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Feature friday #5Hi everyone,
It's time to show you all the picture that we moved into the featured folder this week! Go show all these great cosplayers some love!
Vergil by TaisiaFlyaginaLady. Devil May Cry 3. by TaisiaFlyaginaRuler of The Land of the Remembered by residentexorcistSound Horizon Moira by Millenia666Frozen - Young Kristoff's Sled by JbressiKCF14 - Agents of Shield by BlizzardTerrakYC14 - Black Cat by BlizzardTerrakSadness cosplay by Matsu-SotomeDiablo 3(Cydaea) by JonnyKotlyarEven choosing a bird, you're still in the cage by VjorDragon Age: Inquisition - Morrigan by ketohSolomon - Sheba cosplay by ArdiBitchRurouni Kenshin - Forest Of Barriers by RomaiLee52. Deep in Thought (Superbi Squalo) by AruynnBlack Sails - I will go down with this ship by essie-morbideEuphemia and Cornelia - Viceroys of the Area 11 by Thesan13Amaterasu no Mikado by lina-no-utaBig Hero 6 - ZER0 / Hamada Hiro by TrustOurWorldNowMaleficent by Maxsy66Resident Evil Lupo by Oscuro-LupoMeryl Felstorm by adaman77Diablo 3(Cydaea) by JonnyKotlyarPastel Goth outfit by Saru-CosplaySweet lolita by TaisiaFlyaginaSnow Evening by La-CloverIrvine kinneas - Best shooter in Garden by CarancerthFight For Youre Life by La-CloverPowermorphicon 2014 by mariesturges
And those are all our features for this week! Obviously it's been a great week since we normally don't have this many new feature submissions. Keep em coming guys! We're super excited about all the amazing submissions that have been coming in.
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