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On cue, we all attacked the Titans at once. Billy Numerous circled Brightfire (if that was her name) Gizmo and Mammoth went after Cyborg, while See-More attacked Beast Boy. That only left one person for me to fight – Raven.
I threw a punch at her and she swung her hands, a black shield appearing in their wake. I continued to drive my fist in, maybe the shield would break. She gritted her teeth with the effort.
"You know," she grunted. "I really don't like fighting you.
Why not? I thought back to when I had defeated her in the Brotherhood of Evil battle. That whole escapade hadn't really ended well. Sometimes I still got chills across my skin; my body remembering the feel of being flash frozen. That hadn't been fun, but somehow the more "minor" villains had been released while the leaders of the Brotherhood were still, as far as I knew, ice statues.
Raven dropped her shield, backed away, and tried to kick me with her pale, tiny leg. I deflected her and teleported, ending up right behind her. I grabbed her hood and flung her onto the floor. Her hood came off and she glared up at me furiously. I struggled to catch my breath. I had never seen Raven without her hood before. She had a curtain of cropped violet hair surrounding her face, a red jewel on her forehead, and darkly-rimmed eyes. She jumped to her feet.
"Stop staring at me!" she snapped.
I shook my head, not realizing I'd been staring.
Raven's eyes started glowing. "This fight has gone on way too long," she hissed. She backed me up so that I was standing on the edge of the stairs leading down to the basement.
"Azarath…metrion…" she raised her hands.
Feeling slightly panicked, I leaned forwards, put one hand on her back, and pushed her.
"Ah!" she squeaked.
I jumped out of the way and she fell headfirst down the stairs, tumbled a few times and landed with a thunk at the bottom. I stood, dumbfounded. Omigod I just REALLY hurt a GIRL!
Without thinking, I teleported to her side and kneeled down. A spot on her forehead was bleeding and her eyes were closed. Tentatively, I reached out and touched her shoulder. Are…are you okay?
Her eyes popped open and she sat up. " little…!" she put a hand to her forehead and winced.
I put my forearm up to her head and wiped off the blood. She froze and stared directly into my face.  I could almost feel little puffs of air coming out of her mouth as she breathed. Me? I forgot how.
"KYD!" I heard a shriek from upstairs. "H.I.V.E. Five, retreat!"
It took a second for my brain to respond, but I teleported back up to the top of the stairs and escaped with my team.
Back at our headquarters, I had planned to go back to sleep. But the gears in my mind were turning, and they were all stuck on one thing.
A certain dark bird that I couldn't have and never would. We were on opposite sides of the law.
This is an excerpt from a chapter in my fanfiction. I didn't include the whole thing because people would've been confused, so yeah. This is just the 1st KydRae scene. (For my watchers who watch me for my 1D stuff - I'm sorry! I'll try to get more stuff up!)

Teen Titans (c) Glen Murakami
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It was a fine, sunny Wednesday afternoon in Gotham City. The kind of day that made every Gothamite wish it was Sunday. A great day for Madam Zamires grand showing of her world famous Catalonian cats eye opal collection.

"Now, Madam Zamire, your cats eye opals are valued at over ten million dollars, arent you afraid someone might steal them?" asked the reporter who was buzzing around the aged millionaires with a plethora of other reporters like excited bees over a jar of honey.

"Oh no," arrogantly giggled the giddy madam. "Why, my opals are protected by the most stringent security measures available. Here let me show you," and with that the crowd of reporters and the portly millionaires headed for the precious gems room of the Gotham City natural history museum.

As they reached the door to the room, Madam Zamire stopped the crowd. "As you can see, the hall containing the opals is sealed with two inches of plate steel and the main door is made of five inch steel plate. Not even a tank could get through," she explained. "There are also no other doors and no windows. There is absolutely no way to gain entry into the chamber except through this door," she boasted.

As Madam Zamire described the security measures outside the main door to the gem chamber, inside, smoke began to rise from the floor of the great hall. A circular pattern of wispy smoke began to rise from the tiled floor along with a hissing, crackling sound. After a few moments, the circular block fell through as the acid bored a hole through the floor.

"Even if a criminal managed to enter the chamber, any change in air pressure would instantly release anesthetic gas that would render them unconscious and helpless," the madam continued.

The top of a ladder popped through the hole as waves of billowing gas poured from gas outlets in the wall. The head of a man, wearing a divers tank and oxygen breather poked up and scanned the room. He then climbed out of the hole and helped two other men up the ladder.

"What if they could get past the gas," asked a reporter. "What then?"

"Oh, you silly man," the madam replied, "It would do them no good. The glass of the cases is made of a new, high tech plastic. They are virtually unbreakable."

The three men proceeded to apply an unusual paste to the plastic cases. They smeared the white paste about as though they were waxing a car. After a few moments, the polymer disolvant began to weaken the plastic and the men poked their hands through the soft material as easily as punching a hole through a plastic bag.

"Even if they could open the cases, which I seriously doubt, they could not remove the opals from their placements," the madam continued.

"And why is that, Madam Zamire?" asked the reporter.

"Oh, we have a very special device that puts a magnetic field around the opals, making it virtually impossible to remove them. No force in the universe could budge themnothing except a major power outage and Gotham Citys power supply is the most reliable in the world," she gleamed.

A few blocks away, a small explosion blew the top off a power pole. Sparks flew everywhere as the large metal power transformer was blown off its support and crashed to the ground. Three men ran from the pole and piled into a small truck sitting on the other side of the street. The trucks tires squealed as the truck pulled away and headed down the hill toward a dark Gotham downtown.

At that same moment, all the lights in the museum went out. The crowd began to scream and panic as confusion and fear enveloped them along with the darkness. After a few moments passed, a series of emergency red fire lights came on.

"We have a spare generator," explained the madam. "Guard, open this door immediately!" she ordered.

Two guards ran up and fiddled with a set of keys as they hurriedly opened the massive door. The door swung open and the crowd stood in absolute shock as they stared at all the empty cases.


"Tis a dark day in Gotham City, Commissioner," said Chief OHara as he stood shaking his head in despair watching the gray-haired Gordon hang up the phone.

"A dark day indeed, Chief OHara," replied the Commissioner. "A fortune in cats eye opals, purloined by none other than"

"Oh, dont say it, Commissioner. Me ears cannot stand the strain," said the Chief waving his hands.

"Im afraid so Chief. Snatched by the criminal claws of that feline felon. That she-devil of crimenone other than Catwoman!"

"Saints preserve us!" the Chief exclaimed, rolling his eyes upward. "Is there any chance for us? Have the heavens opened up and swallowed all our hopes?" he asked, looking in despair at the powers that be.

Looking outward with a stare of determination and defiance the Commissioner sat up from his chair.

"Theres just one man who can help us now. The one man who can rid this town of that feline scourge." With that, both men turned to stare at the red phone of hope that sat under the glass container across the room.


"If you will wait a moment sir, I will see if I can gain his attention," Alfred said calmly, in a thick proper English accent, as he answered the batphone.


The batmobile shot out of the batcave and raced down the wrong side of the road toward Gotham City. It was as though the same footage was being played over and over again, each time they had to run into town. The big, black car pulled up in front of police headquarters and the caped crusaders rushed into the building.

"Did anyone actually see Catwoman or any of her kittens steal the opals?" asked Batman.

"Well, no Batman but this is her style," the Commissioner replied.

"Yes, her modus operandi," smugly blurted out the boy wonder.

"Modus Operandi?" asked the Chief in utter bewilderment.

"Yes, Modus, from the Latin meeting motive or mode and Operandi meaning operation. Her mode of operation," replied Robin as he drove the fact home by punching his fist into his hand.

"Very good Latin, old chum. But what we need now are clues and not a Latin lesson," said Batman as he and Robin headed for the door.

"Are you heading for the Batcave" asked Commissioner Gordon?

"Yes, and then well check out the museum. There may be clues still left there," Batman replied.

"But me men went over the place with a fine tooth comb. Not even a microbe could get by us," the Chief said.

"While I never doubt the competency of Gotham Citys finest Chief, Catwoman is a foe far beyond the abilities of your fine force to catch," Batman said as he opened the door. The Chief shook his head in agreement knowing the Caped Crusader was right.

"Catwoman!" a startled female voice exclaimed from the open doorway. The four men turned to see Commissioner Gordons lovely daughter, Barbara, standing in the entrance. She briskly walked by Batman and Robin and walked up to her father, giving him a peck on the cheek.

"Whats all this talk about Catwoman?" Barbara asked innocently, batting her big brown eyes at the men.

"Oh, nothing to concern your pretty little head about Barbara. Batman and Robin were just leaving to check out the opal robbery at the museum," said Commissioner Gordon patronizingly.

He always did that to her, always cut her out of the picture like she was some innocent little schoolgirl. At first she hated it and resisted it but she learned that should could use that innocence to her advantage. The whole act seemed to be a vicious circle. As she acted more angelic, her father would treat her more childishly. This would force her to act more innocently to get more information out of him. It seemed stupid but it worked. If only you knew some of the stuff I do in my apartment daddy, she thought to herself in defiance.

"Well, I was just on my way home from work and I thought Id ask you to dinner," she asked, knowing he would say no. He always said no to any socializing when an arch criminal was in town. She actually wasnt headed to go to dinner. Instead, she had heard about the robbery and was hoping to turn on the innocent act to milk some information from daddy.

