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(Sketch)  Nash
This is not for a commission this is on of 7 members to appear in a collaboration I helped formed  some of you might recognize this fellow and this is Nash created by the awesome :icontonbi-21: Tonbi-21 with his OC NashTonbi-21. Awesome artists I love his drawings I recommend anyone to check him out. What is this collaboration I spoke of? Well let's say 7 OC's are about to join forces to form a group to clear their names of crimes they never committed so keep an eye out because their story coming very soon.

Name: Nash

Gender: Male

Race: Saiyan

Age: 24

Family: Lok (Father) Roselle (Mother) Echa (Spouse)

Figure: Lean/Muscular

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 180 kg

Clothing: Blue battle armored leggings, Armored top (optional), White tactical battle gloves, Red armband, Dark red Hairband

Likes: His family and friends, especially Echa. Heavy Metal Music

Dislikes: Twilight, Mainstream Media, Spiders... and Carrot Sticks

Hobbies: Training to get stronger. Spending time with loved ones. Playing videogames.

Light hearted and kind to others; Nash rarely takes things seriously or to heart. He loves his family and friends dearly; and although he may come across as laid-back and sometimes immature, he will defend and fight for the ones he cares about no matter what. Nash is a fairly happy-go-lucky kind of guy, he likes to see others happy and loves nothing more than to act stupid to make others smile. He hates awkward silences and often comes out with a random joke to break the mood.
Beneath the cheery exterior, however, there is a greyer picture underneath. Nash gets very anxious around new people, ever since he was a kid, he wasn't that great at making friends and found it really hard to interact with others. He acts like the fool at times as it helps him deal with the situation, it's Nash's coping method.
The same goes for when he is sad or angry; on the outside, he'll crack a joke and act like stuff doesn't bother him but on the inside he'd be breaking. He doesn't like to bother people with his own problems but will openly listen to others if it will help others.
Overall, Nash is a nice guy who puts others before himself all the time.

Like any typical Saiyan, he has a massive appetite and like his family, will gouge away at food for hours. However, Nash has a very sweet-tooth, he loves Cookies in particular as he stashes them anywhere he can. He'll sometimes have cravings for Strawberry Milkshakes and Icecreams.
Another quirk of his is his sometimes child-like mentality. He loves to read comic books and collect action figures of his favourite superhero's. Because of this, he has an affinity with younger generations as he is as Echa puts it; 'One Big Kid'.

Superhuman Condition (Super Strength, Super Durability, Super Endurance, Super Stamina, Super Speed, Super Agility, Super Reflexes)
Flight (Energy Propulsion)
Ki Manipulation (Ki Attacks, Ki Infusion, Ki Aura, Ki Sensing, Ki Combat, Ki Generation, Ki Control) 
Transformation (Super Saiyan 1, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3)
Reaper Form (Can be used on top of Super Saiyan forms)
Reaper Abilties (Enhanced Strength, Durability, Endurance, Speed, Stamina. Realm travelling. Blackhole and Wormhole creations. Ki and Life-force is undetectable. Soul Manipulation (Can tear souls from weakened enemies and feed on them))

Ability's: Master Martial Artist, Expert Bo Staff Master, Expert Ki Control and Power, Acrobat

Nash's biggest weakest can be his naivity. He can underestimate his opponent at times which can give the enemy the advantage.
Other than that, he has as much weaknesses as any other fighter. His strength isn't his best attribute but what he lacks in power, he makes up tenfold in speed and agility, and can run rings around the best of speedsters.

Backstory: Nash is an Earth-Born Saiyan. He has spent nearly his entire life on Earth; not knowing much about his ancestory, although he's never been that bothered by it, although he would have liked to have met his grandparents, Beet and Jicama. Raised by his parents, Lok and Roselle, Nash led quite a normal childhood as any normal superhuman fighter. He struggled in school as he was a shy kid, he didn't really have any friends until he met P.A.D. An android drone that was sent to Earth by Zem-Non, which called Nash to his first ever real fight where he had to protect his new friend and destroy the mechanical menace.
Since then, Nash discovered an abandoned lab that was left behind by someone called Dr. Gero. Using Pad's advanced technology, they rebuilt the lab and Nash called it his own 'batcave' where he and Pad would hang out along with some friends.
When Nash turned 17, an unknown alien had landed on Earth with the soul purpose of destroying all Saiyans. Nash took on this fighter, defeated her but did not kill her, this started Nash's relationship with the ex-assassin Echa.
They have been together for 7 years and Nash has lived a fairly peaceful life, with the odd 'save the world' escapades with his father.

Lok (Father): Nash has always looked up to his dad. Even though Nash reads all the comic books of Batman and Superman, Lok has always been Nash's hero. He's had a few scraps with his dad like any other Saiyan relationship but it's only because they care about eachother. Lok would like Nash to be a little more mature at times, but they have a healthy relationship.

