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The move went pretty well! We only had a minor overcharge for the U-haul, the rain while we moved was generally pleasant and refreshing (we were sweating like pigs anyway right) and the unexpected third trip due to having the other u-haul place fuck up our order ended up being a blessing, because only heaven knows what mom would've been like behind the wheel of a 14 footer instead of a 10. I was clenching my buttcheeks in terror through the whole first ride.





So hi this is me
My name is mashup of lemonade + rebecca. Lemonade and keylime pie are two of my favorite desserts/treats... and since minty type things are far more popular, I decided to go with those. I LOVE SOUR THINGS! :dance: I'll probably draw up a car never later on... I'll call it The Cooler. 8-)

I think that's it, then. Glad to be back. Gonna go draw even though I should be cleaning my disaster of a (new!) room.

Drawn on paper, colored in SAI, fancy effects done in Potatoshop7, it took about forever. }:'|
Thank you for the comments, faves, and watches! :love:

oops ty did one :heart:
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It's time for cute rainbow things and magical girls! Wahoo! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

I did Watermelon (Whitney) on a whim in November, Blueberry (Belle) on the day before *Tyshea left California to visit me, and pumped the last three out in the last two days as stress relief. Apparently nervousness makes me productive. (ノ)´∀`(ヾ) I missed these guys and it was a good excuse to play with facial features and stuff and things.

Sparknotes for those who are new! :la: 

Tokyo Mew Mew is a magical girl series about five girls infused with the DNA of endangered animals, in order to protect the earth from an alien force threatening to pollute the planet into extinction and reclaim it as their own once more. It was the first manga I ever read and along with Sailor Moon on TV, it was the reason I started drawing seriously, so I have a huuuge soft spot for it and designing things for it. So these are my fan-characters I made a little bit ago. That post's a little bit old, but the information on it is up to date if you feel like reading it. :P Otherwise;

Monique, aka Mew Peach, has lion dna. She's a competitive femme-jock and the leader.
Keira, aka Mew Kiwi, has sea turtle dna. She's a handsome, smooth-talking surfer gal.
Peobe, aka Mew Plum, has rhinoceros dna. She's a quiet and introverted little prodigy.
Whitney, aka Mew Watermelon, has eagle dna. She's an uppity fun-loving firecracker.
and Belle, aka Mew Blueberry, has beetle dna. She's an elegant, dreamy, eccentric geek.

Do you have a favorite? :love:

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GOTTA CATCHEM ALL! :iconexcitedlaplz: :pokeball: REBLOG IT HERE

I decided to use the first half of This December Prompt Challenge as an excuse to complete this fave type meme I had laying around! I've been wanting to do it for a while, but I was waiting for all the fairy types to come out before I did. So here we are!! Also, Ty did one too!
PKMN: type favorites by Tyshea

Some notable runners up (this was physically painful to do, let me tell you!!)
Masquarian, Noibat, Medicham, Quilava, Xatu, Shiny Swellow, Mega Banette, Sandslash, Spheal/Swinub's line, Teddiursa/Ursaring, Cradily... I could go on probably. I honestly love most pokemon!! SO MANY GIJINKA POSSIBILITIES, YOU GUYS. You can make yourself adore any pokemon after you design a gijinka of them- at least, that's how it went for me. Some of these guys are already on my teams, or gijinka'd, or I'd love to have on my team someday. Gah!!

All done in SAI over a few weeks, but we finished early cuz' we're nuts. Drawing pokemon is really easy for me, somehow.
Let me know which ones were your favorite here! And thank you for the favorites, comments, and watches!

Fuh by Emoji-kun
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:iconblueroseplz: A bit of a magical girl interlude this evening for you all! :iconcolongreaterthanplz:

This lovely dame was inspired from blue roses, ravens and doves (which she has one of each as her companions), a gaia avatar I threw together on tektek many moons ago (shhh I like dress up dolls...) and loosely influenced colors by altaria, the pokemon. Yup!

She's one of those vigilante "I work alone" types, mysterious but incredibly soft spoken if you can get her to talk before she disappears! I imagine her civilian self very quiet and mild mannered. I may probably end up using her and her codename for my in-game magical girl pokemon team in emerald, with Chakra the Medicham. ...Someday. I could also easily use her in any original story if I wanted to, since she's pretty standalone design-wise! So many decisions. @)-(@

Done in sai- I wasn't going to finish this originally... it was pretty much gesture practice, so there may be some exaggeration in her anatomy. _///_
Thank you for the faves/watches/comments!!
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:iconpurplesparklesplz::icongreensparklesplz:REBLOG IT ON TUMBLR HERE!

So there was this super great prompt floating around;
Draw Yourself as A Magical Girl by artofcarmen
You can also see her post here on DA!
All you have to do to participate is draw yourself *gender identity regardless!!!* and tag it as #magical girl art :D

Then naf decided she’d give it a go too! so we did THIS and then she was like “LET’S PUT THEM TOGETHER” but I was like OH GOD MINE IS SUCH A SPARKLY ATTENTION WHORE THOUGH. ...but she MADE IT WORK ANYWAY LIKE HOLY WOW? :wow:

So her mahou-sona is actually the villain to my heroic :star: COSMIC MOTH! :star: self.
Sexual tension abounds. (you can also call me spacebug)

The prompt uses things we’re passionate about or like a lot to help figure out our outfits, so:
:bulletblue: Bee: Fairies, yellow/teal/cyan gradient, and shooting stars/space
(astrology but you wouldn't really see the constellations I was gonna put under my cloak so I’ll do it next time). I’ll think of a mascot pet later. @_@/)
:bulletpurple: Naf’s is based on Monochrome, Ninjas and FASHION. ..Also a panda. heh

I did mine in SAI, and Ty did hers in Photoshop CS5! And then she fancily merged them together there. :)
Thanks for all the faves/comments/watches! That's all for my magical girl interlude... for now. :paranoid: :heart:
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I've increased the size of my dumps again and gosh I am not used to it at all. I hope it's not TOO big for ease of viewing...

