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Name: Kataoka [ L/N ] Tetsuna [ F/N ]

Alias: Tet-chan

Age: 17

Birthday: 21st November

Gender: Female

Weapon Choice: Scissors

Opinion On What Is Happening:  Tet-chan's pretty excited about this game.She can't wait to see what happens [ Tet-chan : Will I get to kill people? ]

Relationship's: She's forever alone :iconforeveraloneplz: // shot


Tet-chan is a mischievous teenage hellion who has no interest in being bound by rules or obligations.She's unpredictable and may appear and dissapear out of nowhere.She's short-tempered and very,veryy impatient [ Tet-chan : Am not! ] Despite her horrible traits,she's actually trustable and easy to talk to.She enjoys having fun and killing annoying people


:bulletwhite: Baggy clothes
:bulletwhite: Scaring people
:bulletwhite: Walking barefooted
:bulletwhite: Exciting or dangerous situations
:bulletwhite: Horror,Thrill and Gore
:bulletwhite: Rabbits/Bunnies
:bulletwhite: The color red,black and white
:bulletwhite: Having fun Like singing loudly and dancing in a vacant place with headphones on // shot


:bulletblack: Shoes
:bulletblack: Waiting
:bulletblack: People ruining her fun time
:bulletblack: Tall people
:bulletblack: Romantic movies
:bulletblack: When her scissors loses their shine
:bulletblack: Homework

History: Tet-chan's parents were busy people.Her father was a businessman and her mother was a writer,so they rarely spend time with her.They don't care what she does and always does not attend the parents meeting or family events with her in her school.She didn't really mind,her friends always kept her company.

She always stays up late and falls asleep in classes.One day,while she was hanging out with her friends at a playground [ She was hanging upside down on a monkey bar checking her phone // hit ] she recieved a message.She opened the message and grinned.It looked exciting to her and she immediately pressed 'Yes'

When she woke up,she looked around and started cheering.It was interesting and mysterious at the same time.At least she got away from homework // slapped


:bulletwhite: If she pulls her hoodie down to cover her face,it'll look like she' wearing a insane bunny mask.
:bulletwhite: She used to do gymnastics

Tet-chan MissXMaya
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//EDIT OMG THANK YOU :iconrainyhoney: for correcting the last name ;;

 Souta Yuuma (last, First)

Alias: Yuu, Kuma (Something like his code Name/Internet Name), Mayuu (only his little sister calls him that)

Age: 18 

Birthday:  31/03 


Weapon Choice:Baseball Bat 

Opinion On What Is Happening:  At the beginning he thought this was a joke and only a spam message, so he pushed the botton "Yes" only for some fun, but nothing happend, leaving him dissapointed. After waking up in the cold floor, looking around, he saw that it was no joke, and somehow, he liked the situation, now he's waiting for something to happend.

 Relationship's:  Family
Souta Mikure:Yuuma's little Sister, he loves her above anything else. She's the only one who understands him, and cares about him. She's his little precious thing, and he will protect her even if it cost his Life.
Souta Hirochi:Yuuma's Dad, he hates him totally, allways wanting Yuuma to be the best of the best, forcing him to be like that. He's glad that he doesn't have to see him anymore.
Souta Fujisaki: Yuuma's Mom, like his Father, he hates her, the same as his Father, she would only force him to be the best, so that she could say how "Amazing" his son is. 
Rabbit Doubt:-

  Fake Personality: || Happy || Social || always optimistic || loving || caring
Yuuma is always cheerful and happy, when he is around people.Never showing any sadness or any negative feelings at all.


Always trying to find new friends, Yuuma goes around being a social butterfly. Making more friends then he can count as he gets along with everyone.

always optimistic

He never shows any negative thoughts, no matter how hopeless a situation could be. Always seeming to think optimistic.


Seemingly to deeply care about his surroundings, he never fails to have a smile for people he calls close friends. He would go through hell and back for them

Yuuma is always deeply concerned about the well-being of his friends.Always showing when he thinks something wrong and will try to help this person out as good as he can.

