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Cosplay Friday: The Powerpuff Girls

Fri Apr 17, 2015, 12:09 PM
Img-00 by techgnotic

What Are Little Whoopass Girls Made Of?

It was back in the early 90’s while attending California Institute of the Arts that creator Craig McCracken (CMcC) first dreamed up three crime fighting female superheroes for his student short film. The super powered girls Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were the result of Professor Utonium’s experimental attempt to create the perfect little girls using "sugar, spice, and everything nice", but a can of “Whoopass” accidentally made it’s way into the mixture and the Whoopass Girls were born. Armed with super strength, speed, flight, and a few more tricks the girls used their powers to fight crime and save the world all before bedtime.

Once Cartoon Network picked up the show they decided to change the name to something more appropriate for younger audience and replaced “whoopass’ with “powerpuff’. Here’s the short film that started it all.

The Artistic Lifestyle Of Townsville

Dripping pop art and pop culture, the animation style used in The Powerpuff Girls is highly stylized and shows influences from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s art scene. The minimalistic look of the show is reminiscent of British artist David Hockney’s work conveying “1950s futuristic pizazz” according to movie critic Bob Longino. Longion went on to add that The Powerpuff Girls was "one of the few American creations that is both gleeful pop culture and exquisite high art." The character of Ms. Keane, the girls kindergarten teacher, is named after American artist Margaret Keane whose artwork features children with unusually large eyes. Her art inspired the drawing style of many of the characters in The Powerpuff Girls including the girls themselves.

The retro era influences don’t stop at the artwork — the opening credits pay homage to the 1960’s live-action Batman series animated intro which pans across a handful of Gotham villains and shows Batman and Robin giving them a one-two punch. The storyline in one episode is loosely based on the Beatles career with the majority of the dialogue being taken from their song lyrics and some of the villains appearing in roles that were a nod to the band members. The characters’ dialogue in many episodes references classic rock and pop songs from those earlier eras, there’s even references to Star Wars in a few episodes.

Is It The End For The Powerpuff Girls?

The Powerpuff Girls ran for 78 episodes ending in 2005 and featured the voice talent of Tara Strong, Elizabeth Daily, and Cathy Cavadini in the sweet superhero roles. Its popularity generated an anime version Powerpuff Girls Z which debuted in Japan in 2005 and ran for 52 episodes until 2007. So is that it? Are we never to see the girls battling against the crossdressing devil HIM or setting people like misguided feminist Femme Fatale right? Fear not! Cartoon Network is rebooting The Powerpuff Girls who are making their return to the small screen in 2016 on its 18th anniversary of the show’s debut.

For now you can enjoy this sugar-coated cosplay collection full of girl powered whoopass as deviants bust out their best Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup creations. This is a Powerpuff Girls collection even HIM would approve of.

Sugar, Spice, and everything nice. These are the ingredients to make the perfect little girls.”

— Narrator

And, like Ben Franklin always said … Early to bed, early to wake, makes a lady smart, pretty, and great.”

— Blossom

Yeah. Mojo did a very silly thing, he did, blowing a hole in his house. Boy, was he mad. There was steam coming out of his ears, but I knew that deep down inside he was a sad, poor, little monkey.”

— Bubbles

We’re not keeping that stinky fleabag. Because I’m gonna end up feeding it, and cleaning it, and loving it.”

— Buttercup

No! Not my priceless, very rare, one-of-a-kind porcelain poodle! Anything! Anything but my priceless, very rare, one-of-a-kind porcelain poodle!”

— Mayor

Hey you kids, get out of my moat, it was not meant to be played in. I must remember to destroy those kids after my breakfast has been eaten.”

— Mojo Jojo

Your Thoughts

  1. Who is you favorite Powerpuff Girls character and why?
  2. What would you like to see in future editions of Cosplay Friday?

What are little whoopass girls made of? It was back in the early 90’s while attending California Institute of the Arts that creator Craig McCracken (CMcC) first dreamed up three crime fighting female superheroes for his student short film. The super powered girls Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were the result of Professor Utonium’s experimental attempt to create the perfect little girls using "sugar, spice, and everything nice", but a can of “Whoopass” accidentally made it’s way into the mixture and the Whoopass Girls were born.

Author/Curator: spotted
Designer: seoul-child

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:bulletorange:Spookemon Week!:bulletorange:

Seven boxes, seven days.
Right, so what's all this about? C: Well, this is what I'm calling Spookemon Week, and it's basically like an advent calendar type thing until Halloween. Starting on the 24th I open one of these badly animated beautiful boxes every day until Halloween and reveal the spooky icon inside. :D
There's also a giant box for Halloween itself, too big to even displayed in this here journal! Or maybe I'm too busy working on the icons inside the boxes to make a giant box icon.

