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★Name: Ou Yang Xiang  欧阳 翔(sho)

★Age: 16

5'9"  179cm

156.5 lbs  71kg


★Level :
[DO NOT FILL THIS PART OUT YET. Levels will be announced after the opening.]


✓Fresh Milk






✗Weak people

✗Boring people

✗Un-serious people




Loves to observe his surroundings and often
offended others with his straight-forward characteristic. He doesn’t have many
friends that could stand over him and he scared girls away with his bad mouth. Unpredictable
and elusive, he loves confusing people and watching their reactions. Acts mysteriously
towards others and gives them a dangerous feeling with his first meeting. But
when people get to know him well, they noticed his actually a protective person
to people that he likes.


Born in Hong Kong and lives in complicated family. His parents’ divorce when he
was 10. He follows his father and continues his study in japan. He was weak and
has asthma since he was born. Because of this, he couldn’t do any much of sport
nor joins with other student on school and left alone. Being alone had made him
a hot temper kid and always thinks negative. His father been always out of work
and seldom stays beside him had made even more problematic kid. Wanting
attention from his father he often fights at school or make himself attack from
his asthma. His father blame sho for being that way, all he worries was his
health. So he made Sho attend swimming lesson in his young age since the doctor
said that swimming would help his asthma to cured slowly.  At first, sho hates attending swimming but sooner
he finds swimming could be fun and cools his temper. He learns quickly but
because of his low stamina. He didn’t do well on competition. But the only
thing his good was holding his breath for long and his coach had suggest him to
go for breaststroke. Sho doesn’t really care of being number one, all he wants
is the attention of his father. He thinks, if he did well, his father will be
looking at him. After he being noticed by his coach, sho’s father was told to send
him and enrolled at elite school. It had made him being even far away from his


★Additional Info: 

-Mixed, Father is Chinese
and Mother is Japanese.

-His close friend called him “sho” instead of

-Wears his glasses
anywhere any time unless swimming.

-Loves Woman and Man, his

-Hates kids.

-Teasing is his

-Only interested on stuff
that caught his attention.

-Dislike other sport
except swimming.

- Confident on his
breaststroke, weak against freestyle.

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UWA thank you for having me~~~ :iconshinezoomplz: Uhm, I am a personal person (?) so I may not join chatroom RP because there are so many of you and I feel overwhelmed buuuuuuut feel free to RP via comments and elsewhere! I'll try initiating RP with you interesting people too! :iconureshii-go-on-plz:

LMAO hello people. Since this is just reusing my old character and only needs a half body I figured out this one is easy. Which it was. Kinda.
Anyway, for:iconmizu-no-gakuen:

★ NAME ★ Katagiri Surya

★ AGE ★ 17

★ HEIGHT ★ 5'9"

★ WEIGHT ★ 60 kg

★ YEAR ★ Sophomore


_+_his boyfriend
_+_social events

_-_chilly wind
_-_anti-homosexual people
_-_his brother

___He is a casual high schooler who wants his days to be filled with delicious food, games, and his boyfriend. He likes to be in a center of crowd, and he thinks information is the most valuable resource to have, thus his habit and secret mission to dig for gossips, making him perfect for a newspaper club or blackmailer. Either or. However, aside from looking for the way to live peacefully in luxury, he is highly unmotivated. He doesn't like competing when he has no personal drive in it, which may make him an oddball in the school, but he is so stubborn in ensuring he doesn't compete for some reason.

___He repeated a year on middle school because of an accident which injured his knee and rendered him unable to do heavy sports. Throughout his first year on high school in a prestigious school for gentlemen, the knee began to pain him so much that the doctor said that he needed to force himself to do sports and rehabilitate his leg, recommending free-style swimming. Because he didn't feel much connection in the prestigious school he enrolled in before, he looked for a decent school with good swimming facilities. The school turned out to be another elite school especially for professional swimmers, but he gritted his teeth and applied to transfer in. Whether it was pure luck or his health reasons, he was admitted into the school.

He was brought in as a second wife's son, and he hated his father's family, especially his all too perfect older brother. Aside from that, he felt comfortable to be among a crowd, especially his buddies--- at least until the accident and he was hospitalized long enough for them not to visit him anymore, making him hard to step further from acquaintances to be friends, no matter how much he was willing for it. That was until he met his boyfriend, whom he had a long-distance relationship currently.

