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GIVEAWAY IS OVER or I've got a sneaky plan.

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 4, 2013, 5:29 AM

total amount of people: 248
June 6, 2013 12. Lola22
June 5, 2013 8. BiGFooT-y2k
June 5, 2013 116. thatfoxfacedbastard
June 7, 2013 78. Lewanut
Timestamp: 2013-06-09 07:57:25 UTC

I just noticed a journal about giveaway on the front page for "Popular 3 days".
The author is going to give 100 points to a random person who faved that journal.
100 points. One fucking dollar of united states of god bless you America.
And you know what? The journal has already have over 1000 faves. Just woah.
So here's my excellent plan to become an attention whore I always dreamed to become.

I have 400 miserable points I want to giveaway because I'm such a sucking up for an attention person.


400 points for 4 persons, i.e. 100 points for each.

What to do:

  1. fave this fucking journal
  2. wait until Sunday, 9th of june
  3. I'll randomize the list of people who faved this journal thru and give the award
  4. everyone is happy (except those who didn't win)

I've even installed a kawaii journal skin.
Ah yes, almost forgot, it's very nice if you post a link to this giveaway in your journal. Kthanks.

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
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Contest #TheFavouriteShowcase - And the winner is

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 17, 2013, 6:26 AM

Hello dear members of :iconthefavouriteshowcase: :wave:

It's time to reveal our winner of the 3rd Theme of our Contest "The Thematic Colours of Renewal - COLOURFUL SCAPES":

Congrats to Miguel-Santos :iconmiguel-santos:

Araucaria Vale by Miguel-Santos

With 12 votes wins 1000 :points:.

The 3 most voted after the winner were :


�by :iconsamlim: (10 votes)

Colours in the Dark by MBHenriksen

� by :iconmbhenriksen: (8 votes)


Fiery Sunrise by papatheo

�by�:iconpapatheo: (8 votes)


These works are entering a poll �with the 3 most voted at the 1st and 2nd Themes to win 500 :points:, and you can find the poll here�…

The winner of the public vote, the "Viewer's Choice", is:

:iconivanandreevich: IvanAndreevich

with (126 votes)

Cheer Up by IvanAndreevich

wins 100 :points:

and the voters with the positions 196, 121, 3, 236, 163 and 81, �in the Favourites List (1 to 274) will win each 50 :points:

they are: :iconkkromao::iconantic-disposition: :iconretro7: :iconazure-fuurin: :iconalchemicangel19: :iconpika-pika-pikahu:

To all winners: please comment below so I can give your prizes.



I'm here on the behalf of The Favourite Showcase to let you know that the submissions for the 3rd and last Theme �of our annual Contest "The Colours of Renewal" are closed and now it's time to vote.

I'm showcasing below the works entering our 3rd theme "COLOURFUL SCAPES".
Each work has a number so every one of you reading this blog can vote here in the comments if you want to support a particular artist.
The participants in this theme have already voted and the winner was chosen only by them to win the 1st prize of 1000 :points:.

Another voting will take place now, it is the "Viewer's Choice" - it is open from now until the 20th June.�

All dA members can vote.

Just leave your comment below with the correspondent number(s) you like the best, you can nominate up to 3 artists.
The winner of this voting will win a big feature and 100 points and 6 of the voting deviants who fave this article win 50 points each.

Now take a moment to observe these lovely pieces, take in consideration that there are Traditional and Digital pieces, as well as Photography :

Announcing this voting is allowed.


