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It was at the last minute
That he told me his name
At the very last moment
Kira gloried in fame
I died in peace as his judgement came
Killed by a friend
Whom I thought felt the same

Though not directly
It was according to his plan
I stood in his way
My death was his demand

I would’ve discovered him sooner
If not for my mistake
I am known as anti-social
But who would’ve known, for God’s sake?

Before I could stop
And ponder my thoughts
I was ran over by love
Something that couldn’t be fought

You could say I was stumped
Why on earth? Why now?
And of all the damned people,
Why him and how?

Though he was my prime suspect
I didn’t want him to be
My feelings for my friend
Were taking over me

I felt him surround me
As I fell off my chair
I felt utterly weak
Knowing he was there

Both our eyes met
And in my back spreaded frost
I saw a maniacal glint
And I knew I had lost

And so now in death
Now I know I was wrong
Killed by a friend
With whom I thought I belonged
... I LOVE DEATHNOTE AND I LOVE L!!! And those two are already enough reason for my existence... XD

~ Screenshot: Taken at Death Note Episode 25. Hope I didn't spoil it for anyone ^-^

I give full permission to :icondeathnotefan: , :iconchurch-of-l: , and :iconlxlight: to post this in their gallery.
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She thinks back occasionally, back into her tear-laden memories and lonely afternoons, but it feels as if she were remembering a distant dream once dreamt. The details are hazy, yes, seen as if through a screen of smoke, but they are there.

She will smile now, maybe even laugh, and tell you the story of her life with a glint in her eyes:

i.  Lullaby

(She sang him to sleep countless times.)

She would lie his head in her lap and run a hand through his hair and beard; she would trace the line of his jaw to his cheekbones to the tip of his nose as if tracing stars into constellations.

She taught him the constellations, too, one by one, and he pretended not to notice the way her eyes would occasionally cloud over with yearning, with longing (because, oh, how she wished she could sail along with him having the stars as their only guide!), and she would pretend not to notice how he seemed suddenly weighted down with grief as he remembered her.

Penelope, Penelope--- the name spun in her head and manifested itself in his now slightly tearful eyes.

So she would sing until her throat ached (until he forgot the outer world), would pull him up from his reveries and dance with him under the blazing sun until his laughter pierced the quietness of her island.

She would, she would, she would. What wouldn't she have done for him to stay?

Seven years.

It was not until Hermes came and delivered the gods' message to her that her carefully constructed illusion crumbled. He will be gone, never to come back.

Nevertheless, she helped him get out (away).

Odysseus didn't even look back.

ii. Moonlace

(Tender , pure, delicate-- she thought of the small flower as a manifestation, or a message, perhaps, of her love.)

He was, quite literally, fallen from heaven.

She must admit she had started when she heard the splashing sound of water, running towards the sound, and, foolishly enough, she had dared to hope.

She took care of the fallen hero (how cliché! she will now smile to herself), she showed him her garden and what's more, she showed him piece of herself. Even so, she had been careful.

But one night, she was caught off-guard by one of his comments:

"What does it do?"

She had glanced over at him, her lips twitching upwards in the tiniest of smiles as she saw his contemplative expression, defined only by the moonlaces' silvery glow.

"Do?" she had found the idea amusing. What exactly did a moonlace do? "It doesn't really  do anything, I suppose. It lives, it gives light, it provides beauty. Does it have to do anything else?"

"I suppose not."

She had cupped the plant into her hands and delivered it to him, their fingers touching briefly.

He looked at her with such expression in his eyes afterwards that she couldn't help but think if he had thought of herself described somewhere along those lines.


A name. There was always a name that sent her heart plummeting to her feet and commanded tears to her eyes. Countless times she had chided herself for being so foolish--

"The fates are cruel," she had said, countless times also. But only he demanded an explanation. Only he looked at her with such compassion. And so she couldn't help but explain.

She had been careful, yes, but not careful enough.  

He went away.

He went away, but seconds before he was completely engulfed by the mist, Percy Jackson turned, a promise half-formed in his lips.

She had pursed her lips and looked away.

iii. Phoenix

(She now thinks of herself as a phoenix: born from the ashes of her former self, vigorous, bold, alive.)

He infuriated her.

Perhaps they had started off with the wrong foot (she doubted that crashing down into her dining table was a good start), but there was something different in him.

She had cursed loudly, raised her voice to the skies and asked the gods if they had no shame-- sending her this charbroiled runt! It must have been a mistake, she thought bitterly.

(She wondered, although barely, faintly, where had her last shred of innocence and hope gone.)

"Just say, 'I want to leave Ogygia'," she had snapped, glancing at the surf and ignoring the look of hurt that flashed through his eyes. He obliged.

But no magical raft appeared,  and she grew more flustered by the second.

So she turned and ran, giving no more explanation.

He found her eventually, furiously shoving at the earth, her eyes stinging.

He had asked a lot of questions, but they seemed out of harmless curiosity, not malice. Even so, she had acted harshly, not caring what he thought because why should she?

He brought up that name again, and the memories that came with it: Percy.

(She then realized that that last shred of innocence and hope had sailed along with him.)

She told herself she didn't really care, but even so she sent her servants with plates of stews and goblets of lemonade to the edge of her garden. She even wove him new clothes in her loom.

She visited his makeshift working place every now and then (she just had to follow the sound of hammering). The first time was partly out of grudging curiosity, partly slight worry (he hadn't eaten in two days, for the god's sake. She wasn't sure what would happen if he continued like that, but she didn't want to find out, either.)

"You're scaring the birds!" she shouted over the sound of hammering.

"Oh no, not the birds!" he had grumbled, and she felt an urge to engage into another pot-throwing rage.

Instead she left him a basket of freshly baked bread and grapes with a brief explanation.

The conversation died quickly after that; not that it mattered.

The second time she had gone to visit him it was to return some favors.

She wove him inflammable clothes to fit his crazy hammering and scouting needs and excused herself with harsh words and the remembrance of a favor. He had fixed her fountain, and her curtains, and her gardening tools--  and she couldn't just leave him jogging around her island in smoldering rags. At least that's what she told herself.

"You're really warming up to me," he had said, looking at his new clothes in awe, and she felt herself go beet red.

She returned that one when he tried to excuse himself out of fixing her tools. "'You're really warming up to me'," she had imitated him, and the smallest of smiles threatened to show on their lips.

"I suppose that is your girlfriend?" the words rushed out of her mouth, bitterly rolling off her tongue. She looked at the mirror again, but it only showed her own reflection. "Your Penelope? Your Elizabeth? Your Annabeth?"

He looked at her as if she were raving mad. "What? That's Reyna. She's not my girlfriend! I need to see more! I need-"

But then Gaia showed up, all offers and prizes, and she remembered. Annoying as he was, he was needed somewhere. His friends needed him:  he should get going.

She shouldn't be "warming up" to him.

"You could sing and I could, like, randomly burst into flames."

She had laughed, a clear, happy sound that pierced the afternoon's immaculate quiet.

How long had it been since she last laughed?

But just as the moment came, it was gone.

To get back.

The words resonated in her head, echoing loudly, making it impossible to think of anything else.

"What do you mean get back?" her tone bordered on hysterical, her heart beating wildly against her chest.

So she told him the truth. "You can't come back."

His smile dropped. "Because I'm not welcome?"

"Because you can't." Another hollow explanation, rehearsed time and time again.

An involuntary flicker of hope ran through her.

It is only routine, she thought sadly, not meeting his eyes but instead looking wistfully at the sand.

He continued talking about the future. About their future shop, about provisions--

A sudden realization:

She loved him.

She almost laughed then, bitterly. The raft had arrived. Perfectly on time, as always.

"Go," she had wheezed.

"The raft finally got here," he said, disbelieving.

She snorted and blinked rapidly, trying to stop the flow of tears. "You just noticed?"

"But if it only shows up for guys you like-"

"Don’t push your luck, Leo Valdez. I still hate you."


"And you are not coming back here," she confronted him, and, for good measure, added:  "So don’t give me any empty promises." Her voice almost cracked, her tears nearly spilt from her eyes.

"How about a full promise?" he said. "Because I’m definitely –"

That's when she snapped completely, grabbing his face in her hands and pressing her lips into his.

He tasted like bonfires,  and, had it had a taste, happiness and laughter.

(At the end, Leo Valdez kept his promise to Calypso.)

Oof, finally done! :P :faint: 
I'm not one for writing long stories, as you may have noticed haha

I really like Calypso, so why not?
I figured her life would be divided in three sections, had she ever thought about it, characterized by aforementioned three people.

Anyways, I was planning on continuing this but now I'm not so sure... maybe eventually?
Gah, I'm just too lazy.

Comments? :aww::heart:
Percy Jackson and Leo Valdez belong to Rick Riordan.

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Piper was tired. It had been a long day. Her back was sore. Her arms felt like lead. She blew her hair out of her face. On anyone else it would have simply looked messy. But on her it looked deliberately mussed, adding chic to her simple outfit of a Camp Half-Blood shirt and well-worn jeans. She looked like a model, she couldn’t help it. But she did little to draw attention to herself. At the moment, she was sweaty and sleepy.

She’d forgotten it was Halloween.

She stepped into the Aphrodite cabin, which never failed to smell as if several models had thrown their various perfume bottles through the windows like smelly Molotov cocktails. Breathing shallowly, she frowned at the darkness beyond the door. There was always one of her siblings in here, either testing out some make-up, gossiping or cleaning, it was never empty. The lights were never completely off. Someone’s mirror or the bathroom light was always on.

She flicked the main switch, and scrunched her brow when nothing happened. Did magic cabins have breaker boxes? She wondered. Her heart ached momentarily. In the normal course of things, she would wander down to Bunker 9 or the Hephaestus cabin and get Leo to help her.

But Leo was gone.

She refused to cry again. She was sick of tears and it didn’t help anything anyway. She’d simply get one of Leo’s siblings, and get them to help her. But after she checked things out here.

After all, she may have been a daughter of Aphrodite, but it didn’t mean she was helpless. Finding her way in the dark, she found the flashlight she kept around for emergency purposes-like late night bathroom breaks. Or sneaking into Zeus’s cabin to kiss Jason. One of the many perks of having Charmspeak was if she got caught by a harpy, she could simply convince it that she’d had never been there. She felt bad…but it rarely happened.

