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Masky ? by De-Haro

You went as stiff as a board as you heard whatever it was outside your tent sniff around, long blade like objects which you assumed were claws shadowing out along the side of your tent as it threw something of yours to the air before going back and ripping something else, sending what could have been a blood curdling sound threw the air.


            You had never been this terrified, all breath hitched in your throat, unable to move, speak, or even blink in fear that if you did any of the listed somehow the creature would know of your presence and do the same to you that it was your belongings.    


            How you wished someone was there to tell you everything was alright and that it was just a bear, but you didn't think even if God himself came down from the heavens and told you it was something as simple as a bear that you would believe him. There was no way that was a bear! In order for that to be a bear, you would have to cover it in aluminum, starve it, and then proceed to attach long pipes to its claws.


            After a while of ripping, the creature let out some sort of a snort before its shadow vanished from the tent side, leaving you in an eerie quiet. Not even the river dared to make a sound after that, as if it feared what was near by just as much as you did.


            Once a good 20 minutes had passed, and everything was quiet you slowly let your breath out, careful to make it as shallow and quiet as possible before loosening up enough to move around your tent.  Carefully you checked all the other sides for anymore possible shadows before slowly and hesitantly making your way towards the exit.


            Just as you were about to leave your tent, you froze. Why the hell were you going to investigate? You had no reason to, what you should have been doing was curling back up in your sleeping back and hiding like a kid till morning came around. Though your stupidity over won your logic in the end, and the second the crickets begun to chirp again and the river let its rhythmic song return you bolted from your tent and quickly looked around.


            Everything was quiet, though the aftermath of whatever had been there before was still left behind. The bag you had used to store your tent in for carrying was torn to shreds, your cooler was tossed up into the low branches of an over hanging tree, and extremely long claw marks ran there way through the dirt as if they had been dragged without a care.


            Yup, no way it was a fucking bear. Though you didn't want to except you were loosing your mind. 


            As you entered an internal war with yourself, you hadn't noticed the river run quiet once again or that the crickets had killed there song, not even wind blew through the tree tops. Everything had turned dead quiet in a matter of seconds and you hadn't noticed any of it till a extremely low growl came from the forest behind you.


            With a shriek you were tackled to the ground by what looked like a deformed version of what use to be a man. His eyes were huge and glowing as long claws tried to pierce your chest, cheek, where ever he could possibly draw blood from.


            You were strong enough to keep most of the claws from scratching you, but a few dug into the sides of your arms, causing you to let out a hiss of pain, a wail or two leaving you every now and again when one of them would make there way along your side.


            The sound of your clothing tearing apart was enough to give you the strength to kick the beast in the stomach and jump to your feet, your hands instinctively covering the worst wound on your side. Now that you had a better look at him, you could call the him and it. You were correct, it was nor a human or a bear, it was a monster. By your definition at least.


            Never before had you seen something so out of balance, and never before were you one to judge before getting to know someone, but this thing tired to kill you! Screw getting to know it, it could burn in hell for all you cared, which was probably here it had come from.


            You stumbled out of the way when the thing let out a curdling yowl of sorts before charging at you again, never before had you been so thankful for adrenaline. Best. Natural. Invention. Ever! With your new found speed you sped off down the side of the river, not even bothering to hold your side any longer as the pain ebbed away for the moment.


            Sadly for you the creature was in hot prosecute, and fear still coursed through your veins. Oh how you wished you brought a gun, a knife, anything! Wait... that was it! A knife! Quickly you reached to your back pockets and pulled out a small hunting knife you had brought to help cut traps, and a smile bloomed on your face.


            Never in a million years were you going to die at the claws of the thing on your heals, and with that in mind you quickly halted and spun around, stabbing the blade into the first area you found wither it was vital or not. You cringed as the creature let out a yowl of pain before taking a few steps back, and you did the same. Using the time to catch your breath while it quickly looked over its new wound.


            With wide glowing eyes it growled and bounded at you while you were bent over on your knees, pain returning to your side as your lungs fought to take in as much oxygen as possible. Letting out a groan of pain, you closed your eyes tightly and waited for the impact of claws on your head, face, back, where ever it had been aiming, but when the pain never came you opened your eyes.


            When you saw a yellow hooded, black pants boy; knife in hand while he used his arms to block the creatures claws from you, your eyes grew into the size of saucers and you felt your adrenaline return just enough for you to find your way to your feet, your hand gripping your side as if it was a life line.


            “________, get back to the camp, now!” Mask shouted, a grunt leaving him as he pushed the beast back and readied his knife, a pleading look in his eyes while he quietly asked you to not be difficult and leave. All you could do was stare for a second before nodding and making a dash for your camp, the least you could do was find the first aid kit and get it ready.



            “You come back to me you here that!”  You shouted over your shoulder as you went before vanishing into the darkness.


            The second you got to camp you let out a pain filled groan and the grip on your side got tighter, blood oozed through your clenched fingers, and you would have puked if not for the situation. You had to be strong and find the safety kit.


            Once you had taken a breath, and readied yourself, you let go of your side and rummaged through what was left of your bag, before using a rock to knock your cooler down from the tree. When you realized you weren’t going to find it, you nearly wanted to take a rock and beat the creatures head in, but you knew that wasn't going to solve anything.


            “Your really hurt.” You heard a voice mutter behind you causing you to jump and spin around, your nerves still worked up from the monster that tried to kill you.


            “Shh its OK, its just me.” The masked boy hummed, taking your cheeks in his palms lightly before pulling himself forward and resting his forehead on yours. Even though the action was calming, you couldn't help but let your cheeks turn a light pink.


            The second you realized he had saved you, tears welled up in your eyes and you used the last of the strength you had left in you to hurdle yourself at him, hiding your head in your chest as you went on and on about things not even you could understand. He didn't say anything about it though, and just let you cry as if he had done it before. Once you were done venting, you pulled back to get a better look at him.


            Part of his hoodie was drenched in blood, the blade you had seen with him earlier resting in the loop of his pants while fresh blood dripped from the blade, even though he had just saved you, you couldn't help but let a shiver run through you as you remembered what you had read on the website, and that small part of you that had been keeping you from him for a month forced you back, shrinking away from his welcoming form.


            “W-whats wrong, ______?” He mumbled, leaning forward to take your hand to comfort you only for you to pull away, much to both your disappointments.


            “Is it true?” You asked blankly, catching him off guard.


            “Is what true?”


            “Ya know...that've...” All you could do after that was give a head nod to the knife that was still dripping, as he followed you gaze, it took him a second to connect the dots before he stiffened and finally seemed to lean away form you for once. Everything after that was quiet for a few moments before he finally broke the air.


            “How did you....find out about that?” He mumbled, his voice surprisingly blank and serious, though you answered him truthfully.


            “I was going through some stories on my computer when I stumbled across a website labeled, “Creepy-pasta.” You explained, your gaze locking on his form as you watched him closely. You noticed how he cringed away from your words and looked to the ground, letting everything fall quiet again till you spoke once more.


            “Are you going to kill me now that I know? Ya' know, about you and your friends.” You mumbled, your words blank as if you had already accepted your fate which caused the boy to wince back more.


     After a few seconds of dead air between you both once again, he quickly yanked his knife from his pants and stabbed it into the wood next to the tree you had been supporting yourself on, causing you to almost leap out of your skin the second the blade thumped against the wood. Before you could turn you head to look at the tree, you were face to face with the masked boy, now that you were closer you could see all the pain the resonated in his eyes, and not from any wounds, but your words. Suddenly you felt guilty, how could you accuse your friend of something like that?


            “______, I would never, EVER use this to hurt you…” He mumbled, his voice almost sounding like a croak. You felt another sab of guilt rush through you as you watched him remove the knife that had wedged itself in the tree and tossed it aside, somewhere among the bushes you couldn’t pinpoint.


            After that you both just shared a quiet conversation through body language and eye contact, you hadn’t even realized your wound again till a sharp pain racked your body, effectively crushing your conversation with him as you let out a hiss and gripped at the wound, which was still lightly bleeding.


“Here…” He murmured, pulling back enough so he could use both his arms to grab the bottom of his sweatshirt to pull it over his head. Using it as a bandage he tore it into small bits and went on wrapping your wounds.


            “Mask you don’t…” You trailed off once he pressed on the cut you had held in your hands, you couldn’t do anything but shut up and try not to groan.


            “It’s the least I can do considering everything I have been hiding room you, besides, I already ripped it so might as well not let it go to waist.” He sighed, tending to the worse of your cuts before leaving what was left of his sweatshirt to off to the side.




            “Hey Masky,” you called to gain his attention, and once he had looked at you, you leaned forward and lightly took the edges of his mask causing him to pull back quickly so you couldn’t pull it off.


            “_______...” He grumbled his warning, giving you a light glare that didn’t last long when he saw the look on your face.


            “You’re bleeding…” You trailed off, your eyes locking on a trail of blood that was running down from under; stopping at the edge of his chin before dripping down onto the ground.


            “It’s just a small cut, it’s not that big of a deal,” he hummed as he tried to convince you to just leave it be.



            “Mask….” You trailed off, giving him a look which made his stance go from tense to relaxed. It took a few seconds, but soon he let a sigh escape his lips before he leaned forward slightly, tilting his head down so that when his mask was removed, it would be harder for you to see his face.


            Lightly you took the edges of his mask again, carefully pulling from his face as the band that held it to him came loose and fell down, releasing its hold on its owner. Carefully you placed the mask face up on the ground, giving it a small glance before turning back to your friend, who still carefully hid most of his face behind his bangs. 


            “You can trust me…” You murmured, causing him to flinch slightly as if your words had startled him. After a few seconds of watching him, you took a piece of cloth from his ruined sweatshirt and lightly grabbed the edge of his chin.


            He cringed away from your touch, you waited till he relaxed enough before tilting his head up enough so you could see his face, and see the wound that scared his cheek. You felt a light blush form on your cheeks at the intensity of his gaze, which you hadn’t felt with half of it hidden way; though soon you shook it away and got to work.


            Carefully you pressed the cloth to his cheek, causing him to wince away slightly before relaxing and letting out a sigh, unable to look at you directly like he could have if his mask was on. All you could do was smile and give a giggle at his sudden change of attitude.


            While you tended to his cheek, you took the opportunity to take in his full face before he hid it away again behind his usual attire. Brown hair, which you had seen before, sported the top of his head in a messy but organized manor, below that was stunning blue eyes and for the most part average features for a guy you age, but if you had to judge, he wasn’t bad looking at all, so you didn’t know why he hid. You could even go as far as to call him kind of cute.


            “Masky, why do you hide under your mask?” You mumbled, finishing up the last of the make shift bandage you had been making to stop the bleeding on his face. You watched as his blue eyes locked on you again with the same intense stare as before, though this time it didn’t get to you.



            “I’m more confident when others can’t see who I truly am.” He answered simply, though by the way he had said it you could tell he didn’t want to go any further into it, so you left it at that.


            At least now you had a face to put to his name.
I posted a part yeasterday before I left, I finsihed part 5 while I was at her house so I figured why not post it a day early XD I don't think it came out very good, because I wans't sure how to work it like I normally do .o. but It's good enough XD im to lazy to fix any of it anyway, so you will just have to deal with it. 

- flips a table - RAKE! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO KILL READER-CHAN! D: She just wanted snuggles, and you try to fucking kill her?! What is wrong with you bro?

Part 5: Your here
Part 6:…

Story (C) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (C) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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Masky ? by De-Haro

You sighed as you skipped down the rocks to the path that you normally took to your camping sight along the river. After talking with Hoodie for a while longer, you had realized that your parents hadn't been informed about your whereabouts, and came to the conclusion they had to of been worried sick about you. So here you were, making your way back to your camp in order to search for your cell phone, which for all you knew could have been dead.

You didn't like to make your parents worry about you, it had taken you a week of convincing just to let you go camping alone, if they found out on the first day you had nearly died, they would never let you go again. Then again, they didn't need to know that little face, you could just say you fell down the rocky path you had to take to get here. That was believable, right?

With a hum you did a small hop skip and a jump till you were at the camp and the hell of having to dig through all your torn belongings begun. It had taken a while, but you finally found your phone in a mess of your tent which had fallen down after weeks of being unattended to. Sadly the screen was cracked, but the battery showed it was just about to die, time for one more text!

Quickly you scrolled through the phone, readying a text message to your mother before you begun to type,

____: Hey Mom, it's _____, I just want you to know I'm safe. I'm wish Mask and will try to be home as soon as I can.

Just as the little box telling you your message had been sent popped up the phone went black and you could only let out a long sigh.

“______,” You heard a voice call from just behind you, and before you could jump out of your skin to arms wrapped firmly around your waist and pulled you into something warm and firm.

“Y-you scared the crap out of me,” You stuttered, carefully lacing a set of your fingers through one of the boys visible hands.

“Sorry” He murmured, nuzzling the cold hard surface of his face into the crook of your neck. Now you were positive on who it was, and the coldness of his mask made a shiver run down your spine.

“S-so why are you here? I thought you were out with Slender or something,” You mumbled, leaning back further into the masked boys chest while you lightly ran your thumb over his fingers.

“I was, but then I came back and found you gone, so I came looking.” He explained simply before pulling away one of his hands, using it to pull his mask up just so his mouth was showing before he nuzzled back into the crook of your neck.

“I see,” You hummed, letting him rest his face in the crook of your neck a little longer before pulling away and turning to face him, much to his confusion.

“Did Hoodie already tell you my plans then?” You mumbled, almost satisfied to see he still looked rather confused, a slight twists frown on his face as he tried to figure out what you were talking about.

“No~ Why what are you plans?”

“Well...I wanted to meet Slender,” You mumbled, not expecting the reaction that came next.

You were almost positive if he were to have been drinking something he would have spit it out, and you watched as his knees seemed to give out under him for a second as he almost fell to the ground, luckily catching himself before fully falling. Why did everyone act like this? Seriously, he couldn't be all that bad.

“Are you crazy!?” He muttered, grabbing your wrist and pulling you close to him as if daring anyone to try and take you away.

“Do you know what he will do to you? He will most likely skin you, and then eat you before giving your kidneys to Jack.” He spoke, his voice deadly serious, so much to the point where it scared you just a little bit.

“Mask, I have to meet him. He can't be as bad as your all making him out to be, he could have easily killed me when I was half dead, but he didn't. If he truly wanted me dead, he could have done it even with your protests.” You huffed, trying to defend the tall creature even though you had no idea on his personality.

You watched as he opened his mouth multiple times only to close it, unable to come up a response to your defense much to your pleasure. Giving a smile, you leaned up slightly since you were still in his firm grasp and gave him a light peck on the lips, causing the part of his cheeks you could see to turn a light pink.

“You can come with me if you want,” You murmured, seeing as he was still unable to speak and you were getting tired of the quiet.

“I....I, uh...I just don'” He stuttered, his cheeks turning an even brighter pink as he tried to formulate words but failed. It had taken him a few tries before he finally cleared his throat and gave up on his attempts, causing you to giggle.

