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Emma is one of my OCs. Hope u guys like it!!!!
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maybe, it's better in FULL VIEW ^_^
Concept: Original
Character: Original (Kradhikari) 
Drawn without references
Tools used:  black pen, black marker, silver metallic sign pen and blue colored pen for the eyes...^^

This art took much longer time to be finished than my regular art...whew, with those details! but I had fun and I'm proud of this because everything in it is my idea: the armor/outfit, the sword, the character, the flowers and the background...

See her face focused----
Kradhikari: in progress and focused by eirol87

General Description:
Yay! Black and White Theme is awesome! I wanted to follow the theme in every aspect. First of all, the character herself is teeming with black and white hues; her long "spaghetti" hair is white and she is wearing an armored suit with black and white designs. I decided to make the eye color different-yep, for me, blue is catchy and unique! Anyway, almost everything is black and white. The roses are black with white petal edges. The branches beside her and the stems of the roses are pure black. The sword is my own design- with the black blade and white upper parts and handle. The very tiny flowers in the background are white and four-petaled (if you will take a closer look ^^). The leaves on both of her sides are pure black, in contrast to the flowers' color. The helmet above her head is half black and half white, which is torn in two (there is a story behind that :D) and it's my design, too. Her armored suit is mostly black but has white-tinted curvy designs (yay! 'played with the curves again! )^^ i actually changed my mind about putting thorns in the rose stems/vines. If you will look closer, two strands of the rose vines on her left part have thorns but the others all over the bg have none. Lol!

The Tools--- Black sign pen is the main tool I used for the details. I also used ordinary black pen for the finer details, black marker for the broader areas (such as the sword and mask) I fated the pen to emphasize the shadowy parts of the face and the bandage-like material wrapped around the sword handle. I used pencil for the ashes in between the branches.  I also used silver metallic sign pen for the spiky area of the helmet's white sand. 

The Name--- Her name might sound Hindu, but it's not derived from such!  Kradhikari comes from the words "dark" spelled backwards and the Japanese word 'hikari" which means "light." So her name means "light of the darkness" (at least for me ^^)

The Story--- Yay! I wrote a little story for this drawing! During the Dark Era, the Shadow Warrior obliterated a thousand "yokai"  sent from the underworld to ravage the East. The Shadow Warrior was the pride of humans, the fiercest of them all and had always won battles. Unfortunately, her last opponent was the man whom she never expected to be a foe- the man whom she fell in love with (whom she thought was human but the leader of the "yokai" army). On her last fight, her mask was torn in two. Only then was her identity revealed- the strongest weapon of humanity whom everyone thought was a man, was a woman with an angel's visage... Sadly, the blade that penetrated through her belonged to the only man who owned her heart! T_T

UPDATE: I changed the main file with the clearly scanned one with black borders made via MS Paint to make it more presentable. I added the description, too. ^^

***my other female OC's:

Deer Nymph: Verdeena by eirol87

#Team Ghosts: Chrisoleah: the Clover-Vine Ghost by eirol87

#Team Pumpkins: Catamina: theFiery Pumpkin Monster by eirol87

Wild Hearts-Pencil Drawing by eirol87

I made this especially for the group: M/ARepeatingContests. :)

So, there she is! Another female OC! :)

Happy New Year to All! :) 'Love You! ^^

Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru) Llama Emoji-58 (Hop and Jump) [V3] Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru) Llama Emoji-58 (Hop and Jump) [V3] Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru) Llama Emoji-58 (Hop and Jump) [V3] Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru) Llama Emoji-58 (Hop and Jump) [V3] Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru) Llama Emoji-58 (Hop and Jump) [V3] Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru) Llama Emoji-58 (Hop and Jump) [V3] 
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maybe, it's better in FULL VIEW ^_^
Concept: Original
Character: Original
Drawn without references
Tools used:  black pen, black marker, colored pencils, colored pens, silver metallic sign pen and correction fluid for the deer spots

At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to finish this on time. Thank God, I did and here she is! :) All the concepts/ thoughts started popping out on the 29th and the deadline's 30th and that time I was thinking "I should hurry!" Anyway, I'm free on weekends only so I find time to draw so scarce unlike before...T_T

I wanted her to be like a protector of the deer, so yeah she is a deer nymph! :) I also wanted to incorporate the "black background technique" so that I can emphasize the subject even more.

