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Update 05/04/14 Add a Alkaline theme by

New StatusBar theme.    

 >>>  iOS 7 ready  <<<

a lot inspired by 8lias -

( 2 folders included, regular & reverse )

Place the folders on winterboard and select the one you want.Respring.Done !

For a better effect install the tweak "SameSatus" on cydia.

Follow me on twitter -
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This is an icon pack for all purposes, As my ipod was stolen, It was prepared to be used for another things. 

You can get it as an iphone theme here:…  
It is also available in Cydia (for free ofcourse)
It includes: 

-Around 60 icons
-a PSD  
-a set of wallpapers I used in my ipod when I had it (in the theme version)

It's a theme made for you to customize and to make your own. I hope you liked it :)
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*Update 1: Color option

*Update 2: Many more color options, added larger lockscreen view for signal bars

*Update 3: Added new Wifi icon to better fit the design of the Android Cell Signal icon

*Update 4: Added 4-Bar Wifi icon option, and Alarm Clock icon

*Update 5: Added 4-Bar Cell Signal icon option

*Update 6: Changed the lightning bolt inside the charging battery icons, added thinner alarm clock option

*Update 7: Added Inverted clock icon option

Simple status bar icons designed to mimic the appearance of the Android Kit Kat status bar
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Leave a comment with any thoughts, suggestions, or requests.

UPDATE: Officially up on Cydia, source:


 Added "Vivid" for more saturated icons option
- Fixed calculator icon

PSD Template available here:!pVJCSZAQ!RsTfJzoY…
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"If you have a library and a garden, you have everything you need", Cicero. I had the library, You offered me the most beautiful garden.

Dedicated to the woman who found me, took my hand, put a smile on my heart, and travel with me each day of our life.

"I found an Island in your arms,
Country in your eyes", Break on through, Jim Morrisson.

Melissmell - Viens

Credits :

Base :

:iconaustriaangloalliance: : Winter River by AustriaAngloAlliance

Couple :

Purchased on depositphotos :…

Animals :

:iconcolourize-stock: : Deer Stock 3
:iconamandadrage: : Stock - Red Deer Hind and Calf 1
:iconstock-cmoura: : butterflies
:iconroys-art: : Butterflies 2 PNG Stock
:iconwolverine041269: : Butterfly 14
:iconszorny-stock: : mouse belly
:iconmiguel-santos: : Bunny Stock Pack FREE

Foreground and trees, mushrooms, flowers, waterfalls :

:iconeirian-stock: : Flower Collection by Eirian-stockFlower Collection II by Eirian-stock
:iconthy-darkest-hour: : Red Rose PNG by Thy-Darkest-Hour
:icondracoart-stock: : HDR Mushroom 1 HDR Mushroom 3 HDR Mushroom 4
:iconstormsorceress: : tree 9
:iconrogue-stock.deviantart: : .::+Tree Stock no.4+::.
:icongracies-stock: : Fairytale Tree Nature Stock 3 Fairytale Tree Nature Stock 2
:iconjantiff-stocks: : A perfect border foreground
:iconseluias-stock: : Waterfall Norway
:iconheike09: : Waterfall
:icondella-stock: : Waterfall - Full

Masks and wings :

:icondustysweet: : Masquerade Mask Stock
:iconkangrstock: : Mask Stock2
:icondeniseworisch: : Wings 25
:iconpriesteres-stock: Angelic wings

Sky :

:iconpaulinemoss: : Stars
:iconzummerfish: : Starfield I

The rest is painted by me or from
Thank you so much for all your beautiful stocks !!! :D :D :hug:
And thank you in advance to all those who take this work in fav :D :D :glomp:
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New Edition of my Basik7 statusbar theme ( available in Cydia now )

More thin signal bars and new wifi bars.

How to install :

Place the folder in WinterBoard and select it.


After ( in SSH on your computer or with iFile with your device ) 

Navigate to : var/mobile/Library/Caches/ Click on 'images' and delete everything inside.

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New version closer to the original HD theme

In the above screenshot I did not install Iconoclasm, as a result I have a 4x4 icons layout on my springboard.

To see the screenshot of the theme without weather icon and with Iconoclasm 5x5 layout click on this [link]

This theme is working on iOS 4.3.1 and has only been tested on my iPhone 3GS. I don't know whether it works on an iPhone 3G. Could someone tell me?

Okay this is only a port from the excellent theme Pallium 2 by ashwinroyan which only worked on iPhone 4.

All I did was resizing every image of this theme in order to fit on the Iphone 3GS screen and adapting a few things.

Credits :

.pallium 2 for iPhone 4 - ashwinroyan
UI - Black UI by *meth79
MBEX - Danael M9 MBEx by *Jdanael
Unlock Bar Graphic - from Krazy's LS Serene
Popup - Tenutos by ~MrEikichi
Lockscreen - Jumbled up code courtesy of Dbar themes
Icons - Template & icons - AVENUE B by Luc Gringhuis
Wallpaper - Skippin Skool by *ether
Some Icons and UI and Sbs settings theme - ashwinroyan
Font - Raleway - unknown author

I've adapted both PalliumSD.theme and Pallium SBS SD.

Your phone will look just like the screenshot above, with the sbsettings theme plus the winterboard theme.