“How cute, cats got your tongue,” you cooed, your eyes rolling at his response.


“Where did all that confidence from this morning go? You had tried to French me!” You called, a laugh leaving you afterwards as you gently teased him.

You listened as he just let out a scoff and did what you assumed was an eye roll by the way his head slightly moved in a small circle. His grip around you only getting tighter as he pulled you as close as possible before lightly resting his chin on the top of your head, making you feel like a coffee table.

Now you knew the pain of every piece of furniture ever though you weren't complaining. He only let you rest like that for a few seconds before you felt him let out a deep chuckle, making him sound dark with bad intentions. You had no doubt in your mind he did, but all you could do was go stiff in his grasp till his chuckle died down.

“Whats so funny?” You huffed, puffing your cheeks lightly in a slight pout as you rested your head against his chest since he refused to loosen his grasp.

“Nothing,” He spoke rather casually, slowly releasing his grip on you before turning and making his way towards the rocky path you had come down to get where you were. You felt your cheeks puff up more, since you could tell he was doing it on purpose.

“Masky~” You whined, before trotting after him, only coming to a stop when you had a grip on his new sweatshirt sleeve, giving it a light tug causing him to come to a stop though he didn't look at you.

“Yes~?” He hummed, telling you you had his attention even though he wasn't looking your way, giving a small smirk to yourself, you decided to get the best of him.

“Jeff pushed me down the stairs earlier and then BEN tried to rape me.” You bluntly spoke, forcing your growing smile to vanish once he whipped his head towards you, anger evident in his body features.

“WHAT!?” He snapped, you could almost see the steam coming out of his ears as he waited for you to go on.

“Yea see!” You mumbled, lifting up your shirt where there was a large bruise that had formed after your incident with a creature you had learned was named “The Rake.” Though Masky didn't know that.

You watched as the boy fell quiet for a few moments, worry slowly growing on you because you had thought you had broken him, but the second you had gotten ready to wave your hand in front of his face he went off. He paced back and forth, his hands in the air as he screeched the devil's book into the air, some of the words he had said you didn't even know were words let alone swears. You never knew he had such a colorful vocabulary.

“Masky.” You huffed, causing him to turn towards you. The second he did you darted up to him like a little mouse to cheese, grabbed the collar of his hoodie and yanked him down to your level where you proceeded in planting a firm and passionate kiss on the lips. You were just happy he hadn't pulled his mask back down just yet.

It only took a few moments of shock before he begun to kiss you back, leading you back till you were smushed between him and a tree. You stayed like that till his kisses begun to lead down the line of your jaw and thats when you ended it, causing him to let out a small groan/whine of disappointment before he finally seemed to remember what had happen before that.

“I was lieing, I was just making sure you were listening,” You giggled before running off up the path you had came and down the dirt lanes you had memorized on the way to your old camp so you could find your way back to base. It only took the masked boy a few seconds to catch up, though running meant he had pulled his mask back down.

You stayed ahead of him just enough so he wasn't able to bound forward and grab your wrist before you made it to the fallen over tree that was the entrance to there his out. Sadly thats when your game ended and you were caught.

As you came to a slowing halt so you didn't smash into the make shift door, you felt the boy chasing after you grab firmly to your wrist and shove you into the door causing you to squeak. It didn't take him long to re-lift his mask and begun assault on your neck, making sure to press his full body to yours so you couldn't escape like you had last time. All you could do was giggle. You couldn't help it, you were ticklish! It was just a thing. Luckily for you someone intervened by the time he had made his way to your collar bone, the only sad part was that the person to intervene was Jeff, who did nothing be shoot off comments.

“Jeez would you to get a room! I know you like her but this is a little far even for you Mask,” The killer snorted rather loudly, attracting the attention of Hoodie who you guessed was in the room over, along with BEN and Smile.

Hoodie looked off to the side, BEN burst into laughter and Smile gave a few bark while his tale wagged. All you could do was let your face turn red, though you couldn't hold back a smile, even if it was sheepish. Mask on the other hand was having none of it, and quickly jumped to his feet and proceeded to chase them around the house, leaving you with Hoodie for a while till you both got board of one another company and split paths.

It didn't take you long after that to remember why you were still here in the first place. You had to meet Slender, and if Mask was back, that meant the tall creature was to, right? You had to at least check. With that in mind you begun your search, going from door to door till you came to one with a scratchy circle with an X through it. Who else could it be?

Slowly you gave a knock, waiting for a reply from the other side. When you got none, you gave another harder knock before waiting, with no reply. All you could do was sigh and turn to leave, you didn't want to wait much longer to meet him, because that would mean you would have to spend longer from your already worried parents.

As you slowly walked down the hall, trying to find your way back to the kitchen you didn't sense the person in front of you, and by the time you had noticed them it was to late, you had collided with them, causing you to stumble back and fall.

“S-sorry, I wasn't paying attention,” You mumbled your natural response. It wasn't till you looked up to see a pale face looking down at you did you take in a breath and quickly jump to your feet.

“S-Slender!” You murmured, taking a second to think things through before you threw out a hand for him to shake. You could tell he was giving you an odd look just from his body language but slowly he lifted one of his own long hands and shook your hand and gave a nod.

“I was..just... uh...well now I look stupid, I had it all planned out and now I forgot it.” You gave off one of your nervous laughs before you took your retreating hand and used it to rub the back of your head. You listened as the creature gave a hum and waited patiently as you cleared your throat and looked at your feet.

“I just wanted to say, thank you for saving me. I know your not very fond of humans, but thank you for making me an exception, even if it is this once.” You mumbled, giving a nod as you finished, approving yourself for not stuttering and making an even bigger fool of yourself.

You watched as the creature just stared at you for a long moment before he lifted one of his hands, placed it gently on the top of your head and gave a nod before speaking a simple-

“Welcome,” After he had hummed that, he removed his hand and made his long strides down to his office before closing himself inside.

As you watched him leave, you let a smile grow on your face and skipped down the halls till you found the kitchen. The day was going better then expected, other then the fact you now had to worry about Mask raping you in the night.

Today was a good day! Well, considering you lasted a day, in a house full of killers.

I'm sorry I uploaded this so late, but I got stuck making dinner, doing dishs, school and of course dealing with Holloween! Another long day gone by and its already way past the time I normally sleep.

One more chapter till the epilouge, and I can't decide if I should hold all epilouges till I run out of characters I wanna write about, or just do it all in one go, becuase I still have to upload the Slender one XD I just haven't gotten any good ideas for it which is why its taking so long.

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 5:…
Part 6:…
Part 7:…
Part 8: Your Here
Part 9:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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Masky ? by De-Haro

 You mumbled to yourself as you sat yourself on a reasonable sized rock and locked eyes with the forest line about a half a mile away from the road. How long did it take for one guy to pee? Well, that was what you assumed he was doing, because he had absolutely no other reason to go into the woods like he had. You let out a low growl to yourself as you thought through what had occurred that could have caused the current situation.

When both of you had jumped off the bus and watched it drive off down the road, Mask came to a halt just before you were about to turn around and make your way down the road and turned his gaze on the forest line just off to the side of you both.

Before you could even question what was wrong he turned back to you and told you to stay on the path till he was back before darting off into the forest line, leaving you alone on the dirt path with no explanation. Now you had no other choice then to wait.

You were actually starting to get worried, because all of that had happen over at least 20 minutes ago, and you hadn’t seen or heard anything from the forest since he had vanished among the foliage. Just because bears weren’t an issue in the fall didn't mean wolves and cougars weren’t, and you could do nothing but fear the worst for your friend till he returned.

That was until your fears were possibly confirmed when you heard a rather loud yelp from the trees, causing you to almost instantly jump up and flee towards the woods, your bag left behind to help increase your speed. No animal was going to eat your friend, not while you were around at least, they would have to kill you first, and with that you lept over the bushes that surrounded the base of the trees and made your way towards the area that your mind had decided the sound was coming from.

The sound of “oofs” echoing through the forest helped to lead you towards where you assumed your friend was, but when you came to the boarder of a small clearing with five guys in the middle doing to you what seemed like brawling you felt a shiver run down your spine.

In the center of what you could easily call a ring was a pale boy with knives shining brightly in his hands, the most hellish smirk planted, or what you could soon tell might have been carved into his face along with a blue masked boy, also holding a knife as they did what you could assume was beat, or at least try to beat on a boy in a yellow sweat shirt that matched Mask's.

You would have though it was him, and was getting ready to leap to his rescue till you spotted your friend sitting on tree's stump, watching the fight while a tall man in a suit stood next to him, watching with a faceless stare. What the hell had you walked into?!

Before you even had time to think about what might have been going on, you tuned into the conversation the had begun to start, listening intently in hopes of finding some answers to what was going on before you.

“Hoodie, stay light on your feet, otherwise you won't be able to dodge there attacks.” The tall being rumbled to the one in the almost identical yellow hoodie that Mask sported, giving you a name and a blacked out face to match it with.

“Yes, Slender.” The boy in the ring spoke up before his fighting continued with the pale kid and the boy with the blue face and almost midnight black skin.

“Slender, I don't think I can stay much longer, I left a friend of mine on the path when you called me, and she might come looking soon If I don't return.” You listened as Masky hummed, but before the tall being you had placed with the name “Slender” could answer the pale kid spoke up.

“Well if your so eager to go meet up with your girlfriend then take Hood's place and fight us.” He sneered, turning his knives on your friend which made your blood almost boil, though you couldn't stop your face from turning red at his comment. You could tell Masky had the same reaction by the way he had begun to stutter.

“S-she is not my girlfriend Jeff!” The boy snapped, his fists clenching at his sides as he leaned forward from his seat.

“And it better stay that way, Mask. If you wish to meet up with your friend then beat Jeff in a one and one, then you may leave.” Slender spoke, his voice serious as he turned his gaze towards the center of the ring.

You couldn't believe your ears, there was no way you were letting your friend fight a maniac like him! Though no matter how many times you told yourself to get up and run to his aid, your fear over the others there was more powerful then your urge to protect your friend, so all you could do was watch as he bounced to his feet and make his way towards “Jeff”.

You couldn't watch the fight, you had quickly turned and shuffled away, careful not to make any noise as you made your way back down the path you had taken to get to the clearing in the first place. Slowly you let out a sigh, letting your feet drag along the dirt as you walked, your hands in your pockets as the sound of the current fight dwindled into the background while your thoughts took over.

How were you suppose to talk to him normally after that? You had a hard time believing that he was even apart of something so aggressive let alone deadly. That was when your mind started to shoot off ideas.

What if he was being forced to do what he was, what if he was in debt and the only way he could pay it off was by joining what you could only, as of now call, fight club. What if he was training to join the CSI! As your head fired off all your odd possibility’s, you hadn't even heard the foot steps come up behind you as a hand gently placed itself on your shoulder.

“______! What are you doing out here? I told you to wait on the path...” The voice didn't sound at all please, and you could instantly tell who it was by the question they had asked.

For some reason, you couldn't help but let anger fill you. How dare he be mad at you when he was hiding something so dark as that from you!

“ jerk!” You snapped, letting your mind take over your emotions as you spun around on your heals to shoot him a glare. You could tell you had taken him by surprise by the way he jumped.

“W-what did I do?” He asked, his voice raising slightly only to match your volume, no anger held in his voice what so ever, only confusion.

You felt yourself open your mouth to yell again only to quickly close it. You couldn't tell him you saw what he had done in that clearing, you feared that his friends may have been listening near by, and if he found out you knew, then he would be forced to hurt you by Slender and the others for knowing.

“ dare you make me worry like that! I though you had gotten attacked by a mountain lion or something!” You shouted, tears starting to form in your eyes as your emotions went into slightly over drive. You watched through blurry eyes as his eyes went wide from under his mask before going soft as he let out a sigh.

“I'm sorry for worrying you _______, I didn't mean to leave you waiting on the path that long.” He muttered quietly before taking a step forward and pulling you into a reasonably tight hug.

OK, you couldn't stay mad at him anymore, not with that! Who could? It was like staying mad at a puppy when it accidentally peed on the carpet. Slowly you let yourself relax in his embrace and soon enough let out a small sigh before returned his hug, hiding your face in his neck to try and get your emotions under control again.

It had taken you a while to calm down, and as if on cue you both released your grips on one another and pulled away from one another, leaving a small space between you as you went to work on drying your eyes with your hands.

“I'm sorry for yelling...” You muttered, your voice still a little hoarse from your emotion overload.

“It's fine, I shouldn't have worried you...” He hummed, giving you a smile from under his mask before for lightly grabbing your hand and leading you off to the side and back towards the path. His pace quickened when you heard a light snicker from behind you, but you feared if you turned to see who was there, you would fall on your face.

--- Masky P.O.V. ---

I was surprised when I saw tears well up in your eyes, I had never seen you cry before, or even come close, so even though I didn't see anything I had done wrong, I still felt guilty as hell for bringing you to the brink of tears. What an ass I was. It was times like these I was happy I had my mask, that way others wouldn't be able to see just how much that had hit me.

Before I could even contemplate my actions, I muttered out an apologize and had pulled you into a hug. The second I felt my grip lock around you, my knees tried to buckle, I could feel Slender digging his gaze into me just for hugging you, a human girl. As a proxy I wasn't allowed to keep human friends for very long before Jeff found and killed them, or I was forbidden from seeing them again.

“Please ________, don't ever come after me again like that, I don't want to loose you to.” I tried my hardest to mutter out, but I couldn't bring the words out of my mouth with the sharp eyes of Slenderman digging into my back like they were.

Before I knew it we had released one another, said one more apology and then headed down the path back to the main road, me leading you by the hand. I was more then eager to get out of the forest now, I couldn't stand the stare of Slender in my back anymore. The fact I couldn't tell him to knock it off just made it worse.

My blood ran cold when I heard Jeff snicker behind us, and I nearly took off in a full sprint towards the main path in order to keep you facing forward and to keep me from confirming my fears. I wasn't going to let them take anymore of my friend away from me. I would do no matter what it took to keep you safe, even if it meant dieing at the hands of Slender in the process.

Once we had finally made it back to the path, I watched as you quickly took your bag in your hands, before you could sling it over your shoulder I gently took it from you and slung it over my own shoulder to carry it.

“You don't have to do that Masky.” She murmured, her eyes slightly wide in amazement at my action, but for what reason I couldn't figure out.

“It's the least I could do for upsetting you, so I insist.” Was all I could mutter before making my way up the path towards your house. I had no idea what had gotten into me, I have only apologized to a handful of people, I have only ever hugged creepy-pasta members, and I had only ever carried bags for Slender, and that was because I was forced to.

The rest of the walk to your house was spent in silence, which was unusual since you normally begun to talk about anything after I had kept quiet for more then three minutes. My mind had started to wonder thanks to the quiet atmosphere, and my thoughts always came back to you. Had you seen something in the woods to startle you or something? No you would have told him about it by now, so why were you being so quiet?

My thoughts were interrupted when you came a halt in front of your house and shot me a smile before gently taking your bag from me.

