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This one I did on a whim I just thought Hey why not try to make homestuck characters? Yea I looked at the kids and thought I don't know if I could do the hair then the trolls I kinda panicked and so I thought....hey why not do one of the loved but lesser shown. So Tad-ah the Wayward Vagabond was emoted was kind of nervous because of the bandages and what not but I thought hey front view no pointy bits

So I think this little guy is kinda cute now what emotion is he conveying? will we ever know? 

I don't know why but these little guys are fun to make.
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I WAS ON THE NEWS AGAIN OMFG :iconprettyknucklesplz:
I'M AT 2:18
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Watch the all video here :iconpervydaveplz: :iconpervyjohnplz:[link]
and all of our homestuck videos here ~~> [link]

Dave strider: :iconcarcinovantaskisu:
John Egbert by: :iconkyoaku-koibito:
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It's been quite some time since the last icon that I made so I'm a bit out of practice xD
So yeah, here's another Homestuck icon for you :3

:bulletgreen: Credit me if you use it
:bulletgreen: You can use it outside of deviantart, but you should tell me about it.

Hope you like it :3
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this is what i decide to make instead of doing schoolwork
anyway, free to use desktop wallpaper of everyone's favorite genocidal fish troll

images from:…………
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AC: *ac purrs as she catches the fish lusus with her furious mouths*
I FEEL LIKE THIS LOOKS WEIRD BUT I CAN'T PIN POINT IT, maybe i needed to put the bottoms of the horns?
do you guys think i should upload more? i have some pencil stuff i've drawn just too lazy to scan it
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Kismesis - HOMESTUCK by KoiCos Faygo addiction - HOMESTUCK by KoiCos DON'T K1SS M3 - Homestuck by KoiCos MiRaClEs EvErYwHeRe - Homestuck by KoiCos
Gamzee - me
TUMBLR - GaleBana
FB -

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Here, have a Dumbut talksprite o3o

Base by :iconmiserygk:
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This is all the downloaded shimeji I have.

EDIT: I got into Homestuck recently and the shimejis were so cute! I got about 50 of them of all the main characters except Jane and Damara because there were none of those two... Yeah... so... I updated the list...

Left of Browser, Bottom to Top:
Sollux - Homestuck
:iconhearteaterc: Tavros - Homestuck
:iconladyneko: Terezi - Homestuck
:iconjunglebee09:Vriska - Homestuck(account deactivated, use name link)
:iconuncut-adventure: Canada Cat - Hetalia

Top of Browser, Left to Right:
:iconfoxesque: Toothless - How To Train Your Dragon(use name link)
:iconuncut-adventure: Japan Cat - Hetalia
:iconuncut-adventure: Prussia Cat - Hetalia
:iconuncut-adventure: South Korea Cat - Hetalia
:iconuncut-adventure: Turkey Cat - Hetalia
:iconuncut-adventure: Norway Cat - Hetalia
:iconuncut-adventure: Russia Cat - Hetalia
:iconyouko-chan: Shiny Umbreon - Pokémon
:iconxminxicat: Weiss Schnee/White - RWBY/Rooster Teeth
:iconkeytowonderland253: Vodka Mutini - Homestuck
Dirk - Homestuck
Davechick - Homestuck
DaveKat - Homestuck
DirkJake - Homestuck
JohnKat - Homestuck
Sollux and Mituna - Homestuck

Right of Browser, Top to Bottom:
:iconhgnds: Canada - Hetalia
:iconuncut-adventure: Belarus - Hetalia
:iconlittlemure: Wayward Vagabond/Mayor of Cantown - Homestuck
:iconglowstick-parade: Doc Scratch - Homestuck
:iconmiss-me-not: Casey - Homestuck

