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Before her designed was changed I drew this little portrait of her. c:
She's so cute <3
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ohohohohohohhohooho i fell in love with this horse :love: he is so simple but special at the same time ....
i think this is one of my best work if we "talk" abount effort! i love the expression of Echo and he will be surely a awesome horse :aww:

hahaha sorry for the orrible boy XD hahahahaha his expression looks so "satisfied" and the pose is so athletic XD hahaha dear! XD every time i look him i laugh... i dont know why! But but belonging to this i'm pound of myself... i did a face! :la: ( not so beautiful, but always a face with 2 eyes, 1 nose and 1 mouth XD)


1st Place! :trophy: and Grand Champion!
Show: CVS' First Annual End of Summer Show
Class: Halter in hand
Starting number: #02
Horse: Echo van VillaGana
Link to ref:
Age: 5 years
Breed: Hollendart
Handler: Giovanni Conti
Age: 23 years


Echo van VillaGana by Starblas CVS' First Annual End of Summer Show - Winners 
Running Aug.9 – Sept.22
Event Type: Mixed English
Classes: Advanced Dressage, Dressage, Showjumping, Cross Country, Hunter Over Fences, Hunter Flat, Halter In Hand
Restrictions: None
Below you will find the rules and classes and prizes
HARPG Journal-
Star! RulesStar! 
:new: Tracing is now aloud
-Judging is based off of effort
-Held at Cedar Valley Stables- map
-Art Theft will get you banned from any of my activities and I will report you
-No training images are required
-Must use appropriate tack
-Pre registration is required
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Shedu cats Korung: Gold by TempladoJunior speed test race: Gold by Templado

Name: Zaidu
Nickname: -
Shoulderbrand: 43

Stable: -
Rider: info coming later

Age: 2 years
Gender: Male
Breed: %SheduCats
Height: 1,90 meters (about 18.3HH)
Body type: medium

Color: Bay brown with belly roan, pangare tiger stripes pattern [+2]. Cheetah pattern carrier.[+2]
Genotype: ee/Aa/tt/nB/BrnBrn/nPan/nTi [+2] (nC +2)

Zaidu takes after his parents and has a really good personality; loving, caring and curious if treated right. He was also raised with love and care, and trained daily by his owner, to ensure he would reach his fullest potential. Zaidu loves to spend part of the evening indoor with his owner, getting his belly rubbed. But he always loves to play and explore, sometimes getting himself into trouble too. So far his love for speed has been eminent, so he seems like a very promising racer.

Bloodlines: Mahogany Line
Liniage Sheet - ZAIDU by Danesippi

0/0/0 - 0 shows
Discipline: Shedu racing

Korung Level: 95 
- Ideal within breed standarts. With  great lineage, perfect conformation and no health issues.

Max. sprint speed: ? km
Max. stayer speed: untested

Stamina test: no
Speed test: -
Junior test: 145 km/h 
Official racetrack: -

Breeding info: CLOSED
Direct offspring: none

More images and story art: click here!

Korung - Conformation

Thomas went over the Shedu's coat one last time with a lightly damp cloth, just to get the final shine out and remove any reminiscence of dust or sand. The cat, Zaidu, purred with a deep humming sound, enjoying the touch and extra care. He still had his ears pricked though, and much of his attention was directed at the strange people and beasts around him. It was early in the season, so there weren’t many Shedu cats at this specific Korung, which Thomas silently appreciated. He hoped his own cat would stay focused with the lack of playmates.

Thomas looked at the big male Shedu with pride. The fuzzy cub had finally grown tall with a short and shiny coat to really show off all the hues in his color. The striping, changing ever slightly every season, appeared dark with warm orange and red undertones in the exotic light of the beach area.

“Time to take your best stance,” Thomas murmured, looking at the others getting ready for this part of the event. Bystanders walked around just outside the preparation area, trying to get glimpses of these rare beasts, which had so quickly become a trend all over the world among the rich and famous.

“Let’s go then! Smile to the ladies, Zaidu.”
(214 words)

Other Art of Zaidu + training:
Zaidu's JournalReferences:

Prizes and Ribbons:

Obedience training 1 by =DanesippiObedience training 2 by =DanesippiObedience training 3 by =Danesippi
sketchy training by =Danesippi
in show:
Zaidu 43 - Speed test with 145 km/h ! by =DanesippiZaidu's Junior Test by =DanesippiZaidu - free will junior race by =Danesippi
practicing for Zaidu by =Danesippi20131129 204309 by =Danesippithe big kitten by =DanesippiHehehehe by *go234Commission for Danesippi by *TintedGreenref free portrait by =Danesippi
Breeding Plans:
Litter 1 -> Buffy
Litter 2 -> Nefi
Litter 3 -> unknown
Litter 4 -> unknown
Litter 5 -> unknown
Litter 6 -> unknown
NOTE! Zaidu is open for breeding with approved cats, once he gets his licen

Art © =Danesippi
character/design © =Templado
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leased by Capaill

