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:bulletred: I've wanted to draw historical chibis of my otp for a while. I finally got to draw them! :heart: This drawing was something to relax myself because I've been very stressed with exams, hopefully I have only one left ∩(︶▽︶)∩

The title refers to the Agroexporting period in Argentina (1880-1930) where the nation had a very important economic growth, as it became 'the breadbasquet of the world' due to its great geographic condition to develop agriculture and cattle, becoming a country provider of raw material to the industrial nations. The country that got involved the most with Argentina's growth, was the United Kingdom indeed, since the British (English) immigrants that came to Argentina did it as as industrialists and major landowners. The British investment in Argentina was very important, as it said that Argentina in the Victorian age was part of the United Kingdom's informal empire, an independent nation that Britain had economic influence in, that was outside the British Empire.

I was going to share some translated quotes from a text in Spanish about British investment in Argentina, but JUST YESTERDAY I found a great text in English that explais pretty well about this topic, and it sincerely made me laugh very hard and have a lot of feels because, well you'll see :XD:

:rose:Faded Glory, The History of British Investment and Argentina:…

Over the course of more than 100 years, England invested billions of dollars in Argentina. Today, Buenos Aires is a shadow of its glorious past.

Argentina is like an old girlfriend who kicked you to the curb after you showered her with a fortune in diamonds, furs and expensive clothing over the course of many years. It isn’t enough that she was the one that ended the affair but that she also kept everything you gave her.
During the reign of Queen Victoria, Argentina was an integral part of the United Kingdom’s informal empire and became a privileged benefactor of massive British investment.

[...]The love affair was destined to last forever, but Argentina had other plans.

Argentina does not appear to be overly concerned with the preservation and restoration of its past, as much as it is with the assimilation of the past with the present and future. Today, slick office towers and ultra-luxury, high-rise condominiums are interspersed between elegant mansions and office buildings built during the golden age of Buenos Aires. Elegant parks and flower gardens are scattered throughout this city where an active café society remains.

[...] Still, the old girlfriend looks pretty good for her age, though her fur coat is looking a bit worn and tattered around the edges and some of the jewelry she has had to pawn to pay for her vices.
And like any spurned suitor, England insists on retaining at least one souvenir of their relationship: the much-contested Falkland Islands, known as Las Islas Malvinas and claimed by Argentina to this day.

..Okay, I just HAD to share that :XD: :heart: I love my otp ahhh:heart::heart:
In the picture you see Argentina as a gauchita and UK as a bussinessman, holding hands because they were a great economic duo.
The chibis took me forever, but I hope you like them!

:bulletgreen: POR FIN chibis históricos otpescos ∩(︶▽︶)∩ he tenido esta idea desde hace un tiempo y por fin la hice, más que nada para quitarme el estrés de los trimestrales de encima.

Decidí hacer una imagen en alusión al período agorexportador de la Argentina(1880-1930), donde gran parte del desarrollo económico de Argentina se dio gracias a la significativa inversión británica y el comercio de materas primas con los países Industrializados. El tiempo en que la Argentina se denominaba "el granero del mundo" :')

:rose:El Período Agroexportador:…

En Argentina los grupos sociales con mayor poder económico y político comenzaron a organizar la economía como complemento de la de los países industrializados, particularmente de la sociedad inglesa.
Por último, hay que recordar que la inversión masiva de capital británico consolidó definitivamente la posición del Reino Unido como primer país exportador[...]
El Estado argentino tomó ciertas medidas para favorecer la llegada de capitales e inmigrantes para así llevar a cabo este modelo y poder insertarse en el mercado mundial como proveedor de materias primas. [...]La política oficial favorecía el desarrollo agrícola

:rose:El negocio Británico en la Argentina:…
La ocupación de las Islas Malvinas sigue renovando las tensiones en la cuerda política, pero los vínculos comerciales y los negocios del Reino Unido en la Argentina parecen ser de hierro. Como hace más de 100 años, los británicos tienen intereses económicos en nuestro país que no deberían estar dispuestos a resignar.