So, I'm hoping you're already excited. But there's more.
I want to see all of you guys' Pokemon related Halloween artwork! C: It doesn't matter if you made it three years ago or three days ago - link me to it in the comments section below and I will feature it in both this journal and on my front page until November 1st. And I might sprinkle some points over my favourites if you're lucky enough. >w< Obviously, the sooner you submit, the longer you will be featured for, so send me some artwork right now! ;D

:bulletorange:Fabulous Features!:bulletorange:

request- deidaralsittlegirl - Despair by Zen-VioletboneKawaii Poke-Halloween! by Kitty-VampAGHA: Yoko's Fabulous Halloween 1.0 by NoaQep:thumb408682773:Spectereon .:4th fakeon:. by Bluesky-of-FirePokemon: Halloween Charmander with Pikachu Pumpkin by sugarstitchPumpkaboo with Candy Corn by HIDDENloid-EXEHalloween Contest Entry for morbidgirl98's contest by pokemonlpsfanHalloween Teaser by MyEternalNightHalloween Vaporeon by pineapplepippy:thumb409129672:Eevee Halloween by PandonicHappy Halloween! by Luvbug---tan= Trick or Treat, Togeboo! by TheBlackKalicoiz i scary? by puppychow360Gone Batty by embercoralPatchwork by Galeking2spooky4me by SovietRobotHappy (early) Halloween~ by Faileh[P] 011, 012, 013: ''Resident Weedle'' by TiiriaVoodoo doll by RiRiSqueak

Let's make this Halloween a blast. :D
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Quantum: Origins Art Contest

Thu May 2, 2013, 3:42 AM by UJz:iconujz:

 photo QuantumOriginsContestBannerResized2_zps9db9d0c9.jpg


1st Place:

Two Year Premium Membership on DA, Journal Feature, Feature on
my Facebook Page… and llama badge.

2nd Place:

One Year Premium Membership on DA, Journal Feature,
Feature on my Facebook Page… and llama badge.

3rd Place:

3 Month Premium Membership on DA, Journal Feature,
Feature on my Facebook Page… and llama badge.

10 Runner Ups:

100 :points:, Journal Feature, and llama badge.

All contestants:

llama badge & featured forever in the collection of
contest entries. Many honorable mentions may also be featured in journals.


All participants MUST add R1VENkassle (Quantum: Origins Creator) to
your :+devwatch: (deviantwatch)

Contest Guidelines

This contest involves creating artwork of one or more of the Quantum: Origins
characters shown here. Every deviation counts as an entry into the contest and will
increase your chances of winning as well as the exposure you receive from features.
All prizes are awarded "one per deviant" (EX:You may not win 1st and 2nd place).
Any artistic medium is accepted. In order to submit your work to the contest, place
the Quantum: Origins thumb below in your deviation description and note
R1VENkassle a link to your deviation. I also encourage you to share links to
your work in the comments of the journal where you find this post.
Quantum - Origins LOGO by R1VENkassle
All entries will be added to a collection… and will be judged by
R1VENkassle's watchers at the end of the contest via a poll.

Contest Deadline 31 May 2013 (Midnight PST)

Deadline subject to change
if extensions are needed for participation levels

Here are the contest subjects: Alternatively, you can visit a collection here of all
Quantum: Origins characters/properties…
Lelu the Starship Mechanic by R1VENkassleDarian Phelios - Starsword by R1VENkassleNahlia by R1VENkassleSentinel of The Watch by R1VENkassleCara Briarstone - Rainstorm by R1VENkassleSGT Simone Steel - Quantum-Origins by R1VENkassleLillian "Lilly" PC-8302 by R1VENkassleCaptain Katyah Carter - Quantum-Origins by R1VENkassleLt Cara Briarstone - Quantum Origins by R1VENkassleSergent Veronika Winters by R1VENkassleCorporal Charlie Fresno - Quantum-Origins by R1VENkassleSpecialist Garret Gunner by R1VENkassleEmpire Adrift - Panel 1 by R1VENkassleStar Ship - Forward Fleet NE Empire by R1VENkassleLt. Cara Briarstone by WreckluseExpress comm #24: Lt Briarstone by SicilianValkyrieExpress comm #23: Lelu by SicilianValkyrieCharacter Commission by timmi-o-toolVeronika Winters by sbalac

Happy Creating!

Statements from R1VENkassle
I reserve the right to extend the contest deadline due to participation level.
I reserve the right to add more sources of judges to the contest. All judges
however, will vote through the same poll.
I reserve the right to expand upon the contest prizes if necessary or if
participation levels exceed expectations.
I reserve the right to use contest entries in Quantum: Origins media for both
digital and print publications. All entries are subject to possible exposure in
future Quantum: Origins projects. I also reserve the right to share and otherwise
post any works of art deriving from the Quantum: Origins universe on any other web
domain as I see fit. All works will be credited to the artist regardless of where
the art is published and will serve to further your publicity.

This Contest is being supported by the following groups and may provide
features to contest winners
:iconeliteartists: :icondigitallycreated: :iconartisans-guild: :iconfantasyg1rls:
:iconspace-girls: :iconanothercontestgroup: :iconcontest-office:
(If you would like to feature this contest in your group, please send a note to
R1VENkassle or leave a comment in this journal)

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Happy 14th birthday dA!

Here are my top 5 favorite deviations of mine!

"Goku vs. Superman Commission" (2011)
Goku vs. Superman Commission by phil-cho
I'm personally not a fan of my favorite characters trying to kill each other, but this is certainly a cool image. When working on it, I felt there was something more going on with the idea of Goku fighting Superman than just insane fan art. It's two ultimate good guys of the East and West, and they're fighting each other. It's no longer good vs. evil - this is just utter chaos and destruction; yet people still want this to happen haha. The comments section is crazy - people are defending their favorite heroes as if they were religious beliefs. It really goes to show how much power these characters have over people. This also happens to be the piece Sean Schemmel stumbled upon, and decided to commission me to create illustrations for him! (4th image below) So awesome.