___His stomach is currently very flabby, like you can pinch and stretch it wide. As he isn't chubby, the thing about his stomach makes him feel utterly self conscious. Thus he can mostly be found wearing his favorite hoodie, even near the pool.
___He is always a sporty person, and swimming isn't an exception to that. In the first months he will prove to achieve a huge improvement in swimming and flattening his stomach though he still isn't motivated to be the best nor making effort for it.

Surya Katagiri (c) me
:iconmizu-no-gakuen: (c) Jaejae
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[N]ame: Akira Okazaki (岡崎秋桜 Okazaki Akira)
[N]icknames: Okazaki-san, Aki-chan, you can make one up I don’t care LOL
[A]ge: 16 (November 25)
[Y]ear: Freshneatman (1st Year)
[H]eight: 5’11” / 179cm
[W]eight: 161lb / 72kg


[L]evel: TBA
[M]ain Stroke: Breaststroke

Akira lacks stamina, but he’s quick and has good technique. Originally a freestylist, he switched to breaststroke (because it’s not as intense as the other strokes lazy fucker) after quitting water polo, though he still plays during his free time. He still can’t do the long swims for shit, 100m IM being the only long distant swimming he can put up with.



[+] Takoyaki-senpai, Ryo-senpai, Ochinchin-senpai (aka the childhood friends) | Sanitary places | Playing weird tricks | Getting up close and personal (read as: invading personal bubbles) | Wonky hair colors | Cold food, cold drinks, cold things in general | Taking long, long, LONG baths (and then looking like a prune LMAO)


[-] Rainy weather | Heterochromia | Spicy food ("Ryo-senpai and Takoyaki-senpai are weirdos") | Bullies | Moving vehicles (GETS CARSICK ASLDKFJA BANE OF HIS EXISTENCE OKAY) | Parents, mothers specifically | Ugh dirty clothes lying on the ground clean up yo shit people

Observant | Meticulous, borderline OCD | Sarcastic | Manipulative/Charming kind of | Lazy | Insecure

Akira is a weirdo, there’s actually no other way to describe him. He’s a total creep, and people watching might be one of his favorite hobbies. He likes to appear as charming and suave. As well, he’s careful about everything he does and hates working with groups (read as: super OCD). Akira holds the belief that every person has to earn his respect before he will give it. He still calls everyone with honorifics and talks in this annoyingly sarcastic and polite tone to many people, although a lot of the times he doesn’t really mean it.

However, Akira is still the baby of the group (even though he pretends to be mature), forever insecure and nervous about what people think about him. He hates his eyes because it makes him stand out and gives a reason for people to think badly of him. Incredibly sore loser and will bitch about it. Also enjoys taunting his opponents or rivals. His laziness is legendary by the way, unless it involves swimming or cleaning up a mess.

Akira was born in Shinjuku as the only child of the Okazaki family. As a child, his heterochromia attracted a lot of attention from his peers, much of it unwanted and his response to this, 90% of the time, was to punch the guy in the face (he was an angry five year old okay stop judging). As a result, he constantly had to face the angry parents whenever he got into a fight (he develops a slight fear of the parents and resents them because as far as he’s considered, it’s never his fault). His family decides to move when he was in first grade.

In elementary school, he did okay. Not spectacular, but well enough. He also meets his childhood buddies Takao, Ryota, and Hyacinthe after helping fend off a bunch of bullies. They became inseparable and best friends and neighbors (doki doki //hit). He, being the youngest, ended up attending elementary alone for his last year because everyone else graduated already, and he begins to get into fights again. In sixth grade, his family moves back to Shinjuku, and he attends middle school in the city. During that time, he begins to swim competitively as well as joined the water polo team as a way to vent. Akira grows to love both sports and chooses to continue both sports.

Upon beginning his search for a suitable high school, he stumbles by Mizu no Gakuen. He decides to enroll in it when he hears that two of his childhood friends had decided to attend it as well and thus begins their kawaii high school days sighs.


- Adept at fighting, mostly street brawling
- Has a high IQ (130+) but he’s too lazy to actually try enough to do well in school. Also finds learning extremely boring and reads porn in class or something
- Does track on the side when swimming and waterpolo are not in session
- Super easy to bully
- Actually a little shorter than Ryota (think in between Hyacinthe and Ryota in height)

Takao Miyazaki: “Takoyaki-senpai is kinda weird and sticks stickers on odd places. He changed a lot after he moved but still know him.” (childhood friend)

Ryota Kitajima: “Ryo-senpai acts sort of like that chill older brother but he’s clueless sometimes. His hair grew a lot these last couple of years.” (childhood friend)

Hyacinthe Lance Vieux: “Ochinchin-senpai turned into a different person I swear! He got tanned.” (childhood friend)

