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Similar Deviations
We did not expect the world to end.
It just did.
We kept saying “It won't happen in our lifetime.”
But it did.
We closed our eyes to the cracks in the walls
and they crumbled around us.
We forgot the decay in front of us.
It was so easy to ignore.
It ate away the foundations of our lives.
Still we ignored it
and claimed that life would go on.

We did not see it coming.
Even if it was right in front of us.
We tried to repair the cracks in the dams
though the water had already washed us away.
And though the clouds were black and red
we looked away.
Or stared ourselves blind on the colour display
as our skin peeled away beneath the acidic rain.

We dreamt of the sky
and reached for the stars.
Forgetting the ground beneath our feet.
It tore apart at the seams
the gaps too wide to repair.
And the sun was setting on a world

We did not predict the true apocalypse
though many a prophet had tried.
Their predictions were hollow
and we lost faith.
We did not listen to the real prophets
their warnings drowning in the white noise
of so many cries for wolves in the past.

So we did not expect the world to end.
But it did.
This is very random, seeing it is an attempt to spark my Muse and thus is written as more of an association ramble rather than an actual poem. I am not really sure what sparked it myself, other than the first sentence just popping into my head, so, I worked from there :D Any feedback is as always appreciated :)
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is not
a love poem:

this is not about
me and how i hate
the way realism tastes.

this is about you.

this is about how you
are one too many shades arrogant,
how nearly every night you
try to forget that time has
left you behind. this is
about your laugh and the way it
whispers "i can't remember
what i was like before i
became this." and,
if i'm being honest, this is about
how i will never see your too
cocky for your own damn good grin that
makes me go weak in the knees.

this is about you
and how you're not real and how i wish
to god that i wasn't either.
this is about how I need to stop making myself sad,
how I need to stop falling in love with boys who don't exist,
and how I don't think that's ever going to happen.
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Have you seen my dream?
It's not that big
But it is mine.

Have you heard my opinion?
It's worth two cents
It's worth every dime.

Have you touched my heart?
It is very fragile
But I am willing to share.

Have you seen my dream?
It may not be much
But at least I dare.
Small poem popping up out of nowhere :) Critque and comments are always welcome!
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It was so silent on the hill,
She could hear her steps,
Her breath...
A look at the watch;
Time's not passing,
Not going away,
Like a friend who waits, insists;
That she must do something at last.
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Hush, sweetie,
Do not let their judgments define you.
Do not let their hatred construct you.
Do not let their words build you.
Hush, sweetie,
Do not let your sorrow swallow you.
Do not let your pain devour you.
Do not let your loneliness change you.
Hush, sweetie,
Stop telling yourself lies,
Stop screaming in a whisper that you're
Inside and out.
Stop telling yourself that you're
Stop telling yourself that you're
And hopeless,
And damaged.

Hush, sweetie...
It's not polite to lie.
I dunno xD five minutes, just to get something out there.
Remember you're all beautiful <3 worthy of life and so much more.
Stay strong <3

LIKE my facebook for more! <3…
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I am self-destructive.
You are the affected.

I’m a thought that’s still in motion.
You’re an idea perfected.

I’m a sacrifice without you.
But with your life, I’m injected.

I’m a thousand puzzle pieces.
You’re the way to connect it.
This is how I view the poets relationship to the artist. 

Together, we survive.
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Mine is not a face that would launch a thousand ships
Mine is not a body that would make men go to war
Mine is not a mind, sharp as a blade nor quick or witty
Mine is a heart that bleeds and loves none the less.

I am not a queen of beauty or elegance of ages past
I am not a model or scientist, nor a woman of career
I am not a fashion statement or a symbol of feminism
I am a woman with hopes and dreams none the less.

Mine is not a perfect home from the magazines
Mine is not the latest fashion or trends of clothes
Mine is not the accepted norms of life or style
Mine is the individuality of not caring for either.

I am not the person everyone else wants me to be
I am not the kind of woman people expect of me
I am not flawless, nor ashamed of the flaws I have
I am who I am, and I am who I want to be.
Randomness is random. :) Feedback is as always appreciated :)
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She dances with fire, a dragon in tow.

Twirling with flames; graceful and slow

She dances tonight, in a city of ash.

Her feet leaving footprints, where the sand will splash.

Quietly mourning, as time goes by;

Where once she beheld a home in her eyes...

Yet naught but the barest of bones remain,

And so she dances, to soothe the pain.

Based on this picture:

So laya and I were talkin' about talky stuff and I was not feeling too good today. Many things happened, but then she drew that picture and I was all like...'I gotta write to this' and so I wrote to it .3.

Yeaaaaah :icondealwithitplz:

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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The sun was a pretty girl;
Dressed in ribbons and bows.
Each day she brightened up the earth
With her crimson orange glow.

The rain was cold and bitter;
Friends with the sleet and snow.
His heart hung heavy with misery,
His songs were full of woe.

One day they collided.
The sun said “Don’t you know?
The grey and cloudy tears will soon disappear;
I think you’re great just so.”

So up in the sky together
They let their love flow.
It leapt from their hearts, across the world
And became a rainbow.
The poem I wrote that goes along with the drawing :3
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I’ve been sitting alone for so long

That I’ve forgotten the meaning of "friend"

But just when I started to think I don’t belong

You became a person that I could befriend

But as time passed along, you seemed like more to me

My heart would grow warm, every time we’d speak

But I just don’t know if we could ever be

But I’ll take the first step, to start something unique
Sorry I took so long!
But this is for :iconklepter:
I hope you like it...
So tell me if you did or not :D !
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