Real Personality: || Loving* || Caring* || Sometimes distant || Not allways optimistic || Easily to be upsetted||

sometimes distant
Yuuma tries to keep his distance to people, never wanting them to be too close so they could see his real him. It will be hard to be considered as a close friend by him, as he will shut himself away being as distant as possible.

not always optimistic
Facing dangerous or negative emotionfilled situations, Yuuma will often think negativly about the outcome that might happen. Often thinking about the worst case situation that could happen.

Easily to be upsetted
If you say anything wrong, Yuuma can take it easily the wrong way. He will be angry at you, ruling on how badly you upsetted him, a apology might not be able to make him forgiving you.

*= He will only act like that with persons he loves /trust 

 Likes/ Dislikes:
♥Bears//Stuffed Bears
♥The color red
♥Baseball (That's why he picked the Baseball Bat at the first look)
♥Talking to people
♥His little sister

XTall people
XPeople than only want to be the best
XHis parents

 History: Yuuma lived pretty much in a normal family. His family always wanting his best for him, he always gave his best trying to make them happy with his studying, social life etc. Having a little sister, he tried to be some kind of idol for her, always being careful when making a decision. His parents were both really proud of their son and his way to live his life. Yuuma started to hate his parents, hating them for forcing him to be someone he doesn't want to be. He kept up his act, even though he got more and more distant. Once on his birthday his little sister got him a stuffed bear, which started his love for them. Always taking care of it as well as he takes care of his sister. He tries to protect her from their parents, not wanting them to force her to be someone she just isn't too. 
As they both grew older, he started to grow more hateful towards their parents, while he went more overprotective over his little sister. 
No one was allowed to go near her, if he didn't know them.
She never minded though, always feeling the most safe with her big brother around.

 -Voice example:…
-He was in a Baseball club in High School
-Is very overprotective with younger people ( especially girls, but boys too)
-Used to see blood 
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I should not be doing this I know b-but.... //sobbs// I can bring my laptop to school so I think it's alright so ---- //crais
I hope I'm accepted---- //if it needs to be fix note me I'll fix it gross sobs//
I-I hope this boy will be liked... :iconblushuplz: 


Tereya Hissori


Tere-kun, Sori-kun


Yaeter Shirois




April 11


He is a boy. Not a girl. A boy. //puts acessories on his head//

Weapon Choice

Yo-Yo/Customized Yo Yo (2x)
Since he's in an abandon city, he has to use what he has. So he had a couple of yo-yos with him. But it wouldn't do much if he wants to survive. So, he found some razors lying on the floor and decided to cut them up and place them inside the Yo-Yo. His favorite saying while using his Yo-Yo, "Walk the dog," His only downfall from his weapon is that it's only long range. So when something comes near him, he's defenseless. Unless someone annoys him, he will tie them up and use them like a yoyo //crais

Opinion of what's happening

Tere should be at least worried but he's actually pretty neutral. Maybe confused because he doesn't quite understand but he's relevantly calm. He's just somewhat glad that something new and nice is happening in the boring world. //what nice---coughhack---nice....//


Reiko Koga: "Hmm, I don't know. She keeps telling me to talk, but I really don't want to talk... She can be understanding... but I don't think she's the type I would go to if need help. But it's funny to see her get angry when I call her baka. But it so unfortunate that she is the flirting type. It doesn't suit her. In fact, it makes her sound more creepy than she really is"

Misaki Mori: "She just came and randomly played with my keychain--- it kinda scared me. Alot. //shivers// I feel uneasy around her"
Akemi Mioda "I found a gamer girl. Behind a tree, observing me from afar wether I was a good rabbit or a wolf. To be honest, if you really want to know, just talk. And so she did. She is okay, but I don't know what to say. I don't know her well enough to really have an opinion unlike Baka Reiko."


Silent Tere is mainly a silent talker. He doesn't mind talking to one or another but he rather just be the listener. Also, it hides his emotions so he is better of not talking at all. Sometimes he would just nod ever sentences. And either shakes to deny something or nods to agree with something.

Badmouth Tere gets surprisingly irritated once someone shatters a string. He will bash out words at them and probably be really really mean. But after a while, after he calms down, he apoligize.

Shy The reason why he is silent because he is shy. His only social group was his family, so when talking to one that has no relation with him, he can't help but make sure they don't see his face. One good thing about having long bangs, covering the eyes.

