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It was at the last minute
That he told me his name
At the very last moment
Kira gloried in fame
I died in peace as his judgement came
Killed by a friend
Whom I thought felt the same

Though not directly
It was according to his plan
I stood in his way
My death was his demand

I would’ve discovered him sooner
If not for my mistake
I am known as anti-social
But who would’ve known, for God’s sake?

Before I could stop
And ponder my thoughts
I was ran over by love
Something that couldn’t be fought

You could say I was stumped
Why on earth? Why now?
And of all the damned people,
Why him and how?

Though he was my prime suspect
I didn’t want him to be
My feelings for my friend
Were taking over me

I felt him surround me
As I fell off my chair
I felt utterly weak
Knowing he was there

Both our eyes met
And in my back spreaded frost
I saw a maniacal glint
And I knew I had lost

And so now in death
Now I know I was wrong
Killed by a friend
With whom I thought I belonged
... I LOVE DEATHNOTE AND I LOVE L!!! And those two are already enough reason for my existence... XD

~ Screenshot: Taken at Death Note Episode 25. Hope I didn't spoil it for anyone ^-^

I give full permission to :icondeathnotefan: , :iconchurch-of-l: , and :iconlxlight: to post this in their gallery.
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Thief King Bakura x Reader -
chapter 1

Before reading:
Nothing really important, I just want you to know you're 17 here. I'll just put _________ for your name. I haven't made up a name for the fic yet, I doubt if It'll have a name since I suck at making up one, if you do an awesome idea. Furthermore, please bear with my English and writingstyle; I'm no native and this is the first thing I ever wrote so there...

You were sitting at the palace's entrance stairs. It was one of those boring afternoons there was no work to do. Your job as one of the pharaoh's servants was highly wanted and even though you were lucky with it, you didn't like your job much.
You've always wanted to know what it was like to go to places far from the palace. In your whole life you had never been outside of your village. Suddenly you heard a noise, followed by a giggle. You turned your head to see Ain. She had a dissapointed look in her eyes ''Aaaw... I wanted to surprise you''. Ain was like a little sister to you, she almost always was happy and if anyone was in a bad mood, she'd try her very best to cheer that person up. She just lived a bit in her own dream; She wanted to get married with a 'prince charming', have kids and live happily ever after.Your first priority was traveling, love was something that might cross your path... ''Why are you sitting here all alone?'' she asked with big eyes. You forced a smile upon your face and said ''Oh nothing, I was just enjoying the beautiful sun.'' Ain nodded '' Ra sure did his very best for a beautiful sun'' she whispered. ''So...'' you broke the silence ''had a busy day?'' She answered a lot of tasks she had done like it was nothing. Admiring you said ''You're such a hard worker!'' She smiled honoured and said ''but some day I'll get married and live a life I've always dreamed off.'' You laughed ''that won't be a too hard job... After all you're stunning and ever so nice'' and you didn't even have to lie, she was so pretty with her brown long hair and her big green eyes. She just has to watch out for men who want to take advantage of her personality. She sat down next to you with a major blush on her face ''and you'll never guess what happened to me today! I was going to clean the pharaoh's room and I thought he was outside so I didn't knock and he was only half-dressed! I was sooo embarassed, but I must say he's so hot!''Only listening to Ain's story made you feel better. But then she said something that made you listen very well '' You know... there's a really dangerous thief in town, I thought you were scared and sat here alone in fear.'' You looked up confused ''how so a very dangerous thief? aren't there more thiefs in town?'' She looked frightened ''yeah... but I've heared this one has murdered many people and robbed whole villages, they even call him 'the king of thieves'! isn't that creepy?'' You eased Ain ''Ha! I bet he crowned himself, he's probably just a big show-off.'' Ain smiled and said ''Oh _______ you always know what to say to make me feel more confident about things, thank you.''
Well... I don't know how long an average chapter is but... Here's chapter one! :D
I had fun writing it, since this is my first fic ever I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or right.
If there's anything amiss, please do note it :D I'd love to have some feedback.
If you guys like it... more chapters to come...
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Werewolf Germany x Reader
Part 2

“Ugh today was long.” You groan to yourself as you take your flour covered apron off and hung it in the back of the kitchen. You pulled your {h/c} hair out of the ponytail and you grab your keys from its hiding spot in your apron before you walked back into the front of the bakery. The boss was sitting there counting the profits for the day. “See you tomorrow boss.” You said waving before flipping the sign to closed and walking out the front door. The cold air hit you in a quick blast making you shiver and pull your {f/c} coat around you tighter. You look around before jogging down the street. Your house wasn’t too far from the bakery, which is why you didn’t need to use your car too often.

Your shoes tapped quietly against the cement side walk, and you continue to look around. It was pretty late in the evening, it was already dark. It was getting closer to winter, and the days were getting shorter and shorter. This time of year made you kind of sad and you withdrew from your surroundings. The cold just wasn’t a very welcome sight. You sighed and walked quicker to your house. The quicker you got there, the faster you could eat, and then go to bed. After Matthew and Feliciano left, the day went downhill from there. You burned some cookies in the oven, got some flour spilt on yourself, and had the mother of the child who’s cake you were frosting tell you to forget the entire order. So today wasn’t your favorite day.  You could almost feel the flour again.
The thought of all that flour made you shiver and made your hands jitter and pat yourself down. Some flour came off of the shirt under your coat, making you frown slightly.
“Okay, I really need sleep.” You declare to yourself proudly before practically running towards your house.

“Hey _____ wait a minute.” You heard a familiar voice behind you, stopping you short of your house.  You turn around to see Matthew, jogging towards you, waving you to stop.  You shiver as he catches up to you. By the time he gets there you are stomping your feet for warmth and are almost trotting in place.  He was breathing slightly hard, as he raises his eyebrows at you.

“I’m getting cold; can’t we talk in my house Mattie?” You ask turning in a circle. A quiet chuckle came from him as he nodded, to your question. You turn to see his grinning face, and you smile as well before stopping. A grin plants itself on your face as you start running towards your house. “Race ya,” you chirp back to him before you laugh. His face looked confused before a smile spreads itself on his face.

“No fair, cheater you got a head start.” He said as he sprinted towards you. You concentrate on your {f/n/c} house running full speed towards it. You didn’t want to glance back to see if Matthew was catching up or not, because you really didn’t need to. He was in front of you before you could bat an eye. You could see the smile on his face; he was really having fun with this race. You run that thought through your mind before kicking it up a step and running faster.  He had a smile on his face that looked quite a bit like his brother’s smile.

Your heart hammered in your chest and your lungs ached for air as you burst through the fence gate right after Matthew. He had won. “Damn it.” You say with a grin between breaths as you walk to the porch.

