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Pues  ruzz-chan me hizo esta imagen que ame!!!
se me ocurrio hacer un poema (cuando no) y pues aqui esta es corto lo se
pero me gusta como quedo
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Jack landed softly on the snow-covered ground.  He had been flying around exploring the world when he had spotted something in the mountains.
A girl was walking lonely in the darkness with a red cape dragging behind her.  Jack felt like something was pulling him toward her. He knew she could not see so he decided to follow her for a bit. She was walking slowly with the wind against her slowly climbing up the mountain.
There was something about her; it looked like she was broken as if she had lost everything.
Suddenly she started to sing, her clear voice filled the cold empty air.
Jack felt like someone just had hit him in the stomach. The song was full with sadness, he wanted to put his arms around her hold her and comfort her.  
But just as it sounded like the girl was going to break down she raised her voice and the song got a different tone.
She threw up her glove and ice sparkle from her hands.  Jack took a deep breath; she had the same power as him.  He watched the girl starting to play with her power. Her song had changed from sadness to a melody of freedom.  The girl’s movements enchanted him. She released her cape and let it fly away in the cold wind.
She now walked with strong steps and her song got stronger.  Like a kid seeing snow for the first time she played around happy.  
To Jack’s awe she created a stair of snow from a cliff.  She placed her foot on it carefully but when she saw that it held she smiled big and ran happily up. The stair grew before her and moved up. Jack flew after her on the wind, he watched her amazed. He no longer felt that sad feeling in his stomach; it had been replaced by something else.
When she reached the other cliff she stomped in the ground and sang high.  Jack took a step back it, the girl emitted a power full aura and the broken girl who had lost everything was gone.
his heart felt strange, he put his hand on his chest. It was beating faster and faster but why.
In front of him the girl created a castle of ice. It was sparkling and breath-taking just like her. He saw her throw away the crown and change into a beautiful new dress. She let lose her braid she walked with confident steps.
Jack was amazed, the girl had transformed in front of his eyes.  The broken sad girl was no more; this strong beautiful woman had replaced her.  She stopped singing but her voice still echoed in his head. It felt like the air had totally escaped him.  Never in his life have he wished to be visible as much as that moment. To be able to touch.  He wished with his whole heart that she would believe in him.  The girl turned around and her eyes widened.
“ Who are you?”  She asked.

gaaaaah i cant believe i fell so hard for them !! today i just watched the rise of guardians and i loved it. and i SOO WANT TO SEE FROZEN !!  but it comes to my country first at January 31 Q_Q  so i have no idea what is happening what the story and background of frozen is. all i know is that its based or well gets inspiration from one of my favorite HC andersen's stories ( the snow queen) AND that i love jack and elsa as a couple , they would probably be that couple that is always teasing each other and fighting and stuff but in the end would give up their life for each other.... in short never a calm moment i guess XD !!! soooo i wrote something weird....

i must say i just love the clip where she sings let it go and the transformation that happens in it.
and like other ppl i think that pitch had a finger in the game so if i continue to write he might plop in...... would be kind of fun if he became a love rival to jack XD. and no i dont think he vanished i mean no one believe in jack but he still had his power and all so what says pitch would not be able to survive ?..... would be kind of interesting if elsa was pitch last light ...... but now with jack in the picture it was flickering ... gaaaaah stop head!! stop thinking !! 

( i will post it on my tumblr too X'D )

