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Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everyone! :holly:

I'm just gonna post this up now because it's finished- my other x-mas gifts will have to wait til' tomorrow.
This is for *Tyshea, aka my favorite person in the world. You might be outta town right now, but I can still spoil you rotten, right? 
pandas by Emoji-kun

These are her SalaDays OCs; Ash the vampire, Autumn the banshee, Mint the werewolf, and Ren the death god-- and the reason we met, more or less. I've drawn Autumn and Mint before here and there, but I think it was a good excuse to draw them all together. :'P Please accept this CYMK nonsense, my love.

Done in SAI in a day because I went crazy.
Thanks for looking, and for faving/commenting/watching! :love:
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I just wanna be your lover
No matter how it ends, no matter how it starts

Forget about your house of cards
Fall off the table, and get swept under

— House of Cards by Radiohead

With their flipped images, high-ranking cards can represent duality, secrets, and— almost literally— a two-faced nature.

SamSara at it’s core is very much about secrets and what drives us to hide ourselves in a place where appearance and school hierarchy is really everything. This is a story about finding how to be honest, how to be vulnerable, and what brings out the best and worst in a person.

Ace of Hearts: The suit of hearts is ruled by Spring and Fire. It represent emotions, love, youth, and vulnerability. Aces represent the beginning, desire, and the individual. This is a passionate, optimistic card.

Sara represents the lowest and the highest value card, much like day and night. She’s dormant and withdrawn, sheltering a wounded heart- but shines brightest and is at her strongest when honest, heart exposed.

Queen of Diamonds: This suit is ruled by Autumn and Earth. Diamonds represent money, entertainment, responsibility, security, judgement, and values. This card is known to be a flirt and a gossip.

Blaire’s marionette strings represent the control she has over several different things, and the consequences of losing that control and freedom to puppeteer them, getting tangled in her own web.

Jack of Clubs: Clubs are ruled by Summer and Air. Clubs represent irresponsibility, youth, and intellectual growth. Jacks are the adolescent, the young boy. This card sometimes indicates a young, playful admirer.

Tammy’s emotions are young and theatrical, represented by masks. Masking her negative emotions suggests she cannot properly express them, confront them, but the dramatization of them will still keep attention on her.

King of Spades: This suit is ruled by Winter and Water. Spades is the suit of wisdom and maturity; they represent transformation, conflict, and acceptance. This card is an authoritative, ambitious, self-serving card.

Gwen is an ironfist; controlled and steadfast- much as a ruling King. But much like water against a stone, her resolve too can wear away and the self-preserving teacher finds herself worn thin after battle.


PT - House of Cards [Side B] by Tyshea
I did all of these four in SAI, text in photoshop
Picture This: Sam & Sara

Which one is your favorite? ;P
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:iconpurplesparklesplz::icongreensparklesplz:REBLOG IT ON TUMBLR HERE!

So there was this super great prompt floating around;
Draw Yourself as A Magical Girl by artofcarmen
You can also see her post here on DA!
All you have to do to participate is draw yourself *gender identity regardless!!!* and tag it as #magical girl art :D

Then naf decided she’d give it a go too! so we did THIS and then she was like “LET’S PUT THEM TOGETHER” but I was like OH GOD MINE IS SUCH A SPARKLY ATTENTION WHORE THOUGH. ...but she MADE IT WORK ANYWAY LIKE HOLY WOW? :wow:

So her mahou-sona is actually the villain to my heroic :star: COSMIC MOTH! :star: self.
Sexual tension abounds. (you can also call me spacebug)

The prompt uses things we’re passionate about or like a lot to help figure out our outfits, so:
:bulletblue: Bee: Fairies, yellow/teal/cyan gradient, and shooting stars/space
(astrology but you wouldn't really see the constellations I was gonna put under my cloak so I’ll do it next time). I’ll think of a mascot pet later. @_@/)
:bulletpurple: Naf’s is based on Monochrome, Ninjas and FASHION. ..Also a panda. heh

I did mine in SAI, and Ty did hers in Photoshop CS5! And then she fancily merged them together there. :)
Thanks for all the faves/comments/watches! That's all for my magical girl interlude... for now. :paranoid: :heart:
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As a follow up from my last WOL dump:
WOL  Dump 09 by Ai-Bee
These guys are the main characters of my old wormwood project story. I've been dabbling in revamping them throughout the year and they're finally ready to post! (*´∀`*) *tiny victory flag*