Shining the flashlight, she looked for anything obviously wrong with the electricity. All the bulbs couldn’t be blown, she mused. She checked the bathroom light, and got the same result-nothing. Frowning, she wondered if the Stoll brothers had messed with the lights to mess with her. She checked the bulbs, they hadn’t been unscrewed enough to cause them not to work.

“What is wrong with these things?” Piper muttered to herself, resigning herself to getting Jake. She turned and her jaw dropped in shock. The flashlight slipped out of her hand. She couldn’t move. Could barely breathe. Her knees were weak, and she couldn’t think enough to grab a weapon or scream.

She simply stood there stupefied as the figure lifted its hand.

Jason was stumbling his way through a book Annabeth had recommended. He didn’t know much about Greek mythology, and if he was going to create a shrine to every god out there, he needed to know them.

It didn’t mean it couldn’t make his head hurt.

He blinked at the blurry words on the page, his dyslexia making it nearly impossible to decipher the words.  

And the Greek? Forget it. He was hardwired for Latin, not Greek. He did pretty well considering. He was twenty pages in and he’d only gotten the book yesterday. He was quite proud of himself.

The lights snapped off.

Annoyance simmered.

“Come on, Percy.” Jason rolled his eyes. “Could you be more predictable? Ooooo! The lights turned off! A monster's going to get me. Come on dude, after what we’ve been through do you think some Halloween prank is going to scare me?” When he didn’t get a response, Jason sighed, got up. “Dude. Knock it off. I’m trying to read.” Striding over to the wall, he flipped the light switch back up.


“Seriously?” Jason was getting towards ticked. He wasn’t in the mood for pranks. “Did you get Jake or the Stoll brothers to rig the place? Man, I’m shaking now.” Still no answer, not even a repressed laugh or scuffle of feet. The darkness hung in, clung to walls, clung to him. It was almost unnatural. “Dammit Nico, are you in on this too? You know Solace will kick your ass if he finds out your using your abilities.” When he still didn’t get an answer, he lost his temper. Thunder boomed across the cabin-granted, there was always thunder in Cabin One, but Jason had had enough. Lightning flashed across the ceiling, allowing Jason to see around the cabin.

What he saw nearly brought him to his knees.

Percy and Annabeth were on the beach. It was getting close to curfew. It was pitch black, but they didn’t care. They were splashing in the cold surf, Percy staying dry and extending the ability to Annabeth. Holding hands, they laughed and kissed, their voices muffled by the crashing of the water. Percy pushed Annabeth into an oncoming wave, letting in slam over top of them, but creating a bubble around them. The surf created a show, bubbles skittered along the edge of the bubble, water coursed and dripped. It was almost alive. Annabeth leaned into him, and without even thinking about it, Percy leaned into her. They were connected, even when they were miles apart.
His chin on Annabeth’s head, Percy breathed her in.

He was never letting go again.

“This is fun.” Annabeth smiled. He could hear the humor in her voice.

“Yeah, new favorite sport.” He joked. She giggled. He loved her giggle. Wrapped his arms around her waist, he risked serious injury by tickling her. She fought, screamed with laughter, swore at him, and nearly managed to judo flip him again. But he got his wish-she giggled helplessly for several seconds before Percy had to surrender. When they finally came out of the surf, they were both breathless from laughter. True night had fallen, and not a single animal called. No crickets chirped. No rustle in the undergrowth. Percy suddenly became aware of the unnatural silence.

This is Camp, he told himself. Nothing could hurt him here.

Still, he watching the wood line as he and Annabeth made their way back to the cabins. She’s noticed it too, Percy noted, he knew Annabeth well enough to be able to tell when she was faking being interested in their conversation. She was focusing on the woods.

Percy slipped a casual hand into his pocket and gripped Riptide. A monster that wandered away from the woods he thought. It had happened before. A camper trying to play a prank.

It was Halloween.

Still, fear pooled in the bottom of his gut. Fear that had never really gone away since his time in Tartarus. Fear that this battle could be his last. Fear that he wouldn’t be able to save the people that mattered most. Fear of fear. He hated the weakness, but couldn’t stop it. Fear was a formidable enemy.

Spooky music began to play in slow, mournfully fearful tones. Relief trickled into Percy. Just some idiot trying to scare them. Annabeth rolled her eyes. Really, it was so clichéd. He wasn’t sure even the scariest, goriest of horror movies could scare him now. He faced the trees now, annoyance bubbling through him.

“I don’t care who you are, or if you were put up to this, but it isn’t funny, and it’s not a good joke. So try your tunes on someone else and leave us alone.” Percy snapped out impatiently. Annabeth’s hand was on her bone sword.

“Unless you’d like to meet the end of my blade, I suggest you leave.” She said. The music snapped off suddenly, and footsteps were heard in rapid retreat.
Annabeth was about to laugh when a hand landed on her shoulder and pulled her into a cold, cold, infinitely dark place.

Frank and Hazel were visiting Camp Half-Blood for Halloween. There had been many games and candy filled prizes earlier in the day and curfew was being broken by more than a few kids who were trying to get more candy. For a bunch of ADHD demi-gods, a boatload of free candy seemed like a bad idea.

And indeed, it had made for an interesting day. Sugar intoxicated demi-gods had challenged each other to foolish duels or bounced around like Ping-Pong balls. Arguments over the best candy were abound. No one had been able to sit still; even the calmest of the demi-gods had shifted around as if they were high. Clovis and his Hypnos siblings were positively hyperactive, being awake all through lunch and all.

Frank’s hand slapped against his side, he’d had a bit too much candy as well and couldn’t seem to stop moving some part of his body. Hazel, not that big of a fan of most modern day candy, had been one of the few demi-gods not to overindulge. She looked over at
Frank, amused that even her big lug of a boyfriend couldn’t seem to resist the siren’s call of candy.

“Frank, do yourself a favor, hide your candy, and limit yourself.” She said with a laugh in her voice. “If you come wired up like this to a Senate meeting people will think you’ve had too much of Dakoda’s Cool-Aid.” Frank grinned.

“I won’t be the only one at the Senate meeting who had too much candy.” He said, referring to the one he had next week. “Even Romans love candy. We’ll all be loaded and hiding stashes in the bunkhouses.” Hazel smiled.

“Oh yeah.” She said. “Cohort Five will be crazy when we get back.” Frank laughed, knowing it had been crazy before they’d left. But Reyna had insisted they enjoy some of the Greek’s way of celebration.

“Did you have fun?” Frank asked, hoping he’d said and done all the right things. It was damn scary having a girlfriend to please.

“A blast.” She smiled. “It was almost like Mardi Gras, it was so crazy. They act like wild heathens.” She grinned now, beaming up at Frank. “I’m glad we came.”

“Me too.” Frank squeezed her shoulders, lightly kissed her soft lips, and then, blushing, headed over to Ares cabin. It wasn’t too bad in that cabin, after his…siblings, he supposed, had found out about his shape shifting they’d welcomed him. Percy had warmed him to not tell them that he was related to Poseidon. Apparently, the Ares kids had bad blood with descendants of Poseidon. He supposed it helped that they’d seen him fighting too, and knew he was formidable in battle. The only way to gain respect in the Ares cabin-as far as Frank could tell-was dunking newbies heads in the toilet and dominating the battlefield.

He never made it to the cabin.

Hazel, blushing as hard as Frank, was still giddy from the kiss as she climbed the steps to Hades cabin. It still needed some major work but Nico had managed to make it look less like a vampire’s lair. The beds were normal beds now, and the overall….darkness of the cabin had been lessoned. Green fire still burned at either side of the door, but it was a nice touch. She opened the door and found Nico almost buried in books and papers.

He’d been trying to catch up on seventy years of history, and since a computer would only attract monsters and Nico wasn’t much better with technology than Hazel was, he was reduced to books. He was rubbing his eyes and looked frustrated.

“How could so much change in seventy years?” He muttered slammed a book down on a stack. “I mean, come on! The Second World War ends, and then there’s Korea and Vietnam and-and Communism and Nukes and crap. How can anyone remember so much?”

“It’s a lot to catch up on.” Hazel said, trying to soothe. “You aren’t going to know it all so fast. It’s seventy years Nico. I know how you feel.” She shook her head. “So much has changed down South I’m told. No more Segregation. Can you imagine?”

Nico looked over at his coffee toned sister. She was right. That had to be a major change. Since he didn’t remember much from the 1940s, he didn’t remember how bad racism was. From what he’d read though, Hazel had been lucky to just get bullied. Lynching, he thought with an inward shutter. What a horrid way to die.

“Yeah, Civil Rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr.” Nico looked at the pages but the words just blurred. “Lots of stuff happened on that front to. I’m glad that happened.”
Hazel’s smile blossomed. “Me too.”

The lights clicked out.

“Oh come on!” Nico snapped. “I swear, whoever that is, do you really think you can scare the freaking children of the god of death with darkness of all things? Save your fake zombies and mummies for the mortals for the god’s sake!”

Halloween really ticked Nico off. What a stupid holiday.

But hey, free candy. Even Nico couldn’t argue with that.

He heard Hazel sigh in frustration. He didn’t blame her. Something creaked across the floor, and he heard the distinct click of the lock on the door.

“Get lost loser.” Hazel snapped, unamused. “It’s not going to work.” Something roared, loud enough to rattle the windows. It was deep, mean and feral. Nico stood, his hand going to his sword. Hazel stepped closer to him.

No human could make a sound so loud.

“Halloween prank: Hades Style?” Nico muttered, wondering if their father or some other god was messing with them.

“Plu-Hades, our father doesn’t play lame pranks.” Hazel said. “I don’t think he plays pranks at all.”


“With what, the world’s loudest conch shell?”

“I don’t know. Stoll brothers. Speaker?” Nico didn’t know enough about tech to know if speakers could be loud enough to shake a cabin.

“I don’t know.” She said. “But it’s still lame.”

They each held a weapon in their hands, waiting.

“The whole camp had to have heard that.” Nico muttered. “They’d have to be deaf not to.” Hazel didn’t answer, she could hear the lock turning, unlocking the door. The door creaked open, letting in some moonlight.

Their weapons fell to the floor.

Piper woke up on a cold, hard floor in a place that smelled like an auto shop. Her head throbbed.

“The hell…?” She muttered and it all came flooding back to her. The dark cabin, the figure in the doorway.

No. It couldn’t be.

She looked around and found other figures moving in the dark light. She saw Jason and stood up quickly, going to him.

“Do you know what’s going on?” She asked him. Jason rubbed his head.

“Not a clue, just that I’m sick to death of passing out.” He muttered. “My cabin though, someone was in there. But….” No he couldn’t say it.

