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I admit that, at the start, I was cool with it
Twilight couldn't be as all bad as they'd say
Now that I've seen for myself,
I've kicked it off my shelf
Threw the whole kit and caboodle away
True, yes

And I fortunately gained a little knowledge
At least that is one good thing to be possessed
It's so bad, it makes me laugh
Those guys are all riffraff
They're so miserable, whiny, and depressed

Poor unfortunate souls
In pain, in need
Bella only thinks of Edward
Jacob wants to get the girl
Do these guys need help?
Yes, indeed!

Those poor unfortunate souls
So sad, so true
You could never find a worse team
Of role models anywhere
Those guys need help
Yes, they do!

Now, it's happened once or twice
Some folks had to pay a price
I'm sad to say
Some fans have raked 'em across the coals
Meyer's had the odd complaint
But on the whole, she's like a saint
To those poor unfortunate souls

There's Edward's looks
His pretty face
And don't underestimate
The power of his body language!

Those girls out there have set up sky-high standards
They think a guy who doesn't glitter is a bore
Yes, these days it's much preferred
For boys to never say a word
'Cause with Edward, what is idle prattle for?

Come on, we're not all that impressed with all this drivel
Smart people will avoid it if they can
Bella dotes and swoons and fawns
On some stranger who's withdrawn
And what does she do once she gets her man?

Come on, you poor unfortunate souls
Go ahead, make your choice
I have far better things to do
And I don't have forever
Come on, Meyer, find your voice

You poor unfortunate souls
It's sad but true
You don't have to cross that bridge, my friends
No need to pay the toll
Take a gulp and take a breath
Sign your name on a different scroll

You must watch your step with this Twilight
'Cause this thing's on a roll!
You poor—unfortunate—souls!
It's been awhile since I wrote an anti-Twilight song, and I've been itching to do one to "Poor Unfortunate Souls". I know this Twilight thing's been going on for some time, and it's not over yet. I hear the film version of "Breaking Dawn" is just around the corner, and it's not one movie, but two. Two movies...good grief. :faint:

I'll be so glad when this is over. But maybe it won't be; there's been talk of a possible addition to the series. Anyone heard of "Midnight Sun"? I hear it's supposed to be "Twilight" all over again, only told from Edward's perspective. Hoo, boy. :roll: No sooner does the hype begin to die down than it suddenly flares up once more.

Original Lyrics © Howard Ashman (may he rest in peace)

Twilight © Stephenie Meyer (after all, it is her legal property)

Song © *unicorn-skydancer08

All rights reserved.
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It started with the familiar tugging within the chest area. A black cloud began to loom over my body, sucking out the sunshine and making my smile fade slowly. I don't truly have a plausible reason as to why my body suddenly acts in this manner. It's sudden, harsh and unforgiving.

I feel as if all strength has left my body. Emotionally and physically, I feel weak. More often than once I've succumbed to tears, not really understanding why. I feel that whenever I try to focus on happier memories, they're overshadowed by the darker and sadder memories I've picked up through my life.

This motion never really lasts very long, only a day at least. But when it comes, it's random, and I never expect it. Often I'm telling the people I care about that I'm fine, and I give them a smile, but inside, it's almost as if a crushing emptiness is threatening to overwhelm me.

Is this just ordinary 'blues'? Maybe. I'm no expert in emotional behaviour, but I know I often feel worthless at these points. I just want to curl into a ball and fade away from the world.

It isn't a very reassuring feeling to be feeling this on the eve of your eighteenth birthday either.
I thought writing this would help..
Not really.
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"No, no, and NO!!!" a Machoke bellowed, "We DON'T need another reporter for PNF!!!  Meowth is the ONLY new reporting Pokemon we will ever need.  Now leave, before I toss you out myself!!!"

"BUT THIS ISN'T FAIR!!!" a Mawile cried, "PSYDUCK SAID HE WOULD AT LEAST HAVE AN INTERVIEW WITH ME!!!"  The small Pokemon was angrily stomping her foot in protest, The Machoke smirked. "Oh, he did, did he?!"  He suddenly grabs the Mawile, holding her firmly, as she struggles to get free.  "Listen you!!!" he grunts, "If I let Psyduck interview every last smuck who finds their way here, this building would be destroyed by having them all waiting here at once!!!  I'M the real authority, when it comes to helping manage Pokemon News Flash on the Pokemon Channel, so it will be ME who decides who gets hired!!!  Now BEAT IT!!!"  He purposely uses Seismic Toss to chuck her through a window!  She withers in pain, struggling to get up... her eyes burning with determination!  "You... you can't do this!!!" she screams, "I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD!!!"  The Machoke bares his teeth at her.  "FOR THE LAST TIME..." he spouts coldly, "WE AREN'T HIRING YOU!!!  No matter HOW... MANY.. TIMES... you come HERE!!!  Now scram, before I punch your lights out!"  He turns to walk away, leaving the poor bruised Mawile trembling.  " won't... stop me!" she mumbles.  "Machoke turns and grins wickedly.  "Get a life, Brittle!!!"  he boards the window up.  "IT'S BRITTA, YOU BEAST!!!!!" she hollers angrily!  As the sounds of the cruel Pokemon disappear, Britta starts crying, laying her face into the grass.  "Why.. me???" she sniffles.  "Why am I the one that gets tortured.. day in and out?!  I hardly get to eat anyone, I get hassled about spying on others, and I CAN'T GET MY FLIPPIN' FOOT IN THAT DOOR WITHOUT DEALING WITH THAT DUMB POKEMON!!!"  She slowly brushes herself off and walks sulkily into the nearby woods, weeping uncontrollably* "*SNIFF* Guess.. I'll *SNIFF* go see if anyone will.. *sob* be my prey today."

As she depressingly stumbles through the woods, she is greeted by a series of strange noises all around her.  This was typical.. since this was the shortest way to the place she was going, though it could also be the most treacherous.  You see, being a Fairy-Steel Type has it's advantages.. since most Pokemon wouldn't care to break their teeth trying to eat her... but she still remained a victim to any vicious Pokemon that would immediately attack her, if she was to invade their territory. No doubt, she had disturbed some of the Pokemon and they could CLEARLY see she was very vulnerable!  Britta picked up her head, glaring at some of the peeping eyes following her, as she tried to wipe away the tears.  Some of the voices growled, while others cackled, as if they were enjoying her sorrow.  "Don't come any closer... ANY OF YOU!!!" she viciously barked back!  The voices died down, but some of the forest Pokemon continued to watch.  One in-particular set of eyes disappeared into the bushes, emitting a sound that made Britta swing her head towards, giving the other Pokemon an opportunity to make their move! Immediately, a string shot twirls around the female Mawile, as a Ariados appears from behind one of the hundreds of trees around them.  "Gotcha..." he sneered.  