:bulletpurple: Kirby Wickham | Kodiak Bear Beserker, Junior/17, 6'0"
Kirby's a prickly pear, really. He just wants to eat and sleep and be left alone most of the time. He's got a beserker-bound reputation for a bad temper, but he's really quite content if left unprovoked. When the story starts he gets reluctantly pulled into joining wrestling as a healthy outlet, and he's 1000% unexcited about it. He's besties with Charli and their little tag-along, Chryssa.
I don't know how he exactly became the main character... but that's kind of where he's at atm. ://|;

:bulletred: Charli Sillah | Asanbosam, Junior/17, 5'6"
Chuck is one cool cucumber, very easygoing and level-headed. She's got a hipster-beatnik-goth hybrid sort of style. Her great public speaking personality is only rivalled by how tech-savvy she is, landing her in both Theatre and Stagecraft. She's Kirby's confidant and bestie, and is dating a lax pufferfish mermaid, Nat/Spike.

:bulletorange: Graham Salman | Anubis, Junior/17, 5'9"
Graham's a transfer student from another school, and makes his new home and niche in dance class, becoming fast friends with a variety of hiphop dancers there, especially undead myths (since he's a protector of the dead and all!) He's generally pretty modest and to himself despite his cool guy presence, laughs easily when embarrassed and loves creating good energy in his friends and on stage.
He used to be a necromancer named Grace- Grace's story was about her gender identity and coming out as trans, but I decided to speed up the process and have him already living as male. Also myth and race change. I was unhappy with the old design so I scrapped it.

:bulletyellow: Chryssa Owens | Bumble Bee Fairy, Sophomore/16, 5'2"
Chryssa's one little bundle of clumsy joy. She's insanely timid and shy but has a huge heart of gold- which sometimes is a heavy burden. She's got very, very fragile self-esteem, which causes Kirby to be somewhat protective (and exasperated at times) of her. She has many friends and doesn't like to be alone. She's good at all kinds of homely things like cooking, gardening, sewing and papercraft, and is a hopeless romantic, which is sometimes a little blinding.
She makes an appearance in my Curves Tutorial and my 30 Monster Challenge. her weight fluctuated again... GDI /lays on floor angrily this always happens fml

:bulletgreen: Addison Nyx | Witch, Junior/17, 5'8"
Addison is a very peculiar beauty, found almost exclusively in the massive WWHS library working as an aide. She's extremely to herself and prefers the company of dusty books and quietness than the bustling gossipy hallways. She's extremely verbose and a lot of pop culture references fly over her head because she doesn't watch TV (save for a documentary here and there) or keep up with trends in basically anything. Even her music is usually classical, instrumental, or nature recordings. She's been on honor role since 9th grade but will probably not help you with your homework. She also has Aspergers, and though manageable, it causes a lot of tension and alienation at home, so she is found on campus until late in the evening more often than not.

:bulletblue: Bailey Davis | Antelope Jackrabbit Jackalope, Sophomore/16, 5'7"
Everyone on campus knows about- or will know of Bailey at some point, because she makes it her business to. She's boisterous, overbearing, hyper, and can't sit still in class- and you'll either find her a total riot or hide from her when you hear her coming. She means well and also has a pretty big heart, but gets confused easily and doesn't take to sulky people or drama very well, just wanting to have fun. She's a passionate ace sprinter, a vegetarian cooking fiend and smoothie addicted. Despite being competitive, she's a great sport and good at raising team spirit. She's no stranger to speed dating just about anyone that'll give her the time of day. However, she is not gonna steal your boo from you.

characters (c) meee! Done in SAI over the course of seventy decades. *decays*
Thank you for the comments, favorites, and watches! :love:
So tell me, who's your favorite?! :dance:
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Picture This
By *Tyshea and *Ai-Bee
A collection of short stories about love between girls.

Happy 2nd birthday, Picture This!

And what a crazy couple years it's been. We apologize for the laggy lateness on this year's piece, real life and all that good stuff. But we pumped this out over the weekend and I hope you guys enjoy it! And the rambling that is to follow. :XD:

We really wanted to talk about and incorporate two tumblr asks we got recently, which were:

"Which of the girls has changed the most since you announced the project and how? Who's changed the least? Why do you think this is?"


"What kind of flowers do you think represent the girls?"

