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Scribblenauts Unmasked Contest

Wed Sep 25, 2013, 12:08 PM

Contest Ends October 2, 2013 at 11:59 PM, Los Angeles, CA, time.

In Scribblenauts Unmasked, Maxwell solves puzzles by summoning anything you can think of using his magic notepad. This time, he has the ability to summon thousands of characters from the DC Comics Universe! Help Maxwell in his mission by creating your own unique Scribblenauts version of any character from the DC Comics Universe, in any environment. Scribblenauts Unmasked features all of your favorite DC Comics characters like Superman, Batman, and the Joker, and all the obscure ones too like Calendar Man, Stephanie Brown, and The Zoo Crew.

Watch the trailer above for inspiration and ideas. It will clue you into the Scribblenauts world.

Create your own Scribblenauts version of your favorite DC Comics character(s) using any drawing tool. You can place your character(s) in any environment.

Enter your unique Scribblenauts character(s) into the contest by using the SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY button below. Remember to put the name of the character(s) in the description for your entry when you submit. Your entry must be a single .JPG or .PNG file and must be approximately 2,000 pixels in width by 550 pixels in height.

Each grand prize winner will receive $1,000 USD and their entry will be featured in a billboard on the deviantART homepage that links directly to the winner's deviantART profile for maximum exposure!


  • Entrant must be at least 13 years old as of September 25, 2013.
  • Entrant may reside anywhere in the world.
  • Entries must be received by 11:59:59PM (PT) on October 2, 2013 and be submitted through the contest gallery on deviantART;
  • Membership to is required to enter the Contest;
  • Membership to is free;
  • Entrant must submit an original rendering of a Scribblenauts version of any character(s) from the DC Comics Universe;
  • The Work may originate in any drawing medium but must be submitted as a single .JPG or .PNG file;
  • Your entry must be approximately 2,000 pixels in width by 550 pixels in height;
  • You may not use any third party stock images for the Work however licensed brushes and textures are acceptable. Do not include the Scribblenauts name in your entry.
  • Other requirements and restrictions apply and please read the Official Rules carefully.

Three grand prize winners will be selected by full-time deviantART Staff on or about October 5, 2013, from all eligible and qualified entries.

Judges will use the following criteria in whatever degree the judges believe appropriate:

  • Adaptation of the DC Character(s) in the style of Scribblenauts
  • Overall Impact of the Work,
  • Originality and Artistic Skill.

The three winners will be announced by appearing one at a time and one per day on October 6, 7 and 8, 2013 in home page billboard takeovers and thereafter in a message center announcement to all entrants.

In Scribblenauts Unmasked, Maxwell solves puzzles by summoning anything you can think of using his magic notepad. Help Maxwell in his mission by creating your own unique Scribblenauts version of any character from the DC Comics Universe, and you could win cash and a feature on deviantART's home page!
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Scribblenauts Unmasked Winners

Thu Oct 10, 2013, 11:52 AM

In the Scribblenauts Unmasked Contest, we challenged you to help Maxwell in his mission by creating your own unique Scribblenauts version of any character from the DC Comics Universe. The winners are in! See whose entries have won cash and were featured on deviantART's home page!
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7 Days Drawing Challenge Feature

Sun Jun 29, 2014, 1:35 PM
The 7 Days Drawing challenge ended last Wednesday and now it's time for features!

Thank you very much everyone who joined the challenge. It's interesting to see how this challenge required mostly creativity and determination rather than just art skill. Congratulations to all of those who managed to finish, I'm very proud to see that many of you did :heart:

Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueAs promised, I chose 7 of my favorite projects and I'll reward them with a free request doodle by me! Here they are (be sure to check out their galleries!!):


Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueI've chosen :iconreenacat: and :iconarbitrary-means: to win the 200 points!
(Thanks again stargirl143 for the points!)

Day 1- Breakfast by ReenaCatDay 2- Nice to meet you by ReenaCatDay 3- Let's be friend by ReenaCatDay 4- Black Cat, Black Robe by ReenaCatDay 5- Peppermint Winter by ReenaCatDay 6- Toadles by ReenaCatDay 7- Don't be Afraid by ReenaCat
I really liked how ReenaCat kept a traditional consistency in her 7 Days Challenge even though the 7 themes are so different from each other. Choosing to use few colors in her palette, she's able to tell different stories with the cutest style I've seen on the challenge. My favorite one is Day 2. It has a children's book feeling and I feel like a whole story may come out of this encounter.