.. i'm not sure if i will write anymore ... perhaps perhaps not 

AAAND i dont own jack or elsa XD 
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Jack suddenly realized that he had been holding her hand for a long time now. He hastily stood up and turned around as he felt like his face was turning red.
“ Oops sorry did not mean to ... hold so long” Elsa said and let out a nervous laugh.  
“ Ye.. yeah... same” Jack answered still facing the other direction.  Before it had felt like his hand was burning now it felt warm everywhere especially the ears. He tried to cool himself down and turn around but he just could not do that.
“ Hey Jack” Elsa said after a moment.
“ What is it Elsa?” Jack said and did his best to not stumble over the words when he answered.
“ You ears are all red” she said chuckled a bit.
Jack felt like he was going to melt and sink through the floor when she said that. What was worst was that he could feel his ears get warmer and probably redder.
“ Could it be that your face is red too?” Elsa asked to Jack’s horror.
“ No it is not” he said and moved a bit to make sure that she could not see his face.
Elsa started to move around to try to get a look at his face. It ended up with the two of them spinning around in the room in some kind of weird dance.
“ Come on stop that, I’m not red” Jack said and made a turn to prevent her from seeing his face.
Just as Elsa was going to say something she let out a small sound of surprise and tackled him from the back.  
Jack had without realising it accidently stepped on her cape and this had caused her to fall.
They end up lying on the floor facing with their faces just an inch away from each other.
“ ….well look, it seems you really are red” Elsa said in an attempt to make the situation less awkward.
“ Seems I’m not the only one.” Jack answered and gave her a playful smile.
Elsa touched her face, it felt warmer and she could feel the blood rush towards it. It felt strange and weird yet wonderful. She started to laugh, first a small one then louder. Jack joined in and soon was the two of them filling the room with laughter.
“ I think we might need to cool down a bit” Elsa said and stood up and Jack nodded in agreement.  
As he stood up something fell to the ground.
“ What is that?” Elsa asked and pointed towards the little box.
Jack then remembered why he had returned, to give her the box and show her the old memories.  He bent down and picked it up. He was just about to hand it to her when it hit him that if she saw him in her memories from a child then perhaps she would see him as a brother.... or only friend. Somehow the thought of that hurt so he put it back in his pocket.
“ oh well it’s just something.” he answered.
jack and elsa chapter 8 : a promise…
jack and elsa: unexpected meeting…
jack and elsa chapter 6 : a bit of fun…

today jack got my nose XD as i was outside it was half ... almost snowstorm as i left the house so i guess i should say he got my face hahaha but well it kind of made me want to write so i did XD again i'm to lazy to make a picture so i just took a random picture X'D ( i dont own jack or elsa )
and well the reason to why elsa can tease ppl is cuz.... it seems she deep down is a happy girl that can do stuff like that ... that is when she is feeling safe and not afraid. i dont think she feels unsafe or afraid when jack is there cuz he is not human human + he has the same power.

oh right i wanna start saying what song i listen to when i'm writing and this chapter's song is angel in the by night basshunter
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The impala was parked behind a convenience store out in the middle of nowhere. Sam left to go use the public restroom while Dean and Cas waited outside and stretched their legs after the long car ride.

A bee began to buzz around the hunter's body, and he began to swat at it in an awkward and overdone motion. Cas merely stared at him, as usual, as if he were studying Dean's crazed dance. The bee finally rested...but on poor Dean's face.

"Oh, come on!" Dean snarled in frustration. He raised his hand to squish the bug.

Cas grabbed Dean's wrist before he could make contact.

"Don't," the angel said as he scooted as close to possible to get a better view of the bee.

"If it stings me, I swear to God--" Dean began, but stopped speaking as Cas raised his hand and gently brushed the bee away.

Sam walked down the path on the side of the convenience store, a bag of snacks in his hand. As he turned the corner, he immediately jumped back and hid behind the wall.

"Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit," Sam repeated over and over in his head.

Due to circumstance, Sam thought he had walked in on them kissing. With Dean's back facing him, Sam's two companions were standing an inch apart with Cas gripping Dean's wrist with one hand and his other hand was on the hunter's cheek. Optical illusion made Sam jump to conclusions.

Sam rested his back against the wall with his hand over his mouth. He didn't know whether to crack up laughing or run back to the convenience store bathroom to vigorously wash out his eyes. After awhile, he peeked around the corner. Dean had brushed Cas away, his face bright pink. The hunter turned away, obviously hiding his embarrassment. Cas watched him with his head tilted to the side in confusion.

"Oh God..." Sam mumbled.