“I am going to hurt whoever did this.” Percy snapped. “I am so sick of being messed with. If it’s a god asking for help, I may just punch them and be done with it.”

“Get in line.” Nico ground out. Someone was playing a cruel, nasty joke on them. “Whoever did this is heading straight to the Underworld.” The ground rumbled with his promise.

“Nico!” Hazel scolded. He still couldn’t use his Underworld powers to much without risking fading away into nothing.

“I know.” He snapped. “But dammit you saw what I did! Playing a trick like that-it’s inexcusable!”

“Who did you see?” Frank asked cautiously. He wasn’t going to bring it up if he was wrong.

And he had to be wrong.

Everyone fell silent.

“Let’s just say it at the same time.” Annabeth suggested. Percy took her hand.

“Okay, Wise Girl,” He said. “Count it down.”

“Three…” Everyone braced, as if expecting a blow. “Two…One.”

A chorus of “Leo!” sounded out. Once the name left their lips they fell silent in shock, the name seemed to echo around the room. No one breathed, grief was a palpable thing. It lived and breathed and threatened to swallow them all whole.

Finally, Frank spoke. “It’s impossible. It’s a prank.” His eyes fired. “Come out coward!” He brandished his sword in a dare. While usually mild mannered, Frank refused to let anyone smear the reputation of a fallen comrade.

“It isn’t enough that he’s dead?” Hazel said in a broken voice. “You have to go and bring it up again? And as a prank. What is wrong with you?”

“Nothing.” A voice came from the darkness. “I’m just the super fly mcshizzle Leonator of awesomeness. And I couldn’t resist a Halloween scare!” The lights snapped on. Leo leaned casually against a beat up Festus.

Nobody breathed. Piper had tears running down her face and she was shaking her head back and forth.

She and Jason believed him to be alive….but it seemed too good to be true that he was standing right in front of them. Annabeth’s eyes were smoke gray and seemed seconds away from igniting. Nico stared slack jawed at Leo.

He’d felt him die. Granted, there had been something off about it, but still.

Death was death.

Percy was the first to speak. “How-this has to be a dream, or a prank.” He rubbed his temples. “The Hades is going on here.”

“I don’t even think Hades knows.” Nico muttered. “I sure don’t.”

Leo grinned, lightning fast. “Oh come on. You guys can’t believe I would just ditch you like that. I’m the Leonator. Defeater of Gaea. King of the all things mechanical!” His hands lit. “I am the Fire Lord!”

Piper sobbed, ran to him. “Only Leo can make jokes this lame.” She said when she slammed into him. He was solid. He was real.

He was alive.

Indeed, Nico could feel his soul.

It was Leo.

“Holy crap.” Nico muttered.

“It’s…really him?” Percy muttered. Nico nodded mutely.

Annabeth’s eyes ignited. She charged forward, pulling Piper from Leo. Leo paled when he saw Annabeth’s face.

He was in for it now.

“You jerk!” Annabeth shouted. She grabbed him, slammed him to the ground and pinned him. “You better have an explanation for not telling us you’re alive! It’s been two month Leo and not a damn word! We-” Her voice cracked. “We gave you a hero’s funeral.”

Risking the consequences, Percy stepped forward. “Annabeth, let him up. I’m sure he’ll explain.”

“Oh, he will.” A girl’s voice said. Percy froze. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights a very large truck. Annabeth noticed the poorly disguised guilt on Percy’s face and knew.

Calypso stepped into view. She hadn’t been too happy with Leo either when she discovered he hadn’t told his friends of his plans. Jason watched Annabeth like a hawk, he knew this had to be Calypso, he could tell by the look on Percy face. But she almost looked pleased. She released Leo who groaned and flipped himself over.

“Gods, the floor tastes like grease.” He muttered.

“Calypso.” Percy breathed a million emotions slamming around inside him. She smiled at him, but it was purely friendly. Then her expression faded into regret.

“I’m sorry.” She said before Percy could.

“Huh?” He said.

“For cursing you.” She blurted. “It-it was small and mean of me. It’s inexcusable.” She looked to Annabeth. “I apologize, sincerely, for what I’ve done.”

“I figure.” Annabeth said. “For a girl who’s been stuck on an island for 3,000 years, her only company men she can’t help but fall in love with, even knowing they can’t stay; you turned out pretty well. Not as bitter as some would be. I think one major slip is expected. You’re forgiven.”

“Yeah.” Percy said unsure of what to do now. “And I’m sorry too, for not keeping my promise.” Calypso shook her head.

“It’s okay.” She smiled serenely at Leo. “I was meant to be taken off that island by a different hero.” Leo grinned like a fool, and Piper could feel their connection. Leo had finally found love.

“’Fess up boy.” Jason said. “How the hell did you survive that explosion?”

“You…” Piper swallowed. “You were alone. How could you administer the Physician’s Cure?”

“Alone?” Leo cocked his head. “Really?”

“Oh gods I’m stupid.” Annabeth said suddenly. “He wasn’t alone. Festus!” The dragon
grumbled and clicked in response to his name.

“Oh duh.” Hazel muttered. Of course Festus.

“Wow.” Percy muttered. “That was stupid obvious.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Frank demanded.

“I didn’t know if Festus would survive the battle either.” Leo said, for once serious. “And if he did if he would be in any shape to help me. I didn’t know, exactly, what was going to happen. I couldn’t give you guys hope, or have you try and talk me out of it, because I didn’t know how it was going to go down. If I died…and Festus couldn’t resurrect me, well, I didn’t want you guys thinking that I could be alive and try and find me or something.”

“Dammit Leo.” Jason said. “I get it, I do. But you could’ve-I don’t know, left a note if you survived. A damn flying robot or something that would find us and let us know. You rebuilt Festus inside the Argo II and you couldn’t leave a messenger robot?”

Leo blinked. “I didn’t even think of that.” He grinned. “I have to make that now.”

“On topic Leo.” Hazel warned. “You told us some of your plan, had me make a fake Cure. Why not tell us the whole truth?”

“Because no one would’ve let me go through with it.” He said, thinking of Percy. “There was too much risk. I didn’t want to distract you from the battle. And I didn’t know how long it would take to find Calypso or get her off the island.” That hadn’t been fun, Leo thought with a grimace. “There were too many variables, too much margin for error. I’m sorry I caused you grief.”

They all looked at each other, expressions guarded.

“It’s fine man.” Jason said after a long silence that had sweat breaking out on Leo’s brow. “We get it.” He strode over and pulled Leo into a bear hug.

“Don’t you ever do that again, Repair Boy.” Piper warned, hugging him too.

“I wouldn’t dream of it, Beauty Queen.” Leo smiled. Soon a giant group hug had been initiated. Even Nico had been pulled in. Calypso, however, stood back from the group, smiling softly. Percy looked up and held a hand out to her.

“You’re welcome here.” He said. She was pulled into the hug as well.

“Yeah you are, Sunshine.” Leo smiled. He was finally home. “Don’t you ever go anywhere.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Calypso said.

“Oh, and did I mention I brought candy?” Something shifted and metal creaked above.
Hundreds of pounds of candy rained down. Everyone ducked for cover. Jason used his power over wind to protect Piper and himself. Everyone else was on their own.

“Leo!” Chorused out in varying degrees of annoyance.

“Happy Halloween!” He called, cackling. He kissed Calypso as candy rained around them.

It was good to be home.

When they all woke up in the morning, they discovered something.

                                 It had all been a dream.
Sorry for being mean at the beginning, but I didn't want anyone to accidently spoil Blood of Olympus for themselves. ^^

Hope you enjoyed it!

Please don't hate me. *Hides*
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Three weeks before Halloween, Italy had disappeared. It's now one week before Halloween.

..Italy's Point of View..

I have been running for weeks on end, wishing that __ could be with me.

'She's so bella.' The small thought flashed across my mind as I looked behind me, seeing the crimson, inhuman glow of eyes flashing behind me.

My breathing was out of control along with my heartbeat. I don't ever remember running so fast in my entire life, or even feeling such a sense of fear. Running in what seems like circles in a maze, I could feel my face heating up, my eyes burning with tears, streaking down my cheeks.

'I have got to get out of here! Like I promised, Ve! I can't give up, and I can't let __ down and miss going to the Halloween dance with her.'

I reached for the Beretta 92 handgun that was in the pocket of the inside of my jacket, and tried to get a shot at the beast. It only got more determined to reach me. The creature lunged, making contact, but giving me a chance to shoot it point blank in the skull. My vision began to blur, probably from blood loss, as I finally made it to __'s residence. I didn't pass out before I could shout for help.


..Reader's Point of View..

My alarm went off on my nightstand next to my bed, so I slammed it with my fist, turning it off and rolled out of bed. As I walked downstairs, passed the front door, I saw Feliciano slumped against the window outside on the porch.


The next thing I noticed was the blood stains on him, and I immediately flung the door open and carried him inside. I set him flat on the couch, and checked to see if he was breathing. He was, but it was faint. I ran into the bathroom and grabbed my first aid kit.

"Alright, stay with me, Feli." I whispered as I saw a large bite wound from a large animal 'it couldn't possibly have been human' on his shoulder as I tore the shredded fabric off of his torso.

"My God, Feli.." I was so worried about him. I called Ludwig, hoping he could help as I cleaned and wrapped the wound.

"Ludwig? Hey, I just found Feliciano on the floor of my front porch. I don't know how long he's been there, but it could have been overnight. If you could come over here, and pass the word on the Kiku, I'd really appreciate it."

I hung up as soon as confirmed that he'd be sure to do both.

..Germany's Point of View..

"Wait! He vas what?!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Feliciano was attacked last night and __ found him on her doorstep?

"I'll be sure to tell Kiku, und vhe'll be on our way. Ja, danke for contacting me."

Immediately, I removed the phone from my ear and dialed Japan's number as soon as I heard the click that told me she hung up.

I honestly couldn't believe what was going on, and could tell that even Kiku was in shock.

"What exactry do you think Itary was attacked by?"

"Honestly, I have nozhing to go by. __ thought zhat it had been some type of animal."

..Reader's Point of View..

I heard their car pull into the driveway and hastily let them inside. I led them to where I had Feliciano resting, but was highly surprised to see him awake, albeit he looked like he was in excruciating pain.

"_..___" He stuttered over my name in a strained, quiet voice.

"Feli, you need to rest, so I don't want you to waste any energy by talking, but when you get the chance, I, along with Ludwig and Kiku, would like you to tell us what happened to you and why you ended up on my porch."

