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Part 2 of Lara retro clip. Comments welcome :)
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Welcome to Dress up Lara Croft 3.1!

A lot of things have changed since last version and it's a big reason why it took so long to update it. In version 3 there are a loading screen and panels for different kind of clothning and items which you can open and close by pressing icons on the right. There are also five new backgrounds, two new characters and new buttons to make changing them easier. I also added a undress button which will remove all the items to their own places. You can also remove items now by double clicking them! New items mostly include clothes from Underworld's concept arts and the new Tomb Raider game.

I would like to thank my friend for helping me with the code! I wouldn't had been able to update this game for years without his help. I hope you have fun playing!

Most of the outfits are from Tomb Raider games (mostly from Legend). Some of them I might have edited a bit. Rest of the clothes I have invented myself. Please notice the Scion shirt and small Philosopher's Stone neckless (that look like lips :P ) I've used a lot of model pistures. For example Laras pose is from this… picture.
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In 2012, The Battle was initiated on February 25th with the Due-date of March 10th. I fell sick with a fever the first week and postponed all work until I could get better.

After starting the battle animation finally on March 6th, I had 2 and 2 half days to finish it.

I am very depressed that it is so short. But I really hope you'll be able to overlook this error. I love you guys, I hope guys you enjoy it!!!

Credits in Text:
Pepper = Sword Sounds
Layers = All the other sounds
Music link: [link]
I cry when I listen to this song

Want to try out animation?
we will see you on the forums: [link]

Made with Flash.
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Here is it! My third flash game... I still don't know how to make a function for saving the image... :(
(If you find any error, please let me know and I'll fix it, thank you!)

YES, U can use it as you want, you can upload it on your page, but credit me, please. :)

Programs: Adobe Flash and Illustrator
Time: 5 days + 1-2 days programming (:D)

Would you like to have your own game? Look into my Jurnal. ;)


My other games:
BT dress up game FEMALE by V3rc4 BT dress up game MALE by V3rc4

My Naruto fanarts:
Naru by V3rc4 Itachi by V3rc4 Don't touch by V3rc4
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Hi, it's me again with another very incomplete little flash-game.
To say the truth it's much more incomplete, than complete.
Right now, only the basic engines are ready for testing.
So, I thought maybe you can help me test it. You all did a great job reporting the bugs on Majora, so I hope that you can help me this time, too.
It's a Zelda-Stealth game (like the name is saying).
I got the inspiration from the original zelda. In almost every zelda game, there is a stealth passage, so I thought: why not making a mini-game about it.

I will now list, the things that I would like you to test:
1. The map creator:
The map always creates random. Please tell me when you got some freaky results.
2. The movement of link:
Maybe, Link will run in an invisible wall. If something like that happens, tell me.
3. The "guards" (Right now, they are water barrels, because I was too lazy to cut out the original castle guard) and the lines of sight:
Tell me, if a "guard" moves in a crazy way or doesn't move at all or if the black points are created in a weird way.

And of course, if you see other bugs, tell me too.

Actually I'd like to hear every thought of you:
Do you like the game idea, do you think it's good to upload an incomplete game for testing, etc.

I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts!

Use Arrow keys for the movement.
With holding shift, you can go slower (sneak). Right now it has no use, though.

Oh, I forgot to say:
As always: I you got any idea, what I should add to this game, please say it. No matter wether you think it's good or bad.
I'd love to hear other ideas, too

Update 1:
1. I added animation if Link moves diagonally.
2. If a guard sees Link, the guards stop moving and Link can't move anymore.
3. Fixed a few minor bugs

Update 2:
1. Replaced the barrels with guards.
2. Removed the fields of sight.
3. Added statues (It's yet a known bug, that sometimes it looks like Link was below those statues.
4. If you now reach the end of the way, a new Level is created and new guards appear.

Update 3:
1. Added a game over screen
2. Optimized the source code a little
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You start with 4 elements : fire, water, air and earth.
Mix them with each other and try to create as many things as possible !

Inspired by [Doodle God].

======= UPDATE 1.2 =======
A dozen new animals, as well as a search feature for easy library browsing, and an auto-save so you can keep your progress !

======= UPDATE 1.1 =======
Tweaked a couple things, added help, and also added a massive bunch of new tiles, for a total of 70+.
Plants and animals are in ! Though, it only goes up to very basic creatures.
Stay tuned for the next update !
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Guess who has his birthday today?? YES, it's the best person ever, ~CamBoy!! Happy Birthday, babeh! :iconiloveyouplz:

And now look at his magnificent, graceful Orc character kicking ass!
I'm a lazy bum so I had to hurry and make something in just one day, and this is what I ended up with. Gonna have to censor it for the kids :lol:
Sorry about the giant size, I'm used to it.

Obviously, The Elder Scrolls is (c) Bethesda,
Ghidruh is (c) ~CamBoy
and music is from this site called

EDIT: I put a start button at the beginning because it always loaded the music funny after loading.
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A Glock 17 "simulator" with multiple features.
Made in Flash 8.
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You can find my other flash games here:…

Please follow my in-game rules!

Working on this one on and off for going on three years now. Started off as sort of a 1930s style, expanded more into a 20's-50s fashion. Two models for game ten! About two-hundred items per model. (The two models can't be on-screen at the same time because of the way I set these games up, I'm no programmer by any means too many layers make lower layers disappear. If you are still seeing this issue I recommend updating your flash player!)
Try turning off other items if you are having trouble seeing items.

Game (c) Ammotu

Don’t forget to send me a link to screenshots if you post them!!
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Primeira Transformação do insector sun
Esta foi a primeira que fizemos,
Como o pessoal estava reclamando que estava ficando com cara de animação americana, mudamos o traço para mais anime, como podem ver nos outros desenhos o traço ta bem diferente deste hehe
transformation fail hahaha

tem ela tbm no youtube:

First Transformation insector sun
This was the first we did,
As people were complaining that guy was getting American animation, change the dash for more anime, as you can see the trace in the other drawings of this very different ta hehe
transformation fail hahaha

video on youtube
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