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Fiolee ~ A Stolen Heart : Chapter 3

Marshall's P.O.V
"Why are you laughing?" The Human, Fionna, looked at me funny. "Oh, no reason." I scratched my head and smiled at her. "I gotta get out of here." Just as I was about to get up Micheal pushed me back down on the bed. "Oh no you don't mister, with your current condition you can't go anywhere" I was about to protest till I thought about what he said. If I get to far from my heart I could die. Great, well this is bittersweet. 
I was still flat on my back when Fionna said, "Your friends right, the closest hospital here is the candy kingdom, they only treat candy people. They wouldn't have a clue on how to treat you." I looked at her "And if I'm correct you know your fair share on vampires right?" A corner of my mouth turned up on my cheek, revealing a pointed tooth. "Wait how did you... did you hear... were you really.." She stuttered from one thing to the
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Fiolee: L for Love or Lust? (1/2)+18
Fiolee: L for Love or Lust?
  It was very lonely when Cake would go to Lord Mono's house to spend the weekend. It left Fionna to wander the woods by herself to find someone in need of her help just take the edge of her mind.
  She hadn't had much luck all day. Everything in the land of Aaa seemed to be calm and safe. There was no monsters assaulting innocent people or Why-wolves attacking  innocent house-people. Not even the Ice Queen had poked her blue self around Prince's homes to take them hostages.  What was she to do?
  She had the idea of going over to the Candy Kingdom and just hanging out with Prince Gumball, but  it made her feel like she was still after his gum.
  After chasing after him for all her young years she decided that now that she was nineteen she would at least try something new. She had already messed things up with Flame Prince and there was no chance of ever returning with him. Yet, now that she was older, she caught herself th
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The Other Side Chapter 5
I closed my locker door and jumped when I saw henry leaning against the lockers smirking "sup cutie" he said but I just ignored him and began to walk away but he grabbed my arm "what's wrong cutie?" "your what's wrong,you left me waiting for me in the rain!" I said stomping my foot. "Come on,I didn't mean to my parents took my car away for making bad grades" he said placing his hand on my cheek which made me blush a bit but I just smacked his hand away "I don't care,you could'v called! besides I found out some interesting things about you!" I said crossing my arms and getting a serious look on my face. "Girl them are just rumors,how about I pick you up tonight and i'll make it up to you" "fine but don't be late" I said with a serious face and walked away. I turned a corner and ran into somebody,when I looked up I saw marshall and he had a hurt look on his face "do I mean nothing to you" he said and a few tears ran down his cheeks "Marshall it's not what you think!" I tried to explain b
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Fiolee ~ A Stolen Heart : Chapter 5

