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I may decide to digitally enhance this later. I hope you all like this.
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fightking: Neutral, Evil, or Good?
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ambertheyuriwitch: how would you react if you met marceline.
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:iconasklanathenymph: So when was your fist taste of icecream?
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I am Kit the Fox Pirate! I live in the land of Ooo. Ask me questions! And ill answer them to the best of my abailities!
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Zelda: Another tale
Chapter 1: The princess’s Prophecy and the Girl from the sky

“You have got to be kidding me! There is no way in Majora I’m traveling with that heathen!,” Kari yelled while pointing at the red haired man across the room.
“You must Kari, he is a Gerudo prince and by himself he would not be trusted but with you and Kasuto by his side, you who are hand picked by hers truly will be trusted and believed. I need all of my subjects to work together to keep the kingdom safe.” Princess Zelda smiled at the three and gave each one of them a pat on the head.
“But Princess, the Sheikah may be loyal, but that...that - Aviel is a thief! He’ll stab us in the back the minute we look away!,” the half-fairy cried while fixing her magenta hair back into its usually perfectly straight style. Which at the current moment due to her frazzled attitude it stood on end and ruffled with her constant head movements.
“Shut it, you wingless wonder!,” the Gerudo prince yelled angrily,” at least I know how to respect my betters-not that there are many.”
“Now Now my subjects please do not squabble amongst yourselves, it is imperative for this mission that you get along!”
“...You’re being unusually formal today Princess…,” the dark haired Sheikah that had been leaning on one of the pillars finally spoke up.
“Oh I am...Im sorry! i‘m just quite stressed with this situation. War is upon us and were going to need help protecting the kingdom! Oh im so upset about this, it seems we just have one problem after another anymore. It takes a toll on a girl, do you understand?”
“We finally manage to find a hero before whatever insanity is coming and her royal blondness predicts a war before he finishes his training! I swear The Three have it out for Hyrule!,” Aviel cried before drawing his swords and attacking one of the pillars.
“Stop vandalising the throne room and show her majesty some respect bandit!” Kari huffed and crossed her arms across her chest sending a nasty glare the Gerudo princes way.
“Now listen here, you will stop fighting this instant! I need you to get along and help me! I can not leave the kingdom because I have to run it, so your jobs are to go out to the neighboring countries and gain their aid! Do I make myself clear?” Zelda huffed at the two sending them the most motherly look she could muster, despite them being around the same age.
The two glared at each other before crossing their arms and turning away from each other, but everyone heard the two quietly mutter,”Fine…”
“Thank you. Now you three get going!” To get her point across she pointed her princessly finger towards the door.
A few hours later found the three traveling towards the coast. Kari was trying to ignore Aviel, who was sending flirty looks toward Kasuto, who was keeping alert in case of bandits and monsters.
“We should probably head toward Labrynna first since it’s closest, correct?”
“Yeah whatever, Labrynna’s fine.”
“...It’s getting dark…We should set up camp...”
“Okay, Kasuto start a fire, Aviel set up camp, I’ll start casting spells to keep monsters away.”
“You know what you wingless wonder why don’t you stop being so bossy! Maybe I want to start a fire! Betcha didn’t think of that?! Maybe ill just use you as flint for the fire!” Aviel spat at Kari.
“At least I have a real job, thief! My family has worked for the royal family for ages! Now be quiet before I introduce you to my light arrows!”
“I dare you to try you little imp! You wouldn't even be able to put a scratch on m-” Kasuto quickly interrupted.
“There’s a person falling from the sky…”
“What?!!” “Pardon!?”
Haru grinned as she leapt into yet again another adventure. “Dude! this place is so pretty! I hope theres a tree around otherwise ill be a harucake! ahahah dude that would suck so bad.” Unluckily for the ninja the trees were just out of range and her crash looked painfully imminent.
