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The deafening silence in the dark hallway was broken only by your heavy breathing and the rapid beating of your heart. You lean up against the wall trying to catch your breath. You had been running from Gamzee.  His deep purple eyes, usually so peaceful, had seemed dark and menacing. Tears stream down your face as you think about what had happened to your friends; the colors of their blood had stained his clubs, their heads cut off and put on pedestals.  You don’t know what happened to make the high-blooded troll fly of the handle. He was usually so sweet, with his clown make-up and his fixation on miracles.  
You nearly scream at the sound, but cover your mouth with your hand and keep moving. You can hear the fall of his footsteps and pray he can’t hear yours.
“Where are you, Sis? I’M NOT GOING TO MOTHERFUCKING HURT YOU”, you hear him call out. Your eyes widen at how close it sounds and you pick up the pace, looking around for someplace to hide. You spy a stack of crates in the corner and quickly move a few over so you can slip behind them, before moving the one on the edge back for cover. You can hear his shuffling around and his dark chuckling.
You yelp as his club is driven into the crate beside your head. More dark laughter rings out as the rest of the crates are knocked over.
“You thought you could motherfucking hide from me. WELL YOU WERE WRONG, SIS.” You back yourself further against the wall and shield your head with your arms.
“G-gamzee, please….” He grabs your arm, jerking you too the middle of the room and throwing you to the floor. You cry out in pain, positive he broke your arm, and tears drip from your chin. You look up at your attacker, his makeup is all messed up, three diagonal scratches oozed purple down his face, and his sharp toothed grin was deranged and horrifying.  You try to crawl away, but a sudden blow to your back stops you. You cry out again and collapse to the floor. You were sobbing to go along with the tears now. You began to feel your body go numb and you try move again. You can’t. Gamzee must see this, because he laughs at your panicked face, before bringing his club up once more an slamming it into your skull, adding your blood color to the others staining his weapon. It was all over now…..
I don't know what happened here. I got bored and....
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Sick beats blared through your headphones as you diligently worked on the next update of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. On the desk beside you sat a fresh glass of apple juice and to your distaste Lil Cal. On the puppet's lap sat your phone which was buzzing up a storm. With ninja like speed you pulled off your headphones and grabbed the device previously mentioned unlocking it and putting it up to your ear. Your head was instantly filled with the excited squeals of your girlfriend {f/n}

"Dave! Dave! I got them! I got them!" she proclaimed excitedly. You see several hours ago your devout girlfriend had made a trek out into the warm Texas morning all in the name of video games. She was a really trooper in your eyes. The lines outside the Gamestop had to be huge, but {f/n} was strong and now she had secured the both of you limited editions of { favorite video game}. She was the best girlfriend ever.

"Sweet, babe. I have no idea what I would do with out you"

" Well for starters you would be a videogameless shut in who still lived with his older brother" she giggled into the phone.

"Yeah , yeah what ever, just hurry up and get your ass home alright? I wanna bust out those games before Egbert finds out and tries to borrow them."

"Allright! Im at the bus stop right now! I should be home in about half an hour."

"Ok see you then" and with that you hung up and began working once more.


 You became immersed in your work not noticing that it had been an hour and a half since {F/N} had called. Your level of focus was on high until you noticed your phone lighting up beside you. Sliding your head sets off once more you grabbed the device only to find a large number of texts from {f/n}.

'Hey should be home soon! The bus just showed up and its only half full! Today must be my lucky day!'

' Never mind I think I'm going to be alittle later than expected. We just stopped to pick up a huge group of people'

'Wow these two guys we just picked up must be druggies or something! They're both so jittery and bug eyed. I'm starting to get alittle freaked out.'

'Those two guys have guns! They're pointing them at the driver! Dave please you have to call the police'

'Dave please you need to call the police! One of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed the driver! Dave please'

'Dave, please just answer! I'm scared out of my mind! I don't want to die Dave! Please, Please, try to help'

Your phone sounded once more as you finished reading the last text

'I think the men know I have my phone, they're coming towards the back of the bus where I'm sitting, Dave I'm begging of you call the police!"

You began to panic as you quickly dialed 911.

" Hello what is your emergency?"

"My girlfriends bus has been hijacked, please you need to send help they already stabbed the bus driver and I think they're going to try to kill her too."

"Sir please I need you to calm down, do you know what bus she is taking?"

"She usually takes the..." You were cut off by the sound of a gunshot near by. You dropped the phone and rushed out of the door only to see a bus pulled over about a block down the road. You began to run down the road as terrible thoughts ran through your mind.