El triángulo comercial en el que los Estados Unidos y el Reino Unido se disputaban, a comienzos del siglo XX, la provisión de manufacturas al pujante mercado interno argentino se disolvió en favor del país del norte. Pero Londres no resignó sus intereses comerciales con su socio favorito de Sudamérica. Ya no fueron los ferrocarriles ni los préstamos usurarios. La internacionalización de la producción dio lugar a la inversión extranjera directa como nueva forma de extracción de recursos.

El histórico y legítimo reclamo argentino por la soberanía de las Islas Malvinas, las provocaciones inglesas con el ejercicio militar y su indiferencia erosionan y tensan por momentos la relación política y diplomática de Argentina y el Reino Unido.
Pero los lazos económicos esta vez son más fuertes y, tanto el Estado, como los empresarios ingleses saben que lo que se llevan de nuestro país no lo encuentran a la vuelta de la esquina.

Si alguien leyó la información se los agradezco:heart: si no, .. no me digan que no tengo razones para shipear esto u_u)z
Argentina está vestida de gauchita y UK de hombre de negocios :heart: Un título alternativo sería La estanciera y el Manufacturero, pero no daba :XD:
Espero que les guste uvu :heart:

:bulletpurple: Photos and flags from google images.
:bulletpurple:England© Himaruya
:bulletpurple:OC Argentina © :iconflopylopez:
:bulletpurple:The phrase "by Trade shall we prosper" was taken from the front of a book you can see in my webcam ;)

:heart::iconfacebookplz2: -->… :heart:

Png chibis just because:
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:bulletred: Just some chibitinas I thought I'd share :U I drew them to decorate my rp account.
In the first one she is wearing the national Polo team's uniform and in the second one she is wearing Las Leonas' (Field Hockey national team) uniform

Because, u kno

Argentina is very VERY good at these sports aside from football 8)
sorry for the chibi spam omg
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silly doodles
some from few days/weeks ago, the ones with grey background from today
i'm too tired to explain some of them, but they have their reasons
idk feel free to ask

panama © kamillyanna
greenland ©Poisonofthedart689
chile by rowein from the latin-hetalia community
the others either mine or hima's
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:xmas:This is my Secret Santa gift for :iconask-cambodia: :) 
Her georgeous OC Cape Verde! She's such a lovely design! :love:
Happy Holidays Kiki! :hug: I hope you like it!
By the way, the flowers are supposed to be CV's national flower, I hope google wasn't mistaken :P

Cape Verde oc © ~Ask-Cambodia
Background, Flowers and flag from google.
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:xmas: Secret Santa for :iconmelonstyle:
Yay! Two secret Santas the same day! :la:
I decided to draw LuxLiech because out of your triple threat, that's my favourite ship <3 (I love the other ones too). I love the idea of these two little fancy countries together!  Plus your Lux oc is so cute I had to draw him :love:
I hope you like it, Mel! For some reason I just couldn't draw chibis ;A; I hope this is alright :heart:

Liechtenstein © Himaruya
Luxembourgh oc © ~melonstyle
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:bulletred:Inspired from NerdyJones who said she'd like to see other people's ocs in arte stella outfits. I tried to design one. I remember trying to make one in 2011 but I couldn't hahaha.
I chose to use the Allies colors because even if Argentina was neutral during ww2 she ended up joining the Allies on the last month.
Sorry it's shitty but I started doing it like at 1 am and it's almost 4am and I'm really tired wow
Tina looks so displeased :V
So I am
It's late

enjoy Žu`

:bulletpurple:Argentina aka This mary sue © me
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:bulletred:Contest prize for *kamillyanna :la: Chibi AmePana! :heart::heart:
I thought It looked like it was wallpaper-sized but it isn't orz. I really enjoyed drawing these cutiess nonetheless ahhhhhh otpssssss :heart::heart:

By the way I am deeply sorry  for abandoning you in the middle of my stream! my parents kicked me out of the computer because we had to go somewhere and I couldn't even say goodbye properly ;_; they are always like that sob I'm sorry dfkjdf
howwww so I draw eyes like Hima I swear to God Dx After years of practise I still can't get it right. Ugghhh huge eyes you got there murica.
Also the N key is not working correctly so I'll probably write everything without n's and this makes me think my problem with typig is getting worse pff.