1 Colours in the Dark by MBHenriksen 2 Canyon by Real-SonkeS 3 Fall by Vishw


�6 Slow Country by ltuininga 7 lupine by MSamsonov8 A MAY EVENING IN SIMFEROPOL by Badusev

9 Romantic evening by Moliugele 10 BUNNY'S ALBINO BABY LANTERN TREE by XBUDDYFORME11 4 Seasons - Summer Pyrograph (Woodburning) by snazzie-designz


12 Sweet Dreams by lil-Mickey 13 �Behind The Trees by Scorpidilion15 Fantasy Land by Hestefotograf

16 Glorious Skies by celestialprincess101 17 The Odenwald Sundown by freMDart18 Other Things 04 by JACAC

19 Cheer Up by IvanAndreevich 20 Purple sky by LiveInPix21 Colorful Sunset! by jjtt41910

�23 Evening Palette by Pinho24 The Storm by penner2000 �26 Gazing At The Sunset From The Beach by Daneas

27 Colorful Hills by Celem 28 Challenge accepted by averel-a 29 Wonderful Scenery by micecat

30 .: Spring is in the air :. by VictorianPrincess �32 101 2908 by Sabbelbina33 Fiery Sunrise by papatheo

34 Peace of Mind by SchwarzWieEbenholZ 35 California Happy Cows by kayaksailor

37 Beautiful Country by MoonchildLuiza 38 Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia by Brian-B-Photography39 Fields in May by Dieffi

40 Tranquil Sun by ShogunMaki 41 wheat by ValentinaKucelj42 Hegau Berge - Sundown by Optionator

43 Araucaria Vale by Miguel-Santos 44 BALI FANTASY ISLAND by SAMLIM45 bee free by miss-gardener

46 Belogradchi(shki) balkan by cheiva 47 So much color by Mogrianne48 Great Blue Heron: Purple Mountains by Flame-of-the-Phoenix



(read careful, it's very simple)
*everyone can participate, you don't have to be a member of #TheFavouriteShowcase.

1. Choose your favourite works from above, you can vote for one favourite work up to 3, it's your choice (though the categories are separated you can vote as you wish, you don't have to choose a work from each nor vote on only on category - vote for your favourites knowing there will be only one winner);
2. See the correspondent number before the thumb? Comment on this blog by writing the number(s) of your favourite work(s), like this:
(if you want to use just one vote)
51 and 65
(if you want to use two votes)
51, 65 and 72
(if you want to use the 3 votes);
3. To have the possibility to win 50 :points: entering a draw, FAVE THIS BLOG! Six participants will be randomly chosen using the favourites list and RANDOM.ORG;
4. You don't have to do anything else :thumbsup: This voting will be open until the 20th June! The winners will be announced on the 21st June.

Thank you for participating!

Elsa, Egil21 :iconpinklilyplz: on behalf of �:iconthefavouriteshowcase:

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justice - oil painting on canvas
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for more news find me on facebook :heart: [link]
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“If you love a flower that lives on a star, then it's good at night, to look up at the sky. All the stars are blossoming.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Jungkook from BTS (Bangtan Boys).
I find him as precious as the little prince

Watercolours, black and white ballpoints, pencil on 300g watercolour paper.

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The past giveaway is just finished, and now you have another opportunity to win 100 points!

This giveaway is sponsored by AnyShapeNecklaces, custom pendants of any shape!
I also make pendants and other stuff on commission!
Get your customized pendant with your personal design for only 8$!

To participate you only need to follow this simple steps:

1 - Favourite this journal and leave a comment and please take a look at my shop! =)…

That's all!

Optional: (more chances to win)
2 - Like our Facebook page…
3 - Write a journal about this giveaway (comment with the link to the journal)
4 - Watch me

If you do also the step 2 and/or the step 3 and/or the step 4 your name will be insert 2, 3 or 4 times and you gain 2 or 3 or 4 chances to win!

One lucky winner will receive 100 points!!
Giveaway ends 9 June 2013

Write all the informations in a unique message and don't reply to your own post or I can't receive the notice!
Don't worry if I don't reply to your message! If I don't reply is because you have done all right!


Any points donation for the next giveaway is welcome! (not necessary to participate at the giveaway!)


