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What kind of love has set me free and bound me at the same time?
The love of my one true Savior; because of this I chose to bind
His righteousness in my heart.
Fear has fled from me, and I feel powerful as a lion, but kind as a dove.
This fearlessness comes from my donning the armor of the Holy Spirit.
I know Jesus is with me as I charge into spiritual warfare.
The battle is never ending, but He provides the strength when I am weak.
My heart in prayer is my shield, and His word my sword.
The attacks will continue to grow, but I know in the Father's power I will not submit in this duel.
Many times I will waiver in my resolve, but His perfect love shall renew me once again.
This strength that dwells within me is not of this world.
I must continue on the path less trod.
It may be the straight and narrow, but it is not the easiest path.
It took so long to find; may I not stray even in the darkest of days.
This is the main road, and may I help my brethren and comrades in Jesus.
If it is You
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Live abortion
Hello I am, Jenna…well I was going to be. Today my mommy went to this hospital thing, and they made her have me. They called it induced Labor. I was born and my parents wouldn’t even hold me. The nurse took me to this soiled linen room. She wouldn’t hold me either,  she placed me right near the urinals, needles, and dirty sheets. They just left me there. I was so scared and I struggled to breath. Then another nurse came in and saw me and began to cry. She picked me up and began to rock me as I felt like I was about to sleep. She kept holding me up and looking my chest, I wondered what she was doing, but was too tired to think about it. Then everything went black and I was up in heaven. What happened to me, why was I hear. Why could  I not be down on earth with my mommy or maybe the nice nurse. It turns out that my mommy had an abortion, it was called live birth abortion. She was just going to throw me away, even though if she had waited just a little
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Mommy, why'd you abort me?
Dear Mommy,
I learned who I was going to be today. You were going to name me Mirabella, the name you had always wanted to give to your baby if you had a girl. You loved the name because it was unusual and you always wanted a daughter who would stand out of the crowd. I’d have looked like daddy with my brown hair and blue eyes but I would have had your face. You’d want to spend every moment with me from the minute I was born and I would love you.
On my first day of kindergarten, I’d cling to your leg but once you finally pried me off, I would have so much fun at school that I’d never want to leave. I’d get straight A’s all through school and I’d spend a lot of time reading. That always gave you something to brag about since none of the other kids would ever read. I would have had quite an overactive imagination and you would constantly tell me I should write some of the books that I read.
You and daddy would look so proud on my first day of high school
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what's the point of life without my heart?
i. i'm going to peel my skin back
layer by layer, everything dead and dying
and broken and dry and cracked,
til my insides split open and split out.
i want to stain your hands red with
my blood, and i want to be permanent,
and i want you to scrub at your fingers
with soap til you can't tell what's your blood
and what's mine.
ii. one day i'm going to slice myself open
and i won't bleed. there's not going to be
anything left—so you'll hang me on the clothesline,
let me dry out in the sun, let my skin wither
and prune and wrinkle until you can crack
me open with a nutcracker. look inside.
look at how empty i am—look at how i lied
to you.
iii. in the future, you don't love her
or me, or anyone—especially not yourself.
you're going to remember my dried husk,
the clothespins digging into my shoulders,
my lips cracked and dry and sandpaper.
[collect your scars,] i whispered, my voice 
high and thin and torn from my own windpipe.
[wear them
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on the difference between life and living
otherkids grew up learning how to avoid obstacles
while riding their bikes without training wheels
skateboarding in parks with the company of their friends
                                                                loving family
and a thing called happiness,
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Theme 60, Rejection: Shelter
You may be shunted away tomorrow,
or even today.
Others may mock you,
and revile you.
You're friends may even abandon you,
leaving you alone.
But you'll never really be alone
You'll always remain forever,
forever in the arms of Jesus.

And that is enough.
God will never shun you.
Even when you turn away,
forever will he love you.
In love for you,
and for the world,
Jesus was mocked and beaten,
shunned and abandoned.
So yes,
you may be shunned away,
you may be abandoned and mocked,
but you will also be, sheltered.
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You can call it what you want, but its still murder.
When you sign your name on the waiting list, you're signing your child's name on the Death Note.
When you sit and watch the clock tick, you're watching your child's life clock.
When you say it is a mistake, you're saying your child's existence is a mistake.
It is not right.
Because of you, two more eyes will never see.
Because of you, one more mouth will never laugh and smile.
Because of you, two more hands will never hold yours.
Because of you, two more legs will never run and play.
Because of you, one more heart will never beat.
A child is a miracle.
Don't destroy it.
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{Art Trade} funCatty :iconsweet-ouii:sweet-Ouii 40 14 More Like This Soft One :iconadriellovesart:Adriellovesart 12 12 More Like This DP-Who is laughing NOW :iconyogurthfrost:YogurthFrost 180 62 More Like This
The Mess I Made
A man walking with regret in his eyes
Not caring what goes by.
Well I never seen a sight so dreary 
A man so weary
And shattered in between love and hate.
Give me a reason to hate the wicked
When they deserve love.
Oh, give me a reason to look down
Without the eye of mercy.
And would you give me a reason to hate this man
When he has only made a mistake.
We are all human, sacrificing what we love 
For the things we want.
But I can say that with the weight of my sins
I won't get to fly
From the mess I made, oh
The mess I made.
A woman worries all alone
Wondering what she will do on her own.
Looking to the skies the tears stream down
Like the river she was in; destined to drown.
Scared out of her mind of what will happen next.
Give me a reason to hate the wicked 
When they deserve love.
Oh, give me a reason to look down
Without the eye of mercy.
And would you give me a reason to hate this woman
When she has only made a mistake.
We are all human, we sacrifice what we want
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Words From Scott Cawthon: Make a Difference
I'm still SUPER behind on reading/responding to comments, but I had to share these words from Scott himself.  He posted this on the steam page here, but not many see that:

"Hi guys. First of all, I wanted to thank the community in general for the huge outpouring of support through emails and in the forums. I know a lot of you are concerned about me or think that I’m stressed out. It’s true that I’m stressed a little; but it’s ok because the result was good. I’ve worked very hard this year, almost non-stop, to produce good games for this series. Even though there may be some debate as to how “good” the games are, I did my best to provide some good scares and a good story. All I can do is judge from the Steam reviews that I’ve been mostly successful; so I’m very happy about that.
It’s true that there has been a lot of hate toward me lately; on t
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Yes there’s a girl on the corner of the street
Waiting for the day when her life would be complete.
Crying her heart out for the ones she loves most
While all the other people have everything to boast.
She struggles with pains, she struggles with herself
Is there anyone you can think to care besides yourself?
Hope is gone her fears are strong
The struggling days go on and on.
She prays at night and hopes for light
And all of a sudden everything’s bright.
He comes and holds her tight in his arms
Her breathing, heart, and mind He calms.
Yes there’s a girl on the corner of the street
No longer waiting for her life to be complete.
Praying at night for the ones she loves most
While all other people have nothing but ghosts.
She is happy and free, she loves herself
Is there any happier day you can think of yourself?
:iconroguethescarredangel:RoguetheScarredAngel 24 14 More Like This