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1st letter of your name:

[ ] A,B,C - psycho
[X] D,E,F - hot
[ ] G,H,I -gay
[ ] J,K, L - baby
[ ] M,N,O - fabulous
[ ] P,Q,R - angry
[ ] S,T,U - old
[ ] V,W,X - lazy
[ ] Y, Z - magical

Birth month:

[ ] January - dog
[ ] February - cat
[ ] March - duck
[ ] April - llama
[ ] May - goat
[ ] June - chicken
[ ] July - snake
[ ] August - alligator
[ ] September - spider
[X] October - dragon
[ ] November - chimera
[ ] December - fish

First letter of  DA username:

[ ] A,B,C - with moustache
[ ] D,E,F - with no teeth
[ ] G,H,I -of giant size
[X] J,K, L - with beautiful wings
[ ] M,N,O - with a creepy face
[ ] P,Q,R - of tiny size
[ ] S,T,U - with a green tongue
[ ] V,W,X - with huge flapping ears
[ ] Y, Z - with magical powers

Day of birth:

[ ] 1 - which ate
[X] 2 - which pooped on
[ ] 3 - which slept with
[ ] 4 - which ran away with
[ ] 5 - which killed
[ ] 6 - which flew away with
[ ] 7 - which stalked
[ ] 8 - which played with
[ ] 9 - which sat on
[ ] 10- which licked
[ ] 11- which got lost with
[ ] 12 - which cuddled with
[ ] 13 - which gave me
[ ] 14 - which mated with
[ ] 15 - which was kidnapped by
[ ] 16 - which stole
[ ] 17 - which argued with
[ ] 18 - which fears
[ ] 19 - which cut
[ ] 20 - which Gangnam style danced with
[ ] 21 - which drove insane
[ ] 22 - which injured
[ ] 23 - which vomited on
[ ] 24 - which laughed with
[ ] 25 - which watches
[ ] 26 - which bit
[ ] 27 - which scratched
[ ] 28 - which loves
[ ] 29 - which hates
[ ] 30 - which made
[ ] 31 - which dreams of

Favorite color:
[ ]White- my parents
[X]Blue- angels
[ ]Green- me at night
[ ]Red- demons
[ ]Yellow - my other pets
[ ]Purple - its bitch
[ ]Black - a psychopath
[ ]Gray - my computer
[ ]Pink - my crush
[ ]Other - my car

A Hot Dragon with beautiful wings which pooped on angels (best dragon ever XD)

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Blood Biology and Trolls

Sun Oct 12, 2014, 9:01 AM



So, it kind of concerns me how some people think blood works, so I decided a little information and speculation in regards to trolls was necessary.


Why is Human blood red?

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, human blood is not red because of pigments in the blood, nor is it actually blue or any other color within your veins and arteries.

Human blood is red because red blood cells are red. Red blood cells are red because within these cells, there are proteins call Hemoglobin. Hemoglobin has subunits called Hemes, which contains the element Iron. This iron interacts with the oxygen that comes into the bloodstream through our lungs and breathing, is oxidized, and therefore appears red due to how the chemical bonds between iron and oxygen reflect light.

When oxidized, our blood looks bright red (what you typically think the color of blood looks like – since it becomes oxidized when it makes contact with the air outside the body). When it is not oxidized/in contact with oxygen, it is dark red (I believe it is quite close to the color of our beloved troll rustbloods).

Human blood is never blue or green. The only reason blood looks blue or green when you can see your cardiovascular system through your skin is because of the way it alters the reflection of light.


What other blood colors are present on Earth (in other animals)?

    1.      Spiders and certain species of arthopods have blue blood – this is due to the presence of copper-based hemocyanin in their blood. It is also based on oxygen transportation within the blood and is therefore blue due to the oxygen-copper interactions in the blood.

    2.      Insects don’t breathe like most vertebrates do – I believe they breathe through their skin (?) – and therefore don’t really need the same oxygen carrying abilities in their blood [Note: Trolls, while insect based, probably do not breathe through their skin, and would still need oxygen or some other elemental bonding protein to carrying this gas through their bodies.].

    a.       They therefore often have yellow blood. This is due to a high concentration of vanabin, which contains vanadium. Vanadium oxide is yellow. Nobody is quite sure what this vanabin does, as it doesn’t carry oxygen like hemoglobin or hemocyanin does.