--- Reader P.O.V. ---

The walk home was a quiet one, and to be honest it was driving you nuts. The only thing keeping you from speaking was what had happen among the trees. The one thing on this earth you were positive your friend didn't want you to see, all because you had to jump to conclusions about his safety.

When you had come to your house, you smiled. Finally you might be able to escape the dead air, even if it was by saying a simple good-bye. Coming to a stop you turned to the masked boy and smiled before gently lacing your fingers around your backpack strap and placing it on your shoulder, preparing to take it inside.

“Thank you for walking me home and carrying my bag Masky, it was very sweet of you.” You hummed, a blush trying to fight its way onto your cheeks as you thought about it, though you strongly held it back.

“O-oh, yea of course, anytime ______.” He murmured, seeming to pull himself out of his thoughts before giving a nod and turning to leave. All you could do was watch as he slowly made his way down the road, his head tilted down as he begun to think again.

You would have done the same to go inside, but your feet were telling you otherwise. Once he had gotten a short distance away, you took off full speed after him before lightly pulling him back by the shoulder, much to his surprise, and giving the pale painted surface of his mask a gentle kiss before giving a nod to him and trotting back to your house, finally able to enter without hesitation.

Squeaked squeak squeak x3 

I would actually like to know your guys opinon for the next part .o. Should reader break down and tell him in secret what she saw in the woods, or hold it in and not tell him till something big happens? 

I, personally, am leaning towards the second one, but its not just my story, its your too! So tell me what you think I should do =3 I like to hear what you guys think. 

Part 3: You here

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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Masky ? by De-Haro

You sighed, swinging your feet from side to side as you sat in the hospital, waiting for a doctor to call your name so you could get up, be told your fine, and then get the hell out because you felt fine, to your memory you looked fine, and you were in no more pain other then a sore spot here or there.

You had tried to hard to convince your parents that you were fine, but in the end they had dragged you to the hospital anyway, and even tried to get you into the ER! Luckily for you the nurses saw you looked fine and directed you and your family to the waiting room since unlike others, you weren't gushing blood, you weren't in unbearable pain, and you still had all your limbs.

Now you just sat in the waiting room, your head in your hands as you listened to other peoples conversations or the dreaded ticking of the clock that sat on the wall just above you. You so desperately wanted to go home and wait for Mask to come and visit you, but of course that wasn't going to happen.

You flinched and gave a cringed as your brother curiously poked at the stitches that had now been uncovered. He had never seen them before, and with the little bits of dried blood coming up from in between the threads it did more then peak his interest, all he wanted to do was scratch at it. You had felt the same way, which was why it was covered up, but now you were using all your will power to not pick at it yourself and even more to get your brother to stop messing with it.

“So are you going to tell me where you go that?” You mother huffed, her hands on her hips as she tried to interrogate you for the seventh time that morning, didn't she ever give up? How were you suppose to tell her, “Yea, a monster came out of the woods and attacked me, but then Mask came to check on me and saved my ass so you should really be thanking him.”

Since you knew you would look like a nut if you said that, you had kept quiet and told them it was just an accident on the way to the campsite. Though that text message you had sent seemed to be back firing on you, because you had heard your mother whispering to your father about Masky and how he had 'most likely' hurt you. You wanted to snap at her for that one, but you knew better when she was only trying to protect you. She had never met Mask, so it only made since she would be wary of him.

“Mrs. ________” Your head shot up in sweet relief when you heard your name and saw the doctor standing in front of a slightly a jarred door. The second your eyes set on your target you were up and had darted over to him, your hands behind your back as you gave a greeting and a smile, giving him the “save me from them,” look.

All he did was give a blink before smiling and giving a small nod and asking the blissful question you had been waiting for.

“Would you like your parents to come along or come in alone?” The second he asked that you nearly shouted your answer, going for the choice. You mother blinked at you before shooting you the look that told you she was going to scold you later for your answer before she sat back down in her seat and motioned for you to go.

Once you were in the office you sat on the examination table and waited for the series of questions to begin. You easily went through them, having all the answers to the questions memorized by heart since this wasn't the first time you had done this. By the time it came to the examination part of the visit, you lifted off your first shirt leaving just your tank top before lifting that one up half way to show the whole proportion of the stitched scar.

You could tell by the look on the doctors face that he hadn't been expecting to see that along with all the bruises that lined your stomach but soon he composed himself, pushed along it a few times testing the pain level, and then went to scribble on his note pad.

“May I know how you got this, and who did it up?” He asked, turning back to you with a pen and pad in hand ready to take notes.

“Uh..well...” You hummed, leaning back slightly before telling him after getting him to agree to patient doctor confidentiality. Though you did cover some thing up, like instead of the rake that attacked you it was a cougar and instead of Slender and his friends healing you it was Mask's 'father' who use to be a doctor but retired.

After your story the man gave a nod and went on about how lucky you were that your friend had come to save you. Naturally you agreed and watched as he wrote you a prescription for pain killers in case the pain got to bad and sent you back out to your parents, while telling you to come back if anything changed.

Easily you agreed to that as well and slip past your parents who practically bounded to the doctor trying to pry answers out of him. During this time, instead of waiting for them you made your way out towards the car after checking out. You sighed in content as you felt the noon sun on your skin. Thats right, you had been sitting in that building for hours! Why were doctors visits always so long? You visit was literally only 20 minutes, but your wait was hours.

It took you another good 20 minutes to wait for your parents and by the time you had gotten home it was the late after noon. You had never been so tired in your life, and for once you felt your side giving you trouble. So much trouble in fact that by the time you had to get out of the car, all it took was the brush of the seat belt on your side to bring you down in a groaning mess.

“_____, you OK?” You heard your brother call as he scooted out of his car seat and scurried over to your assistance, a look of worry striking his innocent face. With his look you quickly sucked it up, taking in a sharp breath before steadily getting to your feet, a hand carefully placed over your side to protect it.

“Yea, I'm fine Dillon, just a little tired and sore is all,” you hummed, and as if on instinct you let out a yawn, a hand running over your eyes to wipe away the small tears that had formed.

“Lets get you inside then, you can take a few of your pain killers and then take a nap before dinner.” You mother hummed, making her way over to you where she took your free hand carefully in hers and steadily lead you towards the house. Walking up the few steps to get to the front door was hell.

All this made the moment you laid down into bed even sweeter, with a sigh of relief you snuggled into your sheets and quickly fell asleep. You weren't awoken again till you head a tapping at your window at around midnight. It wasn't very loud, but given the head ache you had woken up with it was as if it was echoing around your room on max volume.

With a huff you shuffled out of bed and over to the window, getting ready to snap at who ever was making so much noise but when you came face to face with a black tentacle you blinked, forgetting your head ache. When you looked down, your eyes went wide to see none other then Slenderman, who was about half way up your house in head height.

“What is it Slendy?” You hummed, trying to rub some of the sleep out of your eyes only to make your headache worse. You looked as he motioned his hand towards the edge of the forest, and for the first time in your life you agreed to being possibly kidnapped.

With a sigh you crawled into your window to where you were sitting on the edge of the sill, your legs dangle out and motioned for him to carry you down since there was no way your were going to jump out of a second story building with a headache in nothing but pj's. Once you were gently placed on the ground, you followed the tall being to the edge of the forest where you were met with an ear splitting whisper, or at least what was an ear splitting whisper to you form BEN who quickly latched to you like a spider monkey.

“Shhh,” you mumbled, covering over your ears for a second as Smiley begun to bark. Sadly for you his barks sounded like his loudest screeched into a microphone.

“What's wrong kid?” You heard Jeff speak up, you were surprised to see him, but with a sigh you quickly answered his question by rubbing your temples in a pain filled motion.

“Here,” You heard Hoodie speak up, you watched from the corner of your eye as he made his way over, tightly tieing a cool rag around your head before stepping back. At that the pain dialed down significantly.

“T-thanks,” you mumbled, pressing a hand to the rag to increase the pressure. You saw as he gave a nod and retreated to the back of he group. As you looked over the faces, you didn't see one in particular, and just as you were about to open your mouth to ask you were interrupted.

“Mask had to stay back at base to watch it while we're out here, he will be by later once we get back.” Jeff quickly explained, rolling his hands as he spoke.

After that you spent a good half an hour talking with the guys before saying good-bye. You followed the tall being back towards your house through the field and just as you were placed on your window sill and the tall being was just about to leave you called out to him.

“Thanks for letting me say good-bye to everyone, but may I ask a question?” You watched as he looked over his shoulder, giving a sure but brief nod as he waited for you to go on with your question.

“What other people live among the forest other then you and the guys?” You mumbled, swinging your legs back and forth slightly as you waited for an answer.

The creature took a moment to consider your question but just as he was about to open his mouth to answer you heard a knocking on your door not only startling you but the creature below you as well. Without hesitation you swung your legs back into your room and pretended to just be looking out at the sky. The second you turned your gaze back in the outside world Slender had already vanished, truly leaving you alone with whoever was behind to door.

“Come in,” You mumbled, turning so you were facing the door in order to see who was bothering you so late at night. Blinking you watched your door open quickly as little brother scampered over to you and crawled up into your lap, gripping your night shirt as if it were the most important thing in the world.

“Whats wrong Dillon?” You hummed, rubbing circles gently in his back as you attempted to calm him down. It had taken him a few minutes to lower his crying to sniffle before he spoke.

“I-I had a horrible dream,” He murmured, nuzzling his head into your chest in a quiet way of telling you he didn't want to talk about it. With a small sigh you leaned back against your window before yous started to hum and rock, just like your mother had for you when you were small and were scared of the terrible things that lurked deep within your mind.

You spent a good hour like this, just gently rocking and humming a random tune until he had fallen asleep, and continued this till long after he had fallen asleep, only coming to a pause when you yourself begun to feel the affects of sleep pulling at you. You would have fallen asleep all together if it wasn't for the cool breeze running along your back from the open window, no matter how peaceful it was, it was still a little to chilly for your liking. You would have gotten up to close it, but you feared waking your brother, so you just sat there listening to the night.

“Boo,” you nearly jumped out of your skin and would have screamed at the top of your lungs if it weren’t for the hand that had flung over your mouth.

That one little word, for once, had terrified you. You had refused to calm down till the person who had startled you lept out of the area from behind you, where you assumed they had been perched on the sill and came into your preferential vision. When you saw that familiar white mask you went from as stiff as a tree to as relaxed as a willow in seconds, allowing a heavy sigh to leave you before you lifted a hand and rubbed at your eyes.

“Cheese and crackers Mask you scared the living day lights out of me!” You hissed, your eyes wondering down to make sure your brother hadn't awoken at your jump, which he hadn't. You heard him give a quiet chuckle before making his way over to you, sitting himself next to you on your make shift seat of a crate and a pillow.

“Sorry, I hadn't expected you to be half asleep when I came by,” he apologized, making sure to keep his voice low not wanting to wake the sleeping child in your arms.

It didn't take him long to lifted his mask up enough to show his mouth before placing a gentle kiss on your cheek. Almost instantly after that he pulled the hard piece of wood and paint back down to cover his face, though you weren’t sure why. Maybe it was just a precaution if your brother woke up? Oh well, didn't matter now.

“So what are you doing creepin' around peoples windows so late at night?” You hummed, your voice playful as you slowly got to your feet and made your way down the hall, Mask in hot pursuit as if leaving you alone would result in your demise.

“Is it a crime to want to see my girlfriend?” He hummed into your ear, wanting to keep his voice as low as humanly possible in order to keep his presence hidden, causing a small shiver to run down your spine.

You understood that part, your parents were literally just down the hall, and your walls, no matter how sad it was to say, were as thin as paper at night. With no noise to muffle out the small bumps in the night, almost everything had an echo, even the clock down stairs could be heard as it faintly ticked on. If your parents caught him in the house, especially so late at night, your father would kill him and your mother would have a cow.

Literally, she would most likely spew a cow.

“Suppose not,” you whispered as you came to your brothers room where you gently placed him down in bed and covered him over. The second the blankets were over him he let out a mumble and snuggled in to the comforter, causing you to give a small smile. Mask on the other hand fled from behind you to the other side of the room the second your brother let out a mumble, only causing you to smirk.

“And what are you doing?” You mumbled in a hushed tone, raising an eye brow as you watched him almost completely fade into the shadows, you might not have been able to see if it weren’t for his mask, which practically glowed in the moon light.

“Nothing.” He muttered, quickly moving from the shadow as he grabbed your hand, pulling you out of your brothers room and into yours, not saying a word until he had closed the door behind the both of you.

“I can't get caught by anyone here, otherwise I'm in serious trouble,” he mumbled, before turning to you. The second you made eye contact with him you gave him the “Oh no~ really,” look causing him to let out a chuckle.

“Now that we're finally alone, may I have a proper welcome?” You hummed, slowly taking a few steps forward as if to not startle a wild animal, which you considered the boy to be with that you were about to do.

“Whaa?” He mumbled, his voice heavy with confusion as he looked at you. The second he looked at the ground to go deeper into thought was the time you made your move.

Swiftly while balancing all your weight through your feet to avoid creaking floor boards, you darted over to him, using what little strength you had to shuffle him against the wall with your body. He looked utterly dumbfounded at your action, but the second you lifted your hands, running your fingers lightly under the edge of his mask did he understand exactly why you had done that.

In a natural reaction he tried to pull away only for the wall to stop him. You heard as he let out a small huff in defeat only causing you to grin like an idiot. When you finally lifted his mask up over his head, you were happy to see he had a small smirk on his face as his eyes practically danced with mischief. You were even more pleased that he wasted no time in giving you what you wished for, gently pressing his lips to yours.

You both stayed like that for only a few seconds before he pulled away, not wanting to be left gasping for air when he was suppose to be stealthy. You let a small pout form on your face at the fact he pulled away, but you understood and slowly backed up a bit, giving him room so he wasn't pressed against the wall.

After that you found yourself getting tired so you crawled into bed, snuggling under the sheets while your visitor climbed up next to you, resting on top of the sheets instead of under them, not wanting them to be a hassle if he had to make a hasty escape. You both laied there for a long time, him just gently running his fingers through your hair while you lied there half asleep enjoying the feeling. Only questions that came to your mind prevented you from fulling falling asleep, and you soon voiced your mind.

“Hey Masky, if Mask your real name?” You hummed, letting you (e/c) orbs wonder up to his face now that you had the chance to read him through his facial expressions. Sadly for you all he did was blink before allowing his eyes to meet yours.

“No, but I'm curious to know where you got that question from,” he mumbled, moving his fingers from your hair to your face where he lightly ran his digits over your cheek.

“Mask just didn't sound like a real name.” You muttered rather blandly, though your answer seems to amuse the boy at your side as he let a smile form on his face before speaking again.

“My real name is Tim, or at least it was before I became Slender's proxy.” He hummed, his hands coming to a stop as he moved the mask from the top of his head to the side so it covered his left ear, one of his arms propping up to support his head as he lied down at your side.

Tim hmm, what a nice name.  


