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An old fanart of Cynthia from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

Really old and quite crappy ;P
only uploading this because theres a newer cyn-fanart to come....
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ACEN 2012

Cosplayer: :iconhotarutenshi:

Tried to make due with the lighting situation. Maybe next time.

Felt bad for taking her out of the line she was in, but there is some weird cosmic rule in place that states that I'll only see her for brief periods once or twice at the con, so it was then or never.
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And a new profile picture for Noir!
He gained a gnarly old Pikachu doll. :3

Noir the Cubone, my newest character at EpidemicJohto


Name- Noir
Gender- Male
Level- 22
Bone Club
Double Kick (egg move)
Characteristics-hard-headed, stingy, suspicious of others
National Dex No./Species- #104 Cubone/The Lonely Pokémon
Height- 1'04"
Weight- 14.3lbs
Pokédex Entry- When it thinks of its dead mother, it cries. Its crying makes the skull it wears rattle hollowly.
Item- A femur that he can't remember where he got it from.
A black, slightly over-sized tie that drags on the ground when he walks.

His original owner was an esteemed film critic who gave the baby Cubone he had received as a prize to his daughter as a gift. Her name was Iva. She was a sweet red-headed young woman who loved Pokemon. She was an activist, and often went into dangerous situations to rescue abused or poached pokemon. Iva was trying to set a a bunch of Pokemon free who were going to be sold on the black market when she was trampled by the very same creatures she sought to protect. She had left the Cubone home that day because she didn't want him put in any danger, being such a young Pokemon. After her death, her father took over his daughters' possessions, which included Noir.
He was a broken man. He blamed all Pokemon for her death, and because of this hatred, he mistreated Noir, often beating him or abusing him severely. His owner fell into a deep depression and eventually shot himself in the face in front of Noir, leaving the young Cubone scarred mentally.

Almost a week later, the police had been notified of the missing critic, and went to his home to investigate. They found the young Cubone sitting next to the legs of his rotting owner covered in blood, trembling and crying silently. He was taken to a shelter for abandoned Pokemon, but he didn't stay long. He didn't want another owner, and he couldn't take a cage. He broke out and began to wander Kanto, not really looking for anything.

User Notes-
- gets irritated easily
- Noir feels severely guilty for not being at her side during the attack, but at the same time knows that he couldn't have saved her. This makes him fall into self-loathing often.
- doesn't trust humans at all, due to his previous owners' abuse.
- cries loudly at night from all the painful memories he's endured
- often cries silently, though he's unsure exactly why he's crying.
- untrusting of others
- a bit selfish, and doesn't have any real social skills
- due to repressed memories and pain, (he doesn't remember alot of that night when his owner killed himself) he often has anger issues.
- he got his name from his appreciation and obsession with the genre of film noir. Iva named him Noir because he always loved to watch the noir films over and over again. He likes it so much because he finds it to be more beautiful than the world he knew.
- he often quotes certain favorite black and white films to himself, sometimes pretending to be the anti-hero or the cynical private detective.
- He wears a black tie that was Iva's. It's too big for him, but he wears it to remind himself of the only real friend he had. (He didn't treat her exceptionally well, but secretly, he did admire and like her)
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...And he loves Justin Timberlake!!

Okay. I know I should be flogged for this one. But let me explain first!

I was watching an AMV that involved the relationship of Kikyou and InuYasha. My sister loathes Kikyou. Like, LOATHES. I told her that it wasn't they're fault, they just got screwed by Naraku. And she replied, "Yeah, I guess they were punked."

My eyes went like O.O and I started laughing. As soon as I told her the image in my head she ran and got my sketchbook without me even asking *LOL*

And this is what was produced. Naraku. The ultimate PUNK'D prankster. 'Cause he's AWESOME!
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<div align="center">I still need to style the wig but I wanted to try on everything together and see how it looked. This was the best I could do myself without a tripod or anything. It's not a canon outfit but I tried my best to make it Nami-esque. ^^;
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also look at the 2011 remake of this pic: [link]
Read the description of this remake to know why this pic is in the scraps
This was actually drawn for 4chan, because they are going crazy over jessies hair in one of the newer episodes of pokemon. In that episode she got thrown into water and then came out with her hair like that, and it was incredible more sexy than her usual hair.
And so i decided to do them a favor.

I wanted to test something too.
What would happen if a drawfag(this is what they call people like me) post a picture without saying anything?(usually they insult drawfags back and fourth, for being attentionwhores etc.) and it worked, a lot of people praised me O.o *yai*

and i didn't wanted you guys to miss out on it XP

p.s.: i coloured the hair it was in the first season not how it was in the later season(in the first it was redish, in the later it is purple)
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Didn't really get any photos of my own in my Easter Miku cosplay so here's a photo from a con photographer~

It was so fun to celebrate Easter at SakuraCon! :meow:

Photographer: credit on photo
Hatsune Miku: =SecretAttire
Edited: by photographer
Hatsune Miku - Vocaloid (c)
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For a bit I wanted to cosplay Power Girl, because I love her costume design. I decided not to, because I figured I didn't have the body for it.

And then I drafted this.

And guess what?

I think I can pull it off.

Now the question is: comics Power Girl, or do I do that cute /co/ version where it's a full body thing with pants?
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One of the other fantastic cosplayers at Ohayocon 2010.
I didn't realize that she was in one of my other pictures from ACEN.
Small world, eh?

Glad to see that she got away from the Shredder!
Cosplayer: MinakoMikiKM [link]
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Lucario playing Wii


This is the most stupid thing I've ever done, srsly xD
It was a request from my friend Dumi (he has dA but I forgot it)

Esto es la cosa más estupida que jamás he hecho, de verdad xD
Era un request de mi amigo Dumi (vale, tiene dA pero lo he olvidado)

:bulletorange:Finished: March 14th, 2009

:bulletblack:Materials used:
HB pencil for the sketch
Adobe Photoshop

I did NOT do the pic of the TV
Lucario (c) Nintendo, GAME FREAK, 4Kids
Art (c) me
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