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by Mega-Gojira in Drawings

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Here's the design of Godzilla for (Godzilla - The Wrathful God).

The Design is mixing with ShodaiGoji, KingGoji, MosuGoji, ShodaiJira (Zilla from Godzilla 1998), GhidoGoji, SokogekiGoji, GigantisGoji (design by :iconkaijusamurai:), LegendaryGoji and KiryuGoji.

I wants him to be a anti-hero like in Heisei Series and Gareth Edwards Godzilla 2014. :)

However, he's still strong, sometimes aggresive or calm and vengeful creature who wants to destroy the monsters, destroy the cities and restore the nature of Earth.

Some reason, he's very calm and gentle for his mate, Gigantis, who was smaller and little bit weaker than Godzilla, in case when he's sometimes acting like the "gentle-monster".

His weakness is electricity.

His height is 60 meters tall and his weight is 30,000 tons (Same height and weight as GMK Godzilla.)

He can't running faster on the land, but he can swim faster in the ocean.

Abilities/Powers/Weapons: Atomic Ray; razor sharp spines; super regenerative power; extraordinary jumper, after slam his tail on the ground; can discharge a blast of energy through his body, to damage those in direct contact and able to unleash a Spiral Fire ray from his mouth after absorbing fire or electricity.

Hope you enjoy.

Godzilla Toho Co., Ltd
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I think Bagan deserves to be in a future Godzilla movie. I see him as the final villain to fight. I also like to compare him to Sephiroth for some reason. ;)


Height: 180 meters
Mass: 200,000 tons
Category: 6

If King Ghidorah is the hammer of all evil Kaiju, then Bagan is the anvil. Bagan is more of a god than a Kaiju; he was created by fusing the DNA of both Godzilla AND King Ghidorah. This combination makes this super Kaiju almost indestructible, as he became Lord Ghidorah's new tool after the death of King Ghidorah. Nearly three times the size of Godzilla, this abomination can unleash a devastating plasma blast, utilizes thick armor, and surprising cunning, making Bagan way more than a match for anything. But his most destructive ability is to call upon a diamond storm, an all-powerful shockwave that pelts enemies with plasma spheres, vaporizing everything upon contact in a radius the size of New York City. It is Bagan's unholy power, sheer invincibility, and blood-curdling evil that makes him a force that could bring the end of the world.

-In larval form, able to absorb all organic material
-Larval form unleashes destructive fireballs
-Super regeneration from Godzilla's DNA
-Solar-powered from King Ghidorah's DNA
-Can levitate/fly
-Fires Plasma Graviton Blast from mouth
-Can manipulate space around him to form a protective barrier
-Unleashes a Diamond Storm, which will destroy EVERYTHING in a radius the size of New York

Character (c) Toho, Co. Ltd.
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Part 9 of 10 for a contest held by :icondinossword:

For his Godzilla fanfic, Godzilla: Armada. All remaining Kaiju, good and evil, put aside their rivalries and unite to stop Necrotherium.  Led by Godzilla, they are our only hope.
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This is basically GMK Goji in Godzilla Neo's pose.


Height: 60 meters
Mass: 33,000 tons
Category: 3

Ghost Godzilla is the first Necro-Kaiju to rise and terrorize mankind.  When the mysterious meteor crashed into Mt. Fuji, it sent a fragment that caused G-cells to fused with the sunken Mecha, Kiryu.  And thus, a terrible monster was born.  Many that witnessed it mistook it for Godzilla himself, but Ghost G is far from natural.

-Seemingly capable of sixth-sense of danger
-Atomic heat ray
-Regenerative healing power
-Savage intelligence
-Able to absorb enemy attacks and re-direct them
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This is one of the Kaiju in Godzilla 2014 (this is speculation, so it may change).  I looked at the screenshot of his feet in the trailer, added my own personal touches, and made him look like the Nexus from Dead Space 3.


