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© 2011 Cellwork Cartoon Studios – Artist Matthew Joseph Sella

A follow-up of this:

Prologue to this image:
Before the Sea Nymph could wipe the memory of poor Michelle of her humanity, The Nymph and her crony Octopus was caught off by an underwater bombardment of blue birds wearing underwater masks? Michelle and Aaron got free and swam to the surface Struggling to crawl on shore, the Sea Nymph followed behind. Furious she tried to drag Michelle back underwater, but then a red bird and yellow bird slammed into the Nymph. The black bird try to finish her off but the Nymph pushed the birds away with her magic. Out of pure angry she prepare to turn everyone into sea coral as punishment for defying her.

That was until… out of nowhere… The Mighty Eagle crashed the party. Overwhelmed by the colossal bird, the Sea Nymph gave up and turned Michelle back to human and begged to be let go. The Mighty Eagle has no such intention…


Happy Easter Everyone!!!!

Thank you so much for the watch, favorites, and comments on the Twisted Tales, other Mermaid TFs and such.

As many of you may know I’m not too fond of Transformations, especially the unwilling. But I do like Mermaids… I find them cool. I also some random comical situation, that’s why I added these Angry Birds into this particular story… sort of… this is more of an optional ending that could or couldn’t happen. In my mind, it did! :rofl:

If you can’t tell by now, I love Angry Birds. I like the concept, the animated trailers, and some of the designs. I also find the Mighty Eagle beyond epic. Part of the reason why I thought of this is thanks to the inspiration of this trailer: [link] :film:

Now I have the Android so I don’t have access to the Mighty Eagle, but when it comes onto Droid Market I’m totally getting it! XD

:bulletblue:Anyhoo, I drew all the birds based on my interpretation and consistent to some original traits. You can turn the music on or off. Added it for Ambience. (This DOES count towards the Angry April Contest)

:star:You can find the Image here for Download: [link]

Angry Birds is Copyrighted by Rovio Mobile.
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This is MkII version and I've improved the detailing and exposures on all of the frames and improved the alignment between frames. The filesize has gone up to 3.8Mb :( again it will play better if you hit the refresh page after it has loaded

I will move the original [link] into scraps shortly
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This is my entry for 's contest. I don't know if Animated Flash-es count as entries, but I couldn't resist :). I needed to practice on running animation and since you said you wanted Rashid galloping, I thought it would be a good opportunuty to try...If animated stuff aren't allowed, just take this as a gift (I owe you one :D, that Acry and River pic was really great! And I really learned a lot from this, anyway). And sorry for the lateness and crudeness of was my first time trying actual whole-bodied animation, so it isn't anything special, really...hope you like it, though :D

Disclaimer: Rashid is owned by

PS: Might take long to load the flash file, though...sorry ^^;
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this is an experiment! :)
The pano was generated using the same images that I used to create [link] .

Movement: left-click and drag to change the view
Zoom: press "cntr " to zoom out and "shift" to zoom in. or use the mousewheel

EDIT: limited the vertical down movement, so that nobody gets lost
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this is a flash I did during my Digital design class ^^ I like how it came out ^^ Keep an eye on the sign ^___^ trust me ^__^

by the way the last thing the sign displays is : why do they allways run?
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Yeah... I cant really draw anything.. but my art black hasent touched my animating! :3 -well, it did.. sorta...-
Yeah.. Inspired by my current art black. Yeah. I didnt feel liek doing my bell or my new markings.. but its in color! And theres Music Turn on yoru speakers!!

If this idea had been used.. im sorry TT^TT I didnt copy you, really.

I hope you all enjoy it, I enjoyed making it :3 and that whistle.. that was me.. because im amazing <3

Royalty free Music from <3

Yeah.. I cnt figure out that dumb crackling.. oh well. Sorry. I changed it so the music isnt as loud through it. and the mouse... He says "Them art blocks hit ya hard" Sorry its so quiet, my microphone was spazzing.

Animation and Charicter © *JelliedFox
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The same sequence of images from the previous animation.

39 full frame images taken at 5 millisecond intervals

Coded into a Flash animation by ^patgroove . Many thanks Pat :)
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Okay, let me see, where to start.....

There was once a lil feud between and , being the dork that I am I drew up some fan art which most people weren't quite fond of. I mean sheesh, don't people have a sense of humor? I guess this animation was inspired by the feud, as well as sonicrocksmysocks's works. Some characters in this movie are based upon her drawings. There are also some characters based off of anime, games, etc -- Sonic, Edward Elric, Impmon. The songs are small clips off Full Metal Alchemist.

Oh yeah, you may hear a whisper later in the short animation, it's: We'll help you Kylee....