Verdeena, the deer nymph guards the Western forest and protects the all types of deer. :)


The Name--- Yeah, Verdeena is based on the word verdant, meaning green. In our language, "berde/verde" means green. As seen in the drawing, she has eyes like green orbs and hair of light green tint.

The Hair Dress--- It is composed of what I call "antler branches" attached to a  wild vine formed in circular pattern.

The Antler Branches---I'm proud to say this is my idea. :)  The antler tree does not bear leaves and its branches are pure white. They grow up  to 3-4 feet only in Western mountain tops and each branch resembles deer antlers (if we disregard the color ^^) It is good for creating "bonzai," too. :) Not coloring these branches, I thought, adds to the winter you think so, too? :)

The Deers--- Sorry, this is my first time drawing a deer (the very first one I've drawn was the one on her right). These deers  are based on my memory, those I've seen on TV and I could remember, I have seen a big old deer for real only one in  a wildlife park (and it dis not have antlers)  Deers do not usually roam our country although there are very small deers found in a specific region which we call as "pilandok" or mouse deer but I haven't really got the chance to see one.  (Oh, the mouse deer is the smallest deer family in the world! ) I guess the ones with antlers are the males, right? So in this drawing, I'm not really sure if I added enough spots, if the sizes of the spots are correct/proportional to the body based on real deer anatomy,  and if the antlers are in the correct position/are planted in the correct area (sorry T_T). What I love coloring the most are the white spots at the deers' back though. After using correction fluid, I shaded the surrounding part with pencil.

The Background--- Four deers surround the subject-two of them are females and the other two are males. I incorporated the white antler branches and I thought of adding those shrubs of red berries to add to the colors... These give the drawing a winter and Christmas theme, too (which is unintentional!^^) . :D I also love coloring the moss green surfaces of the pieces of earth where the 2 female deers stand (I used colored pen) :) I wanted to add sparkles around her so yeah, I used the metallic silver sign pen for that...:) The most tedious to do was to fill in those empty spots within the antler branches, but thank goodness, I got broad and fine black marked for these. ^^

...this is for the group: M/ARepeatingContest
my goal is not to win but to express my thanks and support  to the group :)

Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) IngoxEmmet Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) IngoxEmmet Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) IngoxEmmet Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) IngoxEmmet Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) IngoxEmmet Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) IngoxEmmet Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) IngoxEmmet Bunny-Emoji-08-(Emoji-Lalala~) 
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Plese set to FULL VIEW
Fanart: dedicated to all their fangirls , or anyone who's an SnK fan ^^
tools: ordinary black pen, colored pencils, colored pens


Jean Kirstein, Armin Arlart, Eren Jaeger and Lance Corporal Rivaille/Levi from the anime Shingeki no Kyojin
***note: these characters do not belong to me but they belong to the anime Shingeki no Kyojin and its creators
***pose, facial expressions, gifts, outfit designs and background for this fanart are my own concept though (no references)

This piece was kind of a rushed work, because i wanted to color it immediately after see, i was so excited to color one again cuz it seems i haven't done it for a very long time! (im sorry, im not too good at it though...unless there are references ;) well, my personal quote might explain it: "i can easily draw what i can see but i try hard to draw what i cannot see" lol, does it make sense? ^^)

I wanted it to be as lively as possible, since it's my first fanart of SnK characters. It's been quite a while since i colored my drawing, too ( i've been making lots of monochromes and sketches) well, the original concept i had in mind was- if ever those SnK boys were courting a girl, what gift would they give? ...but yeah, in general, it turned out to be a gift to their fangirls/fans! LOL

***Jean made these colorful cupcakes from the heart, i was thinking he has a soft side and better yet, could be the best family man among the four
(he was the one who crafted them with icings, too!lol) ^^
whew, this was the most tedious to color, the BG and his gift!

***Armin holds the cutest teddy bear with button eyes and pink fur and blush! and guess what? that's for you fangirl!(or any SnK fan) ^^
this portion was the easiest to color, light and bubbly! my sister said she would prefer this adorable gift, lol!

***Eren gives you the sweetest chocolates, the most expensive ones are in that red handcrafted heart-shaped box ^^
i was planning to color the box cover plain red, but 'changed my mind at the last minute and added some designs on it, lol

***classical as ever, Levi romantically offers you a bouquet of crimson red roses as a symbol of love and! (yeah, he's gonna serenade you, too!^^)
my sister's friend said i could have switched Levi's and Eren's gift, cuz the chocolates suit Levi's aura you think so, too?