"Oh well, Ive got some reading to do anyway," she said indifferently as she gave her father another peck on the cheek and strutted out the door past Batman and Robin.


The door to Barbaras apartment flew open as the young heroine rushed in and made a beeline for the bedroom. "No time to chat now Charley," said Babs as she threw her purse and coat on the couch and walked past the birdcage containing her pet parrot.

The parrot never seemed to talk, being utterly confused by the spew of dialog that always came from its owner. For some reason Barbara would talk to the bird, needlessly revealing her plans to the pet parrot. Of course the ever-changing dialog made it impossible for the bird to learn any word or phrase. The only thing it had managed to learn over the years was one phrase: "Oh MY GOD!" This phrase was the only one loud enough and repeated enough times to reinforce it in the birds mind. This only happened however, when Barbara would get in one of her "special moods", then the bedroom door would shut and waves of moans and screams would ring out as Barbara would "entertain" herself.

She had always been extremely introverted. As a child she was a loner and a bookworm, always reading and never making friends. When she grew up and graduated from college, she found that her body had developed quite well and, dressed right, she was extremely attractive.

Her early life, however, had turned her off to dating men and she found that masturbation was a far better form of sexual stimulation along with her unusual fascination with bondage. For some reason, being bound and gagged and forced to climax against her will was an incredible aphrodisiac to her and sent incredible chills of sexual excitement through her body. Was it a rape fantasy? She didnt know or care. It was fun and exciting and allowed her to break the mold everyone else had placed upon her all her life. Daddys sweet little girl was actually very naughty, and the secret made her burn with excitement.

This was also partially why she was fascinated with her Batgirl persona. Being in such perilous situations, at the hands of such desperate criminals, made for an overwhelming array of titillating experiences. When she was younger, no one paid attention to her. She was a bug, an insect to be ignored. After spending time working out and aerobisizing constantly, however, she became an incredibly shapely young girl and exhibitionism was also quite exhilarating. Ha ha, Im pretty now and you cant have me! She would think to herself.

This was why she had modified her Batgirl outfit. The old one was functional but quite drab. She felt that, if she could distract a crook for a few moments with a few curves and some revealing skin, she could use the time to her advantage. This seemed to work quite well, as most men would stop in gaping awe at the female before them, allowing her to easily get the upper hand.

The full body suit was eliminated. Instead, the suit was split into two parts. The top part was a black spandex pull over that resembled an aerobics exercise outfit. It covered her arms completely and ran to the middle of her rib cage, leaving her stomach and bellybutton exposed. The front was bare and a black support bra under the outfit pushed her full breasts together into a nice, mountain of cleavage. The outfit continued up her neck and stopped below her chin, making her look like she was wearing a turtle neck sweater. A small yellow Bat symbol was stitched over her left breast in the material that ran up and around her shoulder.

The bottom half was a pair of black, spandex shorts that came up to just below her belly button and rode around the curvature of her legs, where her upper thighs met her hips. This left her legs and thighs fully exposed.

On her feet she wore a pair of high-heeled boots that laced up from her ankles to just below her knees. Her hands were covered by a pair of black, skintight leather gloves, which ran up her arms to just below her shoulders. The only thing that shed kept from the original outfit was her Batgirl utility belt, which hung low and heavy across her curvaceous stomach and around her shapely hips.

She had decided to do away with the heavy Bat cowl she always wore. It was clumsy, hot and didnt allow for a full range of vision. Instead, a black mask, similar to Robins only with larger, more feminine looking eyeholes, took its place. The red wig was also eliminated and her own short, black hair was pinned like a crown on top of her head. She found that most crooks were way too busy looking at her body to notice her face; and besides, no one could figure out who Robin was and he only wore that stupid little mask.

The final touch was a small, black silk cape that wrapped around her neck and flowed down to the small of her back, hanging just over her plump rear end. She grabbed the ends of the cape in each hand and twisted and posed in the full- length mirror in her bedroom like some sophisticated fashion model. Then with a giddy, school girl laugh she strutted away, heading for the secret entrance to her Batcycle.

"Ill just beat Batman and Robin to the museum and find my own clues," she declared as the cycle rolled out of its secret door and down the alley.


The Batmobile sped out of town and toward the Batcave. "What do you think Catwoman is up to, Batman," Robin said, slamming his fists together like he always did.

"I dont know, old chum," replied Batman, "the ways of a wicked woman such as Catwoman cannot be easily deduced. This youre going to learn as you grow from a boy to a man," he said fatherly.

"Gosh, Batman, this woman stuff really baffles me sometimes," Robin said shaking his head.

"Dont worry, Im sure the Bat-female-logic-analyzer I built into the Bat computer last week will figure out her logic and her next move," he said proudly. "Or blow up trying" he mumbled under his breath.

Suddenly, a large explosion rang out from under the speeding Batmobile, sending the caped crusaders swerving out of control. "Hang on Robin!" Batman ordered as the car careened off a cliff and plummeted into the trees below.
the first part to batgirl and catwomans exciting day
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"And in other news, local book sales have reached an all-time high, thanks to the most popular author in the country. That's right - Rachel Roth, number one on the Gotham City Times bestselling author list for the last three months - has readers of all ages running to the stores, her books practically flying off the shelves. After her last five hit books made millions of dollars in profits, Rachel Roth announced last week that she was working on the second book to her 'Darkness'</u> trilogy. Rumors are spreading about what could possibly be next for the beloved gang in the newest book of the series. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but fan sites are exploding with forum discussions, fanfictions, and encouraging messages about how they just can't wait to see what happens next. I'm Sarah Baker, Jump City News, and we'll be right back after these messages from our sponsors."

I'm sitting on the couch in the living room, reading a book, trying to block out the TV. Since when did anyone here watch the news? Not that I minded, the too-perky voices of all the roaming reporters and newscasters gave me a headache. There was a faint noise in the background - some sort of mattress advertisement - and then the low volume of the atmosphere was broken once again by the green changeling.

"NO WAY! Did you hear that?! Rachel Roth is writing a new book! She's amazing! I love her books, they're so awesome!"

I looked up from my novel and shot Beast Boy a look, raising one eyebrow. "Really? You've actually read Rachel Roth's books? As in, picked up the pieces of paper and looked at the words?"

Cyborg snickered, but Beast Boy crossed his arms and tried his best to look offended. "Yes, Raven. Despite what you might think, I can read, you know."

I smirked. "'Despite?' Woah, better watch it there, Beast Boy. You don't want to hurt yourself."

He huffed, and sat further down into the couch. I know that I wasn't being nice, and that Beast Boy was a lot more intelligent than everyone gave him credit for, but I couldn't help it. It was just too funny seeing his lip swell out as he pouted; the expression on his face completely at odds with that of one who saves the world of a daily basis. I felt a little bad for putting him down, but a tiny part of me couldn't help but smile.

"I must agree with friend Beast Boy," Starfire piped up, shifting the attention of everyone in the room to her. "Rachel Roth is an exquisite author; her books are most intriguing. Other than the rather well, dark back-story, I do quite enjoy her newest book 'Darkness', and am quite curious as to what she will make happen next."

"You read 'Darkness'?" Beast Boy exclaimed, his earlier depression now forgotten. "Wasn't it awesome? It's my favorite book, I can't wait until the next one comes out!"

Beast Boy and Starfire suddenly got into a very animated discussion about the book, discussing their favorite parts of the story. I just sat there, looking in their direction with a far-off expression, still shocked that my teammates had read the books, let alone loved them. After a few seconds a certain question pulled me from my musings.

"Do you think that this time she will do the 'book-signings'?" Starfire asked, her eyes glittering with hope.

"I highly doubt that," I butt in, causing my teammates to look at me. After a second I hastily tacked on, "Considering how she hasn't done it before. She could have done it for any of her previous books, and made a lot of money from it too. If she hasn't done one yet then she obviously has some sort of reason."

Begrudgingly Starfire accepted this answer, her eyes slightly dimming. That is, until Beast Boy asked her what she thought would happen in the next book, distracting her with thoughts of the next adventure to come.

I returned to my reading, feeling I had done enough damage for today. A few minutes later I was pulled from my novel once again by the green changeling's words.
"Hey, Raven. You like reading; have you ever read any of Rachel Roth's books?" The question shocked me, bringing my surprised eyes to meet his emerald orbs. There was a split second of silence before I responded.

"I suppose it would be rather hard for me to not come across her work eventually." I replied, not exactly giving an answer to the question.

Beast Boy seemed like he couldn't exactly distinguish what that meant either, and continued to pursue me.

"So," he started, "what books of hers have you read? I've read all of them."

I highly doubt that, I thought.

"I couldn't say," I settled on saying, "I've lost track."

In truth, I had. 'Rachel Roth'  had started writing millions of different ideas for books, only a few of which hadn't been tossed almost immediately.

Not giving Beast Boy any chance to further the conversation, I closed my book - I didn't care, I had read it before - and headed to my room. I was out the door before he could even come up with the next words to come out of his mouth.

I walked to my room, thinking about this newest development. If the titans were Roth fans, it would make a lot of things harder. Although, I thought, at least now Beast Boy is reading something other than comic books.

In my head I could practically hear Beast Boy's reaction should he hear me say such a thing.

Sorry, I amended sarcastically in my head, now you just read 'graphic novels'. Although to me, they were still practically the same thing.