"Bat Family Reboot" (2011)
Bat Family Reboot by phil-cho
Gotta love the Bat-fam! I have a lot of these in my gallery, and I do them because I love these characters, but also as a way to measure how much I've grown as an artist. Comparing this to my very first Bat-family picture is pretty awesome - you really get to see my growth. I'm still borrowing a lot from my favorite artists in terms of how I draw, but I think this was the point in which I began to find my own voice (even if it is fan art). Before then, I'd literally copy or trace things (hey, Neal Adams says it's okay :D).

"Batman of the Ages" (2012)

Batman of the Ages by phil-cho
This piece is a celebration of Batman. I was 2 years too early for Batman's 75th anniversary, but it was something I just had to do. Being a Batman fan means you had to go back all the way to 1939 to learn how the character evolved. Learning about that history is just so cool and inspiring, and I wanted to share it with the world. I even got props form Animator/Director James Tucker. How cool is that??

"Goku commissioned by Sean Schemmel" (2014)
Goku commissioned by Sean Schemmel by phil-cho
Now this is something I'll always prize. Like I mentioned on the Goku vs. Superman blurb, Sean had stumbled upon that image, and decided to commission me to draw this, and another piece. Perhaps more in the future as well? Who knows? All I know is, it's a childhood dream come true, and my presence on dA definitely helped make this happen. I consider this a milestone in my art career; and right now, there's a print signed by Sean Schemmel himself, framed and hanging in my room for inspiration!

"Deorum: Android Judges" (2014)
Deorum: Android Judges by phil-cho
Finally something that isn't fan art!! I recently stepped outside of my comfortable space of fan art, and created my own concept series called "Deorum" in which I'm currently working on a comic book for. It's interesting because when you make fan art, it gets way more attention than original work - same thing that musicians go through with covering popular songs I'm sure... but in order for me to develop and grow as an artist, I've decided to let go of fan art for a while, and really pursue my own ideas and creations.

It's been a fun and exciting ride being a part of this community! Being able to share my love for characters like Batman, Goku, and Superman, and being commissioned by people with cool character ideas is always awesome. Here's to more years of artistic growth! Thanks to everyone who has supported my artistic endeavors :D - Special thanks to all who have commissioned me; you guys are awesome!

-Phil Cho
  • Mood: Joy
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Cosplay Friday: The Justice League

Fri Mar 27, 2015, 10:48 AM
Img-og by techgnotic

The next couple of years promises to be full of comic book superheroes no matter where your allegiance falls in the DC/Marvel divide.

Following in The Avengers’ big screen footsteps, the Justice League of America (JLA) is finally getting its own live-action movie, even though the Justice League came along way before The Avengers were even born. A quick stroll down comic book lane reveals how the JLA got its start and unintentionally lead to some of Marvel’s most successful superhero teams.

The first team of superheroes in the history of comics was the Justice Society of America (JSA) who appeared in DC Comics All Star Comics #3 in 1940.

The original team included Doctor Fate, Hour-Man, the Spectre, the Sandman, the Atom, the Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkman. DC Comics had a rule that whenever a JSA member received his own comic book title the character would leave All Star Comics and would become an “honorary member” of the JSA. This is why already independent Batman and Superman didn’t appear in the series, being automatic honorary members even though they weren’t present for the founding of the JSA. The comic had a good run, but after WWII there was a decline in the popularity of superheroes. It seems the golden age of the superhero ended when DC opted to stop publishing more JSA adventures and rebranded the title All-Star Westerns (which didn't include a single superhero).

It wasn’t until 1979 that any explanation for the team’s disappearance after the early 1950s was provided when it was revealed in The Defeat of the Justice Society! (Adventure Comics #466) that the JSA chose to disband and retire rather than present themselves unmasked in front of the Joint Un-American Activities Committee as demanded.

The death of the JSA lead to the birth of the Justice League of America (JLA) when in the late 1950s DC Comics’ editor Julius Schwartz asked writer Gardner Fox to reinvent the JSA. Schwartz, due to the popularity of Major League Baseball’s National and American Leagues, asked Fox to change the team’s name to the Justice “League.” The JLA made its debut with a whole new team in March 1960 in The Brave and the Bold #28 and quickly gained popularity, leading to their own series which became one of DC Comics’ best-selling titles.

During a round of golf, DC publisher Jack Liebowitz bragged to Marvel owner Martin Goodman about how well the new Justice League series was selling which prompted Goodman, knowing himself how popular the JLA was becoming, to ask his editor Stan Lee to create a superhero team for Marvel. The result was the Fantastic Four. The next Marvel team to follow prompted by the Justice League’s success was The Avengers. You can thank DC comics for spawning the dawn of the superhero team — but, ironically, in Marvel Comics!

Casting rumors continue to swirl as Warner Brother’s The Justice League movie moves closer and closer to production, but no need to wait until the movie’s release in 2017 to see your fave Justice Leaguers in the flesh. Thanks to these DeviantArt superheroes you can see the full league in all their live-action glory. These cosplayers join their collective superpowers to bring you a superheroic extravaganza!

The real test of honor isn’t how you die, it’s how you live.”