'No, No, {f/n} has to be ok she has to...As soon as I get to the bus I'm going to find the hijackers on the ground and some noble old dude is going to be standing by with a gun as the other passengers cheer on their savior....and...and.... she'll be ok I know she will."

You continued to run as police cars rushed by. Obviously someone else had done the job you had neglected.

You came to a complete halt as you saw two police officers shove the hijackers into the back of a police car and two others carrying the body of an old man it couldn't be it had to be some other girl, {f/n} couldn't and didn't die like this. But alas as much as you prayed and begged nothing could change the fact that that was indeed her body being carried off of the bus. And nothing could change the fact that she died because you were to wrapped up in your own little world. The only reason you woke up in the morning, the only person who would gladly deal with your bullshit, the only girl you had every really loved was dead because of you. She had died one bus stop away from being safe in your arms once more.

Oh my goodness this is terrible. Ive had the beginning setting around for a while and I figured I would try to finish it up. I am so gomen.

I can't write for Dave to save my soul

((dont know if this needs a filter soooooo))

~~~~the maid of space

:icondavestriderplz:--------------> :iconandrewhussieplz:


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You made your way over to the overly loud troll. His black shaggy bed hair shook as he bristled with anger. Cautiously, you pulled a chair over and sat beside the troll. “Um, Kar-“

“THAT UNBELIEVABLE PIECE OF SHIT!” You jumped as the troll stood up suddenly. He glared over at a troll sitting in a corner. You recognised it as Sollux. “Wait Kark-“




“KARKAT SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN TO ME!” You felt the library grow silent around you. Your face flushed as you glared at Karkat, who was gaping at you. You breathed slowly, trying to calm yourself down. You didn’t usually get angry, but when you did it was explosive. What you wouldn’t give for one of those memory things from Men In Black. You facepalmed with a long drawn out sigh. “Karkat. Why are you trying to pick a fight with Sollux?”

“BEC-“ he began in his normal loud mouth before he saw your expression “cause he mentioned something he shouldn’t have.”

“What was it?” Karkat scowled, his arms crossed and eyes fixed on Sollux. His face was dusted with cherry red. He didn’t answer. “Karkat?”

“SHUT UP ABOUT IT YOU WIGGLING BEDWETTER!” You flinched at his outburst. His words stung and you glared back at the fuming troll. “You didn’t have to yell at me, you asshole!” You felt tears threatening to pour from your eyes. Swiftly, you turned on your heel and absconded, leaving a speechless Karkat standing by his computer.


Karkat’s P.O.V.


You watched _______ abscond to a faraway part of the knowledge collective. You glared at the floor, hands clenched in fists. You could feel your nails digging into the palms of your hands, but that was the last thing on your mind right now. “KK?” You felt a hand rest on your shoulder. “What do you want Sollux? Can’t you see I’m wallowing in past me’s own idiotic actions?”

“You 2ound really crazy when you talk about pa2t and future 2elve2.”

“OH MY THROBBING PHLEGM LOBE, WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW?!” Sollux raised his hands and raised his eyebrows at your outburst. “You blew iit wiith __ diidn’t you?”

You sagged. “Yes. I don’t know why she hung around me in the first place and now I blew it. I blew it so hard, I might as well be a Hero of Breath.”

“Well, iif 2he’2 crazy enough to hang around you iin the fiir2t place then there’2 2tiill a chance 2he doe2n’t feel 2iick at the 2iight of you.”

“Thanks Sollux.” You said, glaring at him halfheartedly. You looked over to the other librarian at the information desk. She glared back at you. Nervously you walked up to her. “Do you know where _____ went?”

“You mean the _____ who you just made burst into tears? Yeah, she’s in the backroom.” She pointed to a door hidden in a corner. You made to walk to it when you heard the female speak up again. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Look, I need to see _____.” The girl stared at you coldly before giving you a curt nod. Her eyes promised much pain if you hurt ______ any further. You swallowed nervously and turned the doorknob. It opened with a soft click. You opened the door wider and stepped inside the small room.


_____’s P.O.V.


You sat at the table. Books sat in front for you to process them for shelves. You selected one and began measuring it up for the plastic binding. You heard the door open and footsteps of someone entering the room. You focused on your work, eyes glaring viciously at the copy of the Frozen Door. The opposite chair was pulled out, the scrape of chair legs juddering along the floor. You could just see a grey cancer symbol on a black fabric, without looking directly at him of course. He gulped nervously. “_______?” You deftly ignored him, beginning to cut the plastic covering. He sighed and you heard him stand. He walked around the table and sat in the chair next to you. He thought you would stop ignoring him, just because he was closer? Having to deal with siblings for years made this easy. It felt petty, but he had hurt you. “_____ look at me.” You picked up the book and placed it in the middle of the plastic. “Fuck it.” He leaned around so his face was in your view whether you liked it or not. You went with ignoring his eyes. “Look I’m sorry alright? I didn’t mean it.”