He may not have really walked in on them kissing... but judging by Dean's reaction, it didn't really matter.
Oh gosh, I should be writing an essay right now....
Anyways, this idea came to be last night when I thought about Cas's odd fascination with bees. Sorry that this fic is so short, but I was originally planning on making it into a comic until I remembered just how busy I was. So I thought I'd just write it out instead.

my Supernatural fan art: [link] [link]

I've probably mentioned this before, but...
I friggin love Supernatural.
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Silly girl,
Whose eyes rain crystals,
Why do you wish to heal?
Do you not understand the beauty
Of your ability to feel?

Silly girl,
Whose grin’s so bright,
Why do you wish to change?
A soul with no emotion
Would appear to be quite strange.

Silly girl,
Whose face is dull,
Why do you live this myth?
You choose to be a shadow,
Smashing daisies with your fist.

Silly girl,
With wounds and scars,
Why have you chosen this death?
No, sinking into your own grave
Would be better than such regret.

Silly girl,
You’ve started to feel,
Just recently you’ve started to cry.
You’ve been down this path again and again,
With a pain you’re designed to deny.

Silly girl,
Whose eyes rain crystals,
Why do you wish to heal?
Do you not remember the torture
Of being unable to feel?
So yes, I finally wrote something again. And I'd love your opinion :) Comments are appreciated ^.^

If any of you are going through something similar, don't hesitate to note me :) I'm always here to listen.

You can also reach me through my facebook:…

Love you all :heart:

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A Dragon’s Flame
Part I
Chapter One: Five Years Later

Spike’s lungs burned with exhaustion as he darted down the dark, vacant streets. He looked over his shoulder time and time again, hoping that those in his pursuit would finally give up.

As he passed a building, he thought it might serve as a refuge, but as he tried the door, only to find it locked, his hopes were dashed. Not willing to waste anytime knocking, Spike turned and began running once more.

Quickly, he found himself regretting this, for the hoof steps he had been running from, were beginning to echo louder and closer.


A now older Spike awoke with his heart racing and a cool chill running down his scales. He brought his hand to his head and tried to wipe away some of the sweat he had accumulated in his sleep. It didn’t take him long to realize that his face wasn’t the only thing damp, for his pillows were as well.  

He looked over to see the first beams of sunlight were beginning to reach over the windowsill. This comforted him, for his nightmares were finally at an end, yet as he did this, he caught sight of Twilight’s empty bed. He couldn’t help but sigh at this disappointment. Spike didn’t know why he was expecting her to be there, after all, she was a highly schedule oriented pony.

Spike slid out of bed and made his way down the staircase. As he did this, the smell of pancakes met his nose. Looking to a nearby clock, he found that it was a little after seven thirty.

He stepped into the kitchen to find Twilight with a plate of pancakes before her. She seemed to be too intrigued by her newspaper to even notice Spike’s entrance.
“Good Morning, Twilight,” he said groggily.

Twilight appeared to jump before she looked up to Spike. She forced a smile to hide her worry over the news article, but it quickly turned to a frown. Spike’s eyes were once again bloodshot, with dark circles to outline them.

“You didn’t get much sleep I take it?”

He shook his head.

“Well, there’s pancakes if you want some,” she said as she gestured towards the plate across from her.

Spike shot her a playful look as he took a seat. “You didn’t burn the underside like last time, right?”

The princess rolled her eyes. “That only happened once.” She paused before redirecting the conversation. “Now, do you mind telling me what kept you up?”

Spike sighed. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Same as last time?”

He nodded.

Twilight leaned back in her seat. “Are you sure you don’t want to talk? It might help to get some of this stuff off your chest.”

“No, I’m good,” he said, raising a claw to reassure her.

“I’m just saying you should-“

“Twilight, it’s okay. Can we please just talk about something else?” said Spike, more forcefully than he meant.

She averted her eyes, fearing her present course may only serve to annoy him.

He noticed this shift, and began to regret his actions.

“I’m sorry. Now just isn’t a good time…”

This caused both to feel slightly awkward, but Twilight quickly thought of something to say.

“Hey, when I was making these pancakes I noticed we were running low on a few things. Do you think you could come to the market with me?”

He nodded. “Sure, but first, can you tell me why the news had you so worried.”

Twilight almost choked on her sip of orange juice.
“What are you talking about?”

Spike smirked. “Twilight, we both know I can read you like a book. So, what is it?”

