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1. Nations get to choose their own human names and day when they celebrate their birthday. Some nations think they were already born with human names.

2. Nations calling other nations by their human names or nicknames associating with either of the other country's official name and/or human name can indicate the level of intimacy they have between one another (or the nation just loves to give nicknames)

3. A nation introducing himself/herself with their human name first is still considered a taboo for the more conservative countries.

4. There are several alternate worlds coexisting with the Hetalia universe and each universe is linked to one another. With the Hetalia universe being the main and stabilizing core universe.

5. Whatever happens in the Hetalia universe will determine the fate of the other universes.

6. One of them is the Nyotalia universe. Here, the countries' counterparts are genderbent versions of themselves that have superhuman capabilities. One of these capabilities is using Flags.

7. Flags are not just the country's national flag but also their source of power. They manifest themselves as circles of light that glow in the colors and patterns of the country's national flag [think Fairy Tail].

8. Tricolor Flags often only triple the strength and abilities of their nations. Flags with suns, stars and moons often fire powerful beams of light with Sun Flags emitting the strongest of light. Moon Flags can borrow light from Sun Flags to recharge or make themselves more powerful. Flags with Stars can fire beams fast.

9. In the Nyotalia universe, UN is an organization that works kinda like a guild you'd find in Fairy Tail—member countries have a tattoo of the org's logo as a mark that they are members; fulfill jobs, duties and missions to earn money; train to use their Flags and other unique abilities to help innocent citizens and battle defected countries and other threats to what little peace there is in the world.

10. Another universe works in the same physics as Black ★ Rock Shooter: the inhabitants in this near desolate and surreal world are called Shadows which represent the dark side and negative emotions of the countries. Each Shadow fights another Shadow. The Shadows have their weapons and superhuman abilities to use in battle. When they are defeated, their counterpart's sadness and grief will be forgotten. When they are annihilated, their counterparts will forget the initial source of their grief, sorrow and anguish.

11. All the countries' P2s are their Shadows.

12. Shadows can also be a manifestation of one's past self corrupted by the negative emotions inside of their true selves in the Hetalia universe. They are born when one finally experiences sadness, anger, grief, anguish or fear for the first time and they will reach be awakened when their true selves reach a certain point where they feel the most of the triggering emotion.

13. Here are some Shadows: Tawalisi, Siam, Yolngu, Burma and South Vietnam..

14. Another less evil version of a Shadow is a Spilt. A Split represents an aspect of one's self that he/she rarely reveals. They will look similar to their true selves only their appearance will match the character traits they have of their true selves

15. Philippines has two Splits and each have their own names:Felipe and Clara..

16. Felipe represents the red side of Philippines's flag. This version of Philly uses 'ore' when referring to herself, flirts with girls and beats the living hell of anyone that pisses her or her 'ate' Philly off. She basically hates Spain as well and finds America's smothering annoying. This ore-onna wears mostly red masculine clothing and sports spiky short hair.

17. Clara represents the blue side of Philippines' flag. She's the quieter, shier and more obedient version of Philly. She speaks in a voice so soft; she used to communicate with other people via SMS, before finally using her own voice. She'll only fight when her 'big sister 'gives the command. Clara often wears the traditional costume and wields a walis. When not in her primary outfit, she's in anything blue and feminine.

18. Philly loves singing SO much [Utau daisuki]. She not only loves karaoke but also J-Pop songs. She's able to sing Vocaloid songs—and get the pitch and speed right.

Japan has used this to his advantage: during their friendship day, they listen to her people battle it out by singing their renditions of anime/J-Pop songs.

19. It was when GUMI became popular did she gain the ability to sing like a Vocaloid. Now the nations shiver when she sings Matryoshka (It's rumored to be Russia's favorite song, that's why ^J^).

20. When Philly witnesses some horrific, she'll breakdown and have Trauma-induced Amnesia: parts of her memory will be forgotten.

Some the horrific events that gave her memory loss: late Spanish rule, the execution of Jose Rizal and WWII.

21. The SEA nations knew all along that Philly was their sister. They just kept it a secret because they said "It be better if she finds out on her own."

22. Even if Malaysia and Singapore are often seen bickering, Malaysia is actually more in conflict with his sister, Indonesia.

23. Indonesia is the oldest of the Maritime SEA with East Timor being the youngest.

24. Without East Timor, Singapore is the shortest of the ASEAN. And has the shortest fuse of them all when you mention this to his face.


26. Also…DON'T. MAKE. PHILLY. ANGRY. Not unless you want Felipe to come out.

27.  You might not wanna press Thailand's berserker button either. Wait a minute! It's already been pressed! Don't be alone with him when this happens! You don't wanna Thai lashing!

28. Thailand has a pretty much active sex life. He doesn't even hesitate handing out condoms to whoever's going to get laid.

29. Because her oppressors were men, Vietnam has a loathing for male countries and playboys in general. Felipe likes flirting with her because of this. Today, that hatred is fading bit by bit.

30. Vietnam and Philippines are the most masculine in the SEA neighborhood (they're girls!) with Indonesia being the most feminine—she acts like a mother hen most of the time. Brunei and Thailand come to close seconds (and they're guys!)

31. Brunei was once married to Philly (who was once called Tawalisi). He still loves her, despite having lost her memories about him and having been heavily influenced by Western culture.

32. Philly was mistaken for a boy when Spain found her. It was because her hair was cut short by Lapu-Lapu when Magellan held the girl by the hair and had to cut it for her to escape.

33. If Philly gets a shorter-than-bob cut and hides her chest really well, she won't have a problem passing herself off as a boy. She just needs to be…herself and remember to always use 'boku'.

34. Thailand has been meditating extensively for years to reach the fourth jhana. He hopes to get ESP when he's done so

35. He also has a scar on his chest from the first war he fought With Burma. The scar was made by a scythe that nearly cut him open.

36. Even though he won the battle, he considered the first Siamese-Burmese war a defeat for that is when he was first invaded by a foreign power, first felt loss through the death of his queen  and suffered his first "death."

37. It's because of those wars with Myanmar/Burma did Thailand gain a fear of being taken over. He didn't want any of his people to die again.

38.He was the only SEA nation to never have been colonized, yet he sometimes wishes to have been because he thinks he can truly sympathize with how much his new family  had struggled during their colonial days.

39. Australia's skin was heavily tattooed and tanned before he was colonized by England. His skin is changing back to its original skin color ever since he remembered he was Yolngu and acknowledged his aborigines more.

40. East Timor calls Australia "Papa" when she means "Big Brother". She calls him this when her Big Sister, Nesia is around and she calls her "Mama" when she means "Big Sister."

41. East Timor is such a Ship Tease for Aussie X Indie (not bad for a kid nation).

42. Wy is close with East Timor and even if East Timor is now recognized as a country, she still hangs out with her "Big Sister Wy" and her "friends".