“People don’t throw insults around like that. Not even you.” You were surprised at your reply. You were meant to be ignoring him! “I know ______. You don’t know how sorry I am. The truth is I can’t figure you out. That insult was from my frustration. You drive me crazy ______.” You blinked, but continued ignoring him. You folded over the plastic and began smoothing out the bubbles. “You’re so nice to me, to everyone. You put up with my crap so much and I don’t understand why. You are angry at me sometimes, but it’s never without good reason. Your teasing doesn’t feel cruel either. It never feels like you’re playing with me; more like you’re letting me in on the joke. You make my thinkpan so muddled and I don’t know what to do around you.” You could feel your face heating up. What was he saying? Did he love you, or feel flush for you or something? Is he serious? He’s always serious about romance. Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my go-“______? Are you listening?” Answer him. Come on! “Y-yeah.” Your eyes flickered to his own deep orange ones, their black pupils wide from the small room’s lack of light. You noticed his cheeks were flushed with his cherry red blood. “Um, Karkat?”


“Are you saying that you lov-are flushed for me?”

“Yeah I am.” He waited expectantly for a response, but you were honestly speechless. Zero romantic experience oh my god. He sighed dejectedly at your lack of response. “I knew you wouldn’t like me. Who could feel flush for a piece of festering discharge like me? I’ll just leave you alon-“ He got up to leave, but was stopped by your hand around his wrist. “I love you too.

“What?” He raised an eyebrow, confused.

“I, um, I think I love you too.”  Surprise flickered on Karkat’s face before he sat back down next to you. Blushing, you smiled confused. “Kar-“ You were interrupted by his lips crashing on yours. For a moment shock override your brain until you pressed back. It was slow, but passionate. You felt him drawing you closer. Suddenly he pulled you into his lap, making you squeak. He smirked into the kiss and you felt his hand moving underneath your top.

“Ahem.” The two of you separated, but Karkat held you still on his lap. You scowled embarrassed at him  before glancing at the door. Ellie and Sollux stood in the doorway. Ellie was frowning, hands on her hips while Sollux, who was behind her, smirked and gave Karkat a thumb up. “So glad you could separate yourselves from each other.” She raised an eyebrow at Karkat holding you in his lap. “At least enough to register me. I thought I should tell you that the bell’s gone. You should probably get a late pass.” You stood up, blushing and were about to walk out when you felt someone grab your hand. You looked back to see an equally blushing, but also smirking Karkat. “We’re already late. Why don't we stay here a bit longer?”  

Oh Karkat you pervy butt. :iconpervykarkatplz:
I have to say this is the best Karkat and makeout scene I've ever written. Pretty soon I'll be writing smut. Ha, ha:iconjohnnopeplz:
Btw, if it wasn't clear the fellow librarian is called Ellie. It was getting inconvenient for her to not have a name.
:iconkarkatvantasplz: and :iconsolluxcaptorplz: belong to:iconlikeahussplz:
Ellie belongs to me. :iconlightlaughplz:
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The sequel to 'Cape'

You cackled evilly as you secured the purple garb onto your shoulders. Ever since you had been so kindly educated on the softness of Eridan's cape, you had taken to wearing the cape whenever you left your recuperacoon. You had even begun to avoid the owner of said cape so that you never had to give it back. But this cape got you thinking... If Eridan wore the cape and scarf all the time even though it was hot outside to the point of just being plain stuffy in normal clothes, either seadwellers were naturally cold or... his scarf was even better! That had to be it! Wearing the cape added just enough extra sinister points to your character sheet so as to formulate an evil plan for stealing one of Eridan's scarves.

sinisterSatire [SS] began trolling caligulasAquarium [CA] at ??:??
SS: HEy, EridAn!
SS: How'vE yoU bEEn?
CA: hey [nickname]
CA: fine, I guess
SS: so, i'vE bEEn THinkinG...
SS: do yoU wAnT To HAnG oUT?
CA: shore, wwhen?
SS: wHEnEvER. wHERE ARE yoU now?
CA: i'm just at my hivve
CA: bein bored
SS: so can i comE ovER?
CA: go right ahead
CA: not like i'vve got anyfin better to do
SS: swEET! i'/LL\ sEE yoU THEn!

sinisterSatire ceased trolling caligulasAquarium at ??:??

You fist-pumped and ran out of your hive, going as far as a few feet away from his hive before gracefully captchaloguing the cape. You then rang his doorbell with a really long stick and darted to the side of the building. As soon as his front door opened, you began scaling the side of his hive, climbing into his bedroom window. Your eyes widened as the glorious sight unfolded in front of you. SCARVES. HE HAD A WALK-IN CLOSET FILLED WITH SCARVES. You acted quickly and picked out a [blood color] and [darker color] scarf, captchaloguing it and jumping out of the window.