“You even had a head s-start.” Matthew joked as well walking beside you.  You shoved your house key into the lock, and you frantically tried to unlock the door. The lock was old, so it took a bit jiggling and twisting to get it unlocked.  A soft click finally sounded and you sighed, pushing open your door and yanking your key from the lock. You hold the door open for Matthew, before shutting it behind him.

“Come in, make yourself at home, and please excuse the mess.” You chirped kicking off your sneakers. The wood floor was cold, making you shiver and tread lightly against the floor and over to the thermostat, turning the heater on.  You then walked into the living room, where Matthew was, and looking at pictures on your fireplace mantel. “That is my family out in {country}.”
He jumped at your voice as you walk up to him. You take the family picture off of the mantel. “This is my older sister, and those are my two younger brothers, and those two are my parents. “ You point out each person with your finger, smiling at the picture. All of them seemed to look the same in some way, except for you. Almost everything about you was different than your family.

“Y-You don’t look a lot like your family.” He said quietly as you set the picture back on the mantel.  The statement took you a bit by surprise, and you took another look at the picture, no, he was wrong, your {h/c} was simply a different shade, and you got your {s/c} skin from your father’s side. You broke yourself from your daze, and you look at your friend before sitting down on the couch.

“So what did you need to tell me?” The question refreshed in your mind while you looked at your flour covered jeans. It seemed the idea had just refreshed in his mind as well. He sat down on the couch as well.  Your {e/c} eyes looked at your friend with interest as he started to speak.

“Well, my friends and I were going to meet up on Saturday, and I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come with. It wouldn’t be that much trouble to bring you with me, all I would have to do is tell-.” He was cut off by your sudden tight hug.  A big smile was on your face as his arms wrap around you.

“Ohh thank you Matthew, you are the kindest person ever! Sweeter than your brother’s cake, and someone would be lucky to have you.” You cheer the smile on your face. His face was turning a deep shade of pink, almost red at the complements he got from you.

“Thank you ______,” he said as you let your arms fall from around him.  The smile couldn’t fall from your face; your best friend had just made your day.  You were about to say something when your stomach groaned for food. Matthew seemed to notice this too, and he stood up, “Well, I need to get home too, so enjoy the rest of your evening ____.” He said before walking out the door.

You simply couldn’t wait for Saturday.

~Time skip Saturday Morning~

“Okay, I am suppose to meet them all at ten A.M. Matt said he would come and pick me up.” You rattle on to yourself as you take a sip of your orange juice. There you still sat in your pajamas finishing up your breakfast with half an hour till you had to be ready for the day. Sighing, you down the rest of your orange juice and get up, and walked to the bathroom to get ready. “Ugh, if I just wash my hair I should be good.” You mutter convincingly to yourself as you shut the bathroom door behind yourself.

~Time skip the bathroom~

You stared at your closet, your knees drawn to your chest, and your hair still dripping wet. Many colors adorned your clothes and closet, different shades of all the colors. You groan before flopping backwards on your bed. “I am just over thinking this aren’t I?” You ask yourself as you stare at the white ceiling of your room. Silence fills the room as you stare blankly up at ceiling, before you suddenly stand up, and walk over to your closet.  “Okay, so if I can’t decide by myself, I will blindly choose.” You proclaimed proudly as you shut your eyes and grab a random shirt.  When you opened your eyes, you saw your {f/c} shirt, it was perfect for today, and you smiled before slipping it on. You looked back at the clock, you were out of time. You bit your lip before running down the stairs and back into the bathroom. Your hair was still wet, and you couldn’t do anything with it in enough time. Your doorbell rang, and you groaned grabbing a ponytail and running towards the door. “One minute!” You shouted pulling your hair back into a halfway decent ponytail. You stood there in front of the door slipping on a pair of comfortable flats just as you remember the cookies you had baked yesterday for this function. Quickly you run into your kitchen and grab the small plastic container of cookies. Again you ran towards your door before yanking your door open to see Matthew. He looked down at you with a small smile.

“Good morning.” He greeted stepping out of the doorway as you walked out of your house and shutting the door.

“Where will be going to meet your friends?” You asked walking with him and off of your property.  He looked at you before walking down the sidewalk.

“We will head to my house actually; it’s our turn to host it this time.” An oh formed at your lips before you nodded. You had never been to Matthew’s house before, and you were quite curious. He seemed like a very neat person, but the way he described his brother, he seemed like a slob. You couldn’t stop smiling as you thought of the possibilities of what everything could be like. You were like a small child on Christmas morning, and it surely felt like winter outside. Burr.

~Short walk later Time skip~

Matthews how was a tan town house not too far from the bakery.  It didn’t surprise you with how often he frequented your work just so you could hang out with him while you baked. You were a bit nervous now as well. Some of that excitement had been replaced by anxiety. You weren’t dressed the best at the moment, and what would they think of you? All the possibilities ran through your mind as Matthew opened the door, letting you in first. “Thank you Mattie.” You said as you stepped into the warmth of his house.

“We are back.” Matthew said into the house just as someone came down the stairs.  He had blonde hair that was quite messy, and shorter than Matthews. He had glasses on and a wide grin on his face.  He hopped the last few steps and headed right towards you.

“So this is the girl you were talking about.” The blonde said loudly before patting your shoulder quite hard. He was very obnoxious.

“You must be Alfred,” you assumed smiling up at him.  He grinned back down at you before grabbing your hand and dragging you behind him. You stumbled a bit trying to keep up with his quick pace. Man he was fast in socks on hardwood floors.

“You were totally right broha, my brother must have said some totally awesome things about me for you to get it right on the first time huhh.”  All you did was nod, ‘yea, that you were very obnoxious and full of yourself.’ You thought to yourself.

“Hey Alfred, she is my guest she should at least get introduced to the others.” Matthew said behind you, making you jump and turn to see your friend following the quick pace.

“Hahaha I can do that no problem, we are almost there anyhow.” You passed through a doorway just as Alfred stopped pulling you behind him, and let your hand go. You stood up straight and looked at the room. People were looking at you. Heat rose to your cheeks as you held the cookies in both hands. You were very nervous now, but all you had to do was give your best smile and introduce yourself. ‘Calm down, Matt said they are very friendly people.’ You reassure yourself before taking a deep breath. “H-Hello, I am _______; it is a pleasure to meet all of you.” You say politely before giving your best smile. You saw everyone a bit clearer now that you introduced yourself. Nine people were in the room, with two people behind you that made eleven. Wow Matthew had a lot of friends.

Most of the people in the room gave you a smile back, before introducing themselves individually.

“Hello, I am Antonio, a pleasure to meet you.”

“Hello again name, this is my big brother Lovino, and I am Feliciano.”

“Hello there _____ I am Toris, it is a pleasure to meet you as well.”

“Hi, I am Ivan, it is a pleasure.”

“Hello ______ I am Elizabeta, and this man beside me is Roderich.”

