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Check it out homies! a fullbody of my SkullGirls OC, Haruko Katagiri. made by an artist named :iconcrocesorriso:. You gotta check her artwork out, its REALLY GOOD! :D

Haruko: Me
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Introducing the alternate outfit for Team JAGO (Volume 2)
*Johnny: The fox Faunus sticking to his traditional outfit from the temple he once grew up at.

*Anne: The star child decided to give the skirt a break and switch to pants (or shorts)

*Gary:  Oliver was kinda enough to lend him the top piece of the armor, the rest Gary planned to modify it.

*Oliver: Seems like Sun and his team gave Oliver the idea of wearing this outfit.

RWBY: RoosterTeeth
Team JAGO: Me
Artwork: lycanheiress
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Oliver figured he tried to invite Ruby for some ice cream, but when it came to feeding her was diffent story.

Can he withstand the cuteness that is Team RWBY's young leader???

Ruby Rose: RoosterTeeth
Oliver Free: Me
Artwork: aaaaabo
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Name: Ignis
Age: 16
Hair color: White-ish blue
Eye color: Crimson
Color pallet: Indigo
Previous school: none. Found on the streets
Weapons: Shooting Stars
Weapon Type: Shuriken/Gun/Rockets
Aura Skill: Stealth

Short Info:

Ignis is a strange girl. She was detected by Professor Ozpin after she voluntarily aided police in the capture of a dangerous criminal. Ozpin traced the girl and located her hiding place. He then heads there and offers her to come with him at Beacon to train to be a huntress.

She's a very silent girl, and doesn't speak very often, unless she's with someone she knows, but even then she still says very little. Around the one's shes familiar with (mostly her team), she seems to act inquisitive, observant, sort of odd and/or clueless almost as if she's learning from them. Around strangers though she remains silent and prefers to avoid contact. Having grown up in the streets, she doesn't know how to approach strangers, they usualy approach her though. Oneida usually fangirls a little whith Ignis' sudden "adorable moments". She personally calls her the "cute ninja" of the team.

Her weapons, Shooting Stars, are two huge shurikens which contain two barrels on the base of the blades. One barrel is for shooting when the gun mode is activated. The second barrel is a rocket propeller. It's used to boost up the shurikens,  or keep them in the air to serve as backup. They also have a special function wj=hich is similar to rocket skates. Basically speaking, her boots have a special mechanism that allows the Shooting Stars to attach themselves underneath while in rocket mode, thus giving her a rocket skate abbility. She is very agile and precise with her hits, and combined with her aura ability "Stealth", she can remain undetected by any enemy pressence. It is rumored that she can even turn invisible.

She is team VOID's 3rd member and partner of Oneida E. Merald. Ignis seems to look after her team in great ways, and will never let anyone or anything harm them.

Member #3 of VOID, here she is! Others coming soon so stay tuned!

RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth's Monty Oum
Violet Tygar, Oneida E. Merald and Ignis belong to me

Colored by :iconduskeater:
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I was working on this the same time I was working on Calder. NOTE that this character has a somewhat mature back story. Mostly because I like more mature and darker characters. With that said, I hope you like it! Don't forget to check out my other OCs and feel free to comment.

Since you seem to really like this character, here is another picture of her: Mary Asmodea 

Mary Asmodea
Age: 19
Weapon: Venus (Elemental charge lance)
Color: Maroon
Handedness: Right
Occupation: Student at Beacon, Leader of the team

Mary is considered very lusty. She's bold, flirty and could be very inappropriate. She is the center of attention for most of the male
students by wearing very revealing clothes. Even when it comes to the school uniform, she purposely does not wear the undershirt,
revealing her bra, and cutting her skirt extra shorter. Also, she would tease men constantly to get their attention. It is because of
this, she is the woman of every male's dream. The male students would do anything to be her boyfriend, but she would always play hard
to get which makes her even more irresistable. There are very few men that are immune to her charm. However, by the way she acts, you
may think that she loves guys but really it is quite the opposite. She despises men due to her past. Her constant teasing and her bold
attitude is a trap. She enjoys weaving men through her fingers. She takes great pleasure in seeing men squirm and do anything for her
but could never do anything to obtain her. To her, men are just perverted, arrogant idiots.

When it comes to men, she is quite popular. However, when it comes to women, they really don't like her. They consider her a "slut"
and the reason why men break up with their girlfriends; but to her, she considers it a favor to all women. She believes she is cutting
the chains that binds men to women.  Despite the hostility towards her though, she is kind to her female classmates. In class, she is
an average student. She does all her work, pays attention in class, and gets decent grades.Even though she hates men, she is intrigued
of Calder who is the first person she met at Beacon. In fact, he was the first man she was ever attracted to. She likes him because
unlike most men, he is able to resist her charm, and he is the first man she ever knew that treated her like everyone else (despite
being an attractive woman) with his cold personality. She would constantly try to gain his affection by teasing him and wearing skimpy
outfits but this time, she was not doing it to control him. However, these efforts always proved uneffective.