I'm so glad you guys are enjoying this stroy so far, though I think I'm going to draw a new name from my cup of Pasta names and do a switch off between that story and this one x3 either that or I will wrap it up pretty soon .o. cuz I really am running out of ideas XD and I dont want it to be to dragged out. 

Part 10: YOU BE HERE
Part 11:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet: 
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Masky ? by De-Haro

“Your up,” You heard a voice speak up sounding slightly surprised as you sat on the couch, playing video games with a young boy you had come to know as BEN and Jeff of course who had just jumped in not long ago.

With a smile you placed your controller down, not caring if you lost the round this time and jumped to your feet, tackling the masked boy with a cheer, happy to see him again. Your action seemed to surprise him as he stumbled back, gripping the wall to support himself before giving a very faint chuckle and hugging you briefly back.

“She's been up since breakfast, and kicking my ass at COD!” Jeff huffed, his face pull together in frustration as he died again at the hands of BEN, who was guarding your character while you were AFK. You let out a small snicker as you stuck your tongue out at the killer, purposely taunting him while you kept a latch on Masky, who was still trying to take everything in.

“Very mature _______.” Jeff huffed, shooting you a glare which you returned in a playful manor.

“This is no work, I ain't gotta be mature,” You stated, purposely messing up your grammar. You listened as BEN let out a laugh at your way of speech and the fact he had killed Jeff again, while the killer just grunted to let out some of his frustrations before dropping his controller in a way of rage quit.

You pulled your attention back to the boy you were holding to when you felt yourself get picked up, causing you to squeak. He had picked you up bridal style, and was proceeding out of the living room. You hadn't really noticed the situation till BEN let out a howl of sorts, more in a sexual manor then anything. All you could do was let your face light up.

“Where we going Masky~” You hummed, lacing your arms around his neck so you could have more of a hold and get comfortable in his hold, which he easily allowed you to do.

“It's great that your up, but you should really rest instead of bouncing around the house. Especially when your wounds haven't fully healed.

“Awe come on Masky~ It's so boring to rest,” you mumbled, letting a small pout form on your face.

All he did was let out a small chuckle before pushing the door to your room open and gently proceeded to place you on the bed. Now that you were both alone, and you had nothing distracting you, the heavy sent of metallic iron waifed through your senses and it was then that you noticed that his entire lower half, and some of his shirt, was drenched in a heavy colored blood.

“Mask, what were you doing while you were gone?” You mumbled, looking him straight in the face so he wouldn't quickly realize you had noticed.

“Training with Slender, it was part of the deal I had with him in order for you to stay here till you were better.” He explained, his eyes wondering down himself before he stiffened and proceeded to turn around so most of the blood was now out of your line of vision.

You could tell he wasn't comfortable with you seeing him drenched in blood, but you couldn't help but wonder exactly where the blood came from. You didn't think you wanted to know until a blue faced boy made his way in, his black clothing drenched in blood as well, though it seemed to be his own as the fluid oozed down from under his mask and dripped from his chin and clothing.

“Just came to get some gauze, I'm out in my room.” The boy huffed, quickly making his way over towards the drawers and digging through them till he found what he as looking for. He hadn't noticed you till he turned around to pull off his sweatshirt and apply the gauze.

“Oh, uh...S-sorry, I didn't know you had woke up, you were still asleep when we left,” The boy quickly shot out, shoving the bandage into his sweat shirt pocket before quickly shuffling towards the door.

Before he could leave you quickly jumped up and grabbed his sleeve, effectively stopping him so you could grab his wrist. The second you had a firm grip on him you made your way over to your bed where you sat him down and quickly snatched the gauze from his pocket.

“Shirt off.”


“You heard me,” you huffed, letting your face morph into one of slight annoyance. It wasn't like he didn't understand English, and you had a feeling you were going to get snapped at by Mask after this.

Without much more question, sensing your annoyance, he hesitantly pulled off his black sweatshirt and placed it next to him. Now that you could see the wounds clearly you went to work with the little medical skill you had and quickly went on disinfecting and bandaging him up. You could tell he was slightly surprised at your action, but didn't say anything about it and just let you do your thing.

“There, all done,”You hummed, finally pulling back from the boy you had learned was named Jack and giving off one of your winning smiles.

“U-uh...thanks,” He mumbled, his cheeks turning a light pink against his ash black skin. You only knew this because you had made him take his mask off. If you could, you were going to get a name to go with every face, especially if they wore a mask.

Giving a nod you watched from the corner of you eye as he slipped his sweatshirt back on before hopping off the bed and making his way to the door. You both shared one last nod before he left, leaving you alone with Mask, making the room almost eerily quiet.

“How did you know how do that?” Mask mumbled once you had turned around. You felt yourself go stiff as you looked him over. A dark aura had settled over him, and you weren't sure if you should trust him and stick around, or run screaming for the hills in search of Jeff or Hoodie for help.

Remembering what Hoodie had told you eariler, you swallowed all your fear and put on a small smile. You could do this! Once you had taken a breath you made your way over towards him while answering his question.

“When you go camping like I do, you learn how to use at least basic medical supplies,” You mumbled, your smile growing as you came face to face with him.

You were happy that the closer you got, the less and less the aura existed, though even with you as close as you were, it was still there, desperately latching to him. In an attempt to dissipate it completely you stood on your tippy toes, lightly grabbing his chin and turning his head so you could proceed to place a gentle kiss on his cheek.

The second you did that the aura vanished and you smiled, giving him one more light kiss on the cover of his mask before taking a step back. Before you could even blink you let out a huff as you were pushed into the wall, your wrists pinned at your head gently but firmly.

When you allowed yourself to open your eyes, you were face to face with with Masky, though your eyes were only locked on that intense gaze of his, you hadn't realized he had lifted his mask off over his head till you had opened your eye . You felt your cheeks heat up lightly as you both just stared at one another. You had no words, what were you suppose to say at a time like this? Though the look he gave you almost urged you on to speak, so you did.

“I, uh... n-nice... weather we're having, hmm?” You mumbled, your voice no higher then a whisper as you mentally face palmed. You watched as his eyes begun to dance with amusement and a small smile formed on his lips before he let out a chuckle.

OK, you could understood why he had laughed at that, BUT IT WAS HIS FAULT! He made you stupid with that gaze, if he hadn't urged you on like he had, you wouldn't of said anything at all. Now you had made a stupid comment and looked like an idiot. How were you to come back from that?

“I suppose,” He spoke quietly through his chuckle, the grip around your wrists getting tighter as he leaned forward. All you could to do keep your eyes from crossing was lean back further, though by that time you were completely flat against the wall.

You both spent a few more seconds like that just looking at one another, you trying to read his eyes while he masterfully kept all thoughts from his gaze, making it terribly difficult for you to read him.

“I think, this, is long over due,” he hummed after a while since you weren't planning on saying anything anytime soon.

Just as you were about to open your mouth to ask what he meant, he pressed his lips to yours, causing your eyes to go as wide as saucers before you relaxed and finally found the courage to kiss him back. The kiss was forceful yet gentle, making it impossible for you to tell when he would pull back, but you honestly weren't in a hurry.

After a few seconds, he finally released your wrists in favor of your waist, and you gladly let him press you against him as you laced your arms around his neck, hiding your fingers in his mess of hair. This went on for a little while longer before he pulled back, shooting you a devious smile before making his way to the door.

“Slender wanted me for something, I'll be back, but till then, please rest.” With that he gave you a wink and then swiftly pulled his mask over his face again before leaving you alone.

Once he had left your face exploded into a bright red mess causing you to naturally dip your head to the floor as you played with the fringe of your shirt and the loose strands of hair that fell forwards. You had no words, yet again, you just couldn't seem o formulate any. They were all stuck running through your head screaming at you, all coming back to the same line.


You just sat on the cold tile floor till it begun to numb your legs, only then did you shuffle to your feet, where you proceeded to climb into bed where you could hide your mess of a face in bed.

No. Words.

You weren't interrupted again till you heard the door creek open, and you hadn't even looked up till you heard Jeff ask if you were awake. When you looked up, you could only assume you were still pink, for the way the killers normal look formed into a smirk before he burst into laugher.

“What do you want!” You cried, your face turning even more red at the embarrassing fact you were getting laughed at.

Without even saying anything he tossed you a small bag filled with chocolates while he tried to calm himself down.

“Uh.. thanks?” You murmured, now more confused then embarrassed. Seeing your look he quickly calmed down and shot you a small glare.

“Mask wanted me to give them to you, he would have himself, but he got dragged off by Slender.” The killed explained before making his way back towards the door. When you had heard they were from Mask, your face went red again and you let out a groan of embarrassment.

You listened as the killer burst into laughter, holding his stomach at your reaction.

“Ugh! Men,” you snapped, jumping to your feet and storming past him and into the hall way, trying to cover your embarrassment over with anger. While you walked down the hall way, you were bothered by Jeff who didn't stop shooting off questions.

“So, what did he do to get you so flustered?”

“None of your business Jeff.”

“Did he grope you.”


“Did you read something he wrote to someone else?”


“Did he...ya' know...”

After that you took a second to consider what he was suggesting before your eyes went wide and you shot him the 'are you serious' look, only causing him to laugh and give a few vigorous nods.

“NO! No, he didn't! Why are you suddenly so interested anyway?” You huffed, finally coming to the kitchen where you were happy and sad to find Hoodie and Jack. You hoped they would save you from the killer, and not get involved, though with the way things were going you were having doubts.

Hoodie, Jack, please!” You cried, running over to them and sitting between them both to prevent the killer from sitting next to you and asking questions.

The two boys looked between you and Jeff a few times before Jack sighed and got to his feet, quickly grabbing Jeff's arm and escorting him from the kitchen while you hid behind Hoodie till he was gone. After it was only you and Hoodie, he gave you a look quietly asking you to spill what was on your mind. Though you were against telling Jeff, you had an odd feeling you could trust Hoodie.

“Jeff was just bugging me about why I was so flustered, thats all.” You mumbled, looking at the table. With a sigh the boy got to his feet, made his way over towards the counter, grabbed a coffee cup and poured you a drink before setting it in front of you and motioning for you to go on.

After a long time spilling everything from the time playing video games with the guys up till now, Hoodie listened intently, and when you finished gave a nod before setting his cup of coffee on the table and giving you a side glance.

“Reason enough to be flustered, but what are you going to do now? Mask isn't one to usually show personal affection, so I can't be of much help telling you what might be the next best step.” The boy mumbled. All you could do was face desk the table and let out a frustrated groan.

“Thats of no help Hoodie.”

“I know.”

So...when is Mask suppose to be back with Slender?” You asked, your voice a muffled mumble as you ran your fingers along the smooth edge of your cup, letting it relax you enough to think.

“About thirty minutes if there on scheduled, why?”

“I want to meet Slender.” You huffed, getting to your feet while your hands rested on the table.

You watched slightly surprised as the boy almost spit out all his coffee and nearly fell out of his seat. You hadn't been expecting that reaction, Slender was the one who healed you, right? So he couldn't be all that bad. Then again he had wanted to let you die if you remembered things correctly.

Both you and him had a short stare down before he sighed in defeat and looked at the table before giving a small nod. You smiled and sat, taking a sip from your coffee while you wondered about how Slender's personality was. By the reaction of Hoodie, you could take a guess, but only you could make the judgment if he was OK in your book or not.

Yup, you were going to meet Slenderman.

Another long day of writing, cleaning, school and painting, but eh. That's the life it is to be a Sparta. My only issues with writing are that I get distracted so easily, I have the attention span of a goldfish, and it takes its toll. I also tend to write these ALL DAY, which means when ever I get free time, there I am, writing.

Only 2 more chapters to this series left before the Epilouge! I'm both sad and excited, but you can expect them to be good just like always ;)

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 5:…
Part 6:…
Part 8:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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Masky ? by De-Haro

 --- Major Time-skip (cuz Imma lazy bug) ---

Early Summer:

You sighed as you finally found a flat spot next to a fresh water river deep with in the hills behind you family's house. Summer had finally arrived at last! No more boring school, agonizing tests or painful lectures, just you, the trees, and your bag of supplies. As you went through your list of things, you felt like you were forgetting something, and then you remembered – Masky.

The whole month before school let out, you had been avoiding the masked boy as if he were the plague, and it wasn't only hurting him, but you as well. It killed you to be without his company for so long, and it had even gotten to the point where on the last week of school, the closest thing you both had come to making contact was a single glance at one another from opposite ends of the soccer field.

The reason you were avoiding him was simply because you were nosy. Seeing a bunch of weirdo's on the woods knife fighting against one another with odd looks was bad enough to cause an awkward snag in your friendship, but then while web surfing, you found the link to a website called “Creepy-pasta.” You being the natural curious girl you are, jumped on the website and begun to surf it, and before you knew it, you saw pictures of all the guys you had seen in the woods, along with none other then Mask himself...

Why the hell did you have to be so curious, you wished you could go back in time and slap yourself before you had clicked on the website. You wished you had never seen the website, and you wished you had been less worried when he left for the woods. Now that you knew, something deep inside you was making you avoid the best friend you had ever had, and you hated yourself for it.

“Stupid!” You snapped at yourself before picking up a near by stick and giving yourself a good whack on the head, just hard enough to cause you to wince, but not cause any real damage.

After you had punished yourself with the stick, you shuffled to your feet from your sitting place by the river and begun to set up your camp. A small tent near but away from the water in case it rained, a cooler with small snack foods and drinks you kept locked up tight but left it near the river in case a bear came sniffing, and a bag of dry snack foods for those days when hunting and fishing was unsuccessful along with a flask for water and a small GPS device to find your way back to camp, since you sucked at reading a compass.

Everything you would need for a 2 week trip roughing it among the woods, just like you did every year. Usually you would bring friends, but this year it was just you, and that was a good thing in this case, since you felt like you needed time to think anyway. With everything going on between you and Mask, you needed time alone to clear your head.

Run, Run
Don't Trail Behind
Keep Moving
The Beast Wont Stop Till We're Dead
All The Scrapes On Our Knees
Will Tell You Where We've Been
Where We Have Bled

Are We Placed High
In The Autumn Days

You had begun to hum to yourself as you picked up some fishing poles and begun to set them up along the bank of the river, eager to get your first catches before night fall, which was quickly approaching as you hummed. You hadn't gotten to your usual spot till a little after noon, so now you were stretched with the task of gathering food before night, and gathering some fire wood for the pit in order to cook said food.

Just before you had started the next verse, you were already greeted by your first visitors, a pair of young wild cats who had begun to sniff around your cooler while your back was turned. You not being scared of a few stray house cats quickly got to your feet and shooed them away with a loud “Ey!”

Luckily it was enough to startle them and they took off through the trees, there tails trailing behind them as they vanished into the bushes. Normally when cats such as those came sniffing, you would had treated them to a snack, but they had looked fairly well feed for forest cats, so you had decided against it. They could clearly hunt if they were that lean, so they didn't need your food.

After the incident with the forest cats, you quickly proceeded to scrounge through the near by bushes for twigs and dried up leaves to help start your fire, luckily you were still close enough to the river so when your line gave a ring you quickly scurried out of the brush and over to the pole, dropping your sticks down where you had found them, not wanting to loose what ever you had caught.