When Eridan went to investigate the splashing from your swan dive into the sea, he was met with your faint, muffled cackling and a note in the sand.

HEy ERi! THAnks foR THE scARf!

Eridan looked to the sky and cursed the day he let [name] use his cape as a blanket.
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You take a deep breath as you face the front of your new school. You know you have to go in but you can't seem to muster up the
courage. The front doors loom ominously in front of you as you take more deep breaths. This was your first time ever moving to a new
school and you had no idea what to expect. All your life you had lived on the opposite side of the country, but because of some money
troubles your parents had you were forced to go to this town, with a new school and new people. Your freshman year had gone by
perfectly fine at your old school considering you were surrounded by friends. They had even thrown you a party on your last day of
class which your teacher enjoyed as much as your fellow students.
You tighten your grip on the strap of your backpack and take a final deep breath before tentatively raising your foot to take your
first step towards your new life. Before you can get it even two inches off the ground someone rams into you at a full sprint, easily
shoving you to the ground. You fall back with a thud but luckily your pack broke most of the fall. You looked up to see a rather small
girl chasing a somewhat equally sized boy to the doors. The boy was wearing a thin, black, long-sleeved shirt and a pair of dark grey
jeans. He had a very untidy look about him, his messy hair sticking up all over the place, and he looked quite angry. The girl behind
him was also wearing a black shirt but hers was concealed by a forest green jacket  that was far too big for her small stature. On her
head was a little blue hat that was shaped like a cat's face and she had a pair of baggy jeans that nearly covered her shoes. She
really over all was quite adorable.
"Nepeta, leave me the fuck alone!" The boy was practically sprinting to the doors as she closed in.
"Aw, but Karkitty, I haven't seen you all summer! I just want to say hi. You're being pawsitively awful!" A small smile grew on your
face as you watched them quarrel.
"Please control yourself, Nepeta. This is a learning institution." You turned your head to see a very fit boy in a slim fitting
tanktop lagging behind the two sprinters. His shirt showed off every one of his ripped muscles, evenly toned and almost godly. He was
wearing pin striped shorts with black knee-high socks and running shoes. His hair was long and flowing, and his face was obstructed by
a pair of square sunglasses. The girl, Nepeta you guessed, turned to face him. The first boy took his chance and disappeared into the
"I'm sorry Equius, I just get so excited when school starts. We all get to see our friends again! Although I think I could do without
seeing Ampurra for a while..." She trailed off and got an annoyed expression on her face. Equius simply spun her around by the
shoulders and shuffled her into the building.
"Excuse me miss, but are you alright?" You twitched slightly at the sound of a voice directly behind you. You twisted your body to see
a pair of cargo shorts clad legs and lifted your head to look at the owner. Before you stood a boy who looked to be fifteen or sixteen
with very dark brown hair that spiked up in the front. He too was wearing a dark green jacket but in a different shade. His shirt was
white with an odd looking green skull in the center. Behind square framed glasses his emerald eyes stared down at you. They were the
most beautiful shade of green you had ever seen and they sparkled in the sunlight hypnotically. Suddenly becoming self aware, you
realized how stupid you must look staring into space after falling like that. You had no clue how long you had been sitting on the
pavement like that having been distracted by the quarreling teens.
"Here." He said, extending his hand towards you. You gladly took it and he pulled you up easily but over shot it and brought you to
his chest. You blushed slightly at his warmth and scrambled back a few paces.
"Oh! Um, terribly sorry. You're much lighter than I expected you to be with that enormous backpack your carrying." A small blush
adorned his cheeks and he smiled an irresistably dopey grin that added more charm to his look. You smiled back.
"It's fine, don't worry. Thank you for helping me up. Some kid bumped into me and I guess I just kind of toppled over."
"Ah, yes, well that tends to happen a lot here actually. It's definitely a good idea to keep aware of your surroundings unless you
want to get trampled by walking hormones." You giggled at his joke and you could have sworn you saw his blush deepen just a tiny bit.
He smiled at you again.
"I'm Jake by the way." He held out his hand once more for you to shake. You held it tight and looked up at him.
"I don't recall seeing you here in the previous years. Are you a new student?"