    3.      There is a type of skink that has green blood, due to a buildup of bile that has a pigment called biliverden. This buildup probably makes them toxic to eat, and therefore functions as a type of protection.

    a.       Humans have very, very trace amounts of bile like this in their blood, which only really appears during bruising, causing the yellowish-greenish color while the bruise heals. It would only affect blood color in extremely high concentrations, and would kill a human. Some people think that the skinks possibly had an evolutionary mutation at one point which allowed them to survive with high traces of bile in their blood.

    b.      Note: Bile is a waste product of the breakdown of the heme moiety of hemoglobin in erythrocytes. Trolls probably have similar molecular breakdowns and such, as their biology in many respects does not appear too different from our own.


Interesting Fact:

Sulfhemoglobinemia is a rare condition in which there is excess sulfhemoglobin (SulfHb) in the blood. This causes it to have a slight greenish color and causes cyanosis. It also results in an inability to carrying oxygen as needed in many cases.

It is also due to environmental and chemical concerns, not due to genetic concerns.


What color would blood be without the presence of these proteins and such?

Most likely kind of clear, or like with polar bear fur, appear kind of white with the reflection of light. What does this mean? White blooded trolls are incredibly, incredibly unlikely to exist for the reason that if you don’t have any of these things in your blood (or whatever trolls have in their blood), you would die. Like, this is a pretty severe “mutation” if it could happen biologically. You would be seriously fucked up. You wouldn’t survive even to become a living grub, most likely, or die upon your first “breath.”


Not Completely Unlikely (Though Not Necessarily True) Biological Headcanons For Troll Blood Colors:

    1.       Candy red and burgundy bloods have blood compositions almost exactly like our own – with only very slight differences, perhaps, in the volume of red blood cells, or perhaps in the barest composition of their oxygen carrying proteins.

    2.       Highbloods (blue bloods in particular) possibly have things like the Hemocyanin, which would make sense giving their closeness to being seadwellers and the type of animals that have blue blood on Earth (Hello, spiders and Vriska!).

    3.       Midbloods could have higher concentrations of bile, much like the skinks! Midbloods, on average, do not have the strength of the highbloods and such, nor the psychic abilities of the lowbloods. A good protective measure against not only other trolls, but especially large beasts who might want to eat them, would be toxic blood, or at least blood that would make them taste nasty as fuck.

    a.       By “toxic” though, I don’t mean to imply that they’d have acid blood that would burn at the touch or something. It’s mostly a taste/consumption thing to drive away predators. Try not to nom on any midbloods, guys.

    4.       The presence of other types of proteins that could carry other types of gases, if trolls (possibly seadwellers), do not require oxygen, but some other gas (I’m not quite sure if this would work, however, it’s just a speculation and an unlikely one). The gas composition of the troll’s planet is very, very likely to be like that of Earth – considering that humans and trolls survive together in the same place without any difficulties mentioned.

>>>> EDIT: Upon doing a little extra research, I find this possibility even more unlikely, as the only other gas extremely prevalent in our atmosphere (enough so to breathe) is Nitrogen, which is far, far less reactive than oxygen, and is far more lacking in chemical energy compared to oxygen. For complex organisms such as humans (and probably trolls), the energy required to break apart Nitrogen molecule bonds to use the energy inside of those bonds would be FAR higher than the energy outcome.

Even those "nitrogen-fixing" organisms (usually unicellular), usually exist in a symbiotic relationship with another organism: "I will supply your nitrogen requirements from atmospheric nitrogen gas if you will provide for my energy needs for that chemistry, and for my own continued existence and reproduction."

>> Basically what I'm saying is that breathing a gas other than oxygen is either not realistic (Nitrogen), makes you more of a plant than an animal (Carbon Dioxide), or are not prevalent enough in the air to breathe (Argon and other trace elements in the air).

    a.       Sburb is also a repeating process, so the game likely uses the same amino acids and genes to create trolls as it does humans, just with slightly different genetic combinations to make them.



In case you guys didn’t know, albinism only affects the pigments of your skin, not the elemental composition of your blood. Albinism + blood color change = 2 mutations at once. Even if you headcanon that troll blood does have pigments of some sort, it’s still two different mutations to have albinism (which affects the skin) and a mutation that changes the color of the pigment of the blood.

Not too hard there.