It’s a Free! group I OBVIOUSLY NEED TO JOIN MHMM I mean check out all the homo-- getsu stfu

//copies zia’s formatting kind of chokes

Okazaki Akira © senpais ~tickitoki
:devmizu-gakuen: © ~Prince-Jae
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Ugghghghgghgugh I hope I get in--- :iconlazycryplz:
For the wonderfuru group: :iconmizu-no-gakuen:))

REEEEDONE--REVAMPED--ugh//fixed some of atsushi's stuff like his face and brightening his colouring


★N a m e: Ikeda Atsushi [池田 敦司]

★A g e: 16歳

★H e i g h t: 187cm

★W e i g h t: 75kg

★Y e a r: Freshman

★L e v e l : Beginner

★L i k e s/D i s l i k e s:
+ swimming
+ water
+ the sun
+ being read to
+ all the seasons
+ fruits & meat
+ water sports; i.e. swimming and surfing
+ goofing around
+ teasing people
+ bishounen boys

- vegetables
- overly sweet things
- sitting still
- reading for long periods of time
- hospitals
- anyone who tries to take his buttginity or make him an bottom

★P e r s o n a l i t y:
> Goofy Atsushi loves to goof around and have fun! He appreciates life's moments and wants to celebrate them with a laugh.
> Happy He is rarely sad; he just has a happy and positive personality overall.
> Teasing Atsushi loves to tease people! It makes him feel closer to people as friends if he can joke around/tease with others, and he thinks it's fun.
> Distractable He is easily sidetracked. He can't pay attention to things for a long time, and he can't sit still. He always has to be doing something, and he can easily forget things as well.
> Simple Atsushi is a simple guy who likes simple things. He can easily forgive people with a simple apology, and he can be pleased easily with simple things like hugs.
> Sarcastic He is very sarcastic and since he loves to tease people, people can never tell when he's serious and when he's not.
> Flirtatious He flirts with a lot basically everyone; that's just how he is. It's also part of his teasing.

★H i s t o r y:
Atsushi was born into a normal Japanese family. His father was a regular salaryman and his mother helped out at the local grocery store. The only problem was that Atsushi was a sickly child, spending a lot of his time in and out of hospitals. He had a weak immune system and was prone to passing out a lot, especially during warm weather. Despite his sicknesses, he was a happy child, always smiling and running about in the house. During school, he couldn't participate much in outside activities, so he always used sit inside near the window chatting with people or watching people play outside. He always kept a positive attitude, but when Atsushi was six years old, he fell extremely ill. He was admitted into a hospital where the doctor suggested that the family relocate to a place where the air is good and clean for a sick boy to recuperate. But Atsushi's parents couldn't afford to move because they needed to keep their jobs and pay for Atsushi's hospital bills, so he was sent to live with his grandmother near the coast for a while. He loved his grandmother and happily stayed with her. She had a house by the shore, and Atsushi's health improved greatly while he lived with her.

One day, as his grandmother took him and his friends out to the beach, Atsushi discovered that he could swim really well, and even though he was in the sun all day, as long as he kept himself hydrated and wet with water, he wouldn't pass out. His new discovery led to a new method of rehabilitation for Atsushi. Every day, he would go swimming right after school. This exercise helped him gain muscle and increased his health, causing him to feel and be healthier overall. And since Atsushi spent so much time in the sun, his skin had darkened greatly, which was fantastic for him because the darker the skin a person has, the more efficiently the body would deal with heat. Since he couldn't play soccer and other sports well, he devoted his entire time to swimming and getting healthier to the point where he could play outside with his friends without getting too tired or sick. When his grandmother passed away, Atsushi returned to live with his parents who were definitely pleased with the Atsushi's amazing health condition. He was enrolled in a junior high where he joined the swimming club and excelled in the butterfly stroke. When he reached his last year of junior high, his swim coach suggested that he apply to a famous and highly renowned swim school for serious swimmers such as himself. With his parents' and coach's support, he applied for enrollment at Mizu no Gakuen. (if that is what the school is called because seriously idk lololol)

★Additional Info:

* Seiyuu: Suzuki Tatsuhisa [link] start from 0:04.
* Birthday: April 1st.
* Because he was sick a lot, he was gone from school for a year but managed to catch up again by studying really hard. He's not very smart though; he's only good at memorizing things for a short period of time and retaining that info for awhile which is why he managed to test pass the grade he had missed and stay with his grade level.
* Has only been in relationships with girls but that will all change once he joins this school kufufu

