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So lets all sit back and enjoy, as I introduce you all to more of my little head friends! OH YAY!

So, to start off this character, I'll throw out there a little question for you all: When you break up with someone, how long does it take you to get over that person? A week? Maybe a few months? A day? You can't really remember because everytime you get over that person you are drinking yourself silly? XD

Well, for Amy here, it''s a been a long time. And, she still isn't over that someone.

Meet Amy Taylor. Amy Taylor here is friends to Clarice, Melanie, and Alex, and...well...poor Amy just...well. See, she's Rage's ex-girlfriend. They broke up a year ago. And poor Amy just can't get over Rage, at all. In fact, breaking up with him was the stupidest thing that she's ever done, in her opinion, and she just keeps beating herself up over it.

A little bit of country, and a little bit of rock and roll, Amy was born in Texas, and sports curves in all the right places, a voluptuous rack, and a cute southern drawl. She also sports a set of cute glasses, and a few peircings to accessorize herself too. See, the story of Amy starts when she moves from her quaint little Texan town full of relatively simple people with relatively simple lives to the bustling city of Everglades, in a different country (for the record, Everglades is supposed to be in Canada *waves little flag in the air and does the Mountie dance (whatever that is. XD) * ) a huge metropolis with...slightly less simple people. She liked the change of pace, the people, and the excitement, and it was somewhere where she wanted to be since her life was seemingly slightly boring. She found her future in travel and tourism, and attends college in her newfound town.

Okay, so Canada is just a little colder then Texas, but its fine either way. She can still wear her daisy dukes and cute bikinis, so its all good.

Amy's story starts one night, in a club, where she meets Rage, and the two hit it off immediately. Altho it is typically...very unusual for Rage, they end up having a one night stand *GIGGIDY GIGGIDY*, however, unlike most guys that Amy is used to dealing with, he doesn't leave the next morning and actually sticks around *LE GASP!*. Needless to say, that one night stand ended up turning into three years.

Oh yes, three wonderful, long lasting love filled years! It could never be more perfect! But of course, because I'm mean, and torture my characters so, they eventually get into a fight and...well... she breaks up with him.

She stupidly breaks up with the most awesome guy ever.

However, while it totally hurts and sucks, Rage decides that...well I mean, there was obviously something there that both of them liked about each other, and being the pacifist he is, he suggests that they just be friends. (Because that works really well. /sarcasm.)

But... Amy's story doesn't end there. Oh no. Poor Amy's story actually gets a little more...confusing. You see, Amy was always a girlfriend that all of Rage's friends liked. (And for my characters, my guy characters liking thier friends girlfriends is really difficult, since most of my guys tend to date some real winners. /sarcasm.) Some liked her even more so then just liked ( and liked meaning you are banging one of my good friends so really I just have to put up with you sorta way. )

For you see, it was during this time that precious little Clarice McCullough was off to school, after Ricky and Clarice's unofficial split (well, Ricky took it as a breakup, more so then Clarice.). And our dear little friend Ricky....liked Amy. I mean, REALLY liked Amy. But because Amy was her best dudes girlfriend, he figured not to walk along those lines and be all like "OH HAI WANNA HAVE SECKS!". And then Amy and Rage break up. And poor Amy! She's a damsel in distress! She's sad! She's lonely! She possibly wants to have revenge sex! And well...err. Yeah.

So well anyway. Long story short, since the day Rage and Amy broke up...Amy...and They do the horizontal shuffle. Sometimes even vertical. XD And no one has the slightest idea.

You see, not only did Amy become friends with Ricky's supposed psuedo girlfriend, Clarice, but Ricky is also her ex boyfriend's best friend, who she actually really loves and wants to get back together with. So yes. And she's also well aware that Ricky is actually not only just shaggin' her because it's fun and because he can't keep his testicles in check, but he's also in love with her.

Well this is great. First off, she's lying to one of her best friends – who still is in love with Ricky and still somewhat dating him off and on. And she's lying to her ex boyfriend - who she really loves and wants to get back together with. And she's lying to Ricky too, because she makes him think that, well, maybe she has for real in lovez feelings for him too.

Well, it's not that she DOESN'T like like him, she...just knows that he's not really the guy she really loves for sure. And, Ricky also never exactly won Best Boyfriend Of The Century award either, and has been known for him overactive testicles, so she doesn't even know if his feelings are even genuine or not!

But for Ricky, while he feels like a douchebag for lying to his best friend and his psuedo girlfriend, he really just wants to break up with Clarice for good, because really, in his mind, they are just a disaster waiting to happen. He...just..doesn't really know how.


So anyway. Ricky for one believes that...he's not REALLY in the wrong... I mean he LIKES her, and he's happy with her..and they DID break up, so its not like he was shagging her when they were together! Isn't that something his best friend should understand? I mean..surely he's over her ANYWAY! He likes someone else now!! Right? RIGHT?

Amy, however, thinks she's screwed either way. One of her best friends will scratch her eyes out if she finds out, and her ex boyfriend probably won't have anything to do with her.