Once inside my room, I walked straight to the bookshelf built into my wall, and re-shelved the book in my hand. Slowly walking a couple steps to my left, I ran my hand across the spines. I looked at the collection furthest to the left. One first-edition copy of each of Rachel Roth's published books sat side-by-side on the shelf. After all, is it not perfectly normal, to take pride in one's work?

Okay, so I had - like - NO plan on updating this week, until this idea popped into my head. Yay spontaneous imagination! So, I wrote and pretty-fied this up all for you guys, I hope you like it! I kind of forget the exact inspiration for this one, but I think it was a joke on how people try to write about their lives to try and make a story. Anyone see one of those movies about someone who tried to become an actor? Yeah, pretty much. Anyway, I hope you guys had an awesome week. (Has it only been a week? So much has happened!) Enjoy!


(Feel free to skip this paragraph, it is completely pointless.) Also, I really can't stand mattress commercials. There's really no point in saying this, but still. I hate them. For some reason my town has more mattress stores than places to buy an alcoholic drink - that's kinda weird - and they all insist on having their own home-made terrible commercial. There are also more churches than schools, almost over double... but then again I've already established that I live in a weird town. Okay, there's your dose of completely randomness for today. Enjoy the chapter!

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Poison Ivy paced back and forth in her hideout, her latest heist was foiled again by batman, damn the batman, how can she help mother nature recover if he stop her at every chance and foil her schemes, the water plant takeover would have stopped the Gotham water pollution but batman was there to stop her, she was ready for him, she used a new flower that made him and robin fall in love with her, but batgirl had to be there and stop her, oh that damn batgirl , she need to stop her ,wait a minute , why stop her , why not make her join her ? , with that a big grin came on ivy face and she held one of her plants
“Oh I have a fabulous idea my dear, and I need your help, grow! Grow!”

Couple of Days later, Ivy was trying to break into a bank, not that she wanted the money, but just to get the attention of the dynamic duo and Batgirl, and surely, less than 10 minute later they were in the bank and batman said
“That’s not your style Ivy, I advice you to give up “
And Robin holds up a batrang and says
“Yeah they have warmed up a cell for you in arkham asylum”
Batgirl respond
“Warm and sunny, isn’t that what you want”

Ivy looked at Batgirl
“Hah, not funny Batgirl, and neither is this”
And suddenly plants appear from empty pots around the bank floor and start spreading white smoke
“Look out its tear gas mixed with the white smoke”
And batman open one of the pouch on his belt and pickup a Gas Mask
As does his partner’s Robin and Batgirl
But Ivy used that few chaotic moments and escaped while the smoke cleared

Robin looked around
“Ivy escaped! We should follow her “
And before he jump out batman stop him
“No need , we stopped her before she was able to carry the money , but we need to check what other traps she left in the bank , I’ll check the vault , Robin check the offices , Batgirl can you wipe the bank floor of clues ?”

Batgirl looks at Batman with a shocked face
“What?” she shouted back at him
“Check here for clues”

And batman moved to the vault, she looks at Robin
“Did he just say what I think he said?”
“He said if I can wipe the floor?”
“Just a joke Batgirl”
“It’s not funny Robin”
Robin moves the offices and while opening one of them
“Well I found it funny”

Batgirl start mumbling to her self
Then she notice a small flower petal, similar to the ones Ivy wear on her head
She picks it up carefully and put it in a plastic bag and put in a pouch in her belt

Well I’ll check this at my place, she think to her self, she leave the bank and heads to her apartment.

After some time of checking the flower petal on the microscope she couldn’t find anything helpful, and it wasn’t on any flower book in her library, the only thing she figured out is that it has a strange odor but it was harmless, she picks up plant encyclopedia and start reading.

Barbra Gordon was reading when she heard the door bell ringing
She went and found a delivery guy he was holding some plant pot, she opened the door

“Miss Barbra Gordon?”
He raises his hand and hand her a paper.
“I have this plant pot from a Mr. Marcus, would you sign here for it?”
Barbra though for a few seconds about it, she doesn’t remember any Marcus
But the plant looks harmless anyway, so she sign and take it inside

She place it near the window, then she look at her cloak
“Oh time for a patrol with the bat”
She goes to her closet and pick up her batgirl costume and puts it on, then she check her surrounding and go out of the window and on her patrol

Batgirl was swinging from rooftop to another when she stopped at one of them because she saw some light at a green house on the roof of the building next to it

She takes cover in the roof and takes out her binoculars and start checking the green house, Hmm only the light is open, not much movement, she thought to her self
Maybe a careless worker, but never the less, she needs to stalk it for a bit

Barbra start thinking to her self, what was that remark by Batman, he didn’t say this kind of stuff before, did he become an anti feminist all of a sudden?
Her train of thought was interrupted by a tap on her back
She spins and throws a kick fast but the shadow figure dodges it easily.

Batgirl takes a fighting position, and says
“Whose there?”
The shadowy figure moves to the light, it’s Ivy!

“Well, well, looks what dropped here, a small bat, hello dear, I believe you are tense and need to relax a bit?”

“What you want Ivy”

“What I want? I don’t want anything, I want to heal Mother Nature that these pigs that call them self men ruin everyday, men always thinking of them self as superiors, does the batman respect you?”

Batgirl didn’t expect that question, she was already thinking of that before Ivy appeared
What she didn’t know is that the plant in her apartment was from Ivy and it spread an odorless agent that made Batgirl mellow and easily convinced of any thing that seemed logical

Batgirl responded
“He….does respect me “she bury her face in her hands and start to cry
Ivy goes to her and hugs her
“Now, now, no crying, you’re not a little girl, follows me to the green house”

Batgirl stops crying and follow her silently without a word

In the Green house Ivy point to batgirl to sit on a plant with a huge leaf
Batgirl does and Ivy sits on the one in front of her

“Batgirl, or should I say Barbra Gordon”
“The flower petal, it has a unique odor which made it easy to find you”
“Now Barbra, why follow the bat, if he doesn’t respect you, you shouldn’t follow him, you are a strong woman right?”
“Do you love mother Nature?”
“Then stop becoming Batgirl and join me, be my partner “
‘But, I’m a heroine and you are a villainess...”
Ivy stood up and walked to Barbra, she lean on her
And whisper in her ear “then become one just like me”
Then she started stripping Batgirl of her costume, Batgirl didn’t offer any resistant, how could she, Ivy was making a lot of sense
And in no time they were kissing each other on the giant leaf

Hours Later

Poison Ivy turned around and looked at Barbra ,
“How are you feeling my Love?”
“Great mistress”
“Let go then, we need to get some chemical from Wayne Tech, but you will not use your batgirl costume anymore“
“Then what mistress?”

Ivy rolled over and gave Barbra a passionate kiss
“Well silly, just like the thing that brought you to me, you will be Poison Ivy new partner Flower Girl!”

From that day, Batman was confused and didn’t know where Batgirl went, she disappeared all of a sudden, and who is this Poison Ivy new Partner?  Is there a connection?
a Story i wrote based on idea by ricobanderas9

second part
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(Teen Titans- Beast Boy Raven centric)

“C'mon, c'mon...just one inch. Heck, I'll even take a few centimeters. Pleeeease..."

Her amethyst eyes shifted from her latest novel of Earthly dead languages, having found many similarities between the lost languages of humans and dimensions in between, patterns of dialects and the like. She pinched her finger between the pages, clutching the old cover close to her chest as her curiosity got the best of her, arching a slim brow. It was hard to miss that voice.

And he had left the door open.

Drifting to the bathroom edge, she cautiously peered inside, quieter than silence could possibly allow.

He was standing as erect as possible, shoulders pressed against the corner of the wall to the shower door, pulling his neck as high as it could go without tilting up. His sneakers had been discarded to the side, shirt and gloves tossed onto the counter, but his pants (thankfully) had still been retained, slender and tight to his form. In his left hand, a dry erase marker, in his right, a roll of measuring tape. His ears tilted down as he willed his spine to make a difference in his natural stance, but to no avail. The mark had been made. It was still the same. Spinning on his heel, his sharp eyes studied the overlap, jaw protruding as his upturned nose scrunched in further, and for once, the joy that often filled his face was lost to his self disappointment. No progress. But how to control that? It wasn't like he could train himself to stretch. No amount of food was going to add to his skeleton, and shifting himself would only be cheating.

He was a youth, still on his way to manhood, but not quick enough. Everyone was still taller than him. Everyone.

“Shoot.” he sighed, falling back into himself as his back relaxed. His ears slanted further as his forehead bumped the wall, taking in a small breath as he closed his eyes. Same as last week. And the week before. If only there was a way he could just...

Bringing a wide palm to his face, he rubbed off the condensation of the remaining shower steam and pushed himself off, using the palm of his other hand to wipe the marks off the glass. Maybe next week. Maybe. Drying his hand off on his towel, the changeling tossed the marker on the counter, taking a small step forward before his ears twitched, staring at his reflection along the sink's wall length mirror in sudden alert. Something wasn't right. His instincts were acting up. Head darting to his right, his brows knit, suddenly swiping to his left as his eyes locked onto the wide crack of the doorway...and finding a pair of eyes staring back.