— Superman

In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night, No Evil shall escape My Sight. Let those who worship Evil’s Might, beware my power, Green Lantern’s Light!”

— Green Lantern

[Hovering above the ground by spinning his arms] Hey ladies, check me out! I’m just like a helicopter! [Loses balance and crashes to the ground] I’m sorta like a helicopter…”

— Flash

Next time I let Superman take charge, just hit me. Real hard.”

— Batman

It’s faith, Hawkgirl. You’re not supposed to understand it. You just have it.”

— Aquaman

I’m used to being thanked when I save someone.”

— Hawkgirl

I am Diana, Princess of the Amazons! I won’t be denied!”

— Wonder Woman

Your Thoughts

  1. Who is you favorite The Justice League character and why?
  2. What would you like to see in future editions of Cosplay Friday?

The next couple of years promises to be full of comic book superheros no matter where your allegiance falls in the DC/Marvel divide. Following in The Avengers’ big screen footsteps, the Justice League of America (JLA) is finally getting its own live-action movie, even though the Justice League came along way before The Avengers were even born. A quick stroll down comic book lane reveals how the JLA got its start and unintentionally lead to some of Marvel’s most successful superhero teams.

Author/Curator: spotted
Designer: seoul-child

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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 27, 2013, 10:57 AM
Sandwich by digitalminds Let's make some cookies by kupenska Sweets For My Sweet by BarryGreenland 63 Croquant Aux Fruits by RoselineLphoto Lemonade by LilyBrilliant Cranberry Muffins by peachjuice :: green cupcake by moiraprojectRainbow Pasta by theresahelmer macarons by ZaLita Fresh salad by CyberVelvet Strawberry Cake with Rose 1 by bittykate Fruit Tart by Studioxil The Hawaiian Sink by courey T h e . C u p c a k e by artiki Apple Cinnamon Muffin I by Lily-of-the-Vallley my first breakfast snapshot by Finvara Strawberry and Nutella Mini-Calzones by cakecrumbs Vegetable Quiche - II by Julyendiary Banana Bread by chompsoflife 7.4 by absentiae Colors of all kind by shatinn Cutlets by saadany Waffle-Cake by pixelphreek Muffins by wihad Cream Filled Chocolate Cupcake by sasQuat-ch Ice cream with cherries by LilyBrilliant Lovely and Gorgeous by EnchantedCupcake BIRTHDAY Chocolate Chip Cookie by ya7obeelk Bite by arhcamt We're smarties by joesie Rainbow Cake - Real by ClefairyKid :thumb342970887: salade by Hazartstudiophoto Clementine Biscotti with Pomegranate Syrup by acquiredlife beans burger on multigrain bun by aperture24 Ice-Cream by ex-arte Chocolate-Mint-Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting by dabbisch S M I L E by fotoki cookies by VanillaC Hot chocolate by drinkpoison Tiramisu - Day 24 of 365 by escaped-emotions 092 by gi-tepes vanilla dessert by KowalskiEmil Candy flowers II by RomanaJur

Cupcakes by ibanitz
Pretzels by lidaC

I HEART Nutella ... by aoao2 salatka z makaronem w ksztalcie ryzu by KowalskiEmil cupcake experiment I by tabagista Cookies by Qvkata 321 - Apple pie. by bymee strawberry lemonade cupcakes by cmykchicago Apple Pie by AEisnor New Zealand Natural ice-cream by DesiGnerMR Apple Pie by Timosaby Chocolate chip cookies by Mariyon nyam nyam nyam 11 by amirphotography Muffin by DarkPati

Chocolate cake with pomegranate by slyadnev
Kisses by TaliNatPhotography
Hot Chocolate Time by Miss-Mahawe

:thumb200462344: Tea time by kim-e-sens Little rabbit, Joojie lunch box by loveewa

Sneaky Cookies by claremanson Valentine by Dipliner hot cocoa with baileys by Pokakulka Muffins by vanilla-tapes Tiramisu - Valentine's Day by p0piete Summerberry-Tiramisu by Z740 green + red + white = yummy by StopScreamGraphy Muffins by FeelinThis tomato party by little-billie Cherry Boy by naked-in-the-rain sweet rainy day by illusionality 19. oreo cookies by chpsauce :thumb134098293: Breakfast by dizzi-bizzi Summer Cupcake by PurpleMagazine :thumb154514386: sweet life by Orwald coffee and chocolate by MorkOrk cake with fruits by Pokakulka :thumb107276402: i love pizza by estellamestella Enjoy your PASTA . . . by herzyhananditya Seven Sins by laura242

coconut and almond bread by pitrih
Double Cherry Walnut Brownie by courey Rainbow cake by kupenska