[Day 1] Self Portrait by Arbitrary-Means[Day 2] Ocean by Arbitrary-Means[Day 3] Mythical Creature - Griffin by Arbitrary-Means[Day 4] Gender Swap - Flynn Rider by Arbitrary-Means[Day 5] Hope of Morning by Arbitrary-Means[Day 6] Animate-Inanimate - Ramobile by Arbitrary-Means[Day 7] Humanization - Peacock by Arbitrary-Means
It was a pleasure to see every single submission from Arbitrary-Means. She combines her digital paintings skills with creative concepts. My favorite one and the first painting I saw from her is Day 5 which is inspired by a song called "Hope of Morning". She included the lyrics on her submission which matches outstandingly well with her drawing.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: Hall of Fame

Here are some of the best drawings from those who completed the 7 Days Drawing Challenge. If you completed the 7 days and have not been featured please notify me! Congrats everyone!

Best from Day 1 - Selfie! You have to draw yourself!
#Day 1 - Selfie by ricecuniSelfie by OdetteryDay 1 - Selfie by shaduf<da:thumb id="461798318"/>7 Days Drawing Challenge Day 1: Selfie by manorainfectionDoodle1-Portrait by luigipony7 Days Of Drawing - Day1 Selfie by AlbertRemong365DaysofDoodles Drawing Challenge: Day 1- Selfie by OpalCrazyselfie... how do I even do that? by noruoki#SELFIE by zaENDle7 Days Drawing Challenge - Day 1 by RhapsodyHeart7DDC - Day 1 Self by HinataUzo9

Best from Day 2 
- Draw something related to the ocean
Day 2 Ocean Life by Casting-InkTrio Infernal by WolverineGuardianDay 2 - Imagine Ariel's Home by iichirenDay 2: Ocean by Synoku7 Days Drawing Challenge - Day 2 Ocean Like by Aquashadow12Deep Sea Leviathan by TJCanterburyDay Two - Ocean... by Daidai-MidoriDay 2: Ocean Related by fanastyfinderDay 2  Fishing by Baby-xion7 Days Drawing Challenge: Day 2 - Ocean by Okirokok7 days of doodles: Day two ocean relations by rampantraikouMer by KelcobiFloating. by Punkn137days Challenge -Day2: Ocean- by Azomethin7 Days Drawing Challenge - Day 2 by RhapsodyHeartChallenge day 02 - Ocean by DamaiMikazDay 2 - 7 Day Challenge!!! by xZombieCandyNarshark (7 Days Drawing Challenge- Day 2: Ocean!) by FlowBug1997Related to the Ocean by inkymeow7 Days of Drawing Challenge Day 2 Ocean KINGS by G4B2TER

Best from Day 3 
 - Draw your favorite mythical creature
:7 day challenge: kappa by runeunDay 3- Mythical Creature by MonochromateSiva Days 3 by lyoth7377 Day Challenge - Day 3 (Mythical Creature) by emeraudolupusDay 3 - Mythical creature by 55TigerHow to greet a dragon by Almost-IllegalTree nymph by mutho17 day drawing challenge: day 3 by Beelzemonrocks7 Days Art Challenge: Day 3 by VanessaPortrait7 day drawing challenge- Mystical Creature by ThaMAZ[Day #3] Manticore by CallingToTheNightChimera by Kaess-desuMedusa by MiutariDay 3: You're Not Afraid of Me? by progressinprogress<da:thumb id="462611256"/>Day 3: Phoenix by BurningSpinKilljoyDay 3: Mythical Creatur by Frankychan17 Days Drawing Challenge - Day 3 Mythical Creature by KhatharsisKappa Cutie by KellineForever living in a blaze of fire by TheBlondPugDay 3: Tale Tales/ Favorite Mythical Creature by BronitronasSeven Day Challenge - Day 3 by ChaosNite5[Drawing Challenge: Day 3] Qilin by ShyrietDay #3: Fairy Princess by PureAngelDragon713Tribal Pegasus by Curvy-tribal