She looked down at the newspaper, hesitating before unfolding it and sliding it over to Spike.

As soon as he read the front page, Spike leaned back in his seat, clearly more distressed.


Spike moved down and began to read the rest of the article. It was obviously bias; almost trying to stir up controversy with the way it was worded. Sure it was good for the news industries, but bad for the thousands of innocent dragons living in Equestria.

“So, it’s starting again?”

Twilight nodded. “Hopefully this will blow over in a couple months like last time.”

Spike looked up at her with an expression obviously not as hopeful as Twilight’s. “It still hasn’t blown over, Twi; it just hasn’t been as bad.” Spike then stood. “I mean, whose brilliant idea was it to put a town near the Dragon’s border anyways?!”

“Spike, it’s not going to be like last time. I promise the princesses and I will do something.”

“You’re not a dragon, so you just don’t get it!”

Now it was Twilight’s turn to get frustrated. “That may be true, but I saw how you were last time, and I care about you more than anypony in the world! So don’t tell me I don’t get it!”

Spike just stared at her, really not sure how to reply.

Twilight’s cheeks turned a light shade of crimson at the realization of what she had said. However, since it was true, she figured that she might as well own up to it.


As the pair walked down the streets, Twilight looked to each of the market stands, trying to check off every item on her list. Spike, on the other hand, was far less focused on the task, and more on the eerie feeling that he was being watched. He would continually turn around hoping to catch some pony eyeing him, but each time he did this he found no one paying him any attention. However, based on past experience, he figured the best thing to do was ignore it, for now at least.

Oftentimes Spike would wonder just what happened to Equestria, the same nation he helped protect on numerous occasions. It’s almost as if the recent years of peace have left everyone with nothing to do. Simply put, if the evil outside is at rest, then the evil inside is at work.

“Spike, which one of these look better?” asked Twilight, holding up two tomatoes with her magical grip.

Spike really couldn’t see a difference; so he did somewhat of a mental coin flip.
“The one on the left, I guess.”

Twilight eyed the one he had selected once again. “You’re right. The other one is too early.”

The princess then made her way over to the pony running the stand.
“That’ll be four bits,” she said with a smile.

Twilight reached into her saddlebag and pulled out the requested amount before thanking her and trotting away. Spike smiled to the seemingly friendly pony, but as he did this, her sunny expression quickly became one of hate.

Spike truly began to loathe outings. Each time he’d leave the library, he’d have to deal with something like this. Honestly, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d gone in public without someone mumbling about him being a savage, or catching someone watching him with a look of disgust. However, in Ponyville at least, ponies like this only made up a minority, so he never felt like he was ever in any real danger. Only in the larger cities did the threats become a reality.


Just as Spike rested Twilight’s grocery bags upon the floor, an emerald flame shot out of his mouth. Before the incoming letter had time to hit the ground, Spike’s claw snatched it from the air. Examining it, he saw the royal seal of Princess Celestia, as usual.

“Come on, why is it that Luna never writes you?” he asked as he handed her the scroll.

Twilight smirked as she unrolled it. “Do you remember how she could dream walk?”


“Yeah, she sure likes to…” As Twilight glanced over the parchment, she began to trail off; her expression going from a mildly happy one, to that of concern.

Spike instantly took note of this abrupt change. “What’s wrong?”

Twilight just stared at the letter, rereading it a whole three times. She had hoped that she might have misread some critical detail, but found she had not.

She looked up to him. “Princess Celestia wants us to come to Canterlot.”

Spike, now greatly relieved, chuckled. “That’s it? The look you had made me think someone just died.”

“She wants us to stay, for the foreseeable future.”

His expression now shifted to mirror Twilight’s. “What?”

“She says she’ll give us some time to get our things together, but she wants us in Canterlot by the end of the week.”

Spike made is way over to Twilight’s side, as to read the letter for himself.
“Did she say why?”

She handed Spike the parchment before walking off. “No, but I have a pretty good guess.”


Spike walked along the dirt path outside of Ponyville, a cool mid morning breeze enveloping him with the scent of spring. It was the perfect place and time to do some thinking, and think he did. Spike thought of all the hate he’d receive upon his arrival in Canterlot, all the things he and his new friends, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, wouldn’t get to do together, but most of all, he thought of Rarity.