As a disclaimer, the language of flowers is about as muddled and ambiguous as the English language, so the reasons I picked them may not always be because of the meaning, or I kind of pick and choose what meanings I prefer. ;P So without further ado; Side A:

:bulletgreen: Sara: has matured and became more down to earth- Her plot and relationships with her antags has changed drastically, so her goofy, escapist outlook on life became more motivated through experience. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it's made her aware of the mistakes she makes, which is very important. She used to be sort of aimlessly pushed by various people and feelings, but now it's more like she pushes herself into things and regrets it later. She's also become considerably more solitary in the story because of these changes.
This is in direct contrast to Sam, who became more youthful and naive over time, pushing their night/day dynamic.
- Visually, Sara became more pointedly gangling, slouching, and bony. Her face became especially reliant on her eyebrows and wide mouth for expressions. I started with a pretty generic base for her but over time her gesture became more drastic and incorporated into all her movements/poses. I wanted her to feel very androgynous and skater in the way she walks and carries herself.
- We've associated Daisies with SamSara from the beginning, because it represented their relationship well- but of the two, it was more likened with Sara. Daisies are simple, innocent, loyal, patient, and young at heart. They're sweet and plain, which is kind of how Sara is, especially when it comes to love. She's a sensitive but simple person, and honestly doesn't require much attention to be content.

:bulletblue: Jess: What started out as an ice prince actually warmed up into more of a cocky, blunt firecracker. Before, she had left her temper in Texas entirely and became calculating and unfeeling, but over time I felt that her annoyance and short temper with certain situations started to come back the more we discussed their story, and what exactly caused drama to follow her. Her shorter fuse has made it a lot easier for her to get involved in the JayJess arc.
- Her body type is gradually solidifying, but like Jay, she's unapologetic ally androgynous-masculine, though sleeker and more streamlined than Jay due to her history of swimming in place of basketball. She's gradually gotten a slight but much needed haircut to make her style feel more deliberate and fashionable, and pushed her Hispanic roots more in her skin tone. I hope to work on her features much more as time goes on and as I work out her family.
- The Calla Lily is kind of sleek and graphic in the way it's shaped, very crisp and clean cut like Jess's sharp personality. They're beautiful, elegant, and a little vain.

:bulletpurple: Stella: Stella's still got plenty of growing to do, but I feel like her ocean of emotions is getting more vast... she's a very feeling character, and is passionate with a big- and easily broken- heart. Her development has brought to light a lot of feminist issues she'll experience and those things inadvertently made her stronger.
- Visually, Stella is still in the process of evolving. I did struggle with settling on various features for her initially, but over time she's become very confident in her design yet her face feels very gentle and slightly shy. I want to solidify her broad shoulders and jawline, to push her iconic runway model presence. I've also gone and given her a bit more chest. (Just like Gale omg)
- Stargazer lily... Stella, stargazer? How could I not? But otherwise, I knew I wanted a very decorated flower, and I love the mixture of pink and white. They're very delicate yet vibrant... pure, innocent, and romantic.

:bulletpink: Monica: Most of the self-consciousness she had at conception has been redirected into Stella, I've realized- Mona has become more level-headed, responsible, and a nurturing leader. I've gone digging into her Texan roots to find a more aggressive and confident, positive go-getter in Monica. There are finer details I need to work out for her, but I'm happy with this much needed groundwork.
- Visually, she's gone through a dozen fluctuations in size... I just wasn't sure what kind of plus size I wanted her to be. Hourglass? Pear? more significantly plus size? I feel like with solidifying her curves more, she became more stable- emotionally as well.
- Lily of the Valley- Sweetness, humility, happiness. They're cute and charming, cheery and honestly quite beautiful as a bouquet... Mona's the kind of girl to make you smile just in passing, even as a stranger. Cute happy flowers for a cute happy lady!

To read about Sam, Jay, Gale, and Sumi's answers, check out Ty's post!

Reblog this post on tumblr here!