Pancake by FrauDoku Chocolate   Macaron by akemiM Rainbow Cake Slice by claremanson Cookieception by EliseEnchanted Ice cream by gold-girl776 chicken soup by amirphotography chocolate bread by Kellerfee Bloody Red Temptation by IHaveSeenTheRain MandMz 2 by Fatima-AlKuwari H O T   C H O C O L A T by xILOONA Caught Me by WishmasterAlchemist Cookies by PurpleMagazine Chocolate doughnuts by patchow summer pie by nebovoblakax cupcakes by starsandpolkadots coconut muffins by KowalskiEmil Fairy Bread by VintageWarmth Sweet potato frittata 1 by patchow Sweets For You by karwahe Happy Valentine's Day by ieatSTARS Caught In A Cookie Jar by KiwiGall Fairy Bread by Nano5022 Muffins by sisqo4u Yum by onixa Heart by Blo0wm0on Sandwich with bacon and poached egg by LilyBrilliant chocolate cake by tracylopez chocolate almond Muffins by Disneys-Buffy Fraise by mister-kovacs :thumb257859532: Colorful . ... by light-from-Emirates Chocolate Crazy by peachjuice Chocolate Wedding Cake by otaru23 Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffin 02 by PoodleSchmoodle Chocolate makes me happy by pencarn07 S m a r t i e s by Somebody--else rurki 2 by KowalskiEmil Lovely Breakfast by Lethiel Cool Mint Oreo Cheesecake (+recipe) by claremanson FRESH Temptation by SEREN-D-IPITY wanna share with me by MixedMilkChOcOlate Black and Blue by laurenjacob Dig In by starlightspell Bitter by macaron9 Chocolate Covered Strawberries by caitelle food by FiorOf Soft Box - Strawberry Flavored Ice Cream by VintageWarmth Tomato Trio by noregretting91 Danbo's in Sweet Heaven by Lady-Tori Cupcake pops by kupenska Banana Waffles with Caramel by chompsoflife Cranberry Ice Cream 4 by laurenjacob Strawberry Shortcake by KirstieeRae Brownies Noix de Pecan by ClaraLG :thumb362036278: Summer Jam by stephfowler Suesse Architektur by JustHoldMe :thumb348076498: Veggie on Toast by VintageWarmth

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The Donut Story by ossesinare Cupcakes! by kishsaayx This just makes me happy by gold-girl776 D o n u t s by Sha59-Ananii H O T C H O C O L A T by xILOONA Sweet 3 by gold-girl776 Chocolate Fudge Brownies by Thrakki Cupcakes by hellokitty1996 :thumb3396471

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If you don't read Injutice comics yet, you must do it right now!

Episode 1 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 1 by MadefireStudios Episode 2 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 2 by MadefireStudios
Episode 3 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 3 by MadefireStudios Episode 4 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 4 by MadefireStudios
Episode 5 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 5 by MadefireStudios Episode 6 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 6 by MadefireStudios
Episode 7 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 7 by MadefireStudios Episode 8 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 8 by MadefireStudios
Episode 9 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 9 by MadefireStudios Episode 10 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 10 by MadefireStudios
Episode 11 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 11 by MadefireStudios Episode 12 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 12 by MadefireStudios
Episode 13 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 13 by MadefireStudios Episode 14 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 14 by MadefireStudios
Episode 15 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 15 by MadefireStudios Episode 16 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 16 by MadefireStudios
Episode 17 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 17 by MadefireStudios Episode 18 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 18 by MadefireStudios
Episode 19 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 19 by MadefireStudios Episode 20 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 20 by MadefireStudios
Episode 21  Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 21 by MadefireStudios Episode 22 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 22 by MadefireStudios
Episode 23 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 23 by MadefireStudios Episode 24 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 24 by MadefireStudios
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Year Two
Episode 1 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Two - Episode 1 by MadefireStudios Episode 2 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Two - Episode 2 by MadefireStudios
Episode 5 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Two - Episode 5 by MadefireStudios Episode 6 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Two - Episode 6 by MadefireStudios
Episode 7 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Two - Episode 7 by MadefireStudios Episode 8 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Two - Episode 8 by MadefireStudios
Episode 9 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Two - Episode 9 by MadefireStudios Episode 10 Injustice - Gods Among Us - Episode 10 by MadefireStudios
Episode 11 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Episode 11 by MadefireStudios Episode 12 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Two - Episode 12 by MadefireStudios
Episode 13 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Two - Episode 13 by MadefireStudios Episode 14 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Two - Episode 14 by MadefireStudios
Episode 15 injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Two - Episode 15 by MadefireStudios

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5 Fundamental Skills Every Artist Should Master

(by Bobby Myers)

As an artist, your job is to immerse your viewers into a world that you have built and guide them safely through it. Artists have much in common with storytellers. Storytellers have several tricks that they use to keep their readers coming back for more. Like storytellers, artists can use similar tricks to help them produce more compelling artwork. In this article, we will explain 5 fundamental skills that every artist should master. Let's take a look!

1. Composition

The most important aspect of art to me personally is the composition. It sets the stage for everything else. This is your way to guide and lead the viewer to make them feel as if they are actually in your picture. If this part of the process is not created and controlled properly, everything else can and probably will fall apart. That doesn't mean that you have to follow every little rule. In fact, many have broken them and created very successful works of art. It's knowing how and when to break them that will allow you to do it successfully. But before attempting anything like that, you first need to learn the rules and see how they work and function.

Rule of Thirds

This is the simplest and most used composition technique, one that I use a lot myself. Because it is simple to learn, it's something that is recommended for beginners and those who are new to the fundamentals of composition. When used, it will divide the picture into 9 equal parts that are separated by two horizontal and vertical lines.

The main idea behind this is to place your most important element/object on one of the intersections where the lines converge (the +'s), as well as along or near the vertical line of wherever your focal may lie.

It is believed that when this is used and your subject/focal sits on one of these spots, it creates more interest in your picture rather than having it centered.

