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On cue, we all attacked the Titans at once. Billy Numerous circled Brightfire (if that was her name) Gizmo and Mammoth went after Cyborg, while See-More attacked Beast Boy. That only left one person for me to fight – Raven.
I threw a punch at her and she swung her hands, a black shield appearing in their wake. I continued to drive my fist in, maybe the shield would break. She gritted her teeth with the effort.
"You know," she grunted. "I really don't like fighting you.
Why not? I thought back to when I had defeated her in the Brotherhood of Evil battle. That whole escapade hadn't really ended well. Sometimes I still got chills across my skin; my body remembering the feel of being flash frozen. That hadn't been fun, but somehow the more "minor" villains had been released while the leaders of the Brotherhood were still, as far as I knew, ice statues.
Raven dropped her shield, backed away, and tried to kick me with her pale, tiny leg. I deflected her and teleported, ending up right behind her. I grabbed her hood and flung her onto the floor. Her hood came off and she glared up at me furiously. I struggled to catch my breath. I had never seen Raven without her hood before. She had a curtain of cropped violet hair surrounding her face, a red jewel on her forehead, and darkly-rimmed eyes. She jumped to her feet.
"Stop staring at me!" she snapped.
I shook my head, not realizing I'd been staring.
Raven's eyes started glowing. "This fight has gone on way too long," she hissed. She backed me up so that I was standing on the edge of the stairs leading down to the basement.
"Azarath…metrion…" she raised her hands.
Feeling slightly panicked, I leaned forwards, put one hand on her back, and pushed her.
"Ah!" she squeaked.
I jumped out of the way and she fell headfirst down the stairs, tumbled a few times and landed with a thunk at the bottom. I stood, dumbfounded. Omigod I just REALLY hurt a GIRL!
Without thinking, I teleported to her side and kneeled down. A spot on her forehead was bleeding and her eyes were closed. Tentatively, I reached out and touched her shoulder. Are…are you okay?
Her eyes popped open and she sat up. " little…!" she put a hand to her forehead and winced.
I put my forearm up to her head and wiped off the blood. She froze and stared directly into my face.  I could almost feel little puffs of air coming out of her mouth as she breathed. Me? I forgot how.
"KYD!" I heard a shriek from upstairs. "H.I.V.E. Five, retreat!"
It took a second for my brain to respond, but I teleported back up to the top of the stairs and escaped with my team.
Back at our headquarters, I had planned to go back to sleep. But the gears in my mind were turning, and they were all stuck on one thing.
A certain dark bird that I couldn't have and never would. We were on opposite sides of the law.
This is an excerpt from a chapter in my fanfiction. I didn't include the whole thing because people would've been confused, so yeah. This is just the 1st KydRae scene. (For my watchers who watch me for my 1D stuff - I'm sorry! I'll try to get more stuff up!)

Teen Titans (c) Glen Murakami
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      The building was dark and eerie. The broken floor reeked of shattered glass and destroyed furniture. You stepped as carefully and quietly as possible. A breeze blew through the once sealed windows. You stopped dead in your tracks when you saw a lone figure standing only a few feet away from you.

The figure slowly pulled out a gun and aimed it for your head. Panic took over your body and you made a mad dash to find cover. Just as you started to run a rain of bullets fired at you. Pain shot through your body as you collapsed to the ground. The figure quickly approached you and you caught a glimpse of the person's face. It was a Hydra agent....

The Hydra agent pulled out a knife. The metal of the blade glistening in the pale moon light that had begun to seep through the windows. The man brought his arm down in a violent thrust.

Your eyes snapped open and you shot up straight in your bed with a scream. A cold sweat dampened your body. You took a shaky breath right before your door slammed  open. You jumped at the sudden noise and at the fact that the Avengers, including Bucky, burst into your room weapons loaded, ready to be fired. They then noticed no one was there and immediately lowered their guns, bows, and knives.

"(Name)! Are you alright?" Steve came over to you, worry written all over his face.

You nodded and rubbed your tired eyes. All the Avengers sighed in relief that there was no attack.

The reason all the Avengers heard you and burst into your room was the fact that since you had run into some financial problems, Tony let you stay at Stark Tower seeing as he had plenty room to spare. It was a Friday night so Tony called up the rest of the group to have a movie night marathon. You had grown tired after about the fourth movie and decided to retire to bed.

"Was it a bad dream?" Natasha asked.

"Yeah.... I'll be fine though." You managed a smile. "Sorry to disturb your marathon."

"It's no problem, (name)." Clint reassured you.

"You all may resume what you guys were watching." You gave a weak smile.

After the group made sure you were okay they all left. Except for Bucky. He just stood in the doorway watching you shift to a comfortable position, but not being able to fall back asleep. Bucky didn't mean to seem creepy if that was indeed the impression you got, y'know... Since he is just standing there..... Watching you..... While you're trying to sleep.... Which really didn't help you fall asleep any faster... You eventually turned to him.