Beast Boy was many things, but silent was not one of them, and finding the inability to call out his voice was a new and strange setback. His cheeks, however, communicated all that was required, delving into the darkest hues of the reddish kind. If ever there could be a better combination of holiday colors, he could have proudly challenged. Hand clunkily gripping his gut, the teen ducked his neck into his shoulders, arching a nervous brow, “H-How long have you been there? I could've sworn I closed that, 'cause I just showered –”

“Not that long.” the empath huffed grittily, thankful her hood was covering the near shame her teammate had nearly suggested. She wasn't the type to spy on her friends, and much less for those kind of reasons. However, she had caught him during a private time. And though his actions were not questionable, they were intriguing to she who had witnessed them.


The air between them remained thick and awkward, and the black hole eating him alive only intensified with time. Her amethysts drilled him stoically, and for a split second, he could have sworn she was doing this on purpose, just to rip his esteem down to shreds. Raven had her own way of humoring herself, and if he couldn't trigger that smile he so desperately tried to earn, she would earn it herself, at his expense. But she only tucked the massive book she owned in the nook of her hip, leaning the same shoulder against the door frame. The tightness spread to his throat, jaw clenched to the point of ear twitches, and he would have allowed the earth to swallow him whole if she hadn't decided to finally break the silence, her voice as placid as it ever was,

“You're short.”

His hand dropped to his side, leaning back into his spine as he winced, fully exposed. Hearing himself say it within the confines of his room was one thing. Witnessing his form in a mirror that could not lie, he could handle. Sizing himself up against his friends and foes on the spot, he had accepted. But hearing it out loud from a ally...her...

It hurt.

His cheeks flushed even darker, jaw pouting a bit as his shoulders sagged, “You like to get right to the point, don't you?” he muttered, emeralds finding their way to the tiled floor.

“Beating around the bush doesn't do anything but waste time. Pointless.”

The disappointment he felt, as well as the embarrassment, pulsed off him in uncontrollable measures. It seemed his inadequacy in stature resulted in a degradation of his esteem, and none was more familiar with the negative effects of self esteem than the half demon herself. Everyone had their own qualms, and it appeared she had just found his.

“It doesn't matter, you know.”

His eyes shifted back to her, emotion, for once, void on his mailable face. He observed her for a brief moment, nose twitching before he gathered himself up, “I know.” he answered quietly, tucking a thumb along the rim of his pants. Her brows knit ever so slightly, and though he couldn't see them through the thick shadow, the tone in her voice solidified any question of it,

“Then why does it?”

She watched as he closed his eyes with a small sigh, bringing his right hand over to his left shoulder and hooked it there, lips tightening in thought. So many emotions. So indecisive. And then finally, he looked up, but to his reflection in the wall, trying to search for that time and place among hundreds of memories. Thousands of words. And one feeling, above all others.

“Think bigger...” he uttered, eyes flicking toward the ground for a moment before dropping his arm. His chest held out, sizing himself once more, before his voice whispered.

“Mento used to tell me to think bigger. When I was a kid, I screwed up a lot...Missions were top priority, foul ups were unacceptable. Doom Patrol didn't have room for thinking inside the box. You had to think bigger, all times, all situations. I had to think bigger. If I couldn't reach something, Rita would tell me to think bigger. If I couldn't lift something, Cliff would say think bigger, squirt. And Larry would remind me that bigger thinking would make up for smaller me. And I figured...I'll think bigger for it all...go big or go home, you know?” His eyes winced as if he were replaying the mistakes...reliving the embarrassment...the fear.

“Think bigger. Everyone on this team pulls their own weight, Beast Boy...Why can't you?” he chanted hoarsely, voice capturing the same tone Mento had used on him all those years ago. So long between then and now, and still the shadow of his first leader...his trainer and provider...his father figure, was lashing out in disappointment, eternally reprimanding the teen of his useless placement within their honorable uniform. He had been a fluke, it seemed, a bit of luck on his side as he gazed into his own eyes, unable to find himself in the body he knew so well. “Still screwin' up, I guess.” he chuckled emptily, glancing back at the glass door with the remnant smudges of his marker, “Still don't know how to follow that order.”

A bit of silence passed between them as he sniffed, suddenly remembering where he was and who he had been talking to. A meek smile curled along the side of his face, though Raven only glanced from the shower door back to him, crossing her other arm into her leaned one.

“It's fairly difficult for someone to think bigger when there's nothing going on up there to begin with.”

The smile immediately dropped into a huffed scowl, brows flattened to that of an aggravated gorilla, though he maintained his humanesque shape.

Her eyes blinked gently, “Your height isn't going to make a difference in what you do or who you are. You already have the pride of a peacock and the voice of howler monkey to let the world know. You already know how to “think bigger”, but not in the literal sense.” she added, rolling her eyes to the fact that he could be that simple minded. Pushing herself off the door frame, the empath lifted a lone cool finger and pressed it against his warm chest, triggering a fresh set of chills off the green skin. Eyes trailing down, he peered at her hand with the eyes of a child, pouting in interest.

“Your head may not always think bigger...but this does.”

His emerald eyes gazed up slowly in wonder, locking with those that held such acceptance, it nearly wiped away a new slate for him to work with. Approval had been all he had ever desired. To be bigger, perhaps, was not to think bigger; and, maybe he didn't know who he was all the time, but she did. An earnest smile began to warmly curl his lips, but only made a briefer than brief appearance before she swiped her hand up and flicked his nose, earning an instant whine. She turned on her heel, book in clutch as her cloak flared behind her. “Robin will be needing this room soon. He finishes his spar in fifteen minutes.” she noted nonchalantly as she continued her way down the hall, popping the book open as she resumed her studies.

Left hand capping his nose, the changeling's knit brows arched a half, huffing grumpily as he rubbed the offended area, “Sheesh, alright.” His eyes made way to the mirror once more, finding his right hand clutched over his chest, as if protecting the aura she had left there. Pressing his palm flat, he rubbed it in firm with a shy smile, ignoring the light tingle that was more than likely mind trickery, and made his way to the sink, ruffling out his cowlicked hair. Glancing toward the door, he stood up straight and observed his reflection, athletic and lean, but just as tall as he was before. His fingers slid along the counter top, finding the marker in its lonely corner and held it up, taking a long hard look.

The clang of the trash bin's echo vibrated for a moment, but was just as soon forgotten. He didn't need it any more, he figured, as he gathered up his shirt and sneakers, shaking out his head one last time. After all, if the oddest of the titans accepted him for who he was, as he was, what did he have to worry about?
It's been so long since I've written for this show. Oh my childhood. More of these soon to come.
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Author's Note: This fic came to me after I heard, then saw the video for, the A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera duet "Say Something". It struck something in me and... well, this story is what came of it. If you haven't heard it, it can be found here: Say Something.

Usage of the cover image, entitled "Mission failed" was granted by artist f19850928.

Warning: I never thought I would write one of these, but it turns out I was wrong. Not only is this a sonfic (something I'm not a big fan of) but it is also a Death!Fic.

Disclaimer: Young Justice & Batman, or the song "Say Something", are not mine. Any recognizable content is not mine.


Say something I'm giving up on you

The scream was torn from his throat as he collided feet first with the heated metal. His knees buckled beneath him and he fell to the catwalk that had halted his descent. He lurched to the side, his weight causing the already twisted metal to tilt and his body began to slide toward the edge. Instinctively, his legs hooked around the railing, once again jarring his bruised and broken body from falling into the inferno below.

I'll be the one if you want me to

For the moment, he hung there partially upside down, desperately trying to regain his breath. But the air was scorching his lungs and he was finding it almost impossible to breathe. His arms hung limply below his head, the metal cuffs searing into his flesh of his wrists as the fire below heated them.

Anywhere I would have followed you

He wasn't supposed to be there, not alone in any case. Batman and Robin had been en route from Gotham when things went south. Blockbuster's men had shown up early and had been far too meticulous when they searched the area. They found his surveillance devices and a short time later, they found him. Desmond had been only too eager to express his frustration at the appearance of the vigilante.

Say something I'm giving up on you

His ribs were broken, his nose and cheekbone as well, his back was flaring with pain and his legs were a mass of pins and needles. Being tossed from a helicopter and through the skylight of the now flame-engulfed warehouse had not improved his condition. Sweat trickled down his face and into his blood-caked hair, and who was to say if a few tears slipped from beneath his mask.

And I am feeling so small

He was scared; no point in denying it. But it didn't mean he was ready to... God, he was only nineteen! It wasn't supposed to be like this! This wasn't how it was supposed to end! Not for him! Not when there was still so much he had to say and do.

It was over my head

Something on the floor below him exploded, sending a jet of flames into the air and rocking the building. The catwalk heaved once before it shifted in the air and he was sliding again. He managed to twist his body, crying out at the pain lanced through his back and chest, and grabbed onto the railing with his bound hands.

I know nothing at all

The soles of his boots dangled over the flames, his feet burning inside the heavy leather. His shoulders screamed in protest and he felt something stab at him from inside his chest. His already laboured breathing stuttered and he tasted the blood that bubbled up the back of his throat.

And I will stumble and fall

"You're Batman."


"Were you ever going to tell me?"

"Maybe someday."

"But probably not."

"Probably not."

"... Not cool Bruce."

I'm still learning to love

He'd been so angry after being lied to by the first adult he had trusted since his parents. He hadn't talked to Bruce for an entire week. Not until Bruce had walked into his room and tossed him a padded staff. The man had offered to train him, to teach him how to harness the anger and grief and pain. It hadn't been easy, rebuilding the trust and forging a partnership. It still amazed him that somehow, in all the sparing and lessons and late nights, he had found not only a friend and mentor but a father as well.