 Dock by John Powell Dock by John Powell   Way of the Wizard The remains which live by Keisuke Asaba   Way of the Wizard Way of the Wizard


In contrast to what was stated above, this particular composition sets the focal point directly in the center of the picture. Although it is mostly used for character-based pieces, that does not mean it can't be used for other means, it also explains why a central focal point is desired.

For character artists, one of their goals is to place the character right in front of you and draw as much attention to it as possible. There is no better way than to put them right in the center of things. Which is why this composition is most appealing for characters (but again, don't let that sway you from experimenting).

In addition to the central focus, the diamond shaped guide shows us where we should be placing most of our attention and detail. The viewer obviously won't be seeing your work with these guides on, so you must show them what is most important in your piece through lighting, color, detail and many other things. Anything outside of this diamond is not nearly as important and should not attract as much or more attention than what is inside of it.

You can use these basic guides either as a starting point for more complex compositions or to create an entire piece. The choice is up to you, but my suggestion is to learn about them completely before taking on more complex compositions. Also, there are more composition rules and examples out there that bring up many other points than what I list here. I encourage you to search them out and read them.

 Iconic Character Composition PI-2 by Marek Okon (Left). Blood Divided by Dan Santos (Center). Inject Me by Marc Simonetti (Right).

Leading the Eye

Now, let's take a look at some other examples of how to direct the viewer's eye to the focal point.

In PI-2, you can see how the light immediately locks your eye into the focal point because of the strength and intensity. Other factors of this are color, placement within composition (rule of thirds) and because almost everyone in the scene is looking at the focal point it creates an implied line and causes you to as well. What keeps us locked into the focal point here however is the circular motion of the people floating in the air.

 PI-2 by Piotr Jablonski PI-2 by Piotr Jablonski

In Crysis 2 (below), the artist used light, color and placement within composition to guide the focal point. The most obvious and beautiful lights are coming from the spotlights and headlights from the vehicle, which all point towards the focal point. Secondly you have gunfire from the weapons converging on it, leading your eye directly towards it. Lastly, the artist used the rule of thirds for placement in this composition. Another point could be made for how much action is being taken place within that area. All of these have lead to a successful piece that clearly defines the focal point and the areas surrounding it.

 Crysis 2 - Concept 04 by Marek Okon Crysis 2 Concept 04 by Marek Okon

In the piece below, the artist uses the walkways that form around the pillar to lead the viewer into the focal point. As the dragons fly around it we follow them, which keeps us in this area longer. Because the pillar is in shadow and bright light is directly behind it, the artist has also used values and contrast to make it stand out even further.

 Nest by Tuomas Korpi Nest by Tuomas Korpi

In the artwork below, I used a number of elements to direct the viewer's attention to the focal point (the castle). The arch in the background and the bridge over the waterfall are both going directly into the castle. Since the image has a slight angle, all of the mountains appear to be leading to the castle, which helps point the viewer in that direction as well. One other thing helping the castle stand out is the color used on the tops, which is contrasting against the yellows, greens and reds that surround it.

 Sorcerer's Hill Sorcerer's Hill

In the image below, I have shown how you can keep the viewer's eye from easily escaping the image via framing. You can probably see how this works just by looking at the image. But what I've done here was use the "arm" parts that are coming out from the red entity as a way to frame the image. This technique can be used to "lock" the viewer in the piece and keep them in longer. It can be overdone, but if you keep it to a reasonable level, it can come in handy. One downside to this, especially if overused, is that it can become annoying and make the viewer want to leave sooner.

 Eradicate Eradicate

2. Perspective

Everything has a perspective. When standing in the street, look around and notice which side of the buildings you can see and why you see them all from different viewpoints. Then while you're at it, go ahead and look down a road, why does everything appear to get smaller as its distance is further away from you? All of these things have to deal with the perspective of those objects and your viewpoint.

Perspectives are an essential skill to learn, for architectural, environmental and many other reasons. They provide us with a way to create and build elements and objects and correctly place them within the picture plane. Perspectives rely on the horizon line (or sometimes called the eye level line) to find what is called a Vanishing Point. Vanishing points are where your perspective lines will originate (see below examples).

One-Point Perspective

This is the simplest of all perspectives to learn, but one that is not widely used a whole lot because of its limitations. That being said, it can be very beneficial, depending on what scene you are creating. In this perspective, there is a single vanishing point going back to the horizon line, which the object is receding to.

 One-Point Perspective One-Point Perspective   2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick

Two-Point Perspective

When more than one side of your object is receding back to multiple areas, you will need to use a two-point perspective system. When used, you will create two vanishing points, each on one side of the object/element. These points will again originate from the horizon line, and the perspective lines will run from this point all the way to the object. There is where you can really start to see perspectives shift.

Most times your vanishing point will be way outside of your picture, but don't worry. If working traditionally, you can always use extra paper to measure the exact distance. If working digitally, extend the canvas out until you find your vanishing point.

 Two-Point Perspective Two-Point Perspective   Mysterious Street by Lukasz Taborski Mysterious Street by Lukasz Taborski

Three-Point Perspective

The three-point system is used when you really want to convey an extreme situation. It can be useful for scenes that are playful (doing a scene from a bird's or dog's eye view), exciting (action), and many more. To achieve this perspective, you will be using the exact same system from the two-point, but adding in a third vanishing point that is either above and below the object/element.