“Darn it man...this is gonna blowwwwww.” She sighed and braced herself for the fall. Suddenly a pair of knives came out of nowhere, saving her but pinning her sleeves to a nearby tree.
“...I caught them…”
“Yooooooo! Thanks man!” The bunny hood clad ninja called out.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” A red haired boy pulled out a sword and pointed it at Haru’s throat,”Now who the Majora are you and why were you freefalling from the sky?!”
Feeling threatened and not too happy with having a sword pointed at her throat quickly kicked the sharp object out of the boys hand and wrapped her legs around his neck and pulled im close to her. “Listen here red, You don’t point a sword at a ninja, or a lady its impolite and totally not cool man.” She frowned at the boy and held him tightly in her grasp.
“Everyone please calm down! Miss please put Aviel down, he may be an idiot and a lowlife, but we need him for this mission!,” a girl with magenta hair pleaded.
“Yeh ok. Sorry dude but ya know, sharp pointed object being pointed at me had me on the offensive.” Haru grinned sheepishly and let the gerudo prince go.
“Understandable, but we really would like an explanation as to your identity.” Kari sighed in relief.
“Uh yeah. Sup my name is Haru No Mochikomi it means bringer of spring. Now your gonna think im missing some marbles but I’m From a different dimension. Im from a place called the ninja world an-” Haru turned her head to her sweater as it began to rip dropping her to the ground. “OW! Aw man….dude i loved this sweater, lame!” She sighed and shook her head. “Well anyway i come from another dimension. I used this ax guitar on my back with the help of my Chakra to cut open a dimensional rift. I’m going from universe to universe on a life changing or should I say self finding adventure.” She let out a chuckle and grinned widely at the trio. “You guys probably think im crazy huh? Most people do.”
“My name is Kari, the brute is Aviel, prince of the Gerudo tribe, and the quiet young man is Kasuto of the sheikah tribe. We are currently on a mission to request aid from the nearby countries in an upcoming war. We don’t think you’re crazy,-
“Speak for yourself Kari...I think shes nuts….and are you even sure that shes really a girl?” Aviel snorted.
“Quiet thief! Hyrule’s royal family has had much experience with parallel worlds!”
“Yooo really? you don't think i sound crazy? Well i'll be a monkey's uncle.”
“You’re manner of speech is quite strange, does everyone in the ‘ninja world’ talk like that?”
“Nah, we all speak rather differently from one another. I just have more of a lax way of….oh nooo...crap….” Harus head slumped down and she fell over unconscious.
“M-Miss Haru?MISS HARU?!”
Disclaimer: I do no own zelda or any other mentioned series. I only own My three Oc's: Kari, Avaiel, Kasuto.
Haru belongs to :iconask-kit-he-pirate:

This story takes place during one of the calm periods before Link is needed to save the day. Although with the princess's newest prophecy that time is coming quickly. Princess Zelda in preparation for the upcoming war sends and odd trio quickly turning into a quartet with possible new additions later to neighboring countries to gain their military aid. 

This is a collaboration with :iconask-kit-the-pirate:
Due to my spaciness and copious amounts of schoolwork update may be sporadic.
Also due to my frequent writers block suggestions are welcome as is constructive criticism. But let it be known flames will be ignored.
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1priness62: yea what kind of teasure do you have/ what places have you been and im the undead princess
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AskPrincesMultifruit: thankss for the llama!!!!!,,)))
sooooooooooo you are a pirate ... you have a sidekick? like a parrot?

Kit: Pffft parrot. No I have a fox 8D! Much more handy then parrots. they eat mice and are all warm and fuzzy >w< (Dont get me wrong parrots are cool....just not my style!)
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TheHolySalt: Alright, long as we were on the topic of magic...
Let's say you could be able to do magic yourself, BUT only if you let someone saw you in half first. Would you do it?

Kit: No way man! I love my bod to much!
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Miki - Do you have anyone you hang out with?
Kit - I dont have to terribly many right now because I am new so...Can I have more?!
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