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Wind in the hair...


Model *Amarillys-Silaqui
Photograper: *Iardacil

Rules in journal
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See journal for terms of use.
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:skull: RULES FOR USE :skull:

Bullet; Blue If used please fav
Bullet; Blue Prints are allowed, no need to ask.
Bullet; Blue Commercial use are allowed but i like to see it first. Your finished work can be sell, NOT my raw stock.  15$ for PNG,PSD, brushes. 25$ for premades.
Bullet; Red Don't just change the colors and add birds or so, must be a big change or used with models and objects. 
I will ask to deleted if its not. 
Bullet; Red Do not use my stock to make another stock.
Bullet; Red Do not upload the stock raw anywhere else, do not redistribute and do not use it as wallpaper in another site.
Bullet; Red Credit me in the page of your work, outside or in DA.
Bullet; Red Credit the owners of the resources i use to make the premade backgrounds. 
Bullet; Red Leave a comment on the brush or stock used with the link of your work


thanks :D
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My Rules!!!:spotlight-right:

There are only a few simple rules to use my stock:

:bulletyellow: Credit me in your description with a link back to the original stock photo or to my main page.
:bulletyellow: You must leave me a comment with a link to the deviation you've created. I want to see and :+fav: it.
:bulletyellow: I give full permission to use my stock in prints.
:bulletyellow: BE CREATIVE! Do NOT use my stock if you're only going to do minor changes like changing hue/saturation, texture overlay, or only put a border around the picture, etc.
:bulletyellow: You cannot manipulate my stock to make other stock unless permission is given.
:bulletyellow: I reserve the right to request an un-watermarked copy of Manipulations using my Female and Male stock. I am keeping a keepsake book for my Kids.
:bulletyellow: Do NOT enhance and upload my photos as your own!

But most of all...HAVE FUN!!! :D

Resources: Personal resources and
SXU [link] used with permission
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If you want to use my stock you don't need to ask me but please follow these few rules:
- Credit me in the description of your work.
- Notify me your final piece commenting the stock images or by note.
- The stock MUST be manipulated. Minor changes are not accepted. (Hue changing, cropping, adding a texture are examples of minor changes).

:bulletred: You can't use my stock to add it to existant stock galleries.
:bulletred: You can't use my stock to create racist, pornographic, rude, fetish and maccabre works.

:bulletyellow: You can use my images to make premade backgrounds ONLY if you credit my stock in the description.

:bulletgreen: You can use my stock for prints (inside and outside dA).
:bulletgreen: You can post your final works on all websites outside dA as long as I am credited (where possible).
:bulletgreen: Enjoy!

Commercial use is 99% allowed but please contact me privately to let me know your use.

Follow the rules for general stock.
You don't need to use the whole image. You can also use a portion of it.

Tutorials are ONLY for educative purposes. They are based on the pieces I do. You can reproduce the same work I created to learn but please DO NOT post it anywhere claiming that it is your creation. Use the techniques you learn to make your own pieces.

Stock: My resources
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Stock Rules

*No need to ask for DA use.
*Please link to the stock deviation in your description.
*Please post a link to your work in a comment on the deviation.
*Ask if using outside of DA or for a print (we'll say yes)
*Please don't use for pornographic or hate pieces. I do have friends, parents and grandparents out there somewhere.
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Model: :icontobeykai:

My stock usage rules:…

If I list a model's icon on DA, it'd be kind of you to drop them a tag or a note letting them know you've used them, so they can see!

If you like this stock set drop me a line and let me know. I have many more poses from this series.

Thank you for your support


Also check out DMacstudios
To the Facebook Fan Page:
DMacstudios Fan Page

DMacstudios website
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You *MUST* read my rules before using my stock! If I find a rule broken I will report it. I make no exceptions.

Thank you :)

RULES: "[link]"

Download for best results.
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The beautiful little model is my niece Lexi, with her uncle Gustov.

This stock is free to use.
If you use it link it back to me (as in give me credit for the stock with a link =Falln-Stock or my icon in the description)
& -send me a note- with a link of the pic you used it in.
I would like to see what you used my stock for ^_^
*for further rules check my journal*
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