43.  Sealand takes advantage of this so he'll learn what it'll take to be a nation by learning from their "Timor-sempai"

44. Timor-chan just wants to be called "Timor-kun" when she's with the micronations. And she still calls Wy, Wy-nee-chan even if Wy insists she doesn't have to.

45. Wy has the ability to bring any of her creations to life using her enormous paintbrush.

46. Ladonia has a special form of technopathy which allows him to manipulate not only electronic devices but also 'data'—anything that runs on this, he can control.

47. Monaco and Nesia's fave character to cosplay would be Lili from Tekken.

48. World Academy W is a school exclusive only for countries located in Manhattan, NY. The Academy offers primary and secondary education for countries of all ages. There are even dorms for the students to reside during their terms but the students are allowed to find residence in the New York area as long as it's verified by the administration; this rule works for the safety of the students.

Basically, the school works just like any other school YOU'LL FIND IN AN ANIME :D!

49. The classes in World Academy W are: Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America, Africa and Micronation. Europe is located at the West building, neighboring the North America class; Asia class is at the East building with Oceania class being its closest neighboring class. Africa class is nearest to the South America class. The Micronation class has a building all to itself.

50. The educational systems of each class vary. So do the uniforms.

The school's primary uniform for the boys' are a blue blazer with the school's logo, a sweater vest and plaid slacks whiles the girl's composed of and a short red plaid skirt and a red sweater worn over a dress shirt with a tie.

51. The Europe, Oceania, North America, and South America classes wear the primary uniforms. Asia and Africa have their own. Mirconation doesn't implement a uniform dress code.

Some of the new students will have to wait for their class uniforms to be made and handed out to them .While they wait, they are to wear the school's primary uniform.
Lately, North America class has been lax in enforcing its dress code.

52. Philly wore the boys' uniform while she was in North America class on her first year. She wore a blue blazer and a long version of the school skirt when the whole class found out she was a girl.

53. She will still wear her boys' uniform on 'special occasions'.

54. When a nation is a colony or under the jurisdiction of a nation when he/she enrolls in the Academy, it'll be their colonizer's call on whether he/she will take joint-classes with his/her class or stay in his/her class completely. Example below.

55. Hong Kong and Macau, when they were under England and Portugal, took some classes in Europe class while still taking classes in Asia. Philly was placed under the North America class her whole freshman year when she was under America at the time.

56. Each class will get new kids, new transferees to the school, but it rarely happens does a student country that came from a different class during the previous year come in.

57. The only ones who have are Philly (from the North America class to the Asia class) and East Timor (from the Micronations class to the Asia class).

58. The Soviet Union club was once one of the most influential clubs in the Academy until one of its members got murdered and has been dissolved as a result.

59. The ASEAN club (formerly known as the ASA Brigade) is slowly turning out to be the most important clubs in World Academy W. Over time, the club has been offering aid to much of the student body and the other extra credit clubs lurking around the school.

60. Despite being busy in the ASEAN club, each member has loyalties to other extracurricular activities—Philly is part of the girls' basketball club and the Glee club; Singapore is a part of the student council; Nesia is proud to call herself a part of India's theater trope.

61. Thailand was force on the position of "club monitor" by Philly and Malaysia and yet he's taken the role so seriously, he sees himself as the 'father' of the 'family'.

62. East Timor wasn't labeled as a member of the ASEAN club when she was in the Micronation class. Although, Philly did label her as "junior ASEAN member"—a fancy term for "one with observer status" during that time.

63. East Timor is the youngest and smallest of all of Asia-2. The micronations call her "sempai" ever since she transferred.

64. Micronation class works pretty much as an elementary school in the Academy. The other classes, not this, are considered the highschool of the school.

65. Even if Thailand's the leader of the ASEAN club, he's only a figure head. It's actually Philly who calls the shots with what the club should and should not do.

66. Burma looks younger than Thailand. He's actually older in country years but because he was colonized by England, Thailand is older in human years than him.

67. Initially, nations are immortal but they can still die through human standards. The more they suffer a certain injury, the faster will they heal from that injury.

68. Jose Rizal was Philly's best friend. He meet her when he was eight and it wasn't until he grw older did he notice that his friend didn't age as much as he did and figured out who Perlas (his nickname for Philly) really was . Like everyone else, he first thought she was a boy.

69. It was his execution that first awakened Felipe and now everytime Philly reaches her anger's breaking point, she'll come out. One way of knowing this is to look at Philly's flag. If the red is up, Felipe's out.

70. The longest Felipe was out was from the Pepe's (Jose Rizal's) execution to the Philippine-American War.

71. America is always reminded of his time when he was a kid with England everytime he would look back to his memories with Philly.

72.  Switzerland can actually pull out a gun OUT OF NOWHERE!

73. Mexico has been screaming his head off ever since 2012 came ["AY CARAMBA! End of the
world! End of the world!" he says].

74. His glasses are now on dat ass America's face.

75. Iceland didn't like how World War Z ended.

76. No matter how good England's chef are gonna get, he will never get their cooking-know-how!

77. France is just a perverted banterer—he only flirts with nations just so he can see their reactions and poke fun.

78. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have to test his *~WAH~* every once in a while O.o.

79. The Mochis seem like sneaking out and find other nations they can play with while Estonia is busy on his computer.

80. Spain is perfectly fine for Philly to be actively dating. If only the same thing could be said for America.

81. Canada can turn visible and invisible at will, but since his invisibility is based on his emotions, he'll likely be out of sight when he's depressed.

82. He won't get cold and get all gloomy, like the Nordics, when extreme cold hits his house.

83. Belgium is more into anime than Korean dramas.

84. Mochi!America has taken a liking to Philly—turning into a hat to for her to wear when the day's sunny, for example. The reason for this is because she screamed out "Die, Spain!" when she saw Mochi!Spain and kicked it into the atmosphere.

85. Just about every country has caught the cosplay fever.

86. Ukraine will get really tough and scary when her maternal instincts kick into full gear.

87. Prussia is afraid of making the same mistake of accidentally groping a girl again.

88. Not all nations have human names yet. They either don't want one or they're still deciding.

89. Despite being old, Japan still has enough dexterity to do what he did in his great ninja days.

90. Romania is REALLY a vampire and only Bulgaria knows this.

Bulgaria doesn't want to know what a fang on the neck REALLY feels like.

91. Denmark is really close with the SEA nations most notably Thailand and Philly. Everyone's trying to figure out why.

92. One thing's for sure is that they're beer buddies. Yeah…seriously…

93. Russia's closest in the SEA neighborhood is Vietnam. But he also likes Thailand and Philippines—they both treat him well.

94. Belarus doesn't mind if Vietnam is with her brother. Actually, if there is anyone else who should be with Russia (other than her), she would say it would be Vietnam.