Easily Blushes Without himself knowing, his bangs could only show so much. But if one were to embarass him or get close to him, he blushes alot. He would stutter and deny everything one could say. He also trembles when he blushes because all his energy is at his head, making his cheeks red.


- Eating
- Napping
- Playing games
- Making tricks on his Yo-Yos.
- Silence
- not trusting others
- That people don't know what his face looks like


- Annoying people
- Being talked to
- People asking what does his face look like
- Getting hair in his eyes


He used to have 3 younger brothers and 1 little sister. Tere was the eldest who had to take care of his siblings since his parents died after his little sister was born. Tere was always with his little sister because the other brothers would make fun of her and tell her that she was born with unluckiness and that she was the one that killed their parents. The names of the boys were, 'Tomi, Yomi, and Romi,' They were named with names that rhyme since they were born the same time and day. The youngest sister was 'Yatsumi'. Tere always felt that it's his role to protect her since the boys were in their little group.

As time progresses, Tere didn't have enough money to get a hair cut for his bangs since he had to use it for the house bills. The triplets were old enough to go to work while the little sister was still in middle school. Tere told her that when she grows out, she will become a beautiful women that the triplets would regret making fun of her. That enlightened her courage and decided to clean up the house as the 4 are out making money. Tere felt happy that he was able to help her feel better.

One day, after coming back from work, Tere sent a message to the kids saying that he's on his way. Then after that, he noticed he got a message. He wondered if they sented him something. But it wasn't their text. It was a weird message having a 'Yes' button in it. He was a little curious but felt uneasy as he looked down at his phone. Then he decided, "Why the hell not?" and pressed yes. And before know it, I regretted that choice. Where I, eldest, cannot even touch my precious family anymore.

Survive and you will meet them again

Extra Info

- Want to see his hairstyles? ->
- He is like 5"7
- He only has 2 yoyos, one to mainly attack and one to mainly tie up an annoying person //like his mama ; 7 ;
- Doesn't like people but secretly wants someone by him
- His is bi-sexual but he doesn't exactly know if he is capable of caring for someone since all he cares to take care of his little siblings
- His shirt says, "Hi um So?" Just a random shirt that his little brothers picked out for him. The sweater is a gift from his little sister when she paid with money that was left on the floor
- He is a really good cook
- Blushes when someone sees his face //without his bangs over his eyes
- He can still see you even if you can't see his eyes
- His right eye is blue white his other eye is brown.
I actually did the history really short this time... q v q //english is not working out with me atm so meeep
:iconorekiyawnplz: Drawing and coloring this guy was so weird... but I like it... q 7 q
Anyways, I'm off to do something... //eats more food since I need to eat more cause I'm really hungry
Feel free to rp with me, I do comments, notes, and google docx (used for literature rp too), and sometimes skype.
Tereya Hissori Tsurana

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im sorry if there are holes in her history >.< still hope i can join~  :iconrabbito-dauto:

Satomi Wakahisa


Birth date
April 2nd 

Japanese Katana


before the game:

Yuuki: - her bestfriend from school
Akio: - eldest brother
Kurasu:-  her second eldest brother

Rabbits/allies:… Hata Misuhasi: " he seems intersting and kind, but i feel he is hidding much more… Ryo-Shi : he is fun to talk to and seems like a really stong person he has cool hair… Nato Terumi : " i am greatful for him saving me on my first day from a wolf-- im still curious about him"… Akemi Moida:   " Kemi-neechan is definetly good! and sometimes its hard to know what she will do next"

She hasnt the slightest clue what is happening. 

Satomi is shy to say but usualy a cheerful spirit. There is a small aura of naive thinking around her and will fall for anything cute. she can take certain things too serious and oblivious in other instances. she is serious in times of need and can be overly curious. Being a smart girl she tends to ask a lot of questions.  With her family history and training with kendo club at school,  if she needs to fight for her life she can block off most of her distracting senses and be completely focused to the threat at hand otherwise shes a panicked mess.

