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And lastly for today Sock monkey for the win. I love him.
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Edit2: realised I should've put downloadable back up since its mine now.

Edit: here is her backstory.

Though a princess of the royal apiary, Amanita was a listless sort of changeling noble who wasted no time on pleasantries. She did not care for the pomp of the royal family, nor for the life of a drone; she simply wished to be herself. As the 15th daughter of Carapacia, the queen of older times, she had just as much a duty in finding love for her subjects as her sister Chrysalis.

Acting as her sisters regent, she scoured the land mercilessly for new signs of love, but all in vain. It was not until she realized that external love would not feed her people that she truly became her sisters friend.

:iconherbalentymologist: has given her to me, character, bio, etc. If don't believe me, go ask him yourself. He made it as a gift for me, which was really nice of him!

:heart:Princess Amanita hopes someday that the ponies will accept them for who they are and will keep trying to make peace with them and she hopes that they will forgive Queen Chrysalis for what she did.:heart:


Not mine, credit goes to :iconherbalentymologist:


You have NO IDEA how excited/freaked out I am!!!!!! :iconexciteddummyplz: <----- this but 1000x more!!!!

I won't spoil her backstory, just go to original artist for it at bottom of this description. However, I will say this, :heart: she may look evil but she has a kind heart. :heart:

Looks can be deceiving, however, this time its a good thing. :D

I gave him 39 :points: even though he said he didn't want any, I'm that grateful!!! :icongrin--plz:

This is also my permanent DeviantID and it will always be so! :D

Once again, thank you for this AMAZING Changeling!!! :iconherbalentymologist:
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Added his colors. Shell is under Markings for outline and fill, and his wings are under Highlights and Shading.

Name: Agar

Nickname: n/a
Gender: male
Sex: male
Species: Changeling
Age: 15
Mental Age: mentally 12-14
Age they appear to be: 14-16
Height: 5'4" 
Weight: 108 lbs
Eye color/Description: blue to cyan gradient 
Mane Description: greyish blue ridge
Coat Description: blue tinted dark grey exoskeleton
Markings: hard ridge on back and stomach
Scars: n/a
Body Shape: looks like a normal Changeling, but opts for a more pony like form 

Cutiemark: n/a
Special Talent: n/a, but is good at playing the tuba
Powers: shapeshifting, flight, weak magic, love draining 

Mental state: sound
Any Health Issues: partially deaf in left ear
Level of Intelligence/IQ: 86, low average
Speaks any other languages: n/a
Current Occupation: n/a, steals money to live
Any Previous Occupations: former drone of Chrysalis's hive, left on his own accord
Where do they currently live: wanders around
Have they lived anywhere else: the Hive

Marital Status: single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual panromantic
If Single, would they like to be in a relationship: no
Any Kids: no
If No, would they like to have kids: no               
Any Previous Relationships: no
If so how did they break up: n/a
If they have a Spouse, Describe their relationship with them: n/a
If any Children, Describe the relationship with each child: n/a

Does your character have any Friends: no
If so How many: n/a
DEscribe their relationships with them: n/a
Who is their best friend: n/a
How did they meet: n/a
tell a little more about their relationship: n/a
Do they have a former best friend: n/a
If so, why did they quit being friends: n/a

Does your Character have any secrets: Agar doesn't want anypony to know that he really wants to make friends.
What about any secrets that even they don't know about: n/a
What are they most afraid of: Ponies
What is their greatest achievement: n/a
What are they most proud of: making Fluttershy cry by pretending to be one of her animals and scaring her
What is their most prized possession: his tuba
What is their Motivation for getting through the day: good old fashioned fun
Dominant personality trait: mischievous
Most Likable thing about their personality: funny
Most annoying thing about their personality: mean spirited
What are their most common emotions: content, lazy, nasty, sly, tricky
What is their patience level like: impatient
How do they handle change: fairly well
Any Goals: at heart, he wants to just be accepted and make friends
Any Dreams: make a friend
If they had one wish what would it be: world's biggest stink bomb
How do they feel about themselves: Agar thinks he's the coolest Changeling around but wonders why nopony likes him.
What do they like most about themselves: he's funny, sneaky and very good at adapting
What do they like least about themselves: nopony likes him and he thinks he's kinda ugly
If they could change one thing about themselves what would it be:
Are they in Denial about anything: Agar denies that he's a jerk.