RP Methods: Through Skype, notes, or comments.
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For :iconmizu-no-gakuen:. Let's do this! :iconrikkavplz:

Name: Kimura, Souji

Age: 17

Height: 171cm

Weight: 63kg

Year: Sophomore

level: Intermediate


✔Swimming and all bodies of water
✔Diving and being underwater
✔Not having to do any work
✔Quiet environments
✔Oranges and orange flavored things
✔Reading (Especially poetry, but he won't tell you that)
✔Writing (but no one is allowed to see!)
✔Seeing great art ☆
✔Smart people/ Talented people

✘Large parties
✘Desserts that are too sweet
✘A lot of loud noise
✘Being forced into things


Souji is not very easy to approach, because he tends to avoid talking to new people. He is quiet and will pretend not to hear his name being called if it means getting into a situation he doesn't want to get into. Although he may appear to strangers to be someone who is cold and detached, Souji actually avoids others because he is shy and also has trouble trusting others. He can be easily embarrassed, especially when interacting with someone new.
Souji is very kind to people he cares about, and is very protective of them. Although usually low-key he can become irritated, but he can usually control his temper. He has a more engaging and somewhat childishly demanding side of him that can only be seen by people he is closer to. He enjoys lazing about, especially outside. Souji greatly appreciates peaceful quiet times where he can daydream. He is also a bit of a romanticist at times, which is noticeable in his interest in nature and creative expression; although this is true, he keeps quiet about these things because finds it embarrassing! Since he has a hard time making friends, he tries not to be someone who is strange (to try and make it easier).


Souji was born to young and immature parents who were not quite ready for a child. Due to their inexperience and their frequent bouts of arguing, he was taken from them at a young age by his grandfather, who decided that he could take much better care of him. He moved away to live in his grandfather's old-fashioned house, a quiet place with an enormous amount of land. Because his grandfather wasn't a very emotional man, they spent much of their time together without saying very much; they tended to keep to themselves, Souji doing quiet hobbies on his own while his guardian spent lots of time doing yard-work and other household jobs. Souji had a problem with anger as well as problems connecting with others his age-- he had always been a shy kid. His grandfather, although not the most emotionally sensitive of people, tried to encourage him to express himself and directed him to use exercise as an outlet. Souji began to swim, retreating to a pool whenever he needed to calm his head. The pool became a symbol for peace and restoration for him; He is able to think and also regain his composure when next to a body of water. He became much better at controlling his emotions as he grew, although he hasn't grown much in terms of his shyness. He became very adept at swimming, leading his grandfather to suggest he enroll in a school that focuses on it.

Additional Info:
- He blushes easily around new people.
- He usually eats healthy food.
- Has a secret weakness for stuffed animals. He has a tiny stuffed bear on a keychain that he keeps in his pocket.
- He doesn't care whether he's good or bad at swimming.
- One of his eyes is a lighter color than the other.
- Sometimes he gives nicknames to people he's close to.
- He doesn't quite know how to deal with rowdy or rambunctious people.

Recently met: ■□□ Acquaintances: ■■□ Friends: ■■■

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For :iconmizu-no-gakuen:
Ahhaaaaa--after looking through a lotta apps, I noticed that 97% of them are shirtless studs---
I thought that maybe I can diversify it a bit---:iconomgcryplz:
Hope my little boy makes it in :iconpapmingplz:

★Name: Takai, Nikkun :iconbigheplz:
★Age: 16
★Height: 5"7
★Weight: 215 lbs.
★Year: Freshman
★Level : N/A
+ Friendly people
+ Sweets, candies, food, etc.
+ Small animals
+ Swimming~
- Diets
- People insulting his friends
- Diet coke, skim milk, etc.
- Getting hungry
- Being called 'fat'
+ Friendly, easy to approach
+ Very generous (especially when it comes to food)
+ Docile
+ Loyal friend
+ Hard-working
- Sensitive
- Gets easily offended
- Frail
Nikkun grew up in a middle-class family of four; his mom, dad, older sister, and himself. As a child, he was already overweight and was constantly teased and ridiculed by his classmates. If it weren't for his best friend, Ramen, to stand up for him, he wouldn't have been able to get far in his life. Because his parents noticed how he was ostracized because of his weight, they hired a trainer to help him become physically active over the summer. Nikkun didn't do so well on most physical activities because he had such difficulty moving about because of his weight. His trainer thought that having him play sports on the pool would be a great idea because it would give him a bit of ease when it came to exercising.
Though Nikkun had a hard time starting out with swimming, he soon came to enjoy the sport; he swam frequently, making him develop certain strengths. However, because of his uncontrollable appetite, he was unable to lose weight; his trainer recommended him to attend Mizu no Gakuen to continue his passion, make friends, and maybe lose a couple of pounds.
Therefore, he convinced his parents to allow him to enroll for the academy where he can pursue his love for swimming.