"Yes, actually, I am. I used to live pretty far away. We just finished unpacking last night." You mentally facepalmed at your slight
rambling. An intrigued look grew on his face.
"Well that sounds quite interesting, to say the least. If you don't mind perhaps I could show you around and you could tell me a bit
more about your old town." You smiled, grateful to have someone to show you the ropes of this new place.
"Yeah, that would be great."
"Right then, off we go!" He grabbed your hand and led you through the entrance of the school.
I decided to do my first chapter fic :D I know the high school thing is a bit over done (let alone the new kid at school bit) but it's very easy to work with. Besides, I figured I might as well considering next year is my first year of high school. Speaking of which, I don't know how often I will be able to work on this. Lots of stuff going on with it being the last month or so of school so I will be pretty busy with homework and what not, but I promise I will do my best to update as much as possible!

Have fun ;) ~
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your name is _____, and this is whats happening.
Let's explain, shall we? You sit there smirking like a perverted idiot but what you're smirking at has nothing to do with your pervy mind. You have just handed your best-friend, (and flush crush) [BLANK], a small bag of pop-rocks. This is going to be entertaining....

        [yup. its happening. im gonna be making a pop rocks for all the trolls..... so stay tuned]
Kurlo-.....wait... i'll write a kurloz fanfic anyway!:
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Rain patters down — no, you're not going to lie, it's not fucking pattering, it's coming down hard. Not so much that it would hurt, but it sure as hell isn't very pleasant.

Sometimes you question your decision in living in Washington if it rained so much — but wait, you like rain, and enjoy being near your lovely friend, your matesprit- you mean, [girl/boyfriend]. But.. rain isn't that easy to appreciate in such a situation.

With a sigh, you take [f/n]'s hand as you stop where you are; you're a few short blocks away from your apartment, but.. you have an urge. Xe gives you a confused look as they are halted, fingers tightening around your own numb ones – you can hardly feel it.

They ask if you're okay and you say yeah, gently pulling them closer as you back up, into the partial shelter of trees along the sidewalk. Cars pass by, but it's very few, as it's nearly the middle of the night and in the middle of a near downpour.

Xe's still so confused, and it's kind of cute, hair dripping onto their face, hood useless now because xe's soaked, just as you are — your umbrella was ruined quite some time ago, and you normally don't leave home in weather like this.. so you weren't prepared for this at all.

Nonetheless, you pull them flush against you, and you can feel that shakiness from the cold, the mild chatter of their teeth. Gently, even if you can't feel your hands, you take their face into them and bump your nose against theirs, purring softly, before sliding your arms around and kissing them.

Once, twice, and a third time, you press your lips to theirs for a few seconds, smiling softly as you pull away just enough to tuck your face into the crook of their neck and rub your arms around them, as if you could really warm them up much when you're cold, yourself.

So, my first work in awhile! School's picked up and it's a bit hectic, but.. I'll get the hang of it. But then I'll be getting a job here in a few months, then I'll fall out of fucking swing once more.

Anyway, this is actually directly from my Karkat roleplay blog, a little drabble I wrote with his matesprit for an ask meme. uwu' I just took the name out, threw in gender neutral pronouns and a blank, then searched over just to confirm there weren't any mistakes (because when I wrote this I was half asleep, hah).

Also, his living in Washington is just my Karkat's timeline. Gomen if you don't like it. <w<'' But there's a story behind it, a somewhat successful reset of a session, in which everyone retained their memories of the game and the surviving trolls were stuck on earth, even while Alternia exists in its respective universe. It's kind of sad.

But... I hope you guys like it~ ouo

Karkat blog.

I take requests here~ They'll more or less be for drabbles, but you know... And they might take a bit to get to, just a heads up.

Karkat belongs to :iconthehussplz:
You belong to :iconsexykarkatplz:
This work belongs to :iconclockwork-stars:
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"Hey Kanny! Help me out over here!" You called, making sure your grip on the box you were carrying was steady.

Placing the books he was organizing down, Kankri immediately took the box from you and placed it down. A sigh escaped his lips. You could really be a handful sometimes. Looking at you, the male wasn't surprised to see your attention drift to his vast collection of books. A smirk made its way onto your features when you saw a certain book.

"Well, well~ What the fuck?" You said. As soon as you picked up one of Kankri's romance novels, you noticed something worse.