“Herro, I am Kiku, it is an honor.”

“Hi, I am Ludwig, it is nice to meet you _____.”

You smile as all of them introduced themselves. It felt like a fifty pound lead weight was being lifted off your shoulders. Now that you knew their names, and saw that they were all friendly, it didn’t bother you as much anymore. The container in your hand seemed to get heavy as you almost jumped in remembering you had cookies. “Ohh that reminds me, I brought Chocolate Chip cookies, I hope no one minds.” You walk over and set the container on the coffee table, prying the lid off and releasing the aroma of fresh baked cookies.

‘This is going to be a fun day,’ you could only hope
:iconshockplz: How did this get so popular?    Thank you to everyone who favorited and commented! I really appreciate it.

{f/n/c} is favorite neutral color

I own nothing but the idea

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Chapter 1

Note: It's In Sweden Point Of View


One morning I was teaching Finland how to cook Fiskbullar and noticed he was having a bit of a problem. I decided to help him by guiding his hand.

"Here...Do it like this..."

A blush saturated his face. His hand was so warm...We have only been dating for like a few weeks now. We never did anything major like kissing yet. The most that ever happen was holding hands and hugging.

"Got it..?"


It makes me happy to see Finland so happy when he cooks. I tend to watch his face every time I get the chance.

"Is something Wrong Sweden?"

Has he noticed? How embarrassing...I shook my head in reply.

"Okay," Finland said as he went back to cooking.

I glanced back over.

"You are doing good..."

"Oh, Thanks," Finland replied happily.


The kitchen was filled with a smell from the burnt Fiskbullar, so I opened the window. I looked over at Finland, and his eyes started to tear up. I hate seeing him sad...It always makes me sad...

"It's alright..."

To make him feel better, I will eat all the burnt Fiskbullar. I started to eat one almost gagged. Sure, it didn't taste that good, but if I think about how happy Finland will be it wouldn't be that bad...

"It's good..."


I nodded and continue to eat the burnt food. I saw that a smile appeared. That made me really happy, so I gave a little smile back. Now that the Potato Casserole I was cooking is done, I gave Finland a bowel. He gladly took it.


If I broke apart the burnt Fiskbullar into the Casserole I would be able to eat all of it. There's really no reason for it to go to waste...

I fixed my bowl and started eating. Getting my mind off of the taste was hard. From the corner of my eye I noticed Finland looking at me.


I stopped chewing to look at him. Something seems to be on his mind.

"It's nothing."

Swallowing, the quiet house was interrupted by a loud mouth.


We both looked to see Denmark rushing in.

"What are you doing," He asked walking over.

He was always doing this kind of stuff...I narrowed my eyes.

"Eating." Finland replied

"Okay," Denmark smiled at me.

"What are you doing here..."

"Just wanted to get out. Norway and Iceland were arguing."

"Could have at least knocked..."

"what fun would that be!" Denmark laughed.

"This is my house..."

"I know," He said smirking.

Denmark is just being an ass...That's all he is...Why can't he leave us alone? We were happy without him...

"Is there something in particular you wanted? Asked Finland.

"Nope!" Beamed Denmark.

He is starting to irritate me...I looked at Denmark in the eyes.

"Please leave..."

"Aw come on don't be mean Sweden!"

This is when I pulled my strict face that everyone calls "scary."

"E-Eh...Why you looking at me like that?"


I walked over to Denmark who was still scared and grabbed him by the collar.

"Don't walk in...without my permission...I don't want to see you right now..."

"Hey let go man!"

This guy...has always picked on us...Finland looked worried at my sudden behavior. This made me drop Denmark.

"Man, What's your problem?!"

"Your my problem..."

This made Denmark angry. I didn't care...I wanted him to go away.

"How rude!"

"U-Um...Calm down you guys."

I closed my eyes to hide the frustration that was building up.


"Hmp. Fine!" Denmark finally left.

I sighed.

"You okay Sweden?"

It's obvious that Finland was worried about me...I nodded hoping he will cheer up.

"Denmark was ruining our happy family..."

"Haha...I wouldn't say that. He probably just wanted to hang out."

"...Then we couldn't hang out together..."

"Sure we could."

"Mmmm...I mean just us..."


Finland places the empty bowl in the sink.

"I like being alone with you...It's soothing..."

This made Finland smile and he hugged me. I couldn't help but to blush at the light embrace. Finland looked up at me as I hugged him back. I am so happy to be with Finland...
Wrote This With :iconhetaliajapan: She Role-Played As Finland And Denmark While I Role-Played Sweden. I Hope I Didn't Do Bad As Sweden.

Chapter 1: You Are Here
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:iconhetaliajapan: Is Writing In Finland's POV.
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6: [link]
Chapter 7: [link]
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Sweden, Finland Belongs To The Creator Of Hetalia
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    You looked around the terminal as you left the air plane that just landed in Domino City, you wanted a new life from (country name). You lost everything, Your family, your friends and your job. You took all the money you had and left (country name). You sighed walking through the city, your vision hazy from lack of food (you skipped meals to save money to get a plane ticket). Your arm pressed agaist the wall trying to keep your body walking straight. 
    "Hey!" You heard a young boys voice yelled "Lady! Are you ok?!"  
    "W...who are you?" You asked as you blacked out 
    ~time skip of 2 hours~
    You're eyes slowly opened to see to people arguing next to the bed you were in. 
    "Mokuba, why did you bring her here?!" The taller one yelled 
    "B..But Seto. I coudn't leave her out there!" The younger one yelled back 
    "W..where am I?" You asked sitting up
    The taller one looked at you and you could swear you saw a slight blush on his cheeks "My little brother took you here"
     "W..Well thank you" you smile slightly "I should go find my way home, I don't want to be a burden"
     "You're a bad lair" He reaplied 
     "What do you mean?"
     "You had a suite case with you and you obviously dont have any money because your starving"
     You looked at your stomach and could see your ribs, you sighed "Yeah so what?"
     "We cant let you go back out there!" the younger one said 
     "Mokuba! Quiet!"
     "Seto just let her stay until she can get her own place!"
     "P...please don't fight!" You cried "This is how my problems always start!"
     "W..what?" the one called Seto asked
      "Its to personal" You sighed 
      He looked into your (e/c) eyes and started walking towards the door "Fine she can stay as long as she cleans the house for us"
      You looked up at him and smiled brightly "T...thank you! Thank you so much!" 
      "I never got your name"
      "Oh right I'm ____" you said shaking as you stood up from the bed "And you?"
      "I'm Seto Kaiba and this is my brother Mokuba"
      "____, you should lay down your really weak right now" Mokuba said helping you sit down 
      ~Time skip 2 months later~ 
     You kept your word and cleaned Kaibas mansion. You were still thin but not as bad as before. Seto usually acts cold towards you but you know he has a soft spot for Mokuba. 
     "____!" You heard Seto yell 
     "Yes?" You said walking to him 
     "I need you to go out and grab medicine for Mokuba and something for diner tonight"
     "Yes sir" You smiled "and by the way. You don't need to be so cold. I know you have that little soft spot for me" you jokingly teased as you walked out the door.
      The walk to the store was normal until you heard a commotion in the alley near you. You quickly ran in shaking rapidly out of fear looking at the corpse in front of you.  
     "A little small to be here" A dark voice chuckled behind you
     You turned around to see that a white haired boy standing uncomfortably close "W..who are you?" You asked 
    "The question is who are you and why are you interfering with my work"
    "W...Why did yo-"
     He cut you off as he slammed you against the wall "Shhh. You don't need to know just yet." He quickly pulled out a knife and placed it against your cheek "I'll let you live for now as long as you swear to keep quiet" You nod frantically as he smirks quickly flicking the knife across your cheek making it bleed "You didnt let me finish and you already excepted to be mine~" 
    "Shhh! You just agreed to be mine" He said pulling you out of the alley "I'll be back to get you when I'm ready"
    All you could do was nod and quickly walk to the store trying to get what you need 
so what do you all think?