★Additional Info:
- His best friend is Ramen
- Though he may not be so quick as a swimmer, he has endurance. Of course, there's plenty of room for improvement! :iconjunesplz:
- After having a strenuous workout, he tends to give himself a pat on the back by binge eating and then ends up regretting it.

Takai, Nikkun *naochiko
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:iconsparklesplz: REVAMP [12/6/13]: Chibi was done a month ago..was too lazy to revamp it //slapped
After losing my full body drawing of Neriah when my computer crashed..I gave up hope trying to revamp him until I took the time to sketch him up in class once more.Brought him home to finish and now I finally have a new revamp :icontearplz:

REVAMP[7/27/13]:Took advantage of class time and did a revamp of my bb using the cintiq :iconmoebeamplz:
The lineart is a bit sketchy since I used photoshop for the lines eve;; //and barely learns how to make sexy lineart in PS whaaaa

There'll probably be another revamp later on now that I know how to line in PS :iconimsotiredplz:
Trying out for :iconspirit-fish::iconbluesparklesplz:
I couldn't resist joining,this group is just too adorable
Omfg I'm so happy to get this done before the 200 cap :iconpapmingplz:


R o l e p l a y - T y p e : [Literature] [Script] [Both]

R o l e p l a y - M e t h o d s : [Skype] [Comments] [Group Chat] [Notes]

R O L E P L A Y - T Y P E S: [AU:Alternate Universe] [Crack] [Canon]

Note:All the naughty things that goes on with Neriah with other characters will automatically be deemed as crack uvu [//feel free to start it up though //HIT]


N a m e :


A g e :


G e n d e r :


:new:B i r t h d a y : 

    June 30th

H e i g h t :


S p i r i t - F i s h :

    Chromis viridis [Blue/Green Reef Chromis]

S p i r i  t  F i s h  - R e  f :

L e n g t  h :

    3 in. [8 cm.]

L i k e s :

    *Quiet spaces

    *Reading Manga [Especially romances]

    *Observing others around him

    *Painting and sketching



    *The color blue

    *Eating snacks

    *Making friends

    *Seeing people close to him happy

    *Ice cream

    *The ocean


    *Making art for others

    *Ayumu ♥

D i s l i k e s :

    *Loud places

    *Rude people


    *Most sports

    *Getting too much attention drawn to him

    *When people stare at him while he’s drawing[He gets a bit fidgety and nervous],

    *Seeing someone close to him get hurt.

    *When someone questions him and his feels about a fictional story.

    *Getting emotionally [and romantically] attached to someone [He's embarrassed now uvu]

    *Not being able to draw in certain situations

    *When his spirit fish wonders off

P e r s o n a l i t y :

    Intelligent | Quiet | Observant | Easily startled | Light-hearted | A Bit Clumsy | Curious | Loyal

    Most of the time,Nariah prefers to sit by himself  and observe others  rather than in gauging in large group settings.He can get easily uncomfortable and will try to avoid any kind of contact with anyone.When he opens up to people,he tends to display a lot of emotion and will talk quite often.Even though he may not be doing much around others,he is actually doing a lot.He tends to observe the way other‘s behave and is always thinking to himself in that moment.If a person gets a chance to sit down and get to know him,Neraih can be a very, kind-hearted,friendly person who cares about how other‘s feel.

H i s t o r y :

    Neriah grew up in a well knitted family and is very close to his parents and younger sister.Even though his parents were making decent money and he lived in a nice house,he had always liked to live a simple,carefree life.In his high school days,he was often bullied for being clumsy and shy.The only things that kept him going was his love for drawing and his interest in manga,which was something that helped him get through his high school crisis.He had discovered his talent after taking an art class with an art teacher he had come to adore and had since then continued to develop his skills.After graduating,he had since put his bullied past behind him and had decided to pursue a career pertaining to the arts,which lead him to enroll into the University of Sydney.

A d d i t i o n a l :

*He is currently in a relationship with Ayumu [Anniversary on September 2th]

*Neriah is trying his best to socialize a bit more with other people and is doing a lot better than before thanks to his close friend Miles.

*He tends to smile more often now and will attempt to speak to others,though he's still trying to get over his fears.