ID: #400

Name: Touché van VillaGana
Barn Name: Touché
Gender: Stallion
Year of birth: 2007
Breed: Hollendart-horse
Colour: Flaxen chestnut splash
Markings: blaze, 3 socks
Genetic: ee/Aa/ff/SplSpl
Height: 180 cm
Discipline: Show Jumping
Owner: Lidia Rossi
For stud/lease: OPEN (comment here)


Import +1 +6 +6

reference +0.25




Tot: 13.25 pt
Star none


Hollendart import #400 by Starblas


4- Shangol

Touche WIP by Starblas
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Edit: She won!!! 8DDD Her very first class at her very first show, and she won it! I'm so proud of her. :heart:

Anna Richardson and L'Incendario at Coastal Stables's Hunter Training Show (Young Horse Hunter In-Hand)

The third in a set of images for this particular show. This is the show entry I was so blocked on in this poll. Thank you so much to everyone who tried to help me make up my mind, but in the end this was the only way I could get any inspiration. *AthenaMyth, I hope you don't mind that this entry isn't a full-body image of Aria and Anna. I just really, really wanted to show a moment of closeness between them.

She was so quiet. She had all her mother's regal bearing and all her father's pride, but none of their self-confidence. She was like some beautiful little girl who, for some reason, didn't seem to think she was good enough for the attention others seemed to get so easily -- and at the same time, she dreamed of being recognized for her inherent excellence.

Everyone could see it at home. This little yearling filly -- little in presence only, that is -- was so painfully shy around other horses and around too many people, but when she was allowed to be by herself, she transformed into as commanding a figure as a gangly young horse can be. Anna had this theory, right, that Aria had a sort of "only child" syndrome, where she didn't like and wasn't good at interacting with large groups but actually really enjoyed playing by herself.

"It's like she's playing pretend, and the only times she can do that is when there's nobody else around to shatter the fantasy," Anna commented once to her mother.

"You used to do the same thing," Gigi responded, "but only before Niels was born."

It was a tough call, bringing Aria to the Canada show. Outlaw would be going, though, and there was a view floating around the farm that this show might be a good way to gauge how Aria might react to the show ring. Her dam was a dressage champion in her own right, and Outlaw loved his job as a working hunter, so why not see if the baby might like one of those things?

"You understand that she'll have to be in the arena with a group, right?" said Niels before they left. He thought bringing Aria was... not a bad idea, necessarily, but perhaps not a good one. "She can't show alone in an in-hand class; she's got to stand with them while she waits, do her pattern in front of them, and then line up next to everyone at the end."

Anna's response was less concerned than her brother's. "Yeah, but even if she flips out the worst we can expect is that she shuts down and goes push-button on us like she did when she came home. Why not?"

Admittedly, it seemed at first upon entering the arena that Niels may have been correct in his assessment of the stress a group class would place on Aria's nerves. Anna tried to warm her up a little bit with her fellow competitors in the far end of the arena, but even though Aria did all the motions well, she did them without her usual fire.

"Here we go," Anna muttered as she got the signal to step forward for their turn. "Are you ready?"

It was as they stepped away from the crowd and up to the cones that Anna noticed the relief in her filly's step. It was small, but present. Heart hammering in her chest, she half-turned and asked Aria to halt for the judges. At first they were in showmanship pose -- handler snapped off to one side, lead arm held stiffly out to the horse, smile fixed in place. And then there was a whinny from somewhere beyond the massive arena doors. Aria's left ear flicked back. There was another whinny, and this time Anna heard a distant yell of exasperation, and they both realized who, exactly, was acting as cheerleader.

Aria no longer looked like a little robot filly. She drew her head up, glanced around the arena, and then turned her head to blow cookie breath at Anna's face. She met her handler's gaze with an expression that seemed to say, "This is for me, then? This is all for me?"

And Anna said, "Yes. Of course."

And she said it out loud.

And Aria competed.

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Emma knew she had eyes on her as she entered the arena after such a long break 
together with Seek 4 Love. The last time they had competed together, she had been 
accused for riding him badly, and performing rollkur on him, which she thought was 
utterly ridiculous. Just because someone had snapped a picture at just the moment 
when Seek had opened his mouth. So when she entered today, she knew she had 
people who would inspect their routine with peeling, laser eyes. Ridiculous was the word. 

She greeted quickly at the judges as their performance started. If she would be accused 
for performing rollkur when she didn't, she would hunt the person down and teach it  
what rollkur REALLY was.


New Talent? by Jullelin

Yeah. The last time I got quite some responses of how I drew the picture... and I even 
ended up being called animal abuser for drawing a horse with a open mouth while 
performing dressage xD

But this is past us, and we look forward. But don't think I am hesitating to draw my horses 
in uncomfortable situations. Not everything can be rainbows and roses in a story created 
to entertain.