"[Name]! Put those down! We have a lot of work to do, and it isn't nice to snoop!" Kankri cried out, blushing a warm shade of red.

Under that small pile of romance novels was a copy of '50 Shades Of Grey'.

"Kankri, you dirty little perv." You said, a deadpan stare directed at your flustered flatmate. Kankri was fun to tease and all, but this was just TOO good.

While you mentally victory danced at your new discovery, Kankri tried to explain himself. Saying it was a gag gift from Porrim, a new experiment of some sorts, something to write a blog about[1], and just out of curiosity.


That dark blush on his cheeks said it all.

Kankri Vantas is a dirty little BDSM-loving pervert.

"So. . . You were curious?" You questioned, a mischevious smirk gracing your lips.

Kankri blushed more as he lowered his head and nodded shyly.
It was adorable!

Walking over to him, you leaned up and whispered ten words that made him hot all over and sent a delightful shiver up his spine.

"If you were so curious, you could have just asked~❤️"

[End Of Part 1]
Weird titles is awesome. XD
This is a gift/request-thing for :iconkirara115: I hope you like it!
Sorry this took so long! I'm gonna make this 2 parts so that I can have lots of room for detail in the lemon~ :iconmegustaplz:
The number 50 is big in the Vantas family.
50 First Dates
50 Shades of Grey. . .
Wonder what's next.

[1] - It's my headcanon for Human! Kankri. He has lots of blogs.

Kankri, Porrim, and Homestuck belong to Andrew Hussie.
50 Shades Of Grey belongs to its author. (Forgot her name)
You belong to that monster in your closet.
The picture belongs to the artist who drew it. (I found it on either Google or Tumblr)
I only own the story.
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Kankri x Reader Age? Just a Number!

       POV Kankri (DREAMING)

When I open my eyes, I found myself in a dark area. “Must be dreaming…” I whisper, remembering many of the dreams I had in this fleshy body. Even some of (Insert name)… I blush from the thought; She would feel uncomfortable if she knew.
          I held my breath blushing as those urges sink in, the things I want to do to her. The noises I want to hear from her lips, the lips that touch mine. ‘Ugh… I’m such a perv! She’s only thirteen, remember!’ I lightly slap myself.
    “Kankri!” a voice bellows, it’s that same voice from before. “Yes?” I answer, confused and a bit worry.
“You broke your vow, and rules!”
I froze from the words the voice spoke “H-How” I stutter
“Don’t act stupid Kankri. You know what you did!”
“No, no I don’t!” I cry out, hoping for this to all be a nightmare.
“Hump, that girl… separate from her unless you want her dead”
All the sudden I was swallowed by darkness, I felt like I was falling. My heart beating loudly and fast.
         I wake up in cold sweats, heavily breathing. Looking around, everything was normal as if nothing happened. “Just a dream…” I sigh sinking into my bed. I quickly get ready to head to the restaurant, me and (Insert name) decide to have our date at.

POV Reader

      You and Amber were helping your mom clean. “Hey Mrs.Peterson, can I place the glass vase here?” Amber asks your mom, she nods smiling “Yes, thank you Amber!” You look at the time, you were becoming impatient. You mopped the floor quickly, then dust the rooms clean “Well, I have to go now!” you created lies to your parents.
      Amber’s parents have picked here up, well you were running to the town station. You spot Kankri waiting for you on a bench, he was studying his train ticket. You smile waving one arm “Kankri!” You leap down the stairs, but as always, your foot lands on the edge of the last step therefore causing you to trip.
        Kankri immediately remembers his dream, in fear he runs to you, catching you in his arms in time. You laugh,”hehe sorry… thanks though. That would of hurt if I fell,” you reply. Kankri’s hands were trembling and his face pale white “Kankri…? Are you alright?” you ask, Kankri stared into your eyes.
      He pulls you into a tight hug, your eyes widen in confusion. But you embrace his hug, wrapping your arms around him. Then you felt something wet and warm on your shoulder. ‘Tears…?” you thought. “Kankri-Kankri… are-are you crying?” you ask, trying to look at his face, failing as he hides his face on your shoulder.
         Your train arrived, you quickly tell Kankri. He grabs your head leading you into the train. Not even daring to look at you, ‘He must have been crying for sure…’
          ~~~~~~Time skip ~~~~~~
     The day flew by; you could say this was the greatest day of your life. Kankri walked you home; he walked you all the way. He insisted and said he would just pretend to be some random guy walking down the street.
         You dance into your bedroom, jumping onto your bed. You roll around trying to hold in your laughter. “Kankri is so nice~ I must be the luckiest girl in the world to have him!” You stare out your widow, not remembering when you fell asleep.
    ~~~~~~~~Time Skip ~~~~~~
    You skip your way to school, excited to see Kankri again. Upon entering school, everyone was fussing about. Amber’s face was pale, she rushes to your side “(Insert name)! We are having an emergency assembly!” I didn’t see the fuss over it, you were too happy.