Suddenly, a shadow leaps from the bushes it hid in and steps on the sticky thred!  It's a slimy purple dragon, that strangely reminds you of a snail, with big green eyes that emit volumes of unquestionable adora-billity and overall cuteness.  It smiles slyly at the stunned Ariados, licking her lips.  "If you want this one... you're going to have to squeeze past me first!!!" the Goodra smirked, her female voice both seductive, but threatening at the same time.  The Ariados releases his webbing and moves into a battle stance.  "Oh yeah?!" he cackled, "What do you think you can do about it?!"  Goodra continued to smile, her eyes twinkling.  "You look tasty!" she grinned.  Just like that, the Ariados was shaken to the point where he couldn't stand straight with his own four legs.  "Y.. You're bluffing!" he squeaked.  "I've never eaten a bug before!" Goodra continued deviously, "I've heard they taste like Chicken!  *giggles* Though that back of yours looks a little to hard to swallow.  I guess I might have to melt it off!!!"  The Ariados scampers backwards, fear written all over his face.  "Ok fine... you can have her... just stop scaring me!!!"  The other Pokemon start to leave too, also intimidated by this bold new Pokemon!  Britta looks up at the now innocently smiling Goodra towering above her!  "Hi Britta!!!  It's about time we met!" the Goodra beamed.

Britta frowned softly.  "You're... you're one of Fletch's new Pokemon.  Oo.. Oozkie, right?"  "WOW!!!" the happy Goodra chimed, "Not 10 minutes and you already remember my name!!!"  Oozkie leans down and wraps her gooey arms around Britta, squeezing her in a loving hug!  "LET GO!  LET GO!!!" Britta flailed.  Oozkie smiled and set Britta down, who was already dripping with her trademarked sludge.  "Sorry if I startled you" Oozkie giggled, "But when I saw you entering the woods earlier, I just HAD to find out what you were up to Britta!" "WHAT?!" she gasped, "You were... SPYING on me?!"  Oozkie laughed upon hearing that!  "Yep!  Guess now I know what it's like to be a peeping plant, like you now!!!"  Britta hung her head down, grumbling some inaudible words to herself.  "Great... just when I thought I couldn't feel worst!" she moans!  Oozkie's eyes soften, as she leans down, looking at Britta sadly.  "In all seriousness, I don't think that Machoke should have been mean to you like that!" Oozkie whimpers softly, "That was just cruel and inconsiderate  that he chucked you out, like he did!"  "Welcome to my world, Ooz" Britta sighs discouragingly, "I never get any respect... except.."

"Yes?" Oozkie askes.

Britta smiles softly.  "..except when I'm with my friends, like Jayce.  I mean, I have a hard time getting noticed unless I do something stupid like snooping on a private moment and getting caught... but.. being around friends like him, Nado, Chomp, and others are what makes me the most happy, even after I continually get my dreams shattered by that good-for-nothing Machoke."  "I don't get it!" Oozkie starts to tear up, "How can someone that mean, still be working at that strange place?"  Britta sighs.  "First off, that place is the one and only birthplace of Pokemon Channel, the first and offical tv station made for Pokemon to enjoy.  Second, I guess no one else knows how mean Machoke really is.  I figured out he's suppose to just be a bodyguard, but it really seems like he's just trying to take over PNF!"  "P...N...F...???" Oozkie questioned.  "POKEMON NEWS FLASH!" Britta pouted, "The main news source of the Pokemon Channel... it's the big time for eager reporters, like myself, if I can land a job there!  BUT I CAN'T... I JUST CAN'T!!!"  Britta falls to the ground, crying helplessly, as if she's finally given up her hopes and dreams.

"No... you can!" Oozkie encouraged.  Britta shook with anger.  "Not with that stupid, small-brained, heartless..."  "I'll help you!"  Oozkie blurted out, smiling!  "wha?" Britta looks at the jolly purple mass surprisingly.  "Y.. You will?!"  "AND HOW!!!" Oozkie boastfully replys, "I'll show that mean Machoke what happens when you mess with my friends!!!"  Britta looked at Oozkie in aww, then smiles softly, her lips quivering.  "Th.. thank you...  I.."  Oozkie puts a finger on Britta's lips.  "It's the least I can do for my friends and family" she cooed.

Suddenly, a very familar sound gurgled through Oozkie's belly!  Though Britta had never talked to or personally met Oozkie before now, one thing she knew for sure, thanks to her friends... Oozkie LOVED to eat!!!  "So, are you going to hunt down some of the wild Pokemon here?" Oozkie blushes and shakes her head no.  "I won't need to... I have a wonderful friend right here!"  Britta starts.  "You want to eat ME?!" she croaks.  "Why not?" Oozkie smiles.  "Well, for starters... I'm a steel type; one of the most inedible Pokemon types there is... PLUS fairy, which I know you dragon types are at the mercy of!  Second.. I've never been eaten before!  I don't think you'd enjoy me or be able to swallow me!"  For Britta, soft vore didn't scare her, since she was the pred, (In fact, she loved her Mega Form PURELY just for soft-vore purposes)...,

...but not only had she never thought she would be on the receiving end, being the one who got eaten, she never believed it would be possible!  "So... in short... you won't be able to eat me!!!" she gruffed.  Oozkie closed her eyes and picks Britta up.  "Oo.. Oozkie, no!"  Britta nervously protests, "You need to put me down and..."  Then Oozkie opens her eyes, which sparkle and gleam like Emeralds, her smile melting Britta's heart, as her slimy cool hands start to feel warmer around Britta.  "How would I not know if I can't eat you... if I don't ever try!"  Oozkie coos.  Britta attempts to open her mouth to say something, but no  words come out.  She just stares at Oozkie's innocent face, as she gets hugged into her belly.  "I wouldn't mind sampling a unique Pokemon like you anyways!"  Oozkie giggles.  Suddenly, Britta starts to get devoured into Oozkie's slimy stomach.  This was a Goodra's secret and most unique way of eating someone... by absorbing their prey into their body, mostly during a long hug.  The smaller the prey, the easier it gets absorbed!!!  Oozkie murrs softly as Britta's head and other maw gets sucked into her belly.  Britta tries to struggle out, but to no avail.  Stranger still, the more the ooz covered her, getting warmer by the minute, the more she enjoyed it!  What's more, it sounded like Oozkie was enjoying it too!!!  Sure enough, the lovable dragon layed down, rubbing her tummy, purring at the flavor she just took in!  "Britta...* she sighs dreamily, "You taste wonderful!!!  You have such a unique flavor... it's sweet.. yet it's smooth.. and hard... but it melts just right... it's PERFECT!!!"  Britta slides into a larger area... [probably the stomach] she assumes.  "Oh come on.. I'm not THAT tasty!!!" Britta blushes.  "Oh, but you really are!"  Oozkie sighs happily, "I can certainly say I've never tasted anything like that before... and I'm hooked!"  "Easy there Ooz... I think you're over selling it a bit!" Britta coughed.  Oozkie rubs her tummy affectionately.  "Maybe a little... but didn't you enjoy it too?" she coos.  Britta looks around her, at the moving purple walls surrounding her, dripping with a warm clear residue; filled with pleasantly hot and moist air covering her body.  "It's... it's..." she drops down, purring happily as she rubs the wet floor below her*  "IT'S WONDERFUL OOZKIE!!!  I... I never thought I'd see the day where someone could actually show me how great it feels inside someone!"  Oozkie blushes and laughs, patting her stomach.  "You flatterer!!!" she squealed, "You are just as bad as me!!!"  Britta shares in her new friend's laughter, then yawns and lays down.  "Oozkie... I've only known you a short time.. but I feel like we will always be best friends!"  Oozkie smiles lovingly and tears up.  "Y.. You really mean it, Britta?!?!  Because.. I would love to be friends with you!"  "Me too!" Britta squeals, hugging Oozkie's flesh-like walls, "We can be the best of friends, you and I!!!"  "*sniff* Oh Britta" Oozkie weeped happily, "There is nothing in the world that would make me say no to that offer.  We will be BFFs forever!!!"  "I.. would love that even more Oozkie" Britta spoke softly, "I can't tell you how lonely I can get sometimes."  Oozkie leans over and kisses her belly bulge.  "You won't ever have to be alone anymore" she says sweetly, "Whenever you ask me, I will always take you in Britta."  "You're the best Oozkie... thank you for everything!!!" Britta whimpers.  "I was happy to help.. anyway I can" Oozkie smiles.