And the winner is... FunkyDreamer !!
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Weekly photo #004

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 4, 2013, 9:37 AM
Turquoise water by Kiara-Vestigium Dinner for Two by dalantech :thumb390513113: -Autumnal dreaming- by Janek-Sedlar Train wreck by m-eralp close to sunrise by CaveCanem42 Into the Another World by AbandonedZone Irradie by Annabelle-Chabert Bluebird by bwaworga Don't leave me by flankers sweet child o mine by SigitPutraSolo Meow by Iliketobeweird fold by Megson fairy tale by laura-makabresku Meditation by TammyPhotography 176.White snowball by Bulinko The shepherd by Amaltheea Untitled by FerBarchetta Reine from Reinebringen by jonpacker i am in the food by bonatua Chocolate Chip Granola Bars by Jedi-Dame Rise of an army by Piroshki-Photography Poem of the explosion by Piroshki-Photography Your thorns don't hurt by Vanilladisaster Common kingfisher - male by JMrocek Koelnbreinsperre by nische77 With catch by JMrocek Pingu - 2 by Pebels Isabell by aufzehengehen ~Enchanted Tomorrow~ by Isika On the road to Meiji Shrine by Pajunen :thumb390061411: Velvet worm says..... Give me a hug! by melvynyeo :thumb389725185: Playful alphas by Lupinicious My Name Is Green IV by JoannaRzeznikowska The Beauty of Decay by tgphotographer Grey Little Bunny by breanna-rae Untitled by hayzy The Old Man Of Storr by Nichofsky Sinking at Sunset II by mhmalali Sunset by AkaSling At the Top by GeorgeBraz After Rain by HAZEPINK Noctilucent Clouds by MikkoLagerstedt The Lighthouse by Michaelthien Shoreline by helios-spada Blackish by Michaelthien Entwine by FlabnBone Reflected Glory by helios-spada Jellyfish-2 by Joosiee

The Inside by PatiMakowska
Cursing place by Akirahpaws :thumb389474768:

No More Worries by EintoeRn Way of the Wizard by Oer-Wout ___ by windrides :thumb390134267: Mission by xOronar Full wing spread by Jamie-MacArthur Take a deep breath by CathyDong Where Forgotten Days Slumber by Oer-Wout Sleeping beauty by AnitaAnti Lovers by losesprit Dusty Road by tvurk Faded stories by cloduy Snooze by Tydart -Parallel reality I- by Janek-Sedlar Na fioletowo... by Justine1985 Stay colour by arayo :thumb390182237: million drops by all17 Gazebo. by FistfulOfDirt cloud no.9 by 8o-clock . . . by sandrawiklander Traffic in the sky by deerArylide

Little lion king by FeliDae84 :bigthumb389746418:

. by anihilacja Floating by alexgphoto Rising by OkiGraphics Wise owl by TammyPhotography Stay In Line by tvurk Zelene II by myusernameistaken2 New Born by MyLifeThroughTheLens

Afternoon Flowers by Ana-D Die gruene Physalis by feigenfrucht on the tree by efeline Big White Plushie Would Like A Hug by darkcalypso Just Walk by Astranat :thumb389925346: Blueberry Sauce by claremanson Prelude to Descend by AbandonedZone :thumb389091433: bye bye little turtle! by miri-chiwa Untitle by djusa April Fires by kkart Doberman elegance by Lina-182 Untitled by lovable-moments The Rise of the Phoenix by WTek79

A month ago I started something new called 'weekly photo'. Every week I add beautiful pictures of different subjects to a weekly photo folder in my favourites and feature them at the end of a week on Sunday. (All these works featured here are submitted this week)

:lightbulb: To support this feature and these artists you could favorite the article. :heart: I give away 100 :points: to a supporter through and he or she may select one artist that's featured above who get a 100 :points: too.

Weekly photo previous winners

:icongalaxygiraffe: :iconstrehlistisch: :iconrosarainbow: :iconfrancescadelfino: :iconbroobroo: :icondarkpsychea:

Weekly photo: #001 #002 #003 #004

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Bornholm, Denmark
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