+ cute/lolita style clothing
+ learning new things
+ meeting new people
+ stuffed animals- or animals in general.
+food - she is a sucker for taiyaki
+ games

- having nothing to wear
-snakes,lizards.bugs, big dogs
- scary stories
-being alone
-getting scared

Satomi was born and raised in Kyoto to a rather large family. She was the youngest of three - only daughter at that. The rest of her family lived around them as aunts and uncles and many cousins. The family was fairly tight knit and good in finances, she mostly lived an average life. One family member she held high respects and admiration to was her Grandfather whom at one point fought in the war and taught under great swordsmanship
Her two brothers one 5 years older and the other 3 years older than her always picked on her and teased her for being small and weak. Both of them were in a form of martial arts of some form leaving her helpless against their bullied wrath.  By her first year of Middle school Satomi was determine to grow stronger and joined her schools Kendo club enjoying it greatly. 

At the age of 14 her father's job moved him from Kyoto to Tokyo. He transfer in the middle of the year was a tough one and it took the young girl a while to adjust but only managed a friend or two. One day rumors began to spread over a new game going around on phones, though none of the details she gathered told her what the game was about or what happens if you play, only stating that those who did vanished.  Being a skeptic she brushed them off and eventually stopped hearing rumors all together. 

When Satomi was 15 she was out with a few friends shopping for cute clothes and matching phone accessories when she got a mysterious text.   "RABBIT DOUBT"  she read.  the curious preteen stared at the game in confusion and went to press the "NO"  when her friends instantly tuned in bringing up old rumors over the 'ghost game'.  This was ridiculous, she thought, but with the bantering of her friends she gave in to their unreasonable curiosity of what would happen and pressed " YES"  to play.  That was it?  her phone returned back to normal and even checking though she didnt find the  message in her inbox.  Shrugging it off they went about her day and she went home as any normal weekend.  Crawling into bed she didnt give another thought to the game.
    Later on that night she awakes with a violent shiver reaching for her blankets its then she realizes that she was not in her bed... sitting up and looking around drowzily it was then she realized she wasnt even in her house!   Looking around in the dark she sees the light of her phone flashing from a message.   " Enjoy the game little rabbit~"  A chill runs down her spine... what did this mean??

* Satomi secretly has to wear glasses so she has contacts on usually
* she has a slight fear of large dogs
* she is also easily scared and in situations shes not sure of highly paraniod

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[] INFO []

[] Name [] Zena Kaai

[] Alias [] Xan

[] Age [] 15

[] Birthday [] April 30th

[] Gender [] Female

[] Weapon [] Two crowbars (( Found in a shed near the school))

[] Opinion on What's Happening [] 
At first she was very confused and didn't understand what was happening. Now she is scared to death and only wants to survive and get out.

[] Relationship's [] 

[] Personality [] 
Already high strung before the game, she is now a stressed out mess. She keeps up a facade of being cool and collected but inside she is in a constant state of panic. She is very calculating and it's probably the reason she hasn't died thus far since she wasn't in the best of shape before this all began.

[] Likes/Dislikes [] 
+ Rabbits (real ones, but how long that will last with this game is yet to be determined XD)
+ Her scarf. 
+ Reading people's body language (like a game to her)
+ Exploring
+ Jokes
+ Adventure movies and books

- Her smile
- Predatory animals
- Mean people
- Salty snacks
- Sleeping (too vulnerable for hours)
- People pulling her scarf down from her mouth
- Violence

[] History [] 
As a little kid, Zena grew up with only her mother and little sister Yuna. Zena and Yuna had a very close relationship as little kids, often joking around and hanging out with one another. This changed, however, when Zena started growing up. At the age of 11 she started to push away from both Yuna and her mother, too worried with her grades and the constant bombardment of adults questioning what she wanted to do with her life. Her anxiety grew to such a point that she would constantly be in a state of panic that made her close herself off from everyone and hide in her closet as soon as she would return home. One day as she was hiding away after school, her phone went off. Not having any friends, she expected the message to be from her sister or mother telling her it was time to eat, but she was pleasantly surprised that it was a game. Seeing a small rabbit, she smiled  and clicked it. "Rabbit Doubt?" she said to no one in particular. "What an odd name for a game....Kind of cute though *she chuckled before pressing 'Yes'....thus sealing her fate.
Enjoy The Game Little Rabbit~