Mary's mom was a prostitute owned by an abusive man. One day, the mom accidentally got pregnant by one of her clients. According to
her owner's rules, no women owned by him is allowed to have a child. However, the mom did not want to give up her child so she kept it
in secret and named her Mary. Unfortunately, the mom's owner eventually found out about this and commanded the mom to kill her own
daughter. She refused, so instead he told her that her daughter is going to replace her and with that, she killed Mary's mom. From
there, like he said, the mom's owner raised Mary as a prostitute. She was constantly raped by her owner and men she didn't even know
at an incredibly young age. This made her have a strong hatred for men. By the age of 14, she was tired of living like that and wanted
to get away from those pigs. She was able to escape by stabbing her owner with a kitchen knife by surprise. After she got away, she
joined an all female bandit gang. This female bandit gang taught her many things about fighting, scamming, stealing, etc. By the age
of 17, she became a great fighter and manipulator. She and her gang would go out, flirt with men, tempt them with sex, and steal their
money when they were alone. They would also raid strip joints and brothels. By the age of 19, she attempted to steal from none other
than headmaster Ozpin. This broke out into a fight that lasted no longer than 30 seconds. Ozpin won but he noticed that she was
actually pretty skilled in combat and asked her to join Beacon. At first, Mary was hesitant but she accepted because she wanted to do
more than just live her life in a small bandit gang.

Fighting Style/Semblance:
Mary uses an elemental charge lance called Venus. What this means is that her weapon can unleash an elemental discharge/explosion
around her blade. However, to do the discharge, she must charge her lance with her own aura. The more aura she sacrifices into her
weapon, the more potent the explosion will be. She can also choose which element her weapon will unleash. In a fight she is very
versatile. She uses her flexability and looks to her advantage. When she fights, she purposely makes all her attacks very seductive
looking which gives her opponent cleavage and panty views. The way she fights somewhat resembles a pole dancer. How can her opponents
focus on a battle when they can't stop staring at her body? Her attack consists of either fast attacks or slow attacks. Her piercing
blows are fast, her slashing hits are slow but all of her attacks are very tricky due to her pole dancer style. However, she lacks
range. Her weapon is long but she has no potential in a true range battle and unlike Calder she can't reduce distance between her and
her opponent as fast. She is considered a very average fighter which is the reason why she is the leader. Good strenth, good agility,
go strategic level but amazing fighting style. Her semblance is called Last Kiss. This semblance allows her to take control over
anyone she kisses. The more attracted the person is to her, the longer the control. This semblance can range from none to 1 hour. She
will rarely use her semblance in the middle of a battle because it is very hard to kiss someone while you are going at it with
someone. She will mostly use it before a battle or for her own personal reasons. When she is in a battle with a male opponent, she is
pretty much unbeatable (unless he can fight with a blindfold). Against a female, her fighting style proves less effective but is still
a good distraction. Against a long range fighter, she will most likely need some help.

(I'll do this after I finish with the rest of the team.)

Named after virgin Mary (ironic isn't it)
Asmodea is based on Asmodeus who represents the sin lust in Binsfeld's Classification of Demons
This team is based off of the seven deadly sins (well technically there are only going to be four)
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Back with my over the top OC Rojas Ashren, and as by Monty's naming rule I went with Rojas since it's close to rojo or red in spanish.

sat down to do some designing and said, "Every RWBY OC has a gun weapon, what hasn't been done before? ...Flamethrower." and thus the monstrosity that is Stoke was born, and if that wasn't enough let's add a shotgun shield with the grip as the pump action too, and thus Smolder.

"In a world of shadows that seek to consume all light, I strive to be the one holding the brightest torch."

EDIT: Included fullbody


Hair: Black
Eyes: Orange
Height: 6'
Build: Lean muscular


Head: Red bandana

Torso: Longsleeve red undershirt with ammo molle on left arm, dark grey reinforced combat vest, steel neck and shoulder guard

Legs: Black cargo pants with 3 rows of ammo molle on right leg, steel tasset plate over left hip, steel greave on left leg, black/red combat boots.


Stoke: Flamethrower glaive/handaxe contains small self storing "fuel" tank in the head of the weapon, detachable/retractable fuel line for external fuel source

Smolder: Pump-action shotgun shield containing collapseable e-mag locking bayonet, uses grip for pump-action
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Name: Daisuke Lee Braunce (pronounced Daiske Lee Bronze)
Age: 18
Hair color: Wine Red
Eye color: Hazel
Color Pallet: Bronze
Previous school: Sanctum Academy
Weapon: Saber's Edge
Weapon type: Axe-riffle
Aura Skill: Strength

Short Bio:

Daisuke Lee Braunce is the fourth member of team VOID. He is an exceptional boy, very well mannered, but kinda quirky and odd at times (almost like Jaune Arc but with more confidence and actual training). Nevertheless he is bright and caring to his companions. He is also strong willed and dedicated, and a very skilled fighter. He is also a Faunus supporter, and is against any sort of discrimination against them. Nevertheless, if he encounters a Faunus enemy or criminal like the White Fang, he first asks the Faunus to surrender or he would be forced to engage. Even though other students begin to think he's a big deal since he was from Sanctum, he prefers not to be confused as a show off or a "popular" kid. He prefers to treat himself as equally as his team mates and other companions, since he doesn't like to feel above or superior than others. 

