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Similar Deviations
Some older original doodles.  Enjoy! :squee:


(c) All Work Under Licensed Copyright.  Do not reuse in any way shape or form.

Facebook Stamp by Heineken79    See more fun creatures on FaceBook! :la: -->…

Ebay user  Stamp by SNKGFX:iconcheckmarkplz: See what's new and available this week on eBay Auction Adoptions! -->…

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Look what i found! Little winter mini sloth got a brother! Other than his big cousins, this mini sloth is agile and quick in his movements. His addiction to hug, makes him a very lovely companion.
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Ebay user  Stamp by SNKGFX:iconcheckmarkplz: Published Novel--> :thumb122484089:… :happybounce::squee::happybounce: Order yours now! :squee:

Year of the Guardian
Curse of Power
Young Adult Fantasy Adventure Novel
-336 Pages-
Book Size: Approximately 8 by 5 inches Paper Back

Year of the Guardian! by Wood-Splitter-Lee
I'm extremely excited to announce my Novel can now be ordered! The First 100 paper back copies have been released! :squee:

In one of Jaden’s secret ventures to the Upperworld, he develops a strange and powerful ability. Or is it... a curse? Can he use his ability to battle the evil that is about to destroy his Underworld home?
....Or will it destroy him first?

"I view this story as another extension of my artwork. Any mistakes found in the book are my own! I hope the "Year of the Guardian, Curse of Power" can take you on many unforgettable adventures as it did for me..." :thanks:

And yes! The beast I painted on the cover I also made into a Poseable. :D

Enjoy! :la:


-Reader Sample Feed Back!-

"There are very few things in this world like a well-produced book that shows the author and printer give a damn. This is one of those books. Ms. Cross is a multi-faceted talent and her writing shows all the hallmarks of developing into a unique and rich voice over time.

I am delighted to note that the book has very few grammatical errors, which is a welcome reversal of a trend that seems to be creeping into many new publications of late and in danger of becoming acceptable in this world of 'average will do'.

All in all, a recommended read for lovers of young adult fantasy.

I would also get a copy for the bibliophile in your life. This young lady really could produce a blockbuster and said collector might appreciate having an early edition of her first on his or her shelf."

"I just finished reading your book, Lee, and I loved it! The descriptions, humor, adventure, danger, and much much more, made it a good read!"

"The book came today!! I started reading it and fell in love with the way you write! I love the way you described Shime! She sounds funny! So far, my favorite character is Vann. He reminds me of a friend of mine. I'm eager to read the rest of it! You have great skill and I love the way you describe things! Keep writing! If your write more books, I'll order them!"

"When I started reading I just couldn't stop. It was one of my most favorite books! You did a good
job on that book!"

"I absolutely LOVED it!!! The use of your incredibly unique creatures and style was amazing and I had a very difficult time putting it down to even sleep! My favorite part was your amazing creatures and their very vivid descriptions. I also loved how you brought Vann's childlike innocence to life. My favorite scene was when Bremen was telling Jaden about how Vann had taken out the guards with his eyes closed!"

"Top quality book delivered rapidly! Recommended international seller!"

"Really an entertaining book! I am on page 111 and enjoying it!"
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I tested some new brushes and styles. :P I tried to avoid my bad habit of rubbing every little detail, thus at least some parts seem a little unfinished and not so clogged as usual. Gweh. Critique?
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So my hubby talked me into finally getting a Cintiq tablet, and this happened. I frikkin love my Cintiq. I work soooo much faster on it! Which is great because time isn't something I have a whole lot of these days! I sketched this guy a couple months ago, and finally got him all inked up. He is now available on stuff, well just shirts at the moment till I put him on other things, in my Zazzle shop here:…

The only problem with the Cintiq is it makes me want to draw more and sculpt less. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon though :XD:

Sorry about the low rez and the icky watermark, but with 2D art it is kind of necessary to help protect your work.

2014 Becca Golins

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Legend has it, that deep in the enchanted woods lives a stag so magnificent and elusive, that none other is it's equal. With antlers of white filigree, this stag watches over the woods and grants wishes to any that catch a glimpse.

This piece is a continuation of a filigree series, in which I pair flat and deep dimensional planes within the painting to create an interesting contrast.
Filigree Face by helloheathFiligree Fins in Orange by helloheath

Photoshop CS5
Textures from

On Etsy:
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You can buy this wearable mask at my Shapeways Shop
Medium mask and small mask is also available.