"I want to go see Jayce again... can you carry me there?"

"Of course, BFF"

And so, the two Pokemon set off to see their friends, both happy they finally met one another for the very first time!
:love: YES!!!  GOODRA VORE!!!  I simply love this new Dragon Type to bits!  Not since Dragonite have I adored a third Evolution Dragon Pokemon like Goodra before!!!

And throwing Britta in.. who seeks attention during some of the RPs I do???  Well, I have :iconpokeman36: to thank.. since his "A Sticky Situation - Part 2" inspired this entire story!!!  Granted, I had a different idea for my cute devious Goodra, ;p but it will have to wait....

(and kudos to everyone who noticed the Gamecube Pokemon game reference)
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Please help.

I don't have much time left to explain why I need help so I'll type this as quick as I can.

It all started a few weeks ago. Luxray and I were just out on a walk when some pale cloaked guy oh god its knocking again just blocked our path. He pulled out one of his Pokeballs and just said "Battle". Being the ignorant fool I was, of course I accepted. He only nodded in reply. He started out with A Duskull. One crunch from Luxray managed to take it down. The next thing he sent out was a Gastly. "A ghost type trainer, eh? Well, I've delt with plenty of you in the past." Another Crunch From Luxray ended it. Instead of being worried, he only smirked. I thought it was strange at the time, but now I see why he was so smug.

His last pokemon was a Desukan. I didn't know it at the time, but it's haunting glare would be forever burned into my memory.

It took more than one crunch to take it down, but the trainer never ordered it to attack, or to even to defend itself. He just stood there, smug as ever. After one last crunch, Desukan mumbled something in a strange language. Time almost seemed to stand still, but then Desukan crashed to the ground, fainted. The trainer walked up to me, payed me a small amount please stop knocking and left. Luxray and I were both pretty bushed, so we just decided to go home.

Rather than following his usual after noon ritual, eat, stretch then nap, he followed me. He seemed to be a bit worried. It was like this for 3 days. Until the night of the third day...

I woke up to a horrid shrieking, and several zaps of thunder. I dashed outside, to find only to find Luxray, screaming at nothing, shooting thunderbolts at the darkness. I shouted at him. When he turned around, rather than being annoyed from being shouted at, he was relieved. We both slept indoors that night, but I don't think either of us got any sleep.

After that, things only got worse. He began to have these outbursts in the middle of the day. Shrieking, shocking nothing. But at night, It was the worst. Even when he slept in my room, he screamed, scratched things up, and shocked everything. I couldn't sleep, so I just had to let him outside.

Things ere like this for a week. Around the 10th day, He started waking up with scratches that at the time I thought were self inflicted. I patched him up every morning and just ignored it. Finally, on the thirteenth day, I got sick of it.  I dropped him off at the center, and told them that he had just been going crazy. They decided to keep him and see what was going on.

I pat his head, and told him everything was going to be fine. He looked up and stared at me with his bloodshot eyes.  I could have sworn his eyes looked just like please stop im doing what you say The Desukan's eyes.

Later that night, I got a call from the Pokemon Center. Luxray had suffered some deep gashes in his chest. He had passed away a few minutes later.

As for what happened next, I'll just copy and paste my journal here.

- Just heard from the Center. Luxray is gone... It hasn't exactly hit me yet, but I know it's about too.

- It's strange, being alone. I've been with Luxray for so long, that It's a bit unnerving.

- Couldn't sleep last night. Too sad. I miss him so much already.

- Feeling a bit unnerved. Like something's watching me. Think I'm gonna have a friend stay over for awhile.

- Friend's here.

- Friend had to leave early, says that "You have a heavy presence over you, It's too overbearing. I cannot stay here. Farewell." Weird...

- Can't sleep.

- Thought I was hearing tapping outside my window. It was just the tree...

- Wait... my trees branches were trimmed recently.

- I'm going insane. I think it's the lack of sleep, but I'm not to sure anymore.

- Got some over the counter sleeping meds. Lets hope they work.

- Got sleep last night. Had a Horrible nightmare. I saw the eyes of the Desukan, just staring at me...

- I went outside again today. Haven't really had an excuse too since Luxray died. I could have sworn I saw the man in the black cloak, but It was just my sleep depraved eyes playing tricks on me again.

- Took some more meds. Lets hope for no nightmares tonight!

- No hope for me. The eyes. Hundreds of them were staring at me. I think I'm gonna have better luck just staying up tonight.

- Luxray's old Chew toy was on my bed. I remember putting it in a box of all his old things, not there.

- No sleep, but I saw them in my window last night. I'm getting out of here.

- In the hotel tonight. Finally... peace at last.

- I think it followed me here.

- Woke up with my stomach covered in scratches. They didn't match the claws of any pokemon I've ever seen.

- I'm going to the library today. Gonna research Desukan.

- Have a big encyclopedia of ghost pokemon, hope this helps.

- Couldn't gonna finish it. Gonna try to sleep tonight.

- Bed is soaked in blood that I'm not entirely sure is all mine. Wounds not bad enough to warrant a hospital visit, but they hurt nonetheless.

- Finished reading it. Didn't help me at all. Going to go back tomorrow.

- I felt a pain in my thigh and woke up to see those eyes staring at me just inches from my face. I Punched at it, and hit solid metal. After that, it disappeared. My thigh was bleeding and my hand hurts.

- I still can't find anything on Desukan.

- Going to bed again.

- It communicated with me. It told me that "For every victim I have, I gain strength. Bring me more victims, and I shall leave you be." "How?" I asked. "Make contact with others." It spreads like a virus, When I make contact with another, they get this curse too. Then they have to make contact with someone else to get rid of it. I'm not gonna do It. I can't ruin someone Else's life.

That's the end of my journal. I think I've made it angry. I hear constant knocking, and I see the eyes on every person look at. It's been thirteen days since Luxray spred the curse too me, and If I'm correct, I only have a few hours until this thing kills me too. So I'm just trying to get some help from you people online. But just listening to my plight has helped me. It makes me happy that people like you care enough to make contact and help people like me. Thank you.

I'm so sorry.
We need some more Gen 5 Creepypasta, and the ones I've seen have all been about the Candle evolution line. So I wrote something for poor ol Desukan. It was inspired by his ability, Mummy.

I don't own Pokemon, Gamefreak does. I'm just a fan.
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She had been feeling it for a while to be perfectly frank. That feeling of unease, of uncertainty. She had tried dismissing it as simple paranoia, but she was trying to fool herself. Something terrible was happening. She just didn't know what.