[] Other [] 
:bulletblack: She's 5'2 (I know she's tiny xD but I'm 5'2 as well)
:bulletblack: Always looks around for hidden areas just in case she needs to hide for any reason (did this before the game and now comes in handy)
:bulletblack: Wears scarf to hide her face due to her intense shyness
:bulletblack: If a friend ever needs to find her, she's probably hidden in the smallest, darkest part of a room to be alone to her thoughts
:bulletblack: Uses the alias "Xan" due to this being the name her sister called her when they were younger
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Name: Kohaku  Aiko

Alias: None as of yet.

Age: 17

Height: 5’2

Weight: 120 Ib

Birthday: July 1st

Gender: Boy with a very feminine body

Weapon Choice: A spiked tip whip.

Opinion On What Is Happening: Slight Amnesia, doesn’t remember how he got here and previous past events in his life, but Kohaku finds the plot of the game strangely thrilling, and the scenery/location to be alluring.

Relationship's: Can’t recall his family and has yet to meet any rabbits.

Personality:  Timid and shy at first. Examining things from afar but quickly and easily annoyed and ticked off for reasons unknown. Defensive and very distrustful of others.

Likes/ Dislikes:
( + ) - Games
( + ) - Lollipops
( + ) - Juice Boxes.

( + ) - Intimidating things/aggression/challenges

( + ) - Sincere people.

( - ) - Overly Nice People/overbearing people
( - ) - Bitter things.

( - ) - Snide comments or people.

( - ) - Being toyed with (but likes to toy with people)
( - ) - Cute things.

History: After waking up, Kohaku cannot recall much of his past, but he does faintly recall some events in his past. From glimpses of faces to the shining lights of the city he thinks he might have once lived it. He remembers the game opening up and himself staring down at it with great triumphant smile as if he liked the idea of a challenge not knowing that it would end him up here in the end though. He is slightly scared of what he used to be and might remember. His paranoia about himself drives more distrust between himself and the other rabbits and slowly is bringing the back the memories he wants to keep away.

Other: One thing that he absolutely hates and will quickly get aggro on is his size and shape.

WILL add more to his application as I progress through the story and game and as his memories begin to return.
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For :iconrabbito-dauto:

:bulletred: Name: || Miki Tadase ||

:bulletred: Alias/Nickname: || Mi-chan ||

:bulletred: Age: || 15 ||

:bulletred: Birthday: || September 1st ||

:bulletred: Gender: || Female ||

:bulletred: Weapon Choice: || bear trap (she swings it around by the chains then rips it away to take chunks of flesh off people's bodies)||

:bulletred: Relationships: || Naru Tadase- Her elder brother.

:bulletred: Personality: || Miki is completely unrecognizable from who she once was. That sweet little girl with the short hair, stuffing her face with waffles at the kitchen table before school has lost grips with reality upon living in this hellish game. Now she lives on the thrill of murder, slaughtering wolves and even rabbits all around her. The closer she gets with someone, the more fun it is to see the look on their face when she rips their flesh apart. She still loves to dress up in big princess outfits and firmly believes she is a pretty, innocent little girl. She detests the thought of being viewed as too young to do anything, and she has no problem trying to seduce any man just because she knows, or believes, she can. And when she fails in that or anything else really, she instantly resorts to murderous intent.

:bulletred: Likes/ Dislikes:

+cute things
+blood, pain, be it her own or someone else.
+ Laughing and skipping
+The wolves
+Mr. Wolf
+ "Onii-chan" (Naru)

-Being looked down at
-being scolded
-spicy things
-not having her way
-being bored

:bulletred: History: || TBU ||

:bulletred: Other: || She has grown to believe this is reality. She has completely forgotten of reality and considers her past a nice dream with oniichan.

She's my first bdsm yandere lolicon AHAHAHHAHAHAH//SMACKED She also has no problem when her panties are showing pfffffff

She is sometimes able to play with the wolves. And she will follow Mr. Wolf if she ever gets the chance, be his little henchgirl of sorts, admiring him as a much "better version" of who she believes her older brother should be.