Even so, it appears that he was involved in a misfortune, as he had a rough experience before entering Beacon. Back at Sanctum some punk decided to get back at him since Daisuke defeated him in a small competition-style duel. Daisuke actually complemented his skills and offered to help him up, but that student completely ignored what was said, and being a sore loser, he committed a very unforgiving violation to the academy, and framed Daisuke into taking the punishment. Thanks to this, Daisuke was banned from Taking the Beacon entrance exam. Eventually, It was discovered that he was framed, so they decide to allow Daisuke to take the exam next year (which is why he entered Beacon at the age of 18 instead of 17). Putting that experience aside, he remains unchanged since he made it to Beacon and the real culprit was caught. Upon arriving to Beacon, right before he stepped out of the Airship, he was suddenly accidentally tackled by a girl who was running and tripped. He then introduces himself to the girl named Violet, and they became friends shortly after. 

He wields an automatic  riffle that transforms into a big axe named Sabers Edge. He is very skilled in using the weapon despite its size and weight. It is very sharp and powerful, and has three different handles to increase fighting maneuverability, as well as changing fighting styles. He also wears ex-quip able armor that activates when the middle button in his chest is pressed. (Think, Keyblade armor from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.) 

 He is the fourth member in team VOID, being partnered with Violet. The both of them have a very close friendship. He does have one particular problem though, as it seems he has attracted his three teammates, so he feels overwhelmed(although he mostly hangs with Violet).

Member #4 and Final member of team VOID, here he is! 

RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth's Monty Oum
Violet Tygar, Oneida E. Merald, Ignis and Daisuke Lee Braunce belongs to me

Colored by :iconduskeater:

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why do i do these things??

because i hate myself
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A picture of Blake being petted by Gary You can picture this as like a memory before Blake gone rouge.

NOTE: Guys, Be sure to read Kuma's  comic "RWBY: Henceforward"
NOTE II: Blake soooo better pur in Volume 2

Blake Belladonna: RoosterTeeth
Gary Makara:Me
Artwork: kumafromtaiwan
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Name: Violet Tygar
Age: 17
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Aqua blue
Color Palet: Violet
Previous school: Signal Academy
Weapon: Nirvana Cutters
Weapon Type: Crossbow-Claws
Aura Skill: Speed

Short Info: 

Violet Tygar is the leader of team VOID. Having recently graduated from Signal Academy, Violet decides to improve her skills even further and decided to complete her training in Beacon. Personality wise, she tends to be sort of a worry wart at times, and often apologizes a lot when she does (or thinks she did) a mistake. But, once you get to know her better, you can see that she is a very kind person and she is also very bright. She does have her odd quirks though, such as a very strong sweet tooth, which means that she really enjoys sweets. Careful though, giving her too much is hazardous as she will become VERY hyperactive. She is also a huge fan of Dust and Aura skills(kinda like how Ruby is a fangirl over weapons).

While she was heading to Beacon Academy on the airship, she accidentally dozes off during the trip. When she wakes up she notices that everyone had already exited the airship, and it was nearly time for it to depart. Seeing this, she quickly jolts out of her seat and tries to get off as soon as possible, until in one moment she tripped at the very exit and crashed with an unsuspecting student who was just stepping off. She then opens her eyes after hearing the voice saying "H-hey... You alright?", and realizes she had crashed with a young man. After this she is immensely embarrassed and helps him up while apologizing continuously. The boy tries to calm her down insisting it was his fault for not seeing her, and laughs slightly. After a slight awkward moment(according to violet), he introduces himself as Daisuke Lee Braunce. Violet then also introduces herself, and the two decide to stick together from that point forward. They become friends shortly after.

Violet's weapons, the Nirvana cutters, are specialized three fingered claw weapons. They are sharp, large, and deadly to Grimm, and she knows how to use them VERY well. The claws also have a grappling hook mechanism that allow her to reach far away distances and/or enemies. The secondary form of the claws are automatic Dust Crossbows. They have multiple Dust ammo canisters in each cartridge, and fire rapid bursts of arrows towards enemies. She has very exceptional aim with these, and cause quite a problem to any unlucky foe. Now as you an see, she has a lot of spare Dust ammunition. Since Dust is highly combustible by any force(example, Ruby's mere sneeze), she used the forging skills she learned in Signal Academy to forge specialized canisters that protect all of her Dust ammunition from damage.

She becomes the leader of team VOID, and the partner of Daisuke Lee Braunce, and although she is a little shaky at the leader business at first, she manages to become a great one. 

Member #1 of VOID, here she is! Others coming soon so stay tuned!

RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth's Monty Oum
Violet Tygar belongs to me

Colored by :iconduskeater:

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