Candy heaved a small sigh and ran her fingers through her messy blonde hair, wishing she could do something to shake the feeling of dread and despair which had washed over her. The rush of emotion she was currently feeling baffled her somewhat…But why? It baffled her because she was SCARED and she didn't know why.

Slowly, tiredly, Candy lowered her hands to her lap and did a sudden double-take, her amethyst eyes widening in slight shock as she stared at her limbs. Shaking slightly, she raised her hands to her eye-level, and realized with a sudden sickening feeling, that she wasn't actually going insane. Her hands were see-through. She was fading. Forcing herself to stay calm, Candy stared blankly at her fading hands and briefly contemplated on what was making her fade away.


A sudden hysterical giggle broke through her lips as her hands began to shake, and hot tears built up in her eyes and fell down her cheeks, despite her attempts to keep the tears unshed. It had finally happened. Their brunette, slightly strange creator had begun to forget them. Often people asked themselves if there really was a God, or if evolution was the truth. For Candy, she knew she had her own personal God. Her creator, the one who was supposed to look after her and her family and friends. To help mould her decisions. In all honestly, Candy was a puppet, and Carys was pulling the strings.

Carys had always promised her creations that she would stay beside them, to never forget or neglect them, for as she was one of them, they were a part of her. To forget them, was to forget herself.
However, Candy mused bitterly as her arms too began to fade away, you can always lose yourself along the long steely road that was life, especially when you were from the real world. She was just a dream after all. Candy was merely a creation, a figment.

Then why did this betrayal hurt so badly?

Candy turned to stare at her world, her home. Already it was crumbling. Falling. All of this…because Carys had forgotten how to imagine. She had forgotten her dreams, she had forgotten who she was. She had forgotten them.
Candy slowly sat down in the darkening abyss that was Carys's imagination and pulled her knees up to her chest, staring blankly as her home vanished. Around her, she could see the others. Many fading away rapidly, some slow…and some she could not see at all. She felt a pang of sadness at the loss of them. Lizzy…Cat…So many of them had been forgotten long ago.

She felt people huddling up on her side, and she turned to see her children, her own creations, curled beside her, their expressions fearful, terrified, as they too faded into nothingness. She reached out, wrapping her arms around Carrie-Ann and Landon's shoulders, pulling them closer to her.

"It will be alright." She whispered.
Despite it all, she would feel no hatred to her creator. The wisdom and loving nature Carys had bestowed onto her upon the day of her creation stood strong. She understood, to put it bluntly, though the others may not.

Closing her eyes, Candy allowed a small, sad smile to grace her petite features, a single, solitary tear escaping her eye, slowly making its' way down her cheek.

"Goodbye, my old friend." She whispered to the empty space before her. Around her, her arms clutched empty air as her children faded from existence. She was the only one left. The only creation truly important enough to Carys for her to remain. "It's time to let me go Carys." Candy murmured, feeling touched at her creators dedication to hold onto her, but she was tired. It was time to move on. "Grow up…Be happy…"

Opening her eyes, Candy saw the form of her creator before her, tears in her own greyish blue eyes. Slowly, the blonde pulled herself up onto her feet and smiled tiredly, taking a few steps forward.

"I'm so sorry…" Carys whispered, her voice breaking. "I never wanted-"

"Shhh…" Candy murmured, feeling the fatigue hit her strongly once again. "Don't regret…Remember. Though you are forgetting us, you still have the people you shared us with. And if, in time, they too slip away…We are not truly gone. We are in your heart…And we will stay there, waiting for you. Always."

Carys's ghostly arms were around Candy then, pulling the blonde into a hug. She held back her tears, though she felt she was losing the greatest friend she had ever known.

"I will always be a part of you…If you need me, just call." Candy whispered, her voice slowly fading. And soon, she too was gone, leaving Carys stood in the darkness, alone.

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LV. 91







-phase out-


"Why did my computer have to die…? It had my Crystal ROM file on it! Those poor Pokémon…"

I looked down at the battered laptop in my hands. I had just switched laptops again. It seemed as though I went through them quite quickly. After all, this was the 4th one I had owned.

As a Pokémon fan, and a lover of the older generation games, I had downloaded a Crystal GB ROM onto my first laptop. I had hours of fun playing on it- I always transferred the file when it was time to get a new laptop computer so that my adventures with my beloved digital Pokémon could continue. It had been transferred to 3 laptops before this happened.

"Stupid hacker! Why they have to send a virus to my computer, I mean, out of all the computers in the world it had to get into mine. "

I had tons of Pokémon on my save file, especially one that was very close to me… my starter, a female Cyndaquil (now Typhlosion) named Fox. A female starter! Rare enough on its own, but I loved the little girl to bits. We bested all of our foes together- the 16 Gyms, the Elite Four, even Red himself. I was so close to leveling her up to level 100 too!


My mom walked into my room.

"Dear, please toss out that dead laptop. The technicians said it can't be fixed- the virus got to it too quickly and corrupted everything. It can't even be used for scrap materials now."  She said.

"I'll throw it away in a minute, Mom."


She walked out of the room, frowning a little. I think I was worrying her.

I suppose there was nothing that could be done…  I'd have to dump the laptop.

Goodbye…  Fox.


The laptop had been tossed into the trash, and I had finished setting up my new laptop.

"Alright! Let's see what this computer can do."

It had been a few days since I threw the old one out, I couldn't immediately go on the internet after the last laptop crashed. It was weird… the technicians said our internet had gotten some of the virus in it.

No one in my house was allowed to log online for any reason, lest more of our computers crash. In a technological age like this, it was an issue, but that was in the past.

And now I was back online, going to go download a new ROM to play on. After all, my real Crystal cartridge's time-battery died a few years ago.
I went onto a search engine and looked up sites for ROMs. I found a suitable one and started the download while I relaxed and watched some videos online.  My headphones were in, and all was well.
All of a sudden, I saw a pop-up appear on my computer.

"A FOX has found its way into the hen-house. Follow it?"

Two options were under the message: Yes and No.

"What a weird pop-up… I'm just X-ing out of this."

I frowned and clicked the small red X icon in the top right corner of the pop-up.

It didn't exit the pop-up. Frustrated, I clicked again and again. It didn't work.

I put down the laptop. "Mom, the laptop is acting funny!" walking into the other room, I noticed a note on the table:

"Dear, your father and I went out to get some groceries, sorry for not telling you- you were listening to music and I didn't want to bother you. Be home soon." - Mom

I put down the note after reading it and walked back into my room.

"Alright, you know what; I'll play this little game, pop-up."

I knew it was against my better judgment, but my curiosity was getting the better of me. I knew a little bit about computers and I hadn't heard of this particular spam message before- who knows, it could've led me to something stupid and then let me leave… Alas, hindsight is 20-20.

I clicked 'YES', and my laptop's screen went black.

"What the…"

Green gridded lines flowed over the screen; it looked like something out of the Matrix for a moment, ha-ha.  Through my headphones I heard a dial-up tone, you know, the sound you hear when you're waiting for someone to pick up your phone call. I tried turning the sound down, and taking the headphones off- but the volume wouldn't lower. Having the sound blasting on my speakers didn't help either, so I kept them on.

I tried pressing the buttons on my keyboard, but nothing worked. However, I found that when I pressed the arrows on the keyboard- it seemed as though I was able to move around. The grids would sift slightly, and I could look around this new 'room' of sorts.