Best from Day 4
 - Gender swap a famous character
Day 4 : GenderSwap ( John Snow / Ygritte ) by CoffeeVultureLady Gambit- Day 4 by agentsharde7 Days Challenge Day 4-Genderbend by LegacyhunterKiryuin Satsuki - Genderbend  [4] by TokuBabyDay 4:  Gender Swap by SherrTeelCaptain Jasmine Finch by UmbraCruxL female by stuborn-girlxaoc_7DAYS_no4 by ThePathToParadiseDay 4 : Gender Swap - 7 Days Drawing Challenge by MinaChawnScooby Doo Gender Swap for Day 4 by SwirlyCat147Day 4: Gender Swap by DuskAsheDay 4 - Gender Swap a Famous Character by SalveteImRachel7DC:D4: Genderbend a character: Jon Snow by Aidan-Rosario7Days Challenge 4 by MercuryDeacontinkerbell  boy by XudoghnixMasteyDay 4: Genderbend by LittleCupofCocoaChallenge Day 4 - Lock, Shock, And Barrel by NerdyArtist12Squall Leonhart - Genderbent by imalilmog(1-4) The Girl Who Lived by OneWithTheStars365-DaysOfDoodles Drawing Challenge: Day 4 by kawaiiwolves#4 Hellgirl by honeyOdew

Best from Day - 5 
Pick your favorite song's title. That's the title of your drawing
[Day 5] Hope of Morning by Arbitrary-Means7 Day Drawing - Counting Stars by SakuraCat-Kim7 Days Drawing Challenge- Day 5 by Eternal--ArtIf My Heart Was a House by SwirledheartThe Red Right Hand by UdjatAlHazred7 Days Drawing Challenge!  day 5 by MidnightArtDragon7 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 5 - Song Title by CrackersandCheeseDemons by fullmoon127Here With Me by sock877 Days Drawing Challenge: Day 5- Wild Horses by lightbleueyesDay 5 - The Great Escape by Neirr7 days drawing challenge: Day 5: Song title by dandyintheunderworldIt's Time by UmbraCrux<da:thumb id="463272300"/>My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by boohboohhgirlTheme 5 :: Paradise by Dragonsden46Day 5-'King and Lionheart' by UntamedIdealist7 days challenge #5 by KisaragiMarruGarden Fairy by lukasz-draws7DDC - Day 5 - Supermassive Black Hole by GnAcDay 5: A Prayer For Sanctuary by Forumsdackel#5 - Tidal Wave by natsukani7 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 7 - Who Want to Play by IWillFly7 Days Challenge : Day 5 Favourite song by Fluffymausi-chanDrawing Challenge: Day 5: Roar by Silinare123Sympathy for the Devil by Oldsoul-MiraLightbringer by AkumaInocentepaper boats day 5 drawing challenge! by mermaid554

Best from Day 6 
- Mix inanimate beings with animated ones

Neon Cat by PrincessSakura2587 Days Drawing Challenge - Day 6: Peacock by miki-chaanDay 6-InanimateXAnimal by MangaKidArtDay #6: Grenade Turtle by QazmaxSandshoe Snail by H-SWilliamsThe Lion and some Inanimate things by AlicearisuuUnder city by Vcomics1Sneaky Surprises by Jess2Lucky7 themes challenge: Mix animate with inanimate! by WolfStarmieCandle Butterfly by Anfrari
7 Day Challenge (Day 6): Grandfather Owl by XxNinjaKatxXDay 6 - Eiffel's giraffe by doenisaur7 Days Drawing Challenge #6 by Truc-LescargotDay Six: Of Earth and Stone by seraphicxlunaticHeart_7DAYS_no6 by ThePathToParadiseDAY 6: I'M MELTING! by GENESISKUNday 6 by LantanielDay 6 - Mix ! by YumeihTeapot elephant doodle by SomethingIate7 Days Of Drawing Challenge: Day 6 by AstaraBriarartDay 6: Giraffo-Cello by D0mariDay 6: Mix inanimate beings with animated ones by 98CmDay 6 of 7 by TideOfFireChallenge day 07 - Personification by DamaiMikazVera Verto by salemcattishMix Inanimate Beings With Animated Ones by ArchAngel727 Day Challenge (Day 6: Mixing Objects) by GoodVibesArt<da:thumb id="462995575"/><da:thumb id="462531965"/>

