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Resolution what are you
Anyway, I've been itching to draw some FF lately and this gave the perfect excuse so lyk Y not.
Also an original sketch from TESTUYA NEMURA HOW COULD I NOT? coughs

At first I was planning on designing some armor. But after seeing some of the other entries i realized that there'll probably be a gajillion armor customizations, so I tried going for something a bit more relaxed/modern instead, while still keeping the Final Fantasy feel to the design. Also tried not to overdo it on the detail to try and keep the design 'Fanart-friendly', yet still make it look pretty/far from plain ^u^

win or lose tho it was fun. Wish me luck! c:
Thanks to everyone who joined me on my livestream of this! 

Now if you'd excuse me i gots other arts to work on o)-<

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A wizard made for Diablo III: Reaper of souls fan contest.
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my vampire ;D
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Just entry for contest ^^;

Gem is her nickname.

Name: Geki Raidou Sensuruga
Age: 15
Height: 163
Character: pure, princess, cheerful
Hair: Naturally Gold Blonde
Weapon: Aikido Martial Arts

Known as Gem-chan (Zemu-chan in romaji) at her school, taken from "G" initial. Her name against her appearance. Everyone called her Gem, because of her pureness and princess alike.
No one knows that she's prentended as normal player when the "reaper game" begins. At first, she's should be player's friend, and later show her form as "the reaper" when it's turns. Her ranks as reaper is high, with her speed and flee.
In fact, she doesn't know that she did it wrong, because she enjoys to play as "reaper".

C&C okay
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Comments are REALLY appreciated!! 8DD


Commisions | Blogger | Youtube | Livestream | Pixiv


So here's my third and last submission for the LR contest.

I based the Unleashed Chaos outfir on Lightning's ourfit from FFXIII, but I altered the shape of some parts. Also, some of the accesories and patterns are based on monsters and characters from the whole FFXIII saga, they are:

- Snow Villiers (boots)
- Caius Ballad (purple thing on her hips)
- Cid Raines / Yaag Rosch (leather bracelet on her left arm)
- Lumina (thing on her right arm and necklace)
- Zaltys (neck piece of the coat and arrow thing.
- Anubis (the squared things on the tighs and sword)
- Bhunivelze (pattern of the jacket and shield)

The jacket, skirt, bracelet and boots are made of leather, she also has a little top under the jacket, one long glove and claws in one of her hands. The claws, the decorations of the neck of the jacket and that kind of "arrow" at the bottom of the jacket are made of gold, and the blue and green parts are gems.

The main elements of this outfit are darkness and lightning, it has a low defense, but a very high speed.

Other Designs:
Lightning Returns Contest: Rising Phoenix by Dark-Arya Lightning Returns Contest: Crystal Knight by Dark-Arya

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (C) Square Enix
Design by Dark-Arya
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This is my first entry for dA's Insidious 2 contest.

:star: The Theme: I created this image based on my everyday activity- drawing- but this time something has gone horribly wrong. I've turned my back for one moment, and something sinister is coming for me. Haha. I guess my creations are sick of all the bright colors ^^;

The back half is painted traditionally and the front half is painted in photoshop. I used all my own stock and reasources. I haven't done anything more than simple edits on photoshop in over a year. I know I need more practice ^^; It was so frustrating trying to achieve the look that I was actually going for....and this is miles away from what I'd actually like this picture to look like.
I may try and refine this and make a better version if I have time.
Otherwise, I'm happy enough with it for now.

This is based on my old concentration from AP art.
Specifically this piece: [link]
I actually like the older piece better (because I know I don't excel at photoshop right now) but I wanted to try something new and go for a different effect.
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QUESTION: What time is it? :D
Clue: Miss Ligthoningu points at it.

I started digital arts because of Tetsuya Nomura, so this is a timely tribute to the very reason how I found my voice in character drawing.
The concept here is Guardian of Time or Time Keeper. Inspired by clocks with the touch of Baroque and Victorian design.

:w00t: Thanks for viewing! :w00t:
Little Fangirl Lightning - Final Fantasy by Eddy-ShinjukuTIFA: Phoenix Down - Final Fantasy VII by Eddy-Shinjuku
AURON: Masamune - Final Fantasy X by Eddy-ShinjukuNAMINE DEAD FANTASY - Kingdom Hearts by Eddy-Shinjuku

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Hi folks,

Hope you enjoyed my Wind Rises tribute. I recorded myself painting this in its entirety. I also answered a few questions that might be helpful in understanding my process and myself as an artist.

There are four parts:

This is where I talk about my early tumbnailing process and gathering research and inspiration.

Here is where I work on the clouds and answer splash-light 's question: Do you also do traditional art? If so, which one do you think is easier, which do you prefer and which do you think you are better at?

This is where I get into refining the silhouettes of the foreground character. I also respond to eagling 's question: What do you do to get used to new brushes? And do you have a favourite brush or favorite combination of brushes?

Here, I work on the planes and the overall composition. I also answer BenjaminRickkard 's question: What are your inspirations and how do you vary your style?

Enjoy and feel free to ask me question. Your questions may be featured in my next video :)


Also, it would mean so much to me if you'd check me out on tumblr:


Also, I encourage you to to download my painting if you're liking it. It's yours folks!

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As the last elemental fell before their blade, the heroes watched in anticipation for the rift to close upon itself, yet the rift did not change. The rifts mouth swayed in a rhythmical trance as a deep voice began to murmur, "Therabin, my child, go forth and drown this world".

The rift wailed in response as the water beneath the heroes began to glow and surge clockwise; as the heroes stumbled out of the water to avoid the strong currents the water flew upwards in a cyclonic cone, connecting with the whirlpool above. The water began to glow brighter than ever as a deafening scream erupted in the heroes ears forcing them to grasp their heads in agony. As the water began to fall back to the ground, the heroes gasped in disbelief as they looked at the Creature before them.

"Akylios, I will make them scream you a symphony" The Colossus beast hummed.


Entry for the deviant art Create a Colossus Contest
Rift Theme: Water
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Valkyrie Profile ,Vargrant story and Saga Frontier are most of my inspiration coming from.
I dressed her as a Battle Mage , summoning minnions of Blade from the Sky.
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