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Two People:

A Friend and an Outlaw

You opened your eyes slowly and hazily. The buckskin wall of a tent immediately pervaded your vision, and a soft linen blanket rested lightly over your skin against the cold desert night. For a moment you wondered where you were, but then the memory of slaughter and kidnapping filled your mind, and you held very still. To your surprise, you weren't tied up, but you could hear the voices of the same criminals that had raided the manor cheering outside. You held back tears, and felt angry betrayal well up forcefully in your chest. You hadn't known the murdered slaves well, but that didn't change the fact that they'd had lives and families and feelings, not to mention the fact it was your childhood rescue-ee that had done it. The laments were abruptly cut off by a rude hand on your chin, jerking it towards two cold lilac eyes.
"If you're going to pretend to be asleep, at least keep an even breathing rate," he chided mockingly with a cruel grin.
You mentally shook the tears he'd caught brimming in your eyes. "You! You—Bakura, why did you—? Who told—? What did you do to—?" you stuttered, so many questions flooding your head at once that you couldn't think.
"Finish your questions if you're going to ask them. But if you really want to know, I killed them all," he paused to giggle darkly, "But I thought it was obvious why I did it. You really must keep up with the times. I am the Thief King, after all."
"Thief King?"
Bakura's lids lowered contemptuously. "Oh, then you've heard of my reputation. I'm so very flattered."
Irritation flooded you. How dare he speak to you like that after he'd slaughtered your fellow servants? Pulling against his grasp unsuccessfully, you shouted, "Get off!" To be responded by a derisive chuckle.
"Oh no, I'm afraid not. You see, I do what I please, being an outlaw and all, and I believe you please me at the moment," he hissed lowly. Defiant, you stuck your tongue out at him, the memories of a less wicked Bakura momentarily getting the better of you.
His eyes widened. Bakura laughed loudly, and without warning, snapped his teeth just short of your tongue, which you had luckily enough just withdrawn. Fingers still clenching your jaw line, he dragged your face closer, whispering, "Oh, why don't you come out again, I was planning on playing for a while." Your face glowing red with livid emotion, you jerked back, and he let go, only to pin an arm above your head. With the other you jabbed at him, though you mineaswell have tried to jab water. He was faster than a snake and stronger than a leopard, and used his cat-like abilities to not only dodge your attack, but slip a leg across her torso, straddling your hips. You bucked your legs with enough force to throw an ordinary man off, but Bakura merely laughed. Further infuriated, you sat up and looked him in the eye.
A low chuckle started in his throat. "Standing up to the King of Thieves are we, girl?"
Very quietly you said, "We once knew each other as Bakura and Tadina," making sure to pack plenty of bitterness into the statement.
Something flickered within the depths of his stony eyes. Without warning, Bakura seized your wrists and forced you down onto the pallet again, exposing your thinly clothed chest. "That was a lifetime ago," he hissed, watching you struggle furiously against his hold, in the process wrinkling the white shift up to your thighs.
"Then why are you doing this?" you panted, finally giving up the fight as futile.
Bakura seemed to have dropped the scornful manner to respond this time. "You saved me as a child. Who can expect anything less from a good girl? But then you smuggled me from under your own mistress's nose when clearly your better judgment was to do otherwise. You kept the necklace. Why?"
You hesitated. This had been a mystery to you for the past five years as well. It had been wrong to help Bakura, and yet you'd done in without a second thought, and kept the probably-stolen silver chain. He continued when you did not respond.
"How many more times would you have helped me, if I had asked it of you?" His hands, which had been loosening on your wrists, tightened more than ever.  "Would you have kept me from the pharaoh, even?" He leaned closer to your face, his cold eyes alight with something like curiosity, but burning with an intense seriousness that unnerved you.
"Bakura—what do you want?" you asked, feeling vulnerable under his restraining grip and penetrating gaze.  
"I've already said it," he murmured, leaning down to bite the helix of your ear lightly. You gasped as a warm tongue slid out of his mouth and followed the teeth.
Your irate conviction of his wrongdoing was beginning to struggle with a powerful surge of excitement that reached from the innermost cavity of your chest to the tips of your fingers, denying entrance to anything but the incredible sensation. The tongue traveled down from your ear to your neck, nipping it so sharply you felt blood. He snickered mischievously and lapped it up, planting firm kisses down to your collarbone. Lightheaded, it wasn't until Bakura transferred your wrists into one of his hands and began to snake up your leg with the other that you snapped back to your senses.
"No!" You yanked so violently at his hold that you nearly dislocated your shoulder blades. Bakura withdrew, startled by the sudden outburst, to stare at you. "I don't care if you are the Thief King, I don't care if you're the pharaoh himself, you are not going to take me," you squirmed your hips, looking for something to strike at, "and you're not going to get what you want this time!" You thrust your head into his chin, forcing it momentarily upwards while you grabbed the large triangle-ring that dangled from his throat in your teeth and wrenched back the twine. It held for a second, and then gave with a loud snap!
Bakura released your arms, allowing you to push on the ground and scramble out from under him to the other side of the large tent. He picked up the talisman and tossed it aside, grinning more widely than ever.
"It seems I need a chain for that thing," he said, standing, "Or perhaps for you."
As he took a step nearer, shoulders hunched in a kind of predatory stance, you thought of any way to escape. There were his men outside, on all sides, and a vast desert beyond them. You had no idea where you were, and chances of being found by anyone capable enough to defeat the hoard of thieves outside were next to nothing. Bakura took another step closer, and it seemed you were utterly trapped, unable to fight the powerful adversary that was advancing on you. Hate, strong and fresh, brewed in your chest at the powerlessness of your situation. All you had were words.
"Stop," you said, shying away as he came closer. Why on earth should he stop? "Think about this. I'm more trouble than I'm worth."
"On the contrary my dear, I live for trouble."
Okay, bad approach. "There hundreds more girls who'd be willing to… to… be with you. Prettier ones."
A manic laugh stole over him, and before you could open your mouth to object, Bakura hand laid both large hands on your shoulders and towed you forward. The sapphire, which had been outside of your dress this whole time, glittered as he lifted it up to her eye level.
"Do you know why I gave you this?" he asked in a low voice.
Not seeing the relevance his question posed you replied, "A-a thanks?"
"It was to mark you," he was serious again, no longer teasing, disdain evaporated, "as mine." He met your eyes and you saw a burning, longing ache where the cold hardness had been. Transfixed by the change, you gazed up at him, forgetting that you were less than a foot away from the man you'd been trying to flee a minute before. "If I wanted another girl, I wouldn't have gone through the effort of raiding Anahashpat's manor. The pharaoh would have been very easy to attack tonight, what with all the distracting festivities and drunken guards. As for prettier, well… there aren't many."
You opened your mouth, but Bakura drew you into an embrace before you could say anything. It was actually very nice, despite his naked chest and towering height, and you tentatively reached your arms around his back. For a few moments he held you there, warm and secure, before tightening his grip and moving backwards, toward the pallet. Frightened, you let go and tried to push him off.
"I'm not going to do anything. I'd really prefer you to be into it as well if I were going to," he said softly, still pulling you back.
Wondering whether to trust him or not, you paused your resistance and let Bakura draw you to the bed, where he released your torso, laying down and motioning for you to do the same. Hesitating, you sank to your knees.
"Bakura, why do all of this for someone you've only known for a few minutes?"
He placed a hand on your shoulder and pushed you gently but firmly onto the blankets. "Why would you help me escape justice when you knew me for even less time?"
"I don't know, it just seemed like we'd been friends—"
"—for a long time," he finished, smirking. Again he wrapped his arms around you, the defined muscles rippling as he brought your soft body against his lean one.
"Maybe we have been," you muttered into his darkened skin.
Bakura nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck, the wild, fleece-white hair tickling your face.
"Perhaps." The warmth of his breath over your sensitive neck made you shiver, and Bakura chuckled wickedly. He ran a hand lightly from your shoulder to your leg, barely touching at all, prompting you to stiffen and inhale sharply. He brought it back up to rest on the small of your back, pressing in on it and bringing your bodies even closer. You had the sudden, inexplicable impulse to wrap a leg around him, but, embarrassed by the urge, just pressed your face in harder to Bakura's chest.
"Goodnight," came his roguish comment.
Slowly relaxing, you replied, "Goodnight." This wasn't so bad. Not bad at all. Melting into the King of Thieves, falling sleep… it was a bit pleasant.
"Alright, this time when I took it from my Quizilla account, I edited it pretty heavily, and changed the ending. Personally, I like it like this much better. The original Tadina reminded me a bit too much of Bella -.-' so I made her a little more kick-butt. Still, kick-butt-ness doesn't help you when you're up against someone as insanely strong as Bakura *naughty chuckle*. It gets a bit erotic here, although I'm way to cowardly to do a lemon, but it gets almost smutty fluffy."
