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Hey, guys, I finally made a background tutorial ! ^^ ( sorry, it is a little messy) download for full view!

You can make this kind of background in 20 min ,I think .
I don't wrote a lot of description because you just need to mix your colors and add details with your pen :) 
:star:STEP 4: You need to select your background, "copy", "edit", and "past" <== and now you can change the opacity of this new (multiply) layer:heart:</span>
All was done on a 1 layer, except the final step (add 1 multiply layer and 1 overlay layer) <== I think it's really important for your colors

Done with Paint Tool Sai ( 35min)
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Here, an eyes tutorial for everyone who want to change his eyes style

I hope is not too complicated :iconteeheeneplz: this is normally this technic which is used for all my drawings :)
If you don't understand one of these step, you can ask me a question or just observe these illustrations xD

sorry for the english mistakes and my awful writing :iconheplz: whatever not watherver lool
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So, one another tutorial for eyes , I am going to go on holiday tomorrow so I can't do anything more . I really enjoy drawing eyes especially very round eyes lol
If you are interested I can do other tutorials about it is not a big deal

If you don't understand a step, ask me  ! <3

the order is
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~It's a big file so best to DOWNLOAD.~

ehhhh so i've pretty much written the introduction/details in the file so.... i don't know what to write here really other then this is my second hair colouring tutorial. Ignore the first its ugly and old. :(
Feel free to ask any questions/comments/feedback I really appreciate it.

urrrr should have spell checked to.. oh well.

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Moon tutorial -Done in Paint tool SAI ,last step in Adobe Photoshop

Draw everything on the same layer!
1. draw a circle.
2. make some dakr place on the moon.
3. same like step 2 but you use "BRUSH" with "FUZYSTATIC" or "SPREAD" settings .(just type: you can use this setting for drawing clouds).
4. same like step 3 but you use darker colors.
5. same with lighter color
6. create new layer with layer settings "LUMINOSITY" ,brush setting you can see on picture.Use the lighter color and make some glowing around the circle.
7. make a white part on the moon
8. last step i make in Photoshop - i blur edge of the circle with "Blur tool" - if you want edit some colors click in Photoshop ( ctrl+b )

Thank you :hug:

:bulletblue: My newest works
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New tutorial to celebrate my 2000 watchers! and it is an eyes tutorial as my last 2 polls requested.
Thank you everyone soooooo much. I would never get here without all of your supports.
As usual, sorry for my grammatical errors. If you have any question I'll try my best to answer in the comment section.

If this tutorial help you in some way a fav or a watch would be very appreciated:iconcryforeverplz:

Example of my artwork I used this process of colouring: Lake of lotus by AmiMochi  Autumn sky by AmiMochi  Red riding hood by AmiMochiAT : Twingkly by AmiMochi

My SAI hair tutorial: SAI hair tutorial by AmiMochi
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Feel free to use it like you want :) You're not obliged to credit me but it's always appreciated! ^^

Sorry I draw a lot of eyes currently ; ___ ;

1. Demon
2. Dream
3. Innocent
4. Fantastic

===> if you want to know how I proceed

Paint Tool Sai

This is not very a tutorial sorry X_x
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Okay.. first off I'd like to really thank everybody who gave feedback on what they wanted in this tutorial. hence why whats in it is kinda random. This tutorial covers the basics of how to shade certain things using paint tool SAI.

Wow this took ages... i've been pretty busy so i did this over the course over a few days so i hope it all makes sense Emoji30 by Emoji-icon please forgive any typos :/ 

Tumblr -

*Still unsure where the transparent button is? here -…
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Hi there

New tutorial! Some sort of Necklace RhineStone tutorial ^^
I felt like creating this ^^ I just made this out of nowhere haha.
Please enjoy! And try it yourself!
Please like my facebook for more tutorials!

program: Easy Paint Tool Sai 



More tuts + video  tutorials + downloadable content + 

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Jellyfish Tutorial:…
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a lot of people ask me for tutorials about backgrounds, but for me, doing a tutorial of how to draw a full background is quite difficult, since each background has it's things,
I thought I could do little tutorials of little generic things

I just use two tools and two layers for rocks, this is so standar, but if you understand this then you can just using diferent shapes, colors and lighting, but the basic is always the same ^^
hope you fins this useful > u < and feel free to ask questions if you doubt about anything :)
I try to do more (such as trees, bushes, grass, sky or stuff like that) but can't promise (also if you ever came to my livestreams when drawing backgrounds you can see the way I do an ask anything)
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