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An old fanart of Cynthia from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

Really old and quite crappy ;P
only uploading this because theres a newer cyn-fanart to come....
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Aang - ~EraYachi
Momo - ~AzulaFan199 's son
Melon Lord - costume by ~AzulaFan199 , worn by ~lilPopper7 Wait, I get that right? I can't even remember xD
Toph - ?

Photo by ~syonanto
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Whipped this up on a whim tonight. Just a test to see if I can pull off Korra from the upcoming Avatar spin-off series. I think I got this XD
Can't wait for more screen shots. I'm hoping she's sporting some Southern Water Tribe war paint =D
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Lucario playing Wii


This is the most stupid thing I've ever done, srsly xD
It was a request from my friend Dumi (he has dA but I forgot it)

Esto es la cosa más estupida que jamás he hecho, de verdad xD
Era un request de mi amigo Dumi (vale, tiene dA pero lo he olvidado)

:bulletorange:Finished: March 14th, 2009

:bulletblack:Materials used:
HB pencil for the sketch
Adobe Photoshop

I did NOT do the pic of the TV
Lucario (c) Nintendo, GAME FREAK, 4Kids
Art (c) me
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<div align="center">I still need to style the wig but I wanted to try on everything together and see how it looked. This was the best I could do myself without a tripod or anything. It's not a canon outfit but I tried my best to make it Nami-esque. ^^;
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:iconazulafan199: - Aang (left)
:iconlilpopper7: - Aang (center)
:iconsyonanto: - Katara (blue)
:iconerayachi: - Aang (right)
:iconcristophine: - Katara (FN, center)
Emma - Appa
RogueSahara - Suki (center)

:XD: I fail at titles right now, I'm sorry...

ANIME NORTH 2009, Toronto Congress Centre, CANADA
Photo cred - my sis <3
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also look at the 2011 remake of this pic: [link]
Read the description of this remake to know why this pic is in the scraps
This was actually drawn for 4chan, because they are going crazy over jessies hair in one of the newer episodes of pokemon. In that episode she got thrown into water and then came out with her hair like that, and it was incredible more sexy than her usual hair.
And so i decided to do them a favor.

I wanted to test something too.
What would happen if a drawfag(this is what they call people like me) post a picture without saying anything?(usually they insult drawfags back and fourth, for being attentionwhores etc.) and it worked, a lot of people praised me O.o *yai*

and i didn't wanted you guys to miss out on it XP

p.s.: i coloured the hair it was in the first season not how it was in the later season(in the first it was redish, in the later it is purple)
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Finally sketched this little booger up.
Sorry for the wait but Patch was a difficult person to design.

Heads up! Wall of Text!
Patch is Richi's younger cousin.
Brief History
Patch belongs to a very wealthy family and has grown up in a life of luxury. Her father owns many of the art galleries and museums across the regions.

When patch was 10 and heading to school in Unova she was shanghaied by her older cousin Vance into Omodo's grasp.
After a little convincing Patch agreed to train under two of Omodo's specialist, a married couple who specialized in Dark and Ghost pokemon. Due to Patch's small size and feeble strength, Omodo found it best she learned the art of stealth and trickery as a strength.
And Patch proved to be a horrible failure at it.

While Patch had no prior affiliation to ghost, the hidden cottage where she lived with the married couple along with a vast array of dark and ghost pokemon proved to be invigorating. Soon the little eccentric fell in love with a life of oddity and the strange and has been training there for five years.

Patch is an eccentric happy go lucky person on the inside, always wanting to please and have fun and having difficulty taking things seriously. She is quite scatterbrained making it a bit difficult to focus on matters at hand, but it helps keep her eternally optimistic.
However, despite her rubber like attitude and being able to bounce off of any bad situation, Patch is very sensitive, it just takes some some time for things to hurt, but when they do they hurt hard.
Patch's odd ways of handling things can lead to teasing and usually Patch feels people are laughing with her and not at her, but if she realizes an insult is genuine or a tease it'll usually make her become quiet and reserved and she'll run away.

Patch has been isolated with the odd and weird for years now and doesn't quite comprehend the standards or normalcy, lending her a difficult time to fit in, even if she wants to.

Specialty: Ghost: Patch really has no special 'spiritual' power or connection. She never really met a ghost till she was ten. She doesn't connect with the spirits nor feel a special darkness within her that lets her see the other world or some mystical mambo jumbo like that. She is just a kid who likes to explore mysteries and do weird stuff for fun. But in ways thats why a lot of the ghosts at the cottage love her, because she treats them and makes them feel like they are living not like they have already passed on. She brings a certain 'lively' aspect to the afterlife.
Thats not to say all ghosts love her, many of them at home do since they've become friends, but again, Patch has no magical bond with ghosts that allows her to magically tame them all or anything like that, she's no spiritual beacon.
The two pokemon with her are replacements from the previous team, and will be replacing Seraphino the magmar and Clockenbot the Magnezone (though he still will be living in the cottage)

Tom Diggery the Krokorok: When he was first transferred to the cottage as a sandile, the little nuisance had a bad habit of digging up all the dirt in the graveyard as he went wherever he wanted to go. However this upset many of the ghosts and later the caretakers of the cottage would teach the little crocodile about respect for the dead. The little fellow never forgot that, in fact he became fascinated with it. Tom is now the caretaker of the graveyard making sure to keep graves prim and proper and keep out any potential disturbances. He also tends to practice his own brew of 'magic' which isn't really magic rather he just has rituals he performs for different graves to keep the spirits happy. Though he has been rumored to cast a mean curse on those who get on his bad side.

Ben Bones the Cubone: A little friend that Patch picked up on her misadventures. He's a bit of a tough guy but its mostly an act he feels he needs to keep up since he is small and doesn't like to be picked on.
He's loosened up since being with patch and found a certain kinship with Tom and helps tend to the graveyard. However, unlike Tom's fascination with the dead and the magics involved with that, little Ben loves the stars. He's fascinated with astronomy and astrology. Ben likes to slip into the library and pull out the books on those topics that Patch showed him or have patch read them to him. He tends to be caught off guard when stargazing but he'll refuse it since he doesn't want to seem like some nilly willy daydreamer or what not.
Sorry bout that, but I've had these three in mind a long time so they have a lot of info. I haven't even covered it all actually @ A @
But maybe I'll give full details if I do a full team picture with patch.

If you have any questions I'm happy to answer them, really and truly.
pokemon (C) gamefreak
patch (C) Edli-Dark
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My use only!

Shiny Entei Pokedoll
Shiny Suicune Pokedoll
Shiny Raikou Pokedoll
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