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Yus,I made yet another warrior cat character design out of boredom o3o xD
I dunno,I just felt like working on one and I decided to do Goldenflower owo
So..yh xD

Well..there ain't much for me to say really o3o

Hope u guys like the pic? o3o xD

Goldenflower (c) - Erin Hunter (Warrior cats)~
Artwork (c) - Me~
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Yup o3o yet another pic for the Pokedex challenge xP
And this time it's Vulpix =3
Now,Im not too sure if Im proud of this pic but in a way I am o3o x3
I thought it was gonna be a failure wen I was drawing it but wen I got to the background it got a bit more better =3

Well anyway,I hope u guys like it =3
And I will also try to get some more gifts for my best friends on ASAP
Im just trying to think for who to draw and trying to think of poses so..yh xP
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Hey guys!Well,some of u know about this already x3
But most of u don't so that's why I'm gonna say this right now x3
I now hav a new bf!! ^///^
And that person is....:iconlucariod:!!
Yes,me and Dylan are now a couple ^^
Im so happy that I hav a new bf ^^
He's so sweet ^///^
Anyways..umm...yh x3 I just thought I would put a pic here on DA and let u guys know that we're together ^^
So..yh x3
Well anways,I hope u like the pic ^^
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Well,the other day I saw a pic from Rita that had me and her based on a scene from PMD2 and I almost felt tears in my eyes for wen I saw it ;w; ....
Also,I was feeling really upset about a few things yesterday so..yh..Im ok now though in case ur wondering.

Anyway,well as u can see I added Chris,Sophia,Rita and Storm.I was gonna add Blaze but I thought there was too much room taken up or watever so..yh xP

Honestly,I can't beleive for how this pic turned out,it looks AMAZING!
This pic took me about..6-8 hours to work on o3o and Im not joking.It took me THAT long to work on this pic and it was worth it o3o

Basically in this scene this is near the end of PMD2 for wen ur character fades away after u hav stopped the destruction of time and stuff so..yh.
And Im the one who's fading away and there's a light glowing around me or watever and well,the others are really upset and stuff as u can see o3o

Well anyway x3 I hope u guys like the pic =3
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Yup,I managed to actually work on a Warrior cat character design considering that it's been a while since I worked on one o3o (I seriously need to make a speed paint soon though o3o xP)

Anyway's,as u can see I drew Brindleface and honestly,I love the way she turned out <3 she's so cute!

Uhh..yh xD
I hope u guys like it =3
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XDD Ok,well I got bored and I was talking to :iconrach-the-glaceon: on MSN and well she suggested on making a pic of me and her(in her Vulpix form) since that I haven't drawn her Vulpix form yet until now and also I haven't drawn a pic of me and her in AGES!!So she suggested of maybe drawing me chasing her cause she burnt my tail in the pic with her fire attacks.And as u can see,my tail is on fire while I'm chasing her XDD and I'm so mad at her so yh X3

Well I hope u guys enjoy this pic XD
Also I didn't know wat other kind of background to make so I just did some doodles and made it like that XD
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Finally!Here's the Christmas pic which I'v been working on it for DAYS! o3e;;
Ok,well I hav some bad news about this pic..
Well..remember wen I said that this was gonna be a speed paint too?
Well..unfortunatly the vid won't publish for some reason DX
At first the vid was gonna be 15 minutes long and then I cutted off about 5 minutes of it of the moments that weren't important o3o
But it turns out that the vid won't save wats so ever ;w;
So all I hav remaining is the pic DX

I really do apoligize for those who wanted to see the pic with a speed paint..;w;
I tried all I possibly could to get it working but...*sighs*Yh..;w;

But at least I hav the pic finished =3
And I actually like how this pic turned out =3

Now I basically added the people closest to me and I was gonna add Silver aka :iconsilverthewolf100: but I felt as if I didn't really hav enough room and I didn't know for wat to draw her doing..=/
So Im really sorry about that Silver..;w;

But the people who are in the pic are..

Me(obviously xD and Im in my Shikijika form and I know it looks different but as the normal Shikijika,I change colours every season and I also hav a red nose to act like Rudolph xD)
CuteFlareon(she's a youtube member xP)

And that's it xD
So those are the people who are in the pic x3

So I hope u guys hav a merry Christmas and a happy new year =3
I might make a New Year pic but I need some ideas and that's also if I hav time too o3o
So..yh xP

Well Merry Christmas everyone! 8D and I hope u guys like this pic! =3
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I finally finished one of my commissions! 8D WOO!
Well,I wasn't intending of working on this one first since that my friend Alex aka :iconinfernape-lover: was the first one to commission me,however he's been wanting a couple of changes to his commission so I couldn't exactly work on it properly
So I decided to work on this one xP

I actually am REALLY pleased with the way it turned out =3
It turned out SO much better than I expected! =3
Especially the background owo
Well,I had trouble with background ideas,however I managed to get an idea about drawing a background based on something from PMD2 (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2) so..yh =3
Also,I did need a pose idea for the Zoroark which is Tasha so u might be able to recognise it ^^; but everything else,I did it in my own position

So..yh xP
This commission is for :iconztzoruaepicn: =3
If there are any errors on this like if the look is wrong then just let me know or if there were any updates ^^;
But yh,Im sorry if I missed something out or watever

I hope u guys like this! =3

Sorena the Lucario (c) - Me~
Tasha the Zoroark (c) - Tasha :iconztzoruaepicn:~
Lucario and Zoroark (c) - Pokemon Company~
Artwork (c) - Me~
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Ok well here's another 100 themes challenge pic and I know I should hav done this one for wen I was starting the 100 themes challenge but first off,I didn't hav any ideas for wat should I be doing in the pic ^^; and the other reason is that I didn't feel like doing it X3 but I thought I better do it so yh ^^; well here it is X3

So basically it's me holding a paint brush and I'm saying "Let's get drawing!!" to say like lets get started x3

Well anyway I hope u like it =3
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Ok well,this pic is based off from last night ^^;
And no,me and Dylan don't hav any problems.We're both still doing great ^^
But last night,Dylan was just stressed out..
Ok,if u wanna know the story of wat it was,just go to his account to see his journal.
But anyway's I'll say one thing though,he said at some point that he might try to commit suicide since that he was really stressed out that he couldn't take it anymore..
So..I was like really freaking out and I was so worried that I actually cried SO hard last night and I'm not even kidding.

So I was saying to Dylan to promise me that he would not try to commit suicide and he said that he promises..but I was still so worried about him..

I was saying to him last night that I can't live without him..and that I'm absolutly nothing without him..
I was so devistated last night that I was so scared that I was gonna lose him..but thank god that he felt better at some ^^;

But..I wanted to draw a pic that was based about wat happened last night..

So basically in this pic I'm hugging Dylan tightly and I'm crying so hard and I'm saying to him to not leave me all alone in this world..

Well anyway's I hope u like the pic
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