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:bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletred: Hola, de nueva cuenta les presento una nueva ilustración, esta ves se trata de un fanart de Misty mostrando a gran parte de su arsenal de pokemon de agua.
Misty no es un personaje tan carismático como el resto de las chicas pokemon, pero personalmente es mi fémina favorita de esta saga, por lo que en esta ilustración mi intensión era mostrar a Misty de una manera atractiva pero a la vez soberbia, resaltando el color y las características de personalidad tanto de ella como de sus pokemon acuáticos, que se prestan para experimentar con brillantes juegos de luces y colores. :aww:

Espero que les guste este trabajo hecho con cariño y dedicación para todos los fans de pokemon o simplemente de las chicas lindas. :meow:

No olviden presionar el botón en la ilustración para ver una variación de peinado y fondo. Saludos. :wave:

:bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletred: Hello, again I present another illustration, this time it is a fanart of Misty showing much of her arsenal of water pokemon.
Misty is not a character as charismatic as the other pokemon girls, but personally is my favorite female in this series, so in this illustration my intention was to show Misty in an attractive yet superb, highlighting the color and personality characteristics of both her and her pokemon water, which lend themselves to experiment with brilliant play of light and colors.

Hope you like this work done with love and dedication for all pokemon fans or simply the pretty girls. :aww:

Press the button on the image to see variations. ;p

More of my pokemon works:
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A Luger P08 "simulator" with multiple features.
Made in Flash 8.

Didn't bother with new sounds on this one.
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Erm.....another weird animation from me. Kinda inspire from hack slashing games :P (well....I always want a pokemon platform game like this xD)

Sorry if it looks so sketchy. It's just a practice though
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-------------Move the mouse in the picture to see through nova´s outfit ------------

Messing a little bit with flash i decide on doing this interactive X-ray version of the Nova Illustration (since it turned out to be more popular than expected).

I know its nothing  awesome, just wanted to do something for the people who follow my artwork and fans of this character,  as a gift before this year comes to an end.

Anyway i hope you enjoy ;)

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"A single father is having a hard time connecting with his young daughter. A mysterious shopkeeper and a familiar statue might be able to help him out. Perhaps he can connect with his daughter as a single mother."

This is my new longest commission, this time it's for :iconthrandrall: . You can see his other commissioned work on his website: [link] . We plan on making more parts to this animation in the future, although I have quiet a few commissions to do before part 2. It should be a fun to have a story where the guy's outfit is dependent on what his daughter's doll is wearing.
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Don't you hate homework? I sure do! Here's a Flash I made in a few hours using Pokémon that also hate homework and decide to battle against it.

Here's the link to it on my website: [link]
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Please read the in-game FAQ (accessible through the ? button on the top-right corner) before you post a comment about the game.


- Made a few UI changes
- Updated FAQ
- Fixed a bug
- Included "bald" option for boys and girls

If you want to keep track of upcoming updates be sure to follow my blog:…

Pokémon is owned by Nintendo. The Pokémon Trainer Creator was created by me. Please do not try to make money/points off of this!!
You are allowed to share your creations for free, but NOT for money/points. I don't want anyone to get in trouble.

Click on the camera button on the black header. Save it to whatever folder you like. You can always crop and edit it with image editing software such as MS Paint and Photoshop.

If you want to save the entire image, press the "UI" button in between "Start Over" and "BG". This will hide the customization window.

If you have any further questions, click on the ? button on the top right side of the screen. If your question is not answered there, then leave me a comment or note on Deviantart.


Finally, after nearly nine months in development, the Pokémon Trainer Creator is complete!

This customization game includes:
- The option to choose between a male and female character
- A variety of hairstyles, eyes, facial expressions, clothes and Pokémon to choose from.
- Several backgrounds and an option to hide the UI so that you can take a screenshot of your character.
- Color sliders that allow the user to customize the color of the character's accessories.
- Hidden features that can be unlocked by solving puzzles!

I hope this game inspires people to come up with unique designs for their own Pokémon characters. Feel free to share your screenshots or fanart!

Side Notes:
- A huge thanks to Mark Radocy for helping me with the code. I couldn't have finished this without him.
- Visit my website for more artwork and games:

(For those curious, I was inspired to make this game after having a conversation about Pokémon with my friend, Kevin Yan)
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June 2012 edit: Version 2 is now available with a complete recode of the game!
- Direct export in PNG images
- A better snap feature (a lot smoother!)
- Reset function so you can start over and over
Thank you very much for all your favs, comments and support! :thanks:

Version 1 sponsorship by! [link]
Alternative link: [link]
Definition: A Hime Gal (or Hime Gyaru) is a young woman with elegant and sophisticated style. She looks like a princess, everything she wears is feminine, sexy and high class. Therefore, she is not to be confused with Sweet Lolita (who tends to pursue childish look)!
Music: Bach's Menuet in G Minor, 114

Furifuri dresses and accessorizes are really expensive, so making and playing this dress up game is way more economical than buying for real haha :love:!
This one was very fun to create. I add new features like hair style composition, item rotation and pattern edit


Slots full here :love:! Thanks everyone ;_; !!
Watch them all here: [link]
You can also submit your contribution to :iconkoruldiagames:

:iconkoruldia: [link] :iconteruchan: [link] :iconevil-gaara-kun: [link] :iconyumechibi: [link] :iconinpuupuaut: [link] :iconminkdragon: [link] :icondeath2normality: [link]
:iconkitten-ears11: [link] :iconbakamichi: [link] :iconlordalmighty: [link] :iconkitaekat: [link] :iconpumpkin-sushi: [link] :iconwitchpowerlove: [link] :iconevillittlesin: [link]
:iconfluffyltd: [link] :icongenicide-sk8r: [link] :iconkairicentatri: [link] :iconcodax: [link] :iconlilith-lips: [link] :iconenvyobsession1817: [link] :iconkaminari666: [link]
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Petite retouche beauté ! Je suis tombée sur un tutorial que j'ai eu envie d'essayer

Little beauty editing, I found a pretty tutorial that I wanted to try


Deviation : © FranRetouches
Photo originale : © :iconrandom-acts-stock: --> [link]
Tutorial © :iconasunder: --> [link]


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