Just starting to crawl

Had he ever told Bruce that?

Say something I'm giving up on you

Smoke billowed up around him as a second something exploded beneath him and the temperature rose even higher. It curled around him before finding its escape through the shattered skylight above him. His eyes stung as they followed its path out into the night, though not from the smoke itself. Some part of him had hoped to see a caped figure overhead, but there was no one.

I'm sorry I couldn't get to you

He couldn't remember a time before this that Batman hadn't come for him, hadn't been there when he needed him. From the first moments after his parents fell, to nursing him back to health after being nearly beaten to death by Two-Face. Batman had been his stalwart protector, his rock, his hero.

Anywhere I would have followed you

Is this how Jason felt in those last moments? Beaten and broken, bound and hopeless? Begging for rescue and knowing, deep down, that it wasn't coming? That HE wasn't coming?

Say something I'm giving up on you

Another explosion rocked the warehouse and the catwalk finally gave out and plummeted, taking him with it. He fell, heat rising up around him, only to be stopped by a metal staircase that had twisted in the raging fire and into his path. He cried out as blistering hot metal lanced into his side, ripping and tearing his flesh even as it momentarily saved him.

And I will swallow my pride

He gave up any pretence of strength, his body going limp as blood dripped from his body and sizzled on the metal frame beneath him. Tears flowed freely from beneath his mask as he stared up at the skylight. The still visible, clear night sky seemed to mock him; his one chance of escape even further away now.

You're the one that I loved

It didn't hurt much anymore. His mind felt heavy as he stared at the stars that seemed just a little bit brighter. He felt a light hand on his shoulder, slender and elegant, a woman's touch.

A mother's touch.

And I'm saying good-bye

A calloused, comforting hand cupped the side of his face and he felt himself turning into the touch. A hand that had once caressed a fevered brow, wiped away the tears from childhood hurts and had clasped unfailing to his wrists as he soared through the air.

Say something I'm giving up on you

Smaller hands clasped his tightly between them, promising him that he wasn't alone. Hands that had once held the promise of partners. Of friendship. Of brotherhood. Hands that had been taken away far too soon.

And I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you

The pain was gone. Chased away by the fleeting touches and the hushed whispered that seem to drown out the cracking of the fire around him. The stars were growing brighter and he didn't feel so alone anymore.

And Anywhere I would have followed you

"Rest now, my little Robin..."

"It's almost over, son..."

"You've done good, Dickie-bird..."


Say something I'm giving up on you

A flash of shadow blocked his view of the stars, but somehow the light grew brighter. It blinded him and he felt his eyes drifting closed of their own accord. The three comforting presences solidified around him and he felt his lips turning up in a sad smile at their warm and welcoming faces.

"Sorry... Bruce..."

Say something I'm giving up on you

"Don't speak... Stay awake! No... No, Nightwing! Stay awake! Stay with me! Nightwing! DICK! Dick, stay with me! Dickie Please..."

Say something

So... yea... I went there....
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Mdama chaus...oragata katana da torra shupatana showdeuna.

-Shipmaster Mdama...It is where you said it would be.

No endiyoko. Nekoko reke Forerunner nittete uneu.

-No my loyal friend. The planet is where the Forerunners promised us it would be.

Regatito omeo ezon. Requiem's kaneno reu momeu.

-Find us a way inside. Requiem's treasures shall be ours.

Mdama chaus! Gai taka esho. Tashi mahri domo oriyaka tohshibo ngendo norevu tashi nokitano!

-Shipmaster Mdama! The raiding parties have returned. They bring supplies and news of a human ship!

Domo ikagen? Umasa ahn?

-Human? Did it follow them?

Ahe. Korikumo tahshi magachi.

-No. different approach vector.

Matanashi ruahie! Domo ikagen san Requiem!

-Prepare boarding parties! Keep the humans away from Requiem!
The following is conversations from the Halo 4 Prologue Terminal between Jul Mdama and a Sangheili Vetran.

Translated in both their native language and English.

- translated into english.

All rights go to their respectable owners.
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Robin headed to the ops room with the other boys while the girls walked off to their own bedrooms.

He sighed aggravated that he may loose Starfire to Aqualad.

"Why don't cha take her out on a date?" Cyborg hinted.

"Why would I do that? She's my best friend."

Cyborg and Beast Boy rolled their eyes at the masked hero.

"Dude, it's so obvious that you love her. Do something about it!" Beast Boy said.

"I can't." Robin turned away from them.

"You can't or you wouldn't? Man, half the men in the world would die to be with her. 'Sides, she loves you too, ya know?"

"Don't joke with me, Cy," Robin said, a little hopeful.

"I ain't," Cyborg replied firmly. "If ya weren't always in your little obsession over being a hero, you would see it as well." Cyborg folded his arms over his chest as he chuckled lightly. "Ya needa make a move before somebody else does."

Robin contemplated in his head silently. "What do you suggest I should do?"

"How about a ball?" Beast Boy chirped. "I heard there was this… this ball for all teens at Jump City."

"But wouldn't villains…"

"Relax, man," Cyborg cut off Robin, "there ain't any villains gonna show tonight. Kid Flash and Jinx are in the neighborhood and if anything happens, they'll call."

"So who are your dates?" Robin questioned the two.

"I bet Bumble Bee!" Beast Boy teased.

"But that just leaves you with Rae," Cyborg shot back.

"Ack!" Beast Boy chattered.

"C'mon ya'll we got a dance to go to."

Robin stared at the name on the door. There were no sounds on the other side, and he was afraid that she was sleeping. He was about to back out when Cyborg's words hit him like a brick wall. Ya needa make a move before somebody else does… He remembered her reaction towards Aqualad and jealousy overwhelmed him along with immense courage.

He extended his right arm on Starfire's door and knocked three times. There were rustling followed by the sound of the sliding door. There stood the alien princess, her hair tied up into a high pony tail and in sweats. "Hello Robin," she said to him softly.

"Hey Star," he choked out. It had suddenly felt hot as seconds ticked by. He swallowed a helpful amount of air before speaking, "are you busy?"

"Not at all," she replied, "I was just giving Silkie the nap."

"Oh, that's cool…" The atmosphere suddenly felt tense and awkward. He shrugged it off and mustered his courage. "So, Star, there's this dance for teens in Jump City. I was wondering if you wanted to go with me…?"

Starfire stared at him with sparkling emerald eyes. "Of course I would love to!" she chirped.

Suddenly a freight was lifted off Robin's shoulder. "It's tonight at seven. I'll pick you up?" Idiot Robin! Why would she need you to pick her up? You live together! He scolded himself.

"Of course," she repeated. She turned to enter her room, but stopped short. "Robin…?"

"Yes, Star?" She pulled him into her infamous bone-crushing hugs.

"Thank you for asking me." She replied sweetly then released him and walked back to her room.

The door closed and Robin stared speechless at her door. I did it, he thought after rerunning the event in his head. After slowly digesting what happened, he punched the air. YES! He silently cheered before storming off to the bathroom to get ready.

Beast Boy was in his room thinking about Raven and how she'll murder him when he asks her out. He brainstormed ways to impress her, hoping that'll lessen the injury. The boy walked about his room until something caught his foot and he fell forward. He looked down to see something silver glint from the sun's rays. Beast Boy crawled towards it and picked it up. It was the present he made for Terra, the heart-shaped jewelry box. It still looked the same, except for the mirror that now had a crack running down the middle. It was as if it symbolized the end of their time together.

He remembered Terra, his feelings for her, but at the same time the hate he had for her when she betrayed them. Most especially he remembered the throbbing pain when she was gone. Raven helped him pull through. Pretty, mysterious Raven. Only a year ago did she have short hair, but now it was lusciously long and reached her back, just like the end of the world.

She was always there for him and him for her. They shared a broken heart from traitors. Now that he thought about it, he realized that they were not so different after all.

He opened his window and transformed into a hawk. When he had reached solid ground, he searched about Starfire's garden for the perfect flowers. When he spotted it, he transformed into a crab and snapped several flowers down, some of them landing on his protective shell. Then he broke off the thorns when he phased back into his human form.

Beast Boy carried the bouquet with his claw as he flew back into his room. Next, he searched about his room for a dark blue ribbon from one of his old Christmas boxes, tied the flowers together, and headed to Raven's room.

He ran up one flight and hid the flowers behind his back before hesitantly knocked on her door. There was no response, but patiently waited since he knew she was in there. Moments later, the door slid open into a tiny crack.

"What is it Beast Boy?" she asked annoyed.

"He-hey, Raven," Beast Boy said, cold sweat forming on his forehead. "I-I was wondering if you would be my d-date to the ball...?"

She stared at him, her eyebrow raised skeptically. "Don't joke with me, Beast Boy." She turned away, about to go back into her dark room.

"Wait, Rae! Remember last time when we talked? Remember when I admitted that you were extremely creepy, but it didn't mean that you were alone?"

She stood there, back turned towards him. She simply nodded as she recalled the memory.

"Why are you doing that again? Why can't you give me a chance?"

Raven turned around and stared at the green boy somewhat surprised. Only now did she notice he was hiding something behind his back.

"Raven, I'm not joking. Please just hear me out."