*He can be a bit overly protective of Ayumu,though he hasn't shown any signs of jealousy over him yet.[//Finds it super adorable how Ayumu gets super jealous over Neriah,but Neriah is too oblivous to know about it |3]

*If he had a voice it would probably sound like this

*Neriah had first discovered his spirit fish when he discovered his love for art.Since then he had started to paint his spirit fish in various projects.

*He often finds himself painting or sketching other people’s fishes,though he‘s not too keen on showing the owner‘s his artworks of them.

*His spirit fish gets along with anyone and is a very peaceful species of fish, though Neriah gets embarrassed when his spirit fish wonders off  to greet other people and their fishes.[Which in turn actually forces him to speak or interact with them]

* It takes him a while to trust a person and consider them a friend,but his fish pretty much go and befriends everyone.

*When he first saw his own spirit fish,he thought he was hallucinating.

*He’s not one to make romantic advances on someone but if he falls in love,he’ll do anything or everything in his power to please that person.

*When Neriah makes a friend he tends to be very close with that person since he doesn't make a lot of friends and isn't very popular.

*When he gets too embarrassed he tends to walk or run away,but he somehow always ends up tripping over his feet in an attempt to get away.

*He likes girls,but he doesn't see himself being manly enough to be with one[He’d try though].He’s open with his romantic choices.  

*He named his spirit fish Cyan after noticing the color of his fish’s scales.Even though he saw blue,in the sunlight he saw that his fish was actually blue/green.

*When he’s alone he tends to think out loud or talk to himself.He also to wonders out loud in group settings as well if he is able to tune everyone out.

*He’s never been in a relationship before so he knows nothing about dating except from what he reads in manga books.

*He can be quite reserved sometimes and someone has to either force him to speak or make him interested in speaking.

*If he tends to speak too much on a topic and if he notices it himself,he’ll get flustered and immediately stop talking.

*He doesn't like eye contact so he’ll gaze to the side or stare down at his feet while someone is talking to him or while he‘s talking to someone.

*To avoid socializing in groups,he usually puts on his headphones or draws in order to blend in and not be as noticeable.

*He gets every emotional when he reads his romance mangas and will actually cry in his feel moments. [He wouldn't want someone to see him like that so he tends to hide his face or run off if someone confronts him about it :iconmingplz:]

*Sometimes he wishes he can place his fish into a fish bowl for all eternity,

*Neriah tends to open up to people when he gets a chance to know them and would smile and talk more often around that person or group of people he‘s with.

Password: Fishhead,Fishtail
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[♪]Name: Moriyama Takumi [巧海] [Mori is his nickname u v u]
Takumi [巧海] means "adroit(skillful), sea"

[♪]Age: 17


[♪]Weight: 135 lbs

[♪]Year: Sophomore

[♪]Level : Intermediate


♥ his senpais (and his kohais)
♥ attention
♥ swimming of course u v u
♥ singing in the karaoke
♥ teasing people


♨ Lifting weights Q A Q
♨ broccoli omg
♨ people who dislike him of course ; v ;
♨ getting fat ahaha- /shot

Takumi, I guess, you can call him a sweetie. He's nice, childishly clingy, but nice. He would approach anyone and make them his friend, he would do everything {okay not really everything} to make people notice him. Once you become his friend- hugs, glomps, smooches and kisses are expected from him. He isn't the kind to swear, and not the type to get into fights. If you'd ask him where he'd like to hang out, he'd probably answer "The karaoke restobar!" and he'd probably drag you there whether you like it or not. He's always seen wearing a big smile on his face, but that's just a side of him he wants people to see.

Ever since Takumi was a little boy, he was spoiled by his older siblings and his parents. He was given much attention and much love a child could ever ask. When the Moriyama family would go out to eat, it was Takumi who would choose the restaurant [he always chose the karaoke bar just nearby their house]; when it was Christmas day Takumi would receive the most presents. Yes, being the youngest had its privileges, the good thing about it was that his older siblings didn't mind. They were mature enough not to be jealous, and that Takumi didn't really rub it in their faces. I guess you could say that Takumi lived a good life with his family, well, until the incident.

Just after being dropped at his gradeschool, after an exchange of waves and "I love you"s, Takumi watched his whole family die when a school bus crashed into their car. (Apparently the bus driver was found to be drunk and was sent to prison for that) It was a devastating memory, horrifying, terrible and tragic. The ten year old boy was scarred for life. Who wouldn't be? Watching front row your family's death at such age? It was the worst.

