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Many Centuries ago the Grand Engineer devised a machine capable of tearing down any stronghold that stood in its path.

Powered by the labour of slaves from vanquished kingdoms and built from Iron the Castle Eater destroyed many Fortifications.

However fuelled by ambition the Grand Engineer lead his creation towards the realm of the Elves, rushing straight into the Green Marsh and causing the monstrosity to become permanently bogged.

The Grand Engineer abandoned his creation leaving it to become home to the slaves that once powered it.

Nowadays it is a ruin, rusted to the core by centuries of rain and sitting Idle in Marsh waters, yet it still stands a testament to it's construction and the legacy of Terror it once forged.

Painted for the :iconconceptworld: 28th Bi-Weekly Contest.
Theme: Environment Concepts "Ancient Constructs"

Painted entirely in Photoshop CS5.
Roughly 3 hours to complete
(not including the time wasted procrastinating and the time wasted on several other attempts that were utterly terrible).

Progress is here; [link]


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The Vehicles I Painted for the :iconconceptworld: 29th Bi-Weekly Contest.
Theme: Vehicle Concepts "Sand Pirate Vessel"

Painted entirely in Photoshop CS5.
Roughly 15 hours to complete.

Progress is here: [link]

I couldn't decide if I wanted to go Uber Sci-Fi, High Fantasy, Post Apocalyptia, ect...
So I did a little of everything. :XD:

I'm really proud of how this image turned out and I feel as though I have improved greatly from doing these challenges. =D


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I needed a better perspective guide for an image I was working on.

I already had a few other perspective guides but they weren't exactly what I was after so I made my own.

Feel free to use it for whatever. =D
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Painted for the :iconconceptworld: 24th Bi-weekly contest.
Theme; Vehicle Concepts "Heavy as Hell"

Thought I'd paint myself a Giant Land Based Aircraft Carrier.

Painted entirely in Photoshop CS5.
Took roughly 5 1/2 Hours to paint.
You can see the Painting Process here: [link]


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Sprite Sheet for the Player character for my personal game development project: Curse of Knathdigeth.

Took me waaaaay longer than it should have to make (even using the template assembly technique).

Still needs a little bit of tweaking and cleaning, but otherwise this is pretty much it.



Links to Animations in action:
Idle: [link]
Shooting: [link]
Runcycles: [link]
Wall Jump: [link]
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Aircraft I Painted for the :iconconceptworld: 30th Bi-Weekly Contest.
Theme: Aircraft Concepts "Punk Tech"

Progress is here; [link]

Painted entirely in Photoshop CS5.
Roughly 13 hours to complete over the course of several days.

For this image I had origionally planned to do something more Diesel / Deco Punk, however I wanted to move away from Diesel Punk as I have been doing alot of stuff for my Game project in a diesel punk setting.

Instead I opted to go for something alot more "vintage" something pre-Steam, pre-Clock Punk, eventually settling on an idea...

...What if Leonardo Da Vinci had designed and successfully manufactured some kind of Utility Transport Aircraft for use in Police and Military operations?

This was my result. A DaVinci-Punk Helio-Balloon.

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Final Matte painting for my uni assignment.

1.5million polygons.
Greeble used for surface details

Using a mixture of 3d forground and 2d planes I composited this scene.
Post production was done in After Effects.

This was an establishing shot leading onto the next video where we had to remove the green channel.

You can see this animated here: [link]

Breakdown here: [link]

All stocks used in the establishing shot were from

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EDIT: There's some report that ArtDock may not work well with Windows 8. Specifically, the touch on/off doesn't work unless you reboot. There's also a report that it stops working after a touch screen firmware upgrade. Use as your own risk. I don't have Win8 so I can't test this out yet.

This script base on the original RawInputControlTest.ahk found at:

And on adjustments made by tbaldree at:

This dock support Photoshop, SketchBook Pro, Paint Tool Sai, MyPaint, ZBrush, Maya, Topogun, Silo and 3DS Max.

Click on Download to try out the script. You'll need to install Autohokey for it to work.

You can find Autohokey at:

Use version "Installer for AutoHotkey_L" and install as 64-bit.

For the Samsung Series 7 Slate run file"ArtDock.ahk"

For the Asus EP121 Slate run file "ArtDock_EP121.ahk".

I been looking for a mobile ZBrush solution for years now and finally found it in the Samsung Series 7 Slate. It's awesome! I been playing with it for the last few months and probably sold about 20 of these just by showing it around. About 12 of them being my coworkers at Naughty Dog. But there was one big problem: Hotkeys. ZBrush and several art programs requires them and carrying around keyboards and other devices didn't make them truly portable. This is when we stumble across the original virtual hotkey script. It was almost perfect being able to touch the sceen for hotkeys while using the stylus.

At first I was only going to customized it for my personal use with ZBrush but having had convinced several people in buying this Slate, I felt a bit obligated to extend it to other art programs. So I dusted off what little programming I knew and started learning Autohokey scripting. Using some of my coworkers as QA, I think I have a pretty good script that eliminates a need for a keyboard attachment.

New things I've added is a Menu system for going between different art scripts, a horizontal slider button, a vertical slider button with delay (so toggle keys are sent one at a time), a helper dock for multiple docks in portrait view, and an appdock for extra docks to load up such as the Number Pad.