I know I'd size down a lot of this stuff normally but I had so much room everything's a bit bigger, yet it still feels a bit more empty. Granted, I don't have a WHOLE lot to show this time which definitely adds to the emptiness, but I'll have to adjust to it. I just don't like that I had to add in so many space filler bees ~///~

This installment mostly contains concept doodles, characters for other people, magical girls, and pokemon. Also Rilu, that little scamp. I'm a bit underwhelmed with it, but I hope you enjoy anyways.

One day I will draw all my pokemon teams in order omfg. |':

art (c) meeee
characters/gifts for: ~Grudge-Glamorous ~eXed-OUT ~lilsnowbear *Tyshea because you own rilu intimately don't you

thank you for the comments, faves, and watches! :love:
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Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everyone! :holly:

I'm just gonna post this up now because it's finished- my other x-mas gifts will have to wait til' tomorrow.
This is for *Tyshea, aka my favorite person in the world. You might be outta town right now, but I can still spoil you rotten, right? 
pandas by Emoji-kun

These are her SalaDays OCs; Ash the vampire, Autumn the banshee, Mint the werewolf, and Ren the death god-- and the reason we met, more or less. I've drawn Autumn and Mint before here and there, but I think it was a good excuse to draw them all together. :'P Please accept this CYMK nonsense, my love.

Done in SAI in a day because I went crazy.
Thanks for looking, and for faving/commenting/watching! :love:
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:iconyellowsparklesplz::iconpumpkinplz: Happy Halloween! :iconpumpkinplz::iconyellowsparklesplz:

I felt bad not posting anything today so I whipped something up real fast last night, wahaha. Just finished it, actually. All my X team are witch themed this time, so I thought it'd be appropriate for Halloween before I missed out. I could only manage to finish one in time though. @//w//@;

:bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Willowring :bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletorange:
Vivillon (High Plains) | Shield Dust | Calm | Likes to thrash about
She's a generally content bookish person by nature, but otherwise a restless busybee (busy butterfly?) that has trouble sitting still if she's not preoccupying herself with some potion or spell.

Done in SAI, text added in Photoshop 7. Lovely lace border from here!
Now I'm gonna go trick-or-treat on animal crossing, eat ridiculous amounts of candy and pastries, and watch b-flick scary movies with mom later. Hope you guys are having a decent Halloween!

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:bulletpurple::star::bulletblue: Happy birthday, Stella! :bulletpurple::star::bulletblue:

Sorry I've been a little quiet this month! I've been working on something you all should get to see at the end of the month! :'P
I can't believe how much my stellababy's changed since her last b-day picture. Time sure flies when you're drawing your hands off... *waves limp hands* To be fair, all of the girls have been slowly growing, and I did draw her not too long ago for PT's second anni, but even in that amount of time she's grown.

I had a very specific idea for this picture (and I only regret how small the res is... *bonks self on head*) But I've always loved the fact StellaGale's story has a very obvious astrology/astronomy and nautical theme to it (in comparison to SamSara's day/night, sky/ocean theme) because I really love Stella being my little starlet.

A lot of things have been going on this year in terms of Ty and I's personal growth and ambitions as artists within the QUILTBAG/LGBTQA* spectrum, and we both decided something really important recently... When we first made this story we ourselves were still relatively new to the idea of being truly out... but our activism has shifted the way we've been handling issues and presenting our queer characters.

Stella has been a difficult character for me to work with because I've been keeping a major part of her story marked as a spoiler, so her development has suffered for it considerably. Both Ty and I have dropped hints about it before, but I think it's important at this point to be upfront about something very integral to their story.

We are completely aware that this may change some people's opinions or preferences for Stella or this couple, and for that, we are not sorry. I hope no one feels any differently considering we have plenty of similar characters in our galleries, but if you do change your mind, I would be pretty disappointed in you.

So without further ado; for her birthday, I'm going to share a more accurate summary of what StellaGale is about.

Arc 3: Stella & Gale
Gale, a masculine cis-gendered lesbian working as a tattoo artist and a small-time rockstar, leads the hopelessly heartbroken life of a bachelor and struggles with her watered down dreams. She crosses paths with Stella, an ambitious fashion-major trans woman who has just finally found courage in her ability to "pass" to try the lesbian dating scene instead of the safe-haven of gay men she'd been accustomed to but now is finding herself alienated in because of her changing identity.

They're a truly star-crossed couple, but they both realize that it takes a lot more to completely trust and commit yourself to someone while fighting your own inner demons and limitations as a human being.

Stella and Gale are about identity, gender, and what it means to be who you want to be.

And I think that should do it. :thanks:
Thank you for all the favorites, comments, and watches!
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Edit: Added 2014 :D
Sorry for the bit of life story in the comments up there, but it kinda dictated how I learned and how often I arted and all that stuff!
Who's looking forward to next year? IT'S MEEE :la:

Happy Holidays everyone!! :party: 

I don't think I have much else to say about this that I haven't already, so!
Thanks for looking, and thank you for the favorites, watches, and comments! :love:

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