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My entry for the contest :)
Swift Wind Armor Concept.

If you like my works feel free to visit my facebook page and if you like my works, you can always go like my facebook page~ I would really appreciate the lovely support!
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My entry to the D3: Reaper of souls contest.

Mi aportación al concurso de D3: Reaper of souls.
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"When all seemed lost, I found a truth. And I knew what I must become."

All entries:
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I absolutely love how this pumpkin turned out!!! :heart::floating::heart:

It should be noted that this is only the third pumpkin I have carved in my entire life (at least to my memory).

Much of the design was inspired by [link] A phoenix image I have been fond of for quite some time.

Time taken: approximately 6 hours.

Hope you like it as much as I do!!!

[NOTE 3.7.2012] Um...yeah, I just did a simple search here on dA for "phoenix" and I found the artist of the inspiration for this here, on dA :pointr: ~oreozili and the piece is:

I really don't know how I missed this!
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Uhmm...yes *u*
both pictures were drawn on Photoshop CS3 with a Genius Mousepen 6x8 inch i608 tablet (I also have a Wacom Bamboo but I prefer to use the Genius lol)

time to go and finish my medical science and health psychology assignments now TAT :iconcryforeverplz:

2010 picture: (I remember back then I drew everyone with a side fringe coz I couldn't draw symmetrical eyes hahah)
2012 picture:

I've had a lot of people asking about what I did to improve, so i'll post my answer here instead of replying to each individual query:

The main method I recommend is practice, practice, practice! I know it sounds boring and cliche, but improvement doesn't happen overnight ;u; ultimately your drive and the amount of time you spend drawing will determine how much you improve. so try not to spend too much time watching tv/browsing the internet/socializing, and focus more time on drawing!

There are many tutorials I have read and tried out, but the ones that I learned the most from are probably:

1. [link] (having a basic colouring process, eg. starting with lineart -> adding base colours -> adding shadows on the skin -> colouring the eyes -> adding shadows to the hair -> etc.) Learning how to have a basic colouring process has certainly helped me to get a bit more 'organized' when I add colours to a sketch. There are also a lot of technical things i've learned from this tutorial too, such as colouring the 'whites' of people's eyes with grey, where the basic shadows on the face lie (under the eyebrows/around the eyes, under the nose, the cheeks, and under the mouth), how to add more detail to hair, and most importantly, that hair on the head has a parting! unless the person you're drawing has their hair slicked back

2. [link] (colour theory) I used to have no idea about colour complements, and I always used to use saturated colours (such as in the 2010 picture above), and therefore I wasn't able to decide on a unified colour palette/theme (bright red, bright blue, and cream splashed throughout the ENTIRE picture? :icongrossplz:), whereas in the 2012 picture, the majority of the picture is blue, whilst there is only a small area of bright red (the flower), and the red in her dress, which was originally too saturated, has been toned down so it doesn't compete with the bright blue in the other areas of the picture, and also to stop her from looking like a giant tomato.

*edit 5/4/13* oops! forgot to add this one!
3. [link] (colouring process) I used this tutorial quite a lot when I was getting started with digital art, and it's definitely the one that taught me the most about where shadows on the face/neck area should lie :>
*end edit*

I would also suggest picking out a wide range of artists that you like who produce art at a consistent level, and just stare at their art for hours and hours to see what it is about their art that you like, eg. observing how they colour skin; do they use saturated colours? do they add texture to the skin? how dramatic are the shadows on the face? how are the eyes/nose/mouth all placed on the face in relation to each other? do they use smooth or rough brushstrokes? I recommend a large variety of artists, because it's easy to become so captivated by one or two people's work that you just end up copying their style which is NOTT a good thing! >w<

TL;DR EXPLANATION: look at your favourite artist's works for inspiration, and PRACTICE whenever you can!:iconyeahplz:
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/ changed for a version that sticks to template.. /

hi guys, long time no see! I feel like finally I have some spare time :U strange feeling... I want to organise all that mess that I have at my account... tones of unread notes! (thank youuu! <3 and sorry that it tooks me forever to give you a reply, but I'm really rarely here...)
but first..

my entry for Transformation Challenge.
okay. maybe it's nothing "WOW!" like.. but it's kind of personal for me.
I'm a hidden furfag :U I know that it's nothing new for my watchers here (I post lot of furry stuff) but only some of my friends knows that I'm into anthro. actually I don't have any close friend who's also a furry fan :U have noone who wants to sew a fursuit with me.
sad furry thing.
it's more mental than psychical transformation.


+ what programs/tools were used?
photoshop and wacom tablet.

+ where did you find your inspiration for your entry?
oh...accidentally answered this one above :D plus "inside all of us is a wild thing"

+ how long did it take to complete it?
huh... about 30-40 minutes... (sooo slooow!) as I mentioned - I kinda have some spare time, but not as much as I'd like to have :D
no time for detailed and fully colored pieces.
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My entry for the Transformation Challenge:…

What programs or tools did you use?

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Where did you find your inspiration for your entry?

I really wanted to show something drab and depressing being transformed into something bright, vivid and hopeful. For a while now I've been struggling with my art in a way I never have before, especially since starting uni (although it actually quite a while started before that; uni just helped bring it into relief). Doing these projects that restrict me, where there's all this criteria to fulfil - primary research, secondary research, essays, etc, etc - with the pressure of deadlines crushing me, and just... doing projects that I'm not passionate about - when my true passion's for my stories and my characters - has only alienated me further from my personal art. Drawing and painting for uni's easy since I have to do it. But when I start something for myself, I procrastinate and procrastinate because I'm dreading how bad it might be, and when I do start, I see everything wrong with it and just want to scrap it and give up. When did art stop being fun for me? That's what inspired this. I wanted to remind myself how much fun I used to have with my art - how inspired and fired by ideas I was - and how much fun being creative can still be. I always bring a book with me on bus or train journeys, but sometimes I'll just have the best time spacing out, brainstorming story and character ideas. I guess you could say... this is to illustrate the power and the joy imagination can bring.

How long did it take to complete?

3 hours, give or take
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For this contest - What Does Your Artistic Journey Look Like?

My artistic journey is a machine that never stops building itself. It's made equally of rigid parts - rules and techniques I've honed over the years - and strange organic creatures - products of my imagination run wild. The Factory has endless rooms and stores infinite memories. Every object is a symbol of some sort, referencing something else in the maze. As it stretches ever higher, colour and creativity follow closely behind.

Facebook | Tumblr
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My entry for the lightning returns contest ! I hope to be in the top 50 and Nomura Testsuya will have time to see and be touched by my work :heart:

God luck all ! 

Original size 8000x2200 300dpi ,and my computer burning :D
You can find the concept sheet here :  

Lightning concept Sheet by ArisT0te

has spent several months to expect a contests, big thanks for this contest Deviant Art :dalove:
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