And this is my second, non sprite movie animation, and i know the lip synching is lame..but oh well
Oh yeah, this was all done with a crappy ball mouse :( so it did take a while, I was about half way done when I found out that favic was perma banned, lol....

Feel free to share you thoughts, hope you enjoy!!!
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New for 2006:

Key Features:

* All-new, light, powerful and bristling with knowledge gained from years of racing, the YZF-R6 is the most advanced production motorcycle Yamaha—or anybody else—has ever built.
* The YZF-R6 is the first production motorcycle with a fly-by-wire throttle system—for flawless response under all conditions.
* Straight frame concept: developed from the Yamaha M1 GP machine, the YZF-R6’s steering head, swingarm pivot and rear axle all lie in a straight line—for unsurpassed handling—with an all-new inline four-cylinder engine designed for optimal layout and mass centralization.
* Slipper-type back torque-limiting clutch greatly facilitates braking/downshifting from high speed.
* Formula 1-style air management presents very small frontal area and excellent aerodynamics; new ram-air induction ducts cool, high-pressure air through the steering head for optimal combustion, more horsepower and enhanced engine cooling.
* 50th Anniversary Special Edition model celebrates Yamaha racing heritage with classic black and yellow livery and special badging.


* Compact, lightweight 67 x 42.5mm 599cc DOHC 16-valve liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder features titanium valves, 12.8:1 compression and compact combustion chambers.
* YCCT—Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle—uses a powerful ECU and multiple sensors to provide perfect, smooth engine response and optimal power whenever the throttle is twisted, under all conditions.
* Twin-injector fuel injection: shower-type injectors above each intake funnel help achieve optimum fuel atomization at high rpm.
* Back torque-limiting slipper clutch greatly facilitates braking and downshifting from high speed. Close-ratio six-speed transmission delivers seamless power and maximum acceleration.
* Despite the increased bore, piston and pin weight has been reduced for more power and less vibration; 1mm smaller main journals reduce friction while 1mm larger connecting rod journals increase performance.
* Compact slant-block engine design uses widely triangulated gearbox shafts to make the GP-derived, straight frame concept work; optimum weight distribution and excellent handling are the result.
* GP-style titanium muffler contributes to mass centralization, and contains EXUP, an O2 sensor and catalyzers for a broad powerband, spot-on injection and EU-3 emissions compliance.
* Linerless, direct-plated ceramic-composite cylinder bores mean greater heat dissipation for consistent power delivery and reduced friction—also a narrow engine.
* Cool magnesium valve and engine covers are light and stylish. Curved radiator with twin-ring cooling fans keeps everything cool.
* Direct ignition coils, dual-electrode spark plugs and highoutput magneto deliver extremely accurate, reliable firing.


* All-new Deltabox aluminum frame incorporates GP thinking in terms of engine positioning and rigidity—welcome to the next level of 600 class handling.
* MotoGP-style 52.5-percent front-wheel weight bias helps produce razor-sharp handling.
* A new swingarm is 2.2 pounds lighter and pivots 20mm higher in the frame, for increased anti-squat effect and mid-corner stability. TZ-type chain adjusters ease rear tire changes.
* Four-way adjustable (preload, high-/low-speed compression, and rebound damping) inverted fork with 41mm tubes increases freedom in setting up for street or track use; soak up the bumps and resist bottoming when braking.
* Four-way adjustable (preload, high-/low-speed compression, and rebound damping) piggyback rear shock delivers exceptional rear wheel tracking and stability.
* Dual 310mm front disc brakes use forged, one-piece radial-mount calipers and radial-pump front master cylinder with adjustable lever for astounding braking power and feel.
* Removable CF die cast rear subframe is light and strong.
* Super-light five-spoke 17-inch wheels are light and strong; the casting technique makes the rim section light, not to mention wickedly cool-looking.

Additional Features:

* Quick-detach license plate holder and rear turnsignal mount makes prepping for track days or racing a snap.
* Built-in lap timer is controlled by a right-handlebar switch.
* Multi-function digital and analog instrumentation features: programmable shift light, digital speedometer, analog tachometer, dual tripmeters with miles-on-reserve function, odometer, water temp gauge and lights for neutral, high beam, low fuel and turn signals.
* Standard toolkit located in convenient storage compartment under passenger seat.

Disclaimer. I did not make this video, dont claim to have made it. I imported it into Flash so everyone could look at this beauty!
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I had remembered that I had posted a pic with basically the same title a while back... and while I don't have a link at the ready, you can look for it if you want.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Oh... and I forgot to put the music credits in there, but I'm hoping you can figure it out. :D
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