"I'm listening," she deadpanned.

Here it goes. "Raven will you please be my date to the Jump City Teen Ball?" he brought out the bouquet of red and white roses in front of her.

Raven was caught off guard. She never thought she'd see the day that Beast Boy would be serious. She stared at the familiar flowers. "Are these from Starfire's garden?" she asked.

"I know Star would probably get mad at me, but they were perfect. They reminded me of homemade cookies. It's just better when you create something unique rather than buy a copy from a shop," he said sheepishly. She gently reached out for the flowers. "I take it as a yes?" he asked hopefully.

"This better not be a joke," she turned away and the door closed behind her.

Beast Boy ran to Cyborg's room and quickly bragged to him.

"She said yes! And look! I'm still alive!" the changeling laughed.

"Grats, B," Cyborg said. "I got mine."

"So is everyone set for tonight?"


Cyborg left around three to pick up Bumble Bee at Steel City and said that when he returned, they'd go straight to the party.

Starfire had finished her bath when she found a confused Raven sitting on her bed. "Raven! Is something the matter?"

"It's Beast Boy," she replied.

"Is he in danger?"

"No..." she bit her lip. "He asked me to the dance."

"Truly? Oh what joyous news! I congratulate you! But what appears to be the problem?"

"Well, I was hoping I could borrow a dress?"

"Oh yes! I have brought several new garments from the mall of shopping!" Starfire ushered the girl to her closet and revealed various colored and styled dresses for special occasions. "I believe this dress," she reached for the lavender dress, "would fit for the attire."

"Do you have anything darker?" she asked.

"I do not believe that it would fit the occasion," Starfire gestured for the several dark colored dresses. There were a variety of short and long dresses, but all of them didn't match the theme of their dance. They were either too fancy or too casual.

"Right..." Raven replied as she fingered over the dark blue, sparkling, ruffle-layered dress. "I suppose I can go with that dress."

"What about the accessories?" Starfire chirped. "You may borrow some if you wish." Starfire gestured to her table which was covered with many beautiful jewelries and hair accessories.

Raven held in the gag, "No... this will do... Thanks, Starfire."

"But you must! The look is incomplete without any decorations!" the Tamaranean insisted.

Raven sighed, "Let's go check in my room." Raven led the way back to her room and searched for her secret jewelry box. Starfire observed her room quietly as she waited patiently. From the corner of her eye she saw something very unusual on her table.

"Oh, Raven! Is this from Beast Boy?" she squealed. Raven blushed then nodded. "I must congratulate you! I did not know that you have the feelings for one another!"

"Umm, Starfire... we're not dating... I doubt that Beast Boy has feelings for me..."

"I do not believe so! Beast Boy must also have the feelings for you. Why else would you suppose he would ask you?" Raven blushed at Starfire's reason. "May I ask of where he has bought these bountiful floral arrangements?"

"You don't want to know..."

"Oh please! Do tell!"

"From your garden."

Starfire stared at the roses intently. "My... garden...?" Starfire glanced at the slightly red-cheeked girl then back to the flowers. She thought for a moment before speaking. "I suppose I will... how you earthlings say it? Let it slide for the time being, for it has made you happy, Raven."

Same old selfless Starfire, she thought approvingly. "Thanks Starfire."

"It is as of my pleasure. Speaking of which, have you found your accessory?"

Raven selected the same shade of purple choker, a matching clip, and another matching hair tie. Starfire approved of her selection but disappeared to her room, only to return with a pair of white gloves that matched the white belt on the dress's waist. They took all of her stuff and brought it to Starfire's room.

They proceeded to help Starfire select her dress. Raven and Starfire agreed on a fuchsia dress. The only accessory she wore was Robin's birthday present for her, a silver bracelet.

"Again, why am I wearing such a Princess like look while you wear a plain outfit?" Raven asked as Starfire applied her makeup.

"Because friend Cyborg has informed me that Robin and I will be dancing."

"Isn't that normal though? Everyone is going to dance at the ball."

"No... I believe it is a special performance?"

"Starfire, when did you know how to dance?" Raven asked surprised.

"I do not know a lot of dances... but I was forced to learn some of them because of my duty as a Princess," Starfire had moved on to Raven's hair and quickly finished.

"Does Robin know anything about this?"

"I do not believe so... friend Cyborg has informed me not to tell Robin for it is a surprise."

Raven cracked a smile, "This will be amusing."

At exactly on the dot, Robin knocked on Starfire's door. He waited patiently with a bouquet of flowers in one hand while the other was pulling the collar of his shirt, as if he was trying to swallow.

The door slid open and revealed a very pretty sight before him. Her hair was set into its original style; her face was completely natural looking except for faint pink blush on her cheeks. She wore a fuchsia dress that stopped just a little higher than mid-thigh. There were two layers of fabric from waist line to below that consisted of a light pink, transparent ruffle over the fuchsia dress and to top it off she wore the same colored high heels. He recognized her only accessory and smiled warmly to her. "I got you th-this," the boy wonder stuttered.

Starfire flashed a dazzling smile that left the boy breathless. She took them happily and observed her date. His hair was slicked back to his signature spiky hair as usual; nonetheless, he still looked handsome. He wore black dress pants and a matching jacket with only two buttons on the bottom of the jacket so it could reveal his indigo dress shirt. Lastly, he wore a pair of shiny, black dance shoes.

"Thank you for these beautiful floral arrangements," she giggled.

"They're not as beautiful as you are tonight." Robin blushed when he realized what his mouth slipped.

Starfire blushed as well. "You are very handsome tonight, Robin," she complimented back.

He pulled the collar of his dress shirt once more as if the shirt was limiting the amount of oxygen he took with each breath. He cleared his throat right after. "Right... I believe we have a dance to go to." Robin offered Starfire his arm and she took it willingly, her other arm still carrying the bouquet.

The couple walked into the ops room where a nervous boy waited. "Uhh... Beast Boy?" the leader asked.

Beast Boy jumped at the call of his name. "Y-yeah?"

"Perhaps you should take the chill pill?" Starfire suggested with a giggle. Robin chuckled along with her.

"You should pick her up," Robin said after he regained his composure.

"R-right..." the changeling swallowed.

"Beast Boy?" Starfire called to the changeling. He was just at the door when she called out to him.

"Yeah Star?"

"Do not worry. You look handsome. I am sure Raven will, how you say, become a puddle of your appearance?"

"Melt at the sight of me," the changeling corrected. "Thanks Star, I feel better now." He offered her a smile. "You look good yourself, sis. You got yourself a good date, Robin." The door closed behind him as he scampered off to Raven's room.

Robin rubbed the back of his head, blushing. "R-right. Let's get those flowers in a vase," he changed the subject. His pretty date giggled lightly and assisted him.

Beast Boy rubbed his head gingerly as he reran what he was going to say with her over and over in his head. C'mon Beast Boy! You got this! He encouraged himself.

He was at Raven's door before he knew it. Hesitantly, he reached out for the door and knocked. "Uh...Raven...?" he called out. No response. "Raven?" he called out again. The door slid open, slim enough to put his left hand on the sliding door and push it aside.

There by the window stood a graceful woman. Her back turned to the green teen as she gazed happily at the sky. The beautiful picture before him brought a smile on his own face. "Wow..." he whispered. She heard him and turned with a smile. Awestruck by her beauty, Beast Boy forgot the words that he had desperately rehearsed minutes ago.

She wore a long lavender dress that reached the floor, slightly covering her lavender high heels. The top part of the dress was created as if a super long lace of fabric overlapped one another and sewn together, but left her shoulders and back bare. Around the waist was a white sash belt that held the intricate shirt to a beautiful, silky skirt. It was designed with a white flower at the bottom of her back with several others that followed after it. Her hair was tied up into a high pony-tail-bun, the excess of her hair clung freely to the back of her head while the short pieces of her hair hugged her oval face. Her fringe was arranged to the right of her head with a small lavender clip. Her eyes were smoldered with pink eye shadow. As a result, it brought out her shining violet eyes that appeared to match her dress. Around her neck are two laces of fabric of the same color. She completed the look with white gloves that reached midway of her biceps.

She had her hands posed on her thighs, her arms slightly bent, as if she was expecting him.

"Raven... you... I mean," the boy babbled as he took his left hand off the door. He walked up to her and she fully turned herself to face him. "You look beautiful..." he stammered.

"Thanks..." she said lightly. "You do yourself... for once."

"C'mon Rae, you know I look good everyday!"

Beast Boy was, in fact was handsome, more than he gave himself credit for. He wore a tuxedo. A buttoned up white dress shirt and matching bow tie. The black jacket was left unbuttoned and clung to the side over his black dress pants and shiny black shoes. He also wore white gloves. His hair was his usual signature hair, but it appeared clean and fresh instead of his usual tousled, bed-head.

"I suppose," she observed.

"Sorry about my hair, I ran out of cheap gel," he joked when he noticed her eyeing his hair.

"Ask Robin," Raven joked along. They shared a little laugh before Beast Boy stopped.

"Hey! You're finally laughing!" Beast Boy smiled.

"Don't get used to it," she pressed.

He merely shrugged it off and offered his arm, which she hesitantly took. He escorted her out to the ops room with the other couple and waited for Cyborg's return.
Teen Titans: A Story Behind Every Art- Dance With Me Part 2 :dance:


Part 1: TT: ASBEA: Dance With Me Pt 1
It was another average, boring day at the tower for Jump City's famous Teen heroes. No villain was in sight let alone attacked the city. Each teen were busy in their respectable rooms minding their own business.