Height: 300 meters (when rearing up)
Length: 600 meters
Mass: 300,000 tons
Category: 5

Vishnu (also called Talaghan) may quite possibly be the largest Kaiju EVER recorded.  Believed to be the multi-armed god of Hindu religion in ancient times, this giant was mentioned in scripts like the Bhagavad Gita.  With its immense size and deadly attacks, Vishnu could possibly eradicate mankind with ease.

-Amazingly fast for its size
-Spines running along sides
-Thick carapace
-Splitting jaw enables to clamp down on other Kaiju
-Regurgitates explosive pods, which let out parasitic Mutos
-Rib cage protects vulnerable organs in chest
-Powerful burrower
-Can suck up everything into its mouth like a giant vacuum cleaner
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(This is the Mystery Kaiju that will be in Godzilla 3 and the primary antagonist. Download for full size)


Height: 90 meters
Wingspan: 160 meters
Mass: 70,000 tons
Category: 6

Eons ago, when the universe was born, the Galactic Council had an argue of how they'll be able to stabilize life in the universes. So they created a powerful Kaiju that puts life and death in balance (basically, death itself). A few centuries after his creation, Lord Ghidorah took control of him and created an unstoppable army of the deceased Kaiju, called Necro-Kaiju. Necrotherium was nothing but a puppet with strings. But, a week after he sent an undead beast to an unkownn planet, he escaped control and almost destroyed Ghidorah. Some of his powers are unknown, but we do know that he can control life and death, which means that he could kill anyone or anything with a single touch. He could also mutate them with contact or a shock from his lightning attacks. For a being with so many powers, you would expect him to be weak in hand to hand combat, but sometimes, he prefers to handle some battles like that. Has Earth finally met its Armageddon?

-Absorbs pain and death as he inflicts it on an opponent
-Able to raise the dead to do his bidding
-Controls the seven sins with each colored eye
-Black eye controls death; bone sword on right hand
-Flight at mach 3
-Fires Afterlife Blaster from mouth, which can completely vaporize anything upon contact
-Unleashes the Beam of Death from chest gem, an even more powerful version of the Afterlife Blaster
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(This is my take on what the official MUTO will look like; my old take will just be simple parasites inside Vishnu)


Height: 70 meters
Mass: 20,000 tons
Category: 3

MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) is a deadly parasitic Kaiju that feeds on nuclear radiation.  This is also, by far, one of the few known Kaiju that shows sexual dimorphism: The male has wings sprouting from his side, while the even larger female has an extra pair of front limbs.  With sharp claws, powerful EMP bursts and a bad attitude, the frail-looking MUTO is very dangerous, even for Godzilla.

-Capable of speeds bursts of up to 100 mph.
-Scissor-like mandibles
-Razor sharp talons
-Retractable wings
-Converts absorbed radiation into a powerful EMP burst launched from claws, which disrupts electronics from miles around and prevents Godzilla from using his atomic breath
-Powerful echolocation to call/detect other MUTOs or sources of radiation
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I said I was going to do Godzilla (2014), and this time I really meant it! This was an idea that came to me from not only the backstory of the movie, but also the official Graphic Novel. Yes, I officially have Godzilla: Awakening, and might I say that it is a phenomenal comic! I also got Godzilla: The Art of Destruction, the accompanying book that goes along with the film, but that is a topic for another day! Let's get to the fancy stuff:

250 Million Years Ago, the Late Permian Period
Everything seems calm and peaceful on the coast of what will one day be Japan. Reptilian creatures roar the Earth as "dominant" lifeforms, going about their daily routines undisturbed, not knowing what horrible occurrences take shape just beneath their feet. Suddenly, without warning, the ground begins to rumble. These tremors are fairly common at this period in time, so they do not cause that much panic anymore, but this one is different. This one is much bigger. The Earth shatters and a massive fissure divides the land in two. Animals that survive the initial split in the Earth's crust scurry for safety. Though radiation levels are quite high on the surface, most animals of this day have evolved to cope with these conditions. However, a massive fresh fissure like this one will ooze radiation at a profound level. The inhabitants of these lands know distinctly to steer clear off these radiation hotspots. Not only do their radiation levels boast fatality if any animal draws too near, they also are a beacon, a target for some of Earth's largest inhabitants. Daikaiju.
    These massive organisms have only recently been described by science, and their size alone has demanded that they be classified in their own Kingdom. These "monsters", as some call them, are so large in comparison to the majority of life on Earth that they form their own food chain, completely separate from the smaller life forms that scurry around their towering feet. What's more, all these massive creatures have a common food source, radiation. A fissure of this size will pour out tons of the toxic fumes, and will attract Daikaiju of all different flavors from all around. Many of these beast will gather to this feeding ground, but by far the king of this oversize buffet is perhaps the most seclusive. An amphibious horror, he is know by many names. Some call him a God, others refer to him as the "Destroy of Worlds", but most simply call him Gojira. The Alpha Predator of Alpha Predators, this towering hunter reaches 350 feet in hight and double that in length. His weight is unprecedented, more than 80,000 metric tons, and his body simply surges with nuclear radiation. He is the King of these so-called Daikaiju, the King of Monsters. 
    Gojira will not be the first to this feeding ground. No, Gojira is much slower than many of his brethren, but what he lacks in speed he makes up for with brute force. The first on the scene are the mysterious Shinomura. This aerial Daikaiju consists of thousands of single organisms that work together to form one mass. They feed off of radiation, and ravenously search for fresh sources to increase their size. Few in numbers, these great beasts must have their populations kept under serious control, for when they absorb increasing levels of radiation, they grow in size, and there is no stopping their growth. However, Gojira keeps their size and population levels in check.
    When Gojira first rises from his water home, he notices that a Shinomura has already began feasting on the radiation leakage. Gojira instantaneously asserts his dominance over the scavenger, but the Shinomera will not give up its prize. Though quicker, the Shinomura's soft body is unable to take Gojira's unwavering assault. The nimble aggressor keeps itself at bay from the Alpha Predator, but its pestering aggression has gotten on the king's nerves. Gojira's spines light up a vibrant blue and a hideous beam of pure radioactive plasma erupts from his gaping jaws. The unsuspecting Shinomura is caught off guard and cannot flee the attack. It is incinerated in seconds, the body left to smolder on the side of the shattered and burning mountainside. With the enemy defeated, Gojira continues to claim the prize, complete and total rights to the fissure's pouring radiation. As he gorges through the midday, other Shinomura begin to swarm. Gojira bellows at the circling pests, forcing them to keep their distance. Later on the scene are the MUTOs. Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Objects is the name man has given these monsters, but they are much more than that. Parasitic Daikaiju, these predators rank above the Shinomura in status, but are kept in their place by Gojira himself. Boasting eight arms, the MUTOs also display a large amount of sexual dimorphism. The males of the species are much smaller than the females and also sport wings. The females are too large to fly and are solely terrestrial. They also feed on radiation, and they travel in groups, leaching off larger organisms if they can. This mating pair has found their way to the fissure, only to find that it has already been taken. Despite efforts to intimidate the king, all who approach the region know that their is no stoping Gojira. All must submit to his wishes or die.

Hope you guys enjoy and expect more goodness like this in the future! I'm not sure if I'll continue doing sketches like this, or go back to coloring, but I'll keep you guys posted in either case!
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After absorbing SpaceGodzilla's energy, Godzilla begins to suffer from a nuclear heart attack that will burn the world, hence his famous Meltdown form.

-Skin burns hotter than magma
-Super Atomic Breath 3X "normal" atomic breath attacks
-Able to unleash waves of radioactive power to strike down everything in a 400 meter radius
-Body will melt down once temperature reaches 1200C
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Requested by :icongodzilla14:

Godzilla with a Muto in his mouth
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