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My first visual style in a long time.

Current Version :: 0.0.1

Three font choices :: Tahoma, Candara and Lucida Grande.

There's only light blue for now but more colors are planned once the bugs (if there are any) are worked out. Wallpaper is not included.

This package is in zip format, but if you prefer there is an installer package available at my site in the forums.

Have fun!
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okay, here is my first visual-style for you. i always wanted to create one that is completely how i want a style to be, and this is the result... so, if you don't like it - i do (hope this doesn't sound too arrogant ;)). of course i'm open for any bugfixes / suggestions.

i called it "Klarheit", that's german and means clarity / clearance because that's what the style is - i didn't use some effectful gradients or spectacular light-effects, the style should be functional and still cute.
the color-theme in the style is called "ozeanblau" (oceanblue). maybe i'll release "Klarheit" in some other colors soon.

some inspirations came from the great bluecurve-theme and also from the opensource "tango-project" ([link]). i got the start-button, some caption-buttons and the icons in the xp-startmenu from there. that's why i recommend to use the visual-style in combination with the tango-icons (e.g. with "super turbo tango patcher") - looks great.
i put a wallpaper into the archive that fits quite well to "Klarheit" - it's from the human-theme, edited by me.

hope you like the style. please be kind and add this to your :+fav: favourites if you like it.
p.s.: enspia ported this style to windowblinds-xp: [link]

*update 1.01 (2006-08-28):
  • now including shellstyle, compact-/full-startmenu-version and the font used in the style
  • renamed compact-startmenu-version to "ozeancom" and the full version to "ozeanfull"

*update 1.02 (2006-08-29):
  • radiobuttons / checkboxes improved
  • progressbar much improved
  • changed shellstyle again (final version i think)
  • taskbar-buttons are also boxed when unfocused (very light only)
  • taskbar is now a bit thinner
  • updated the screenshot

*update 1.03 (2006-08-30):
  • fixed shellstyle-colors (e.g. in control panel)
  • reduced size of xp-startmenu (removed unneeded space)
  • now three different font-styles: lucida grande (choose font-size "Normal"), tahoma (choose font-size "Large Fonts"), calibri (choose font-size "Extra Large Fonts")
  • after lucida grande was included, now calibri is also in the zip
  • minimal optimizations on the titlebar-gradient
  • visual-style is now 7zip-packed again. you can open it with winrar or 7zip ([link])

*update 1.04 (2006-08-31):
  • changed start-button (+ updated screenshot)
  • made flashing / blinking button more "eye-catching"

*update 1.05 (2006-09-01):
  • shellstyle: text-color in the file-details-box fixed
  • applied shellstyle-colors also to the useraccounts-panel

*update 1.06 (2006-09-03):
  • flashing button is now a darkblue
  • increased font-size of calibri ("Extra Large Fonts") a bit, as calibri is quite small in default mode

*update 1.07 (2006-09-06):
  • fixed a main-problem: java-apps now work correctly when using this style
  • renamed the substyles and fontstyles to be more understandable

*update 1.08 (2006-09-08):
  • added the second color-theme: "ergonomisch" (= "ergonomic"). it has got all the features of the original one (including modified shellstyle and wallpaper), is a bit darker and has less saturation. more coming soon...

*update 1.09 (2006-09-12):
  • text-color of flashing-button is now white
  • compact startmenu now "ultra"-compact
  • small bugfixes in ergonomisch-substyle (some borderline-colors)
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Created from real screenshots of Mac OSX Tiger 10.4 only
This msstyle VisualSlyle was developed for Tiger 2.0 Mod Pack from Va-deam’s Lab - web: [link]

Tiger 2.0 Feature Pack: 2.8 MB Further modification of system files. Only for Windows XP RUS.

Tiger Mod Pack 2.0: 36.5 MB Modification of the system filesfor Windows XP

Tiger Stuff Pack 2.0: 31.7 MB Additional covers, poster design, widgets, third-party modification programs, the fonts.

In this release fixed few bugs.