“Food!”You cried with a giggle as you reeled in a reasonable sized fish for your first catch. It wasn't very big, but since you didn't have to share with anyone else, it was perfect.

After you had obtained your meal for the night, you happily skipped over towards your cooler and placed the fish inside before locking it away, not wanting it to go bad while you prepared the fire and found a nice stick to cook the fish on. The only odd thing was, when you turned to go gather the supplies you had found before your catch, they were gone, nothing left in there place but a few pine needles and some scuffed dirt.

“Where did my...” You trailed off as you turned around, your eyes going slightly wide when you spotted your supplies in the fire pit you had made, everything neatly settled in the center of the stones surrounding the small hole.

With a small glance from side to side, you made your way over and looked down into the pit, expecting to see something out of the ordinary, but when all you saw was sticks you shifted, taking another look around before sighing.

“I must have just forgotten I put it in there.” You reasoned with yourself,not willing to except you may have been loosing your mind at that point. It was easy to forget something as simple as placing fire wood in a pit, though part of you didn't accept your reasoning, and you found yourself calling out anyway even though you knew you were suppose to be alone.

“Thank you for helping me with the fire!” You called, your voice slightly unsteady with worry that there might have been someone around your camp watching you.

It would have been hard for someone to follow you, in order to get to where you were, you had to climb a steep stoney cliff and climb down the edge of a small water fall. No one knew the area better then you, except for the animals that lived among the brush, so it wasn't likely you were followed, but even so you couldn't reason with yourself that you had put the wood in the pit.

With a sigh you let it go and scurried off to find a roasting stick. By the time you had come back and started cooking the fish, night had just begun to approach as the last of the sun peaked out from above the horizon, giving its good-nights before vanishing completely.

With the sun gone, fire was your only light and with no one around to talk to, the eerie of the darkness around you pulled at you more then it normally did. Never before had you been so scared of the dark, but then again never before had firewood ended up mysteriously in your fire pit, and never before had you been completely alone.

With a sigh you shook off your fears, said good night to yourself, and then tucked yourself in your tent, making sure to lock yourself in tight before nuzzling down into your sleeping bag and slowly closing your eyes, sleep taking you much quicker then you had expected.

Night, with you in dreamland, was peaceful and quiet, the hooting of owls and the flowing of the stream near by lulling you to sleep with its peaceful lullaby, and you had begun to forget about the mysteries of the day.

That was until a loud tearing sound from near by woke you, startling you out of your sleep and breaking the nights hold on you. Before you could even react you took a deep breath before holding it, a large shadow passing by your tent as the dim glow of the fire illuminated its figure. Only one thing was sure to you about what it was.

There was no way it was human.  

I decided to upload this one early since I'm going to a freind tonight and might not be able to upload it till really really late tomorrow and I didn't want to leave you guys hanging, so I figured it was better to get it in early instead of late. =3

Mysterious moving firewood and odd shadows illuminated in the night .o. oooooo~



Me: You don't know that! It could be some sort of hidden species or some shit like that ;-;

Part 4: Your here

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet: 

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Masky ? by De-Haro

You let out a squeak as you bounded up out of bed, never before had you been so scared of thunder and lighting, you normally didn't really mind it, but tonights sounded like a war going on outside. The base being located some where among a mass of underground tunnels didn't help, it just caused the sound to bounce around, making it even worse.

As another streak of lightening lit up the sky outside your window, you went stiff and curled up, preparing for the loud boom to follow. The thunder out did you though, and was so loud you could have sworn you thought you had gone deaf till you heard Smile let out a whimper from the living room where he had most likely fallen asleep. You listened as the dog bounded down the hall past your door and entered what you assumed to be Jeff's room from the way the killer let out a rather loud gruff grumble, quietly cursing the dog before giving a sigh and going back to sleep.

It was nice to know you weren't the only one who was scared, but now you had no one to cuddle with! There was no way you were going into Jeff's room to get smile, and quickly decided to just lie down and get some sleep. With every crack of lighting even louder thunder came and sooner or later it got to the point where tears pricked your eyes.

You weren't going to get any sleep like this. There was no way.

All it took was one more crash from outside though for you to jump out of bed, and make a bee line down the hall and into the room at the very end of the hallway where you knew you might find some salvation. Without any second thoughts you bounded into the room, quietly opening the door before jumping into the bed, causing its occupant to let out a grunt as you half landed on them.

“What the hell?” The boy grumbled, pulling his head out of his covers. You were slightly surprised to see he wasn't wearing his mask, but then again you could understand how that would be uncomfortable.

“I-I got scared.. of the- Eh!” You were cut off by another loud boom from outside. All you could do to protect yourself from the sound was cover your ears and cringe slightly in an attempt to hide, though you couldn't do much sitting on a bed built for one person.

After the thunder finally died down, you uncovered your ears and went on, tears pricking your eyes as you tried to put a cap on your emotions. Before you could even open you mouth to go on with your explanation, the boy let out a sigh; shifting slightly and lifting his covers motioning for you to slid in next to him.

All you could do was give a small smile before shuffling under the covers where you almost instantly buried your face into his chest, gripping his shirt with your hands as another boom sounded through out the house. After a while, you felt his arm wrap around you and pull you to him as he buried his face into the top of your head.

“T-thank you,” you mumbled, letting yourself relax. The next boom only caused you to flinch slightly, though you felt much safer now then you did before.

“Mhm, sleep well, _______.” He mumbled, planting a light kiss on your head before shifting slightly so he was comfortable; it didn't take him long after that to fall back asleep.

“You to,” you hummed quietly before taking a small breath and closing your eyes, allowing his heart beat to relax you. Soon you to had fallen asleep, finally allowing you to drown out the storm outside.


You were woken the next morning to the sound of a shower running, though you weren't positive who would be taking a shower at 5 am on a Saturday morning, or at least thats what you got from the calendar in the kitchen and the clock on the bedside table. With new found curiosity you sat up giving a stretch causing your shoulders to pop and your whole body to groan in pleasure at releasing the tension in your muscles.

Just as you swung your feet over the edge of the bed and placed them gently on the floor you heard the shower turn off and after a few seconds one of the side doors opened revealing a soaking went Mask in nothing but a pair of loose jean you didn't even know he owned let alone wore. The instant you saw him smirk you shot your gaze in the other direction, your face exploding into a red mess. You would have had a nose bleed if you didn't know any better.

“I take it you like what you see,” he hummed as he made his way over to his dresser. You could tell he was doing it on purpose, as if daring you to disagree with him, but even though you didn't your natural response was a scoff and an eye roll, causing him to just raise an eye brow at you before making his way over.

“You face tells me otherwise,” he mumbled once he was in front of you, slowly dropping the towel he had been using to dry his hair on the bed next to you before leaning forward and resting his hands on either side of you, a heavy smirk on his face.

Even though you were blushing like you had a fever of 105 you still defended against his words by forcing yourself to look away and turn your head in the other direction, letting out a 'humph' basically saying 'as if.' You listened as he let out a chuckle before gently kissing your collar bone and backing up, going back to getting ready for the day.

(That was just for you fan-girls/bros XD I know you guys and girls love that chiz.)

It had taken you a good 20 minutes before you could regain yourself after that, and once you were finally able to think straight, you finally begun to ask your questions.

“So why are you up so early on a Saturday anyway? Doesn't Slender ever give you a break?” You huffed, a little upset that this would most likely be the only time you would get to see him all day.

“Well, not really, being a proxy is a full time job weither I like it or not. I'm up so early because today is the day you sadly have to return home. Even if I don't want you to Slender thinks it best you get home before your parents send out a search party.” He muttered, clearly not happy that you were leaving.

At the sound of you having to leave you felt a pang of sadness fill you, never before had you felt so sad about anything before. You didn't really want to leave, you had become accustom to living with Mask and his friends. You honestly weren't sure if you could readjust to your old life. Sensing your dispirit he quickly made his way over to you and planted a gentle kiss on your forehead.

“Don't look so down, I'll still come and visit, and I'm sure with some convincing I can talk Slender into letting you come over to hang out again.” He mumbled in an attempt to cheer you up, which it did.

You gave a bright smile at the though of that, jumping to your feet startling the boy had been leaning slightly over you just seconds before causing him to stumble back.

“Do you really think I can!” You chirped, giving him a hopeful look, and giving him part of your puppy eyes as if it would make him say yes when he already had.

When he smiled and gave a nod of his head you let out an excited squeak and pounced him, interlacing him in your death hug till he had begun to turn blue. Once you had let go, he flopped over and begun to gasp for air while you giggled, rubbing the back of your head sheepishly as you waited for him to get enough air in his lungs.

After that it didn't take long for you to skip into the kitchen and grab a bagel before making your way towards the front door where both you and Mask left for the forest, his destination positioning you both towards your parents house.

--- Small Time-skip ---

“_-_____, s-stop that!” He huffed, squirming around as he walked, desperately trying to remove your hands from the small area under his chin.

“But why! Your so adorable,” You cooed, still lightly running your fingers on the sensitive spot under his chin.

“N-no I'm n-not, s-stop or you'll have to walk yourself,” he threatened, suppressing his laugher as he tried to sound serious. All you could do was let out a fake gasp as you tightened your grip around his neck, forcing yourself forward till you could place a kiss on the cold hard surface of his mask.

You may be curious as to what was going on, well I will gladly fill you in. On the grand trip towards _______'s house, legs got tired, people got carried, and somewhere along the way ______ found a certain boys ticklish spot, and since then has refused to leave it alone. Back to you Tom.

(I had to XD don't judge meh!)

With a sigh you gave in to your guys demands, finally leaving the small area under his chin alone for the time being. Once you had finally left him alone the air fell peacefully quiet, leaving you both to listen to the birds and what ever else may have been going on around the both of you. That was till your mind begun to fill with questions, and your mouth opened to ask them catching both of you by surprise.

“Hey Masky~ Are we a couple?” The second that sprung free from your mouth you felt your face go red in embarrassment. It was more then easy to assume you both were right? So what in your mind possessed you to ask such a thing?

“Wha- well, I...mmm...” The boy holding you mumbled, not sure how to respond to the question either. Eventually he had slowly come to a stop, his gaze facing the ground as he tried to think. After a while of now awkward quiet, you decided to make things a little easier for him.

“Well, if some other guy kissed me, what would you do?” You mumbled, giving a few bounces in your spot on his back to pull him from his thoughts so you wouldn't have to repeat yourself.

“Kill him; well, not – you know what I mean,” He mumbled, glancing off to the side to try and hide his face even though it was already hidden under his mask.

“What if another girl asked you out? What would be you first reaction?” You hummed, resting your head on his shoulder as you waited for an answer.

“Holy crap, a girl is asking me out.” He hummed, letting out a chuckle afterwards as you let out a scoff and rolled your eyes, slightly amused with his answer.

“Well, after that, I suppose I would have to tell her-” He cut himself off, his eyes behind his mask going wide as his whole face turned bright red, causing even his neck to warm up slightly.

“Tell her what?” You mumbled, raising and eyebrow at his sudden lack of words. You wanted to know, you so desperately wanted to know.

“ you want to be, my, ya' know... girlfriend?” He hummed as his feet begun to move again, giving him a reason to keep his eyes forward and not look at you. All you could do was giggle at his behavior.

“Perhaps,” You hummed, turning so you could look at him from the corner of your eye once he turned to look at you, though you couldn't keep a smile from your face. You both kept this up for a little while longer before you gave another laugh and leaned forward to kiss the hard surface of his mask.

“Yes, I would love to,” You mumbled, resting your head on his shoulder again before closing your eyes and giving a smile, using his neck to keep your face warm in the cool morning air.

After that the walk back to your parents was peaceful, and neither of you could bring yourselves to say anything,though neither of your really cared. By the time Mask had come to a stop and had begun to gently place you down it was almost seven o'clock in the morning, and you suddenly felt the pang of sadness come over you again as he gently placed you down on the ground at the edge of the forest.

“I'll try to come and visit as soon as I can, but till then try to avoid the forest. Just because the people back at the base are now friendly to you, doesn't mean everyone else who lives in the area will be.” He warned, taking your cheeks lightly in his hands before lifting his mask and planting a gentle kiss on your forehead.

“T-there are others?” You mumbled your eyes going slightly wide at this, who else could live in the forest around your house?

All he did was give a slightly nod before turning and darting off into the forest where you both had just come from, leaving you to quickly dart down the hill side and towards you house where once you were on the porch proceeded to give a few rapid knocks, eager to be in your parents warmth again after so long.

The first to open the door was your mother, who after she realized exactly who you were begun to cry loudly before pulling you into a death hug as if she fears letting you go would mean instant death to everyone she cared about.

“My baby! My sweet sweet baby!” She bawled, her grasp on you loosening as she pulled back and begun to look you over for scratches as if with any evidence she found she could track down and kill who ever had kept you away so long.

Your mothers cries attracted your father who must have been upstairs at the time by the way foot steps came thundering down the stairs. When you and your father had made eye contact he made his way over like a rocket and crushed you in a hug like your mother had, carefully leaving room for your mother to hug you from behind as they effectively smushed you between them.

Only when you begun gasping for air did they release you, only for there making of room to be filled by your younger brother, who had literally burst into tears as if he had seen you die right in front of him the second he saw you.

“______. I. Thought. You. Had. Died~” You Brother wailed, gripping onto you as if you were a life line. His little cry nearly broke your heart, and you felt like crap for staying away as long as you had.

Quickly with your motherly instincts kicking in you scooped up your little brother and held him close to you, bouncing him and humming to him in an attempt to calm him. Sooner or later he had calmed down, and you gave him a smile, whipping the tears from his eyes and shooting him one of your winning smiles.

“I'm sorry for worrying you Dillon, I really didn't mean to worry anyone, but how about I make it up to you by treating you to ice-cream later?” You hummed, pulling a couple dollars out of your back pocket that was sure to buy him a double scoop of ice cream since you and the shops owner for friends.

You giggled as he let out a cheer and jumped up and down, latching possessively onto your leg and trying to drag you out the door and towards the shop in town.

“Not now silly, its still to early! You have to eat breakfast first.” You hummed, bending down and ruffling his hair while he let out a whine of disappointment. Sadly for you when you bent down you guessed your shirt rode up on your back, showing your bandaging off to your parents who were standing right behind you.

Talk about bad luck.

I think I'm actually going to contiue this series for a little longer. =3 On one hand I'm eager to get on with a new story, but on the other I really like writing this one for you guys XD I can't say how many more chapters there will be, since I normally stop at 10, but I hope each one is as awesome as the last! ^^

BACK TO YOU TOM! - points to reader reading this- O.O go on, go on Tom, say it, say something. Wait, your names not Tom? WELL NOW IT IS! go on Tom, say it. Saaaaaaaay IIIIIIt.

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 5:…
Part 6:…
Part 7:…
Part 8:…
Part 10:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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Masky ? by De-Haro

 You hummed happily as you walked into class, not at all to see Masky as far away from your regular seat as he could get. With a smile you bounced over towards him and sat at his side, much to his, what you could assume, was displeasure.