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One Track Mind
  You sighed and blew a piece of hair  away from your eyes, staring out the window of your classroom.  Your teacher was rambling on and on about Electronegativity and how it related to apples and, surprisingly enough, that made no sense.  It was so boring you felt as though you were going die.  Deciding a much merciful fate would to be to put yourself out of misery, you prepare to slam your head onto your desk and go to bed.  Just as you pull your head back, the blissful ringing of the bell tolls through the room.  You quickly jump to your feet and meet your friends Yugi and Teá out in the hallway.  They both wave to you and Teá walks directly to your left with Yugi on her other side.  You talk about your day and how uneventful it was, until Yugi brings up the topic of Bakura.
  "Bakura wasn't really acting like himself when I last saw him, he was kicked off campus last week.." He says, trailing off.
  "Kicked off?  What did he do?  He was always so sweet and innocent."  Teá looks at Yugi in a concerned fashon.
  "Well, every night when he'd go on a date, the women wouldn't come back with him and when I saw him two weeks ago there was definetely something different about him."
  Teá points her pointer finger up in the air, "He got a new hair style!" She says, seeming rather proud of herself.
  Yugi takes a deep breath, "Well, not only that, but there seems to be a malicious look in his eyes.  Not only a look of evil but of lust.  But lusting of what?"
  You take all this in, rolling all this new information around in your head.  You and Bakura had never really been close, but had hung out on lots of occassions.  It was true, he always seemed so cute and innocent.  He was always concerned and wanted everyone to happy and have fun.  You couldn't believe that it was actually Bakura that they were so poorly talking about and you voice this idea.
  "I'm sure it's him, I'd see him walk away from school with a new girl almost every day.  There was no confusing him with anyone else, I mean the guy has crazy hair!"  Yugi shifted from foot to foot, "And not only that, but he'd turn around and smirk at me, almost saying 'She's in for a real surprise tonight!'"
  Teá gasped and grabbed onto Yugi's arm and he winced slightly "Oh no!  I hope he's okay!"
  Yugi shook his head and waved goodbye to you, since you were all standing outside the school now, "I'll see you later ____, I'm gonna go ahead and walk Teá home, she seems pretty freaked out."
  You nod and walk in the opposite direction.  Bakura's gone evil?  There was no way that that happened.  He was so small and had such a kind little face.  He was no womanizer.  And where these women going, if they were all disappearing?  Bakura couldn't be kidnapping women, could he? No way.  There was definetely something going on that made much more sense, like alien abductions.  You smile to yourself.  Sometimes you crack yourself up.  Just then, your phone buzzes.  You flip it open and look at the display message, telling you that you have one new message.  You open the message up and quickly glance over it.  It was a small grocery list from your mum, so you change courses and walk to the store.  You're about a ten minute walk from there and it's already starting to get dark so you quicken your pace.  It was getting cold, and not only that, but you felt like you were being watched.  You knew you really weren't, but still, the thought was lingering in your mind, 'What if I'm being followed...?'.  Just to be safe you quickly whirl around and see a tall man standing behind you.  He's got dark shaggy hair and a cruel look on his face.
  "Where are you going so late at night, little miss?" He slurs.  His breath smells like alchohol, theres not mistaking that.
  "On my way home, now get away from me," You say, looking around, avoiding eye contact with the obviously intoxicated man.
  "Oh, but I think..." He stops to burp and look you up and down, "I think you'd have more fun if you came home with me..."
  You spit at his feet and he grabs you by your forearm, yanking you closer to him and causing you to drop your phone.  You open your mouth to scream, but are quickly cut off by one of his massive hands covering your mouth, muffling your protests.  
  You close your eyes, hoping for this to be just some sick nightmare, and when you open them again, everything will be okay.  You keep your eyes tightly closed and take your free arm and slam your elbow into his gut and hear him grunt in respnce.  Shortly after, the roughness of his callased hands are gone, and the smell of beer no longer lingers in the air.  You hear a hard crash and then a groan of pain, that is soon followed by silence. Feeling rather proud of yourself, you peek one eye open and turn your head slowly, looking behind you.  The large man is now lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood, his neck bent at on odd way... A way that cleary indicates he won't be bothering you, or anyone else, ever again.  Standing directly behind him is a man who stands nearly a head taller than you, with pale skin and white hair that appears to have wings in it.  A half grin played across his face as he stares at you.  His eyes were hard, lingering on your lips.  You had found the missing Bakura.
Here's the first chapter in this quick little fanfic I wrote, lemme know if you want more chapters!
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   You sighed as you walked back to Seto's with the bags of food and Mokuba's medicine. You grabbed band-aids to cover the cut on your cheek. You prayed he wouldn't ask about it, but I guess Ra was not on your side because the second you got in the door Mokuba saw it. 
   "____! What happed?!" He asked 
   "Well I was petting a cat and it scratched my cheek" you giggled 
   "You're still a bad lair" Seto said as he walked in
   "Come on!" You yelled "Its just a little scratch, why do you care?"
   "Because your like a sister to me" Mokuba smiled "I want you to be safe"
   "Don't worry I'm fine" You smiled back "I'll go make dinner now" 
   ~Seto's POV~
   I watched as ____ walked into the kitchen and sighed. She's hiding something and i need to find out what. 
   "Mokuba, is ____ acting strange to you?" I asked 
   "A little bit, why?"
   "Somethings up with her."
   "See brother you do care about her" He said as he walked towards the kitchen
   "I do not!" I yelled back crossing my arms 
   ~normal POV~
   You smiled as Mokuba walked into the kitchen to help you cook like he usually does. 
   "You know he likes you" He said 
   "My brother"
   "No he doesn't"
   "Yes he does"
   "There's no way"
   "Yes he does he just wont admit that he is worried about you" 
   You blushed knowing he wasn't joking and continued cooking 
   "And I know you like him back" Mokuba chuckled 
   "So?" You said blushing darker
   "So, you need to tell him how you feel"
   "Mokuba, knowing Seto he would just push me away so he can seem like a tough guy"
    "You have a point" 
    "Maybe someday I will tell him"
    ~Time skip to after dinner~
    You had just finished cleaning the dishes and were about to go to bed. Oh the way you saw Seto standing in the hallway "Hey." You said smiling towards him
   "What? I'm just saying hi"
   "Listen _____, I'm not good with small talk"
   "Neither am I"
   "Then why are you?"
   "Cause I just wanna talk to you" You motioned your hand telling him to lean in closer "I know you like me" You whispered as you kissed his cheek.
   He pulled away from you and you both looked at each other, blushing dark "U...uhh goodnight!" You said as you ran down the hall to your room. Seto just stood frozen in shock at what just happened.
   You started changing into your PJ's and you were still blushing from what happened. 
   "So you like Seto?" A voice said behind you. You quickly turn to see the white haired boy again "I saw what you did and I don't like when my woman kisses other guys" He smirked 
    "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE!?" You yelled loud enough for Seto to hear. Seto quickly snapped out of his thoughts and ran to your room. 
    "Let's just start over, love" He smirked pinning you to the wall "I'm Bakura, and you?"
    "_..._____" You said turning your head away from him. 
    The door swung open and Seto ran in looking at you and then glared daggers at Bakura "What are you doing here Bakura"
    "Oh just getting my part of me and _____'s deal"
    "What deal?" He asked 
    "She live's and becomes mine or I'll kill her"
    "Is this why you have been acting strange?" He asked looking over to you
    You nodded a bit as your body shook nervously. Bakura looked at you and sighed "Listen, for now I will leave you with him and let you get to know  me better"
   "O...ok" You said smiling a bit.
   He quickly leaned in and kissed you on the lips then left out the window
   "H....He just took my LIPS VIRGINITY!" You yelled
   "That's what you're worried about?" Seto sighed 
“No, chinese food! I want chicken & dumplings.”
“Well, I want pizza.”
“Do either of you care what I'm hungry for?”
“Oh, come on Bob. You like chinese & pizza you're not gonna just pick one.”
“That's true.”
They had been driving for a while now & obviously all three of them were hungry. All Bob had asked was what they should eat. This sparked a rather vigorous argument between Mark & Wade that no one would win.
“Can't you guys decide on one thing that we all would want?”
Mark glanced at the passenger's seat where Wade sat before they both looked at Bob shaking their heads.
“Absolutely not.” Mark smirked.
Bob rolled his eyes.
“Fine, I'll chose. Cheeseburgers.”
“Okay.” Wade replied.
However Mark stuck his bottom lip out & crossed his arms over his chest.
The three of them snorted a bit in amusement.
“I'm not dealing with a lot of traffic though. I'll take the back roads.” Bob did as he said he would & turned off the main road.
They were headed to a new con & the idea of making it a bit of a road trip came about which they all agreed to.

