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My character design entry for :iconrandomveus:

Saw the contest, and this dude pops out... So why not? :D

About 70% of this is done in tablet now. Though occassionally I crawled back to using mouse for last resort. I am slowly getting used to the tablet now.... Still, I got disoriented half way switching back and forth and go WTF on the drawing... Yeah... I will polish up in the future if possible.

Still, I do have fun doing this muscular head, another guy aside from Li Wei. One would wonder how he would ended up as a delivery guy though. And since his job deals with many people and sort, he has to show some friendliness so not to scare away potential costumer... And his shirt is the solution..

Oh he tried. Hahaha.....

i THINK I am gonna name him...... Ben, or Big Ben. What species, I don't know, though i originally aimed for dragon.
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Commission for :icontigerfey:.
Thanks you so much for commissioning me c:

[Commission Info]<------------ <3

Oc's : Moe moe niji taisen.
Art by YassMii
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"Kelish sat up and found his body penetrated all over by tubes and wires. His first thought was to start disconnecting them all very carefully, without causing damage, but he knew there were scientists studying him behind the one-way glass. He sighed, frustrated. He despised more than anything to be like this, full of tubes and wires. It made him feel more machine than human.
"Hey, I'm up now, can I go back to my cell?" He asked the glass, his voice husky from sleep. He was still a little out of it from the sedation medication, so his words were slow and slurred.
The scientists on the other side of the glass looked up temporarily, only to acknowledge that Kelish had finally awakened. As for his plead, they paid no mind and returned their attention to their monitors and keyboards.
"I know you can hear me! Let me out, I'm functioning fine!" He tried again, a little louder this time. The way the medication effected him gave an impression as if he were intoxicated and too ignorant to be answered.
There came no response from the opposite side of the glass. Kelish began to lose his frail temper.
"I'll rip this shit out if I have to!"
And thanks to his fervent frame of mind he did just that. Disregarding his knowledge of careful procedures, he yanked the tubes and wires from his limbs and tore out the carefully inserted needles taped over his various body parts, refusing to be a slave to science.
At this sight the scientists finally responded. Quickly they sent three white-coats with gloves and masks armed with three needles each. As Kelish emerged from the hospital bed, feeble and sleepy but ready to fight, a scientist easily pinned him back down onto the sheets and dealt with his pitiful struggle. Another scientist came around with one of his needles and inserted it without care, counting aloud softly to move the process along faster. Kelish could not battle against the medicine, especially not in this state, and his body began to relax underneath the scientist's firm grip. Now that his body would not function at his will he was re-positioned back into the bed, and all the tubes were reinserted into their former places to carry on with the tests.
Quiet tears of defeat dripped down his numb cheeks as he stared up at the ceiling, unable to make a move. Before he knew it, a new medication began coursing through his veins and his longing for freedom faded into a distant dream."

...I think he's had enough of being experimented on. A couple paragraphs from our unnamed story dealing with the Kelish Project.

Kelish @ Augun
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I think this qualifies as an OC? I might draw him again... and I am going to use him in a story if I ever get around to finishing it.
Yeah not sure how to go about this sooo
Name: Nex (Latin word for death)
Species: human (yes he is human...sorta)
Age: Unknown but physical appearance suggests he is roughly 9 or 10 years of age (he is really much older than that)
Gender: Male
*cough* I dont know what else to put *cough*

Nex can't use his legs very well, and uses those weird wood things to walk. I haven't decided if they are a part of his body or not yet... Yeah I just wanted to draw a deformed thing that uses arm sticks to walk. I'm not sure why :P
He looks the way he does mostly because of mutations from large amounts of radiation. That or he was experimented on, don't know which yet.

Even though Nex looks weird as hell, he is actually pretty nice. If a bit insane (by bit I mean he has lost it completely)

I am reeeaaally sorry for the crappy background. I was going to do a REAL background but had no idea what to do. :(
SORRY IF IT SUCKS!!! :ohnoes:

I am proud not to have used any references for this :D
Used: GIMP 2.6
Time: 5-6 hours

I have a feeling I may have horribly embarrassed myself somehow...

more current sketch [link]
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CJ's "Glasgow Grin" hides a shocking secret; it's not a scar at all. Those are his actual lips!

In this AU, the "couldn't stop smiling" bit in the story had nothing to do with actually smiling. His skull and facial structure were transforming grotesquely, as a result of the curse… , and his jawline was altering. He appeared to cut his cheeks, but in actuality he was "freeing up" his new lips. Soon after they were cut, they quickly healed over. It was a natural part of the transformation process.