The third point acts exactly the same as the other two, so don't get tripped up by it, there's nothing sneaky about it. The only difference here is that the top or bottom (the verticals) of your object will adhere and recede back to this point. Which is what gives us that warped look and feel.

 Three-Point Perspective
Three-Point Perspective   In the nightmares by zardo In the nightmares by zardo

Let's a look at some examples that show great use of perspective:

 MILL10NAIRES by Jakob Eirich MILL10NAIRES by Jakob Eirich   Cargo by Mitchell Mohrhauser Cargo by Mitchell Mohrhauser   Iroshi by Jonas De Ro Iroshi by Jonas De Ro   Spirit Rising by Gary Tonge Spirit Rising by Gary Tonge

3. Value

Values are the range of brightness and darkness within your image. They are white, black and everything in between. Even with color, how dark or light that color is (tints or shades) is a value. The closer something is to the foreground, the darker it will appear (depending on lighting and other things, of course), anything receding away from it will gradually get lighter as it fades into the horizon (in terms of landscapes). Take a look at the graph below and use it as a reference for when we discuss this more in depth further down.


Even more so than colors, the values of your work are one of the most vital elements of whether or not your piece will be successful. If the values do not read correctly (being able to distinguish FG from MG to BG, and/or the focal point from the surrounding area), then it won't matter how great your composition, lighting and colors are, the piece as a whole will fail because the values don't read properly.

So, what do I mean by them being able to read properly? Well, let's take a look. The image below is a value study by Claire Almon that was done for one of her Marie Antoinette pieces (further WIP with color is posted below this image). Take note of all of the different values within the image and how you can clearly distinguish each element apart from the other. Values help determine the overall lighting in your scene and how one object looks against another (which can help with composition and a whole list of things).

  The Almon Tree

More importantly though, values separate distances within the ground plane, and it's with this separation, when done correctly, that allows the viewer to read your work the way you intended and lead their eye to the focal point. It's from here that you can then work on and begin finalizing your color schemes as shown below.

  The Almon Tree   The Almon Tree

Here are a couple more examples of using values correctly. Take note of the different values used within one single image/design to help tell each element apart.

 Feng Zhu Feng Zhu Design Blog   Feng Zhu Feng Zhu Design Blog

4. Color

Much like lighting, the color of your piece depends on many things; the time of day, season, location and so on. Determining the color scheme is important to do early on, even from the start if you can. Remember that things will always change and evolve, so the colors of your piece most likely will as well. As with everything, just because something looks good at one point, doesn't necessarily mean it always will. So don't be afraid to mix things up along the way and find something that might be better suited for what you're working on. Keep in mind that it's very easy to go overboard with color as well, so know when not to mess with it.

Knowing how to choose your color scheme depends on the time of day, the weather/sky, what season of the year it is, and whether or not you're on an alien planet or in space. There are countless things that could help shape the colors of your painting, so it's best to get an idea of what they are sooner than later to minimize headaches before heading into the final stages.

The color you choose should display any emotion or situation you want to convey to the viewer. If you have a fun or action piece, bright and vibrant colors might be your best bet to display that sense of action and intensity. If you're going for something a little more moody and withdrawn, you could then always opt for a darker and less saturated overall color scheme, but have your focal point be the more vibrant than the other parts. There are many variables that can lend to what type of color you use for your piece. Your job is to figure out which of them will work best.

Here are some examples of how color is used effectively to help storytelling, emotion and to guide the viewer's eye:

In the GOLEM image, the artist has built strong color around the focal point, which clearly signifies where most of your attention should be payed. The colors that surround the toy figure lend to this piece's playful nature, as well as add a layer of mystery and fantasy. The outer parts of the composition have earth tones, which are not too saturated. This helps the focal point further stand apart from the rest of the image (while maintaining balance) and allows for the playful side of the subject/theme to be fully explored.

 GOLEM - toys and magic by Randis Albion GOLEM toys and magic by Randis Albion

Here we have a contrast of color, which makes the focal point stand out. This is one of the most-used ways of using color to achieve good composition because it is both effective and dramatic in terms of composition and storytelling.

 Nemeroths Fall by Roberto Robert Nemeroths Fall by Roberto Robert

In this piece, I used the holographic screens on the landing pads to set it apart from all of the other elements in the scene. Since it is the most saturated part in the composition, I knew the viewer's eye would always eventually gravitate back to this area because it was the most interesting. I also wanted the feeling of an older science fiction work, so I stayed away from really vibrant colors.

 Station.4 Station.4

5. Lighting

Like all major elements of art, lighting is crucial. Mainly because the average viewer knows what realistic lighting looks like, even if they don't know exactly what it is that makes it look real. They can usually tell if something is working or not. Sometimes you can get lucky and fool them, but most times it can break your shot and make all the hard work that was put into your piece wasted time and work. And that's definitely not what we want.

So, in order to know how light reacts to the environment and different materials, go outside and study it. If you are basing a piece off of something else (e.g., you're your photographic plate in terms of matte painting or anatomy for painters), study it until you can confidently tell somebody else how it looks, feels and functions. Using photos is fine, but there's an almost infinite source just outside those walls you are in waiting for you.

Much like color, lighting can convey much emotion and depth. Let's take a look at how this can be achieved.