        Everyone takes their seats, every class had to sit with their teacher. I look around for Kankri, he was nowhere in sight.  Your classmates whisper to each other “Where’s Mr.Vantas? Do we have a sub” they all ask.
      A police officer sits up on stage; he grabs a microphone “Attention Students! We are here today to speak to you about a serious crime that was committed in your school.” He pauses, everyone’s eyes widen. “We have arrested a Teacher last night.”
       Your heart sank, have you and Kankri been caught… Is Kankri in prison this very moment! “This teacher has been having a sexually relationship with a minor here! HE refuses to speak out whom! But if any of you have ANY information! Please report it to us!”
           Tears began to well up in your eyes; your heart was thorn into two. It’s all over… this- this IS the end…
sorry for dragging!!!!!
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"Ow! Stop that!" You shook your hand and the small grey figurer lost his grip and fell onto your desk. Your finger was now bleeding from where his teeth had been. The small grey creature brushed off his black sweater and grey pants then glared at me with nothing but pure hatred in his eyes then.

"Don't give me that look Senator Grumpy-Cat." You said as you put Neosporin and a band aid on bite he'd given you. He flipped you off obviously still not liking the nickname you'd given him. He hates it, as he has stated many times already, especially since he'd already told you his name was Karkat. He does talk to you even though he doesn't seem to like to. He was sitting on your desk pouting.

"Oh, come on Karkat. Don't be like that!" He made a "humph" noise and looked away. You used your uninjured finger to pet his messy black hair, careful not to touch his small nubby horns because you knew by now that he hated it when they were touched. After a moment he let out a little purring noise. This is why you put cat in the name you gave him, that and that kat was the last part of his name. He purrs like my cats do.

"Aw, you're so cute when you purr." You said and he immediately stopped purring and hissed at you, flipping you off with both hands this time. You gave him a light bonk on the head with your finger.

"Don't be like that." He rolled his eyes.

"Are you hungry?" You asked. He seemed to debate whether to continue being difficult or not then looked up at you and nodded.

"Are you going to tell me what you want or do I have list things like normal?" He gave you a look.

"I haven't memorized every fucking piece food you've collected in your nutrition block ass hole!"

"Ok, ok, I'll list some stuff geez." He rolled his eyes and you gave his hair another quick pet.

"Do you want fruit loops?" He thought a moment then shook his head.

"How about I get you a marshmallow?"

"No." You thought a moment.

"I have some strawberries left." He nodded vigorously.

"Ok, I'll make a bunch and we can share. Can I trust you not to leave or try anything while I'm gone?" He rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, sure, whatever" Karkat grumbled. You've had him for a week now and you feel both of us have developed a sort of understanding about each other though he still wouldn't talk to me much. He's certainly calmed down since you'd rescued him though. So you could tell he was telling the truth. You left your room and headed down stairs. In the kitchen you got out a bowl then got out the berries and brought it all to the sink. You washed the berries then got a knife and cut off the green part before slicing each berries into pieces small enough for Karkat to handle putting each slice in the bowl. With the bowl now full you went back to your room and set it on your desk putting a book next to it so Karkat could reach. He climbed up and grabbed a slice. You watched him eat strawberries for a while. You learned early on that this little guy seemed to love strawberries more than life itself. You ate some strawberries yourself and watched him eat. He looked so adorable and happy when he was eating strawberries and sometimes even got a little more talkative. Then you heard your cats downstairs. It sounded like they were getting into a fight.

"Ok Karkat, I'm going to go check on Riko and Molly you stay here." He nodded and you put another strawberry slice in your mouth then you stood and went downstairs to check on my cats. They were in the forayer by the front door. It was safe to assume by the leaves stuck to Molly's fur they'd just come in their cat door. She wasn't fighting with Riko though. There was another of the little grey creatures and it was causing the trouble. Molly and Riko had teamed up against it.

"Gah! I hate the2e paw bea2t2!" it said with a very noticeable lisp, shooting red and blue energy at them though it wasn't very affective. You sighed and shooed your cats, picking up the little grey creature by the back of its shirt. As it struggled and shot red and blue energy at you noticed it kind of looked like it was the same type of thing Karkat was. It had grey skin, black hair, and horns like him except there were obvious differences like this guy had four horns instead of two, bi-colored glasses and had a t-shirt with the Gemini symbol on it. The shocks this little guy was trying to give you only felt like a slight dull shock, annoying but not painful or uncomfortable. The more you watched it the more you were positive he was like Karkat. He ranted at you angrily but his lisp made him seem even more non-threatening than he looked from being only three inches tall.