Sketched our respective characters (SAI for me, PS for Ty.)
I did the linework in SAI, Ty put colors, gradients, and text on it in Photoshop CS5 :)

A walk down memory lane:

Thank you for all the favorites, comments, and watches! :love:
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30 Day Magical Person Challenge List HERE

Set 1 (1-6) :star: Set 2 (7-12) :star: Set 3 (13-18) :star: Set 4 (19-24) :star: Set 5 (25-30)
:iconsparklesplz: ~+*ULTIMATE SEPTEMBER MAGICAL GIRL INTERLUDE*+~ :iconsparklesplz:

That's where I rambled on about each of them more in detail. Characters featured here are 90% ones I already own that I've either revamped for this challenge or just cameoed for the fun of it, so if you recognize someone, that's probably why! *w*;

If you guys can't tell by now, the magical girl genre is my lifeblood. From random fan characters, assorted loose characters, or actual series Ty's helped bring conceptual life to like recently, this is one of those things I'm totally nuts for. I've wanted to do this challenge like crazy- far before the 30day Monster girls one, but I had to legit mentally prepare myself for it for a while before I could. OTL// I really like it when the genre is diversified, so things like super heroes and solitary heroines definitely feel magical girlesque to me, hence why some of these probably don't fit the frilly pink staple that is mahou shoujo. But yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this month long explosion of designing I did to kickstart my productivity again!

If you're interested, also check out my

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge!

Each was done in Paint Tool SAI on a 500x800 canvas with a tablet and lots of patience/endurance. I dunno how I survived. Text is added in PS7.

So guys, here comes the hard hitting question... :evillaugh:
TOP 5 FAVORITES ANYONE? And why? I'd love to hear your faves! :dance:
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Oddly enough, I didn't have much to say on the dump, so I don't have much to say here either... :noes:

Adelaide as also seen here and here. Linette is from day 27 of this set.
Nor belongs to ~MissMellifluous! Autumn and Mint, and Kye (being snogged, oops) belong to *Tyshea!
Since I forgot to mention; the eel guy is an Eelektross gijinka and Cherry is a Scolipede gijinka; Gulpoink is a mashup of Gulpin and Spoink.
Shoutout to =lCHll-kouhai for the Shiftry prompt and =Kallicalico for the magical cat butterfly challenge <3

...And a lot of dedenne, goddamn that little fat hamster.

Hope everyone's having a good October! I still have a few bigggg comments laying around I gotta reply to, but I'm almost done. @__@ Pokemon X may or may not have consumed my life. *sweats bullets*

Thank you for comments, favorites, and watches! :love:
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sketchduuuump tiiimeee!!! :party:

an accumulation of doodles and sketches throughout the year. white outlines is a slice of life about a supernatural high school within Tyshea's SalaDays universe! Dramedy and romance abounds! WHIPPIE! A couple characters got redesigned or updated but when am I NOT doing that (I-I'm sorry. Kinda. I try to point it out when I do at least so no one gets horribly lost HAHH) It's okay if you just wanna look at the art though because it's not a wholly active project right now, heh!
Not much to say that isn't already said... tried to keep my commentary more simple this time I keep finding old commentary on dumps that makes me cringe LMFAO

see the main characters of this story here:
White Outlines Main Cast by Ai-Bee

Thank you for the faves/watches and comments! :love:
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:iconcuteheartz: Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!  ( ˘ ³˘)♥ :iconcuteheartz:

HI EVERYBODY! It's been a while wow 8( The year is already going full-speed. Anyway I bring you PT valentine's, as I may have hinted at in the past few Ty-Livestreams :heart: Some of you might recognize that wee sammy chibi from a pt dump, which was actually for last year's V-Day that never came to be, haha orz/// This is what that was all about!

I tried to match an angel/devil theme to each of them based on personality, but make them all a little different if I could help it. I added some recent updates to some of their designs, it's been so long! Sammy's getting more sunkissed, Jess got a hearty update recently, and I'm trying to push Mona into the more pointedly curly-haired strawberry blonde redhead spectrum! More on that later though :P

I did all of these guys myself in SAI, and Ty did the composition and typography for me! //smooches for you :heart:
I hope everyone enjoys the sappy oneliners we thought up for all of them, WAHAHAH

Be sure to let your friends and family know how much you love them today! :iconawwloveplz:
Thank you for all the faves, comments, and watches! Which one do you like the most? :love:
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:iconsparklesplz: :dance: :iconsparklesplz:

Eye tutorial masterpost:
1 Eye Tutorial by CoorTenshi (I'll give this one another go sometime)
3 Coloring eyes in SAI kuro's way by xKuroUsagi (wanna try this one again too)
8 (see link in # 6)

I liked different effects among each of them, and I'd like to try them and more again later. As much as I love drawing eyes, I don't ever seem to apply all the different looks to my own art. Wanna toy with this!

OCs and stuff is mine unless otherwise stated! pokemon is not mine. miss universe contestant is here~
Thank you for the favorites, comments, and watches!! :love:
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