Once again, in the image below, there is strong lighting that's being cast on the focal point. The shadows in the foreground create depth in the image and allow for the viewer to get a clear view of the focal area without the foreground going unnoticed. Because the foreground is in almost complete shadow and the midground is where we see most of our light, this allows for the viewer to have a greater impact on the focal point and what is happening in the scene. Almost immediately they see the destruction of the world around them as if they were there on the street.

 Skyscraper lost by Ioan Dumitrescu Skyscraper lost by Ioan Dumitrescu

Being a master of his craft, this piece by Dylan Cole makes no exception. Both the foreground and background are lit to display all of the work that went into it, while the composition is pushing you into the background towards the focal point.

 Dylan Cole Dylan Cole Studio   Dylan Cole Dylan Cole Studio


So now that we've covered all of these topics, I'm sure you're wondering how to use and incorporate them into your work. This, just like anything else, is about becoming familiar with them and practicing until you have a clear understanding of what they are and how to use them properly. Remember that we all learn differently, so if it doesn't come easy to you don't be discouraged. Just keep pressing on with small studies of each of these topics. After a while of doing them, you will notice things that you hadn't before and that is when you will start to learn and really push yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. I really hope you are able to take from this and apply it to your work and learn from it. Just remember that every great artist that you look up to started from the bottom and had to work their way through all of these skills. Continue to push yourself in the right direction with a strong goal in mind and you can become great at what you do.

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Warning: Naruto manga spoilers ahead!

Before being sealed by her sons Hamura and Hagoromo, Kaguya Otsutsuki (the progenitor of chakra) manifested her will into a tool that we’ve all come to be know as Black Zetsu. In order to achieve the goal of Kaguya’s revival, Black Zetsu manipulated her descendents through the generations leading to battles such as Asura vs Indra, Hashirama vs Madara, and to some extent Naruto vs Sasuke. These events will be told in an artsy digital style opening sequence to Naruto’s latest theatrical adventure that can be referred to as the Prologue for The Last: Naruto the Movie. Just to be clear, this will be shown with the movie.

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Secret Wars: Star Wars

Wed Mar 11, 2015, 4:21 PM
Img-00 by techgnotic

Coming this summer to a comic store (or digital tablet) near you is Marvel Comic’s big blockbuster publishing event! We’ve been told from their editorial team that it is the crossover event to end all crossover events.

We certainly hope so!

When Robert Oppenheimer famously said “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds” after the atomic bomb was used on Japan bringing World War II to a dramatic close, he was remarking on his part in the creation of the atom bomb. It wasn’t what he had in mind when he created it, but very few of us can control how our ideas are utilized by higher powers-that-be.

In 1984, Jim Shooter, then Marvel Comic’s Editor-In-Chief, created the first company-wide crossover, Secret Wars. This event had the core characters of the Marvel universe transported to another world to face their most deadly foes in mortal combat. This initial crossover would be a huge event that would have long-lasting ramifications for the company’s main characters. It was bold, audacious and it was incredibly successful. Therein lies the rub.

DC Comics has just copied Marvel and begun creating their own “Earth-shattering” events. Changes were made to both company’s lines that brought in more fans but lost some of their older fans. With every event the companies get to make a cash grab using dozens of variant covers.

Over twenty years later the industry has serious event fatigue.

Retailers and fans alike are tired of being milked like cows for cash and have been making themselves heard by dropping titles.

This summer Marvel is going to revive every crossover they have ever done into one last event (hopefully) and while it promises to be a big one, they could just go one step further.

The Marvel Universe was created to be a unique place the characters would inhabit and while Jack Kirby would create many other realities, none of them were in any way a duplicate of the Marvel Universe. But that doesn’t stop someone like Alan Moore.

Alan Moore and Alan Davis created the first true Marvel multiverse on their Captain Britain run.

Captain Britain had been killed along with his universe and the two Alans would bring him back. This would be the first time we heard the reference to the current Marvel universe as being numbered 616. The multiverse was endless allowing for endless variations of the their characters. Someone dies, bring him back by using an alternate universe version of the character.

With that in mind and the fact that Disney recently brought another huge franchise from the director George Lucas, we have to wonder which of these universes holds the Star Wars characters and even more excitingly, which of them would be the one where the characters from both universes can exist in the same place.

Well, most of us in the community realize that if you think of something you can bet that someone else in the community has already thought of it. Tony Stark, the Iron Stormtrooper? Yeah, that’s been done. Nick Fury Agent of the Jedi? Done, too. Darth Doom, Dark Lord of the Sith? Yup!

If this is Marvel finally waking up to the fact that “events” are pushing away more and more fans every year, and this is definitely the last one, then adding a Star Wars/Marvel mash-up universe to the mix might even get this jaded fan to pick it up as part of the sendoff.

Your Thoughts

  1. How many of you would like to see a Star Wars/Marvel mash-up or should these universes forever be kept apart? What is your reasoning?
  2. Do you look forward to these comic crossover events or are they pricing themselves out of your range and making you resentful at being manipulated?
  3. Anyone up for the challenge of doing your own Marvel/Star Wars mash-up character and posting them in the comments below?

Coming this summer to a comic store (or digital tablet) near you is Marvel Comic’s big blockbuster publishing event! We’ve been told from their editorial team that it is the crossover event to end all crossover events.

Author/Curator: DeevElliott

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