"No, bella, I'd rather tell you guys now."

"Go on, then." I told him softly.

"There was this beast that kept-a chasing me; it's hard to believe, but it... it was a wolf.. with.. red eyes and then, it changed.. into a boy. But not just any-a regular boy... he had the wolf's ears, its tail, and he was feral and kept snarling at-a me.... Last night I ran into him again.. however, this time he tried to kill me for sure, and it was huge and-a scary, and I did manage to kill it with my handgun that I keep on me, but... I feel as if.. maybe.. it's-a still not over.."

His voice was weak and he kept pausing due to his faint breathing and the throbbing of his wounds. Once he was done, all Kiku, Ludwig, and I could do was stand there for loss of words in shock. It was outlandish, but Feli's condition now was indisputable proof of his story.

I looked in his eyes, worry was probably evident. I grabbed his hand in mine, running my thumb across the back of it.

"Promise me that you won't ever get hurt like this again."

He looked at me from a side glance and gave a small smile.

"Ve~. I promise, and I promised that I'd take you to the-a Halloween dance. That-a kept me alive, you know."

I gave him a small smile, and a one-sided hug, but I made sure to not move him or come in contact with his injuries.

..Japan's Point of View..

I looked to Ludwig, and pulled him off to the side.

"Rudwig, do you suppose that a wereworf could have been responsibre for this?"

Ludwig cast me a concerned glance.

"Nein. Zhere's no such thing as a werevholf."

...Later that evening...

..Reader's Point of View..

Ludwig and Kiku decided to call it a day after making sure that Feliciano was stable, and left with promises of returning the next day.

It had gotten dark and late, so I decided to make a bed right next to Feliciano's spot on the couch, and settled into the make-shift bed on the floor.

After making sure that Feli was asleep and drifting off myself, I bet that I only had about three hours of sleep before waking up in the middle of the night basically dying of thirst.

Groggily standing up, I walked into the dark kitchen, but froze at seeing the fridge open with the light streaming out of it.

The first thing I see is a figure with pointed ears, a thick, furry tail, and a human-esque body raiding the refrigerator. No way. It was suppose to be dead.

I accidentally let out a small, squeak, but I covered my mouth with both hands in case I might have any other unwanted/unexpected noises escaping from my mouth. Like a scream or a string of curses for instance.

I think the creature heard me because it's ears flicked back toward me, and I saw it with a bloody, raw steak in its mouth on all fours.

I froze, and hoped that it would move its attention to something other than me, but was horrifically mistaken. It stood up on its two hind legs, and came toward me. I freaked. I ran out of the kitchen, but it was far faster than me, and it let go of the steak and pounced on me instead. I had my hands and arms blocking my throat and face while shrieking slightly.

I heard a soft growling in my ear. Not vicious, but like a playful noise.

"Ve~ What are you doing up so late, bella~?"

"Fe... Feliciano?"


"What the hell?! Wha.. the ears.. raw meat.. blood.. tail.. attacking me.. How... are you even able to stand? You got mauled by a wo-"

I stopped, connected the dots, and my jaw came unhinged.

"What are you talking about, __?"

"You have wolf ears and a tail, Feli. You were just chomping on a raw, bloodied steak in the fridge, and dropped it to attack me."

He acted as if this was news to him. His ears twitches.

"Y..You're right, __." He looked down morosely, spotting the tip of his dark brown, furry tail.

I saw that he was shirtless and the wound on his shoulder was already healed. The only thing left was a pink tinted scar. I touched it.

"Feli, how is this even possible?"

"Ve~ Maybe we just need some rest, and when Ludwig and Kiku return, then we can figure all of this out."

"Alright, but you're cleaning up the steak that you dropped on the floor."

"Okie dokie~."

I remembered that I had to get some water because I was parched.

As soon as the steak was cleaned up, my glass of water was empty, and we were in our 'beds' in the living room, we fell asleep.
We'd definitely need it for the crazy day ahead.

~To be continued..~
picture from zerochan not mine
story i made up
hetalia does not belong to me!
~ i love werewolf country x reader i havent seen one for a italy yet but for lovino i have :D it was epic
:P the song that made me write this [link]
by the way this is my first reader X country i made

Please tell what u think ^^

Part 2 - [link]

edited by :icontehzombiecupcake:
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"I'm not doing it!" You heard Bakura snap and panicked. You ran for the cabinets and opened one. It was fall of messy blankets that looked like someone had just dumped them in there. There was still enough room for you so you climbed in, shut the door and prayed they didn't need a blanket.
"You'll do as I say!" An older and slightly overweight man shouted back, entering the living room.
"Dad, I'm not marrying her just because she has money!" Bakura shouted and you saw that he was an inch taller than his dad through the crack between the cabinet doors.
"You're legally under age so you'll do as I say. I don't care what you've done that makes you think you're big, but this is what I'm saying so you'll do it." Bakura's dad said and sat in the recliner.
"I'll marry someone I love, not someone just to pay for your drinking and gambling addictions!" Bakura screamed, his face becoming red with anger.
"The only women you love are ones who you can pay." Bakura's father spat and Bakura recoiled slightly.
"Mum would never make me do this." Bakura said quietly, picking a picture up off the mantle-piece above a broken gas fire.
"Yes, a mother who loved you so much she left her darling two year-old son with his drunken father." The older man said and knocked the picture from Bakura's hand and it landed in front of the cabinet you were hidden in.
From where you where you could make out the picture. A baby was being cradled by a beautiful, smiling woman with thick, white hair while a slim man smiled too with his arm around her. The woman had Bakura's hair and pointed face while the man had his sharp nose and brown eyes. You realised this must have been Bakura when he was little with his parents.
"You know what? You're a lousy son!" Bakura's father, who was nothing like the man in the picture now, shouted and stormed from the room.
"Where are you going?" Bakura called and you thought you could hear hurt in his voice.
"Where the bloody Hell do you think?" Was all that was said before the door slammed shut.
Bakura sighed. "Pub." he said and fell onto the sofa, placing his elbows on his knees and placed his head in his hands, gripping the roots of his ragged, white hair.
You wanted nothing more than to run out and comfort him but you decided to stay hidden.
After five eternally long minutes, Bakura got up and walked towards the cabinet you were hiding in.
One moment you heart was beating way to loudly and then it stopped when he was right outside picking up the photo.
You pulled a blanket over you in case he decided to look.
"Why did you leave me, Mum?" Bakura whispered.
You whimpered, how could his father be so mean, and then you froze in terror. Surely he heard that!
He did. He opened the cabinet and you could feel his eyes looking in.
Please don't see that I'm here!!! you prayed.
Apparently he didn't because he closed the door and you heard him leave the room followed by the click of a kettle being turned on and a cupboard opening.
You took your chance, opened the cupboard and ran as quietly as you could out of the house.
You ran down the street and collapsed in an alley a few streets away.
Now you had time to think, you realised you were clutching the blanket you'd been hiding under and that it was raining.
You pulled the hood up on your coat and buried your face in the sheet - that had been way too close!
The blanket smelled like Bakura, and for some odd reason, you found it comforting.

You bundled up the sheet, tucked it under your coat and started home, just as your heart rate started returning to normal.
Yeah, I know the end was a little naff but that's all I could think of how to end it, any better suggestions would be welcome!!

So, this chapter was just a little history on Bakura really, and one of those ones where you're thinking 'don't hide in the cupboard!!!!' but, because my writing is predictable, you do! Whoops...

I'm glad people are enjoying this so far, I'm definitely enjoying writing it!

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"THATS BLOODY SUICIDE!!!!" Arthur screamed at your father

"Its the only way. If _____ were to marry him and keep her true identity hidden then we would be insured safety. No man would kill the woman he loves."

"Dad i have to agree with Arthur on this one its suicide and if i am exposed everyone else is."

Your father looked at you with an alpha male power that made everyone else shake and whimper besides yourself.

"His name is Berwald Oxenstierna and you will marry him. It is your duty as my daughter and the soon to be leader of your own pack. It is about time you learned selflessness and personal sacrifice."

You glared at your father before you left. The old fool had no idea what he was getting into and to top it all off he was throwing you into the lions den, just to see if it was actually safe. After all you were the 3'd iligitamate daughter.

You stormed down the white walls of your manor. Every time you passed a member of your fathers pack they would bow to you and raise their right hand, palm down to you.

a sigh escaped your mouth once you closed yourself into the sacrosanct walls of your room. No one dared look at you in the eye...not even Arthur your best friend would fully look at you. It was mandatory because you were an Alpha female, even though you were only half wolf.


you turned to look at the big white door only to be presented with silence.

"whos there?"

"Milady it is I." Arthur introduced himself from the other side of the door.

You ran to the door and pried it open only to see the crown of his blonde choppy hair, and his hand in the air pointing towards you. You sighed and placed the back of your hand towards his, just stopping before your hands made contact. Arthur than rose up from the ground but still did not look you in the eye.

"What is it Artie?" You gasped once you saw the big swollen bruise on the side of his face. You went to reach for him but he evaded you swiftly, his face still looking towards the ground.

"Milady ____ we must get you packed for the meeting."

Arthur went straight to work bringing your duffel bag from out of your closet. Packing fiverously as you stood there feeling abandoned.


Your head bobbed up and down in sync with you foot as you slouched in the restaurant chair. Your music was blaring in your ears and you could sense your father did not approve.

The two of you sat there for a half hour as is, waiting for the two men to arrive.

~Take that infernal garbage out of your ears this instant!~

Your fathers voice encroached into your thoughts. The one annoying thing about being part wolf, telepathy. You just turned to your father and glared sending him a message back. His eyebrows started to knit together when your music engulfed his mind.

You could tell your father was close to lashing out. Putting to Alpha's in the same room was a major No No.

You two sat there growling in audibly and glaring at each other till two figures approached your table. You both looked up only to see an middle aged man with brown hair smiling gently at you, and a rather tall man with wheat coloured hair, glasses, and a serious face that almost made you quiver in fear.

~Take your  headphones out now!!~

You did as your father told you as you both stood up from your chairs. You smiled at the men and shook the shorter mans hand, the taller man with glasses did not even accept your hand. He just stood there staring you in the eyes.

"You must be Berwald! i have heard so much about you from your uncle."

"Y's i am s'r"

"So than you must be _____ your are rather quite beautiful aren't you?"

You just looked at the middle aged man and blushed looking down. You did not like this, both of them were wearing hunting medallions.

