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Wah~! Germany,Germany,Germany!?... Where are you?!!

Italy is lost..

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Name: Shane Santos
Known aliases: (Coming soon~ 030)
Gender: Male
Hieght: 5,8
Home town: Gummy town

Shane is quiet sociable since he's a Socialite after all! lol We'll he's ussually in a upbeat mood and ready to do some social events like quests in the Rainbow region ofcourse. He likes to feel importance everyday, so it pretty much a goal to get attention all the time. Although he can be onto negative parts when socializing, but he can risk the takes of battles. Therefore, Shane is a really socialble and nice guy if you ever meet him~!<3

Shane was born in the Hoenn, Pacificdlog town region. Living there as a child was quite scary, since there were really no railing to walk onto the logs way in the middle of the sea... Though he got used to it later on and when he turned 10 he was able to move out of that town with his family and went to Little root town!? Moving there was quiet fun and began his adventure from that town and all other regions. For 17 years he battle and traveled all the regions Kanto to Kalos, now he is venturing a who new region he discovered called the Rainbow region starting with with his best pokemon pal Pika the Fletching and all those other pokemon he recently cuaght in all the other regions he last went too...

Extra info:
~Actually he's a male version of the real me and my name too...
~Likes to drink mocha frappes in Gummy town cafe
~His Pokemon Pika the Fletchling has a orange,pink, and red barret on it head.

Pokemon Starter:
Pokeball Name:Fletchling (Pika)
Gender: Female
Level: 12
Move list:
-Quick Attack

Pokeball Name:Pinsir(SiSi) Can I nickname npc trade pokemon???
Gender: Male
Level: 12 
Move list
-Vice Grip
-Seismic Toss

Pokemon Cuaght-
Pikachu lvl. 7 at Golden forest and traded with npc trader Dancer Dahlia for a Pinsir.
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im actually gunna try rp.. im so scared ;O;
Age - 18
Height - 5.7ft
Gender - Female 
Hometown - Oldale Town (Hoenn) 
Personalty -  Independent, imaginative, resourceful
Little bit about her -  She travels around different regions to collect Pokemon and she also freelancers as an artist to make a little extra cash.

Gender - Female 
Level - 40
Ability - Keen eye
Nature - Sassy 
Moves - Steel Wing | Air Slash | Metal Sound | Air cutter  


more pokemon - 

Pidgeot by catdoak The Aurora Pokemon by catdoak
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Name: Shai (Me actually but one of my freinds said I look like a Red Panda lol) ^^;

Gender: Female

Birthday: Apr 14

Age: 18

CatchPhrase: Hafa? (meaning "What?" in Chamoru)

Animal: Red Panda

Personality: Relax/Uchi

+Smart I like to do things right and try to solve the problem at least some times

+Kind To say this I'm caring enough to help anyone

+Local  Just to wander off anywhere in town and be cool about it and explore there anyway

-Naive  I'm an Adult but really I talk like a kid still and shouldn't...

-Shy Yes very but I get more relax later when I get use to things...

As for my Personality in a DeviantCrossing, I happened to be very nervous and in the real world too. I like being myself and like to focus on myself and sometime help people when I feel like it. Not to say I'm lazy but relaxe and sometimes rash about it of what to really do in my life. Although I'm very helpful and could help other Dev-Crossers in the group if needed. So, on being yourself is good for me and others or mabey no lol...^^ 

History: Shai was born native Red Panda from Guam but happened to move to Deviant Crossing to Travel at. She's pretty much a traveler there and willing enough to find a home to stay there. Hoping for the best to survive and make friends there too. 
Back in Guam was kinda boring but still enjoyed life, she would always stay home and playonline and help with her red panda family. Guam was an island far in Pacific ocean near the Phillipines and below Japan. Living in Guam as red panda was the easylife but due to the hot weather there it left her to heat exhuastion making her drink alot of water there. Also the another reason there was to move Deviant Crossing is that she needed to make a career and leave home for it. 
Before she left Guam, growing up ther made up want to become someone creative. She like art very much and her goal is to be an artist. Soon thinking about Dev-Crossing she knew there were art mesumes and clothes shoppes. So, thinking about make her to really want to go there and become creative. 
It was her choice if she wanted to be an Otaku, designer, or whatever there in Dev-Crossing...
Thus, it was time for her to leave Guam. Making it the freedom but abit homesickening cause she won't be with her family anymore, but is thinking of coming back in time to time. Atleast it made a new beginning for her...

Map Section: Hafa? (Pending) :iconamberdragonling: Happened to see me come by the town and happen to give a tent of my choice... I chose a purple tent and place it in D2 in Hemlock Town.

Extra: (WIP)


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Tch, another one broke. Oh, well. You can only love a toy for so long before they break and wind up useless. Besides, I have plenty more toys to play with.

This has so many mistakes, my goodness. Chariot looks so odd. You can barely make out the shadow. I have to fix so many things. And I'm aware I should say "puppet" or "marionette" instead of "doll" but...AND HOW CAN I MAKE TEXT LOOK ENGRAVED?

In any case, I had a lot of fun sketching it. Then lineart-ing and colouring kind of ruined the fun for me. >A< I normally have so much fun colouring, but my line art hecked up or something and I had to do a lot of the base colouring by hand and that's not fun with a mouse pad. >~>

Anyway, hope you kinda like it. uwu

ALSO, why have none of you drawn Chariot yet? I am highly disappointed in all of you. This chapter has been released for quite some time!

Dreamtalia/And these lovely guys (c) *KyoKyo866
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
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dhmanga186 is holding a contest and this is one of my entries for it ^^ 
You can check it out here:

Anyways, this is their OC Simora Anzarotia, short Mora and she's a character from their visual novel "Demon Hunters"
This is for the category digital non-colored, because I wanted to try out something new :D
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A contest entry for: <da:thumb id="433242749">
//rolls controlleslsy
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*jumps out from a grave*


I'm a bit experience in Sai now, but with Photoshop... whelp, help me. I only know how to Photoshop pics together.

Oh well, at least my 2 hours of making this was fun.



Dreamtalia @ KyoKyo866 and Pianodream
Hetalia @ Himaruya Hidekaz
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