If he was really going to live in Canterlot for as long as he’s lived in Ponyville, it could be years before he saw her again. By then any feelings she might have developed for him would be long lost. This was something Spike was certainly not willing to accept. However, this presented him with yet another problem; if she indeed had any feelings for him, there was only one way to find out. He had to ask Rarity out, on a date.

It was something perfectly simple, yet the very notion of it sent fear burrowing deep into his heart. There were only two possible outcomes, but only one brought about this feeling.

The dragon pondered just how he’d go about this. Would he go up to her casually and ask so matter-of-factly that it was as if he were asking her the time? No, that’d seem to brash, almost like he didn’t care one way or another. Would he wear his best suit and bring her a bouquet of flowers? No, that’d seem too over the top, and all the effort might even make her feel obligated to go out with him. No matter how much he wanted her to do this, indirectly forcing her to go was not the answer.

Then, a far more troubling thought crossed his mind. What if she does say yes, only to never get to see him? He couldn’t keep her from being happy, by never being there for her. It just wasn’t right.

Spike sighed and came to a stop. He craned his neck back and looked up towards the blue sky. Clouds danced with the wind as they always had, completely unaware of his inner turmoil. It always seemed that the most beautiful of days, would be Spike’s worst.

“Spike?” asked a familiar voice.

He looked over to see that his thought blinded stroll had brought him to Sweet Apple Acres, and there before him was Applejack sitting peacefully beneath an apple tree.

She smiled to him. “What are ya doing all the way out here?” The mare then took note of his expression. “Something the matter?”

The cowpony’s genuinely caring attitude brought a weak smile to Spike’s lips. Lately, having anyone show the least bit of concern for him, other than Twilight, was always uplifting.
“Just doing a little thinking, AJ. What about you?”

She fixed her hat. “Well, I just finished some apple bucking, and figured I’d take a break before lunch." She paused. "Now, how about you tell me what it is you’re thinking, because you sure don't look too happy about it.”

If there was one thing other than honesty that Spike knew Applejack for, it was persistence, so he figured he might as well get this over with now.

He sighed before speaking, considering his next words.
“Applejack, I want you to promise not to mention this to anyone.”

She nodded. “Cross my heart. Now, what’s wrong?”

Spike looked to the dirt; the morning’s dew almost completely burnt away. “If somepony you care about a lot is going away, should you tell them how you feel?”

Applejack smirked. “Well, that answer is obvious; of course you should. If you care about this mare, you should tell her.”

Spike looked up. “But wouldn’t it hurt to find out, only to have them leave?”

Applejack nodded. “Yeah, it would, but never knowing is even worse.”

“How can you be sure?”

Applejack stood to her hooves and trotted over to Spike. “Just because I was never too involved in the dating business, doesn’t mean I don’t know how ponies think. So just trust me on this one. Even if you two don’t get to see each other every day, there’s nothing stopping letters, phone calls, and the occasional visit.”

Spike nodded. “That’s if she says yes.”

Applejack smiled. “Let me tell ya right now, she’d be a fool not to.  And if she does say no, that’s her loss.”

He smiled back at Applejack. She did always have a habit of knowing just the right thing to say to make him feel better. Then suddenly his expression fell as he remembered the true reason for his departure.
“Even with all that’s been happening to dragon’s lately?”

Applejack looked away, truly not expecting this remark. “All I can say is, if she really does want to be with you, she wouldn’t care. Besides, if you’re going for some pony who isn’t willing to fight for the two of you, she’s not the right one.”
After a series of dragon on pony murders, Spike finds himself hunted as hatred for dragons begins to spread. Things then go from bad to worse when Princess Celestia is forced to hand over the throne to a new radical nationalist party, or face a bloody revolt. When the new leaders promise to cleanse Equestria of the savage dragons, Spike and Twilight go into hiding. During these dark times, the only thing giving the pair hope is each other, however as their feelings for one another begin to shift, Spike fears that getting too close to Twilight may only risk her life. Is that a risk they're willing to take?