Marshall's P.O.V
I scratched my head as I peered further into the house, ignoring the others briefly. It was completely filled with nature. Flowers and sprouts covered every inch of the tree's trunk floor.
"So, what's the plan, stan" Micheal had tapped my shoulder. I turned my head back to him. He was just floating there, waiting for an answer. "Geez man, I don't really know."
"Honey, WHAT were you doing just before this... THIS happened?!?" 
I looked over to see Cake sassin Fionna. She had her paws on her hips and seemed to be pouting.
"I had a migraine, and, and I was, just.. getting medicine, no-nothing more." Cake seemed to go into a rage mode, I swear I saw fire emitting from her body. "Ohhhhh-kay.... then why were you in HIS room." Cake whipped her
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Fionna's Decision Chpt.14
     I had snapped the chains around her wrists and she fixed the top 
part of her dress. When she looked back at me, I noticed tears filling 
her beautiful cerulean eyes. I instinctively rushed over and pulled 
her into a tight hug.
    She gripped my shirt and bawled her eyes out. I just sat there 
with her and ran my fingers through her golden hair. Her vanilla scent 
intoxicating my nostrils. I smiled to myself and dug my face in her 
    "Marshall?" she whispered. I lifted my head from her hair and she 
looked at me with a sad smile. "I love you," she said without 
    "W-what?" I asked obviously dumbfounded. She giggled and wiped the 
remaining tears from her eyes. She looked beautiful even if she was 
sad. There's no girl in this world that could match her beauty.
    Before I could say anything else, she planted a light kiss on my
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Summer Vacation page 43 by Yumi-kito Summer Vacation page 43 :iconyumi-kito:Yumi-kito 107 81 More Like This
The Love game.Chapter 3.Fiolee
  Fionna woke up the next day to the bright and shinning sun peering at her through the window. She woke up wondering how her date was going to be! She's never even gone on a date, plus she hasn't told Cake yet!
  "That'd be horrible if I don't tell her at all!" Fionna thought to herself with a frown. "She might not like Marshall, but she will at east be supportive of me decisions." Fionna looked over at the sleeping Cake on the couch with a sigh. She knew she had to tell her… But she couldn't get herself to do it.
  "Besides," She thought "I'm not even sure if we was joking! It could just be a get together kind of thing, for buddies!" But in the back of Fionna's mind, she didn't want it to be a "get together for buddies" kind of thing, she wanted it to be real. She wanted it to be a date-date. Fionna yawned and got up from her bed, stretching in her Rainbow-Unicorn pajamas and dancing bunny slippers. Marshall had given her slippers when they went to
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Fionna's Decision Chpt.13
    I turned around and saw a very familiar pink dude. I sighed and 
smiled at him. Gumball. He had a smug smile and bowed politely.
    He stood up and cupped my cheek. "You look so beautiful tonight 
Fionna," he cooed. I heard a squeal and looked at the direction it 
came from. It was Cake, she had a gigantic smile on her furry face.
    I blushed and looked back at Gumball. "Uh, thanks," I whispered.
    He smiled and grabbed my hand. "I need to show you something so, 
very, large," he said with a smirk.
    He led me up the stairs. "Where're we goin'?" I asked with my head 
cocked to the side.
    He didn't answer until we got to room at the top of the staircase. 
"Well," he said, "I never got the chance to give you your birthday 
present, right?" I nodded and he opened the door. It was dimly lit by 
    When my eyes fully adjuste
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The Other Side Chapter 9
I sat in front of a mirror letting cake curl my hair,I had my head propped up on my hand while I blew a curl out of my face "baby don't complain" she said placing a blue and white mixed flower in my hair "i'm not i'm just tired" I wined and I wasn't lying these past few days have bin a nightmare,I want dragged into a marriage I didn't wanna be part of,I was forced to stay in a room for months,and I almost lost my mind talking to myself in the mirror! I sighed and stood up, I was wearing a short blue ball gown and black heels. I admired myself and smiled "thanks cake" I said hugging her. I heard a knock at the door and went to go answer it before I ever left the room cake pushed my on the bed "stay here honey it may be that hot head" she said and stretched downstairs. I saw a squirt bottle beside my bed and grabbed it,I held it close to my chest and waited for cake to come back up "it's ok fi it's just marshall" she called from downstairs,I smiled and jumped up "marshall!" I screamed in
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FioLee: Symphony of AAA ch.1 pg 21 by suzumecreates FioLee: Symphony of AAA ch.1 pg 21 :iconsuzumecreates:suzumecreates 152 81 More Like This
Fiolee ~ A Stolen Heart : Chapter 1

Marshall's P.O.V
"Man it's the stuff of legends!", Micheal stated enthusiastically. "What's the stuff?" I inquired as we floated over to a shady tree, pulling our hoods off. Micheal's been my bro since before the Mushroom War. We were just out on one of our daily casual strolls, chatting, when he had suddenly brightened up bringing us to this point. "I just recalled a story my grandma would tell me every night before bed when I was a wee lad. Would you like to hear it?" I chuckled a little bit at his "wee lad" statement he had put in there along with an awful Scottish accent. 
Once we'd reached the tree he took a seat on a high fat branch that had been carved flat, as though someone had made it a seat purposefully, motioning for me to sit beside him. It was surrounded by leafy branches, blocking out the suns deadly rays completely while still having a breathtaking
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Fionna and Cake Chp1- Drama Queen
Fionna swung across a stone chasm, tumbling across the stone on the other side.
' Wow, Cake, you gotta see this!'
'Hold on, honey, I'm-a-comin!' Cake stretched her front legs across the gorge then retracted her back half.
'Why didn't you just do that before for me?'
She shrugged, then turned to the massive pair of wooden doors that stood in front of them, with an equally massive  brass key hole hovering above Fionna's head. 'So that's what the key is for...'                                      
'We'll see..' Cake flicked her tail back and forth, waving the key they had won a few caves back, then stretched her tail and the key into the keyhole. The doors slowly creaked open, followed by a seething mass of  black tentacles that wrapped themselves around Fionna and Cake.
'Oh, bolts!'
'Fionna! language..'
Cake grew and started tearing at the tentacles.  Fionna ripped off t
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Fiolee Fan-Fiction .1.
----No Ones P.O.V---
Cake: *Jumps on Fionna stomach* Wake up Fionna, wake up!
Fionna: *yawns and stretches* What is it Cake, its 9:00 in the morning, and you know I like to sleep in late on Saturdays.
Cake :  Its your 18th birthday and we have a huge day planned out for you Honey.
Fionna: We?
Cake: Yea, me, Prince Gumball,and Marshall Lee talked last night and have set up a schedule to see how long each of us will spend the day with you until tonight around 8:30pm, where we will have a huge ball in honor of AAA's greatest adventuress and her 18th birthday.
Fionna: Well that sounds mathematical Cake! Ill go take a quick shower. Who do I spend time with first, Cake?
Cake:  Well your gonna spend about 2 hours with me, where we will go to the Ice Cream Kingdom and scarf down all the ice cream our tummies can hold, then I'll take you to Gumball's castle for about 4 hours,where you two will make a special desert for you as a birthday gift, then after you two are done Mars
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You Put It In A Tree? by starlingthefairy You Put It In A Tree? :iconstarlingthefairy:starlingthefairy 127 53 More Like This
Fiolee ~ A Stolen Heart : Chapter 2