You sat there silent not looking at anyone for most of the meeting. Once you all finished your meals you went on to business.

"So we so far have it arranged that you will live with Berwald and his roommates. Is that okay?"

"Yes sir."

"Good!" His smile looked like the rays of the sun itself, truthfully and fully deceiving to its true nature.

"My look at the time, gentlemen i hope you do not mind but i must go for i have another meeting to attend to. Please take care of my daughter." Your father than bent down towards you and kissed the side of your head, leaving you with a deathly message.

~ Screw this up and you will wish that you were never born.~

You just smiled cheerfully at your father but showed the hatred you had for him through your eyes.

~If you never wanted to me to live than you should never have raped my mother.~

"Here Mr. Wolfstadt let me walk you out. Berwald take her home okay." The brown haired man patted Berwald on his shoulder as he walked out with your father, lighting a cigar along the way.

"W'll shall we g'?"

"Ahh yes.."

You two followed the men from behind. Man you have never in your life time felt scared.


The car ride was deathly quite as Berwald drove you to his home. Now you stood outside a big brick house, its stature truly magnificent and beautiful.

"Come on."

You looked to see the tall man walking towards the door. You quickly slug your duffel bag onto your shoulder as you ran after him with you precious case in your hand. Once you caught up to him he just looked at you and stopped walking.

"What is it?" you asked timidly.

"You w'nt me to c'rry that?"

You stood there for a second before it clicked in.

"Oh no i am fine, i am tierd of people holding my stuff for me. It makes me feel incredibly week and useless."

He just nodded and continued to walk towards the door. Then suddenly the door flew open and a blonde haired man stood there, his face a lit with the biggest smile you have ever seen. He came running down the path and enveloped you in a gigantic bear hug. You kinda freaked out at first...never in your lifetime have you had this much body contact with someone.


"it is nice to meet you Tino my name is ______."

"Wow she is more prettier than i had imagined."

You turned away from Tino only to see another tall blonde man walking towards you, His hair was flicked to the side.

"My name is Mathias."

"Nice to meet you."

Some how you managed to get into the house, once you did your heart stopped. Along the walls were weapons galore. Battle ax's and swords, shields as well and other trinkets of war.

The men walked you into the living room and sat you down on the couch. They asked you many questions and laughed with each other. All that you did or could do was sit on the couch holding onto your case tightly and answer.

Berwald looked at you oddly and walked into the kitchen leaving you alone with the werewolf hunters. Just like a den of lions is all you could think of. You could feel yourself getting more and more scared that you almost screamed when Berwald tapped your shoulder. You looked up at the swede only to see him holding a cup of hot chocolate. You took it hesitantly and looked into it, what if it had wolfsbane in it? even if you were half wolf wolfsbane could still kill you.

"Hey _____?"

You turned to see Emil looking at you with question on his face.


"Whats in that case? your holding onto it really tightly.....oh um but if you dont want to show you dont have to." Emil rose his hands up in front of his face and started to wave them in a surrender like way.

You just looked at him and smiled. You put down your glass and opened the case to show your worldly possessions. Inside of the mahogany case was a violin and a pair of point ballet slippers.

A smirk found your lips as the men gawked in awe at your trinkets.

"Its beautiful." Awed Tino.

"They were both my mothers. there all that i have left of her."


Its been 3 weeks since you moved into Berwald's home and you were already feeling safe and accepted. You would help clean the house and cook for the group of men. They gave you your own room and showed you the spare room beside Berwald's work shop. They said the room was yours if you wanted it, they said you could use it for your dancing.

So there you were sitting in Berwald's work shop ripping your ballet slippers apart as he worked on his table. Needless to say you were used to Berwald now, he didn't scare you anymore and he some how calmed you down; even though he was a hunter.

Although at times you were scared because sometimes the guys would head out after receiving a letter or phone call, obviously they were hunting. It scarred you even more when they came back with bruises and cuts all over them.

You paused after tearing the ballet sole away from the rest, you just sat there in your deep thought.

(Berwald's P.O.V)

_____ stopped what ever she was doing with her ballet shoes and stared off into space with a look of worry in her eyes. She has lived with us for about 3 weeks now and my suspicions of her being a wolf keep on growing stronger and stronger. Those vial creatures...the beast that took away my parents.

I look at _____ again only to feel instantly calmed. Why is that? every time i suspect her of being a wolf something happens and i hope that i am wrong. Could she possibly be growing on me? No no thats impossible! or is it....oh she is so beautiful. her (_) hair just fell past her shoulders, her (_) eyes were always full of life and always twinkled when she smiled or when we looked at her. And her slender fingures, how they would move elegantly when she played her mothers violin.

"You ok'y?" i ask her

She turned to me and snapped back to reality her gorgeous smile finding her lips.

"Yes why?"

"N'thing....wh't are you d'ing?"

"Oh well i am braking in my slippers so they wont hurt my feet. You see i take them apart and i bend and brake the sole, then i sew on some ribbon and sew it all together. Then i cut up the sole for grip and brake it some more."

"That s'unds time c'nsuming."

My ears came to life as her musical laugh became known. Oh how i hope my assumptions are wrong.

"Coming from the man that makes beautiful but time consuming furniture."

I just nodded in defeat and went back to me table. _____ started to sew her slippers back together as i carved the norweegen designs into the legs.

After a couple of minutes i heard a sigh of relief from _____ and i looked at her. There they were, her master pieces were positioned on the floor side by side as _____ taped up her feet.

"So my toes dont brake."

i looked at her and saw her smile again as she answered my unspoken question. She then slipped her feet into the ballet slippers and tied them up. She stood up and moved her feet around, stretching her muscles.

I put down my tools and turned fully to look at her. None of us have seen her dance, she would always hide in the room and lock the door.

"Well they seem to be fitting nicely what do you think."

She looked at me and i nodded in return. Was she going to dance now?

"Do you have a hair tie?"

I smile and unwrap the tie from around my wrist. Ever since she moved in with us we have learned to have a hair tie on us at all times. I threw it to her as she caught it and tied up her silk hair.

She looked at me then to the ground. She stood there for several seconds, her fingure tapping her thigh, then it happened. Without any effort she was on her tip toes and started to spin around elegantly. My eyes widened at what i saw. Never in my life have i seen something so beautiful.

I stood from my chair to get a better look at _______ as she danced. I was in utter awe but it disappeared fast when she all of a sudden stopped. Her face was contorted with pain as she gently sat down cradling her right ankle tenderly.

I hurried to her side and looked at her as she slipped of her shoe. She winced as we saw her big toe was bleeding and her ankle was starting to swell.

"hehe i guess i did something wrong now huh?"

I looked at her and raised to my feet holding my hand out to her.

"W' should g't that clean'd."

_____ nodded and reached for my hand. Once she was standing she tried to walk but almost fell again when her injured foot touched the ground. I looked down at her and bent over. I slung her arm around my neck and put my arm behind her back, _____ looked at me oddly as i put my other arm behind her legs. She yelped as i picked her up bridal style and started to walk out the shop with her.

"Get clo'ser."


To late while i tried to make sure her ankle and foot did not hit the door her head did. She tried not to curse under her breathe as she clutched her head. Man did i ever feel bad.

"How about giving me more of a warning before you try to have me forget about my leg."

I was shocked when she tightened her arms around my neck as she pressed herself more into me, a smile on her face.

"Ja s'rry."

"Its okay."

We made it up the stairs and into the kitchen as i sat her down onto the kitchen stool. The others gasped as ____ examined her feet.

"What happened?!?" Tino cried as he went to her.

"Nothing nothing."

"I would not call that as nothing." Emil stated

"I was dancing and i guess i did a spin wrong or my shoes were not as great as i thought they were. Its nothing really i have had worse."


"I almost broke my entire leg before."

"Holy shit."

i came back with a wet clothe and some bandages. i sat on the opposite stool to ____ and put her foot on my leg. She winced as i started to clean off her foot. After a couple of minutes her foot was wrapped up and some what looking like brand new. I got up from the table and grabbed the bandages to put away.

"You sure you can do that?"

I turn back to see ____ trying to walk on her foot a smile was on her face again.

"Ya it hurt a lot at first but i am a tough girl see i did not even cry."

She might have fooled the others but i could tell she was holding back her feelings so she would not scare them.

The guys started to walk back to the living room as ____ started to walk towards me. she abruptly stopped and her eyes widened in fear. She grabbed at the table and clutched her shirt just above her heart and she fell to her knees. I went running over to her as she started to cough. When i was right beside her she grabbed onto my shirt and looked at her hand. He shoulders were shaking like crazy as tears fell from her eyes. She started to cough again as the floor started to get covered in blood.

The guys came running into the room only to see the horrific sight of ____ coughing up blood. I turned to them and yelled at the to call an ambulance. I wrapped my arms tightly around ____'s shaking arms hoping the paramedics would get here quickly.
well i suddenly got his idea this morning when i was trying to go back to sleep so i thought i would put it on the monitor :D please enjoy and sorry for my sad attempt at a swedish accent :iconcryforeverplz:

i do not own hetalia (obviously)
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Bakura x Reader

Newborn Thief

I'm adding reader inserts now! But it's still semi-OC, sorry! ^.^ Also, I edited a little more :)

I apologize for certain inaccuracies in Egyptian culture, such as the fact that children in Ancient Egypt did not wear clothes until they were over twelve, and the fact that she actually would have started fetching water at four or so, but I needed to make it a bit more compatible with Western culture, so please bear with it those of you who are more educated in Egyptian matters!
Alright, my original character's name is Tadina (full name Tadinaferer, but that's far too wordy), and she has dark hair and blue eyes, but I'm adding reader inserts after becoming more aware of their prominence in fanfiction, so use the OC or yourself mentally, whichever you prefer! Alright, this character's grandparents migrated from the Apennine peninsula to escape a tribal war, so the character does have a lighter complexion than your average Egyptian's (and this is a plot point, but ignore it if you need to), and it is my impromptu explanation for the cultural inaccuracies.