Bottom of Browser, Right to Left:
:iconfreddy-kun: Mituna - Homestuck
:iconcalmasys: Meenah - Homestuck
:iconvmkaquamerine: Latula - Homestuck
:icontimidfish: Kurloz - Homestuck(account deactivated, use name link)
:iconsesshisuna: Kankri - Homestuck
:iconcandytufts: Cronus - Homestuck
:icondartty: The Signless/Sufferer - Homestuck
:icondartty: Neophyte Redglare - Homestuck
:icon123destinycalls: The Psiioniic/Helmsman - Homestuck
:iconenecola: Marquise Spinneret Mindfang - Homestuck
:iconlizziedakittie: The Dolorosa - Homestuck
:iconanswerphone: The Expatriate/Executor Darkleer - Homestuck

Left of Screen, Top to Bottom:
:iconuncut-adventure: Austria Cat - Hetalia
:icontrenchcoat-pixie: Nepeta - Homestuck
:iconpepperina: Kanaya - Homestuck
:iconuncut-adventure: Karkat - Homestuck
:iconbbbrianne: Gamzee - Homestuck(deleted, use name link)
:icongothicclawraa: Feferi - Homestuck
:iconreauki: Eridan - Homestuck
:iconanime1rulz: Aradia - Homestuck

Bottom of Screen, Left to Right:
:iconfox-feathers: Tenth Doctor - Doctor Who
:iconbondibee: Slenderman - Marble Hornets
:iconfoxiez: Sherlock - Sherlock: Game of Shadows
:iconflyawaymax: Kenny - South Park
:iconalucards-creation: Grell - Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler)
:iconmagician1999: Castiel - Supernatural
:iconniicchan: Zack - Final Fantasy
:iconrueme: Cloud - Final Fantasy
:icontomatobox-fairy: Timcanpy - D. Gray-Man
:iconshinobitokobot: Lavi - D. Gray-Man(deleted, use name link)
:iconsyriiak: Krory - D. Gray-Man(account deactivated, use name link)
:iconcakedoom: Spiderman - Marvel/Spiderman
:iconcakedoom: Dead Pool - Marvel/Deadpool
:icondreambeing: Loki - Marvel/Thor/Avengers
:iconzarla: Hunter and Smoker - Left 4 Dead
:iconroseannepage: Nick - Left 4 Dead
:iconuncut-adventure: Italy Cat - Hetalia
:iconroseannepage: Ellis - Left 4 Dead
:iconsetsu-sama: Russia - Hetalia
:iconuncut-adventure: Germany Cat - Hetalia

Right of Screen, Bottom to Top:
:iconxenodelphii: Dave - Homestuck
:iconsnapdragon: Jade- Homstuck(account deactivated, use name link)
:iconstormgale: John - Homestuck
:iconlacheetara: Rose - Homestuck
:iconaerobesk: Jake - Homestuck
Roxy - Homestuck
:iconc-h-i-z-u: Bec Noir - Homestuck
:iconuncut-adventure: Denmark Cat - Hetalia

Top of Screen, Right to Left:
:iconshadeysix: The Condesce/Baroness/Her Imperious Condescension - Homestuck
:iconkeytowonderland253: Aranea - Homestuck(not original, original source unknown)
:iconssenarrya:4-chords Nepeta - Homestuck
:iconssenarrya:4chords Karkat - Homestuck
4-chords Gamzee - Homesutck(direct link to download, credit unknown)
Equius - Homestuck
Rufioh - Homestuck
Porrim - Homestuck
Meulin - Homestuck
:iconlizard-breath: Horuss - Homestuck
The Summoner - Homestuck
The Grand Highblood - Homestuck
The Handmaid - Homestuck
Orphaner Dualscar - Homestuck
The Disciple - Homestuck

And the collection continues to grow. May be updated when I get more.

All Shimeji belong to the people who made them, all characters belong to their creators.
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"Winning, Winning EVERYWHERE~"

Oh god, what is this, I don't even :iconwhatthefuckplz:

Okay, I have to explain this; I was bored. I wanted to do something funny. I wanted to draw some GamTav and I was watching this vid --------------> [link]

So yeah, thanks to :iconkau-nagato: I am not a HomeStuck fan......yay.....

Base (c) :iconredrumterror: [link]

HomeStuck (c) Andrew Hussie
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