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My first visual style in a long time.

Current Version :: 0.0.1

Three font choices :: Tahoma, Candara and Lucida Grande.

There's only light blue for now but more colors are planned once the bugs (if there are any) are worked out. Wallpaper is not included.

This package is in zip format, but if you prefer there is an installer package available at my site in the forums.

Have fun!
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Building some more on my previous Pucko Klassik VS.

Glassic Candy is a Windows Classic + Candido GTK inspired theme.

2 color shcemes are included "Glassic Blue Candy" and "Pucko Chocolate". More color schemes may come later. It's a bit darker than Pucko Klassik, so it should look ok on bright LCD monitors. (on mine it does. It all depends on contrast I guess.) :)

Wallpaper is "Invasion?" that can be found in my gallery:


Update 2:
-Colors on ActiveCaptions and InActiveCaptions fixed in both substyles.

Update 1:
-New substyle, Pucko. (Chocolate looking.) ;) :p
-Many minor fixes.
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Visual Style .e
for a fitting wallpaper look at the previous work in my gallery
hope you enjoy


Dedicated to my good friend ~bl00m


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Plastik for Windows

Finally, after being in pre stages for way too long and being abondoned and rehatched countless times Thresher modivated me to finish it up by fixing some key bugs that almost made me quit working on this theme. With his help i give you Plastik for Windows, an almost perfect port of Plastik for kde including the default color scheme along with 6 other unique ones.

Right now the theme is in release canidate stages and should be completly bug-free. Thresher and i have fixed (mostly Thresher) have fixed all the known bugs since the pre builds.

home page for the theme where you can find latest fixes, changelog, screenshots,etc: Plastik for Windows Homepage
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Version 0.5 here [link]
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Windows Server Centro

Last update on 2007-05-10

Please don't rip my theme
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China Blue for Visual Styles.

thanks IPEIER,guxing and sam08245 to help me complete Visual Styles .

it include:

+Visual Styles

+Y'z Toolbar

enjoy it.

WB theme will come soon.

My Blog: [link]
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Created from real screenshots of Mac OSX Tiger 10.4 only
This msstyle VisualSlyle was developed for Tiger 2.0 Mod Pack from Va-deam’s Lab - web: [link]

Tiger 2.0 Feature Pack: 2.8 MB Further modification of system files. Only for Windows XP RUS.

Tiger Mod Pack 2.0: 36.5 MB Modification of the system filesfor Windows XP

Tiger Stuff Pack 2.0: 31.7 MB Additional covers, poster design, widgets, third-party modification programs, the fonts.

In this release fixed few bugs.

DJ.Hmelnitski,Va-deam and all others from community.
Special thanks to Va-deam’s Lab team for idea and beta testing. [link]

If you want left oriented Taskpane(sidebar), please visit to [link]

© 2006-2008, evgkursai
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this is beta. and there is no shellstyle. i hope you enjoy. if you dont, you should definitely tell me, because i will go out of my way to change the theme just for you.

this theme was an experiment, and was not originally meant to be used by anyone other than myself. It ended up pretty useable so i decided to make it available to you all, but it is still just an experiment.
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I started using "Black Mesa v2", by valkyre [link] , and I really loved it.
I think it's extremely well done, a very beautiful style. :)

Well, I'm also into Aqua styles and colors, so I thought it would be nice if Black Mesa could have some Aqua features. I enjoy Black Mesa's interface very much, so I decided not to modify its structure; I made a few changes only. :)

Now, here is my "Graphite version" for the "Black Mesa v2", which I call "Graphite Mesa 2.0".

Basically, the changes are:

**v2.0 - What once was orange, now is Graphite colored;
**v2.0 - Progress bar and Start button have been modified.
**v2.0 - Windows default logoff and shutdown buttons.
**v2.0 - Fixed greyscale colors in start button win flag.
**v2.0 - +/- Icon in the left pane of Windows Explorer.
**v2.0 - Tahoma 8.
***v2.1 - Progress bar fixed (Graphite color in Normal Mode) download after 31/12/2005.

Credits also go for valkyre, naturally, the original creator. Thanks, buddy! :)

I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

Wallpaper: Titanium Silver Wallpaper Pack by ~JosephYang ([link])

Thanx ALL, best regards! :)

***Sorry guys i forget to put progressbar in graphite color in Normal mode....

***If you download before 31/12/2005 please download again...

***New version is 2.1 and filename are:
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