Best from day 7 
 - Draw the humanized form of something
Lady Thunderstorm by evincaDay 7 - Humanized Form by OrliluDay 7: Humanoid Bearded Dragon by FeatherFluxDay 7: Human Version of Something. by xPetiteBrunette7 days challenge - Day 7 by DehYukiThe Kitsune by Matahashi
Day #7: ipod-ipad-iphone by Gin-Zura<da:thumb id="463446118"/>7 days drawing challenge - Time by KokorvesaRegret by Giu20-chan7 Day Challenge, Day 7: Caplet 0.5 by KuroshiroKey7 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 7 - Paper Plane by FloatingPinkElephantTree Person by Naruto179Doodle#7 Gijinka by BirdHime7 Days Drawing Challenge: Day 7 - Personification by Silver-Phoenix167 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 7 - Who Want to Play by IWillFlyChallenge day 07 - Personification by DamaiMikaz7 Days of Doodles: Day 7- Humanize Something by green0eyes

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Over the last few months I have been getting a lot of questions here on DA about what my next project would be and when it might be announced and released. Also, I am thrilled to say, that a lot of you awesome friends and fans have expressed the idea that following Young Justice, you would like to see more DC animation work from me. Well I am happy to reveal that the next project featuring my design work is the recently announced Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, directed by the super talented Jay Oliva, and it will hit the streets on July 30th. I did the designs for this film last spring and summer (after production wrapped on YJ: Invasion) and we just finished post production on the project last month. I gotta say that thanks to all the tremendous talent involved in making this thing, it's looking pretty epic. I personally pushed my style into a slightly more exaggerated look for much of this film and I  hope those of you who dug the look of Young Justice will get a kick out of seeing the style evolve. I can't say much more than that right now, but I will have more stuff to share as we get closer to the release date.

For now here is a Link to the press release...…

and an early peek at some of my designs that have already been posted...
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  • Watching: My work pile up...
  • Playing: The Witcher 2 (again)
  • Eating: Vegetarians
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In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

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Change Log

  • For Journals submitted before 2012, old links to those Journals temporarily stopped working. Fixed by inazar
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  • When on the Manage Friends page, clicking on a custom Friends List would automatically navigate to the Unsorted section instead of that Friends List. Fixed by yumeruby
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Just wanted to UPDATE this journal with another quick clip of some of our interviews from Tuesday night's premiere in NYC. This one was a bit strange because I didn't want to look right in the cell phone camera... it was so close to my face, lol! Enjoy the awkwardness.

YO! I just returned safely from our JL: War Premiere in beautiful and blizzardous NYC, and I just wanted to thank all the fans and comics and animation press that braved the insane weather to come see us! You guys and gals helped make it a really special night for us, and on behalf of the cast and crew I want you to know that it is deeply appreciated. We have another JL War screening coming up NEXT THURSDAY the 30th of January at the Paley center in LA. Not sure if tickets are still being sold, but I do believe it's still possible to get in for the resourceful and dedicated who either love what we do, or can't wait to tell us how much we suck to our faces! 
Here is clip featuring a couple interviews from last night…

ALSO ...the first Son of Batman trailer hit the internet... 
I am personally really proud of this one, I think it is some of our best work yet. 

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August Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 3, 2014, 5:48 AM


In my favourite Showcase

Dear :iconthefavouriteshowcase: - members!