Naru has no knowledge of this massive transformation of his younger sibling's character. He is still searching for that sweet little girl, not knowing she may have every intent to kill him. ||

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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For :iconrabbito-dauto:

:bulletred: Name: || Naruki Tadase ||

:bulletred: Alias/Nickname: || Naru ||

:bulletred: Age: || 18 ||

:bulletred: Birthday: || October 31st ||

:bulletred: Gender: || Male ||

:bulletred: Weapon Choice: || Crowbar ||

:bulletred: Opinion On What Is Happening: || Naru is lost, confused, and fearful of this virtual world he's so suddenly been tossed into. He wants to be kind to those in need so he cannot help but easily fall for the traps around him, causing him to suffer and struggle to stay alive far more often then those with thicker skin. Even so, he firmly believes there is a way out of this and he will help anyone and everyone escape before he considers himself. He will not stop until he finds Miki and he is so desperate to do so that this experience very well may change his views on the world forever. ||

:bulletred: Relationship's: || He has a younger sister, Miki, to which he is very protective and loving over. Currently he is unsure of her whereabouts, but has high suspicions that she is here somewhere in the game and is determined with all his might to find her. Even if she is a wolf.

|| Keiko & Azumi: A couple of best friends whom Naru is helping one another find each other. (Do you guys know how hard this is in two different RP's?? LMAO one version they're looking for one, another the other, like Naru how-- )) Anyway, he mildly considers Azumi pretty hot but bat-shit crazy and trying to get him killed, while Keiko is very sweet and friendly whom he swears to protect. ||

:bulletred: Personality: || Naru is a dork. Kindhearted and sickly optimistic he tries to be the strength for those around him. He is awkward, clumsy and naive but he has a strong will and is very determined to make it out of here alive. He is the type of guy to throw flowers at a girl's face and run away before even saying hello. Nevertheless, he tries his hardest to be the best that he can be on every aspect. ||

:bulletred: Likes/ Dislikes: || Naru is the type of guy to love all the little things in life. He enjoys long walks and talks, serene nature scenery, having fun and just being himself. It doesn't take much to make him happy; he likes many simple things. He hates drama but he will fight when he has to. He hates making people feel unhappy and will do anything to fix it, even if he isn't who caused it. He hates sour candy, fish, and birds. Birds tend to either poop on him or anything he likes. "May the bluebird of happiness shit on your head." Yep that's his life. ||

:bulletred: History: || Naruki Tadase grew up in a tiny one story house in the dark and dirty downtown slums with his mother, father and younger sister. When Naru was 6, he remembers very clearly of the day his father left the family to fend for themselves for a grand business opportunity elsewhere. Years passed and the family struggled to keep up the bills. Naru often showed up to school in dirty clothes he'd worn for days before but he never failed to smile. He was bullied often for being smelly, dorky and even nerdy. He got a job as young as ten years old just to help his mother make meets end. He of course wasn't legally of working age but the family shop he worked for was kind and appreciated his help for the small things he could do. As Naru grew older he began to notice his mother's drinking habits increase. Bills became harder and harder to pay as she recklessly blew the credit cards until they maxed out. When Naru was 13, his mother was fired from her job and the sole source of income was Naru's part-time work. Two years later, when Naru should have been starting high school, he didn't register himself and instead applied for two full time jobs, needing more and more money to pay in his mother's place as she continued to spiral down the drain. He took sole care of his little sister from infancy through now. Through the year, Naru worked hard but to no avail. His mother inevitably OD'd on Vicodin and booze, committing suicide. Now alone and responsible for the health and well-being of his child sister, he spent his highschool years taking online classes, only leaving the house to go pay the bills, get groceries, mow the lawn, take Miki to school, pick her up and tend to all other household needs. As the years continued, he yearned for social interaction but the outside world in this city was dangerous. He began to play games on his cellphone in his free time which lead to the message he received that day...