95. There are always arguments breaking out in the UN building when the countries get together.

96. Actually...that happens in EVERY meeting place that gathers all of the nations together.

97. Each country has a good level of singing.

98. Don't count in Prussia! Every country has had ear sores listening to his singing.

99. Ever since Germany has found out about other countries' amnesias, weird images of a little girl with a push broom have been flashing into his head.

100. Germany. Loves. Italy. And. England. Loves. America. Period.
I've joined in the bandwagon! Took a while for me to fix the description.

Now it's done :happybounce:
This belongs to :iconx-i-l2048:. I found :iconhotarumitsuki101: doing this so I got myself to do the same :meow:

Explanations to why some head canons ended up like they did:
1.)I am a fan of the ff:
*:icondinosaurusgede: 's Maaf,
*Gakuen Hetalia
*AU (Alternate Universe)
*Crossovers (maybe)

2.) Noticed that they are canon: Thailand, Vietnam and Australia but need more :love:

3.) I want ASEAN to come to Hetalia DX. But when, will they come?!

Head canon index:
1-3, 67, 85-87 & 95-97: Nation know-what

4-17: AU and alternate personality related

18-20.: Philly (Philippnes)-centric [Philly is the nickname I give to my country who’s still OC]

21-41, 66 & 68-70: ASEAN (Southeast Asia)-centric with a bit of Aussie at the side

42-47. Micronation-centric

48-65. Gakuen Hetalia and ASEAN club related (in the fic I’m working on)

73-74 MEXICO !! [What?! He need :love: too. *cough* Even*cough*if*cough*he*cough*isn’t*cough*really canon*cough*yet*cough*]

79 & 84 MOCHI! [those random blobs that you find lurking around Kitayume and around Estonia]

71-72, 75-78, 80-83, 86-87,89-94 & 98-100: Canon Countries

Trivia behind the head canons:

4.7- I believe that there are alternate universes (it's a fact, right?) and I want to see more Nyotalia

7-9- I always love how those circle thingies looked at Fairy Tail. Thought I could use it for my fic. And I love Fairy Tail.

10- Recently been watching the new Black Rock Shooter anime

11-12 I've always thought that the P2s were kinda like the darkened personas in B★RS. (Spoiler alert: If you watch the new anime, its kinda like this.)

13. The names were also the old names of the ff. countries ...before "stuff" happen:

Tawalisi= Philly




South Vietnam= actually this was the side of Vietnam who was anti-communist during the Vietnam and Cold War.

By "stuff" I mean "history"

14-17- I like split personalities [By split personality, think Shugo Chara!]

16-17- Philippines is the only country in the world that can flip its flag upside down and still have a meaning. When the red is above, then that means the country is at a state of war. Since you see the blue part top right now, it means we are at a time of peace right now.

My fave fanfic writer :iconhotarumitsuki101: applied this fact for her Philippines OCs. ^^.

Ore-onna- [link]

18. Every July is Japan-Philippine Friendship Month. One of the ways this is celebrated is holding a J-Pop Anime Singing Contest as one of its grand events.

Well, Pinoys love to sing and anime songs are getting really popular with the Pinoy otakus lately.

19. GUMI's voice provider, Megumi Nakijima (you know her as Ranka Lee), is half-Filipino! Her mom is Filipino and her dad's Japanese.

One of the comment of the Matryoshka in YouTube that made it top was, "Vocaloids become one with Mother Russia ^J^"

20. Spanish rule did give the nation's three islands as an identity of a whole nation. But, like what Spain did to his former colonies [not counting Romano], he started handling them improperly and abused his power over them.

It was the execution of Jose Rizal that sparked the Philippine Revolution against the Spaniards.

21- Read Maaf. You'll know what I mean mostly

24-Singapore has a house that's half the size of Hong Kong's. Plus my OC!Sing-kun has an Edward Elric going on :meow:

25- Caning is a common punishment in Singapore. If you chew gum, jaywalk, litter and/or break the other'll get...the cane...

26- May I remind you: Split personality!

27- Thais will never criticize others out in the open. It is only when there is privacy will the Thai reduce you to tears by letting out all the truth about you or all that's worth criticizing on you.

28- SMS is to Philly as Condoms are to Thailand.
Really! I found a site about that. Now...where's the link again?

29-Remember who messed up Vietnam: China (first colonizer), France (second), and America (gunned her, burned her, tortured her during the Vietnam War. Under his bosses' order, of course.)

30- The Vietnamese and Filipinos hold their women in high regard. Vietnam celebrates International Women's Day while Philippines made it to the top ten in the Global Gender Gap Report List for the past five years (the only Asian country to do so)—Philly placed 8th on the last one.

Thailand has Kathoey (lady boy) culture: [link]

And I imagine Brunei to act so shy, people can't help but get the wrong idea. Forgive me, Bruneians

31. I'm not good at explaining this, so I'll leave you with a few history notes:

Here's some proof for the pairing:

You believe?

31-32- There are a lot of Fem!Philippines whose back stories where in this format mines is one of them

Philly's a Bokuko= [link]

33. Jhana is the meditative states in Buddhism. Achieving the fourth jhana is said to grant the power of ESP (clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.)

35-37- The Burmese and the Thais have warred for centuries.

The first one caused Thailand his queen; she was killed by a scythe:[link](1548)#Death_of_the_queen

Although the Siamese won, the Burmese plundered, destroyed, pillaged , raped, tortured and did every single bad act to the surviving Siamese.

37- It was with the Siamese-Burmese wars did Siam (Thailand) begin strengthening in modern warfare for it was the firsT time his house was invaded by a foreign power.

39- Luckily, :icondinosaurusgede: has art to explain this:

42- I think, since East Timor still has a lot of work to become a great country, I imagine her to still consider herself as "one of Wy-nee-chan's group," as she would say.

43- East Timor was recognized as a a nation on 2002, making her the first newly independent countries of the 21st century.

In my mind, she still doesn't really consider herself as a country until she can do...what a country should do, I guess.

47- Monaco and Indonesia (I call my OC!ndonesia, "Nesia" )have the same flag design.
If you notice, the colors of Lili's P1 outfit (red and white):[link]

Fanart about the fact:[link]

48-65- Stuff for a Gakeun Hetalia fic I'm working on :meow:

66- Both are really similar, yet Burma was colonized (Thailand, not), Burma is in political struggle ( least he's achieved a level of stability).

Recently, Burma is in a stage of reform but the politicians are really battling it out. politics is harder to get than history

68- Jose Rizal is Philippines national hero (Hehe. Hero). He was the one who gave the archipeligic country the nickname: Perlas ng Silanganan (Pearl of the Orient)

71- America also has a "special relationship" with Philippines in terms of relations.

I'l leave you guys on figuring out what their special relationship is. Have fun~.