How to :

I will assume here your iPhone is jailbroken, so you have Cydia on it.

With Cydia, you've already installed Winterboard and sbSettings. Otherwise, install them.

Moreover you need to get access to your iPhone via SSH. You just have to activate SSH and WiFi with sbSettings. Then with a FTP client like FileZilla just login this way :

Protocol : SFTP / SSH
Host : IP address you can read in sbSettings (e.g
Port : 22
Login : root
Pass : alpine

That's it. You're connected via SSH and can navigate your iDevice.

Now let's start.

1. Download the file from the Download link above.

Should not be too hard.

2. Unzip it, you'll have three folders :

- PalliumSD.theme : this is the winterboard theme
- Pallium SBS SD (sbSettings theme)
- Raleway.font : contains fonts to install

3. Let's install the Winterboard theme :

- With your FTP client (FileZilla), go to /private/var/stash/Themes.XXXYXX
- Upload the file "PalliumSD.theme" in it.

4. We're not over yet with Winterboard :

Using Cydia, search, install and activate :

- Transparent Dock iOS4 from (don't install it if you already have a "Transparent dock" in your Winterboard theme list, just use the latter)
- Clear Lockscreen 4.0 - This will remove the Slider text.

If you have problems with the slider and want to remove it completely from your lockscreen, just replace the following files in the folder Bundles/ of PalliumHD.theme.


You could also install Tap To Unlock but I prefer sliding.
Then you can desactivate Transparent Dock in Winterboard.

5. Hide the clock on the lockscreen :

Using Cydia, search, install and activate (this is apart from Winterboard) :

- Lockscreen Clock Hide from

6. Install the sbSettings theme :

- With your FTP client (FileZilla), go to /private/var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/Themes
- Upload the folder "Pallium SBS SD" in it.
- When you're on sbSettings main page, click on More. Go to SBSettings Options, and activate "Max Of 2 Rows".
If you have too many activators, it won't show up as expected and be too long. You could also select a maximum of 8 activators to be displayed.

Don't forget to activate the theme in sbSettings settings.

7. Using Cydia, install MusicBarExtended.

Then, install the MusicBarExtended theme from Danael.
With your FTP client (FileZilla), go to /private/var/stash/Themes.XXXYXX and upload the folder of the theme. Then activate it in Winterboard.

8. Icons.

Install GridLock on Cydia in order to put icons wherever you want on your springboard.

If you want to have more than 4x4 icons per page, install Iconoclasm from Cydia. Enable it and select the Layout called 5x5 so that you have five rows and five columns of icons on your springboard.

If you want smaller icons while keeping a 5x5 layout, then you have to install Shrink via Cydia.

9. Replacing lockscreen background and icons (optional)

To change the lockscreen background go to
Then replace the file LockBackground.png with another background (same size, png).

To replace an icon in this theme, navigate through the folders Bundles and Folders in private/var/stash/Themes.XXXYXX/PalliumSD.theme/. You should see folders with application names, to change the icon, replace the file icon.png with the icon you want.

10. Getting the weather (image and temp) on your lockscreen

- First, to change your location, you have to open LockBackground.html with a text editor. (I use Dashcode on OS X). This file is located in /private/var/stash/Themes.SYE6Zp/PalliumHD.theme/.
Look for "var locale and replace it with your location.

To know your yahoo weather code, go to Yahoo and then enter your city or zip code.

Then, click on the RSS logo at the top right of the web page, you'll arrive on the rss web page.
Look into the url address, for instance if you choose Milan you'll get :
http:// weather. yahooapis. com / forecastrss?p=ITXX0042&u=f
Your weather code is just behind "p=" so here it's ITXX0042

The weather image should be displayed at the center of the screen. If you want more info about how to place it somewhere else contact me.

11. Install the fonts

Go to /System/Library/Fonts/Cache/ and backup those 5 original font files (add .back to the name for example).

Copy and replace the 5 font files.


That's it :D
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New StatusBar theme for iOS7.  ( available also in Cydia now )

How to install :

Place the folder in WinterBoard and select it.


After ( in SSH on your computer or with iFile with your device ) 

Navigate to : var/mobile/Library/Caches/ Click on 'images' and delete everything inside.

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New Lockscreen I've been working on.
It should work on all Retina Display iOS 5 devices.
This includes iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and the latest ipod touch.
I'm not sure how compatible it is with the older iPhones (3G, 3GS) or older iOS versions.
Let me know if you run into any problems and I can try to fix them.

How to Install:
You iOS device must be jailbroken
1. Download and un-zip RAR file
2. Use SSH client to transfer files to iOS device
-File location is /Library/Themes
3. Apply theme with winterboard on iOS device
4. Download "Lockscreen Clock Hide" from Cydia

This is a modification of TypoPhone

If you want to change the background, replace LockBackground.png in the theme folder with another background.
If you don't want the status bar to be transparent, delete the UIImages folder in the theme folder

*Slide "2012" to unlock*

On MacThemes:

White version download:
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Hey everyone, I introduce you something that I've been working on for the past few weeks. I've ported that awesome ios6 theme by tokems. You can request icons here, I just need the correct BundleID.

You will need:
-Folder Icons

Space Potato 1.1  
Folder Icons   

-studio4         …
-monkee-boy …
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