NOTE: Anything regarding trolls in here are headcanons, just like any other headcanon anyone else has about the same topics. Believe what you want. XD

Design & Code by Celvas
Great many thanks to Kiam
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1000 Point Valentines Giveaway

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 20, 2014, 6:30 PM
Hi there, 

I wrote a journal a little while ago about having a giveaway or contest and people were quite mixed about it so I thought I would do both. :) I will hold a contest in a month or so.

I'm giving away 1000 points here to my awesome watchers, I will split it into 10 lots of 100 so that 10 people can each get 100 points. 

New watchers are welcome, but please only watch and enter if you are interested in my artwork as this is for the lovely people who are supporting me and my work :)

If you want to enter, simply leave a comment on this journal and favorite this journal so that I know you are keen on being a part of it,

I will announce the 10 winners and send them their points on February 14th - Valentines Day - because I love ya! I will chose 10 people randomly from the comments on this journal.

Hope you all are having a good day,


If you want see me on Facebook -

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Hey guys!!!

Just to tell all of you guys that are going to Hetalia Day,:iconxtdd: and I have changed the location to Cortez Park!!

3434 W Dunlap Ave  
Phoenix, AZ 85051

^^ That's the address to the park!! Sorry for the changed, we just thought that park would of been better for us on Hetalia Day!

here's a video promotion for Hetalia Day that me and :iconxtdd: did! 

Also we would like to know if you are coming to Hetalia Day and to tell us the exact number of people who are going to be attending!!
We want to keep count on the exact number of people who will be going, because we want to know how many people are going to be there!

The games so far that we have been planned for on Hetalia Day are:
1) Dating Game
2) Spin the Bottle (if everybody is up for that!)
3) Roleplaying Games
4) it's an if, but Larping 

:iconxtdd: and I went to the mall today and met a guy who does larping as a hobby, and that it would be cool to have a big group (of Hetalians) to join him and his friends in larping! They do this every Saturday at Cortez Park and wouldn't you know it, Hetalia Day is on a Saturday! I thought it would be fun to cosplay in our Hetalia cosplays and do larping! Hahaha I know it's really random, but it does seem like something fun to do!

Another thing too if you guys want to bring food to Hetalia Day, please contact me and :iconxtdd: on what you will be bringing to the event! Send a note to us on DeviantArt about food. It would also be cool if you bring food that represents your country!

America would be cheeseburgers or junk food
Spain would bring taquitos or tacos
Italy would bring pasta
England would bring scones ((but please don't burn them! XP ))

Alright that's all I have to say and I hope you guys have a fant-a-bulous day!!

MEM :heart:

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LOLOLOL I've been sooooo addicted to this one song.
It's called Ante - Madoka Rap or something, but I've been listening to it 24/7.…


Lyrics if you wanna try and Rap XD
    Coobie you know what time is?
    Magical girls,represent!
    Awwww hell yeah,let's go!
    Damn dirty bitches,becoming the witches
    Grindin' up and down 'cause they grantin' all my wishes
    Bring out my aces,like this game was poker
    Banish all the witches,thank you based Madoka!
    What a joker,the trick is in the wrist
    Wish you kept your head Mami,'cause you don't know what you missed!
    Now the witches gettin' pissed and they're jackin' up my swag
    When I'm finished with this shit,send my regards to the body bag!


    Home of brave!Puttin' work to the street like a slave!
    Keep a rugged dress code!Always in this stress mode!

    Being Meguca is suffering…

    You think I don't know that?!




    From the soul,cousin' this ain't the time!
    Should'a wished for more money,'cause now you ain't got a dime!

    ANTE UP!
    Become Meguca!

    ANTE UP!

    Get a contract!Where my girls at?!

    If Sayaka become a witch

    ANTE UP!
    Become Meguca!

    ANTE UP!

    Takin' Grief Seeds,yeah you need these!
    I'mma fuck Kyubey!I'mma preach peace!
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Glitter Gel ponies: reference.

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 4, 2014, 11:29 PM
This is my new semi-open species. They are a type of pony called Glitter gel ponies. The image is just reference to what they look like, not an OC or anything. I will now explain them. (If you would like to create one, note me.)