Robin worked out in the gym, increasing and strengthening his abilities for upcoming fights. Starfire played with Silky in her room, cuddling and bonding with her mutant pet. Raven meditated inside her dark room. Beast Boy and Cyborg played aggressively on their videogames in the ops room.

"Ugh… dude! No fair you knocked me off the road!" Beast Boy whined when his player fell into the ocean.

"It is fair. That's how you play Su

Part 3: TT: ASBEA: Dance With Me Pt 3
ATTENTION ALL READERS! PLEASE READ MY DESCRIPTION BOX FIRST! I have provided links for the music I used in this story. The second image's link is also there! Thank you again for reading!

P.S. After the italicized paragraph is describing the dance move Robin and Starfire did during that specific part of their dance!

ENJOY!~ :squee: :la:

They squeezed in the back seat, the girls half sat on their date's lap. Cyborg and Bumble Bee shared devious looks and laughed softly. He held her hand throughout the whole drive to the ball.

Once there, the Titans approached two grand doors along with two built b

I do not own the picture! The picture belongs to it's rightful owner! I just enjoy writing make up scenarios when I see a picture. :la:

Picture used: [link]


(c) Drawing belongs to :iconsparkyx:
(c) Dance With Me belongs to me! :la:
(c) Teen Titans belongs to DC Comics
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October 5, 8:15 EST

The two teens headed towards the storage room where the team's vehicles were parked. They exited through a pair of doors and found themselves greeted by an ocean view.

"Robin?" Starfire asked.

"Yeah, Star?" Robin replied.

"Do you like to fly?"

"It's every kid's dream to achieve in life," he grinned.

Starfire flew a couple feet in the air and turned back to offer her hand towards him. Robin was hesitant, he knew he'd be in a lot of trouble later, but his selfishness pushed him to go against Superman's orders. But at least I'm still with her, so I'm not in that much trouble.

"What is wrong, Robin?" Starfire asked. She had a feeling that he was having the second thoughts.

"I'm kind of worried. Won't the Gordanians--"

"Do not worry, my people have ways into camouflaging oneself with the natural scenery," Starfire assured. "It was one of the first steps that I have learned at Okaara before being brought here."

"Are you sure?" the boy grinned.

"Do you not trust me?" she asked confused.

"Hopefully, you won't drop me, right Star?"

"You have my word," she promised.

Grinning, Robin reached out to Starfire with both of his hands. She took his and held each other in a trapeze grip.

He felt adrenaline rush throughout his entire body as well as fear once they lifted to the sky. It was an exhilarating experience for him.

Starfire flew both of them into the clouds, making them easily invisible to the human as well as Gordanian eye.

"Whoa…" Robin said astonished.

Starfire was slightly startled by the young boy in her arms. Although she'd never admit it, the boy was quite attractive, yet he was too immature for her taste. Sure he was eye catching at first encounter yet he had that annoying cocky grin that reminded her of her sister. Most especially, she couldn't stand the way he treated her. It made her feel so weak. It would be disgraceful for her race if she opened her weak side to any of them, but Robin is not part of her race, and he did appear truly caring. Maybe she could trust him?

"Starfire this is amazing! Man I wish I could fly!"

She giggled, "I suppose."

Robin looked at her and she met his gaze. It is a shame I cannot see his eyes, she thought.

On the other hand, Robin found himself swimming in her emerald eyes. They appeared soft and warm, in contrast with her fierce, cold glare. He realized that he wanted to be the only one to make her look like that.

Blushing, they both turned away. "So…um, Star… what was it that bothered you?"

"It is very silly," she replied, slightly shy.

"Shoot," Robin encouraged.

"The video I have watched frightened me earlier," she said.

"Well, that's not bad," Robin chuckled. "It's normal for people to be scared of horror movies."

"But will it not label one as weak?" Starfire asked.

"No it doesn't mean that… well not always. Sure we get scared, but it's practically normal for someone to be afraid of something."

"I see," she replied. She thought over her fears: lightning, Gordanians, being weak.

"Something tells me there's more to that," Robin said, staring at her surprised eyes.

"Am I very obvious?" she asked, her face flushing red.

Robin liked her embarrassed face, it seemed to suit her and compliment her beautiful eyes. "Err… sorta, for the most it's just a gut feeling."

"I am unaware that guts have feelings. You earthlings must have it—how you say—very complicated."

Robin laughed, "That's an understatement… but no, not like that, Star."

"Please explain," she giggled embarrassed.

"It's like a feeling you get when something bad happens… like a warning sign."

"I see…perhaps only earthlings may sense this?"

"Maybe… I'm not sure if you can, but you do appear to have a nice human anatomy," Robin complimented.

Starfire smirked, "Thank you. I believe you have one as well."

Robin was happily dancing in his head. Yes! Finally she's flirting back! Dick Grayson is back in business.

"So, going back to your topic… what made you scared?"

Starfire's face looked so downcast right when he asked about it. Robin felt immediately guilty, yet he was curious to know what had deeply upset her.

"The child in the television had reminded me about myself. She appeared feeble and useless. She could not fight her enemies for fear is holding her back. The people of my planet are very hostile warriors, yet hospitable people. We are inclined to our emotions. It is considered dishonorable for one to display weakness, especially for Tamaranean warriors."

"But it doesn't mean being cold hearted and hot-headed to others, Starfire."

"For me, it is," Starfire sighed sadly.

"I don't think so…" Robin stared at the clouds. "You don't seem that type."

Starfire smiled to herself. "Honestly, no. I must always be like that for I am simply too easy."

"Too easy?"

"Oh… how do I explain it…? I am just too nice… too open… it is my flaw as a Tamaranean soldier."

"Well that's not fair," Robin frowned, "they shouldn't take advantage of you."

"Agreed… it is most unfair. Most especially when my goal is to be recognized."

You don't need to try at all, Robin thought. "How come?"

"My sister is the best at everything. I would like to be better than her at least in one thing," she sighed, "but I am not. I was captured by the Gordanians during training."

"Why didn't she save you?"

"It is a mission in which we must take care by ourselves. We cannot help each other, even if one of us were captured."

"Must be tough," he said sadly.

"But very rewarding."

"Is it worth it?"

"What?" Starfire was startled by his question.

"Is it worth being hurt?" Robin asked.

"I have to be strong. It is for my people and my planet," Starfire hesitantly answered. She was curious as well. No one had ever questioned her mission before. It was absolutely normal in Tamaran for no one had ever questioned the ritual, but to earthlings, Robin had considered it degrading. Maybe it is not worth it, yet I have to do it for my people. It is mandatory for those with royal blood.

"Is this why you didn't go back to fight them?"

"I do not understand…" Starfire replied, confused.

"You had the perfect chance to escape this morning, but you stayed rather than go out and fight those space geckos," Robin clarified.

She nodded sadly.

"I do not wish to be weak…I am simply frightened that I will be defeated by the Gordanians if I face them alone."

"You are already powerful, Star. You just have to believe in yourself."

Starfire looked down at him, smiling warmly. Never in her life had she ever expected anyone, most especially a human male, to ever make her feel good about herself.

Starfire flew Robin back to Mount Justice and re-entered their headquarters. Luckily, Robin was able to temporarily hack the system to allow Starfire access to get in.

"If it is not too much to ask, may we spar?"

"Spar? You sure you know what you're getting yourself into?" Robin smirked. Starfire is bold, Robin was surprised to hear a girl ask him for a match, and Robin wasn't one to back down from a challenge.

She nodded, amused and confident.

"Alright, first one down on their back loses."

Robin escorted them down to the training room.

"I won't be easy on you," Robin's cocky side said.

"Good. I was hoping for a difficult match," she smiled.

"Ready? Go!" Robin hopped back into a defense stance.

Starfire flew over him, her eyes glowing green. She smiled at the boy before summoning a barrage of starbolts. Robin was caught off guard, but immediately dodged her attacks. His eyes widened when he noticed that her powers left dark, smoking rubbles as an aftermath. If they were any ordinary cement, it would have been obliterated. Her powers were really dangerous. The thought of her people with these powers could destroy any civilization! But he believed Starfire wasn't that type of person and it's obvious she cared for her people.

He brought out his grappling hook and aimed it at Starfire. He waited for the perfect timing, but she had already seen this coming. She paused her barrage and gathered enough energy in front of her. Her hair whipped around wildly as she focused all of power in this one shot. Within two seconds she unleashed the bolt and thrust it to the ground before Robin.

Too slow to react, Robin was thrown back by the attack. When the smoke cleared, Starfire approached him.

"It seems the match is over," she said, "was that all you got?"

"You had it easy. I was just warming up," Robin said playfully.

Starfire shook her head sideways, a grin etched on her lips. "Just admit defeat and perhaps I shall go easy on you," she teased.

"Oh no, not falling for that, Star. Rematch. All out like now."

"Perhaps later? I am feeling tired," the Tamaranean answered. Her last shot drained all of Starfire's energy and she knew that if she tried to attempt it again, she would faint from over exertion.

Robin wanted to press her into another rally but her eyes brought him back to reality, his mature instincts kicked in. His smile faltered and he became worried. "You okay?"