RDS Seek 4 Love by Jullelin

Dressage Class
Music: Let it Go - Vivaldi's Winter…
Starting number: ---
Horse: RD's Seek 4 Love
Rider/ Handler: Emma Green
Breed: Hannoverian Cross
Gender: Stallion
Age: 13 years old
Stable: Rosendal Stables
Show: RNS On-going Mini Show nomadicroyalestable.deviantart…
Placement: 1st Place

First Place Ribbon by NomadicRoyaleStable


:star: Tools & Info :star:
:bulletblue: Reference: Lost Link
:bulletblue: Estimated time: About 2 hours
:bulletblue: Tools: Wacom Intuos4 & Photoshop CS6, ink, paper
:bulletblue: Layers: About 10 layers
Background: Mine

It's forbidden to copy, download, transmit, distribute, display, reproduce, sell, heavily reference, claim, trace, reuse, license or anything else, without written permition of the respective owner. All rights are reserved!
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let me introduce one of the first blackwood does, that I originally bought and gifted to Dovie. Today the lovely dove gifted her back to me, and I'm updating the doe to fit my "needs" *evil grin*

Here she is sharpening her horn, resulting in it getting rather small, but very pointly and deadly ^^
Gonna do a few more story pieces before I upload her new ref, since she is changing a little bit, starting with her horn ^^

#3 here
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Frecklarc OakdWr
Quarter horse stallion

Stable name: Testun
Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: stallion
Age: 11
Height: 1.45
Color: Chestnut
Genotipe: ee/aa
Discipline: reining
Temperament: un cavallino un pò basso e piccolo, ma sempre pieno di energia! Sempre scattante e pieno di voglia di lavorare, ama correre e potrebbe farlo per ore. A terra è calmo e quasi non si muove, lo si può lasciare slegato mentre lo si striglia o lo si lava e lui non si muove. Una sua caratteristica è quella di avere una camminata molto veloce in campo mentre appena esce si spegne e bisogna trascinarlo fino al campo o fino al box. Adora le coccole e impara velocemente, odia però cani e gatti ed in generale tutti i cavalli che gli passano vicino, se un'altro animale gli passa vicino porta subito le orecchie indietro e allunga la testa come a voler mordere, per fortuna poi non fa niente e anzi se gli si mettono vicino altri cavalli dopo poco torna calmo e li guarda con curiosità. Bisogna fare però attenzione alle sue simpatie e antipatie, capitano cavalli per cui ha una specie di odio istantaneo e non li può vedere, se gli si passa di fianco spinge per andargli contro e se sta galoppando e li vede alle volte potrebbe tentare di calciare o caricarli.
Il suo cibo preferito sono i biscottini, ma anche le mele gli piacciono molto, per qualche strana ragione dopo i 10 anni ha iniziato a non mangiare più le carote, se gliele metti nella mangiatoia le avanza e se gliele dai dalla mano si gira dall'altra parte e fa di tutto per non mangiarle.
Il suo più grande "difetto" è il sudore che gli resta appiccicato al pelo...per il corpo basta una doccia o una spazzolata, ma sul muso gli resta molto e anche lavandolo non va via tutto, se si prova a toglierlo con una spazzola o col sapone gli si toglie tutto il pelo.
Nel lavoro è un cavallo molto sveglio e reattivo, anche se bisogna tenerlo impegnato altrimenti inizia a distrarsi, i cerchi veloci sono la sua specialità e anche i "rallenty" (se si scrive così XD) sono molto buoni, riesce a cambiare velocità di galoppo molto visibilmente, nei cerchi veloci corre quasi all'impazzata ma è sempre molto controllato e appena sente il peso nelle staffe rallenta in un galoppino, tende però a disunirsi. Negli spin è anche molto bravo ma bisogna fare attenzione a non lasciarlo aprire troppo a mano sinistra altrimenti inizia a saltellare una volta che prende velocità. Gli stop non sono proprio la sua specialità ma gli vengono comunque molto bene, mentre nei cambi è veramente perfetto. Tende ad anticipare molto, ma come tutti i cavalli d'altronde!

Arc Oak Enterprise X Freckles Boots

Other horses in lineage:
For stud: CLOSE (I want to show him first)
Restrictions: only quarters, paints and appaloosas
- reserved to blaine-rr
- reserved to ZombieOverLoad
- reserved to ShiningSparkRanch USED
- reserved to TimberlakeLaneEC

Breeding pictures:

Show entries:
Let it slide...
Don't stop the party
We just need to have fun
We need to be faster!

other images
Too much dust!!
Big news!
Old reference

2nd place(and Judge's choice) at Feather Hill's Fun Show 2013

(Other disciplines)
Overall Western Grand Champion at Hickory Ridge Summer Schooling Show

fun show 2nd place by DreamingOfHorses67  Summer Schooling Show - Second Place by crazykate1 Summer Schooling Show - Second Place by crazykate1

Inspired by my real life horse :love:
My boy. by Wakimi
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Show holder: RinaKisaragi

Horse: The Devil Within
Breed: Sibrano
Current Age: 7 years
More art of Devil:…
ID 0002 by Danesippiclose up by Danesippi
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