"I guess I better find this 'FOX' then… Weird… Normally pop-ups just lead you to an ad page or something. Never heard of this…"

As I guided my, I'm not even sure what I should call it, 'character' around this 'area', slowly other images came into view. Fragments of sound would come through on my headphones, like bits of old 8-bit songs. I noticed that some of the 'walls' started to have patterns on them. Green pixels that… well, they looked like Pokémon. Some Unown images even appeared on the walls. No words though.

Strangely enough the only sprite images that I saw on the walls were ones I had…

"Wait, why are Pokémon that I had captured in my old Crystal ROM appearing here?"

I glared at the laptop's screen.

I tried to shut the computer off, or take the battery out- but as this was a new laptop, I didn't know where the battery latch was and I couldn't remove it.

The power button was jammed as well. I couldn't access anything else on the machine either- no home menu, no exit, nothing.

I sighed.

"I have a very bad feeling about this."

My 'character' walked forward into the area where most of the sprites were appearing.

All of a sudden, I heard a faint cry coming through the dial-tone on my headphones.


It sounded almost like…

I walked forward and came to a small room. The path had ended, and the images on the walls looked almost like constellations. I looked up. There was nothing but black.

"I have to get out of here. I don't even know the 'rules' of this game I've gotten myself into… what if something comes out and attacks me? Maybe that would be good, then maybe I could get out of this thing."

I looked around and small a small opening near the corner of the room, as I walked there, something began to materialize.


The cry sounded louder this time. I backed away from the gray vortex that appeared and began to edge out of the small room back into the adjoining corridor.

A distorted orange flame could be seen from the end of the corridor. Black dots were spotting the shifting flame- colors shifted between rust orange and blood red. The haze it gave off was quickly becoming clearer.

"Crap, crap, crap- I have to get out of here! What the heck is that thing! I'm running away from it!"

Screaming this and other profanities at the laptop, I quickly ran my character out of the corridor, trying to find somewhere, anywhere, to hide. In a game where you can't defend yourself at all, sometimes hiding is the only way to survive.

Suddenly, a wall of hexagons arose from the 'ground' in front of me. I couldn't go anywhere, I was trapped.
I ran towards the corner of the area I was in. I didn't know any controls, I couldn't fight. I decided that I'd try to outwit what was haunting me, at the very least.

"Why I am I getting so stressed, it's just a game after all…"

Looking around the room again, I tried to walk through a slim opening in the wall of hexagons. The moment I tried however, harsh white noise came in through my headphones.


I crumpled over on the laptop. That hurt. It wasn't imagined pain… the noise was able to momentarily disable me.

"What kind of game is this?! The world of the digital isn't supposed to affect reality!"

I screamed this at the laptop, it didn't respond.

However, I saw something from the corner of my eye- the thing had gotten into the room at last.

I slowly turned my character's view to look at it.

"No… not… it can't be."

I gazed in horror and despair at the screen.

I saw in the green gridded room a Typhlosion. Not a normal one however, its eyes were black like coals, its fire was rust orange and blood red, its body was a blackened or burned kind of teal, and black dots surrounded it. The black 'corruptions' were mainly coming from its fire around the neck- and strangely enough they were not anywhere near its cream stomach markings.

It had a collar on it… it said 'FOX'.

My eyes became wide.

"Fox, girl, is that you? How… why…? What happened to you?!"

I was desperately screaming at the laptop as this point- I don't know why, after all, how could a laptop hear me?

The Typhlosion that I believed was Fox only roared back at me. The fire spiked on its back, and it charged at me.

My character was burning in a blaze of fire- Fox had used Flame Wheel on me.

All at once my skin started prickling, like your foot does when it falls asleep. I couldn't move, I felt paralyzed, I tried talking…

"Fox…. Why…? I… I… didn't…. mean…"

I was crying. Fox wouldn't stop.

On the walls of the area I was trapped in I noticed type appearing-


The words wouldn't stop.

Tears were streaming down my face. Black tears were appearing under Fox's eyes.

I could only guess that Fox was upset that I had abandoned her to the virus… I couldn't do anything to stop it though. I tried to save her!

"Fox…. Please… Listen…. I…"

Fox roared again and spiked her flames. Waves of pain washed through my body as I heard her roar. I struggled to speak though.

"Fox! STOP! The virus ate away at the data too quickly; no one was able to stop it-!"

Fox roared again. More pain.

"I tried to save you! I tried to bring you to this new computer, but I couldn't! I didn't want to leave you or any of my other Pokemon behind! Please…"

Fox roared again and shook her head. This time the pain was weaker.

"The virus… it destroyed everything… It destroyed you too, didn't it? That's why you look so corrupted… It took you away from me. It made you into a virus too. You must have been the one who infected our internet a few days ago… Oh, Fox…"

I was crying. The tears were falling all over my keyboard. Fox was roaring in agony, black tears were streaming down her face. Her fire had begun to die down.

The pain went away.

I walked over to the cringing Typhlosion that was Fox. She looked up as I went over.

"Fox… I'm here now, I can heal you- we can go to the repair shop and the technicians will delete the virus, c'mon, we need to get out of here."

Fox looked up with her coal black eyes and smiled a little. She stretched out one of her paws toward my character- and her eyes began to return to normal but-

The dial-up tone sounded loud in my ears.

As the fire on Fox's neck went down, the black dots froze in space where they were- they began to fly straight towards my character. There was no doubting it; this was a manifestation of the virus that had so completely destroyed my previous laptop. These things were also what had been able to cause me pain when Fox attacked me.

I had to get away.

Screaming for Fox to follow me, I tried to run through the corridor to bypass the wall of hexagons. Fox was following me, roaring at the dots to no avail.

It was a dead end. I turned around.

Staring at the dots in horror, I closed my eyes and screamed loudly for Fox to run away.

All of a sudden the noise stopped and I heard a cry:


I opened my eyes. Fox was standing in front of me, blasting a Flamethrower at the dots.

Next to me, I noticed a small hole in the wall I could get through.

"Fox, c'mon, we have to get out of here!"

Fox looked back at me with a normal eye. She couldn't speak since she was using Flamethrower, but her eye gazed at me sadly.

I knew she meant that I had to escape while I still could. These things could actually destroy me… she was aware she was data. She would simply be deleted as her current self if she was destroyed.

"No… Fox!"  

I tried to walk towards her, but she stopped her Flamethrower for a moment and pushed me into the hole- resuming her attack in front of the hole, blocking it.

Crying, I ran towards a small white light I saw in the distance… running…. Running…

All at once the grids were gone. As if waking up from a dream, my screen looked normal.

My internet was even back on the same webpage I had left it on.

A pop-up appeared.


The only option was 'OK'.

I clicked it, and things went back to normal.


Shortly after this, my parents had come back home and were surprised to see me so shaken up.

I said I was fine, that I had just been watching a scary movie or something.

Nothing ever popped up on my laptop again, I even went to the store to get it checked out- no traces of any virus were on it.

"Thank you, Fox." I said as I went to sleep that night.
The next day, I decided to play that Crystal ROM I had downloaded.

As I started it up, I watched the intro credits and relived a bit of nostalgia form when I had played my previous ROM.