"Yes. But are you undamaged as well?"

"Don't worry about it, I've faced scarier attacks," he said lightly, "You sure you're okay?"

"Uh, yes. I believe a bath would be sufficient to ease me. May I ask where the lavatory is located?"

"Uh, sure." Robin led Starfire to the bathroom and she thanked him before closing the door.

Robin returned to the training room to observe Starfire's power. It was a lethal power. Robin noticed that the longer she held the power the more violent and destructible the result came about in comparison to her starbolt barrage. He remembered the tired look in her eyes after releasing that last attack. It must have drained a huge amount of energy out of her in order conjure that.

The beeping of his watch brought Robin back into reality. He clicked a button that answered the call only to meet Batman's face.

"Anything new?" Robin asked.

"No. We did however learn about the girl's involvement with the Gordanians."

"I already know about it."

Batman nodded, it was expected from his protégé. "She was right. The Gordanians are tough, but defeat able. They carry stun staffs. If one of the rays hit you, you'll be stun for a good half hour."

"Who got hit?"


"Figures. Is he okay?"

"He'll be fine. Robin, where's the girl?"

"Shower. Just finished a spar with her," he reported. "Her powers are incredible, Batman. If the training room wasn't highly upgraded, the room would have been obliterated to smithereens by now."

Batman peered at the dark rubbles that surrounded the room. He nodded. "You remember what we talked about."

"About…?" Robin asked.

"Attachment. Don't get yourself attached to her."

"Of course I won't Batman. It's just another mission," Robin scoffed, "You think you have room for one more?"

"No. Just keep her with you. Whatever you do, don't ever let her go outside."

"Batman?" The transmission ended before Robin could ask him about the situation.

Robin sighed when he heard someone approach him. "Better?" he asked without turning around. He observed the broken grappling batarang in his hand.

"Very much. Thank you," she chirped.

"Hey, um, Star?"


"How old are you?"

"Uh… I believe in your earth years I am fourteen."

"And you can conjure that?" he stated at the huge dark spot where her powerful bolt made contact.

"I have not, how you say, perfected that attack quite yet," she answered embarrassed.

"But still, that was one heck of a shot!" Robin turned around smiling, but his eyes widened, dropping the batarang when he saw the girl before him.

It wasn't the same girl he met late this morning, but a much more human looking Starfire. Her huge red curls were straightened down like a waterfall to her knee caps. She wore a silver neck protector from mid-neck to her shoulder blades with a black gem in the middle of her chest. Her suit was abandoned into a short lavender dress that stopped higher than her mid-thigh. She wore dark purple leggings that were enveloped by her matching lavender boots just slightly higher than her knee caps. She completed the look with her lavender belt that hugged her slim waist. It gave her an innocent touch.

It took several moments before Robin could speak, "N-new look?"

"Is it most appropriate for lessening conspicuousness?" she asked shyly, her eye focused on her nervous, twiddling fingers.

No, it makes you more noticeable. "Yeah, it's alright. As long as the Gordanians won't recognize you," Robin said. "It really suits you," he added smiling warmly and blushed sheepishly before bending to pick up the batarang.

"Thank you," when Starfire noticed his actions she instantly took action, "Oh, let me…" she reached out for the grappling batarang just as he had, her hands landed beneath his. Robin pulled away, embarrassed.

"Thanks, but you didn't have to get it."

"It was partially my fault for destroying this device. May I ask what its purpose is?" she handed the grappling hook to Robin.

"It's a batarang grappling hook. When I push this button, the batarang will shoot out with a retractable line. It's a good leverage for getting on higher places, like buildings," Robin explained.

"Fascinating," she commented.

"Not as much as flying," Robin smiled.

They exchanged small smiles when Robin's watch beeped several times. He answered it to see Batman's face once more.

"We have a problem."
Finally here is part 2!

I managed to finish it during class. I'm just telling you guys for the record, I make the story as it goes... I don't honestly really have a plot for the story. The idea just hits me when I least expected it hahaha! I really do enjoy writing the story and I hope you enjoy reading them just as well! :la:


part 1: TT: A.S.B.E.A.- Fated To Meet Pt 1
October 5, 0:00 EDT

It was midnight. Richard Grayson was at home sleeping when Batman walked in. "Dick. Dick, wake up," his adopted father shook.

"What?" Dick asked sluggishly. The Dark Knight only had to glare at Richard to get the boy to receive the message. "What's it about, Bruce?"

"Alien invasion," the Dark Knight replied.

"So the Earthlings versus some ugly species or something?" the boy recapped, while jumping off his bed and into the closet.

"I wouldn't assume things," Batman replied. "It's an alien invasion for an escaped prisoner. Their prisoner showed up to Earth approximately thirty minutes ago. Apparently they a

part 3: TT: A.S.B.E.A.- Fated To Meet Pt 3
October 5, 23:00 EST

"What's the problem, Batman?" Robin asked.

"I need to speak with you, privately," Batman said.

Robin exchanged a small smile with Starfire before she headed out. The door clicked shut before Batman continued.

"The Gordanians have spoken to us about an ultimatum," the Dark Knight said, "either we turn her in or they'll destroy this city with one blast. I suggest you turn the girl in."

"She didn't do anything!" the boy wonder exploded.

"You haven't heard the whole truth," Batman glared, "she's a dangerous warrior who'll destroy our planet, Robin. She's a princess from her home planet who so happens to b


Special thanks to my good friend :iconkittycakez: for letting me use her picture for the story. And yes I have her permission to use her art, that's why I'm still alive :D


Like I mentioned in the last chapter, I still consider it as a Teen Titan fanfic just because a small part of their personality is their Teen Titan personality. And... ROBSTAR ALL THE WAY!!!!! :iconeeeeeplz:


(c) Fated To Meet by me (:
(c) YJ RobStar Pic by :iconkittycakez:
(c) Teen Titans by DC Comics
(c) Young Justice by DC Nation
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Mount Justice was empty, no one was there. The Fridge was full, a stack of movies lay untouched on the coffee table. The training room was empty, no sounds were heard. Anywhere. Perfection thought Artemis, as she grabbed her large green hoodie, a mug of coffee and her favourite book.

She sat reading for approximetly 7 and half minutes before...
*Reconized Kidflash B03*  
No! Artemis Panicked! Hide, then he'll see no ones here and leave. Yes! Hide!
Artemis grabbed her book and ran to the side of the sofa, slide her self under.
Everthing was going to plan the coffee cup!

Wally walked in, he thought her heard somthing, but it was proablly his imagination, his brain was probally playing tricks from lack of food. I mean he had't ate in like half an hour...but what was that? A mug. He picked up the coffee cup,still warm.
Hmm...he thought, noticing that the mug beared artemis' arrow logo on he went to investigate. And they're sticking out from the sofa was a single lock of blonde hair.

"Ha!" he shouted. "I caught you!"
Artemis climbed out. ""
"Cause mum and dad are on some romantic trip, flas-i mean my uncles out on...Work and i hate staying at Jay's cause the only thing to do is checkers! What are you doing here?"

Artemis sighed, "My mums out of town, on Buisness and i'm not even gonna think about staying at my dads and my aunty's a little to... involved with her work to be any fun."

"Oh," Wally said,"Well...Old Friend of mine, wanna watch a movie?" he said looking at the stack of flicks on the table, but before she has a chance to reply, or protest he had pulled her onto the sofa.
"So...What movie?" said Wally almot begging for her to stay.
"Hmfff...fine. And that one." she pointed to a case with a scary face on.

They sat far appart, but close enough to share wally's large yellow double bed quilt with red lightning bolts on. A bowl of popcorn lay in the middle.
They both decided to wear they're pj's for comfort.
Kidflash, thinking he'd be alone only packed some pj pants, long, with lighting bolts on, like most things the speedster owned.
Artemis wore a tight tank top, that showed her midrift. With green shorts with arrows on and her long hair was in a lower pony tail.She wore long green and light green stripey socks.
As the movie got scarier they found themselves edging closer towards each other, wally had his arm on her shoulder, but he was more scared she'd let go than the actual movie it's self.
Suddenly on the really scary part, artemis flung her arms around Wally and he placed both around her.
The movie ended but neither let go, both just sat,not wanting to be the one to let go.
Artemis decided if neither would let go, then they should enjoy the moment, she placed her head on his chest, his heart was thumping fast,but then she listening and it calmed as his body melted into the postiton.

His hand was round her waist, one finger playing with a lock of her golden hair.
Her hand was round his muscular stomach, the other almost touching his neck. He placed his other hand near her shoulder, but neither could stand the silence any they kissed. Gently at first,then hard. She was now lying on top of him, his hands on her waist. Her hands round his neck.

They stopped, looked into each others eyes, His green eyes almost glowing in the dark room. Her blue/grey eyes where clear and bright and looking straight at him.

Wally was the first to speak,and the sciece prodegy could't explain what just happened  he just said: "Wow."
"Wow." repeated Artemis.
They were now sitting, knees touching, facing each other. He put him arms around he shoulders, "I'm Sorry." He said.
"For what excatly? " Artemis asked.
"For being mean to you, never accepting you, always rejecting you..."
"For kissing me?"
"That," Wally smiled, "I'm definetly not sorry for."

So, if you did't get it, Flash is Wally's uncle and Artemis' Aunty who's 'Involed with her work' was chesire.

Enjoy! ;]
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