"May I help you?" You raised an eyebrow.

"N-no... I just wanted to make sure you were okay." He stated briskly before turning to leave.

"Wait." You called to him.

He turned and looked at you. A slightly questioning look shown in his blue eyes. You took a deep breath. It felt kind of awkward asking him to wait. Mostly because you had a huge crush on Bucky, but were too afraid to tell him, little did you know though that Bucky felt the same way about you. But also the fact that you wanted to feel someone's presence while you fall asleep.

"Please, don't go..." You whispered a small hue of pink dusting across your face.

He looked at you and then walked over and sat on the edge of your bed. You sat up so you could look at him. You and Bucky were silent till you decide to speak.

"My nightmare was about a Hydra agent trying to kill me." You fiddled with the bed sheets.

"Was I the Hydra agent?" Bucky gave a look of sadness in his eyes.

"No, it was someone else." You watched the sadness fade from him.

"Who was it?" He looked at you closely. Watching every move you made.

"I'm not sure. Just some random guy I guess." You shrugged.

His gaze shifted to the floor as he nodded. You had no clue what made you ask, but the question just forced its way out of your mouth.

"Do you ever have any dreams like that, Bucky?" The former Winter Soldier looked up at you slightly surprised, but responded quickly none the less.

"They aren't exactly like yours was, but they do involve a lot of Hydra." His stared off into space as he spoke.

"Are they really bad dreams?" You questioned, curiosity was growing inside you.

"Well, I usually wake up to a completely wrecked bedroom, so yeah..... They feel so real though." Bucky snapped out of his trance.

"Ah okay." You nodded.

"Hey, Frosty, you coming or what?" Tony popped his head into your bedroom. "Or are you too busy making out with (name), which in that case we'll continue the movie."

"First off I am NOT making out with (name)! And second quit calling me 'frosty'!" Bucky growled.

"Okay, okay, geez! Are you coming or not?" Tony tapped his foot impatiently.

"No. Go ahead and start."

"You sure?"


"Okay then." With that Tony disappeared and it was just you and Bucky again.

You had let out a yawn and Bucky looked at you. "Want to go back to sleep?"

"Yeah." You stretched and The former Winter Soldier got up to leave, but you quickly grabbed his hand.

He tensed up at your touch, nevertheless, he turned around to look at you. You took a shaky breath before making your request.

"Could you stay with me please? I.... I just feel safer when you're around." You couldn't believe your own words.

Bucky stared at you for a few minutes before shifting over to lay next to you. It felt pretty awkward for the both of you, however, at the same time refreshing and secure. Automatically your body snuggled closer to Bucky. He tensed up again, but soon relaxed. It wasn't too long before you and him had drifted off into a rather peaceful sleep.
This is my first Buckyxreader that I've written :3 I'm so sorry if this story is at all confusing  >.< enjoy anyway ^.^ please comment and fave!

everything that was mention that had To do with marvel belongs to marvel
you belong to you (or Bucky :3)
I only own the plotline and the story itself
please do not steal
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"And in other news, local book sales have reached an all-time high, thanks to the most popular author in the country. That's right - Rachel Roth, number one on the Gotham City Times bestselling author list for the last three months - has readers of all ages running to the stores, her books practically flying off the shelves. After her last five hit books made millions of dollars in profits, Rachel Roth announced last week that she was working on the second book to her 'Darkness'</u> trilogy. Rumors are spreading about what could possibly be next for the beloved gang in the newest book of the series. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but fan sites are exploding with forum discussions, fanfictions, and encouraging messages about how they just can't wait to see what happens next. I'm Sarah Baker, Jump City News, and we'll be right back after these messages from our sponsors."

I'm sitting on the couch in the living room, reading a book, trying to block out the TV. Since when did anyone here watch the news? Not that I minded, the too-perky voices of all the roaming reporters and newscasters gave me a headache. There was a faint noise in the background - some sort of mattress advertisement - and then the low volume of the atmosphere was broken once again by the green changeling.

"NO WAY! Did you hear that?! Rachel Roth is writing a new book! She's amazing! I love her books, they're so awesome!"

I looked up from my novel and shot Beast Boy a look, raising one eyebrow. "Really? You've actually read Rachel Roth's books? As in, picked up the pieces of paper and looked at the words?"

Cyborg snickered, but Beast Boy crossed his arms and tried his best to look offended. "Yes, Raven. Despite what you might think, I can read, you know."

I smirked. "'Despite?' Woah, better watch it there, Beast Boy. You don't want to hurt yourself."

He huffed, and sat further down into the couch. I know that I wasn't being nice, and that Beast Boy was a lot more intelligent than everyone gave him credit for, but I couldn't help it. It was just too funny seeing his lip swell out as he pouted; the expression on his face completely at odds with that of one who saves the world of a daily basis. I felt a little bad for putting him down, but a tiny part of me couldn't help but smile.