Bob drove the car for quite a while while they absently listened to the radio. By now Mark was starting to become aware of something odd.
“Hey, is it just me or have you guys not seen a single sign since we left the road?”
Both Bob & Wade seemed to notice this as well. Wade glanced to the sides of the road. Not even a stop sign.
“Yeah, it's been what? Like an hour.”
Bob nodded & narrowed his eyes looking ahead of them.
“What about this fog?”
Mark leaned forward between the two front seats to peer at the thick fog hovering along the road ahead of them.
“That's weird...” he muttered.
Bob cautiously drove through the fog still looking for some kind of sign to let them know where they were. It seemed like this was a more wooded area. After a few minutes the radio started to act odd. All they could really hear from it was static. Bob looked to Wade & Mark.
“Should I turn around?”
Wade, without hesitation, nodded.
Mark was about to agree when he noticed something in the middle of the room a few feet in front of the car.
“Bob, look out!”
Bob turned his attention back to the road just in time to see the small figure standing there. He jerked the wheel in a rather desperate attempt to avoid hitting them.

Everything that happened in the following seconds was a blur. Whether or not they avoided hitting the small person in the road was completely unknown. The car slid sideways on the moist road & unfortunately while Bob hadn't been driving that fast, the rear of the car hit a tree which sent them spiraling off the road into another tree. After everything became still again, the car was left severely dented & it's blinkers flashed. The airbags had been deployed in all the chaos which had knocked Wade's head against the window. Bob was out cold due to hitting his head on the steering wheel. And Mark was no better having been knocked around even with his seat belt. All three youtubers were unconscious.
Mark, Bob & Wade are on their way to a convention. When they are involved in a car accident their only choice is to find help in a secluded town in the middle of nowhere.
Author's Note: Inspired by Silent Hill, probably not entirely true to it. Please don't hurt me...