DJ.Hmelnitski,Va-deam and all others from community.
Special thanks to Va-deam’s Lab team for idea and beta testing. [link]

If you want left oriented Taskpane(sidebar), please visit to [link]

© 2006-2008, evgkursai
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Clearlooks 0.6 Black
Blue Version [link]
Orange Version [link]

Font options: Tahoma, Calibri, SegoeUI

Wallpaper [link]


Last Update: 10.06.2007
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Building some more on my previous Pucko Klassik VS.

Glassic Candy is a Windows Classic + Candido GTK inspired theme.

2 color shcemes are included "Glassic Blue Candy" and "Pucko Chocolate". More color schemes may come later. It's a bit darker than Pucko Klassik, so it should look ok on bright LCD monitors. (on mine it does. It all depends on contrast I guess.) :)

Wallpaper is "Invasion?" that can be found in my gallery:


Update 2:
-Colors on ActiveCaptions and InActiveCaptions fixed in both substyles.

Update 1:
-New substyle, Pucko. (Chocolate looking.) ;) :p
-Many minor fixes.
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A professional theme made for developers and XP users who are at their PC for long periods.

Added a totally new sub-style:

XPMC Induztry.

A dark theme with black widgets, but not too dark. Most dark themes before too much over time; XPMC Induztry has purposely been left with light elements (such as the main window and all 3D area's). A perfect mix!

- Normal and compact versions.
- Matching wallpaper for each.
- Simple and elegant shellstyles.

See the readme for more info.

And more importantly: I hope you enjoy using this theme! :)

(Note: XPMC final will be released within the next month. It will have colour variations of both XPMC and XPMC Industry, along with matching Winamp and Trillian skins).

* I highly recommend using ClearType.
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FlumXP is a theme that I started working on before SlanXP 2.0. And now it's finished. It's not very original, but it should be functional. :)

I've noticed that in some screenshots the captionbuttons (close - min - max) is set to the smallest availble option! The captionbuttons are supposed to look like they do in the preview image. If they don't do that, PLEASE reply with any info on your XP setup. What language you use, what kind of font options you use, which uxtheme patcher you used etc.

Any questions about Visual Styles? See my FAQ first!


FOOBAR config in the new screenshot isn't finished yet.

More substyles (color options) may be added later.

Known issues:
- None at the moment. :)

UPDATE 5: (16/4 - 2007)
- Captionbar height changed to 18. This fixes the "top resize" problem. This also moves the captionbuttons a bit closer.
- Scrollbuttons edge color made a bit darker. (Against the rules. It should have the same color as the 3dshadow, but they can be hard to see if you have an extremely bright monitor.) :p
- LargeFonts setting uses Tahoma 8 as an option. ExtraLargeFont uses Tahoma 10 as an option.
- TaskBand positioning fix.
- Blank shellstyle included.

UPDATE 4: (15/4 - 2007)
- Somehow the msstyle file didn't get updated yesterday. Download the theme again!

UPDATE 3: (14/4 - 2007)
- Message box borders fixed.
- GradientActiveCaption etc changed to blue.
- Font size 2 now uses Tahoma 8 instead of 9.
- Scrollbar changes. Size set to 15 and ThumbGripper image removed.
- Other minor fixes.

UPDATE 2: (13/4 - 2007)
- Group button fixed.
- Scrollshaft made a bit darker.
- Other minor fixes.
- Wallpaper included.

UPDATE: (A fast one ;) )
- Captionbar sysbutton and text fixed.
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This is my new theme, its very clean and smooth :) Other color mods I relase maybe later.

Package includes:

-Visual theme "Clarity" in *.exe (not a virus heh) Theme, shell
-Four wallpaper in very high quality (1280x1024) With logo and without, all in *.bmp's

[UPDATE] 2006.08.13

-Thin taskbar : "ClarityT"
-Glossy effect : "ClarityG"
-Thin taskbar and glossy efect : "ClarityGT"
More font sizes in next update!
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Windows Server Centro

Last update on 2007-05-10

Please don't rip my theme
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Well, here it is, the first final release of SlanXP. It includes 3 color schemes - Dark, Blue and Grey. All of them have 2 font options.

The font and wallpaper on the preview image is included.

Let me know if you find any bugs. (I haven't noticed any so far.)
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