Fionna's P.O.V
"Well I knew that, but no one else did?" I stared at Micheal blankly. "Oh, well, no. No one knew, unless you have some friends that know. But yea, your pretty much a myth." He said loosing some of his previous excitement. "Well, lets get inside, also, what were you dudes doing on my tree bench?" He seemed surprised as he took a closer look at the tree and noticed it was, in fact, a home. 
"Oh. Well, Marshall and I were just floating around and saw this tree.. erm your house, and sat down. I.." I stopped him there. "Tell me when we're inside, please. Don't want to risk you guys to sizzling to a crisp. Cake" She started to walk, maintaining her position until we were at th
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FioLee Sequel: I should of listened! pg.116 by suzumecreates FioLee Sequel: I should of listened! pg.116 :iconsuzumecreates:suzumecreates 157 39 More Like This Good Little Girl - Page 33 by graphicspark Good Little Girl - Page 33 :icongraphicspark:graphicspark 129 30 More Like This Good Little Girl - Page 31 by graphicspark Good Little Girl - Page 31 :icongraphicspark:graphicspark 124 16 More Like This
Fiolee ~ Sweet Truth : Chapter 1

What should I do with this girl
Tears stick to her face like rice, staining her cheeks
What's in front of me is a pitiful puzzle, with an incomprehensible picture 
It's missing pieces, and you know that even if you find them and figure it out.... you may still not understand what your eyes see
As I dragged her I felt the weight of her loss in my arms, a hollow weight, tipping itself over so it could drain itself of everything
Even though I'm a vampire, I'm still so young
And it may not have even been her physical weight that weighed me down, but the empty ache of blame and pain, towards herself
I shrugged her up further into my arms,  making sure she wouldn't slip
I eventually came to a forest with a single life filled tree
It seemed to glow among the crumbling bark surrounding it
Hearing the water race through it's roots, I desperately dragged  the girl towards it
I banged my back against the bark on purpose then slid down, and posit
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Good Little Girl - Page 32 by graphicspark Good Little Girl - Page 32 :icongraphicspark:graphicspark 114 36 More Like This
Fiolee ~ Sweet Truth : Prologue

Flaky soot filled air cascaded around me.
I stood staring out at the cracked cars and broken bombshells, hot hair smacking my hair against my face.
I started to blackout, fading, falling to my knees.
Before the blackness engulfed me, I saw a young boy
He had raven hair that touched his shoulders, and he wore torn jeans and a torn grey tee
He reached out a pale hand, I took it looking him in the eyes, his deep blue eyes
I felt my hand slip, and I fell on my side, slamming onto the charred ground
I looked out across the landscape a final time, tears flowed peacefully down my face
I felt so... cold... and empty
Everything was dead and beat and crushed and scattered
The atmosphere was rusted with our mistakes, humanity's mistakes
Such and ugly rust
I laid there and slowly closed my eyes
Finally giving into a fight, I knew I wouldn't win
As I slipped into eternal slumber, two things consumed my last thoughts
Strong arms around me,
And a meow
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Summer Vacation page 40 by Yumi-kito Summer Vacation page 40 :iconyumi-kito:Yumi-kito 77 18 More Like This
The Other Side Chapter 7
I stood in front of a mirror while a little flame person measured me. He untied my hands and motioned me to spread my arms out,I sighed and did. When he was finished he walked out and locked the door again. I am so bored! I looked at the window and waited for someone to break the glass and save me. Iv'e tried to break the glass with my lamp a couple hours ago but it has some kind of spell on it and my lamp broke. I sighed and laid on my bed,I stared at the ceiling for about twenty minutes until I heard someone knock on the door. I heard the door unlock and a small flame person come in "Madam,the flame prince request your presence at dinner tonight and ask for you to look formal,i'll come to retrieve you in an hour" he said closing the door and locking it once more. I sighed,got up and walked over to my closet,all that was in here was formal dresses,so it wasn't like I had a choice to look formal or not. I looked around and put on a short dress the was orange at the bottom and red at th
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Summer Vacation page 29 by Yumi-kito Summer Vacation page 29 :iconyumi-kito:Yumi-kito 101 15 More Like This