Chapter 1-You are here!
Chapter 2-Silent Hill-Chapter 2
Chapter 3-Coming soon!
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   You know my name; it's Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog. It was just a few hours ago, I had just defeated Dr.Eggman. Ok here's what happened; Eggman was up on another of his so-called "evil plans" ,but of course, I was there to stop him as usual. I won't go into detail about his "plans"(I hardly knew what his evil plan was anyway, but I try to stop him anyway) but I will talk about the battle. Eggman was inside another one of his machines to fight me, while I went "Super" using the seven Chaos Emeralds; and somehow; we ended up battling on the surface of the moon,at one point he tried to shoot me with his laser cannon that apparently was part of his master plan and ended up hitting the moon after missing me, but after awhile, I defeated him. Right now I'm at my house, huh?  How can a fifteen year old can already have his own place? Heh…I leave that up to you to figure out.
            I was writing a letter to someone who still needed some comforting (I'll tell you later); as two of my closest friends; Tails; an eight year old, two tailed fox; and Chip, a chihuahua dog-like creature with fly-like wings. I don't know his age (probably a million years old!), but his voice sounded like and he acted like a young kid; but was mature at times; anyway back to what my friends were doing; as they were playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii. Since I'm feeling generous, I tell you about some things I have in my house. Besides my Wii, I have a lot of other consoles, usually for each game that comes out that's about me…companies usually send me merchandise they've made about me and my friends; like figures, comics and etc. (for the record, I live on your planet, present day Earth, my comic "counterpart" lives on Mobius…Sonic X isn't canon ether…but a different universe.)I have a few books, that Arthur book I use as a portal to get to that Camelot place(more on that later), a journal, and a friends book because I have a lot of friends.

     "'All worlds have to come to an end at some point… I know it's sad but; we just have to live our lives to the fullest' Remember when I told you that Merlina?" This is what I've written in my letter to Merlina (you know her from the "Black Knight" game I was in. Huh? How am I gonna send it to her? I'll tell you later.) so far. After learning more info about Merlin, Merlina's grandfather, from Tails; I could now use this new info to put in my letter, so I could comfort her a little more. Even though she almost killed me and I fought her when she became the Dark Queen; but all she wanted to do was make her world last forever. I told her the truth(I told her this already after defeating her when she was the Dark Queen and what I wrote in my letter earlier) and at the same time I forgave her after defeating her as the Dark Queen, and we became friends again; and I ended up being king Arthur of her world! Now back to the letter. "I learned a little more about your grandfather; he could see into the future right? He must have predicted millions of years into the future to know the fate of your world. We'll be in the afterlife by the time it ends, your people too. You and your people won't experience the end of the world. I promise. I hope you feel better, I'll remember to visit.
Your friend,

I reread my letter (the letter is much longer than what I just told you) and stuck it inside an envelope; it would take awhile for Merlina to respond. I also send letters to Elise, another one of my human friends. (We still remember each other even after changing the past due to a time paradox, we even remember most of the events of 06; I had to explain this long complicated story to my friends.If you're wondering about Shahra, I use my magic ring to talk her or to visit her world) It was almost dark out, I felt exhausted. I left the seat at my desk; the desk was actually in the living room; the same one Tails and Chip were in. (They're on my couch.) They turned their attention to me.
"You're done writing?" Tails asked.
"Yep!" I said while yawning and stretching. Chip's large ears perked.
"How can you be sleepy already?" I stared at him blankly. Tails looked at me nervously; he dislikes it when I get frustrated with someone.
"I don't know Chip, maybe it's from fighting with Eggman for most of the day and then that letter I had to write?" I answered sarcastically. Chip winced, sensing some frustration in my tone.
"I…I'm…I'm sorry." Chip replied. I sighed, somewhat regretting for snapping at him.
"No, it's ok, I shouldn't have snapped at you. I'm just really tired…I think I'll be going to bed early soon." Chip smiled.
"I forgive you Sonic." Tails turned to me smiling, while Chip was now trying to get comfortable on the couch.
"Hey Sonic, is it ok if I sleep at your place tonight? I mean it's been a long day…" I answered before Tails could finish.
"Yeah it's ok. Just where are you gonna sleep?" I said as I threw away my paper plate, I had a chilidog for dinner while I was writing my letter. I have dishes, but you don't need to wash paper plates. (Duh!)
"Thanks, I'll sleep on the couch, I don't mind; and I'll 'mail' (he uses some type of machine) that letter for you if you would like that." Tails responded.
"You mean to that place where you're the king and Amy still doesn't believe you?" Chip added, he giggled at the end of his sentence. I glared at him but he didn't care. Man, don't remind me of her chasing me with her hammer.
"Sure, thanks Tails." I handed the letter to him.
"I'm gonna take a quick shower." I muttered to myself.

I'm well known for hating water, due to the fact I can't swim, but a shower doesn't hurt. I can swim a little, for a few seconds! I've been on a water bike, boats and in the water on forced occasions when I don't have a choice, but I can't stay afloat and might drown. After the shower, I got out and dried myself off and got into bed, my shoes, socks and gloves were off, well because…who sleeps in bed with shoes and gloves on? "Night guys." I yelled to Tails and Chip. They responded by saying "night" back, as I closed my eyes to rest. I could hear Tails…he was reading to Chip; I think he was reading "A Wrinkle in Time." I listened to his reading and before I knew it, I was asleep, although I still had one thought in my head, I couldn't wait to run tomorrow.