RULES: 1. Pegasai and Unicorns exclusively seep glitter ink from their horn or wings respectively.
2. Mane and body outlines are lighter than the color inside.
3. Eyelash colors are unnatural colors right along with the pupil.
4. Manes almost always include a section that is translucent/glittery.
5. Wings and horns fade from transparent/glittery to the color of the body.
6. Add as much glitter to your pony as you want, I don't even care.
7. All natural body fluids consist of glitter gel. (Blood, vomit, tears, etc.)
8. If you want to do breedable between two GGPs, then you must pay me 5 points per set of breedables. You will only get to keep 1 foal as a result of the breedable.  (you must pay me 7 points per set of breedables if you are breeding a GGP with a non-GGP.)
9. You can Glitter Gel-ify your existing OC/'s if you'd like, but all of the rules still apply.

1. When you breed a Glitter Gel pony with any normal pony (Pegasai, Unicorns, and Earth ponies) you will always get Glitter Gel pony foals due to how dominant the Glitter Gel gene is.
2. Yet again, you must pay me 5 points per set of breedable, 7 points if it is with a non-GGP.
3. When breeding a GGP with a non-GGP other than regular ponies (Deer ponies, tailmouth ponies, alicorns, crystal ponies, original MLP species...) you will sometimes end up with GGP foals. Sometimes you will you get a mixture of the GGP and the one he/she bred with.
4. The maximum amount of breedable foals per batch is 10.
5. I must be credited for any mix of GGP and any species. (for example:  A mix of deer pony and GGP, I must still be credited)

Levels:  COMMON (common traits, available to use for everyone)-
*Unicorn, pegasai, and earth ponies.
*Seeps glitter gel from horn/wings respectively.
*Transparent sections of hair.
*Regular cutie mark.
*Unnaturally colored eyelashes, and pupils.
*Pastel colors.
*Glittery/transparent gel filled hooves
            UNCOMMON (uncommon traits, only for use when given permission by specs117, may only have 4 uncommon GGP's maximum.)-
*Entirely transparent mane/tail.
*Sparkly cutie marks.
*Different eye colors.
*Multi-colored hoove/gel colors.
*Shaped glitter secks in hooves and mane/tail.
            RARE (rare traits, available only through adopts or customs made by me and a select few others.)
*Hooves that seep glitter gel.
*Cutie marks that trail down the leg.
*Lion type tails.
*Mane or tail that seeps glitter gel.
*Multicolored gel
*Tranlucent/glittery parts other than hooves and mane/tail
*Any un-glittery/translucent hooves

GGP GROUP: glitter-gel-ponies.deviantart.…
(If you have any questions, feel free to note me.)

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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Dude I think I just died laughing XD

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 1, 2013, 2:58 PM
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My little bro (age 10) was bringing our puppies inside and, for convenience, we place them in a storage tub and drag them to the garage. Well, my bro forgot to put the tub back, so this is basically what happened:

Me: Bro, put the tub back
Bro: I don't want to put the bucket back.
Me: *giggle* Bro, put the bucket back. *giggle*
Bro: Nope! I'm not touching the bucket!
Me: Bro, do not use that kind of language!
Bro: Bucket?
Me: :iconshockplz: *while I'm practically dying inside*
Me: :iconimdedplz:
Bro: BUCKET! :dummy: What is going on?

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You sit laughing with all your friends. You in Dave's house cahtting your ass off. Kankri is giving a lecture to Mituna and Equius is showing off. John was ranting about movies while Dirk was talking about Lil Cal.

You were talking with Rose and Jade about animals and how trolls had such strange guardians. Dave soon walked to the middle off the room holding a blow horn and pushed its button makinga really loud HOOOOOOOOOOOOOONK!!! Everyone shuts up and looks at him. "Ok listen up people! Were about to play an amzing game called 7 Minutes in heaven!" He yells. All the trolls look at each other confused while the humans snicker and giggle. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? IS IT SOME STUPID HUMAN GAME?" Karkat asks. "I was about to explain just a moment ago if you had shut up!" Dave yells. He explains the rules to the trolls and they nod. "Oh 2o liike 7 bucket2 iin the clo2et?" Sollux asks. "Yup!" John says. "______? Would you like to go first?" Dave asks.

He holds Spades Slick's fadora out to you full of slips. You shrug and take out a slip. You  read it aloud. "I got..."

