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According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.

It is said that when the two find each other, there is an unspoken understanding of one another, that they feel unified and would lie with each other in unity and would know no greater joy than that.
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I love the way I feel good when I'm next to you...
Feel fre to use to decorate your profile! <3

Stamp template:
Free Group Icon Pack by Xipako

Featured here!
dAr CR update: April 2014dAr News
The Fella Contest ended and while we didn't get as many entries as we were hoping for, there are some great ones though. Big thanks to everyone who took the time to work on an entry. Right now the judging is still in progress. So stay tuned! :la:
Already a while ago I gave another PE week for dAr some thoughts. While i already have a list of what can be done and what not, i would really appreciate if you let me know what you would like to see - or in case you want to contribute what you would like to work on.
In can be interviews, features, informational articles: whatever your heart desires!
It won't happen before mid-May though (as it involves lots of planning and writing as well). April is always a busy month for me. It's like there is a birthday every third day. But it only means cake, which is good.
Oh, and tell me would you be interested in "regular" chat events? I think the last one was good fun, but i won't come up with nice trivia questions all the ti

Check out these features!Hello guys!
It's feature time! I've been wanting to do one of these things for a while. So when I saw someone else doing the feature I joined in.
I think it's both fun and a good opportunity to find new people to watch. So please, take a look!
If you didn't get the chance or are simply too lazy, it'd still be nice to look at these people's gallery or fav arts you like.
Copied from Daniiux:
Rules for features:

Star! For the first 10 people replying to this journal, I will put up 5 deviations from their gallery that I like the most.
Star!  If you are features, you must do the same meme in your journal, putting me on the first place. The idea of this is not only to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone. La la la la

I'm also leaving a general comment for everyone 'v'
Also, because I love you guys, a giant thumbnail

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I viewed it in Firfox 3, and it's green (supports). I viewed the SAME IMAGE in Internet Explorer 8, and it's red (does not support).
If your browser doesn't support animated PNG files, it shows only the first (of two) frames, static. And if it does, it doesn't show that first frame - leaving only the second, static frame.

So, add it your journal CSS right away and spread the knowledge across TEH INT3RN3TZ. :meow:

Wow amazing how does she do it inspiring fantastic etc
...oh, you are too kind. :aww:

do you see
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a lil collab between myself and :iconglubgrump: *v* <3 I lined these two, she coloured them! she lined and I coloured this two;

this is an auction! let me know if you want me to tell you when you're outbid!



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Wowow sorry for disappearing! I'll hopefully be coming out with more soon ; v ; More flat rates

Kitkat #1 belongs to -- :iconsaygo-pohm:
Kitkat #2 belongs to -- :iconwolphfe:
Kitkat #3 belongs to -- :iconpiehugs:

    Price: $8 USD each

    - PAYPAL only!
    - Please have the money up front! Once I confirm that you would like to claim this adoptable, I'll send you a note with my paypal information.
    - Comment below to claim!
    - After purchase, this little guy is all yours! Feel free to name it, it's your OC now!
    - Please do not resell or claim either the art or the design as your own!
    - Purchase includes the higher res, un-watermarked version with a transparent background!

Designs by ~wawawawaistcoat
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This is my second Half-Life 2 image on stamp! I made it because I'm a big big fan of this game, and I couldn't find some HL2 stamp! I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

The HL2 logo "lambda" is Valve's Software property!


Esta es mi segunda imagen de Half-Life 2 en una estampilla! La hice porque soy un gran gran fanático de este juego, y no pude encontrar algunas estampillas de HL2! Espero que la disfruten tanto como yo!

El logotipo de HL2 "lambda" es propiedad de Valve Software.
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Hello everybody! I missed you all a lot. :iconlazycryheartplz:
I'm still very busy with school so I don't have much time to draw. But I'm in need of money to buy/rent books so... please don't brick. :iconyametekudasai: I decided to post these two ongoing adopts and make them CYOP because I wanted to try doing that at least once. :>

#18 Ruffled Birdie belongs to :iconthanhnufia:

#19 Lionhead Rabbit belongs to :icontalurea:

So the bidding will go as usual and when you win please just send me your palette of choice~
Kisses on both your cheeks! and by cheeks I mean buttcheeks /bricked for good

EDIT: WELL LOOK AT ME FAILING AT NUMBERS. These two are actually #18 and #19. I'll edit that after colouring, sorry if there is any confusion!

- I only accept paypal bids unless stated otherwise, auctions last until 24 hours after the last bid.
- After your payment arrived, I'll send you the full sized, unwatermarked file (with chosen gender if applies).
- Once you've bought an adoptable, it is yours! No need to credit me, but it'd be nice if you did. ♥
- Feel free to use or modify the design in any way you want to, except for making profit.
- Don't hesitate to keep me updated on how your adoptable evolves! That'd make me very happy.

Art © Mademoiselle-nuit/Cottonpuffs.
Design © Talurea/
Please do not use, modify, heavily reference or distribute this image.
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For fans.
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:iconhelloplz:back from the dead...well kinda- I'm off again now lol CX will probably reply tomorrow!<3

★ first come, first serve- no reservation or trades!!
☆ if you want to buy an adoptable comment, notes will be ignored.
★ after I accepted you as a buyer, you have 24 hours to pay.
☆ you'll get the unwatermarked, bigger sized version without bg of your adopted character after I recieved the payment.
★ once adopted the character/design will become yours
----->{then you can change their clothes and hairstyle, give them names, a personality and age etc.}
☆ don't steal the design, claim it as your own/claim the original design as your own, resell, etc.
----->and don't forget to credit me (just credit the original design to Mostlynice or mostlyniceAdopts)
★ take good care of them - oh and if you make art of them I'd love to see it :heart:

:bulletpink:1) 8.00$ or 800 :points: ->banana colada (white cat)
gender: male ★ status:
-changed my mind for the second time/I'm keeping him lol QWQ
:bulletpink:2) 800 :points: ->swimming-pool (magician)
gender: male ★ status:adopted by Sekerys
:bulletpink:3) 900 :points: ->strawberry colada (unicorn)
gender:female ★ status:adopted by steffichocoholic
:bulletpink:4) 10.00 $ -> purple demon
gender: male ★ status:adopted by Sekerys
:bulletpink:5) 900 :points: -> dark-red fox
gender:male ★ status:adopted by xyriae
:bulletpink:6) 9.00 $ ->steampunk crow
gender: male ★ status:adopted by augustemily1997
:bulletpink:7) 8.00$ 500:points: ->young pirate
gender: male ★ status: adopted by Lajean-Ra
:bulletpink:8) 10.00$ ->lion
gender: male ★ status:keeping him
:bulletpink:9) 400 :points: ->pastel goth
gender: female ★ status:adopted by JulianaJealousy

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