73- The Mayan civilization was in Mexico. Should I remind you of what the Mayan calendar says or does the 2012 film (the movie I mean) serve as a better example?

74- America's glasses are Texas. Texas once belonged to Mexico. But that was before America beat Mexcio at the Alamo (what does the Alamo mean, btw? I'm not American, that's why I don't know)

75- Spoiler alert: In World War Z, the country becomes completely depopulated and is the world's most heavily infected WITH ZOMBIES!

76- There's that guy from Hell's Kitchen and he runs one of the world's most renowned restaurants and England stillcan't make a bloody scone taste right DX!

82- The Nordic countries are some of the most depressed countries during harsh winter months. Their people become more gloomy as the temperature affects their emotions which affect the moods of their nations.

83- My Belgian friend is into Korea's dramas, but she said that, compared to my place, in Belgium's house, there's a larger number of anime-loving groups than Korean drama-loving groups.

91. Denmark has signed a Friendship Treaty with Thailand when he was still called Siam. [link]

The diplomatic relations between Philly and Denmark are described as strong, close, cordial and friendly. The Philippines called Denmark a significant ally in its renewable energy resources and wind energy. The Philippines enjoys strong maritime relations with Denmark.

92- Heavy drinkers:

Denmark is Northern Europe's top drinker.

Philippines and Thailand produce some of the most popular beers in Southeast Asia.

Since alcohol isn't forbidden in Catholicism (Philly's dominant religon), Pinoys are heavy drinkers, especially when it comes to beer.

Thailand can drink but he won't always go for the really strong beers. Plus, he won't drink on the Buddhist holidays

97. Just about every character who's made it to the anime have at least one character song and/or has sang a version of either one of the ending songs : Hatafutte Parade and Marukaite Chikyuu

98- Prussia sounds drunk when he sings :listen to HIS Marukaite Chikyuu really carefully and you'll know what I mean! ^^


That's...that's all I have to say.

Man, it took a while, but it's finally done.

I had fun being in the bandwagon :meow:
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For :iconfantashii: Her Philippines was soooo cute. Please support her upcoming doujin, Asia No Naka Ni

Linearted and colored the original with PS and Sai
Original: [link]

Hope she likes it ^^


Philippines OC design (c) *Fantashii
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Contest entry for :iconsiripikan: 's contest:
I hope I made it on time :iconotlplz: Much had to be sacrificed and edited out for time...

Based on the Deco*27 song, Two Breaths Walking since I always associate the song for this pairing:

"This is the first page on the history of my growth."

Because I want to hold you, I walk on my two legs
Because I'm all lonely by myself, I'll breathe with you

"Ummm mama, I met the person that I like."
"I'm happy for you"

I want to see you



Rough Translation: "ketemuan lagi yuk": (Bahasa Indonesia) "Let's meet again

THank you :iconmisschocoholic: for providing the phrase ^w^.

I'm happy how this turned out still. It's the first time for me to apply screentones to sometime this big :meow:. Some of the lyrics were tweaked to fit the theme here a lil' bit better. My accuracy is a bit off since I had to draw and edit everything seperately. ^^; But still, I'm very proud having made this :XD:

Aph Australia and Aph England (C) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Maaf Indonesia (C) :icondinosaurusgede:
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Tagged by the lovelies who are :icontanblaque: :iconsmile-himechii: :iconflairistica:

Mentioned by the :iconadventvera16: :iconfantashii: and others out there~ :iconlazyweepplz: 

1. Why is that your dA Username?

Because it was the name my host family gave me and Akutsu was the name of that nice family in Tochigi, Japan who took me in during my visit to the Land of the Rising Sun ^^


I still get letters from my loving host family and—OH! I now have FOUR host siblings instead of three x3

20140118 102357 by marimariakutsu

The latest letter I got from them. Hehehe. The newest member to the family is Gakuto-kun :3 

Also my previous username, “hidamari-anpan” was the result of watching too many Kyoani/Kei animations (i.e. Kanon, Clannad) at the time I joined dA.

Hidamari- Kanon’s main heroine’s theme

Anpan- Clannad’s main heroine’s fave food

2. What's your purpose in dA?

To express myself and my inner thoughts through arts and to get better at it



I didn’t get serious with drawing until my first year of college. Those were the days I started bringing a sketchbook everywhere with me and drew whatever I wanted to draw (within my skill level). I hope to continue in my progress to open a manga drawing school in my town someday.

3. How did you find dA?

Forever Faithful to my First Fandom: Avatar The Last Airbender, where I would stare at the copious amounts of beautiful fanart for hours

But then it all changed when the Fire Nation attacked *fireblasted to another fandom*


I didn’t think of joining until I saw :dinosaurusgede:’s works and thought of joining because I wanted to comment.   at the time I joined dA.


5. What are your most favorite Groups on dA?

:iconda-fudge: :iconmanga-united: :iconpinoy-anime-artists: :iconkawaii-drawings: :icondinosaurusgede-fc: :icononisuu-fc:




I’m the new founder of :iconda-fudge:

It’s a fun group where you can post art of your OCs.

We will be here as you will be welcomed to creating a great place to share your OCs

6. Who are your favorite deviants?

:icondinosaurusgede: :iconchoco-java: :iconred-jello04::iconadventvera16: :iconmeirenka: :icontemiji: :iconkarlouiie: :iconrenyawhite: :iconxiaoyugaara: :iconlois1cute: :iconyakitatepan: :iconrobictheescapist: :iconlmbrake: :iconjeremiah4: :icontanblaque: :iconfantashii: :iconmelonstyle: :iconkawaiihoshi-san: :iconm1lk-n-hunny: :iconnepheloyd::icontammi-adopts::iconvn4eyedgirl: :iconshotze::iconexelionstar: :iconrandomsketchez: :icontheubbergeek2: :iconpiyoaaa:


Three I mentioned here have used to have a common vantage point where I could find them...but now I want to forget about the vantage point and start forging a friendship with each one of the three because they are beautiful and soulful in their own unique way :love:

7. Why do you like them?

They have wonderful arts but not only that....

They have introduced to me many things I enjoy now; they have shared to me things that I would like to value. They’ve kept me company during my hardest of days and I enjoyed small moments I share to them online 


I’m friends with some of them in FB. You guys know who you are XD 

8. What do you mostly post about?

-Fanart and Chibis


I want to open commissions soon—I want to pay my parents back since their sponsoring for my internship to Thailand isn’t enough ;u;. Also I want to post NSFW art soon (don’t google this kids. I warn you DX )

9. What is your dA mascot? (If you have any.)


That would be Mari....

 Mari Transparent by marimariakutsu



ON GUARD! SEW GIRL, FELICIA! by marimariakutsu

And Kamepan.