For several weeks Takumi was placed in the hospital for mental and physical therapy. Many therapists have tried to make the boy happy, but it seemed like the only thing that was ever on his mind was the blood shattering memory of his family's death. It was only until one therapist [who was related to the Moriyama family] suggested that Takumi could try swimming as a therapy. For just a short span of time the boy became fond of swimming and it helped him to relax and calm his mind. When the doctors thought that Takumi was good to go he was sent to his uncle, Tadanori Sato (the youngest brother of Takumi's mother), by the words of his parent's will. His uncle didn't exactly welcome him with open arms, well, since Takumi's arrival was very unexpected, but from then on Takumi lived with him in his small condo unit.

But you'd have to remember that Takumi is quite a spoiled, clingy person. He wasn't the type to be left alone and unappreciated. That was the hard part (well for him) living with his uncle, since the latter was usually off working and/or taken away by his perverted boss. So every now and then, Takumi would be alone in the condo with nothing to do. (This is one of the reasons why Takumi would be overly-affectionate with everyone who becomes friends with him)

A few years later, the therapist relative came to the condo to check up on Takumi, and to tell him the great news. "I have found the highschool best suited for you, Takumi-kun. It's called Mizu-No-Gakuen, and there swimming is one of the main subjects. I came here to ask if you'd like to enroll there."

With a wide smile, Takumi nodded. "Yes! Yes I would love to~!"

[♪]Additional Info:
★ Moriyama does TI (Total immersion) for swimming.
★ He loves to hug and kiss his friends u v u
★ Mori is a seke.
★ His uncle looks like this ::
★ Takumi's past interconnects with Kaname Tachibana's backstory.
★ Takumi is roommates with Alastair u v u <3

For :iconmizu-no-gakuen:
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:iconmizu-no-gakuen: :iconmizu-no-gakuen: :iconmizu-no-gakuen:

I DID IT, I AM DONE WITH THE ART FOR MY APP :iconcannotevenplz: ill type the info and submit it later aaaaa i forgot how hard it was to finish a drawing
Edit: I AM DONE, I DID IT, I FINISHED THE WRITTEN PORTION TOO someone give me a sticker
Process: [link]

★ Name:
    Kikuchi 菊池 , Sho 翔
    Kikuchi 菊池 meaning(chrysanthemum pond)
    Sho 翔 meaning (To soar or wind instrument)

★ CV:
★ Age:
    15 y/o

★ Height:
    5'6" ft | 167.64 cm

★ Weight:
    139 lbs | 63 kg

★ Year:
    Freshman | 1st Year

★ Level :

★ Likes/Dislikes:
    + Claw machines
    + Game credits
    + Arcades, he prefers playing classic/retro video games
    + The rush of adrenaline when the ghost thingies chase Miss Pacman
    + Shouting things out loud, it makes him feel more energized
    + Eggs
    + Things he can eat with just his hands
    + Swimming
    + Jogging
    + Fresh air
    + Mouth wash to hide his horrible breath
    + Prizes
    + Wasting money

    - Bathing, why can't he just swim the dirty off?
    - Brushing his teeth
    - Basically all things hygienic
    - Going to sleep, rather he dislikes the process of falling asleep? He basically has a hard time falling asleep
    - His hair, which is why he had it shaved it off in the first place
    - Spiders, basically anything that can crawl all over you without you noticing
    - Itches
    - Things that tickle or feel weird
    - When he runs out of space to put his junk
    - When he runs out of game credits
    - Claw machines it's a love-hate relationship
    - Arcades same as the above

★ Personality:
    Sho is one of those kids you'd silently yell and angrily shake your fist at in a library for being too loud. A living ball of energy! You could say, he sometimes just gets so carried away with everything in his own little world he comes off as a little inconsiderate? He always does everything with enthusiasm even when it's something he hates. He actually puts in more enthusiasm when it's something he hates! Hoping to convince himself he's having fun.

    You have a challenge you say? Sho will stop at nothing to win. Sort of. Usually, after much failed attempts he'll throw a tiny fit and say he quits. Only to be found soon after trying again. Heck, he once spent ¥5000 on an arcade game trying to get his intials on the highscore list (only to fail)! He has very little self control and succumbs to temptation easily. The sort of person who'd get scammed out of all their money by shady business men.

    Sho's perspective of the world is rather pure though I wouldn't say he's innocent. He's a pretty optimistic person and often thinks the best of people. Though that's not something he's really proud of. As dense as he may come off as he's well aware that there are a lot of bad people on the earth who do really bad things...but he honestly just has a really hard time believing it? Anywho! Sho's a pretty social person. He can casually start talking to you, acting like he's known you his whole life. He's also thick-skinned enough to ask strangers to lend him money for arcade games.