I clicked NEW GAME, named my character, and went to go pick a Starter Pokémon from Professor Elm.

Professor Elm said only this:

"This CYNDAQUIL wants to come with you- It seems to be named FOX, will you take it?"

How could I say no?

The End.
Inspired by :iconbla-roth:'s image:

EDIT: Wow! Thank you all for reading it and the comments and such. =) Remember to look up the original image~ The story is only half the... well... story. XD;

EDIT 2 You're kidding me, this was on the front page for a little while. o_o; Wow. Thank you all! Remember to check :iconbla-roth:'s image out!

In the description she noted she wanted someone to write a story for it- so here is the second creepypasta I've written.

It was quite fun writting this, inspiration hit me as I went through it and yeah. Typhlosion is one of my favorites after all.
And it had all the elements ready for a .hack/Digimon/sci-fi esque type of story, so viola!

Hexagons and AIDAesque-dots and all that. Digimon movie type rebirth ending.

She provided me with some background info, and I went from there.

Is it just me or do creepy things tend to happen with Cyndaquil's line quite often. Poor Cyndaquil... T_T They're my favorite evolution line.

Tell me if there's any glaring errors guys! I edited it as best I could. ^_^

Story concept + Fox (c) Bla-roth
Written by me.
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
That little preview image, yeah, I screencapped one of those things and altered it. Hehe. Thought it'd be cool. So I suppose it belongs originally to whoever first made one of those things?
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"Anything  you can do, I can do better!"

Six year old Tim Reville puffed out his chest proudly, ignoring the glare of the blonde girl before him. Her arms were crossed over her chest, and she was tapping her foot, an annoyed twitch in her eye.

"Oh really?" Candy asked, walking over and poking him in the chest with a single finger, her eyes narrowed. Tim let out a noise similar to that of a deflating balloon, and rubbed his chest with a wince, but nodded firmly.

"It's true! I can do everything better than YOU! I'm faster, cooler, stronger and just better than you!"

Candy took a deep calming breath and put her hands on her hips, a small pout making its way onto her face as she stared at her friend slash rival.

"And what makes you say that?" she asked, watching him closely. He seemed surprised by this question, having though it was obvious and shrugged as he answered.

"Because you're a girl!"

Before he knew what was happening, Tim was wrestled into the ground by his female friend, who was shouting at him, too fast for him to understand. Together, the rolled and wrestled towards the edge of the local hill, teetering dangerously on the edge. With one final shove and an attempt at a punch from Candy, the two began to roll down the hill, both of them shrieking and yelling as they rolled.

Now laughing hysterically, the two children rolled into a large pile of leaves at the bottom of the hill, which had been swept up and collected from the trees, as it was fall. Both of them poked their heads out of the pile, and Candy grinned down at Tim, who looked a little disorientated.

"Girls are just as good as boys." Candy said in a determined manner.  "And I so beat you."

"You did not!" Tim cried, but he was grinning.

"Did so."

"Did not!"

"How about we settle this in a race??"

"Last one to my house is the loser!"

"You're on!"
Candy and Tim childish randomness!
Happy birthday Alvin!
I know things have been tough, but i hope it's gonna get easier from now on.
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:iconalexius: CLICK HERE TO READ THE NEXT EPISODE! :iconalexius:

little portrait of snippy by :iconluna133:
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Blessed be the Dark, that hides us and nourishes us.
This was written on the wall, where I fed a few moments ago. I smile, my canines showing. I sit on the edge of the building, my head pounding, my heart beating against my chest, my bones re-setting themselves with audible cracks. It is the strength of the Ther, moving through my veins. I can feel it, under my skin, the flickering flame, ready to devour, to take, to hold on to nothing, and to take everything. Some call it hunger, and rejoice, while I call it evil, and I shrink from it. I know what it means to see as I see, and to feel the Ther in me, trying to escape to the surface. Whoever wrote this did not know Ther hunger, or the rage of which it is capable. They were nothing but a bunch of Goths, who had no true understanding of what Ther is like.
I am worse than the Hunters. They can hold on to their humanity, because they are not truly beasts. Their instincts are alien, and do not meld well with the human mind. Thus, they stay sane. I, on the other hand, am mad. I feel too much, and feelings are my enemy. I used to have friends, but now, I’m afraid of showing my face. I might hurt someone, or myself.
I look down, unto the wall, again. I wonder if perhaps, a Ther had written those words after all. It is the darkness that hides me, and nourishes me, even if in a different way from the romantic pictures of a predator of the night. I am no such thing. Certainly, I am beautiful, in my own way, but I have no need for the blood of innocents, or the lust of the deranged. I crave only contact, however brief. As if they would give it to me!
I tear down the side of the building, my talons, for that is what my fingers have become after the Fall, taking chunks of concrete and brick out. What did I ever do to deserve this! I am a cat! I can rip out the throat of a grown bull with a single swipe of my talons. Run on all fours, or walk on two legs, it doesn’t matter to me! I am a madman…. I stop, on the ground now, looking in a puddle. It’s me, looking back. Short, well-groomed feline looks at me, his black fur and tiny points of the upper canines in contrast to each other. Am I a madman?
Seven years ago, the Fall happened. Before then, I was a proper citizen of New York, not the monster of New City. I was human, and studied at a good college. I loved parties, back then, the nightclubs and coffee houses taking my breath away. It was an easy life. I lived in an apartment with two others, John and Shimao. John was the extravert, always telling me to be a bit more relaxed, to make a party out of life. His father was some kind of big boss for a company, I remember. He lost it after the Fall, went completely insane, and was taken in by an asylum. Some say he got better, but I don’t think so.
Shimao was the opposite. He was focused, and always took everything seriously, including, for some strange reason, magic. He was part-Japanese, but was neither a Buddhist nor Christian, preferring to pray to the Lord and Lady, as he called his gods. Still, despite his strange religion, he was the only one of us who ever made anything out of his life. He learned everything he could about biology and physics, saying Biotechnology was a better field than my Creative Writing major, and he was right. When New York became New City, Shimao went and got a sci-license from the BCI, Bureau of Changed Investigation. He became a hunter for them, searching out new, dangerous Changed, and looking for clues as to what plagues caused what changes in humanity. Last time I checked the paper, he found a new form of Changed-the Skinwalkers, he called them. As if they were the monsters of legend.
I cry, softly at first, and then breaking into sobs as I look at myself in the dark water. If Shimao saw me now, he would no doubt never recognize me. I can only hope that if he saw me, he wouldn’t shoot. The Ther, after all, are the second most dangerous form of Changed. I stand up from my position on the ground, and spitting in the puddle, begin to walk eastward, to the Old Districts. There is always great talk in the Old Districts, and most people don’t pay attention to a cat like me. Half of the population there is stoned or out of touch with reality, and the sane half tries to ignore the Fall. The tears in my eyes dry off as I remember the faces. There are the old ladies with umbrellas, who, if they ever saw who was following their small-talk, would have heart attacks. There are kindly nuns from a Catholic school outside the Old District, who often stopped by to leave some supplies for the poor. They didn’t seem to notice that a monster wearing an overcoat, black fur, and claws like the Devil himself, picked up a few cans of beef stew now and then. There are families there, whose love I share, if only by looking into the cracks of their doors. I love it there. It’s the most peaceful place a Changed can find, and I have the honor of living there.
As I slip by a police officer on break, I overhear a snatch of a news alert on the radio. Someone is causing trouble by the Hudson again. Must be the Kings again. The Weird took almost an hour to clean up that mess, and they put down the New City Rebellion in twenty minutes. They say the Kings hired two Ther and six Hunters. In the end, the Ther are dead, and the Hunters and their King superiors are taken into custody. I run down a side street, trying to control my anger. Ther are killed, and the Hunters spared? Who is more dangerous? I want to go out and smash something, but I know what would happen if I did that. I would be killed, and have my body dissected. But, even as I look up at the wall before me, trying to stopper my rage, there it was again, written in a bloody red.
Our world is memory, and our people are many.
Who would write this? I look around me, sniffing the air. The smell shifts, as if it’s alive. I seek it, and wish I were a dog-based Ther. Suddenly, I feel something familiar. This smell is human, and covered by something. Tear gas, maybe? No, I can tell if it’s tear gas. This smell is more like perfume, or incense. I remember something like it, once. It’s a smell of burning herbs, like the ones Shimao used. But, why here? I try to think about it for a moment, but I cannot help but feel overwhelming, brain-numbing sadness every time I take a whiff of the air. I remember how I chased Shimao away.
I remember how afraid I was when I got the first symptoms of the blue flu. I prayed that I would die. There was little I could do as I felt the plague slowly spread through me, though. I did not even have enough strength to kill myself. It hurt unlike anything I ever felt when the Changes began. I dreamt I flew through the air, then fell into the heart of the planet, burning up. My body died, and was reborn, torn apart and reformed. I felt death many times, but somehow, I was always spared. It hurt when I felt my body finally assume its shape, and it hurt when I came into my powers, and saw that only one of my friends, Shimao, survived with his sanity intact. Then, Shimao told me he was going to work for the BCI. I picked him up by his throat, my claws cutting deep into his flesh, and I told him to leave. I told him that the BCI will hunt my kind, and kill every single Changed. There was such anger in my voice, I wondered if I have gone insane. He passed out from the loss of blood even as I finished my hateful tirade. I called the ambulance, and ran off, afraid that Shimao would kill me once he regained his health. I was a coward. I should have stayed. Maybe, then, I would feel less like an outcast, and feel friendship was possible.
Suddenly, there is a cracking sound to my left, near the dumpsters, where even my smell failed me, and I break away from my thoughts. I circle the metal container warily, and try to detect what is inside. Neither my ears, nor my nose, can tell me what I’m dealing with. Then, the plastic cover is lifted, broken off its hinges as something pale, covered in stitches, tufts of fur and hair sticking out, jumped out. I closed my eyes, expecting the beast to kill me where I stand. Then, I hear a faint whisper:
"Don’t be afraid…you have brothers here…in the Old District…" the creature had to take pauses in its speech, as if it was hard to work its tongue around the words. "You are not evil…look at the walls…and be happy…that BCI gave us this place…to grow into power."
"Who are you?" I say, and open my eyes. Before me stands a sight both terrible and beautiful. A creature made from parts of others, tall, slender, muscular and unnaturally graceful in movement, threads that hold it together colored a deep green, greets me. Its eyes are cat-like, face covered by bright green scales, it’s torso like a bird’s, and its hands made from the paws of a Hunter, large and sharp-clawed. It’s legs, mercifully clothed in a pair of dirty pants, seem strangely formed, and the feet that emerge from the cloth are those of a chimpanzee. I cannot trace any smell from it, nor the beating of its heart or any intake of breath.
"I am a Skinwalker…John." It, or rather he, judging by the name, looks down at me, a smile forming on his face. Something clicks behind me, and he grabs my hand.
"Don’t turn…around…it will be better."
I turn around. Behind me, there is man, bound from head to foot in protective armor, holding a pistol. A BCI agent, with a sci-license, about to shoot at me. I can tell. They always have sci-licenses, when they take out a gun before telling you your rights according to the Last Amendment. It’s even in their policy. Anyone with a sci-license has to draw the gun first, so that a Changed doesn’t try to run away or attack while the officer reads off a pointless list.
"You have the right to protect your previous identity, unless you have committed high treason. You have the right to know your condition, including any mutations you may possess. You have the right to remain silent, withhold genetic material, and control your reaction to truth-sensing officers. You have the right to know why you are under arrest. You are under arrest for a temporary check-up due to your current unknown status as a Changed. Please do not refuse the arrest, or I will be forced to shoot." He smiles. "Well, now that this unpleasant business is over, why don’t you come with me?" He puts the gun in its holster and walks up to me, offering his hand. It’s a trick. That purpose of the arrest is fake. They always kill their quarry.
"The name is…" He never gets a chance to finish. While I was shocked, feeling dreamy when he talked, I acted as soon as his hand moved away from his weapon. I jump, knocking him unconscious with my paws. I feel my shoulder pop, and my neck crack, but the pain does not register. Behind me, I can hear the Skinwalker curse and begin running after me. I’m not sure he is as fast as I am, but it does not matter. I fall to the ground, letting my skeleton reform enough to run on all fours, and escape. There, into another side street, I run.
Love is a world’s cement, when all else fails.
I laugh, and fall on the ground. I’m running to my death, no matter where I go. The BCI will kill me, whatever I do. These words are lies, I want to scream at the evil creatures that follow me. But, are they? Maybe, Shimao was right, and the BCI is built to protect, not destroy…no, I cannot think this. Pain envelopes my body, but I struggle up on my two legs, my body cracking, my bones rubbing against the muscles, other bones. My anger heals me. Soon, the Ther is completely out, and I roar at the two running towards me. I grab one, the Skinwalker, and dash him against a wall with no effort at all. The other shoots me. It feels like a hot ember burning into my stomach. He shoots again, and I cry out, tears bursting from my eyes. I fall to my knees, whimpering softly, holding my belly, still trying to kill the BCI scum. My strength, fueled by my wrath, is running out, though. Then, a cold, clammy hand holds my shoulder.
"I’m sorry…brother…you would have been…good."
Then, I feel darkness closing over me, the pain in my underside slowly fading into nothingness.
I can hear something. Voices are talking above me.
"I’m so sorry, friend."
"It’s…done now."
"But, I had to shoot him in the stomach. Ther feel the worst pain from such wounds. I made him suffer unnecessarily."
"He threw…me…and would have…killed you…Besides, he is not…dead."
"You didn’t see the fear and pain in his eyes, when I shot him that second time."
I feel hands picking me up gently, carrying me.
"Are you…afraid…he will die?"
"I know he won’t, but it’s so hard to deal with Ther when they are scared of you. It’s almost as bad as dealing with a Vampire Flyer, and they are the most dangerous Changed we’ve ever tracked."
"You…forget how good…it feels to help them."
"Hell no, John. I won’t give up. But, it’s like dealing with addicts. The before picture will always haunt me, but the after gives me hope."
I disappear into nothingness, and dream of wandering the streets, speaking with others, and flying high above the city.
I wake up. There is a small patch on my shoulder, and my stomach is bound by several bandages. It feels like I got run over by a truck, but I am alive. Though, I am afraid of what the others think of me.
Several days ago, I met Shimao again. He has changed, but he still thinks I am not focused. He told me what an idiot I was, and even hugged me, crying. I did not enjoy it, but he let me go several days later. Though, I wonder if he thinks that I am insane. Perhaps, I am…I cannot bear to see other men, yet I am drawn to living as they do. My anger is terrible, yet what makes me a monster also makes me gentler. I remember Byron, and Pushkin, and Poe, as I read the words on the wall…
Take our hands into your paws, for we are mankind.
A small, homeless man makes his way across the street, and in his hand, winking in the night, a red spray-paint can.
Perhaps, we are all human, after all, I wonder as I shift my weight, slipping into the night, letting the voices from cracks in the doors carry me away, into another world, where there is still New York.
"Mankind is not about skin and law,
Or Change about mink,
For it is not every beast that’s monsterous,
And not every man that’s pink."
-Unknown, New York, two days before the Fall.
A Tommorow's Shadow story for a friend. Ya know who you are, ya cat-like monster for whose site I write.
TYell me if there is anything that needs to be changed...this is still, and possibly forever, in progress.
Oh, and third story coming up, too...something about Skinwalkers, I figure.
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So she's pretty much my favourite britette out there and she's been through a lot and we all know the stories but what about them in Diana's perspective? We all get a chance to tell our own stories so I'm happy to introduce to every Diana!