"Rabbit Doubt...?" He stares blankly at the small screen of his cheap slide-phone. His face hurt from the bruises of being jumped on his way home from the grocer. They wouldn't have dinner tonight. Or tomorrow. Not until payday. He needed to distract himself as his little sister cried in the livingroom, cold because the heat got shut off. He couldn't make the bill this month either. But at least he didn't drown himself away in booze. Sighing, he clicks to accept the game, praying to just escape this lonely, violent world for the night... ||

:bulletred: Other: || Naru has a large scar from his left shoulder to the middle of his abdomen diagonally. This is from a devastating gang fight he and his sister got caught up in unwillingly.

His baseball cap belongs to his older brother, who ran away from home when Naru was 4. Naru barely remembers him and can't decide whether to hate him or miss him.

Naru has a lean frame and even though he stays at home most of the time, he gets plenty of exercise by running to work every day for all three of his jobs and working his hardest to keep the house up as best as it can be.

He can play guitar and will do that anytime upon request, but he is a very modest and shy singer so that's another story.

He is very awkward around other people because he's been so socially limited.

He loves sweets like chocolate, cake, ice cream, and especially doughnuts. Not the cheap shit like hard candies u-u

He is terrified of cats. They creep him out LOL

He loves to sleep. It's not because he's always tired, but... "What if I just slept my life away? Then maybe it wouldn't be so bad." ||

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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okay the bear size is really small- it's suppose to be way bigger than that- but let's just let it be like that for now ok ?? ? ok 
thank you :heart:

Ahaha happy birthday to Noriko Tomoka

If the characters do age, she would be 20 years old right now. 

:bulletred:Unfortunately, her birthday was not celebrated with mirth.

:bulletblue: T I M E L I N E :bulletblue:

-> During [EVENT : SURPRISE] Noriko did not shoot her most important person. The illusion traumatizes her and causes temporary amnesia of what had happened during her illusion. She is terrified of the sight of being covered in blood and branded 'TRAITOR.'

-> During an RP that included Mister Wolf and several other rabbits, including Noriko; Ageha Hirano is the one that informs her of what Mister Wolf had done to all the rabbits. Noriko then tried to remember what had happened but takes notes and pictures of the people that had entered in the town. (Setting)

->During her breakdown, due to constant headaches and mental images of her illusion- she yells out a phrase in Russian along with :star:another voice.

->This other voice was not recognized or taken into note by anyone else besides Noriko. She held the bear close to her and whispered to it, and as expected, a voice answered back.

->:star: Nearing the end of the RP, Noriko sat on a nearby bench and received a text message from her sister, Mao Tomoka that read:
" E V E R Y O N E  I S  S A V A G E "

-> Confused, Noriko knew that rabbits :star:could not contact anyone outside the game, and it was probably the same for vice versa as well. However, a more surprising issue was that the bear could talk. The functions of the bear was unknown to her, and the bear was very rude and threatening- always making itself as a kind of god. The bear goes by the name Tokhtakhounov but Noriko shortened it to Toki for the sake of other people. 

-> The bear continues to insult Noriko and calls her feeble, weak and useless. The bear states that it is giving her harsh treatment as training. 

-> For a while, Noriko contemplates about the text message and the bear and she is flustered by this. She confronts Nato Terumi about the issue, but it ends with no solution or any sense.

->An RP took place at the cafeteria. A tall figure that wore Noriko's original clothes walked in the cafeteria, at a seat where she could see a clear view of everything that was going on in the cafeteria.

->Anyone who knows Noriko and takes note of the presence automatically assumes it's just Noriko Tomoka. However, her behavior is strange as she continues to give death threats to her bear. 

->Soon enough, Sadako Tomoka reveals herself. She mocks the people who know Noriko by telling them all the flaws and easy-to-spot aspects of her disguise. She does not give out her real name at any time but answers most of their questions concerning her purpose. She states that she goes under the orders of their father and that she is the ultimate protector of Noriko.

She states that she has been inside the blue bear Noriko's been holding for around 5-6 years. 

She states that no one can kill her, but she cannot kill or harm anyone unless they harm Noriko.

She states that nobody is aware of her actual existence besides her father and herself. 

The documents that are of her are all fake and have pictures of an entirely different girl. ((but that goes all the way to sadako's history so let's just stop there)) 

->She also takes the bear she's been threatening and zips it open- revealing a curled up Noriko inside, crying and shivering. Immediately, Nato, Ryo Shi, and Yukio are there to help. Ryo Shi continues to question Sadako, Nato questions Sadako and tries to comfort Noriko, and Yukio Fukui confronts Sadako about how siblings should be.