Chapter One:…
Chapter Two: 

(The art used can be found here: inuhoshi-to-darkpen.deviantart… )
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Cold sweat was running down your forehead as you looked upon your opponent, the very look in his eyes enough to send chills down your spine. This man, this face - this look was so very familiar, yet so incredibly alien at the same time. His hazel eyes seemed to scan every inch of your body, not a single one of your movements going unoticed. There was no way that you could get out of this situation, no way you would somehow survive this encounter. There was no going back or forth, for you feared that if you were to back any further into the wall you would leave a you-shaped hole in it. And forewards? There was nothing but a gun's barell seemingly mocking you. Waiting for you to be foolish enough to try and run.  
No - the realization that you would not get out of here alive had hit you long ago.  
A thousand thoughts went through your mind as you awaited for the man who once swore to protect you from any harm to end your life there and then. With his gun aimed at your chest he stood still in front of you, eyeing you ever so cautiously. For a second you hoped that his memory had returned to him after all, that after weeks of hunting him down you would finally get what you desired, but that last bit of hope was shattered the very second he repositioned the gun and, muttering silent words in a language you did not understand, pulled the trigger.


It was nothing short of a miracle that you had lived to this moment anyway. Today marked Sunday, the 5th of April 2014, also known as your birthday. Your 90th birthday, to be exact. This, of course, was not due to you living an extra healthy lifestyle, but rather the years you had spent trapped inside various cryo capsules. The men that had owned you for so many years of your life had always told you that they did it for your own safety - that they had great plans for you but you weren't ready for it yet. But you knew that they were lying, knew since the very first time they had thrown you into your personal cryogenic hell.
The only reason you were there was because they feared that you would trigger their biggest achievements' memories, would get him to remember who he truly was - and that the ones whose side he had been forced to take were those he once was so eager to fight.
You were to be kept hidden from James Buchanan Barnes at all costs.
The few days a month you actually spent awake were almost always filled with wonder. If their only intention was to keep you away from Bucky why did they not just kill you and throw you into the closest river? Why would they bother freezing and waking you up every month for decades if they could get it over with once and for all? Nothing of it made sense to you, and the fact that slowly, but continuously, you too began to lose memory of who you used to be did not help your cause at all.
Years of endless pondering went by until one day you overheard something that was not meant for your ears, something that made it all so very clear the second you heard it. A group of scientists had gathered to discuss an incident that appeared to have happened earlier on this day, something that worried them enough to wake you from your slumber a lot sooner than they normally did. You could not make out every word they said, but the one thing you heard loud and clear was enough to stun you into complete silence.

You were blackmail.

Should the Winter Soldier ever remember who he truly was, should he begin to rebel or try to get out of Hydra's claws you were there to ensure that he would still continue serving them until they would get another chance to wipe him. The only reason you were kept alive was so they would never run out of ways to force your beloved soldier to work for them.
And that was when you decided to run.


The bullet pierced the wall mere inches away from your head, the sound of the impact enough to make you wince. You had closed your eyes when Bucky pulled the trigger, did not want the last picture of the man you used to adore  to be one of the same man who ended your life in such a cruel way. Trapped like an animal, beaten and tortured until there was no more strength left inside you to fight back.
Yet, when you heard the sound of something heavy hitting the ground you dared to open your eyes again, staring in disbelief at the scene that lay ahead of you. There stood the Winter Soldier with his guns lying at his feet, a look of sheer terror on his face. And for a second there was nothing left of the deadly assassin so many feared, nothing of the man who had tried to take your life mere minutes ago.
No, for a short moment it appeared that this man, this machine,  had been replaced by a scared child that was completely unaware of its actions. There was innocence and fear, confusion and doubt - and the wish, the hope, that the Bucky you once knew would return to you grew stronger again. Had you succeeded after all?

"Я знаю тебя ... I know you."
Back to writing after a three year hiatus, whoops. I feel rather rusty and I've never written a reader insert before, so do be considerate. You should see this chapter as more of a Prologue than anything, though you might as well call it a Character introduction.
Also I hope those russian classes I took ages ago didn't completely fail me - do feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes though!