Hope you like it! :la:

:bulletpurple:Hetalia, USA© :iconhimaruyaplz:
:bulletpurple:Panama OC© :iconkamillyanna:
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:rose: Katie won the poll! So I got to draw her this time.
I  wanted to try to use a scanned lineart and color it without redrawing it digitally, like I used to do before. Since my digital lines are very thin and weak, I always have to color everything manually. Now I could use the bucket tool again and I could finish this faster! :D While the quality of the lines is not as good, I think it came out nicely.
Well, just wanted to do that and since I didn't know who to draw I made that poll :XD:

Now that we're talking about Malvi, I give you a little fact!
The Islands economy has relied heavily on sheep farming for over a century (around 1870- 1980). Since then, it has gotten more diverse and now the principal activity is comerical fishing, while the other activities such as agriculture and tourism remain important too.
Malvinas/F has a very little population, but she is very rich! She stands as the one in South America with the highest living standard, and nowadays, she seeks for development through self-sufficiency.
So nowadays she isn't only a sheep farmer, but practices fishing too! And she loves it when tourists visit her place.
I think she feels a little lonely on South America, specially with that one special neighbour who brings her a lot of trouble.. Good luck on that, dearie.

I think these chibis could be more practical for commissions, I hope you like it :D 

Catherine Blair (Falkland/Malvinas Islands) © me
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Nothing really, I felt like drawing something very shiny in Himaruya style, and after I drew Tina I thought "oh I want to draw Ukraine" so she's standing there,next to Argentina and her dumb face haha

:bulletblue:Random Info: Brazil and Argentina are Ukraine's friends from South America, they met her around 1890s, with immigration. Uruguay and Paraguay have also had ukranian immigration, but the most significant number of Ukranians in South America stay in Argentina and Brazil.
As I view it, at some point Ukraine traveled to those countries and stayed some time to work in their farmlands, that's how she developed a friendship with them.
I think Ukraine is possibly one of Argentina's best female european friends! Or actually, one her best female friends, since at that time, she was in a rather conflictive situation with most of her neighbours; Argentina was a little isolated. The cultural connections with Ukraine remain until now, despite not being a numerous community.

I think the reason I like Ukraine so much it's because I've liked the country since I was a child. My little town, founded by the British who brought the railways, was populated with immigrants. The most important communities were the Spanish, Italian, Polish, Ukranian and Arab (Lebanon & syria). I've seen Ukranian clothes, dances, food and religion for my whole life, I went to a Catholic Ukranian Primary School, after all. While I don't seem to have any trace of ukranian blood myself (I'm 100% spaniard haha) I admire the country and it's culture :)
I wish canon aph Ukraine was portrayed as something more than a crybaby with huge boobs, though. :/ She is such a nice character.

I didn't expect to write all of this lmao but it's nice to find an opportunity to share this headcanon
I'll draw something better about their friendship sometime <3

Ukraine © Himaruya
Argentina © me
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I'm on a hurry right now so I can't write a detailed description of the historical event from this picture sorry!

I wanted to draw little Argentina during May 25th when she was about to get a new goverment composed of criollo men.This is very important for Argentina because it's like an independence day except it's not yet; her independence would be 6 years later

She has tears in her smiling face because she is so overwhelmed to see that she is loved; not by Spain but by the people who have lived there since they were born and consider her their Mother Land. she is starting to know what it feels like to be a nation and not someone else's property. And she's never felt so loved before. I wanted to express her happiness and excitement in this picture. She is about to be hugged by Manuel Belgrano or Mariano Moreno, the two of them were enthusiastic patriots and they indeed loved her a lot.

I didn't have enough time to make a proper picture but I hope I managed to show her feelings during that very important day

Feliz 25 de mayo a todos los argentinos <3 (publicado cinco minutos tarde)
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