(Eight years ago) You were going to fetch water at the river as you did every evening since you'd turned nine. Toting the jar precariously on your head, as your mother had done every day before you'd taken over the duty, you walked to the nearby stream that ran off the Nile, relieved when you were able to take the weight off your head. Dipping it in the stream, you sighed an impatient, nine-year-old's sigh. Your father still had not come home—he had become a foot soldier some number of years ago and rarely came home. It provided good money for you and your mother, but you missed him, and you certainly weren't getting any little siblings to keep company from what your mother called her "now barren womb," whatever that meant. Dragging the homemade clay jug out of the water, you glanced up and noticed a minute white speck on the horizon. It grew larger, and you could soon make out the speck as the outline of a boy—stumbling in your direction. Quickly setting down the liquid-filled burden, you crossed the stream, soaking the bottom of your white tunic, and ran to the half-conscious figure. The little of his hair that wasn't matted in various sinister looking dark substances was as white as a new lamb's fleece, and his skin, though dark, was burned and scraped.

Seeing you in front of him, the boy, who could be no more than twelve, grabbed to your somewhat lower shoulders desperately, doubling over on his already slouched posture. Dark, congealed blood ran from his cheek down onto his chest from under his half-lidded eye, and though its surface was cracked from the heat of the sun, the sheer amount of the deep red mess betrayed its freshness.

You nearly cried out in shock, but utter fear kept the noise in. "C-can you hear m-me?" you stuttered anxiously.

The white haired boy glanced up at your face, breathing hard and fast, but said nothing. Alarmed and uncertain, you took the only logical steps your young, vacillating mind could assemble. You turned to his side, shifting all of the boy's weight that you could handle onto your shoulders and lumbered awkwardly towards the stream. When you arrived at the water's edge, you put him down as gently as you could, which really was not much gentler than a flop, and began to pour handfuls of water on his overheated body, as your typical nine year old is not wary to the possible shock-inducing consequences of drenching an overheated body in cold water.  You were simply empathetic to his predicament, as your pale skin also tended to burn quite often.
The boy yelped weakly at the first abrupt splash of coolness, but eased into simply wincing as the water doused his burnt skin.

"Sorry," you whispered nervously, afraid to speak aloud for reasons you weren't entirely sure of.

When satisfied that he was cooled off, you knelt down beside him and dipped your hands into the stream. With the utmost care, you let the water dribble from your small hands onto the blood stains, and delicately rubbed the caked blood off with your wet fingers, working from his right pectoral up to his cheek. He watched your progress suspiciously, albeit groggily. Eventually you were able to get enough off that you could see the source of the flaking red mess. A long, double-crossed gash had been carved into the other child's flesh just below his half-open eye. You gasped as tears ran down your little cheeks. Sobbing quietly, you continued to work the remnants of blood off. You knew the wound that caused this must have been ugly, but this was horrible! He would never be the same again. Where was his mama or papa? What if they were... dead? If your mama and papa were dead, you didn't know what you'd do… Th-that poor big kid!
You sniffed the last bits of your weeping away as you cleared off the last of the blood from the boy's face. Then, over a hoarse cracked throat, you heard him rasp, "Why are you crying?"

"Y-your mama and your-r papa!" You burst out at his first words, renewing the tears you'd just managed to choke back. "Where-where is your home? Why did someone d-do that to y-you?" You fell into an uncontrollable bawling, you're oversensitivity agitated into irrational grief. Tears leaked out of his eyes too, but they went away quickly. Maybe he just didn't have enough water inside him to cry. With shaky hands and tears streaming down your face freely, you crossed the narrow stream and picked up the water jug and took it back over to the boy. The physical exertion calmed you somewhat, and you were able to shift the boy onto your knee and tip the container into his mouth without quavering too much. He drank deeply, sputtering to a stop after a full thirty seconds of choking it down at an unhealthy rate.

"Good?" you asked. He nodded, and struggled to his knees, pausing there, clearly exhausted. Looking slightly more rejuvenated, he stood on his feet gingerly.

"What's your name?" You asked, amazed by this feat of will.
Looking at you with hard, pale, still slightly clouded violet eyes, he replied, "Bakura."

"I'm _______," you returned out of childish habit. When you looked past his exhaustion and the fresh, angry scar under his eye, he looked… familiar.

"Thank you _______," he croaked forcefully over his damaged throat, "but you can't tell anyone that I was here. I might be killed if you do." Frightened by this information, you nodded.

He glanced behind him at the setting sun. "I have to go," he muttered, mostly to himself, "I can't go back west, to there, but the Pharaoh is ahead, north, and accursed his cities to the east. I don't even know what's south. What do I do?" Bakura pinched his nose between his thumb and forefinger, looking suddenly like your father did shortly before he'd decided to become a soldier.

"Well, if you go south, caravans pass by every day or so on the road to Ezbet Gin and Sinai, but my mama says they have a lot of ruffians in them," you offered.

Bakura looked up at you. "That's where I'll go, then," he growled with dark enthusiasm. The white-haired boy turned to face the southern desert. "Due south?"

You nodded and said, "Yeah, I-I think so."

Bakura began walking the direction of your suggestion without further comment, a stumbling stride full of anger and pride. He turned back once to look at you wistfully.

"I will... remember you," he stated with hesitance. You gazed at his scarred face, mesmerized. "Don't. Tell. Anyone." he added once more. You wanted to ask if they'd before, but as you watched Bakura's thin legs carry him steadily towards the horizon, you couldn't bring yourself to question the boy any further.

(Three years later) You now made money for your family as a servant an old nobleman's childless widow. It was boring, tedious work, mostly consisting of waiting outside her room and delivering make-up or excessive amounts of food to the awaiting hands of older maids, who did most of the actual work. You didn't care; it got your parents money. Your father had been crippled in one leg during a border dispute and had since been useless for labor. You and your mother had been left to pick up the slack. You'd opted out on marriage, and gone to work two cities away for this noblewoman, Anahashpat, instead.  It seemed luck favored you, though, because the large noblewoman's larger (and poorer) cousin lived in your village, so you were given the opportunity to wander the familiar little town and get away from the stifling caravan.

Night had set in, and the first stars were beginning to peak out of the inky sky. You sat down on one of the familiar, sand-worn boulders to stare at them. Suddenly something large stirred in the rocks. You bolted upright, eyes straining for movement in the shadowy outlines of the rocks. Was it an animal? A person? One of the many things you didn't want to run into out in the dark was a stray beast, but a stray bandit would be worse. Before you could either move to inspect it or run away, however, two things happened at once. An angry uproar started in Anahashpat's camp; the metallic clattering of weapons and the guards' bellowed orders resounded from the direction of the town. At almost exactly the same moment, a tall, lean adolescent stepped out from behind the surrounding stones. His hair was wild and pure as the white lotus, tossed about a dark, scarred face. The two pale, gemlike eyes that set his hardened face shone maliciously, a bright vengeance glinting in them. His arms were draped in treasures, gold and silver studded with lapis lazuli, turquoise, and the imported gems your mistress so jealously coveted and collected.

"Bakura?" you whispered. The change in his demeanor from your last meeting was shocking. Bakura just laughed softly, the chains of  precious metal that hung from his arms and neck shaking slightly with him. The commotion from the caravan became louder.

"_______," he commented as casually as if they'd visited just yesterday, "it seems I'm in need of the services you provided me so kindly a few years back. Would you mind terribly pointing the way out? The way that isn't guarded, obviously."

You walked up to Bakura, staring at his embittered face. Gently, you placed your hands on either side and traced the double-crossed scar under his eye. Although you'd only known Bakura a few moments three years back, it seemed to your childhood memory as if you'd spent many winters playing with him. Bakura was frowning.

"Don't cry for me this time, girl," he growled lowly. You're head fell on his open chest, and you took a deep breath. He grabbed your hands, and you looked up.

"Go west until you see the where the desert meets the grasslands of the Nile," you sighed in resignation. He'd stolen, why were you helping him? You couldn't answer that, so you just continued, "Two miles north from there, there's a town full of smugglers and thieves. My lady got jade through them from the far eastern lands."

He was pleased. A smug grin on his lips, Bakura dropped a thin silver chain around your neck. From the bottom dangled a beautiful tear-dropped sapphire.

"It's not from your mistress, don't worry," you heard him say.

"Bakura, it's..." you looked up, but he had already slipped away. You took in a shaky breath and hid the necklace under your short white dress' high collar. Bakura, you thought, Oh, Bakura... What are you fighting?

Sorry if it was boring, the next one will have a lot more action (and romance)!
Alright, this is a fanfiction that I originally posted to my Quizilla account, but after deciding dA was much less retarded, I revised it a bit and decided to post it here in case anyne's interested. It IS my intellectual property, and if anyone enjoys, I'll get the next chapter out promptly.
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(Warning: Recommended 14+ for Romance and Violence. You have been warned.)
Chapter 9.

He held your hand as you both walked back. His hands were warm and kind, rough yet gentle. His fingers intertwined with yours. “So what happens after we escape?” you murmur. The thought never occurred to you before. “We continue life together.” He smiled, squeezing your hand. “I’d like that… I’m starting to think this whole getting kidnapped thing was a good thing… Because I met you.” You smiled.

“I’m sure It wasn’t worth it… No abuse is worth anything.” He sighed. You frowned. “Lets kick his ass with justice.” You smiled. “Only if you’re my partner in crime.” He grinned, trudging along the dirt path. “Oh I’m always here.” You smiled, leaning on Ryan. “Stop being so god damn adorable.” He sighed. You grinned.

Pewds was upset to see you both when you entered the kitchen. He looked like he was waiting for you guys.. There was a half empty beer bottle in his hand and he looked a little out of it. “Go to your room.” Ryan whispered, placing a kiss on your head. “But Ryan..” You protested. “Please, ______” he murmured, his eyes pleading… You just couldn’t say no. “Oh okay.” You whispered. “Good.” Pewds murmured as you exited the room… Not long after you had left you heard the shouts. They were arguing but it was harsh and fast and you couldn’t catch a word. You frowned. You just wanted to leave already and live your life with Ryan… Away from Pewds.


You awoke to crashing. You looked out the window and it was pretty dark now. Loud noises occurred upstairs. You seemed to have dozed off only to awake to the crashes. “What’s going on?” You wondered aloud. There were a couple more crashes, followed by shouting…  Then it was silent you heard heavy footsteps upstairs and then they seemed to be coming down the stairs to your room. You clutched your mattress, your knuckles turning red… Please not Pewds!

You sat on the mattress, waiting to see who was behind the door. You watched as it slowly creaked open… And Ryan entered the room. He stumbled and you saw the cuts and bruises. His lip was cut, scratches on his neck… It looked pretty bad. He fell onto the mattress and rolled onto your lap, his hands pulling you towards him. You struggled free from his grip and looked at him. He was frowning. “Ryan… What happened.” You asked. “Oh… I hit Pewds with a lamp post.” He giggled. He was drunk. “What the hell!” You asked. “Don’t worry.” He giggled.

