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"20 years ago, you woke up in a casket stuck at the bottom of a lake. All you can remember is that you're a witch. But now you're stuck, because you've gotta sacrifice our halo-wearing friends everyday or they'll drag your ass back down to hell!"

First and foremost I'm not honestly not satisfied with the result of this cosplay; it needs a lot more work before I can be happy with it, and I'm a little embarrassed to be honest. But nonetheless, I wanted some pictures to show for all of my hardwork on the cosplay thus far. I'll be slowly perfecting the costume overtime and will do a proper shoot of it soon. On that topic, I apologize for the lame background. > A < It was the only fitting area at the convention I wore this costume to. I hope you'll be forgiving of all of my failures. ; v ; So for now, I'll be considering this cosplay more w.i.p.-ish.
so excuse the lame title as well. LOL I'm saving my more creative titles for better photos. ;P

so yea oh boy my Bayonetta cosplay.
Honestly, this fucking thing was a nightmare but I do love cosplaying her. And to my surprise I pull off her character better than I thought I would. O w O
Because normally I'm desu as shit all the time, right? So I was like how in the fuck am I going to pull this off?? ? contouring is my new goddess.

Anyways, thank you for checking out my cosplays, everyone~ :heart: Oh and fyi if you haven't played bayonetta go fucking do it guys. > A < so good.
im so fucking excited for the new game. im already planning out my Bayonetta 2 cosplay. ; v ;

Bayonetta cosplay and accessories by :icontraumacentregrrl:
Photography by my boyfriend. :heart:
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To stay up to date on my costume progress, shenanigans, cons, etc.. check me out on facebook! Cosplay by K'dawn

Help support me by checking out my store! I have hand made accessories and cosplay prints!KCB Cosplay Store

It's finally done ;3;

This costume was a huge success for me. It was an 80-100 hour costume that was all hand made by myself, including all four guns! The suit is made from 3 different spandex vinyls: 4-way shiny black, 4-way black pleather and 2-way gunmetal pleather.
The six moons (four large, two small) were crafted out of foam and painted with acrylics.
I also made each of the charms for the guns out of sculpey clay.
The wig was made with one medium base wig and a craft foam base for the beehive, which was covered in loose hair, ribbon and chain.
I have many more in progress photos on my facebook page but I'm still working on getting finished costume shots!
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omfg im so bad at uploading photos lately. ; A ; i'm so sorry everyone.
but I digress.

This was the version of Chii I cosplayed Saturday of Otaktuhon! :D :heart:
The outfits from the "Your Eyes Only" Artbook, and not from the actual anime. All though I think it's in the manga as a filler page. O 3 O
idk it doesn't even matter I just really like that outfit of hers:…

I'm pretty proud of how this outfit turned out, but there's a lot of things I'd fix about it if I had the time/resources to do so. :/
Maybe my next Chii cosplay I'll finally be 100% happy with. LMFAO

anyways. thanks for looking at my stuff, guys~ :love:

Photography by :iconducesa:
Chii cosplay by :icontraumacentregrrl:
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Character: Bayonetta of "Bayonetta" ps3
Photo by Michael Homunculu
My facebook:…
Please watch my video of my bayonetta Dance…

Bayonetta (ベヨネッタ Beyonetta?) es un videojuego de acción desarrollado por Platinum Games y publicado por Sega para las videoconsolas de sobremesa PlayStation 3 y Xbox 360. Creado por Hideki Kamiya, también autor de Devil May Cry y Okami,3 4 Bayonetta se lanzó en Japón el 29 de octubre de 2009, mientras que las versiones norteamericanas y europeas se lanzaron el 5 y 8 de enero de 2010, respectivamente.5
El juego describe las heroicas aventuras de la bruja Bayonetta, que deberá enfrentarse a una horda de ángeles malvados y resolver los misterios de su pasado.6 7 Bayonetta lleva consigo cuatro pistolas, dos en los brazos y dos en los tacones, así como una amplia variedad de armas secundarias y objetos para luchar contra los enemigos. El título cuenta con cinco niveles de dificultad, sus modos fáciles permiten completar el juego, pulsando un único botón, haciendo posible jugarlo con una sola mano, similar al sistema incorporado en Devil May Cry.8 9 La protagonista puede desatar poderosos ataques mágicos que emana de su cabello y vestimenta. También dispone de otra serie de habilidades, destacando entre ellas la de convertirse en pantera.10
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Why didn't I upload this picture here before? I don't know! (I have so many Bayonetta pics that I don't know which of the are here in my gallery and which aren't). I've seen it now and I thought "let's upload it!". Soo, here you are myself as Bayonetta.

Photo by :iconjosemanchado:

Follow us on Nebulaluben & Erikku-kun facebook page if you want to see our cosplay progress and more!
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bang bang. :heart:
I have NOTHING to say about this picture.
Other than I love it and EleventhPhotograph does amazing work. :heart:
[link] go check him out. Although you guys probably know him already. xD

He even editted the majority of the pic. I touched up a few things but other than that it was all him. :heart:
Oh. One thing. You can't really see the writing on the head of the gun in this picture, because it's out of focus, but it's there. xD
Anywho. I'm going back to bed guys. TTYL. :heart:

Photography by
Seras Victoria cosplay and Harkonenn by :icontraumacentregrrl:
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so im using tv tropes as titles for my pictures now

a+ creativity

I really like this photo Chelsea took for me! ; v ; She's so sweet and does such awesome photography! :love:

Plus, it's a (kind of) body shot of the cosplay so yee.

One thing I have to do is fix up my straps a little before the next con and tease my wig at the top. In photos it seems really flat around the head and I have to fix it up. :C

Meh. Anyways. Thanks for looking everyone! :love:

Photography and Editing by :iconailesnoir:

Mikasa Ackerman cosplay (and a tiny bit of editing) by :icontraumacentregrrl:

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(Alternatively, if you want to show my works on other sites, SHARE my original links with my references). PLEASE, DO NOT CANCEL OR CUT MY SIGNATURE/WATERMARKS ON MY WORKS. Thanks!**********

Sory for the invasive signature, but people are idiots and modify my works.
Another photo test! The guns are in "restoration" process (small details, like the gems). As soon possible I will make a professional photo shoot, follow my facebook fan page for news
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Alessia acting Bayonetta

Charatcter: Bayonetta
VideoGame: Bayonetta

Cosplayer: Alessia :iconalessiaazalina:

Photographer: Michele R. :iconvertigozx:

Event: Lucca Comics and Games 2012

[ENG] find this picture and other pics also in facebook [link]

[ITA] puoi vedere questa e altre foto anche su facebook [link]
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wow whats up mikasa???

I'm so excited to post my first picture of Mikasa Ackerman! :love:
Like everybody else on the internet right now, I love Attack on Titan.
It's a really good series and I would recommend it to anyone!

I can't wait to cosplay Mikasa again! She's ascended into my list of precious babus.  She's so strong and beautiful!! ; A ;

And the next time I wear her I'll be doing an in character SNK panel at Con G with a bunch of people. And my boyfriend's going to be my Jean. >///<

Anyways, I'll quit rambling. Thanks for checking out my cosplays! :love: I hope you all are doing well!

Infinite thank you's to the beautiful Amanda for this shoot! :heart:

Photography and Editing by :iconama-leigh:

Mikasa Ackerman cosplay (and a tiny bit of editing) by :icontraumacentregrrl:

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