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:star: STOCK IMAGE :star:
I appreciate if you :+fav: it if you like it.
Download for fullsize image.
:star: Please read the RULES
in my journal before use this image
What are "Stock Photos" and can I use "Stock Photos" in my submissions?

Simle stock series taken for my personal project. Nothing special this time, my usual clothes

My art account :iconkuoma:
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:bulletblack: First: Few rules for my stocks, textures, actions;
Be creative first of all! If you want to use them for DA Prints, ask me first :aww:
:bulletblack: Credit me ~Ariel87-Stock or :iconariel87-stock: and be respectful: I feel emotions like everyone else, if you want to criticize my stocks, be polite please. People who offend it's first of all, unpolite, and second stupid.
:bulletblack: Send me the link of your work: I wanna see it, and fav it <3333 You can send the link or in my main page. Please DON'T send me note!
:bulletblack: Don't use my stock for illegal, racist, pornographic or violence works.
:bulletblack: If you want to post YOUR art in some website, and I'm in your deviation, please note me.
:bulletblack: Of course, FAV my stocks, so I can understand what type of stocks your prefere :)
:bulletblack: Only DA MEMBER can use my stocks. I've found yesterday my stock stolen by this girl [link]
If I don't like your deviations, please delete it =)
My Main DA Account =Ariel87

Featured by *sternenfee59
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Model/Concept/Makeup/Wardrobe: Kahina Spirit
Photo: Carlos Morgado

If you want to use any picture of my stock, please read this:

*Terms of Use*

☥ Give the proper credits identifying me as model in your artwork;
☥ Improper use is forbidden. Don't use my stock for nudity, illegal, violence, racism, cruelty works;
☥ Please, leave a link of your artwork in the photo you used, in my profile or send it to me by message, for I can see your artwork;
☥ Free your mind, just create. Be creative. Be the Art.

Feel free to ask anything you didn't understand.

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Photography by Cathleen Tarawhiti 2007 - 2012
Facebook [link]
Pinterest [link]
Google+ [link]
Tumblr [link]

Model - Poppy Isabella Wyrd, Stellar Management [link]
Makeup - me

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

To use this, click the download button for the full size image and -

- Credit me and leave a message here so I can go and see it :)
- If you want to blog this, great but make sure you credit me and make it linkable back to this image.
- YES to all commercial use but there is a small fee [link]

Any questions, just ask. Have fun.
:bulletgreen: If you would like to donate towards the cost of the shoots, (thank you!) here [link] is my address to donate through Paypal -
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My Stock rules are in this journal-…
Read them before using this stock.
By downloading and/or using this stock, you are agreeing to comply with my rules.
Download for full sized images

FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?
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