“Um I am worrying.. You said yourself that time when you were forced to hurt me that Pewds was capable of much worse… If you hit him with a lamp he is definitely pissed… Or will be when he wakes up.” You mumble. “Don’t worry we’ll be long gone by the time he wakes up.” Ryan whispered, his lips brushing your neck. “Stop Ryan!” You said, pushing him away. “What?” he asked. “I’m worried.. Your obviously drunk and you don’t look fit to carry out the plan.” You sighed, burying your head in your hands. Ryan frowned… Obviously upset with himself. “I’m sorry... I got you into this mess and I’ll get you out.” He sighed.

You sighed, caressing his face with your hand. "Its alright... I still love you... I trust that you'll help me escape safely." you smiled.  He grinned. “You should sleep.” He whispered, his voice low and quiet. You shook your head. “I just slept.” You grinned. “You need as much rest as you can get…” Ryan whispered. You sighed. He was probably right so there was no use in arguing. He was so charismatic that he could persuade you to stop talking… He won arguments easily. You sighed, pushing him off your lap and you laid next to him. You kissed his lips, tasting the blood. You pulled back. “You should get those iced… I won’t go to bed until your all patched up.” You smiled.

Ryan frowned. “You don’t need to doctor me.” He sighed. “You cared for me when I was hurt… Now its my turn to help you.” You sighed, getting up. You lent him your hand and you pulled him up. His rough hand stayed, planted on your hip. He clutched you close and you smiled, ascending the stairs. He kind of leaned on you, almost like he couldn’t rely on himself… He appeared to be badly hurt.

You led him to the room with the freezer box. He limped down the ladder and you winced every time he had a look of pain. He finally made it down the ladder and he sighed in relief, relief from the pain. He leaned against the wall as you rummaged for some ice. Once you found it, you closed the freezer and walked over to Ryan. You placed the ice on his bruised jaw. He winced at the coolness on his skin. But once it began feeling better he sighed. You grinned.

“So… Tell me why Pewds has it out for me. And why does he care about you so much? I mean.. More than friends should?” You asked. He took the ice and placed it on his side. He had a sour expression. “Pewds…” he sighed, pained now… “Pewds is bisexual.” Ryan finally sighed. You blinked. “So he…” you whispered. “Pewds likes me in that way…” Ryan whispered. You looked down. “That’s why he hates me? Because I’m with you?” you asked. Ryan nodded. “How long have you known?” you whispered. “9 months.” Ryan said, ruffling his hair. “How long have you known each other?” you murmured. “3 years… We met at a gamer convention in London England.” Ryan sighed. You felt… Uncomfortable now. This information made you worried to be with him… Worried that Pewds would get upset and take his anger out on one of you… “But I don’t love him. I love you.” He whispered, kissing your head. It made you feel slightly better but you were still worried.

You walked back to the room with Ryan. He mentioned feeling better from the ice… But the bruises and cuts would take at least a couple more days to start healing. “So how about you rest and I’ll wake you up once Pewds is asleep?” Ryan whispered as you both descended the stairs to the cell. “But you need the sleep more.” You protested. “Yes but its about getting you out… Not me.” He sighed. “But I want to be free… With you.” You sighed. You watched as Ryan opened the door and you walked in, murmuring thanks.

You lay on the bed as he closed the door. “Pewds doesn’t suspect a thing, right?” you asked. “Pewds is suspicious… But he doesn’t think we’d escape this fast… He assumes next week.” Ryan sighed. “Still… Hes suspicious.” You whispered. “Yeah so I’ll be extra careful.” Ryan whispered, kissing you. “Ryan.. I’m scared…” you sighed. You’d never thought of what would happen after… Would Ryan be arrested? Would Ryan stay behind? Would Pewds capture you? Would you die? You were nervous and your hands showed it as they shook nervously.

Ryan noticed and took them, placing them on his chest. “Feel my heartbeat?” he whispered. “Yes.” You murmured. His heartbeat was steady. “I want you to breathe in and out when I do,” he whispered. You nodded and you breathed in and out in sync with him. “We should get some sleep.” He whispered. You nodded, feeling exhaustion. You were too tired to protest. He curled up against the wall and wrapped his arms around you. “Goodnight, _________. I love you.” He whispered. You gave a small smile and closed your eyes.


You awoke to a shake. Ryan was shaking you and you groaned. Your eyes fluttered open and he grinned. “Good. Your awake.” He said. “Is it time to go?” you whispered. “Yes.” He whispered. You sat up, more alert. “Is Pewds asleep?” you asked. “Checked on him 5 minutes ago.” Ryan said. You saw a duffel bag on the floor. “What’s that?” you asked, motioning at the bag. “Oh that? That’s all we will need.” He said. “Oh.” You sighed, getting to your feet.

You both were tired. No doubt. Ryan tried to hide it but he was exhausted. “So were just gonna walk out the door and head for the highway?” You asked. He nodded. “But we’ll go through the forest… We can’t take the main road because Pewds might find us and someone might recognize me from the café… I haven’t checked the news but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bounty on my head. “We could say it was voluntary?” You suggested. Ryan shook his head “I don’t think it would be that easy. But never mind that… Lets just get you home.” He smiled leading you out the door.

You were happy to be finally leaving the place… There were too many bad memories in that place from the past 3 days… You just wanted to get home… You rested your head on Ryan’s shoulder as you headed down the dirt path. You would enter the woods later on down the road. You looked back at the house and you shuddered, stopping mid step. “What is it?” Ryan asked as he turned… You both looked at the top floor window… The light was on… And you could visibly see Pewd’s angry expression.
Sorry for the wait.. Here it is!

If you want to see me write the last chapter go here for details: [link]
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Thief king Bakura x Reader –
Chapter 3

Before reading:
I want the romance to come but I chapter 4 promises more romantic stuff… As I said in the previous chapter, this chapter will involve a plot twist :D
Please do keep reading *^* That’s all.
Enjoy reading.

Somewhere far in the dessert the thief’s horse suddenly stopped. After catching up with him you’ve been following him till now. You also stopped your horse and quickly hid behind a rock. After you also safely hid your horse, you peeked at his every action. The thief got off the horse, stretched and then took Ain off the horse. Before he let go of Ain he asked sarcastically ''do I need to tie you up or will you be a good girl and do as I say until the deal is fulfilled?’’ Ain only sat down, pulled her knees up and said ‘’you won’t get away with this.’’ To which he replied ‘’that’s where you’re wrong. I will get away with this, with all the things I demanded, that is.’’ He chuckled darkly. Ain stood up and walked towards the thief king,’’ the pharaoh will personally hunt you and every thief down!’’ She yelled at him. The thief’s face straightened  and he grabbed Ain by her pulses as he said ‘’You’re getting on my nerves, if you don’t do as I say, I must discipline you. Talking about discipline’’ he relaxed his grip but did not give Ain chance to escape ‘’Would your pharaoh mind terribly if you got a little ‘scarred up’?’’ he smirked and Ain shocked. The thief got his knife out of a secret pocket of his cloak. ‘’Look at that pretty face of yours, I think I’ll rather enjoy myself cutting some scars on it’’. He was about to cut Ain and had covered her mouth so she wouldn’t scream. You couldn’t let this happen so you ran from behind the rock and with all your force you had stopped his hand. He’d let go of Ain to see who interrupted him just like that. As hard as you could you screamed ''Ain! Run! My horse is behind the rock! Get help from the pharaoh!’’ Without hesitance Ain did as you said. You wanted to run away yourself but before you could move one foot, you got grabbed in the collar of your tunic. Ain already was too far to catch and so noticed the thief. He growled and asked ‘’And who do you think you are to spoil my plans?!’’  You could barely breathe for your collar was chocking you and you said ‘’Didn’t she tell you? You wouldn’t just get away with this. Now let me go!’’ He glared and replied ‘’No! Now answer me; who are you?’’ You started to lose consciousness, the last thing you could do in this situation was desperately kicking in random directions until you hit something. The last thing you could hear was a cursing thief in the night.
The romance is about to commence, ooh! how I've wanted to finally post that. This one is really short but this ending just needed to be an ending -^- no doubt.
See you in the next description! xD if you have awesome ideas to insert for the story just put it in the comments~
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"Ve~ Look at all the pretty clouds! That one looks like a plate of spaghetti, doesn't it, Doitsu?"

The flight from Germany's home in Berlin to Denver, Colorado had been a relatively quiet one, despite Italy Veneziano's good-natured rambling and Italy Romano's seemingly constant whining. Germany glanced out the window, grunting indifferently as he always did when Veneziano would ramble and coo his absent minded "Ve" sound. To Germany's left, sitting closer to the isle than he would be comfortable, was Japan. Japan was silent through the whole trip as he was flipping through a small Japanese book he had pulled out of his pocket before the flight.

Seated behind them was Prussia and Romano, who seemed to bond over their mutual condescending nature. Conversations between them went a bit like this…

"This is creepy, having to sit so close to a stranger… Look at him! He's drooling on my shoulder!"

"I know! If only West could have spent a little extra money to fly first class! Someone of my awesomeness shouldn't have to share such cramped spaces with old, snoring bald men."

"Oi, potato-head! You hearing this?! Maybe you should listen to your brother once in a while!"

Despite Veneziano's attempts at initiating a conversation about the clouds and Romano's violent kicks at the back of his chair, Germany enjoyed a nice, peaceful ride to Denver while working on his laptop.

A pleasant female voice came over the speaker. "We are approaching our destination, so if you would kindly place all electronics back into your carryon bag and return all trays to their upright position, we can land safely at the airport. Have a nice day, and thank you for choosing American Airlines."

As Germany was shutting down his computer and folding his tray back up, the plane began rocking slowly, sometimes jerking forward and back.

Japan closed his book. "Turbulence? At such a low altitude, and in such nice weather-?"

Suddenly, the plane's nose tilted downward at almost a 90 degree angle and sped towards earth.

Germany stood. "What the-?!" He grabbed the chairs in the aisles for support and started toward the cockpit. Finding the door locked, he slammed it with his shoulder until he fell into the small room, only to find the two pilots hunched over the controls, dead.

"Japan!! I'll need help!"

"Of course!"

With Japan as the co-pilot, Germany conjured up all he knew about flying a plane from the military, and struggled to get the plane back to a safe speed and altitude.