See? A scientific, plausible explanation of why CJ didn't die of infection/blood loss from cutting his mouth. Neener neener neener.

As you can see, CJ has far larger jaw muscles than a normal human's. This is what gives him his astounding bite strength.

Jeff the Killer (c) creepypasta
Cannibal Jeff (c) :iconlaserpotato:

CJ's bio:…
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Alright, here's a promise.

So I avoid spamming everyone with junk like memes and stamps instead of art, I've decided for every bit of 'junk' I upload, I will upload some type of art.

Should his be under mature content? :B

See...I had this huge canvas open so I could doodle all over it and practice to find an easy way of drawing humans. This came out of the third doodle I to experiment with hair.

*Edit: OH. And that symbol on his chest is the logo of the science facility*

I started and said "God this hair looks awful" and "This doesn't look like hair at all". BUT. I forced myself to continue with it, rather then erase and give up on it all together. I got the exact effect I was looking for...fancy that.

Instead of stopping with the head (like I said I would) I kept drawing and drawing and drawing.

I thought that it should be a picture of it's own, rather then a scrap on a doodle page. SO PUT IT ON ANOTHER CANVAS I DID.

My fail at perspective arm is fail. But it gives off some kind of small surreal effect that I like.

Hardest part of the whole thing was the words.

I didn't want it to be on a blank, one color canvas like my other pictures.

It's not a background, but it's better than nothing. It took so long to write things that actually made sense D:.

I'm going to call the kid Era for now. He really changed since I first thought of him.

The base of the story is that there are these children born with psychic powers influenced by there emotional and mental state. They were branded as dangerous, and some type of gas was released into the air. Normal humans were immune to it, but these born with powers were not. Only a matter of time before they all died out.

CCSF or Central Crir Science Facility. Tranquilized some of the different humans and brought them back to their main science lab. Asleep in what looked like giant test tubes, the psychic humans were put into a suspended dream and had no clue of the real world.

Idk myself, but that's what I've got. I abandoned the story and its characters long ago, only to be brought back by a doodle.

If you read the entire description, you win a Nintendo Wii. :iconwiiplz:

Era (c) to me.
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DONE! :)

I'm pretty happy with the result. And admit that it was done with a bit of guilty pleasure. lol.

The original "Black Crow": [link]

Was going to color the mask complete black. But found out that's too much black in it. So just simply go for purple, and go creative on it. haha. =P It was drawn with reference to a ball mask.

Other Alter series..

This cat copyright me :iconpurpleground02:
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I was drawing something random, then I drew the grey demon spirit thing, then I removed the random thing, created a demon offspring.

Then designed it in another drawing.

It will eat childrens dreams, slowly turning the dreams into nightmares. It will continue this for couple of weeks, in the later weeks appearing in the childs dream.
When the child becomes more mentally unstable it takes over more and more of the mind each night untill the child can't think for themself anymore.
On the last night it physically visits the child, opening their sown-shut mouth and then begin to rip up the child in pieces to feet itself on the child.
It's tongue is so strong it doesn't have to chew the limbs of the child.

The child however stays alive untill the very end, when the brain is eaten, and won't make a sound unless ths creature allowes it (mostly it will let the child suffer in pain).

Well, pretty grim character for my doing XD can't wait to draw this one in a grim situation with a lot of blood :)

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The lovely :iconeviscera: was kind enough to beta my current fic Focus and in return I decided to do a gift art in thanks for her hard work and general awesomeness and for putting up with me :heart:

This poor tortured Ed comes from a one of her fics (THAT SHE NEEDS TO FINISH LIEK OMG NOW)

Here's an excerpt:

Broken. That was the only word that came to mind. He just looked broken. Huddled on the floor, shivering, bloodied and naked. His hair had been shorn in uneven patches. Gone was the brilliant gold braid that was so much part of him that it shocked Roy to see it missing. It was just as jarring to see the empty ports where his automail limbs should be. His captors had removed the braces, leaving the ports themselves naked and exposed. Bloody, oozing wires and nerve connectors hung from their docks, and Roy couldn’t even begin to imagine how painful it must be. Every movement must be an agony.

I love tortured!Ed. I'm a bad, bad person. :D

EDIT: The fic isn't done or posted anywhere yet, for those of you who have been asking, but I'll put up a link as soon as it's up!
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What's going on?... Ahem... a Romantic date? :'D
What are their names? Good question...
I'll think about it, later.
Although I'm not sure whether I want to know the answer or not. No one has a name in the Wasteland.
Okay, nevermind.
In fact, they both really like each other! Really! :I
I hope this drawing speaks for itself. ^^

Wasteland and everything (c) :iconalexx-kerr: and me
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