 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

February 13th

Sadako has tied Noriko's legs against the wheel chair, and has taken it upon herself to take her around. Noriko has no other choice but to obey due to the difference in strength and power. 

Present || February 14th

Sadako is moving Noriko around the entire area in a joyful manner as Noriko sits quietly in the wheel chair. Sadako is constantly humming and singing her own version of a birthday song especially made for Noriko.

Mister Wolf - (c) :iconmisterurufu:
Ageha Hirano - (c) :iconnocturnalmyth:
Nato Terumi - (c) :iconluckynyan4:
Ryo Shi - (c) :icony-u-m-e-c-h-a-n:
Yukio Fukui - (c) :iconpaanda-tan:
Noriko Tomoka - + Sadako Tomoka - (c) :iconrainyhoney:

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Name: Watanube Kuma

Alias: Kuma-san/-kun ; Kumachi for Yu

Age: 18

Birthday: 21 October

Gender: Male

Weapon Choice: Gun

Opinion on what is happening: Since he get bored easily, he just choice of don't think about what is happening and just enjoy his time in this unknowed place, hoping to find something of interesting.

-4 Little sisters: Kichi, Kaede, Kiko, Koken_ "They're so little and cute :iconorekismileplz:"
-2 Big sisters: Koi, Kagami_ "Sure sometimes they're kinda creepy... but i like them :iconduudewtfplz:..."
-Mother: Kinuye_"A wonderful mother, hope she's not too much worryed for me :iconmiyakasadplz:
-Father: Kinzo_"When you talk about brodership...i mean srsly, 7 women an only 2 buys :iconasunaheheplz:"
-Usagi_"...:iconorekitruesmileplz: My lil bunny, i love him too much and he's the most important of this world for me, even if maybe i'm a bit too shy for to say it a lot... i want to save him from this place and to live forever with him... no one dares to touch him."
-Yu_":iconsoundslegitplz: He keeps saying that i'm I'm macho as the hell... but.. he's kinda the first bro that i ever had... i want to try to touch his strange hair..."
-Ryo Shi_"One of the first person that i met :iconsatoshineplz:"
-Jun_"He's a good dude, i can feel his tsun tsun aura :iconsatoshismirkplz:"
-Yukio_"Bros he's got such a shining smile :iconyuushinsmileplz:"
-Ayano_"She's trying to make me stop smoking... tsk, no way. :iconsatoshismirkplz:

Personality: Pretty friendly and talkative, uncaring. He cares a lot about people that he likes. He's also a little too much pervy :iconohoho-plz:

-To play the giutar
-The colour black
-Stay alone
-Funny things
-His little sisters :iconloveloveplz:

-Anyone that touches Usagi
-People that look down at him
-Boring things
-Rich people

Grow up in a family with 7 woman, he respects a lot the female figure.
At school he used to be a yankee and leader of a gang. Some times he got involved also in yakuza's affair, receiving threatening letters; this is why he and his family had to transfer a lot of times. Bulling people only for have fun, he knew that wasn't right, and one day his group also tried to convince him using drugs and to hit a little guy, and for the anger he beated his friends and saved the child. Tired (and bored) by this kind of life he got the decision of to abandom it. From that time he locked himself in home, spending the time playing his guitar and writing songs. Loves and cares a lot about his sister, loves to play with them.
One day while he was listeng to music, his cellphone started to ring, and he read a message from an Anonymous, about some sort of game. The choice could be 'YES' or 'NO'. He laughed a little looking at it, and thinkig that this could be an interesting thing... he clicked 'YES'.
A night he wake up in a stange place...

-His family is poor
-Wishe to become a musicist
-Loves to read
-The guy that he saved frop the gang is Usagi
-When he was 8, he used to escort the little Usa-chan to home
-His favourite band are 'The Rotten Walkers' (a band from one of my original manga: "Musically your Fallen Angel" :la: )
-If i could choice a voice and a song for him it would be this:…

This is my OC for :iconrabbito-dauto:
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