This is my official July-Feature :D

Digital various Fanart

Ellie - The last of us by GinebraCamelot
Demon of Justice by AndyTkach Mr Ripley by Calaymo
Black Swan by DiegoBernardo
Thorin Oakenshield - Painting by DennyKotian Please Say Hello To Me by Sheridan-J
His name is Link by pauliki

The Idea of this feature

As you all know, we are a group with the main aim to give as many artists as possible the exposure they deserve!
So play a game with me (some of you might already know my game :) ) :
Bullet; Purple Pick at least three works of the feautred works that you really like. Try to pick works you don't know already :)
Bullet; Purple Give a comment to let the artist know you liked the work.
:bulletpurple: Fav it :)
:bulletpurple: Check the artists gallery and maybe you fav and comment on another picture as well :)

:squee: If everybody does it, and maybe picks more than three, the chances are high, that everyone gets an extra gallery-check of another deviant :D :squee:

Digital Disney Fanart

Elsa the Snow Queen by typeATS
Esperanza's Mom by LunaRossa23 Derek and Odette by Zinnabar
The wings of Maleficent by GinebraCamelot
Alice :NOT Complete: by Maggy-P Tshirt art 2 by GrandMaster-J5

What's hot in TheFavouriteShowcase

August's theme is open and it is *Travels* :D (Big Grin) - I am looking forward to see all your great travel-related works!!


Enchanted Forest by MirellaSantana
Tears In Heaven by kuschelirmel Stepmother by mashamaklaut
Soulis: It's a Little Cooler After the Rain by soulis0

Rebirth on fire by ElenaDudina Lirazel by kimsol
Music of spheres by Helga-Hertz
Purple Rose by RankaStevic Dawn of Victory by AlexandraVBach
The RoseFairy by MoonZaphire Red Flower by anais-anais61

Suggestions of other awesome groups


Digital Other Categories

Beautiful Nightmare. by Zaellrin Realm of the Sun by allison731
Coffee by smault23 Momo - Walking the Dog by wangqrFirst impressions by PharaohDjoserCaldyra Skyworm by Jovilicioso <da:thumb id="456257249"/>
TS3-Red Floral Tiles by allison731

Awesome contests you could take part in

Kindness Quilt Contest - you create a Kindness Quilt and hand it in - wonderful prices - definitely worth showing your gratitude to another deviant :)
Furrytales Comic, Story, Art and Literature Contest - you choose what you would like to do :) Prices are incredible :D
A Candle in the Darkness - Visual or Literature Contest about how you dealt with hard situations in life :D
Feature Contest - Choose a provided journal skin, make an appealing feature, and you might win :D

Traditional Children

Baby ballpen drawing by 22Zitty22
Portrait of happiness by UtiliaMignano Pencil portrait of Avery by LateStarter63
Captivated by aurelia-acc
Ballet Lesson by shelleysupernova My Little Girl by joniwagnerart
Little one by Ladowska
Girl07 by ekota21 Quench by markstewart
Stars and butterflies by dloraas
Wide Eyed by Paul-Shanghai The Innocence of Youth by AmyCornelson
Cute trouble by XRlS

If you consider donating

To support the group as such and help us running monthly themes with :points: - prices, we would appreciate every donation here:
:iconthefavouritecontests::iconthefavouritecontest2: (click the stamp!).

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All donations go to people with wishes and you have 100% security to make somebody very happy with your donation :)

If you want to support myself, feel free to donate on the donation widget on my profile-page:
Currently I am saving for a special sort of giveaway

Digital varied Portraits

Her Majesty by Inna-Vjuzhanina Mother of Dragons: Daenerys Targaryen by xsierramichelle
Red as the sadness in her eyes by naeloj
Wild Dark Faeries by Coliandre
Maddie Ziegler (Sia - Chandelier) by AyyaSap
Babydoll (portrait training) by AyyaSap Red and Green by trixxx
spring by DanielaUhlig

I hope all of you enjoyed the feature and you got some extra page-views :)
All the best,

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Introducing depthRADIUS

Tue Feb 25, 2014, 11:01 PM

About depthRADIUS

Foreword by techgnotic

depthRADIUS is named after the deviantART community that it reflects and represents.

This on-line journal explores the depths of the arts world from fine art to the most eminently accessible community arts projects. depthRADIUS endeavors to connect artists and art enthusiasts with other artists and arts-related individuals from all levels of the arts community, from its most successful stars and innovators to beginners just learning their crafts. The “radius” of this journalistic conversation will extend in its boundaries into arts advocacy, education and appreciation.