*Update: There's some confusion on the blue buttons. They all can be single tap in addition to flick/sliding. The flick types are light blue and now the sliding type are dark blue.

*Update: Asus EP121 Slate is now supported.

*Update: Silo and 3DS Max are now supported. Included instructions on how to edit MenuDock.
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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 25, 2012, 1:43 PM


Q: What information needs to be provided for a commission request?

A:- You should try to describe the nature of your commission the best way you can; simply just the way you imagined it to be! Is it a portrait? Is it a fight scene? What would the background be? What is the personality of the character? Provide as much info as you can! If you have some reference, attach it in the mail! Background stories are more then welcome. Or if you are uncertain, let me know your initial idea and i'll do the rest.

Public pricing info:

Quick pricelist and examples for common formats/types;

Portrait: 300USD
Celestia by IndironPeppy Pepooni Pines by IndironVisaria by Indiron

Full body, simple pose  or advanced pose with simple or advanced background: 400-500USD
Tides of Blood by IndironAngelarium: hope by Indiron

Epic scale (very dynamic poses, stronger storytelling, battle scenes or multiple characters): 600-800USD (flexible price range)  
I choose you hydra!!!11 - Diablo 3 Fan art by IndironLeague of Legends - Sorceress Lux splash art by Indiron

Weapons, artifacts, maps, game resources etc: 100USD+
Dragonblade commission by IndironSci-fi gun commission by IndironSteampunk/Fantasy map Ethovaa by Indiron

Please send a mail for precise information on rates if you are uncertain about something; due to complexity and format not every commission is the same. 

For private commercial orders add a +300USD fee on top of the prices listed. You receive a copyright transfer agreement. 
For publishers, businesses and other medium scale clients, add a +1000USD fee for commercial copyright transfer. 

For a price list on the following, you need to send a mail:
-Concept art (Character design, Landscapes, Creature design, concept sheets, blueprints, fantasy vehicles)
-Splash art for games, book/magazine covers and similar.
-Animated art with VFX and sound
-UI for games
-Game maps, Icons and resources
-TCG (Trading card game) illustrations
-Banners, layout and graphic elements for websites and streams etc
-Game Logo design and special graphic design requests
-Special promotional orders (commercial purposes)

Q: Do I have a discount if I am a returning costumer or If I'm ordering in a batch?

A:- Batch orders and returning customers receive a 13% discount.
In case of special and expensive orders, I will personally print a poster, sign it and ship it to your address. 

Q: How long does it take for you to finish a commission?

A:- I fully guarantee for the delivery of the commissions, however art needs time and patience in order to look right. It all depends on the complexity of your commission and your position in queue. However, I work on all commissions bit by bit, so everyone can receive their commission in a fair way - as quick as possible for all slots.

Q: What is considered out of your comfort zone?

A:- Currently I accept and can pull off everything that is not strongly gore related. 

--:::--  Terms of use for personal commissions   --:::--

-I work on every commission a few hours per day till the first few in queue are completed and so on. 
-I will show you a basic sketch of the composition and you are entitled to two revision on the sketch process. 
Once I send you the final piece I won't accept any revisions; I can't read minds so please try to explain what you need the best way you can. 
-I am allowed to post the commissioned work on my website / microblog and include it in my personal portfolio. 
-You are allowed to crop or edit the work for personal purposes only.
-You are not allowed to use the commissioned artwork for commercial or promotional purposes. If you wish to do so, mail me for more information.
-Files will be delivered to the client in .jpg (unless otherwise stated) 300dpi|5000px at least per mail or stash.
-I'm multilingual and speak many languages, however please try to keep and send your inquiry in English.
-I don't issue refunds. 

Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat  Western Union stamp by mukuro-sama 

--:::--  PayPal payment instructions   --:::--

-Upfront payment is required. (In rare cases installments are allowed in two parts for a shorter time period)

  • 1. For commission payments please use the: "Send money to friends or family or send as gift" option on PayPal (you can also select 'other' if your PayPal does not have those). This helps both of us avoid the PayPal transaction cut. In case you don't really have any of these options available you can skip this step, go ahead and use the default one (note that you have to pay the extra fee for the transaction on top of the commissioned price amount).  
  • 2. After completing the transaction and sending money, please return to your PayPal account by logging back in and look for the recent completed transactions in your payment history. Your payment should be listed there. Next to it there should be a 'Confirm receipt' button; click it and proceed as illustrated here:
  • Alternative method: (if your PayPal does not show the confirm receipt button). Click on the History tab; your transaction will be listed and there should be a 'details' button next to it, please click it; you will be sent to a page with all details about the payment you just made and there you can locate a button called 'confirm payment' or 'confirm receipt'. Please use this button to finalize and confirm the payment.
  • This is important and by doing so the funds will become instantly available on my account instead of waiting a very long time for PayPal to process. Thank you.

Finally, copy and paste my email address for sending money:

-Updated 29-01-2014.
Thank you for reading.


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This Photoshop perspective grid brushes pack contains four grids I have made and converted them to Photoshop brushes. Contained in this pack is a 1pt, 2pt, 3pt, and isometric grid brush. If you would like the brushes as singles, you can get them on my site

Feel free to share, please credit if you do.
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