    At first glance it seems like treats his friends pretty much the same as everyone else 'cept, whenever he accomplishes something he's proud of (silly things like not blinking for 3 straight minutes) he likes treating his friends to celebrate. He always wants to celebrate everything with his friends and people important to him, though he may come off as a bit clingy. Sho isn't the type to get angry easily, though even when he does the most damage he can do is give his face wrinkles from scowling. Often, after a good tantrum he almost completely forgets why he was even angry in the first place and continues on as if he never threw a fit in his life.

    TL;DR: All in all Sho is a lively, thick-skinned boy who just doesn't know when to quit.

★ History:
    Sho was born and raised in a village bordered by a river in the countryside. This village, as it was surrounded by a river, constantly flooded whenever the river would overflow (usually from rain). This never bothered any of the villagers though! In fact, they adapted quite easily. They raised their houses and other buildings on stilts, villagers mostly traveled by either canoe or swimming through the water, plus the water was pretty clean. Most children from this village learned to swim at a young age, they also considered the kids who still used canoes to get around (because they didn't know how to swim) as "babies". Sho of course was no exception, his father had taught him how to swim when he was around 5 years old.

    Somehow a new trend had started amongst the village children. A challenge for only the bravest of the brave! Whenever the water level lowered down enough for the river to be visible, they would jump in and swim, fighting against the current. Whoever could swim the furthest was proclaimed water god of the village! For they were the ones who had most power against the waters. Also, all the kids would have to serve said god as prize. Of course, like many of the other children, Sho constantly strived for that water god position. But, well, Sho was more or less one of the scrawnier kids. He'd constantly get blown away by the currents! The big kids would always have to swim after him and make sure he doesn't drift off into the ocean or something!!! Sho never gave up though. Even when it was discovered that the whole challenge thing was actually just a ploy for the big kids to use the smaller kids as little servants, Sho kept trying. Sometimes getting further than last time, sometimes getting nowhere at all. It became more for the swimming itself rather than some fake title.

    Along the way, Sho learned different swimming styles, techniques and such (most at an amateur level, of course, since most of what he learned he picked up from the older villagers or made up himself). He was pretty much the only kid in the village who kept swimming against the river current and had long ago broken the "water god challenge". But, as he expected none of his peers really cared anymore! The lot of them were all obsessing over their middle school lives. Their problems consisting of: dating, make up, exams and gross hormones, never forget the gross hormones. There also was the problem of high school. Not that the kids hated the thought of it, the problem was there were no high schools for miles. The nearest high school to their village took about a 5 hour commute to get there! Only the lucky kids whose parents could afford sending their children off to the city were able to go to high school in this village. The rest had to stop their education at middle school and start working.

    Sho here, was one of the more fortunate kids. His father, a fisherman and his mother, a pharmacist, had earned up enough money for their only kid to study in the city. His mother, since she was the only pharmacist in the whole village, constantly traveled back and forth from the village and the city to bring back medicine. On one of her trips to the city she had blabbed to a her seatmate on a bus about her son and how obsessed he was with swimming, her seatmate then recommended she enroll him in Mizu no Gakuen! She was enrolling her nephew in the same school and they could totally be best bros and everything. As soon as Sho's mother had gotten back she told him all about this fantastic school and how he'd just love it there! To be honest, Sho would rather stay home and I don't know, help his father with fishing or something? But, seeing his mother ecstatic about this, seeing his parents try so hard just to send him to school, he decided to do his best at Mizu no Gakuen.

    TL;DR: Sho grew up in a village in the countryside that flooded a lot where most of the people learned how to swim at a young age. He practiced his swimming well (though he doesn't have any polished skills) thanks to a children's challenge his play mates made up. Since there were no high schools anywhere near the village his parents had long ago planned to send him off to a school in the city, hopefully with dorms. On one of his mother's trips to the city she heard about a school called Mizu no Gakuen and came home telling Sho about it excitedly.

★ Additional Info:
    The lady's nephew ended up alone and forgotten
    He chooses to be bald because hair is way too much of a hassle also because he doesn't like the way it tickles his skin
    He has bushy eyebrows
    He won his waterproof gel sport wrist band watch from a claw machine the first time he accompanied his mother to the city
    Has a bunch of junk he won from arcades, he considers them his "treasures"
    His skin is tanned from all the swimming he did in the village but his butt is snow white :icondopeyplz:

Kikuchi, Sho © ~imAile
App Template © =chexuka
#Mizu-no-Gakuen © ~Prince-Jae
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