HBD Hidamari Anpan by piyoaaa

I look something like this irl

 marimari DYK by marimariakutsu
And my hair is uber curly X33

Happy Valentines Day by marimariakutsu

Happy Late Hearts Day to you guys<3

10. Your skin color.

 Coffee~ X3


That my Mama wants to call me pale?! Eff that Mama, being coffee-colored (tanned) is delicious ;P

11. Tell us about yourself. From Hobbies to skills you have.

Let’s see…

I play the piano, but I haven’t been to a recital since starting college (got busy ;A; ). I’ve also read an array of novels during highschool. And for those who have noticed, I’m very articulate when it comes to communicating in English (even to the point where me speaking is called “slang” here[ Footnote: “slang” in Filipino means “someone who sounds foreign” not just someone who uses an excessive amount of metaphors and slang that it gives anyone with a common mind a gushing nosebleed (/oAo\);; )

People say I can type fast...but I think this was the result of indulging to writing fanfiction during highschool =u=;;; (I dont write the stuff much anymore...)

Other than those I like researching about the topics relating to multiverses, introversion, cosplay, New York City and cultures from in and around the world



12. 5 facts about yourself.

1. I can come off as quiet, maybe even shy, in real life. I may even look serious to some before they figure out how silly I can be ^^;
2.  I learned my English the same way Patricia from Lucky Star learned her Japanese (Watching animated cartoons :iconheplz: )
3. I try to keep balance of having my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground (being both a realist and a dreamer…hard work~)
4. Whenever I speak English I have an accent and it would sound either American to many, and just the other day, someone I just met called my accent to be rather “Indian” 
5. I’m the most traveled individual in my class (having travelled to 6 countries and counting and 10 provinces in my lifetime) and yet I still haven’t attended a Mindanao Convention for International Studies :iconlazysurfplz:

Let’s see if I can get To Tagging To Ten Then….

:iconrobictheescapist: :iconlmbrake: :iconkawaiihoshi-san: :iconpepperjack-kiwi: :iconlois1cute: :iconyakitatepan: :iconplatinasi::iconieafy: :iconmelonstyle: :iconveri119:


Tagged by :icon39-owari: 

Q1. Song that makes you want to draw/write/rp?

Black Rock Shooter by Miku Hatsune

Q2. What do you love about yourself the most? :3

My thrist for knowledge and passion for art

Q3. What piece of work here on DA are you most proud of?

That’s hard to answer ^^;

Q4. If you could taste only ONE thing for the rest of your life starting now, what would it be?

The world’s spiciest hot chili pepper and be still alive to tell how spicy it was X3

Q5. Have you ever had an internet crush before?


BUT NOW I HATE HIM ;;;;;A;;;;;;;;


Q6. What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?


Wheat bread smothered in Nutella with chorizo and hotdog

Q7. If you had the option between receiving a brand new high-tech laptop/computer or meeting ten of your favorite internet friends/idols, which would you choose?

The latter~

I really want to meet these wonderful lovelies someday <3

Q8. If you're a shipper, what's your ABSOLUTE OTP? If not, who is you're ABSOLUTE favorite character?

OH SO MANY SHIPS RIGHT NOW, But right now my ultimate OTP is


And if anyone was curious about my ABSOLUTE fave character: I’m caught in between choosing Gaara from Naruto and Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender. :iconflyingheartsplz:

Q9. Are you an 'uke' or 'seme' type?

Hehe. Uke //shot

Q10. Finally, if you could be in ANY fictional place, where would you go?

I’d like to be in the multiverse :3

My tag questions:

1.) Are LONG ANIMES necessary? State your argument to your claim.

2.) Hate is not the opposite of love—it is the disorder of the heart. If that’s so what do you think is that? And what is the opposite of love then?

3.) What brings out your philosophical side?

4.) And lastly what was the biggest heartbreak you experienced during your life online? (i.e. online crush, blocking, cyberbulling)

5.) Open to seeing selfies?

6.) Favorite cosplayer? 

7.) Stance on Flappy BIrd? (ps. I hated it DX) 

8.) What else are you expecting for 2014?

9.) Snk? Or Swim? (Attack on Titan? Or Free?)

10.) Dont Hug Me Im Scared? Or Creepypastas? 

I hereby tag:

:iconlmbrake: - Double tag for your bday ;3 
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AT with :iconmerifren: 
Her OC Gabriel

Forgive me if it took me this long.
I finished him around a week ago but RPs and Internship got the best of me. ;w;

Hope you like him~
Gabriel (c) MeriFren
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Free sketch for :iconhetastuck4life:

I had fun with draw this Philippines OC becuase her posing was purely imagined. Ive always wanted to draw a someone kneeling and the Free sketches have given me the chance to try drawing the pose out.

To ~Hetastuck4Life I hope you like the sketch.

Philippines OC (c) :iconhetastuck4life:
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//Edit// I GOT ACCEPTED XD. Gakuto is now a transfer student at :iconmiyagawa-high: 

Gakuto Kobayashi

[Gakuto= “educated one”(?); Kobayashi= “little forest” ]

Age: 15 (turning 16 in a few months) 

Date of birth: July 10

Height: 5’7 / 168 cm

Gender: Male

House: his family’s new home at the bottom of a hill


-He had just moved to town

-Carries around his bento more than his bookbag

-Almost never smiles

-Likes eating PERIOD

-Has a lil’ fetish for food

-Quite tall for his age

-Pretty much a loner


+ Cooking and Baking

+Tea and Coffee of any kind

+Savory Breads (melon pan is a the top of his list; behind is anpan)

+Café foods


+yaoi and yuri

+Reading anything that’s on his hands

+Long-sleeved clothing and sweaters

+anything with bears on it (except bear meat)


-running when he doesn’t feel like it (even if he is fast)

- doing anything he that “wastes energy” (anything he doesn’t like)

- being disturbed

-cold and wet weather

-getting involved in sports (his least favorite subject)



Glutton: He’s already has ten food blogs under his usernames (with an English one called “learning-curlyfries-head”.).  His parents were very good at interacting with those at their jobs and getting gifts from these associates, which let Gakuto and his siblings taste some yummy treats every once in a while.  When he is around food he enjoys, he lets go of his inhibitions and start shedding his stoic façade.

Bookworm: He wouldn’t have gotten interested in food if it weren’t for his at his middle school library where he spent his breaks copying recipes that caught his interest BY HAND. Other than food he likes nothing more but to pick up a nice light novel at his night stand before anyone would tell him to turn off the lights and go to sleep. This makes it easier for him to comprehend almost anything that can be read.

Reserved: He doesn’t like wasting his energy on anything he isn’t interested in. With this, he would always try to do them fast so that he’ll have time for those that truly take his heart. This usually makes people think he’s forever serious and that he likes being on his own all the time (not really).