“Why.” He grunted in his bland yet sweet voice, his words having more then one meaning behind them as he picked up a book for in between classes and begun to read, quietly telling you he didn't care what you had to say.

“Well I get lonely sitting all by myself over there! Besides I thought we were friends.” You said in a rather matter- o – fact way causing the boy to quickly turn his gaze on you as he went slightly stiff.

“W-we're friends?” He stuttered as if he had never had friends before, which you knew was near to impossible.

“Well duh Mask, geez, I think that band around your head is cutting off oxygen to your brain.” You muttered, quickly reaching forward in a curious attempt to take off his mask to see his face. Sadly he was to quickly and almost instantly flew back away from your touch and only gave off what could have been a glare.

“Curiosity killed the cat...” He grumbled almost as if it was a warning before slowly making his way back to the table, his eyes darting between you and his book to make sure you weren’t trying to take the mask from his face again – which you didn't.

All you could do was give him a wide-eyed surprised look before you narrowed your eyes and looked over him with so much suspicion in your eyes it looked as if you were trying to solve a murder on CSI : Miami. You kept up this pattern till the teacher walked in and called for everyone's attention, signaling the end of your investigation...

Till later, that was.

--- Small Time-skip ---

A few weeks had passed, and you had only done your best to get closer to the masked boy and your attempts seemed to be working, for he had started to tell you things you had a strong feeling he had never told others.

Like how he was an “apprentice” of sorts under a tall man with a suit, though when you asked for his name, he kept it very discreet or changed the subject, so you dropped it, not wanting to ruin the small gate you had opened.

Or the reason he covered his face was because of “terrible burns” he suffered from the past, and that's why he never removed his mask, which was something you could understand and respect, though you did wish to one day see, at least once, what his true face looked like, burned or not.

In your eyes you were both developing a great friendship, and you could have even gone as far as to call him your best friend by after only 2 weeks of knowing him, because you found yourself naturally telling him about your past and your problems without even realizing it. You hadn't realized it till another friend had asked what you both were talking about so much, and you couldn't bring yourself to say anything more then a simple- “Nothing.”

“Hey Masky!” You chirped happily as you pounced on the young man, drooping your arms over his shoulders and around his neck while your legs wrapped themselves tightly around his waist to prevent you from falling.

He had hated you doing such things at first, but after you doing it so many times he had just given up on telling you not to, and just accepted it.

“Yes ______, what is it?” He hummed, giving a small glance over his shoulder to show you that you had his attention while he came to a halt in the annual trip he took to retrieve lunch, his hands gripping your legs to keep them from accidentally unlacing from around him, not wanting you to fall.

“I have to stay after school today to do some make up work, and I won't be able to leave till after the buses leave. I was wondering if you could walk me home?” You asked, putting on your best puppy dog face to try and win over your masked friend.

It had taken him a few seconds to process the question you had asked before he could answer, the whole time his eyes trained on you intently from under his mask.

“W-why do I have to walk you home?” He muttered, cringing slightly at his stutter while he averted his gaze from yours which had become full off amusement at his words.

“Because theirs no one else, and your the only one who might be able to stay after today!” You cried lacing your arms tighter around his neck as you nuzzled your face into his neck after you were able to work your way around the hoodie that was draped over his head.

You felt his neck go warm at your actions, and it only made you want to see what was under his mask more, though you restrained yourself from looking, not wanting to break your friends trust in you.

“I-If I can get my “boss” to allow me some free time, then I don't mind.” He muttered, turning his gaze even further from you till it rested on the complete opposite side you were at which only caused you to roll your eyes and giggle before letting out a cheer.

After you had finished your little cheer and stabilize yourself once again on the boys back, he gently crouched down while unwrapping your legs from around his waist and carefully placed your feet on the ground. As if on instinct you detached yourself from his neck and watched as he walked off towards the schools front doors, pulling out his cell on the way.

You didn't even have to call after him to know what he was doing, so with a smile you gave a nod to yourself before bouncing into the cafeteria line and grabbing a lunch for the both of you, you getting what ever you fancied, while you grabbed the masked boys usual.

By the time he had come back, you had settled at your usual table and already dug into your lunch. It was almost impossible for you to tell what he was thinking with his mask on, so you patiently waited with your eyes trained on him, eager to hear his “bosses” answer.

“He said I could, as long as I was back base by sunset.” He muttered, quickly taking a bite out of his food while you let out a “hip-hip-hooray” of a cheer.

“Wait, base?” You mused, looking at him with a slightly confused and curious look on his face.

“It's what he likes to call the house...” He muttered through his chewing, which was something he had only started doing recently. You didn't mind though, it was just another way of him opening up, and you couldn't be happier.

“Your so weird Mask,” you giggled before finishing up the remainder of your food before quickly getting up and dumping the trap in the trashcan.

“Look who's talking,” he huffed once you had returned, quickly finishing off his drink.

“Hey!” You cried, earning a chuckle from him before he quieted down to finish his food, while you made idle conversation, not being one for quiet.

--- Another Small Time-skip ---

You hummed to yourself as you walked along the dirt path that led to your house among the country side just a few miles away from your school, and by the time you had gotten out of school, and made it to where you were now, the sun was just about meet the horizon, much to the masked boys dismay.

You had noticed the change in his walking when the sun had started to get close with the horizon. He had begun to fidget a lot more then he tended to, and his gaze kept locking with the sun. You had to keep telling him if he keep looking at the sun like that, he would go blind. You had no idea what was wrong till you remembered what he had told you, he had to be home by sunset.

His “boss” couldn't be that strict...could he?

“M-masky, if you want you can head home, I can take it from here.” You muttered, clearly not OK with the idea of him leaving you.

The way to your house was still a good half a mile away, and at the pace you both were going, you wouldn't be back till the sun was at least half way below the horizon, or maybe even completely gone with all his odd fidgety walking.

“No, it's OK.” He spoke, almost gulping as his eyes shot towards the forest line on the far side of the dirt path you were both on.

You couldn't understand why he looked at it with such fear, the worst thing to come out of there was a brown bear on occasion during the spring, and it was fall now so there was nothing to worry about. What could have struck to much fear into him that it made him almost literally shake?

“Masky, go home. I can walk the rest of the way home on my own. If the head of your house hold is that intimidating that you are almost literally shaking in you skin, you should get home before I get you into trouble.” You made sure to keep your voice serious and your stance strong, though your eyes were giving away all most all the fear you would be left in if he were to leave you, so you tilted your head down, not wanting to place guilt on him if he did decide to leave.

“I promised I would walk you home, and that's that. I can handle my superiors, besides, its not my “boss” I'm worried about right now.” He muttered the last part under his breath before suddenly hoisting you up onto his back.

Once you were securely attached to his back, he took off down the road at a speed you didn't even know he could go let alone with you on his back. It was like he was sprinting full speed with nothing holding him back, and all you could do to keep the wind from smacking your face was to hide your face in the crook of his neck.

Before you had time to realized what was going on, he had come to a stop, and had begun to gently place you down on your feet like he had done before in the cafeteria. Gently you felt as he detached your arms from his neck before placing them at your side.

“Here we are ______, this is your home right?” He hummed. Blinking your eyes you looked up to see your house, and all you could do was give a nod before opening your mouth to question how he had done that, though he beat you to it.

“I use to take track, so it was nothing. I'm sorry for being in such a rush, but I really must go.” He explained before giving you a nod in good-bye and taking off down the road at the same speed he had come up it.

All you had time to do was take a big breath and yell your good-bye before sighing and making your way inside where you were greeted by your parents who had been watching from the window with a curious look in there eyes.

You made sure that before they could start boom there question on you, that you had darted up the stairs two at a time before entering your room and closing your door behind you. All you wanted to do now was sleep, sweet sweet sleep, so that's what you did.

Plopping on your bed, you through off your shoes and back pack before plopping in your bed, not even bothering to change out of your normal clothing before passing out, letting darkness envelope you before your thoughts had time to disturb.  

Part 2 :D yea! I'm happy you guys are as excited about this series as you were the last one x3 I will try to do as good on this one as I did on the Slender x Reader one =3 

What is watching from the woods, ooooooo~ Masky is hiding something x3 (I'm pretty sure we have all figured it out already XD) but lets just see where it goes. 

Part 2: Your Here

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Masky (c) :iconmarblehornet: or :iconcreepypasta: 
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Masky ? by De-Haro

--- Few Months Later ---

You growled to yourself as you stormed through the forest, steam practically coming out of your ears as you made your way to the river side, where you would proceed to back track to the 'base'. Never before had you been so pissed off! Oh dare he do what he did!

Once you came to the river you ran down its coarse and up the rocky path till you were literally just going by your memory from months back. You were lucky you had even spotted the entrance let alone remembered where you were going or what it even looked like.

Without even knocking you stormed through the door startling BEN and Jeff who were sitting on the couch. In the room directly to the right. On instinct they both jumped to there feet, Jeff swinging knives and BEN floating off the ground, ready to attack if needed.

Once they realized it was you though the both lowered there weapons slightly, they both threw there weapons completely out the window when they caught your glare, which right now was as cold as all the ice in Antarctica. It was so intense that even Jeff's perminate smile turned upside down into “holy mother of god” frown. In an attempt to be a man he bravely stood his ground no matter how much his instincts told him to flee, unlike BEN who had already ducked behind the couch, fear you might start chucking things instantly hitting him like a ton of bricks.

“U-uh...Hi ______, hows it going?” The killer stuttered out, his eyes fighting between looking at you and looking at the ground. He knew it was a bad idea to look away considering you could attack him while he had his guard down, but it was bad to look at wild animals straight in the eye.

“How do you THINK its fucking going!” You snapped at him, causing him to flinch and almost instantly he was behind the couch with BEN, forgetting his pride in an attempt to save himself.

“J-jeez, what crawled up your- I mean whats wrong?” He quickly changed his sentence around once you had basically begun to seethe inaudible threats at him, and with they way you were now you would most likely carry out those threats if given the chance.

“Where's Tim!” You growled using his real name, your fits clenched so tight they were turning as pale as Slender's face. You watched as both the boys went wide eyed before ducking down further. All it took was Jeff pointing up stairs for you to let out a lion like growl.


You heard an “oh shit” from upstairs before what sounded like a fall and a bunch of bumping around before everything fell quiet. At that you felt your eyebrow twitch before you stormed over to the stairs and quickly climbed them, with each step you made coming up you heard more muffled panicking from the very end of the hall at the top of the stairs.

“What in the hells name did you do!” You heard Hoodie practically growl once you reached the top of the stairs, a small smirk formed on your face when you heard more bumping and then finally everything went quiet.

Just as you reached Hoodie's door and lifted a hand to knock the door swung open, bringing you face to face with the yellow hooded red featured boy who wore a look of calm on his face that had little to no facial features. That was till he saw your face, then panic instantly struck him.

“Where's. Tim,” You seethed, brining any and all walls the hooded boy had put up down to the ground, smashing them into tiny bite sized pieces.

At the sound of you using his official title you heard the boy squeak in fear from some where in the room, and in that instant you stormed pass the hooded boy who quickly stepped out of your way, not wanting to die like his friend. It didn't take you long to find him, and when you did you released hell.

You hadn't even noticed Hoodie had left the room till you felt yourself get ripped away from the boy by Slenderman, who had to of been fetched by the hooded boy, because you didn't think anyone else would have dare to get in your way at that point other then someone who hadn't seen your pure rage. All the tall creature knew was that you were pissed, and taking it out on his proxy.

“Why are you trying to kill my proxy,” the tall creature growled, that was when he turned you to face him and you basically hissed at him, your fists still clenched as tight as your body would allow them to go. You literately saw him sweat-drop.

“Because HE is an ASS! NOW PUT ME DOWN!” You snapped, your tone so harsh it could have made people like Freddy Cougar cower away in fear, but since he had to be the leader, all he could do was flinch and place you down like you had asked, or more so demanded of him.

The second your feet touched the ground you ripped yourself away from the tall creatures tentacles and stormed past the boys who had all crowed behind Slender, interested to see what was going on and just how bad you had beaten your boyfriend.

“Just remember! If thats what I do to my boyfriend then imagine what I would and could do to you!” You snapped at them, making it clear you still had some wrath in you and if any of them messed with you they would get the same treatment.

After you had made your message clear, seeing all the guys flinch and hide behind the tall Slender you stormed down the stairs and out the front door where you proceeded home.

--- Creepy-pasta Gang P.O.V. ---

Once the guys had heard the front door slam shut, they all turned there heads directly towards Mask who was gripping his arm like it was a life line. Blood oozed from a cut on his head and his hoodie, pants, and main shirt were torn as if he had been attacked by a tiger. His mask was servilely cracked, and his phone wasn't doing to well either, considering he had had it in his pocket when you unleashed everything you had on him.

There was only one questions left, which they all asked in unison, some eager and some fearful to hear the answer.

“What the hell did you do!?”

--- Back to you XD ---

Once you had gotten back on the path that led to your house you turned the opposite direction and headed towards town, your hands shoved in your pockets as you muttered darkly to yourself. You were in desperate need of something sweet to calm your nerves, and a double scoop of chocolate ice-cream sounded like bliss.

You may have been wondering exactly what the poor boy could have possibly of done to piss off his sweet girlfriend, well that convince, blood lust filled, traitor of a guy-

You were pulled from your thoughts when you heard a bark sound from behind you. You were surprised to turn and see Smile bounding up the path after you, once you had come to a stop he halted a few feet away from you, giving you the most wary look you had ever seen come from a dog.

“It's OK Smile, I'm not pissed at you,” You hummed. As if those words were the key to the worlds issues the dog gave off his human smile and bounded forward, coming to a stop at your side till you begun your walk to town again.

The rest of the trip was quiet other then the panting of Smile or the jingle of his collar that sounded with each of his steps. Since the walk had been peaceful, your nerves had calmed significantly and to thank Smile for his company you bought him a small bowl of vanilla ice-cream, which he happily licked up. You felt like he needed it, he had come to town with you and endured all the looked that people gave him for his appearance.

The way back to your house was peaceful to, and once you had reached the steps, and turned to say good-bye to Smile you felt a pang of sadness hit you, you didn't want to loose his company just yet, so with a sigh you opened the door and made a gesture for him to come in, which he happily obliged to.

The both of you spent the rest of the day in your room just relaxing till you had decided it would be a good idea to get some fresh air. In a happy mood you made your way outside onto the porch, only for your happy mood to be stolen from you when you saw Mask sitting on your steps, a sling around one of his arms while his other supported his head, seemingly waiting for someone.

“Smile.” You grumbled, pure rage in your eyes. Your voice had alerted the boy to your presence and when he saw the look in your eyes any hope he had had fled from him. Smile looked up at you, cocking his head.

“Can you do me a favor?” You asked, causing the dog to bark in what you took as a “sure.”

“Get this prick off my property?” You hummed, your voice dark making your entire image just terrifying. You listened as the dog let out an amused huff before turning to Mask and giving a growl.