Everyone at one point in their lives has probably had a weird dream; because I was having one right now. This dream was really weird…somehow… I've turned into a dragon…no joke, tan muzzle, chest and half of the front legs; the rest of my body was blue and still had short-haired fur. That's what sucks about dreams; you can almost never control what happens. Back to the dream; I had wings, two blue horns, a long tail, claws and fangs; I still had ears and my quills looked like spikes going down my head and neck; and could stand on fours and two's(legs). I even felt like I was in the body of a dragon. I was on a rocky cliffside of a valley, swishing my tail. I then took of flying through the canyon; I was already familiar with flying since I could fly in my super form. I started doing stunts like spins, dives, and loop-de-loops, as my long neck stuck out, feeling the air brush past me, feeling the air somewhat reminded of how I felt when I ran. And eerily…some of my (dream) dragon traits…reminded me of my other form…the cursed one. The fangs, the claws, my strength, being feared… at least the full moon came two weeks ago…for four nights as usual. It started to feel cool flying around as a dragon; flapping my wings. This was one dream I was probably going to share. However it started to disappear into view, eventually I was back to reality, in other words, I woke up.
"Weird dream, it was a little cool-" I muttered to myself, but I didn't get to fin…uh! A burning pain was spreading throughout my very body; I was shaking all over…what was happening to me? Looking around in a panic, I noticed that my house was completely dark; I could hear loud snoring in the downstairs living room over my rapid breathing. I noticed a dim bright light coming from outside my window; I stumbled towards the window and to my horror, outside my window was the moon…full and bright. The light of the full moon was shining down upon me. It's not possible…the moon was full two weeks ago… It's not supposed to be full until a month. My eyes widen.
"No…NO!" My fur was growing and there was still pain in my body, but I was too focused on the moon out of disbelief.
"Uuuuhhh…" I fell to the ground; my arms were blue now, with white fur around my wrists. I used my bare feet…paws? Whatever, to push myself to my bedroom door, and closed it. I flattened my now wolf-like ears as my muscles began to swell; I let out moans and whimpers. I looked at my feet;  and I noticed the claws growing on my toes, round and sharp. I was really scared; I was becoming a werewolf on the wrong night! I wanted to scream help so my friends would wake up. I looked at my hands, my finger nails were growing, becoming sharp claws, they were meant to kill. I slammed my clawed hands down, accidentally slashing my door. I've never hurt anyone in my beast form as you know, but my friends don't know that I'm transforming tonight, the moon was full at the wrong time, I don't want to scare them. I looked at my shoes that were in one of the corners of my room, they were changed even though I wasn't wearing them. My face began to hurt, I covered my face, and I knew what was coming, my muzzle was going to grow out; the most painful part of my transformation. It started to stretch, pushing my hands with it. I started to cry, it really hurts, tears seeped from my closed eyes, I could no longer hold it back and I screamed in pain.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"  Tails and Chip woke up immediately as they heard screaming. Tails sat there in shock before realizing who the scream belonged to.
"It's Sonic!" he ran to Sonic's bedroom as Chip followed him, but the door was locked, all he could do was cry out.
"Sonic, what's wrong?"

I breathed heavily as my teeth began to burn, I heard my friends panic on the outside of my room. I locked my door earlier when I heard them wake up.
"Sonic!" Chip cried "We need to get in! We want to know if you're hurt!" I still didn't respond. All of a sudden my teeth grew long, becoming razor sharp fangs. I snapped my jaws shut, I heard my buddies gasp on the outside of my door. I started growling as my chest pushed out, I did this because it eased the pain a little for some strange reason. At first it sounded like a fake growl like if I was growling in my original form, but then slowly changing to something animal-like. (I know I'm an animal, a hedgehog, but I'm an anthro animal, not a normal animal.)

The two heard loud growling from the other side of the door. They froze when they heard the threatening sound; the growling grew louder at times, sounding like if a monster was about to roar. Chip hid behind Tails and then nervously asked
"Sonic? Are…are you alright?"

I heard Chip asking if I was ok, I noticed the nervousness in his voice. I stopped growling and unlocked my door, but I still didn't respond. The darkness of my house and the eerie silence made me feel uncomfortable; I quickly walked to the back of my room on fours, next to my bed. Breathing fast, for I was still startled by my unexpected transformation.

The young fox realized that the growling ceased and heard a click, realizing the door was now unlocked, but there was still no response from Sonic. Maybe he's…become the werehog? No, the moon is not supposed to be full for another month. He was scared…but he was worried about his blue friend. Chip looked at Tails and asked
"Maybe, we should go in?" Tails nodded which Chip could see even in the darkness of the night. Tails opened Sonic's bedroom door, and the first thing that caught the two's attention was a pair of glowing green eyes in the darkness.

I stared at my friends; their eyes were full of fear and concern. I pulled myself together and stood up.
"Sonic?" Tails asked. I answered by saying,
"Turn on the lights." My voice sounded deeper and rougher, but still somewhat recognizable. Tails flipped the switch next to him and they both gasped; staring at me with stunned looks on their faces. I looked away from them for a moment out of shame. Tails spoke.
"Sonic, you've transformed…but" I interrupted him.
"Look out the window." They looked out the window.
"Hey, the moon's full!" Chip exclaimed.
"Too early! It's not supposed to be full for another month!" I sat down after my response. Tails walked towards me and kneeled down.
"Sonic, why didn't you answer us? We wanted to help you even though we didn't know you were changing, we thought something was hurting you." I hung my head.
"I didn't except the transformation, you already know that my change hurts right?" they nodded, they knew that no matter how much I changed into the werehog, the transformation will always hurt. "When I started changing unexpectedly… I got scared and… I didn't want you guys to see me change." Tails and Chip both had sad looks. Tails spoke again.
"Don't worry Sonic; I think the reason has to do something with the battle with Eggman on the moon, I promise by tomorrow morning, I'll find out what's causing the full moon's early appearance." I looked at Tails then at Chip.
"Thanks, you've been helping out a lot today Tails." I had a small smile on my face. Tails smiled. I got up and walked towards the hallway.
"Where are you going?" Chip asked with a look of curiosity, Tails had the same look; I smiled, revealing some fangs.
"I'm gonna sleep in the living room with you guys."

Tails was on the couch, laying his head on a pillow, with a blanket on him, Chip's "bed" (he finds a new area in my house every night!) was a comfy chair; while I slept on the carpet like a dog, I didn't mind being on the floor since, for some strange reason in this body, I felt comfortable sleeping like this; and I didn't need a blanket because my shaggy fur kept me warm. The lights were turned off, but I was still having a conversation with my friends.
"Hey guys, wanna know what I was dreaming about before I woke up and transformed?"
"Sure." Tails responded.
"Ok, I had this weird dream where I transformed into a dragon and…" I was interrupted by Chip.
"Really? Don't tell us about the dream yet! If you tell us now, then when you go back to sleep, you might not see the rest of the dream! Why don't you tell us tomorrow by writing it like a story and then let us read it? Please?"
"I agree with Chip, Sonic. I would like to read it tomorrow after figuring out this moon problem. Also it's 12:20AM(we,ve been up for sometime while talking), we should be going to sleep."
"Aww…but I wanted to ask Sonic some questions about some of his experiences, like the Darkspine form from that one game, and that Arthur place. Well…can I read those comics tomorrow? I've never got a chance to read them…" Chip whined. I chuckled.
"Sure Chip..."
"So will you write the dragon dream tomorrow?"
"Sure…" I yawned, revealing all of my sharp fangs. "I'll write it tomorrow…after my run." I closed my eyes.
"I'm hungry…can I have a midnight…" Chip passed out and fell asleep.
"Heh…good night guys." And after I fell asleep, wouldn't you know it? I was dreaming about being a dragon again.
Chap 2 is coming soon...and two bonuses,one which includes the dragon.
note some quotes in the letter are from Satbk, also the part about Merlin seeing into the future maybe inaccurate.
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