also reach me through my facebook:…

Love you all :heart:

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today is
sunburned shoulders
and your fingers between mine,
warm and damp in the heat.
my legs stick to
plastic lawn chairs,
my body sticks to yours
like bubblegum-fresh paste,
melting into you
and liking what it becomes.

black asphalt boy,
you are sizzling leather
and suffocating air
in an overheated car.

we walk across the shore
and the soles of my feet
yearn for the cool damp sand
struggling for breath
between the waves.

"I don't want to
forget this," I say,
and you smile and
close your eyes
like the sun setting,
slowly, streaking down
the sky of your face.

the sun is so far but
you're right here
and I think I might
be in love with you.

I'll move on to autumn
but you'll still be
in summer, forever,
living and living
until the day you die.
i know this boy and he's like summer personified.

© 2014 littleblueraccoon
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