Babysitter: He is amazed himself that kids come easy for him. Even though he perpetually wears hard expression on his face, kids like to play with him. He does his best to satisfy these kids because they look up to him. Somehow, his nieces and nephews play a factor in his great handling with other kids.


Gakuto is the youngest child to a family that originated from the Tochigi prefecture. His mother was born in Hiroshima and his father grew up in Osaka. Their specialties at making their hometown cuisine (okonomiyaki and takoyaki) gave way for Gakuto develop his huge appetite, and with his siblings always getting more food than him, he swore to get a chance of eating more food whenever he can. His liking for food wasn’t made serious until he was able to read beyond the textbooks he had finished reading and found a kiddie cookbook in his library back in middle school. He would use his breaks to collect the recipes and share them with his mother to teach him how to cook them well. There was no one else that shared his love of food and he could say that he is more comfortable sharing his love for food online than in real life. 

Not many would approach him because of his reclusive demeanor and that he was a bit chubby before his parents consulted a dietician for him.  His siblings have long graduated school and have just started having families of their own, which has left Gakuto being the only child left in the family home.  The parents are nearing retirement and have moved to the town to prepare themselves for such. Gakuto was actually happy with the move since it meant leaving his lonely times in his hometown and starting anew in a brand new setting…that’s if he can make such thing happen first.


Gakuto is currently forever alone at the moment. So he’s going to have to join a few clubs to change that :iconforeveraloneplz:


My app for the RP group :iconmiyagawa-high:
There’s another RP group I want to join but Myagawa seems like an interesting place. Let me see if I can stick around to know the everyday life here~

Additional Trivia during RP character’s creation:

*I named my RP character after my Japanese host family’s newest member of the clan, Gakuto :heart: Their hometown is also Utsunomiya, Tochigi, and the surname “Kobayashi” is the fifth most popular one in the prefecture.

*Also, I gave Gakuto here my younger sister’s birthday and my current hairstyle if it was made more masculine (a bit) :iconheplz:

Ways for me to RP:
*Facebook (maybe)

Feel free to RP with me~ ;w;

©Melonpan used in Headshot was found via Google and the Headshot BG was from Pixiv.
Gakuto Kobayashi © marimariakutsu


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Drawing the mascot of :iconscarlett-hime: for her contest~

I cannot resist cuties who like read~ :love: 

The contest has been extended for those who would love to draw a cutie like this.
Read the contest all here:

Letty (c) :devscarlett-hime
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 And yes her name is Felicia X3 She just makes me so happy and she wants to make others happy by sewing and fixing things (like her fave character Fix-It Felix Jr //shot)

Original Title: Adopt Art: Sew Girl, On Guard! 

My art to offer to get this cute adoptable
It's been a while since I used my colored pencils. I decided to take a break from digital art and and brush up on my traditional skills. It took me two cool traditional l deviants to watch until I could get inspired enough to color the lineart traditionallythey are *Mistiqarts and ~Sakukko- go and watch them! Their art is awesome.

Tools used: Fabercastel Classic Color Pencils, Unipens 0.1 and 0.3, Mechanical Pencil, Correction Fluid, 8.5''by 11" Copy Paper

:star:Design by::iconkawaiihoshi-adopts:
Art by :iconhidamari-anpan:

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edit 6: Updates regarding the more recent RPs (they involve relationships, likes, dislikes and trivia)

edit 5: More updates with the likes and dislikes, trivia and relationships 

edit 4: Finley's glass eye ref and (written) cyborg anatomy have been added.

edit 3: Hopefully I fixed and edited Finley's bio enough to remain accepted. Also I'm adding "relationships" and making Finley's secret more known as well.

edit 2: REDESIGNED Finley's Doll design~ The previous one made the kid look constricted ;;;u;;; Another batch of updates will happen soon. It will be the description. 

edit: GUESS WHAT?! I GOT IN!!!!! :la: And...due to the Health Committee's superior *coughCiciough*, I added another name for my character....well I was meaning to change Tracy's family name tho~
(( Tracy does not approve of the change!
    Mari: Yeah but remember, the order came from your superior.
    Tracy: But--
  Mari: Don't worry, I didn't make a big of a change ^^
    Tracy: ... Well then, Tracy is bloody jolly that Tracy can still call Tracy "Tracy" D:<))

†  Name: Finley "Tracy" Caesidy

† Alias/Doll: Druida [Druida= “druid” in another language]

 †Class: C

 †Arcana Lineage: The Hierophant

 † Faction: Health Committee

 † Age: 13 

  †Gender: No Biological Sex (N/A) 

 Rank: Private

 † Height: 150 cm

 † Weight: 1000 kg (because of bionic machinery)

 † Blood Type: AB (by default)

 † Nationality: English (either British-American/American-Briton)

 † Year: Freshman

†  X- Holow: A glass eye/ Barnaby (it can be behind Finley's eyepatch at times; the eyepatch is a decoy. The eye is currently in the possession of Barnaby, Finley 'stuffed' owl) Reference:


 † Weapon: Atra-Xerxes

      A gun-cannon that is capable of the following abilities:  

    *Gun Creation & Gun Manipulation:Finley can summon Atra-Xerxes at will and from thin air. The reason why this is possible is because Finley is a being capable of manipulating Light energy and is able mold the gun into any size, shape and form Finley desires. Often in its primary form (see Doll) its true form (see Weapon) is only possible when Finley's emotions need to be stable enough and is in Doll form. Finley likes to occasionally turn the gun into pistols, flintlocks or rifles for transport or for maneuverability

    *Projectile Enhancement (Missile Generation, Scatter Shot, Light Infusion): The gun shoots compressed light energy which Finley can still manipulate even while each shot is still fired. Each shot can come out as a ball of yellow light, a myriad of smaller shots in succession or a single blast that can blow up anything that comes in contact with it. 



Past 1:

Finley was the child of a London-born stockbroker who worked at the New York Stock Exchange.  The man made his riches analysing stocks and has reserved a quarter of his earnings to pay off his for child's special kind of treatments. Finley inherited a virus from the father’s beloved which made Finley experience being hospitalized at a young age. The father spoiled his child but had given Finley so much company, stories, books and love to not let the kid go rotten or succumb to loneliness for too long. There were even a lot of kids in the hospital to play with (before they died of their respective diseases or were discharged because their health was way better). While visiting Finley whenever he could, the father used all of his connections to find the right people who could rid Finley of a nearly incurable sickness.

When Finley’s condition got critical, associates  from a pharmaceutical company came forth and told the father that they can help the child. The father paid them a fortune in hopes to see the child healthy, but it was all a scheme. The company kidnapped Tracy to conduct various experiments on a worthy subject, thus separating the father from the child. Once Finley woke up, the associates told the child that they replaced some body parts with bionic prosthetics that were deemed illicit. Frightened at how much was changed, Finley unwittingly fused the Light Magic that was locked in the kid and altered the parts into weapons powerful enough to wipe the company off the face of the earth. The only thing Fin could remember from this was the guilt of killing those people even if they deserved their deaths. 