"Well you're a cutie aren't you?" You said, holding him up to eye level, and he glared at you from behind his bi-colored glasses. At least he'd stopped struggling. You laughed a little the frustrated look on his face was so cute.

"I like your horns. They're different that Karkat."

"You mean Karkat Vanta2?" He asked irritably.

"Yep, are you friends?" You ask as you put him in the palm of your hand and started up the stairs.

"You could 2ay that."

"Yay this will be fun! What's your name anyway?" The creature in your hand rolled his eyes.

"2ollux." You entered your room, closed your door, sat down at your desk, and plopped the new creature onto the desk's surface.

"Holy Jegus fuck you're stuck here too ass hole?!" You poked him.

"I figured you two might know each other!" The creature that you'd just set down looked over in Karkat's direction.

"Do you really have to a2k?" Sollux said sarcastically.

"Fuck you!"

"Hey," You gave him another poke. "Be nice Senator Grumpy-Cat!"

Sollux started laughing his head off. "That nickname! That'2 rich!"

"Shut your fucking talk blaster Captor!" Karkat growled then turned back to me. "And that's not my fucking name ass hole!" Karkat yelled angrily at me.

"I don't want a fight," you said. Seeming to realize he really had no argument, or at least with you, he just grabbed another strawberry slice so he had an excuse not to answer.

"That goes you too lispy!" You poked his tummy and he quit laughing and shot more energy at me. Karkat laughed when it did absolutely nothing.

"Don't touch me." He replied and you promptly poked him with my finger. "I 2aid don't touch me!" he complained.

"I'm around 5 foot 3 inches bigger than you. I will poke you, pick you up, carry you around, move you around, and (at least in Karkat's case) pet you whenever. So suck it up and grow a pair." Sollux scooted out of the way. You watched them for a while. Eventually Sollux went over started eating some strawberries too. Karkat didn't seem to want to share but he did anyway. You got bored and started petting him again. After a moment he failed to keep himself from purring this time. Sollux was sitting next to him.

"Wow KK, purring now are we?" He teased.

"Shut up Captor. It feels good." Karkat replied, closing his eyes. Sollux rolled his eyes. You glanced at the clock. It was getting late. You yawned.

"Ok guys time for bed." You said. You'd quit petting Karkat a while ago. You didn't want it to become uncomfortable for him.

"I'll go make something for Sollux to sleep in." You got up and went to the supply closet and made a bed just like you did for Karkat which basically meant filling one of those little gift tins with soft stuff. You set it down on my desk and pulled the one I'd made for Karkat out.

"Ok guys, now you both have someplace to sleep." You said. Karkat nodded while Sollux eyed it suspiciously.

"There's still time before bed though so since you guys are talking now can you guys tell me about stuff?"

"Well, what do want to know?" Karkat asked.

"How about what even are you guys?"

"We're trolls."

"Like under the bridge trolls? I pictured trolls as being, ya know, more than three inches tall."

"We're not normally three inche2 tall!" Sollux said irritably. Karkat rolled his eyes.

"We're not fucking under the bridge trolls or whatever you said. We are from the planet Alternia."

"Ok then, so tell me if this is right. You are a species of aliens called trolls from a planet named Alternia who somehow wound up three inches tall and on Earth?"

"When you say it like that it sounds completely unbelievable, but you got it right. Sort of, there's more to it that I'm not going to go into but basically yeah." Karkat said. Sollux was lying in the bed you'd made him for the sole purpose of ignoring you. He simply didn't want to be here.

"M-Kay, I believe you." You smiled at him and he frowned. You're usually (in your opinion) incredibly good a reading people but Karkat had you stumped. Sometimes he could be helpful but a lot of the time he was just grumpy. You liked him anyway and were determined to figure him out. Besides, he had to lighten up eventually right?

"What the fuck are you staring at?!" Karkat said as irritable as ever. He didn't know why you were staring at him and it was making him uncomfortable. You shook your head to clear my thoughts. It was late; you were tired and hadn't realized you were staring. You've got to go to bed.

"Sorry Karkat." You say standing. "I'm going to bed. G'night." You go to bed leaving Karkat on the desk. He was just as confused about you as you were of him.
This has been sitting in my files for about a month. I revised it and have started on chapter 2. My Sollux x reader comes first though. :work:
Should I even continue this? :?
Don't worry peoples this will defiantly be continued!
And I never expected such a big response. All of you wonderful people deserve a cookie *throws cookies at you*

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