Meanwhile, in the shaft, Romano had Veneziano's hand clasped in a iron grip. The younger of the two was near tears, and the eldest was already sobbing in fear.

"Little bro, I'm sorry I've always been such an asshole! I know you don't deserve it, it's just that I'm kinda jealous that all the other countries like you so much, and I always come up second! And I'm lying when I say I hate your pasta, because I really don't! You make the best pasta I've ever tasted! It's even better than tomatoes! And…"

Gently, the plan eased back into a comfortable, safe position in the air, and it glided along through the clouds.


"…And I'm sorry for always being a jerk to potat- I mean, Germany, because I know you don't like it, and I know you're best friends!"


"And I'm sorry for always saying you act like a girl, because you don't! You're actually a lot more manly than I am, because you actually give a flying-"

"Romano! The plane…"

"Eh?" Romano glanced around, out the windows, to the cockpit, and realized the plan wasn't plummeting down to their deaths. "Oh…"

"But… Did you really mean all those nice things?" Veneziano smiled hopefully.

Romano let go of his brother's hand and crossed his arms, his voice returning to it's usual irritated yell. "N-no, of course not, you idiot! I was just saying that so God wouldn't be angry at me when I died…"

Prussia glanced around the cabin at all the people around him. The bald man who was once sleeping was now forced awake, grabbing his chest as if checking to see if his heart was still beating. There were mothers crying with relief, comforting their children, complete strangers hugging each other, caught up in the rapture of being snatched out of the clutches of death.

He smiled. "West…"

Veneziano stood, skipping into the cockpit to congratulate Germany and Japan. When he entered, the two were deep in a worried conversation.

"I have the coordinates on the screen. Can you hear anybody on the line?"

Japan fiddled with a knob on a set of headphones. "Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me? Over."

Germany flipped several switches and turned several knobs that meant nothing to Veneziano.

"Hello? Is anyone there? Hello? This is flight 487 from Berlin to Denver, the original pilots were found dead, and we need help to guide us through the landing, over."


Japan shook his head. "There… is no response. The line isn't dead, it is just… silent. I do not know what to expect." He looked up at Germany with worry in his dark eyes.

Germany looked ahead with a darkness in his eyes. "This doesn't make any sense… The flight went so well up until now, and there's no response from the airport..?"

Veneziano stepped in, hoping to lighten his friends' mood. "That was some great flying you did, Doitsu! You're a real hero to all the people out there!"

Once again, Veneziano innocently rambled about how great Germany was, then once again began admiring the clouds. This time, Germany didn't even try to listen. His head was filled with dark thoughts about what could have happened to make their peaceful flight to America turn into a near-death experience.


The landing was relatively easy. With the coordinates of the airport already entered into the plane's system, Germany was able to guide the craft into a somewhat bumpy, though safe landing. None of the gates were open to accept the plane, so Germany had to deploy the emergency exit so everyone could leave the craft safely. Now all that was left for him to do was to alert the passengers of their dilemma.

He stood to face the crowd. "Excuse me, everyone." Each person turned in their seats to face him. "There's a bit of an emergency… No one from the airport has returned any of our calls. We're not sure what to expect. Proceed with caution inside the building."

The people turned to face each other with anxiety in their eyes, and whispers of shock and fear started rippling through the craft.

In a single file line, all of the passengers exited the craft on the flight of stairs on the side of it. Germany waited until every last person was off before opening the cargo hold at the bottom so everyone could search for their charge amongst the crowded pile of luggage.

"Where do you think America is, Doitsu?" Veneziano said once all of the Axis had gotten their bags.

Germany sighed. "I'm not sure. But if I do say so myself, he has some pretty low-quality airports." He stared out at the small crowd of worried people, some trying to peer into the windows of the nearby building, others glancing to him for instructions, as if they assumed he was the unofficial leader. He dug through his luggage and smiled as his hand rested on a cold, metallic object. He withdrew his large handgun and held it up, examining it. "Ah, darling… How I've missed you." He slid the gun into its holster on his belt.

Japan pulled out his own weapon; a long, sleek katana with a golden handle. He slid his finger against the flat of the blade, which sparkled against the bright sunlight, then sheathed the blade in its home on his back.

There was a sound of rumbling that was heard over the engine of the plane. Germany looked to the far side of the courtyard to see a large mob of people rounding the corner of the building and charging toward them at an incredible speed. He squinted to see them better.

"Eh?" Prussia said. "What's with all those people? Why are they running?" He shaded his face from the sun to get a better look.

Veneziano tugged at Germany's sleeve. "D-Doitsu…"

Among the mob –or rather, the horde- were hideously disfigured men and women, some with skin falling off of their bodies and missing limbs, and others seeming to be only walking skeletons with muscles still barely attached to them. Others, more humanoid beings, had large tumors and pustules covering their face and arms and what seemed like smoke emanating from their mouths. And still others ran on four legs with dark clothing covering most of their bodies.

Germany grit his teeth, and his eyes widened. "Those aren't people…" He backed away, then turned. "Axis, RUN!"

His fellow countries turned and sprinted after him, the Italy brothers being the fastest. Germany turned and slowed, shooting at the creatures that had now descended upon the innocent people, and were now ripping at their still-living flesh. He shot as many of the disgusting things as he could, but in vain, as the former passengers of flight 487 were now dead.

Germany looked ahead at Romano, who had stopped along with the him and the others. "Take Veneziano and the luggage and get help. Hurry."



Romano reluctantly grabbed Veneziano's arm and pulled him, running to a nearby watchtower. Veneziano looked back at Germany, Japan, and Prussia, who stood by, waiting for the horde to reach them.

"Damn, I don't have a weapon! West!!" Prussia growled.

Germany sighed and reached for his belt, where his ever-present whip was. He tossed it to Prussia, who received it with an unhappy scowl.

When the horde reached them, fighting back seemed next to impossible. Germany's only useful weapon wasn't meant for close combat, and it was used more of a club than anything else. Prussia's whip could only do so much as to damage the rotten skin of the living dead. Japan, though, was well-equipped with his katana. He sliced of multiple heads at a time with a single swift and easy twist of his wrist.

Though, despite the latter's skill with a blade, the three were severely outnumbered, and growing fatigued.


The Italy brothers reached the watchtower, but reluctantly. Veneziano shook his head sadly. "No, I don't want to leave them all behind! What if they get hurt?"

Romano sighed and scowled. "I know, I want to help too, but we really wouldn't serve any use to them! We don't have any weapons or battle experience or anything. All we have are white flags and pasta…"

The eldest then noticed a conveniently placed pile of rope and broken helicopter blades by the wheels of a golf cart. Upon further inspection, he saw that the keys were still in the ignition…


Growing tired and impatient, as well as low on bullets, Germany feared the worst. Japan was still fighting as fiercely as he had before, but Germany could tell his limbs were shaking with exhaustion. To make matters worse, the sun was just beginning to sink under the horizon, and the horde was still no less than one hundred strong.

"What the…?" Prussia mumbled.

Germany turned and looked over his shoulder after bashing in the skull of the nearest zombie. Coming toward them at full speed were Veneziano and Romano, the latter driving a golf cart with jagged-edged blades tied to the sides and front with rope at an unsafe speed. Romano drove the cart head-on into a cluster of zombies, sending blood and body parts flying.

"Left, left, left, go LEFT!"

"I'm trying! Shut up!"

"Go faster! Can't you drive any better than this?"

"No, I CAN'T, this steering wheel is on the wrong side!!"

The Italians drove circles around the other Axis, and eventually stopped in front of them. The brothers were panting and sweating, their hair and clothes drenched in sweat and blood, which thankfully wasn't theirs.

Romano spat on the ground haughtily. "Get in."


They decided to let Romano continue driving, because should they encounter any more zombies on the way to the front gate, there would be no need for slow, safe drivers like Japan. The drive around the side of the colossal airport was, for the most part, quiet, except for a few tidbits of a conversation.

"I don't know about you, but I'm filing a complaint about this airport first thing tomorrow."

"I'm getting kinda tired…"

"How could something like this happen? I thought zombie apocalypses were things of fantasy…"

Romano followed the 20-foot fence until he saw they arrived at the front parking lot, and there, he drove on the asphalt to the front gate. All of them exited the cart and approached the gate slowly, taking in the dark scene before them.

Veneziano's eyes sparkled with moisture. "It's… locked…"

Romano touched the padlock. The metal was smelted together into one large lump. "Someone really doesn't want anybody leaving…"

Prussia looked around at the mortified faces and chuckled dryly. "N-now come on, guys, this might not be as bad as it looks. I mean, can't we just climb over the fence?"

Germany shook his head. "It's 20 feet up."

"And there's barbed wire at the top."

"And this sign says it's charged with electricity…"

Prussia's shoulders sagged. "Oh…"

The high-pitched beeping of a personalized ringtone of "Star-Spangled Banner" sounded from Germany's chest pocket. He pulled out his cell phone and held it up to his ear. "America? What is it?"

"-er--any, hel--! Russi-- e- "

"America, calm down. You're breaking up, I can't hear you."

"-trapped! Russia-- me in here! I-- airport! HELP ME!!" With that last disturbing cry, America hung up, leaving Germany staring perplexed at his phone.

"America? What did he want? Did he explain what's going on?" Veneziano said hopefully.

Germany shook his head. "I'm not sure. I think he was trying to say something about he and Russia being trapped in the airport."

Prussia snorted. "Russia, eh? Let's just leave that bastard and get out of here."

Veneziano gasped. "Prupru, that's terrible!"

Germany nodded. "Next to being a country, he's a person, too. Ivan Braginski. We need to help him as much as we do America."

Romano shuddered. "So… are we going in the airport..?"

An uneasy silence fell over the Axis. Germany broke it with a quiet "I suppose so…"
the result of an obsession with Hetalia and an overwhelming zombie fetish.

i had originally uploaded this series up to chapter 4 on my old account, but i deleted it when i left. i didn't want people stumbling upon it and thinking, "oh, this is cool. i wonder when she'll write a new one" and not read my journal saying that i did, in fact, leave.

so yeah.. i edited a few things. two, to be exact. i made Feli call Prussia "Prupru" and not "Puroisen," which is his Japanese name. i thought that might be a little confusing to some people. by "some people" i mean people who don't spend hours on end on the Hetalia wiki, memorizing Japanese phrases, lyrics, and names like i do *cough*

so yeah.... HetaL4D. here you go.

Hetalia (C) Hidekaz Himaruya
Left 4 Dead (C) Valve
series (C) ~XonetruedemonX
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