Roselle (Mother): Nash has always been labelled a 'Mommy's Boy' by his dad. But Nash is just overprotective of his mother. He always offers to help her when she needs it. Nash would still go to his parents house purely for his mom's cooking because she puts on a great 'Saiyan-style buffet'! Roselle has always doted on her only-son, 'that's why he's so soft!' as Lok would say.

Olly and Jojo (Friends): Good friends of the family. Nash gets along with both of them, but because of their age, Nash has always been closer to Jojo. Jojo would often try to teach Nash how to play a guitar or a drum-kit without Nash breaking the instruments. Nash trains alot with Olly, just as much as his dad. It was Olly who shown Nash how to manipulate Ki to not simply being a destructive force, but something more innovative in battle.

P.A.D.(Best Friend/Companion): Nash's first real friend, he and Pad have been close since Nash was a child. In Gero's old lab, Pad and Nash have spent so much time trying to invent new armour, new inventions. It was Pad who designed Nash's armour after he said he wanted to have armour like his dad's. In this relationship, Pad is the brains and Nash is the muscle.

Echa (Partner/Soul Mate): Once trying to kill him, now Echa and Nash live happily together in their own apartment. They've had a bit of a chalk and cheese relationship. They are almost polar opposites on most opinions, but they work well together. Echa is the stern badass and Nash is the lovable oaf. They have a strong relationship and are almost in harmony with one another. 'Opposites attract' as Nash always says to Echa. They are always there for eachother, no matter what.

Nash's preferred weapon is the Bo-Staff
Nash and Pad have, together, created protective armour for the U.S. and British Army Forces using Zem-Non's advanced technology
The Red armband he wears on his right arm is what Echa bought for him on his birthday as a good-luck charm.
His Battle Armour adapts to any weather conditions. It reacts to Nash's body temperature and the outside temperature and acts accordingly.
He also has a Battle Armour top but only wears it when placed in extreme conditions, such as cold temperatures.
The armour can also act as camouflage, if he wanted to do stealth, the armour would change colour to black. It can also change colour to adapt to it's surroundings.
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My attempt to remake Goku Saiyan God form. The Saiyan God of Protection and Riser of the Morning Sun, with the power of the sun intensive fiery power he will torch those who threaten his home.
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One of the original Saiyan Gods. Armageddon Saiyan God of Chaos and Master of Darkness. Father of Doomsday the evil God Armageddon also known as the Demon Saiyan who was known for taking out ten of his fellow Gods but was defeated by his own brother Harmony before being defeated. Resurrected in Wrath of the Time Breakers Armageddon returned to reek chaos on the Multiverse.
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Every King needs his queen but in this case Rio wishes she was out of the picture! Meet the Queen of the Saiyan Gods, Dia. Dia is very refined and polite and has the elegance of a queen but when it comes to Rio who loves to push her button she will get her hands dirty to beat him to a pulp. Dia is Nook mother (she and Rio are not married or related by blood) and since her son married Rio daughter the two been at each other throats for hundreds of years but very recently the two found something they agree on. When the hell will their kids give them a grandchild! Dia is the Saiyan Goddess of the people meaning she knows all their emotions so when she feels the Saiyan nation is in trouble she and Rio will set aside their differences to try and protect their mortals.
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From the world of fanfiction I did a collaboration with OtkauFox (Fanfic and DA name) and EdgeDraBlaze31 (Fanfic account) where we took the main heroes of our fanfics whic happen to be Zang, Kiema and Akahiko (Names of our Dragonball Heroes character) and created a whole new warrior! The three heroes fused to become the Saiyan God of Knowledge and Voice of the Sea Zerous!
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The Police lineup of the 7 Saiyan OC's
:iconrojoneo: Rojoneo with his OC Zato Hoshi
:icontheotakufox43: TheOtakuFox43 with her OC Aiko Minami
:iconuniverseshinobi: UniverseShinobi with his OC Riley Zeppelin
:iconzelnodi: Zelnodi with his OC Torock
:iconchrisolian: chrisolian with his OC Rez Son
:iconsonkai91: sonkai91 with his OC Kai Lan
:icontonbi-21: Tonbi-21 with his OC Nash

All the OC's belong to their respected owners so ask their permission before you go using them in anything you want to use them for! 
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A.N. the Second story in my Dragonball Heroes Saga so check out this little preview! 

Peace comes to an End

Somewhere in Hell the Master made his way to the center of several hooded figures as he floated off the ground.

"My friends all of us share a common enemy and thanks to certain little brats we all ended up here" Master said.

"Yes your plans failed Master and your nothing but a joke now" Cell said.

"I'd watch who you're talking to Cell because I know how to kill each and every one of you for good!" Master growled.