You watched as your boyfriend went stiff and before you knew it let out a yelp and darted around the house, Smile following closely after him. After a few rounds around the house, the boy finally came up with an idea to save his butt by literally jumping up the steps and onto the railing that lined your porch, where he proceeded to climb one of the posts up onto your roof where he sat himself high up from the dog who still barked up at him from the ground.

“Good boy Smile!” You cooed, skipping up to the dog and giving him a scratch between the ears before turning and looking up at Mask, who sat uncomfortably on your roof, looking at you and Smile like you were a couple of nuts.

“Seriously ______? I said I was sorry!”

Though you didn't exactly get him off the property, you still scared him up a tree so good job.” You smiled, thanking the dog, much to your boyfriends annoyance.


Now if you could do me one more favor, if its not to much trouble. Could you make sure that he stays up there?” You hummed, listening as the dog gave a bark and begun to wag his tail.


“What!” He cried, sending daggers at the dog who basically smirked back up at him.

“It suppose to rain tonight!” He cried, trying to make his way down the post only for Smile to chase him back up.

Get wet then,” you chirped, giving a giggle to yourself before making your way inside. You only came back out to bring Smile a make shift rain coat before vanishing back inside. Just because you boyfriend was an idiot didn't mean the dog had to suffer.

--- Creepy-Pasta Gang P.O.V. ---

The four watched from the near by bushes as there friend was chase around the house and then up onto the roof by none other the Smile himself, talk about treachery. Though they had to admit it was amusing to watch.

Damn _______'s cold,” Jeff huffed, his already wide eyes looking on in amazement at just how cold you were. The day just before you were all over the poor guy who now had to stay on the roof for the night. Now you were treating him like crap for reasons none of them knew, considering he had run out of the base before they could interrogate him any further.

Yea, I wonder what he did to get her that pissed off,” BEN mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck as he thought of things that would get you that upset, it must have been bad.

Maybe he cheated?” Hoodie spoke up, counting on his fingers the possibility’s of what could have happen.

Nah, Mask's stupid, but not THAT stupid,” Jeff muttered, shooting Hoodie a look that asked him just how he had come up with that possibility.

All the hooded boy did was shrug before turning back to the house where Mask still sat on the roof, letting out a rather loud groan as the first drops of rain begun to fall.

Lets get back, its Mask's mess not ours,” Slender mumbled or more so demanded as he shuffled his way back towards the forest, everyone following after him either laughing or sending the boy on the roof good luck glances.

--- Your P.O.V. ---

You were awoken by a loud crack of thunder, startling you out of your dream. Almost instantly after you bolted up when you glanced at the clock, 3 am. That was also the time you had remembered what you had done to your boyfriend causing both joy and guilt to hit you. Without even thinking twice you jumped out of bed, running down the stairs and out into the porch where you saw Smile, laying where you had left him.

Oh. My. God,” you huffed, your voice only a breath. At your words smile looked up from his laying position in the rain and his tail begun to wag. Almost instantly you motioned him over which he obeyed, trotting his way over.

Once he had gotten over to you you pulled off his make shift rain coat to find it had worked, and everywhere excepts for his face was warm and dry. That made you feel a little better, but when you felt his face where the rain had hit it was ice cold, causing dread to shoot through you.

Smile, where's Mask?” You mumbled, your eyes wide. When the dog pointed towards the area above you tears rolled down your cheeks as you covered your mouth, the only thing going through your head being -

“Oh my god I killed my boyfriend!”

Without any hesitation you darted back upstairs, flinging open your window and climbing out. Once you were sure you had your footing you lept out, gripping the gutter just above your window with such force you thought you were going to break it, and with all the strength you had, you hoisted yourself up onto the roof, making sure to bring a blanket and umbrella with you.

Once you had found your footing on the slippery roof, you quickly scurried to the front of the house, where you saw Mask, sprawled out on the roof with his hands under his head allowing the rain to hit his mask. You would have thought it was fine if it weren't for his clothes literally sticking to him, and you couldn't see his stomach rising.

“Oh my fucking god I turned my boyfriend into an icicle.” You let out in a single breath before darted over to him, careful to not loose your footing.

M-mask, Mask,” You hummed, giving him a light shake. When he didn't respond you broke into tears, holding your hands to your face in an attempt to hide your tears.

You flinched when you felt an icy cold hand run along the top of your fingers, pulling your hands to your face to allow your eyes to meet with bright blue. The second you saw his eyes soften you tackled him, crying into his chest.

“You idiot! I thought you were dead! Why are you still up here, do you know what time it is!” You snapped, tears still spilling from your eyes as your hug got tighter, scared that if you let him go he would vanish. You honestly hadn't expected him to stay up there all night, thats why you had left your window unlocked.

What? Y-you were the one who m-made me stay up here!” He huffed, starting to shiver now as your heat transferred to him, he was literally ice cold.

“Idiot,” you huffed, your voice cracking from emotion as you quickly set up the umbrella and wrapped him in the blanket, snuggling against him in order to try and transfer more of your heat to him.

Tell me when your warm enough to stand and go inside...” You mumbled, burring your face in your arms as you brought your knees to your chest, leaning against his side lightly as you listened to the rain fall.

You felt him look at you for a while before you were pulled into his lap where he let you rest your head on his chest, causing your face to begun to burn from the cold, though you didn't fight against him. You deserved to be cold for what you had done.

You both sat there for what you could assume was an hour at least, neither of you saying anything or even moving to get more comfortable till you heard Smile let out a worried bark from below. You had been up there for a long time, and it made since he would get worried.

“We should go inside,” the boy under you whispered, running his hands through your slightly damp hair. With a nod you got to your feet and begun to shuffle back towards your window where you grabbed the gutters and swung down, landing on the sill. You were lucky your shoes had caught correctly, otherwise it would have been a long fall.

After you were safely inside Mask followed quickly after, his movements more fluid then yours from years of practice. While he closed the window you scurried off to your parents room to grab some of your fathers spare clothing, for once you were happy they had left you home alone, business trips had never been so useful. When you came back to your room, you found him sitting soundly on the floor, wrapped in a towel you had hung on the back of your door.

“Here,” you mumbled, handing him the clothing, a look of pure guilt writing on your features. You watched as he took them and gave a nod, making his way towards your door where he came to a stop just as he was about to open it.

“If you want, you can take a shower, you could use one,” You hummed, your voice extremely quiet as if you feared speaking any louder. You watched as he gave a nod, and then made his way down the hall followed by Smile who had made his way upstairs after seeing you both jump into the house through your window.

With that all you could bring yourself to do was change into a new pair of pj's since your current ones were wet and then climb back into bed, laying there till you heard the shower turn off and eventually foot steps making there way carefully down the hall till they stopped at your door.

“Climb in.” You mumbled, not even having to look over to see who it was to tell them that.

After the days events the last thing he was going to do was disobey so he quickly shuffled over and crawled in next to you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close. Even after a shower his skin was still chilled, and slightly paler then usual only causing you to fill with more and more guilt till you couldn't stay quiet anymore.

“I'm, so sorry...” You said in a hushed voice, burring your head into his chest, letting out a sigh so your breath could warm him slightly. After your apologies you hadn't been expecting him to kiss your forehead, but thats exactly what he did.

“It's fine, consider us even now,” he hummed, a small smile forming on his face as he sat up to take his mask off, placing it gently on the bedside table before curling back up with you.

“Get some rest, we'll talk about it in the morning.”

OK, officially best boyfriend ever! You beat the crap out of him, broke his mask, which you could easily call his most prized possession, and then stuck him on a roof for who knows how long in icy cold rain. You had expected him to break up with you after all that, but apparently he was kinder then you had originally thought.

You knew you had gone to far, letting him stay on a roof for hours in cold rain, when all he had done was ruin your only copy of a book you had been writing.

(Note that it took you about 2 years to write said book, and just as you finished it it got ruined.)

As you might be able to tell I really enjoyed wrting this XD It was even more entertaining for me when I had my mother read the part where he gets chased up on the roof and gets stuck there and I asked her if it was to extream for a punishment and she was like "Nah, its great."

Now you know where I get it from.

Part 10:…
Part 11: YOU BE HERE
Part 12:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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Masky ? by De-Haro

After the whole sticking your boyfriend on a roof and letting him freeze through half the night thing went down, you had begun to spend a lot more time with Slender and his gang. Like, A LOT more. So much more that sometimes instead of naturally heading to your house, you went to theres instead and wouldn't realize where you were going till either half way through or you were already there.

You had no issues going on at home as of now, but for some reason your feet just led you to the secret base deep within the forest. No matter how many times you told yourself you weren't going to go over you either forgot and ended up going anyway or remembered and got dragged there by Mask who unlike you HAD to go there. On the rare occasion you had made it home, ya' know, to your real house with your parents and brother, you felt like you had been missing something, and then you were like-

“Oh yea, no killers trying to take my fingers off with knives or perverts trying to steal my bra from my gym bag or man eaters trying to get a bite out of my kidneys.” Then you would slap yourself; was that really what you had gotten use to?

It had gotten so bad that when ever you had gone “missing” for a few days, your parents wouldn't even start freaking out and spamming your phone asking where you were, because you either return a few days later, or if you were gone longer then a week, they would send you a single text that was usually -

“At Masks,” and of course you replied with a “Yup,” and that was the end of it.

You weren't the only one to notice it either, all the base members noticed your presence around a lot more then usual, and had only questioned it once or twice, but since your answer was always a shrug or an “I don't know,” they had stopped asking and just accepted it. That was till you stopped coming, stopped coming to the point where not even Mask had seen you in a while and it had begun to worry everyone.

--- Creepy-pasta Gang P.O.V. ---

“I wonder when ________'s gonna come visit us again,” BEN hummed, patting Smiles head who had rested his head in the little elfs lap. The dog let out a whine of agreement, before letting out a huff, his sharp gaze locked on the front door just waiting for you to sneak in and give everyone a smile.

“Where do you think she is Mask?” Hoodie hummed to the boy who had positioned himself by the window, his head resting on his hands as he watched the tree tops, something he only did when he was thinking.

“I hate to say I have no clue,” the masked boy muttered, lowering his arms into a cross position where he proceeded to hide his face.

“Can't we use Smiles nose to help track her?” Jack spoke up, entering from the kitchen with some chips for everyone else and diced kidney for himself since no one had even gotten up from the living room all day, not even to go to the bathroom.

“Already tired it, it stopped at her house but we can't enter to search it with her parents and brother there, and since we can't kill them; you get the point.” Jeff huffed, twirling his knife on the surface of the coffee table.

It was a surprise to everyone when you stopped coming over, and no one had expected it to hit them as hard as it had. You had merged into there daily lives and given everyone something better to do with there time.

You would always fight with Jeff, giving him a reason to practice hand on hand combat, played video games with BEN improving his skill, giving Smile your company so he wasn't so lonely while the others were away, you had even taught Jack how to get blood stains out of furniture so he could eat on the couch and not get yelled at by Slender.

Speaking of the tall being, he had begun to miss you to, though you had barely spent any time around him, your aura definitely lightened the air in the house, and literally no work was getting done with you gone, because everyone was sulking in the living room waiting for you to burst through the door.

They would accept you pissed off at anyone of them at this point. Though most of them had come to the conclusion that it wasn't your presence they missed, it was the fact they didn't know if you were dead or alive, because you hadn't even been to your own house since you stopped coming to theres, and there wasn't many places for you to run off to.

Slender huffed, standing in the door way of the living room watching his house mates sulk. He wasn't sure just how much more of this he could take before he himself begun to sulk. Slenderman doesn't sulk.

“Would you all stop sulking, she'll turn up sooner or later, dead of alive,” he huffed, crossing his long arms honestly getting tired of just how depressed they were over a simple human girl, when they all couldn't stress enough just how human she was to start with.

“Please don't say things like that Slender,” Hoodie quickly spoke up almost instantly after the tall being said it, his red gaze looking to Mask who only proceeded to hide his head deeper and deeper into his arms and hoodie.

Every one then begun to talk amounts them self, the topic falter though always seeming to come back to you, everyone being included except for Mask who had refused to pull his head from his arms. Eventually though he got to his feet, making his way to the front door before calling over Smile.

“Where you going Mask?” Jeff huffed, leaning back into the couch where he had seated himself.

“Taking Smile for a walk,” he spoke, his voice blank and before anyone could ask anymore questions he made his way out the door, closing it quickly behind him just sparing Smiles tail as he followed.

“________, where are you?”

--- Your P.O.V. Ooooooo~ .o. ---

You sighed, making your way through a dark place. You didn't know where you were, you didn't know who or how you had gotten where you were, and for all you knew this could have been hell. Thats what you got for dating a murder, but you didn't regret your choice at all. In fact you were actually expecting him to save you, because he always seemed to in the end, no matter how things ended up going. It was like he had some sort of creepy sixth sense.

You had felt like you were walking for hours, and everything was deadly quiet so when a sudden sound of very distant but distinct whispering came along you let both hope and dread fill you. You hoped that whispering was someone who could help you, but in the end you knew it was more likely the other way around. Slowly and quietly you made your way forward, taking every precaution you had in your use as you went. You were NOT going to die here, not if you had a say in it.

As you crept on the whispering begun to fluctuate, and after a while you just came to a stop, the whispering following soon after. Where the hell had you been taken? Seriously, all you really remembered was walking home late from school and the suddenly a never ending blackness, one that you had yet to escape from.

“Do it, its the only way,” You jumped slightly, hearing a voice whisper directly into your ear, but when you turned to face whoever had spoken, you were only met with more darkness, never before had you felt so scared yet so level headed. It was an odd combination.

“Do what?” You huffed to the blackness, hoping that who ever had spoken to you was listening.

“Do it, do it, its the only way, do it or never escape.” You heard the voice whisper, though instead of your ear it was around you with no particular location. All you could do was sigh and as if on cue small little rainbow of colored dots begun to light along the ground almost like a path while one singular dot sat below you, a yellow dot with a wicked stitched smiley face on it, looking directly up at you.

“Follow the path, and do what you must to escape,” the voice hummed before fading away in the direction the path led. Since you didn't have much of a choice you sighed in defeat, following after the dots. After a while of walking you had noticed a couple of things.

1.) When you walked three dots forward, one spot faded away behind you, making you feel like you were in a board game.

2.) With every step you took forward on the path made for you, the stronger and stronger the sent of metallic iron became. It smelt so familiar, but you couldn't place a name for the smell.


3.) The whispering had begun again, though it sounded as if it was coming from farther down the path this time instead of anywhere near you.

Where the hell were you? You wanted to ask, but with the voice being so far off you felt like you would just be talking to yourself.

It took what felt like hours for you to finally come to the end of the path, and when your feet touched the very last dot on the path, a white door came out of no where right in front of you, causing you to stumble back a bit out of surprise.

“Cool door, now what?” You hummed after looking at the door for a while, you didn't dare touch it, with everything going on you were scared you were somehow going to get electrocuted or something if you touched the bright yellow knob that fit so well with the door, but not at all with the dots you stood on or the blackness that still surrounded everything.