Follow my work on my:
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Modeled in Blender. Printed in white strong flexible via Shapeways. Design was drawn from my b&w doodles.

You can see more photos here.

To get updates or see my works-in-progress, subscribe to my free newsletter on or follow me on my facebook page.

This is my very first 3D model and first attempt at 3D printing. This mask is also the first of the Lumecluster Dreamer/Nightmare Mask Series.

The mask portrays the unpredictability of the creative and entrepreneurial Dreamer’s wonderlands. Its flowing asymmetry stands for the Dreamer’s questions, curiosities, and uncertainties just as much as their potential for discovering clarity and hope.

Overall, the mask aims to raise a discussion on how we choose to wear our dreams (or nightmares) at rest, work, play, and life. The design is originally derived from my fluidly chaotic black and white ink illustrations.

Completed January 2014


  • Adobe & Shapeways Ultimate Design Winner 2014
  • Displayed at the NYC 3D Printshow 2014

Lumecluster helps entrepreneurs break through fear and self-doubt through inspirational writing and 3D printed masks. Melissa is also co-founder of PianoVerse, a place for adult piano lessons in Queens, New York.

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One day in early November, 2013, a mysterious blue box appeared in the desert just outside of Tucson, Arizona. It had the look of an old-fashioned British police box, and out of it, stepped a man... or at least, I think he was a man. He talked in a very strange way, but seemed to guess that something was going on. Everyone else had scoffed when we said something was... odd about the cacti in the area, but he just smiled and said, "Allons-y!"

We're doing a little something special for Tucson Comic Con this year. We were discussing the possibility of doing a joint convention exclusive with some friends in the AZ TARDIS group, and it came together for this show! This is a brand new piece of artwork I did especially for this exclusive, an 11" x 17" print. We sold all 51 copies of this exclusive at the show! We raised $493 from this print for the AZ TARDIS' charities, the Lymphoma Society and Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. Overall, AZ TARDIS raised well over $1000 at the show, all of which went toward their charities. I think that calls for a Kermit flail. :iconkermityayplz:

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Another manip of Armand the Vampire. This one was done in PSP, I'm still learning the program. The model is Kian Mitchum.

The story is as follows.....

Kiev, Russia, it was my home once and in those times I was known as the boy Andrei, the painter of the Ikons, the fool for God. I would have resigned myself to the dirt, been buried alive amongst my brethren monks in an underground tomb, but my Father saw the shame in it. The waste of an amazing talent, the Ikons, not made by human hands. At that time I believed my life to be guided by the hand of God and perhaps it truly was for here I sit, nearly 550 years later telling you my story.

I was kidnapped from those lands, from the endless fields of blowing yellow grasses and bitter harsh winters, and brought to Constantinople by ship to be sold into slavery. There is little I remember of this time because of the suffering, the trauma, I had even forgotten how to speak. It's amazing the internal protective mechanisms that the mind can create, short term memory loss. I became the laughing boy and even smallest amount of abuse could be hilarious. I remember being knocked senseless, my ear practically bleeding, what was so funny?

I was sold into the brothels, destined to be the sex slave of any man who had enough coin, but even the kisses and attention from the other boys could not rouse me to my senses. He however, must have taken pity on me or perhaps it was my beauty that beguiled him but Marius De Romanus had rescued me from my ill fate. He purchased me, brought me to his home in Venice, bathed me, fed me and clothed me and I was then given a new name, Amadeo (he who loves God). He loved me both physically and completely but there were times I resented that love. Denied it.

He had been good to me but I had been horrible to him, seeking out other lovers behind his back. It's silly but I thought that it was what he wanted. He told me I would leave him one day, he assured me of it and he sent me to the brothels where I indulged in nights of pleasure with both boys and women. It was there that I learned my skills, learned that pleasure and pain walked on such a thin line and crossing it could lead to ecstasy.

It was the want of these pleasures that caused my own demise. Bianca was safe, true, and I will never forget making love to her but it was in the poisoned snare of an English madman that I met with my death. I was a foolish child. Everyone had wanted me and I delighted in their desires. I teased them. I gave them a taste of what I was and left them craving for more. Such was the case with this man.

Shall I leave you wanting more? Shall I tease you and make you desirous? I think that I should and I shall continue this later.
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Commission for superdoq !!!
I hope you like it! :D i thin k i should've made Jack's eyes a bit closer ugh i'm sorry. 
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