"Were listening" Frieza said.

"I need all your help my friends, it would seem that I underestimated this particular brat" Master said holding a shadow ball in his hands as Kento appeared in it.

"Yes that brat beat you with one punch if I remember correctly" Turles said.

"It would seem that this brat is far more powerful then we all anticipated but don't worry my friends our time will soon come because I promise you all we will get our revenge" Master said.

"How your stuck here too?" Baby asked.

"Yeah how will you help anyone?" Kid Buu asked.

"Simple, all you tell me who you don't see here?" Master asked.

"Now that you mention it I haven't seen that psycho Broly here" Cooler said.

"And there is a reason for that, Broly unstable power out powers all of you when concentrated which Broly lacks but before I meet my end I took a little percussion and have created myself a new vessel one more stronger than the other, Broly is no longer the Legendary Super Saiyan but is now the Legendary Shadow Saiyan" Master said.

"You took control of Broly body?" Slug asked.

"Of course but I had to wait till his body healed and for my little influence to spread but now my new body ready and I plan to get my revenge with all your help" Master said.

"What do you want us to do?" 13 asked.

"Simple there are a little game called the Shadow Games the Kai's used it to decide the fate of the universe but canceled then when they found they were too dangerous, whoever wins can control a universe there is one particular one I wish to have and acquire a certain seven Black Star Dragon Balls to bring back the Shadow Games" Master said.

"This plan sounds exactly like your last one how do we know you can help us seek our revenge?" Omega asked.

"Because this time I will not use a fraction of each of your powers, together your powers and Broly destructive powers all of us will be strong then all the universe combined!" he said laughing evilly.


It had only been a few months since our heroes defeated the Master and freed Nero.

Each of our heroes enjoyed the peace they had and their new teacher Bardock.

Today was like any other day and Saiya was walking down the hall when he noticed Reyoto coming down the other hall.

"Good morning Reyoto" Saiya said.

"Morning Saiya" Reyoto said.

"Is that moron sleeping in again?" he asked.

"Yep I was just going to his room to give him a rude awakening care to join me?" Reyoto asked.

"Sure I was bored anyway" Saiya said as they made their way to Kento room and found the room empty.

"He actually got up this morning?" Reyoto said.

"And alarm clock number seventy three intact so that means he either got up this time or he was up all night" Saiya said.

Kento was by the garden where newly formed roses were grown where his brother ashes were spread as he made a pray for his brother while Zang watched from a distances.

"The poor kid still misses his brother" Bardock said floating down next to Zang.

"Can you blame him he was the one who had to end his own brother life" Zang said.

"True but at least he's starting to get over the grief with a certain someone help" Bardock said.

"That's right Serena, that reminds me Bardock have you seen Trunks around none of us have seen him in weeks and were starting to get worried" Zang said.

"Something came up and Trunks went to investigate, I'm not sure what happening but I know you sense what I sense" Bardock said.

"At first we all thought it was Goku but this thing were sensing isn't Goku at all it's something else and it's strong" Zang said.

"Trunks believes that this new source may be another Saiyan but he's not positive" Bardock said.

"Hmm this sounds like it could be a problem" Zang said.


May, Naomi and Serena were in the library as they all talked.

"Has Kento been feeling any better?" May asked.

"A little he's slowly starting to go back to his happy self but he's still sad" Serena said.

"Well any one of us would feel the same if we were in his shoes" Naomi said.

"I just hope he can move on" Serena said.

"He trying" Tsumuri said walking out from behind a book shelf with a large book under his arm.

"That Namekian hearing is really starting to get annoying" Naomi said.

"What do you mean Tsumuri?" Serena asked.

"If he wasn't trying to move on he would still be with us he would have left us but he choose to stay and be with you Serena sure he's sad about losing his brother but his love for you is what keeping him going" Tsumuri said as Serena blushed.

"Awwwww! That is so sweet!" May said.

"Why the hell can't Reyoto and Zang be that sweet?" Naomi asked.

"Because sweet is something Reyoto doesn't do and Zang prefers to be quite about himself" May said.

"Those jerks! But what can I say I love Reyoto just the way he is" Naomi said.

"Okay I'm leaving now" Tsumuri said leaving the girl chat.


"Dammit!" Froze yelled as his head hit the table full of cards and money in the center.

"Ha! That's right pay up!" Harker yelled.

"Damn! That the third game he won!" Bash yelled.

"You must be cheating!" Azumuri yelled.

"Believe what you want but I never lose!" Harker said collecting his wins.

"Let me in I think it's time someone ought to give you a taste of your own medicine" Zink said.

"Careful brother he's good!" Bash said as Zink looked at his hands.

"Lets make this game interesting Zink if I win you have to turn Trunk into a candy bar" Harker said.