“Do it, enter and do what you must to escape,” the voice whispered in the area around you before fading, leaving the air surprisingly light compared to how it had been just a few seconds before. It was as if what ever had lead you had finally gone, leaving you alone with a choice. Wonder around in the dark, or see what was behind the door.

Well, you had nothing to loose. In a fluid motion you had practiced many times before, you gripped the handle and gave it a turn, using very little force to push the door open only to see...

More darkness...

Was this some sort of sick joke? What type of door was this! 'Open me and I will not lead you somewhere new, but the same fucking place you were before and are now!' Must have taken a genius to come up with that shit, best fucking magic ever. Now you were just pissed off, who did this guy think he was? Pulling this crap on you, the only person to get away with that would be God, and that would be because you would be so damn surprised he was real and wouldn't have time to go off on him.

With a grumble you stormed through the door way, throwing your hands in the air and giving an “oh my god so fucking amazing” face before quickly turning it into a scowl, getting ready to snap at thin air, or the invisible being that could have possibly still been in the area.

Wow, way to go dip shit! You made a door, THAT GOES TO FUCKING NO WHERE!You growled, flailing your arms around in the air to get your point across at just how mad you were. Just as you open your mouth to start ranting you were interrupted by the door that slammed harshly shut behind you.

Quickly your natural response was to spin around, trying to catch who ever had closed the door, but you were only greeted with a sinister looking smiley face, painted onto the back of the white door. The sinister look instantly told you you were screwed, but you still felt alone, the air light and breathable.

Do it, do what you must to escape, its the only way,” with that your vision covered over as if you had suddenly gone blind. There was no more door, no more smiley face, and no more of you, since lifting a hand so it was right in front of your face only resulted in more darkness, that was when you started to panic.

O-oh my god, a-am I blind?!” You huffed, your voice rising slightly in panic before blinking rapidly a few times, luckily your vision turned, revealing a horrible site to you.

Blood everywhere, a dead boy handing from what you assumed was a ceiling, and the words “Do it” scribbled all over the place in the same blood you had assumed that had come from the poor girl dangling from the rope.

Wh-what the hell!”

“Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it,” the voice kept repeating over and over till the only thing you could do was let out a scream and cover your ears, kneeling down in a pool of blood that formed at your feet. You wanted it to shut up, but no matter how many times you tried to will it away it just kept on aging you on, the empty noose seeming to be the only thing standing out in the whole area.

It wanted you to kill yourself, and you had almost actually considered it till you remembered everything you would be loosing if you did so. Everything had a time limit, so all you had to do was out wait what ever was doing this to you, right? No, the second you sat down, pulling your knees to your chest to wait the room begun to swirl, and it felt like the ground under you was being ripped away.

Almost instantly you were on your feet, running to the only thing in the room that looked to be sturdy enough to hold your weight, the tree in the middle of everything. Luckily your guess was right, and that was the only thing that didn't seem to be falling. What were you suppose to do, there was no way you were killing yourself, there was no point in it, and if you did you would just be giving what ever it was what it wished for.

I'm not doing it you here!” You snapped over the voice that was still repeating the same words over and over, there was no way you were giving in. All you did after that was hug the tree in a death grip, tears rolling down your cheeks as the horror set in that you might not be leaving this with your life in tact.

After what seemed like hours the chanting came to a sudden stop and everything fell quiet, what had happen to make it stop? Did you finally out wait it, no, it couldn't be that, it almost seemed to easy, something wishing for your death by the noose wouldn't just give in because you were refusing to do as told, it was planning something.

Do it,” the voice muttered, this time dark and full of murderous intent causing a cold chill to run down your spine.

That was when you had begun to feel it, the intense pulling sensation in your limbs. Though you weren't being moved from the tree, it felt as if you were being stretched from your wrists and ankles. It felt nice at first, because you hadn't stretched in a while, but then it begun to hurt, so bad you let out a scream asking it to stop, only for that to result in it being intensified.

Only after your shoulder popped out of its socket, leaving your arm a wrangled mess did you hear something faint, far in the distance voice. It wasn't the one from before, but a faintly familiar one, one you hadn't heard in what felt like years, but still remembered because that person meant something to you, they were a friend. Hearing this voice you let out another pain filled screech, your already popped arm being tugged at still in an unmerciful way to draw pain from you.

Shadow Man!” The new voice practically roared, causing your ears to ring and your eyes to roll back as the water in your ear swished and swirled. At that point you wanted to get sick, but you knew better and quickly steadied yourself.

When you opened your eyes again you were in the forest, the brown and orange leaves decorating the ground and moss coating the lower layers of trees and roots in a protective blanket. You were back, back to the real world away from all that darkness, but your shoulder still hurt like hell, and the sudden light of the real world nearly blinded you, causing you to shield your eyes with your good arm.

When your vision finally came back to you, you were finally able to notice the once orange and brown leaves were stained red. Only when you looked up did you see your monster. The one who had tried to get you to hang yourself.

A pitch black shadow figure, white eyes pointed down in a glare like look, his pointed pitch black padora hat blending with his head, while where his feet were suppose to be was a black swirling mess of clouds, the only difference from his entire black figure being his eyes and the blood oozing from his side. Who was your savior?


You listened as the shadow creature let out a odd sound which you could only describe as a mix between a hiss, a moan and a static radio. You had no clue what it had said, but Jeff seemed to as his carved smile faltered and his eyes flashed dangerously, what he said next made you rethink everything you knew about the annoying killer.

“You are not allowed to touch her Shadow Man! She is with the Slender household!”

The creature let out another static filled hiss before whipping a black shadow at you, wrapped it around your leg and trying to pull you towards it, all you could do was squeak in pure fear as you were dragged slightly forward, though he didn't get you far as the killer sent his knife right threw the shadow, cutting it in half leaving the part around your ankle to fade into the air while the part connected to the creature begun to bleed a deep red mess.

“Leave, and flee while you can, because you can expect me to speak of this to Slenderman,” The killer threatened, pointing the tip of his blood stained knife at the creature which at the words 'Slenderman' turned that pointed glare upside down and made it into one of fear.

It didn't take long for the Shadow Man to turn into an actually dark shadow, forming to one of the trees before bouncing off, running along the trees, the leaves, and soon fading off into the distance leaving you alone with the killer that as of now you were questioning. He had always teased you about being weak and saying if you were in trouble he wouldn't save you, but here he was, saving you!

(Shadow Man is a character I made up, though there might be look alike idk DX As of now I just made him up, I might draw a picture of my version later)

“Idiot,” the killer sneered before turning to your, a glare hard on his face though it instantly begun to soften as he saw you.

You couldn't see yourself, but through his eyes you were a complete and utter mess. You hair was matted with blood from the black area you had been brought to, your hands and arms were covered in small cuts that you had gained from gripping the tree in a death grip, and the area around your wrists and ankles were a deep purple gray from the invisible force that had been pulling at you. He didn't even have to bring up your arm, that still hung loosely at your side as you gripped it with your good arm, doing your best to keep it from moving.

“Jeez,” you heard him huff, sending him a confused look as you watched him walk over to you, gently taking your form in his arms before lifting you carefully, making sure to rest your arm carefully over your stomach so it didn't flop around while he walked.

“Your lucky I left to look for Mask,” was all he muttered, unable to bring his gaze directly on you as he walked on.

“Wheres Mask?” You huffed, wincing slightly as he did a small jump off a rock to keep to what ever invisible path he had made, since you were literally in the middle of no where, at least to you. You hadn't been in the part of the forest you were in before.

“He took Smile out for a walk, but since we all know he usually does that when he needs to blow off steam, I was sent to make sure he didn't do anything stupid.” The pale boy explained as he walked, finally able to bring his gaze forward to focus on where he was going instead of looking off to the side to avoid looking at you.

“ far are we from the base?” You mumbled, finally bringing yourself to rest your head lightly on the boys chest, not liking the way your head was bobbing before hand. He walked as gracefully a cow on ice. In a few words it was uncomfortable for him to carry you the way he was, but with your arm it was the most efficient.

“About a mile or two.” He answered simply, sending you a glance when you rested on him but not saying anything about it as he went back to watching where he was going.

You kept asking questions like this. How long had you been with the Shadow man; three long weeks. It had only felt like a could hours to you, maybe a day at max. Where did your parents think you were; he had no clue though they seemed worried. What was the Shadow Man; that one had seemed to stump him, but sooner or later he told you it was a long story and he would explain it later. After that you were quiet, no more questions bothering to pop into your mind.

--- Creepy-Pasta Gang P.O.V. ---

When Jeff kicked the door down everyone nearly jumped out of there skin, no one had been loud all day, so the loud bang definitely had an affect. Everyone jumped up and ran over to him when they saw what was in his arms, the limp body of a human girl. That alone cause everyone to go pale, but once it was made clear she or more specifically you were alive everyone let out a breath.

“W-where were you _________! You had us worried sick!” BEN snapped, his turning red in anger though you could tell he wasn't really all that pissed off, just upset that you had worried them.

“Almost getting killed, now If you would give me some space,” you grunted, using your good arm to push the boy back since he had seriously invaded your personal space.

“What do you mean almost getting killed?” BEN shrieked, failing his arms around as he tried to express his anger with you though to you it looked like a little kid throwing a tantrum.

“She had a run in with the Shadow Man, which I need to talk with you about Slenderman,” Jeff cut in, sensing just how irritated you were.

Pain made you snappy and irritable, so a whining BEN was the last thing you needed, plus you had felt a head ache coming from the huge amount of sudden sunlight and all the loud noise that came with being back with the guys.

You watched from the corner of your eye as the tall being gave a nod to the killer before turning his attention back to you, an like crease forming in his face? Wait, when did Slenderman ever smile? He also seemed more relaxed then when you had been brought in, what had done that?

“Wait...were you guys...worried about me?” You hummed rather dumbfounded, when all of them gave you the “are you serious” look you let a small sheepish smile form on your face.

“YES YOU IDIOT!” They all shrieked at the same time, increasing the pounding in your head significantly.

“Wait, but you guys are always calling me a weak human, and you said that if I was ever in trouble you would never save me, but you did!” You huffed, pointing a finger at Jeff as you got all defensive about the situation.

All of them except for Hoodie and Slender gave a sheepish smile before looking anywhere except you, which was hard considering there living room was a pretty bland place by your standards. You were a little stunned when someone actually spoke up, you had expected them to all avoid conversation till Slender said something.

“True enough, but your our weak human, so no one gets to mess with you except us.” Your gaze shot towards Jack with a wide eyed expression, you hadn't been expecting him to say that of all things, and you were honestly a little touched when you saw everyone give a nod to two, though you weren't so sure you liked being called weak.

“Awe guys~ Your all going soft~” You teased, giving a laugh as all of them either shot you glares or did the equivalent of a sweat-drop.

“Not all of us are going soft! Just BEN and Jack,” Jeff huffed, crossing his arms over his chest as he said so.

There went the calm, almost instantly BEN jumped up defending himself, calling someone else weak, and before you knew it there was a brawl in the living room all around you. So what did you do? Lied down on the couch you had been placed on, got comfortable, and got a well deserved rest.

--- Small Time-Skip ---

When you awoke, it was to the sound of the light pitier patter of rain on the window and the beating of something smooth and steady. You had no clue what that was till you lifted your head, finding yourself resting on Mask's chest, in the room you had begun to call your own since you were first brought in for healing.

You looked on at him with a gentle gaze for a while, quietly trying to determine if you should call out to him to see if he was awake, or just lay back down and enjoy his heat while you could. His mask was still on his face, which gave you reason to believe he was awake, but then again he hadn't responded to you lifting your head off his chest so you had come to the conclusion he might have just fallen asleep with it on. In times like these it sucked he didn't snore, because now it was impossible to tell if he was awake or not.

With a light sigh you just gave up, snuggling back down into the covers and resting your head on his chest, not wanting to wake him if he was asleep, and if he was awake not wanting to bother him. If he hadn't said anything he must not have wanted to talk, so you just listened to his heart beat as he thumped gently in his chest and let the light rain fall outside add to the rhythmic lullaby.

You weren't interrupted from your listening session till you felt a hand lightly comb through your hair. You tried to stay as peacefully still as possible at that point, enjoying the feeling of his hands running through your still slightly matted hair. You feared if you gave away that you were still awake he would stop, but soon you naturally found yourself letting out a light sigh. You nearly cursed yourself when he came to a halt in his motions and you saw from the corner of your eye as he tilted his head slightly down to gaze at you.

“Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you,” he mumbled, his voice no higher then a whisper as he moved his hand to your cheek, pushing away stay strands of hair that got in the way of your complexion.

“You didn't, I woke up a little while ago, I just didn't want you to stop running your fingers through my hair,” you hummed, giving a small smile to yourself at your childishness. You let out a happy hum as he begun the process of combing your hair with his fingers again, though this time you leaned into his touch since you were no longer hiding your state of mind.

“How long have you been up,” you hummed after a while, keeping your voice quiet as if there were someone else who could over hear your conversation even though it was only the two of you in the room.

“I haven't slept yet.” This made you look up at him, your eyes hinting worry at him. It didn't take you long to sit up and rest on your knees, looking at him with a look a mother would give her child for sneaking a cookie before dinner.

“Mask-” You had begun only for him to cut you off, his voice a heaving sigh as if he could tell what was about to come out of your mouth.

“I know I know, I just couldn't sleep is all. I couldn't stop could have easily been killed, I should have been there to protect you...” He huffed, one of the fists at his side clenching the sheet under him slightly, almost giving away the frustrated look that must have been on his face.

All you could do after he said that was give a sigh, slowly making your way up to him till you sat up by his head, looking down at him with the soft look you had had early. Easily you lightly gripped the edge of his mask, carefully lifting it off his face. He didn't even try to pull away this time, and by the time you had placed the mask on the side table and leaned back to look at him he had already pulled the had that had had a grip on the sheets under his head. You could easily tell he was beat, and you were surprised he hadn't fallen asleep before hand.

“Sleep, I'm here now. Get some rest,” you mumbled, keeping your voice as smooth as you possibly could while you gently lifted a hand over his eyes, pulling the lips down and lightly kissing the area just above his nose.

It didn't take long before his body went into a new form of relaxation and his breathing slowed, telling you he had finally fallen asleep. Honestly with this boy, staying up all night, though you had to admit his reasoning was sweet. After you had made sure he was asleep you slowly crawled back down, snuggled under the covers and rested you head on his chest before drifting into sleep as well, not wanting to break your promise.

This is the last chapter before the Epilouge which if I get things done correctly should be up tomorrow along with the first chapter of my newset series. (Again if I get things done like im suppose to XD )

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed this series! I had just as much fun writing it and reading your guys' comments as you guys' did reading it. I think thats a good way to tell me it was a good seires, and I might actually come back to this one if I run out of things to write or come up with more ideas and make a sequl out of it, but if I do so, what should it be called? Should I just keep going with the normal title and uping the numbers or give it a whole new name? x3

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