Do they have any distinctive Physical mannerisms: always slinks and sneaks around
Any Verbal tics/distinctive speech patterns: speaks in a slight New York  accent
Any Interests/Hobbies: playing the tuba, pickpocketing
Any Pet Peeves: crybabies
Any strong opinions about anything: Not all Changelings are bad.
Any kind of combat skills: Love draining, shifting, bites
Any Flaws: very mean, insensitive, a bully
What about the one fatal flaw: He's a bully.
Anything they would love to be able to do but can't because they lack the ability: create a magical stink bomb
Creativity or Logic: creativity
Honest or Deceitful: deceitful
Optimistic or Pessimistic: optimistic
Selfish or Generous: selfish
Likes: smelly stuff, scaring ponies, music, pranks, coming up with insults, belly rubs, cupcakes, stealing, looking cool
Dislikes: being hated (even though it's warranted), being all alone, being made fun of himself
Favourite and least favourite:
    Food: triple chocolate cupcakes/carrots
    Drink: strawberry banana smoothie/milk
    Flower: rose/sunflower
    Place: Everfree Forest/Ponyville
    Weather: rainy and cloudy/bright, sunny and hot
    Time of day: late night/midday
    Color: neon green/baby blue
Put down a few quotes from your character:
"Oh, whaddya cryin' about? It's JUST a little prank!"
"I was just tryin' t'have fun...thought ponies liked fun.."
"I'm starvin'..."

B: emii-desu, CobaltTheFox and SelenaEde

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His name is Davi.

© Rebekah Kanold
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The original model of Valier was created using ~generalzoi's Pony Creator, and I more or less ended up REALLY liking the character. So I went ahead and redrew him myself, grinning like an idiot. He's really kind of cute :l I'm probably going to end up drawing him again a LOT.
It's one thing to use these dollmaker/dressup things to make a character, it's quite another when you take the design and redraw it yourself >.>
MLP: FSIM (c) :iconfyre-flye:
Original Pony Creator belongs to :icongeneralzoi:
Valier's design and headshot by me.
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Whiteyes is my new Pony oc! For winter!
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Who is this you might ask? None other than Dark Flash! Why is he a Changeling? I'll tell you! You see, being a member of the Royal Guard, he was deployed to the border of Equestria and the Changeling inhabited Badlands to help keep the land safe from another potential invasion, along with many other Guardponies. But, on one day, a swarm of Changelings assaulted the fort he was stationed at, and he took a nasty hit to his cheek by the horn of a Changeling during a head-to-head clash, which left quite the scar behind. A short while after receiving the injury, he was altered into what you see here, and was taken in by one of the Queens that inhabit the Badlands. Casting his former life aside, seeing no point in returning to a country that loathes his kinds very existence, and beginning anew in the hive of the Queen who gave him a second chance, he discovered that he was somehow granted the attributes of a Royal Changeling during the change, and ascended to the title of Prince! Will he remain a Changeling forever, or will he one day find a way to become a Pegasus once more? Only time will tell!

Seen wearing the armor gifted to him by the Queen that took him in, able to form to fit any pony or Changeling. Other parts, such as chestplate and various other pieces, are not being worn currently!

Leg armor design and picture done by :iconcrpdude:

Flash belongs to me!
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Ridiculously overdue ref is ridiculously overdue. Valier's been one of my main OCs for like, what, three years? Yeah this was a longtime-coming
Bio'd be a little long and convoluted considering Val's story, so if you want all that just visit his askblog Valier Replies, read the sidebar and read it from the beginning.