"Okay and if I win you have to pants Reyoto" Zink said.

"Are you two crazy! If anyone of you do that they'll ended up dead!" Froze said.

"Okay you better get ready Zink because I got three pairs" Harker said laying down his cards.

"Oh your good but not good enough Harker" Zink said.


"Better get ready for your beating Namek because I have a Royal Flush!" Zink said setting his hand down.

"Oh crap" Harker said.


"You bastard get back here!" Reyoto yelled as Frost looked up from his sketch pad to see Harker running for his life with a very pissed Reyoto chasing after him.

'Do I even want to know?' he wrote.

"No they're just being morons again" Chill said.

"But whatever Harker did Reyoto sure looks pissed" Kabra said.

"Hey guys Kento coming" Chill said as they saw Kento walking down the path towards them.

"Hey Kento" Kabra said

"Hey guys what's up with Harker and Reyoto?" Kento asked.

'Who knows but Reyoto looked very mad' Frost wrote.

"I'll see you guys later, if you guys see Serena let her know I'll see her later" Kento said heading towards the forest.

"He's been going to the forest by himself for several months now" Chill said.

"I guess that's where he wants to be alone" Kabra said.

'Poor guy' Frost wrote.


Kento was walking along the forest path when something jumped from the tree above him as he stopped and sensed something as he sensed an attack as he swung for a kick and sent a Feedling into a tree.

"A Feedling? That's impossible!" Kento said.

"Nothing is impossible Kento" a man said as Kento turned to see a very large hooded figure come out of the darkness and tower over him.

"Who are you!" Kento yelled getting into a fighting stance.

"Just an enemy from the past" he said disappearing as Kento felt a very powerful punch to the gut that knocked the wind out of him and sent him flying into the ground as his vision began to blur and he heard the alarm go off.

"Kento!" Bardock yelled running towards Kento attacker as Kento passed out.


"Who the hell was it!" Serena yelled as she looked over at Kento lying on the hospital bed.

"Don't know he took off before I had a chance to beat the bastard!" Bardock growled.

"Well whoever he is that one punched broke some of Kento ribs and almost punctured one of his organs" Bulma said examining Kento x-ray scan.

"Well whoever that bastard was he didn't even use an ounce of his true power and caused that much damage only using one percent of it may be less" Bardock said.

"Wow this guy sounds stronger than that Master guy" Zang said.

"He is" Trunks said entering the room.

"Trunks your back!" May said.

"What did you learn Trunks?" Saiya asked.

"I learned that the Feedlings have returned but instead of showing up at one particular point in the timeline they showed up around the time the Black Star Dragon Balls were used and sent into space" Trunks said.

"So they're not just at important fights but at every point in that point in time?" Zang asked.

"Correct this new enemy is the Master he took on a new body even stronger than Nero" Trunks said.

"But I thought Kento killed him" Naomi said.

"He did but that sneaky bastard must have left a small percent of himself in another body" Trunks said.

"Next time I see that bastard I'll finish him myself!" Bardock yelled.

"That going to be a problem" Trunks said.

"Why?" Reyoto asked.

"He's after the black star dragon balls and I'm not sure what he plans but it can't be good" Trunks said.

"Then it's settled" Kento groaned.

"I think we're all thinking the same thing Kento" Zang said as all the young heroes nodded.

"We get the teams back together and make sure the black star dragon balls don't fall into the wrong hands!" Kento said.

A.N. Like it? Well check out the full story on Fanfiction under Rojoneo and give it some love!

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Another female Goddess from the world of fanfiction.
I did a collaboration with OtkauFox (Fanfic and DA name) and EdgeDraBlaze31 (Fanfic account) where we took the heroes of our fanfics which happen to be for this Goddess Serena, Note and Tsukimi (Names of our Dragonball Heroes character) and created a whole new warrior! The three heroes fused to become the Saiyan Goddess of Courage and Keeper of Fire Atherena.
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an original character created by my friend OtakuFox. Little Suki is the baby sister of Mamarou and also the powerful Saiyan Goddess of Creation and Princess of the Moon and has the power over life and death over the Saiyan people. This kind child also has a strong connection with Ash who are both the youngest Saiyan Gods. Her armor is the color of the Sakura flower  (the Cherry Blossom) 
(Adult Armor Upgrade) Sakura Saiyan Goddess of Creation
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I figured it was about time I drew a female Goddess from the world of fanfiction I did a collaboration with OtkauFox (Fanfic and DA name) and EdgeDraBlaze31 (Fanfic account) where we took the heroes of our fanfics which happen to be for this Goddess Naomi, Rin and Kasumi (Names of our Dragonball Heroes character) and created a whole new warrior! The three heroes fused to become the Saiyan Goddess of Sincerity and Carrier of Electricity Selene.
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