And yes. That is Amy's life in a nutshell. Other then that little inconvenience, Amy is fun loving, outgoing and has a bit of edgyness to her style. A lot of women find her intimidating, only because guys tends to flock towards her and women are like that. She tends to have an interesting array of somewhat skimpy clothes as well. She likes country music, rock and roll music, and horse back riding. She has a horse back home in Texas named Elvis who she misses ever so dearly, and works as a travel agent. Altho she appears to most as being one of those girly girl people, she's a girl who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty since she spent most of her time on a ranch growing up. And even tho she loves them dearly, she thinks her parents are the epitome of a redneck. XD And while she does spend a lot of time moping around thinking about how awesome Rage is, she really is fun. Her friends...just...need to show her that theres more to life. She has that cute little southern charm, and tends to refer to people as "sugar".

Amy here is yet another conflict character, and really all came about when I wanted to throw another female character into the mix. She took a while to actually get her final look down, but eventually she came together. I wanted more females with glasses, so hence the glasses, and I also wanted some female characters with peircings, since most of the peircings can be located somewhere on my male characters. She's actually loosely based on this one girl that was in that show Mamas Boy, that reality tv show where the guys moms like... would come on and be all in thier sons lives. I forget her name, but she made it to close the end. I just really liked her look and wanted a character to have the same sorta edgyness . And I also wanted some more blonde characters too, hence the blonde. I also wanted to actually have Ricky be slightly more human with girls and not just be one of those morons who chuck and @#$#. I thought Amy would be a good story to tell as to why Ricky can't commit to Clarice, and like...have him actually like fall in love and stuff like that. So he's still kinda a douchebag to women, but not completely, you know? Does that make any sense? And, I also wanted a southern character too, because I don't see very many of them, actually! The funny thing about her is that she is loosely inspired by Britney Spears' song, If U Seek Amy, hence the name!

I really like how this one came out, altho she's supposed to be a little more curvy. She's just so precious! I'm totally loving her hair. For the record, Rage and company will eventually find out about Ricky and Amy's little tango, and...err.. it's not going to be pretty.

(Because I'm mean to my characters. LOL!)

So yes! Everyone meet Amy! Amy here is © to Jess Ratte :D
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1940's badges, want one?
Just note me, they are $8 with shipping.

Azzie :iconcoffinberry:
Alphonse :icondresden-complex:
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came back from wizard con with a handful of new magnets i made while there since sold nearly all the older ones i brought with me. sold my old umbreon one so made up a new one, will just put some of the new magnet designs up fer now, will put them on my geocities site as well available to ppl.
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Commission for qz501 on fA
Alt Title: "Out in the Cold"

whelp being separated from your lines sucks no matter what side youre on

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how she managed to catch him......I'll leave that to your imagination.
Amy Rose copyright Sega.
all done in MS Paint
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So here it is.
The template for the simple colouring project of the drakenfox.

yes, that little over-cute lycantropic spawn of the nonsense god, released to screw up the world with demented cuteness.... comes in a variety of colours too.

Adopt one of your own today!


Drakenfox Fur colour project


Drakenfoxes are known to come in all sorts of fur colours and patterns. some even having different hairstyles.
Although blue is one of the most ( if the most ) commonly encountered of the fur colours, different environments often have drakenfoxes with different fur colours.

Also, Drakenfoxes that came from other species receiving enough bites from drakenfoxes tend to retain their original specie's fur colour.

This is an attempt to collect as many colour variants as possible.

What to do

Simply colour the above pic in any way you choose....
( Keep it clean, but else feel free to go crazy. )

Minimum requirement is flat colours.

Feel free to add patterns, etc if you feel like it.
If you feel like shading/adding fur textures, you're more than welcome to show off your skills.
( See examples )


Fun stuff

Also, if you can, try to think of some description of your particluar colouration... e.g. Snow colouration, Garbage compactor colouration..... formally used to be someone... etc.

And if you wish, you can think of a colour code e.g.
Colour code: 44777a
Colour code: DF-1
or something :XD:

You are more than welcome to submit multiple entries.


Areas to colour are in white.
No anti-aliasing so it should fit the paint bucket tool of MS paint easily. ( for those of you that lack photoshop or something more advanced that still want to try this. )


Deadline for the project is on the 30th of Aug 2008
hopefully by then I can pile everything to a big chart if there's enough entries.

There are no prizes. Do with your own passion.


Drakenfoxes from me.

happy colouring.

For those I don't watch, you may want to send me a note when you finish.

Reuploaded in PNG format. That should take out the issue of the tiny pixels.

Some ideas?
See [link]
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A new char I came up with. As some of you know, my imperial guardians are made for defense. Well, the imperial assassins are a special division that's made for the exact opposite, they are made for offesne, stealth assassination missions. Theron, the leader of his group, is depicted here. The sword is based on the Demonrage Sword from the MMORPG Tibia, which also retains the same name

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Owe this picture for :iconforceswerwolf: 's Pokemon hybrid breeding contest. I've choosen Zanviper as the winner.

Breeding: Seviper x Zangoose

Zanviper belongs to RacieB
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I felt horrible on Friday, so I didn't walk to the end of the fair but actually spent half an hour sitting in the first chair I laid eyes on, watching a bunch of ponies walk in circles. I got out my sketch book and made some drawings. This turned out to be the only drawing worth posting...



Red crayon
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The second of two entries for MacSilverD's contest.

So, why would Lina want to learn how to be self-inflating? To impress Mac, of course! :D
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