Comments and faves are super welcome! x :) (Smile)

Next: Chapter 2

Bucky belongs to Marvel, and you, obviously, to yourself.
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You give me flowers
and water them
with your tears

The wind silences
your cries
for forgiveness

You bow your head
promising to come again

How strange of you
to visit me
now that I'm
6 feet under

but where were you
moments before I
took that
leap of faith? always were too late.
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Germany X Reader – Valentines

You sat in your seat anxiously waiting for the right moment to deliver your love letter to Ludwig.  For a while now, you've been in love with him.  It was nerve wrecking to see him each day and not tell him anything about it.  He doesn't seem to really notice your love at all and seems much focused on everything else except for you.  You tried to accept the fact that he doesn't like you, but you still couldn't help but tell him anyways.  Last night, for a long hour of perfection and imperfection, you've been writing your love letter to him.  Now, you thought, all you needed to do was deliver it to him.  Valentines Day was coming and you didn't want to miss your chance.  Many of your friends had their valentines and you felt that you need not be the only one without one.   

''L-ludwig!  Can you come here for a minute?'' you called over to him at his desk.  ''Oh __________, what is it that you need?'' he asked sternly.  He seemed to be busy once again.  ''If you're busy you don't have to come!'' you added; you didn't want to bother him.  ''Nein, it's fine.  I'm not busy at the moment, so what is it that you need help with again?'' he gently went through his hair with his fingers.  You blushed as you saw the sight of him.  You quickly put your hand behind your back and hid the letter from his view.  ''Well it's something that I've been wanting to talk to you about'' you stated.  You turned away and smiled at the thought of it.   As he finally came, he took a seat near you.  ''Well there's this thing… and well I can't really describe it much'' you started, ''well since Valentine's Day is coming I was thinking maybe… maybe I shouldn't…. this is stupid'' you sighed at your nervousness. You began to shiver a bit.  ''Are you cold?'' he asked.  ''A-a little bit…'' you said, trying to hide your feelings.  ''Here'' he said placing his coat over your shoulders.  Still not noticing the letter behind your back, he relaxed a bit.  ''These days, I've seen a lot about Valentines Day… I'm not sure what it is with love….'' He said.  He sighed as he thought about it for a while.  You felt a pinch of disappointment as you heard his words.  

''I well, Ludwig, I wanted to give you this!'' you said quickly taking it from behind your bag and pushing it towards him.  ''_______.... thank you…'' he said surprised at your actions.  He took the letter into his two hands.  His face turned red as he saw your eyes.  ''You can open it now if you want to… i-if it's, well if you don't… then it's okay'' you said waiting for his reply.  He began to relax now.  He gave you a nod and gently opened the letter and read it carefully.  By the time he came to the end of the page, he looked at you again.  Shyly, you covered your face in disappointment, ''I'm sorry, it's so sloppy!  I know you don't like me… please rip it up if you please''.  

You continued to cover your face in shame and not noticing, he came closer.  Slowly, you felt the soft touch of his hand on your right shoulder.  ''Don't be disappointed ________, I don't hate you'' you looked up and into his eyes.  You were both quite close to each other.  ''I would love to be your valentines if you want'' his face turned red as he said it.  He turned away to hide his face but still you knew he was blushing.  ''Ludwig….'' You came closer and gave him a hug to his chest.  ''oh thank you Ludwig!'' you said joyfully.   After a while, you felt very comfortable.  He placed his hand over you and hugged you back.  ''I love you Ludwig… thank you for being my valentines'' you smiled at the warm thought of him.  Even as it was blistering cold outside, you were warm inside his arms.
Sorry for the late stories guys, school has been catching up to me. In the meantime, I have been waiting anxiously for the tax money to arrive for me to get my first drawing tablet. Iím very excited and have been waiting an awful long time for one.

So here is a request for a story with Ludwig, hope you guys like it

Characters © Hidekaz Himaruya
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You melt
my heart
like candle wax,
but I'm afraid
over time
I'll get
Another short love poem. I am not sure how well this one is. Might need to reword? FEEDBACK PLEASE! :)
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