Past 2:

Finley was the youngest child of an American pastor and his wife whose four older children had already left the household. The remainder of the family moved from the US to the UK when Finley was a baby because of the father’s missionary work. Unlike most kids in the block, who were more outgoing, Finley was an oddity among them, preferring to meet only a few of those in class and getting to know more of the neighbors from different countries and those outside their church. Finley’s father was the town’s pastor who was said to be true to his faith. But nonetheless, the pastor valued life and sought for peace, thus he tolerated the presence of those from different religions.

The father and the mother were very particular though into teaching Finley not to get involved with fighting or starting them. Finley was unfortunate to have gotten involved in a few pummels, though, having stood up for the bullied kids or having been teased for being just as odd. Finley learned how to keep secrets because of these fights—Finley didn’t want mother and father to know that their little one got into a fight.

Finley was content with things as they were. That was until the police came to their doorstep and passed on the message that all children within a given age range were to be brought to a special hospital for checkup. Many parents in the neighborhood followed, but not Finley’s. Finley’s parents were unconvinced and asked more questions and demanded answers. The police became irritated by this and began beating the folks when they refused to give their child away. Finley was then taken and the parents were arrested. On the way, Finley was weeping profusely, pleading for everyone to be brought back to their normal lives, before the Finley and the cartel of children arrived in the said hospital.

The said hospital’s main goal was to turn the children into cyborgs but the process was dangerous and some of the methods involved that some of organs or body systems (i.e. lymph system, circulatory system) be removed or modified. The children were subjected to tortures that were physical, emotional and psychological to make them manipulated enough to accept their given aliases and to get them to be laid on the operating table. Of all the dozens of children who were already operated on, Finley was the only one who survived all of the modifications. When Finley saw the change, and heard that many children would still undergo similar process, Finley decided that enough was enough and caused enough destruction in the hospital to free everyone held captive and kill all those who were mistreating all of the youths.  

 However, as the kids saw Finley in that new form, they start getting scared and avoided Finley for the body's capabilities were beyong Finley's control. As the kids fled and left Finley crying at how much of a monster they called their former friend, Finley lost consciousness and the next thing Finley knew was waking up in the Academy.

† Skills:

*Keen Intellect

*Light Manipulation (Elemental Power)

*Tea and Coffee Brewing

*Singing like a trap

*Keen in observation,analysis and tactics during a battleIntuition

*Knowledgeable on a number of thingsand quite studious

*Marksmanship when wielding a gun  

*Power Mimicry but only possible as Druida

NOTE: The kinds of Mimicry Finley has is Observational Mimicry and Aura Mimicry. Finley can imitate other abilites but the catch is that they have to be light-based and Finley has to master them if keeping them is wanted. 

† Personality: Introspective | Peace-loving | Wise | Polite| Respectful Towards Elders| Gullible| Secretive| Intuitive| Blunt

Despite appearing quite, Finely acts polite and well-mannered unless angered. Finley becomes loyal and acts accordingly to anyone who is called comrade and/or superior. Tracy doesn’t like to participate in conflict; however that won't mean Tracy cannot approach the fray when rightfully commanded or when assistance is desperately needed. Finley is often reluctant when it comes to being brutally honest and yet the youth can still voice out what is in mind sometimes and is usually never empty of an opinion about anyone. However, Finley is still too kind-natured and still has little of anything rude to call anyone.

Finley is a wide-reader and likes to indulge in novels, which has given way for the kid’s large vocabulary and bouts to give philosophical statements without warning.

Since Finley is one of the youngest in the school and values the respect towards elders and superiors, Finley regularly bows to someone and always gives someone a title—It will be ‘sir’ for the boys, ‘miss’ for the girls and respective titles for Committee members. Finley can comply if someone requests something different from the aforementioned titles and is tolerant of any nickname given to address the child, just as long as it does't aggravate Finley. Finley has an naive view that whoever is in charge was place in such a position because that person is the most trustworthy, thus they deserve respect and obedience from privates. This lets Finley became a frequent victim to certain pranks or jokes. The reason for Finley being highly respectable to those older could be because 1.) Besides the Past 1!father who was very loving towards Finley, Past 1’s hospitals had staff members who were obviously older than Finley and were respectable individuals due to the patience and kindness they exhibited towards their patients, Finley included; or 2.) Past 2’s hospitals had the older kids be the ones to tell Finley and a select few to carve their names on the dog tags they smuggled in and stood up for the smaller children whenever the hospital's abusive staff members were to hurt them.

Whatever the past was, Finley appreciated what these older individuals did. 

Whenever Finley feels threatened, a hand would go over the eye patch side of the kid’s face or the youngster shivers behind the cloak worn. What gives Finley comfort is the scent of tea and/or, the presence of the plushie owl Barnaby, and the company of friends. Nonetheless, Finley likes to have time to be alone to reflect, to read or to recharge.

Being a cyborg is something Finley wants to keep a secret from everyone because the kid believes that everyone will start treating Finley as a monster and neglect the humanity that is left in him/her. Finley cannot determine his/her own gender because both pasts had to remove Finley’s reproductive system and genitals to complete the cyborg body. What makes Finley feel left out the most is that everyone is capable of drinking and Finley is not—whenever any liquid gets through the outer layer and get in contact with the neurons that directly feed live electric signals to many organs they are attached to, the electric current that gives the body increased performance will short circuit and can potentially kill Finley.

Finley refers self as ‘Tracy’ because of two possibilities: 1.) The father in past 1 wanted to name his first child ‘Tracy’ because it reminds him of his grandfather and grandmother (both named Terrance and Theresa). But when his wife died, she became Finley’s namesake (her name being Fionnlagh; ‘Finley' is a derived name of it). During the early years of Finley's hospitalization, the father kept his Finley company and shared many stories to the child, one of them being with Finley almost being named ‘Tracy.’  Hearing this, Finley swore to refer self as ‘Tracy’ from then on so that the father will have the child Finley’s mother and father always wanted to have. 2.) The hospital in Past 2 brainwashed the children into referring themselves with the aliases they gave them, inducing  a daily routine of torture methods to do so. Most children received the same treatment they were given the first time they were admitted and for Finley it was the electric shock. The only reason why Finley was able to remember was because Finley had a dog tag in hand that had ‘Finley Caesidy’ scratched on it. Despite Finley remembering, Finley cannot stop referring self as 'Tracy' due to the amount of damage already done. 