((Choose the one you like, the one you hate, or one you just want to read a story for))


Heinoustuck Extra's!!
Heinoustuck Dave:
Heinoustuck John:
Heinoustuck Dirk:
Heinoustuck Jake:

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It was a school day, early morning. You were on your Pesterchum as usual, out of boredom. You were browsing the list of users, and a certain name caught your intrest almost right away. twinArmageddons. You yourself had a twin sister, and you've heard of an "Armageddon" before. You think it was some generic crap that referred to a site to be used during the end of the world for a battle of sorts. "Finally, one of these names actually makes sense," It was a shame that the chum wasn't online, though. You're pretty sure if they were, you'd pester them.
"(Name)!" You heard the soft voice of your mother call. "Whhhaaaaaatttt?" You called back, almost grumbling. You knew what she wanted. "It's time to go to school!" She said. This happened every morning. You get up, go to get your backpack and jacket on, and head out the door, all while mumbling to yourself that you had better things to do. You think you could have sworn you heard your mother giggling right before the door shut. Your twin sister can catch up later, for all you care.
When you get to school, it's just as usual. You and your sister part ways, and head to your first class, which in your case, is Art. You didn't particularly have anything against it, so it's always a nice way to start your day at school.
"Alright class, we're going to be finishing up our project today! It's the last day, so you need to be done by the end of class, or else it will be 20 points taken off each day it's late!" The teacher says, stating the obvious. You're lucky enough to have finished it yesterday, so today you get to freedraw. You grab a blank paper, and just stare at it for a little while. You seriously have no idea as to what to draw. By the time you get an idea, the bell for second period has rung. You shrug, you hate second period. Gym.
-Magical time skip because I said so-
Now it's lunch, and you're sitting down with all of your buddies. This is probably the best part of the day, aside from the next period, 5th.
"Hey, did you guys see the concert last night?" One of your friends ask.
"What concert?" You respond, with another question.
"Alternia's concert! Duh, who else?" Another one of your friends responds.
"..." You honestly have no idea as to what the hell an "Alternia" is. But you decide they must be pretty good, being your friends seem rather fond of them. "Okay." You kill the conversation.
It was pretty much like that for the rest of lunch, but luckily after that little conversation killer of yours, there was only about five more minutes of lunch left. The bell rung, you got up, threw away the leftovers from your lunch, and started to head over to fifth period with one of your friends. Pretty much one major reason why fifth is the best.
When you get there, you and your friend pull out chairs and put them up against your teacher's desk. You two do this everyday, mostly because your teacher is awesome. He doesn't even care or really seem to notice you and your friend cuss plenty. He's also awesome, because he's a science teacher. Science, in your opinion, pretty much is the only useful subject. Also, he's nice, and he likes anime and manga. And otaku science teacher. Can it really get any better?
"Hey, I'm wondering, since we're getting a new student today, if you two could both show him around school during this period?" Your teacher asks. He rarely asks any favors, so you decide... "Why not?" You say. Your friend looks at you, and agrees. "Great, thanks you guys." Your teacher replies. You are pretty much internally squealing, since you actually are excited to meet this person. You don't exactly know why, you just like transfer students and stuff.
After about ten minutes into class, the door just opens. No knocking, or anything. It just opens. This kid with a hoodie and sunglasses walks in. He's... pretty much wearing all black, except you think what is the roman numeral two? Maybe it's the Gemini symbol. Is half red, on the left, and half blue, on the right. He also had black and white mismatched shoes. He just kind of stands there for a few seconds, and everyone, even the teacher stares. But luckily your teacher reacts fast. "Hello, you must be the new student! Welcome, I'm Mr.(Insert creative teacher name here), I will be your new science teach for the rest of your time here. How about you start by introducing yourself?"
You seriously wonder how he can be so social with someone who looks like a complete creep. You're not even allowed to wear hoodies and sunglasses in school, so why can he? Maybe some disease?
The kid nods, and says his name is Jimmy Rice. Some kids laugh, even you and your friend giggle a little bit. He doesn't react at all, he must be used to it. He spoke with a LISP. You've never actually heard any in real life before. "Do any students have questions for him?" Your teacher asks the class. Some kids raise their hands. Mr.(Insert creative teacher name here) calls on this one girl. "Um, Jimmy, why are you wearing sunglasses and a hoodie?" She asks, sounding as if she felt stupid about her question. "It's because I'm sensitive to almost any source of sunlight." Jimmy responds. You can't take him seriously with this lisp. If it wasn't for your friend covering your mouth in the right amount of time, you would have laughed your ass off and pissed yourself. You had no idea lisps could be so amusing. You can almost see him eyeing you, and you stop.
By the time all questions are done being answered, you gather that he is the same age as you, roughly about five inches taller than you, and has a dog named Sandy. He honestly doesn't seem so bad, and despite his creeper aura he gives off, he actually seems kind of normal.
Your teacher looks at you and your friend, signalling that it's time for you guys to show him around. You both get up, get your stuff, and head towards Jimmy. Your teacher tells you guys what you're about to do, mostly towards Jimmy, and he nods. You could have sworn you saw a slight smirk right on the tip of his lips. Maybe some really sharp teeth too? That would explain the lisp. The three of you begin to head out the door, and into the hallway.
By the time you guys get back, there almost has been no conversation between the three of you at all. Besides telling him what each place was. Sadly, it's also time to go to sixth period.
-Screw the rest of school, it's boring and nothing interesting happens after that. Magical time skip home.-
You are bored. Very bored. Even on your computer, you can get bored. How is that even possible to get bored with technology? You shrug, and simply browse your Facebook newsfeed.
 You eye this poster that says "ALTERNIA" in big bold black letters. You remember almost right away about you and your friend's conversation at lunch. You finally feel as if your boredom has been removed, and you go to YouTube, and search them up. You listen to some of their songs, and fall in love. You notice a song named "twinArmageddons", just like the pesterchum name earlier... The pesterchum name. PESTERCHUM. Oh crap. You should probably go check it.
You open your pesterchum, but luckily enough, none of your chums have pestered you. You sigh. You don't want to make a waste of time out of this, so you decide to see if that "twinArmageddons" person is on. They're probably a fan of "Alternia". Ironically enough, they are on. You decide to pester them.