'hopefully, there would be more fanarts to come! ^^

Levi and his giant burger -------->

the burger in progress------->

see the unfinished/monochrome for this--------->

my most recent original sketch----------->

more anime boys here -------->…

more sketches here--------->…

the burger with levi in progress --------->

Update: I added the lines above the clavicle of Levi, cuz I totally forgot about it....then I used silver metallic pen for my signature line, cuz it was not very much visible using black color pen, they overlap at the rightmost lower corner
Emoticons jump Emoticons jump Emoticons jump Emoticons jump Emoticons jump Emoticons jump 
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What you see as brilliance, I see as shadows...

-- xx --


yay another artwork completed! :iconcrazyginplz: I started this like...before Christmas believe it or not, and only completed it now! :iconcryforeverplz: ((sorry for being so slow guys orz


but yeah, I realized it's been over 2 years since I last drew these two together♥ [i'm not going to link to the artwork'll have to go thru my gallery and find that ugly piece of shit on your own lmao] ...and I bet most of you are thinking "um, who's the guy on the left, shinji?" :o

....uh, he's my oc tatsuya >~< whom oddly, despite being a guy (and you all know how I love to draw guys), I don't draw that much...

I want to change that this year though! one of my resolutions is to draw my OCs that aren't aiori more~~ so more of tatsuya, natsumi (pink haired girl), hiji (from flaming resolve...if any of you read that lol), kotori & yuma (from captain's letters) and maybe i'll come up with some more~~ and ofc I still want to draw aiori :XD:


overall, I think i'm not quite happy with this picture...aiori just looks stupid imo and the background is some failed attempt at drawing water in copic markers OTL I think i'll stick to using watercolour to draw/paint water lol

I wanted the atmosphere of this piece to be a lot darker...originally what I had in mind was more on the R-18 side actually :XD: but then I toned it down and then as I was colouring and working on just ended up like this :iconginfacepalmplz: ごめんw


materials used: copic sketch & ciao markers, g-pen, maru-pen, parker black ink, white acrylic paint, copic colourless ink, white & silver gelly roll pens, copic multiliners 0.03 & 0.05mm, prismacolour white colour pencil

aiori, tatsuya, art (c) me

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So I'm doing this project in art where I use make up to hide my identity, and I decided to turn half my face into a skull. I was very pleased of the results as it looked scarily realistic. I wanted to upload a photo but decided against it because I don't want to show my face, so instead I did a self portrait! Hope you like it!

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Hi guys! So if you read my journals you might have read about me and :iconraintheegyptianwolf: co-writing a book together. Well, here is the first piece of art based on the story!

Meet Tristen Blakely your average gaming geek who's easy college life is changed dramatically when a certain young woman falls into his life. Quite literally! Meet Elijah, an angel who has strayed from her duties and fallen to Earth to be taught a lesson. When this spunky girl meets Tristen he is pulled into the world he has always dreamed of, but this is no RPG or fantasy novel, and every dream has it's consequences.

So what do you think? The story is something we will be working on for years to come and we hope you will support us both as our writing and art gets better and better!

Sorry about the wonkiness of the background. I was trying to crop the picture but then it seemed that I scanned it at a slight angle so to take away any white space I had to straighten it out and now it looks wonky! 

:iconraintheegyptianwolf: What do you think? Do you think Tristen looks okay? Is this what you thought for Elijah? Anything I should tweak?

More from my gallery:


Thank you to :iconsenshistock: for the reference image


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"Just like all technology, one day I will be left behind for something more convenient. However, until that day I will do my best to make everyone happy. So... please~ don't leave me behind."


Well, this is the final result everyone! I really hope you like it, I worked hard on it~ :iconshyblushplz: It doesn't look as good as I wanted it, but I am satisfied with it. :iconorekibakaplz: Plus it made me super happy to work on it. :iconotakuingplz: Besides, it is my very first watercolor painting after all, I think I did well for my first time~ I just hope everyone else is satisfied as well! :iconyuisheepishplz: 

Anyway, it would mean a lot if I could get lots of feedback on my first warercolor painting so please comment. :iconblushthanksplz: And also, thanks so much just for viewing, it means a lot just to have people look at my art, thank you! :iconsweetblushplz:

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