“We are all listening to each other.”

depthRADIUS is named after the deviantART community that it reflects and represents. This on-line journal explores the depths of the arts world from fine art to the most eminently accessible community arts projects. depthRADIUSendeavors to connect artists and art enthusiasts with other artists and arts-related individuals from all levels of the arts community, from its most successful stars and innovators to beginners just learning their crafts. The “radius” of this journalistic conversation will extend in its boundaries into arts advocacy, education and appreciation.
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Commission - CLOSE !!!!!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 28, 2013, 8:10 AM

Soul Of Card by Daikazoku63Don't look back , I'll be okay - IB Fanart by Daikazoku63Ibuki Suika Fanart :D by Daikazoku63it's totally not a bad day, Because I had meet you by Daikazoku63Patchouli Fanart by Daikazoku63Grim Reaper by Daikazoku63

I'll close paypal commission for a few days

I will draw:

Anime Manga , style

Chibi style

I will not draw:

Yaoi , Hentai , Guro


Payment method: Paypal

My Paypal :




Chibi Fullbody , half body , head shot : 5$/character ( +2$ for every additional character ) (+3$ for background)


Head shot : 8$/character (+6$ for every additional character)(+3$ for  background)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa by Daikazoku631 2 by Daikazoku63


Half body : 12$/character (+10$ for every additional character) (+5$ or 10$ for detail background)

Soul Of Card by Daikazoku63I still find you No matter how many times by Daikazoku63


Full body : 20$/character (+10$ for every additional character) (+5$ or10$ for detail background)

Grim Reaper by Daikazoku63Ibuki Suika Fanart :D by Daikazoku63Patchouli Fanart by Daikazoku63


Rough sketch and line art:

Chibi Fullbody , half body , head shot : 3$/character ( +1$ for every additional character )


Head shot : 5$/character ( +3$ for every additional character )

( I haven't any example yet )


Haft Body:  7$/character (+4$ for every additional character)

1 by Daikazoku63


Full body:  10$/character (+6$ for every additional character)

Sketch by Daikazoku63


My paypal:


Please contact me through DA or Email to order:

 Gmail :

Skype : daikazoku63

In email contents,please  tell me your character's information, such as hair, eyes, pose, etc.



If you order rough sketch, I will send you the drawing  and then you  send the money.

If you order coloring, I will show you the sketch, if you are satisfied with it, just send me the money, after receiving money, I will send the finished one to you.

The files I send you is .Jpg file with 200dpi.

(◔ ◡ ◔) 


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Nom Nom #56 Prawns

Tue Sep 24, 2013, 12:08 PM

Headed created by TouchedD

Hands up if you like prawns??!!!! Definitely not I, not since my Mother once told me they hung around the sewers in the sea anyway. :D But prawns are popular globally, almost - and here are some great examples of how you can get very creative with the little poo dwelling crustaceans...
Will you ever eat them again? :B

Imouto no Gohan by sake-bento
My Linguine Recipe 02 by schwarzkopf007
prawn dumplings by jeffzz111
Drunken prawns by patchow
Stir Fry Chicken Noodle Bento by hayleywarner

Tom Yum Soup with Shrimp by perfectSky

Day 114 - April 24th, 2011 by AeroStrike

Prawn noodles by patchow

Wanton Mee by otaru23

prawn fritters.. by jeffzz111

Tek Tek Noodle by GregoriusSuhartoyo

Peach Pepper Prawn Packages by chiziwhiteafrican

prawn tempura.. by jeffzz111

Prawns by j4xxDESIGNS

Tortiglioni, Mascarpone, Prawns, Rocket by Shocktherapist

prawns. by paradoxphotography

Thai selection by PaSt1978
Strawberries | Cinnamon | Chicken | Apples | Chocolate | Brussel Sprouts | Cocktails | Ice Cream | Spaghetti | Raspberries | Pineapple | Bread | Rice | Blueberries | Cupcakes | Tea | Cherries | Toast | Cheesecake | Soup | Apple Pie | Casserole | Halloween | Sausage | Pie | Macaroons | Sushi | Christmas | Peppers | Chinese Food | Eggs | Ham | Garlic | Tomatoe | Cookies | Lollies | Drink | Grapes | Cross Sections | BBQ | Cereal | Lychee | Pizza | Coconut | Sweets | Lemon | Nutella | Peas | Sandwiches | Smoothies | Croissants | Marzipan. | CAEK

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