And yes, I did use one of my self-made animation puppets for this. And yes I am working on -something- animated with Valier and the OC ponies of his followers.
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First of all, sorry for the sloppiness/poor layout. I was putting this all together in a bit of a rush. ^^;

Picture 1: Rough character design of Yuki's parents, Koji and Amaya. Yuki is the oldest of three children -- her little brother, Shouichi, being the middle child, then her unborn brother Kuniaki. Kuniaki is killed with their mother before he is born, strengthening the protective nature Yuki feels toward Shouichi, even though he just wants her to back off and sit quietly as he trains.

Picture 2: Little chibi of Yuki when she is 10 years old -- her hair isn't really that long, I just felt like making it that way when I drew it. xDD -I have a thing for long hair- I'm going to do another chibi of Shouichi like this one and put them together for something. I'll figure it out as I get to it.

Picture 3: A non-fail sketch of Uchiha Madara! :la: -proud- I'm making a fake chapter cover using that pic, inspired by one of Kishi's covers for Sasuke and Itachi (I'll dig it up later and post it here).

Picture 4: Shouichi when he's older -- HE'S SINGLE, LADIESSSSS HINTHINTHINT. lol, jk. -I'll probably scrap this one, I don't really like it.- Shouichi is two years younger than Yuki, so in this pic he's 22 years old. Shouichi is a very headstrong shinobi who knows what he wants to do with his life, but usually goes at his ambitions aggressively. He is very independent and is more for solitude, and only confides in his best friend whoooo I should probably draw soon. He has a big role in the story *he needs a name too, lol*

Picture 5: Hm. Look familiar? A mini-chibi-self-portrait-thing for a journal skin I have yet to use shot by asianpants. I would put more comments on it, but I already did that on the description for the finished pic.

Picture 6: Shouichi and Yuki <333 I have to fix their hair in this one -- I decided to keep Shouichi's hair short and Yuki's long, whiiiich you can see in #7. This is usually how they act towards each other: Shouichi being all "I AM MIGHTIER THAN THOU" and Yuki being all: "ORLY, LOLSTFU." *bickerbicker*

The closest person to Yuki is her little brother, even though the feelings aren't mutual, but she does her best to get herself close to Shouichi.

Picture 7: I think this one is my favourite :la: Yuki, as I've said before, feels very responsible over her little brother, even if they do argue a lot. This is one of the few moments when Shouichi opens himself up to his sister, pretty much saying:

"I know that, as the only born son, dad wants me to be the best shinobi I can be. And I share the same dream -- I want to surpass dad and lead the clan to fame and to prove our worth to the world. I want everyone to know of the Shiramatsu as a proud and strong clan, and I want everyone to respect the symbol that we wear on our arms. That's why I pushed myself -- I detached myself from classmates, focusing solely on training and getting stronger for the clan; working hard at controlling our Kekkei Genkai and specialty Ninjutsu for the clan. But... once I started actually killing people... things changed.

My strong opinions about our clan were reduced to ash. We're savages, slaughtering other clans and families for the sake of our pride, and I hate it. Then I started thinking that I wasn't working so hard for the clan -- I started believing that I was killing people to protect you, mom and Kuniaki. And that worked for a little while, at least. Right now though, I feel that even you aren't worth protecting. It's not like you do anything for the clan anyway, so you might as well be dead to us already.

I guess what I'm saying is that... if you need saving, save yourself. You're not worth the trouble, and will probably be better off dead."

^See why he's single yet? :iconimhappyplz:

ANYWAY, I should be sleeping right now, so I'm going to call it a night. I'll probably edit the descriptions later.


:new: Coloured version of #7 - :new:


Yuki, Shouichi, Koji, Amaya, Kuniaki, Shiramatsu clan (c) :iconshirayuki-no-mai:
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Requested by Kinslayer023
his OC Prince Necromorph younger brother to Queen Chrysalis
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