Finley has an irrational fear of hospitals because Past 1’s hospital has made the kid too fearful of places like that for they equal confinement and restriction or Past 2’s hospital tortured and traumatized Finley so bad that the kid has been rendered into thinking that hospitals are like prisons. So whenever Finley sees someone with a lab coat, or a nurse outfit, or sees anything that resembles a hospital room, one will see Finley screaming and running in terror or blow it to bits with the gun that suddenly appeared from thin air.


*Meeting people


*Literature (*
Favorite books are: Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’, 'The Bible,’ anything from Shakespeare, and maybe that of  Paulo Coelho's 'Warrior of Light')

*Tea and Coffee (likes both equally) 

*Pastries and desserts (especially crumpets, scones, macarons and tea cakes)

*Barnaby, an owl plushie who currently has Fin's x-hollow (Designed by DerpyBunnies What he looks like can be found over here: )

*Quoting Bible passages or anything read from many books

*Singing (Favorite songs: Chritina Perri’s Human, anything Vocaloids. note: Playlist found below. )


*Sunlight and warmth

*Paper cranes

*Belonging to a group of any sort

*The family that is the Fab
ulous Health Committee



-Hospitals (and anything that resembles its interiors)

-Strawberries (because Fin associates them with bewbs //shot )

- Being a cyborg

-Not being human


-Human anatomy

-Conflict and Arguments

-Unable to drink any beverages

-The idea of the Lady and Lord factions fighting

-Revealing clothing (short skirts are evil!)

-Cold and dreary weather

-Being deceived (or knowing about it)

-The Headmaster of Blue Crescent That is one bugger that is definitely off the trolley *shivers*


 † Trivia:

*Finley is a cyborg ((Information about this can be read here [because it's quite long]: )) 

*Speaks in articulate British Englishalso seeks to learn Shakesperian English :u

*Refers self as “Tracy” even if Finley is aware of real name.

*Can switch from male voice and female voice when singing.

* Prone to look down on oneself because being a cyborg is the equivalent of being a monster for Finley.

*Most likely to imitate fighting styles and call out attacks. Can also make own powers by mixing the ones learned but this takes time to master.

*The glass eye was something the pharmaceutical company in Past 1 or the hospital from Past 2 had implanted  after they damaged the original eye. Its blue because Finley had blue eyes before becoming a cyborg.

*Needs to get in contact with sunlight and other natural light sources to use Light Magic and to give the body energy. 

*Often wears clothes that covers the body because of the insecurity felt of being a cyborg. 

*When wearing anything casual, it will most likely be mori fashion beacuase its cute on Fin x33 //smacked

*The cloak Finley is wearing has an infinte pocket space in which Fin can stuff a large amount of objects whatever their amount or what their size.

*A person becomes truly special to Finley if the kid shows what is underneath the eyepathc which is currently an empty eye socket; the x-hollow is supposed to be there.

* Claims to be able to communicate with other plushies because of Barnaby (=A=;;; ) and sometimes leaves the glass eye (X-hollow) to Barnaby for safe-keeping

*Can eat anything hard but doesn't consume anything liquid in fear of being short circuited.

*Anyone with who possesses the Sun Arcana is capable of recharging Finley's solar charge levels ((lol //shot))

*Has a deep longing to belong somewhere, which is why Fin values the Health Committee for accepting and keeping the kid. 



*The Health Committee- Finley calls this faction 'family' and has sworn to self to do whatever possible to look out for the members, even though the child knows only a few of them. When faced with possible expulsion, Finley was devastated and so Finley has wholeheartedly promised Cici to trust their leader again in order to stay. 
*Cici- Respects the guy due to his ranks as being the president and commander of their faction, however, as Cici starts to get harmed from his latest set of actions (e.g. his murder before the 1st faction war), Finley starts to question his judgement. After a defeat from him during a battle royale, Finley promises to trust Cici's judgement, even when they will be questionable.

Cici knows of Finley being a cyborg due to having access of the students' health records. Finley refers to him as 'general' but has called him 'bloody twat' since recently.

*Headmaster- Someone Finley is genuinely fearful of. The best explanation Finley can give to being so fearful of the guy is this: "Headmaster is the highest of all highest authorities of an educational institute and must be feared off--err--respected--Respected!." But the truth is, Finley is just scared of the lolli shota and still looking for the answers to why. 

*Lucy- Still does not really quite trust her and wishes to ask if she is human or not. Secretly nicknames her 'The Hissing Girl' but noone knows about that yet. 

*Abellona- Sees her as a genuinely nice person that Finley hopes to get to know more of. Refers to her as 'miss Abby.' Thanks to her, she made Finley realize the importance of family and has achieved the ability of thought (thinking thoughts) because of the realization. 

She became the second person Finley sees as special when she offered to look after him during the time Finley was thought to be kicked out of the HC for facing Cici. 

*Puppy- Admires the loyalty and kindness he exhibits to his friends and appreciated the warm gestures he gave Finley during their first meetings. Addresses him as sir Puppy. Also Finley's partner during the Midwinter Pageant. 

*Gabriel- Was once shy at approaching the fellow Health Committee member (because the first time Finley saw Gabriel made the kid so flustered that it nearly drained what was left of Finley's battery), but has grown to be very fond of him. Finley supports Gabriel being with Cici and does everything possible to let them have as much time as possible.
However, with war approaching, Finley doesn't see it wise for the two to pursue a deeper bond. At least not yet ;33 //kicked.

He was the first person who Finley sees as special by letting him see what was underneath the eyepatch. Like Cici, he  too knows of Finley being a cyborg but Gabriel knew because of the elemental powers he has. 

*Lucien- Interested in him for the kemonomimi was the second half-beast Finley knows (the first being Puppy). Finley snapped when Lucien asked if Finley was human but Lucien was able to comfort the child with some special candy. 

*Lev- Thinks of him as a bit nutty but was able to open up to him anyway because of the boy's laidback nature. Finley refers to him as 'Lev-sempai' upon Lev's request during their first meeting. 

*Kazumi- Appreciates how she can help Finley fill in the blanks when Finley doesn't understand what has just happened. 

*Kazue- Doesn't know her much but, despite this, Finley gains an appreciation for paper cranes after she elaborated the legend of folding 1000 of them for a wish (For Finley: the wish is peace within the factions).

*Margaret- Received hair extensions and a simple hand mirror from her. Finley calls them treasures even when the girl called them nothing.

*Daichi: The only thing Finley dislikes about him is his fascination for the human body. Set that aside and Finley wants nothing more but to know more of the fellow bibliophile and faction member who has a few eccentric habits that can grow on a person.  

My app for the RP group, :iconxparadise-lostx:
I hope I get in.
I thank temiji for lending me the SAI I use that allowed for the textures on the gun ^w^ (salamat~!)
It took me three tries before I could get satisfied with Tracy's Deus and Doll forms (weapon included). I'm glad I got Tracy to look the way I wanna at last XD

xParadise-Lostx (c) :iconrenichii96:

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