*Diana walks on with that signature wide smile on her face* *In a one shouldered short and tight dress that's silk and navy blue with big white pearls around her neck and matching navy blue heels with a silk bow* *She giggles and waves at the crowd sitting down on the sofa beside me*

Di: Oh my gosh *blows a kiss to the audience and smiles back at me* haha, hiya
Me: hello to you to, big audience today for you
Di: *nods* though I'm kind of upset you didn't introduce me as Mrs.Carter because seriously I come to these things just to hear that these days *giggles* just lifts my spirits a bit
Me:  I apologise Mrs Carter, welcome to the show! So I suppose since you're so eager we can talk about Andy
Di: Really? You're gonna set me off?
Me: Yes, I'm happy to set you off
Di: well oh gosh, where do I start? Well first of all he's a pain in the arse *Crowd laughs* you think I'm kidding! Seriously, like the amount of times he walks by me in the house and decides that for him seeing my arse is just oh so tempting that he can't stop himself smacking it, I will get bruises one day from him doing that, I think that counts as abuse to be honest haha..
Me: But you love him right?
Di: Well yeah, I mean It took at least a year just to get over my insecurities with being faithful and marry him, if I didn't love him it would've all been a waste… he's my hero.. *blushes and crowd "aww"'s*
Me:  Where do these insecurities come from?
Di: … I … gosh… *bites lip* I don't know, I suppose I could say Dirks suicide but that couldn't be it because I cheated on him for Andy in the first place but I didn't start the cheating back before I even did anything with Andy I think I can remember him going for this beautiful blonde, like she was stunning *frowning slightly* and he couldn't have found anyone better at the time and it killed me and I got kind of insecure about myself being not good enough and I wanted revenge for him doing that to me and I guess I didn't know how to jump off the band wagon once id started
Me: … did Dirk ever say you weren't good enough?
Di: … *nods* … y-yeah  umm, he never really showed me that he loved me, sure he'd kiss me and id get the occasional hug but he never actually SAID those three words meaningfully and like we would sing a song together and id compliment his performance and he'd just agree he wouldn't really return the favour.. *shakes head*
Me: but did you show him how much you loved him?
Di: Every day. Every day. *nods and tears well up in her eyes* … i only saw the good in him for god knows how long and everyone seemed to see him for what he was except me, like I had Andy telling me Dirk thought I was his trophy girl and Bee hated him for it but I just kind of went down the route of thinking it was my fault the time I was with him…
Me: Do you think the same now?
Di: … *bites lip* I…I still don't know *wipes away a tear from the corner of her eye* I mean I know that he was a bad guy now but I mean I hurt him in the end too and I blame myself for how everything ended because it was my fault, there's a lot of people out there that I've hurt and it's my fault and I know that I'm a happy person these days but there is never a moment in my life when I'm not thinking of those people.
Me: *frowns and takes a tissue handing it to her* … Who have you hurt Diana?
Di: *takes the tissue and holds it in her hand tightly* Seems like everyone I am or was close to…
Me: Anyone you regret hurting the most?
Di: … I think there's a lot of people but Prosper and Andy. I mean Prosper is the nicest guy you could meet and he would've given me the world if he could've  but I took that for granted TWICE and I broke his heart by sleeping with other people and I'm forever gonna be saying sorry for doing that to him, I'm grateful he's forgave me for it and now he's actually one of my bestest friends but if I could turn back time I would've stopped us dating the second time around because he didn't and never will deserve something like that.
Me: *nods* mmm, and what about Andy?
Di: Well with me and Andy we were both kinda trying to best each other with lovers…
Me: What do you mean?
Di: Like I don't know, I mean I think we were both out to hurt each other for some reason
Me: How did he hurt you?
Di: …  I think he hurt me the most by coming to me last *nods* and dating Jess that was… *frowns and shakes head* devastating for me
Me: I understand that Jess is your best friend now, why was it so devastating?
Di: Because I could see him happily married to her and they had Brooke together and I kind of lost hope… he was just… really happy… *nods* I didn't think I could make him THAT happy
Me: Do you think you can now?
Di: … I guess so, I do now anyway *nods* I think I was born to make him happy like I do now because… I don't know, he's not just my husband he's my best friend you know? As cliché as it sounds he completes me… well that and he puts up with me *laughs slightly and the crowd laugh with her*
Me: I can see that, so since we've mentioned her let's talk about Jess!
Di: oh that girl! She's the most badass most amazing most sexy thing I have laid my eyes upon ha-ha
Me: Didn't you start off hating her?
Di: God yes… Although everyone I hate either seems to stay that way or like Andy I fall head over heels for them!
Me: She recently released a song for you called Judas correct?
Di: *nods* It's in my top 25 most played on my iPod, its currently number 1 ha-ha
Me: So in the song you're the demon she clings to
Di: Yeah I am, it's metaphorical and it goes both ways, like I could sing the same about her and stuff
Me: So what's Jessana?
Di: Aha! Well you see, it's a lesbian couple kind of thing *one guy in the crowd wolf whistles and she giggles* that was ands reaction
Me: He knows?
Di: Umm yeah, haha but really a few kisses with jess, who wouldn't?
Me: Obviously that guy wouldnt, now im sorry but I have to ask you about this person, her name starts with A
Di: Andrea! My little princess, my love for blondes tripled when I met her
Me: So how did you meet that little girl?
Di: well shes andy and the guys little sister and they don't have a mum and obviously that's hard on the guys but me and my sisters take pretty good care of them but andreas only really got Vicki to teach her things and vickis a madly brilliant feminist and andy sort of introduced her to me in hope that id be her mummy, so it developed from there
Me:*smiles* That's nice, you seem to take in a lot of children as your own
Di: I do don't i… im awful for it, I even steal children *laughs*
Me: You mean brooke?
Di: *nods* yeah like Brooke, though Jess has stolen Marykate from me so were evens!
Me: Ok so we've got a break coming up, so we will leave this brit for a while but when we come back we will be talking about her relationship with her ACTUAL children
so yeah... ._.
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