(Insert creative handle here) [CH] began pestering twinArmageddons [TA]
CH: Hello?
TA: crap, not agaiin, iit must be one of the fan2
CH: The what?
TA: ...the fan2.
CH: What fans?
TA: are you a troll or are you ju2t 2tupiid?
CH: Excuse me, but I just noticed your chum handle and couldn't help but want to pester you. I don't know about that anymore, you honestly seem like a complete jerk.
TA: wow thii2 ii2 a rather iintere2tiing change of pace. what ii2 your name?
CH: ...(Name).
TA: ii'm 2ollux captor. ever heard of me?
CH: Why would I have ever heard of you?
TA: becau2e ii pretty much created the be2t band ever.
CH: Give me a second, I'll search it up.

Surely enough, Sollux Captor is the lead singer for Alternia. ALTERNIA. Seriously, things need to stop being so ironic in this story. You stumble across the chum handle this morning, and your friends later bring it up.

I don't know if I should continue this. This is my first "x Reader" FanFiction ever, really. Please rate, favorite, and comment!
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"I got... Gamzee."

You pause breifly and re-read the note in your hand. Everyone looks at Gamzee who stands with his stupid smile and walks towards you. He puts his hand out to you and you blush lightly. Rose pushes you up and into him. You look back at her and growl.

Gamzee takes your hand and walks you toward the closet. Everyone giggles at your blushing foolish face. "Remember 7 minutes." Dave says. When you and Gamzee are in the closet the door closes and everything goes dark.

Your eyes dialate and you realize Gamzee is staring at you. You blush more. "W-What?" You ask. "NoThEn." He says. He sits against the wall and you stand with your arms crossed. Gamzee grabs your hand and pulls you down next to him. You growl at him and loook away. "Yo MaN wHaT's ThE mAtTeR? HoNk HoNk." He says. "Nothing." You say.

You look over at him and flinch when you realise his face is close to yours. "YoUr A mOtHeRfUcKeN lIeR." He says. His eyes are a orangey red now. You scootch away from him a bit and quickly look away. His arms slolwy wrap around you and he pulls you onto his lap. He nuzzles your cheek and smiles. "Im JuSt PlAyEn." He says. You blush a bit shocked.

He kisses your cheek and you blush hard. You look at him and his lips meet yours. You blush moreand kiss back. He slips his long tounge into your mouth making you blush even more. His hands sneek up your shirt and to your breasts. You blush more but ignore his wandering hands. He pins you to the wall kissing you.

After 7 minutes of him feeling you up with you against the wall the door opens and Gamzee death glares Dave.Victory! Your saved! "Yo man. Other people are waiting." Dave says. Gamzee picks up as if he was holding a child and you wrap your legs around him. He walks over to his seat and sits smiling his usual clowny smile. "I lIkE yOu ______. YoUr An AmAzInG gIrL." He says. You blush and smile. "I like you too Gamzee." You say kissing his cheek.
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