"I must agree with friend Beast Boy," Starfire piped up, shifting the attention of everyone in the room to her. "Rachel Roth is an exquisite author; her books are most intriguing. Other than the rather well, dark back-story, I do quite enjoy her newest book 'Darkness', and am quite curious as to what she will make happen next."

"You read 'Darkness'?" Beast Boy exclaimed, his earlier depression now forgotten. "Wasn't it awesome? It's my favorite book, I can't wait until the next one comes out!"

Beast Boy and Starfire suddenly got into a very animated discussion about the book, discussing their favorite parts of the story. I just sat there, looking in their direction with a far-off expression, still shocked that my teammates had read the books, let alone loved them. After a few seconds a certain question pulled me from my musings.

"Do you think that this time she will do the 'book-signings'?" Starfire asked, her eyes glittering with hope.

"I highly doubt that," I butt in, causing my teammates to look at me. After a second I hastily tacked on, "Considering how she hasn't done it before. She could have done it for any of her previous books, and made a lot of money from it too. If she hasn't done one yet then she obviously has some sort of reason."

Begrudgingly Starfire accepted this answer, her eyes slightly dimming. That is, until Beast Boy asked her what she thought would happen in the next book, distracting her with thoughts of the next adventure to come.

I returned to my reading, feeling I had done enough damage for today. A few minutes later I was pulled from my novel once again by the green changeling's words.
"Hey, Raven. You like reading; have you ever read any of Rachel Roth's books?" The question shocked me, bringing my surprised eyes to meet his emerald orbs. There was a split second of silence before I responded.

"I suppose it would be rather hard for me to not come across her work eventually." I replied, not exactly giving an answer to the question.

Beast Boy seemed like he couldn't exactly distinguish what that meant either, and continued to pursue me.

"So," he started, "what books of hers have you read? I've read all of them."

I highly doubt that, I thought.

"I couldn't say," I settled on saying, "I've lost track."

In truth, I had. 'Rachel Roth'  had started writing millions of different ideas for books, only a few of which hadn't been tossed almost immediately.

Not giving Beast Boy any chance to further the conversation, I closed my book - I didn't care, I had read it before - and headed to my room. I was out the door before he could even come up with the next words to come out of his mouth.

I walked to my room, thinking about this newest development. If the titans were Roth fans, it would make a lot of things harder. Although, I thought, at least now Beast Boy is reading something other than comic books.

In my head I could practically hear Beast Boy's reaction should he hear me say such a thing.

Sorry, I amended sarcastically in my head, now you just read 'graphic novels'. Although to me, they were still practically the same thing.

Once inside my room, I walked straight to the bookshelf built into my wall, and re-shelved the book in my hand. Slowly walking a couple steps to my left, I ran my hand across the spines. I looked at the collection furthest to the left. One first-edition copy of each of Rachel Roth's published books sat side-by-side on the shelf. After all, is it not perfectly normal, to take pride in one's work?

Okay, so I had - like - NO plan on updating this week, until this idea popped into my head. Yay spontaneous imagination! So, I wrote and pretty-fied this up all for you guys, I hope you like it! I kind of forget the exact inspiration for this one, but I think it was a joke on how people try to write about their lives to try and make a story. Anyone see one of those movies about someone who tried to become an actor? Yeah, pretty much. Anyway, I hope you guys had an awesome week. (Has it only been a week? So much has happened!) Enjoy!


(Feel free to skip this paragraph, it is completely pointless.) Also, I really can't stand mattress commercials. There's really no point in saying this, but still. I hate them. For some reason my town has more mattress stores than places to buy an alcoholic drink - that's kinda weird - and they all insist on having their own home-made terrible commercial. There are also more churches than schools, almost over double... but then again I've already established that I live in a weird town. Okay, there's your dose of completely randomness for today. Enjoy the chapter!

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From cool metal to soft earth. The grass brushed against her feet gently. She took a deep breath before turning back to the Blackbird and giving the pilot a large wave.

“Thanks for the ride, Beasty!”

“No problem, kid.” He chuckled.

As the Blackbird took off she walked at a leisurely pace towards the new Avengers Facility.

‘Nice place.’ She gave a small smirk at the facility as she made her way to what she figured was the entrance.

Her toes brushed over an odd patch of ground and she paused. A large intricate circle spread across the ground. She scrutinized it for a moment before shrugging and mumbling to herself.

“Someone isn’t concerned with proper lawn care.”

The sound of a door opening drew her attention to a familiar figure.

“Well if it isn’t little Miss Stark.”

She scrunched up her nose at the man before a large grin dominated her features.

“It’s been too long, Road Runner.” She closed the distance between them and shook his hand.

“You’re telling me.” He wrapped his arms around her.

“Ew affection. You going soft on me?”

Rhodey rolled his eyes and released her.

“Come on. Your brother is getting restless and I don't want another Code Green anytime soon."

She scoffed and shot him an amused glance before strolling towards the entrance a step behind him. He glanced back at her and slowed his pace to match her leisurely saunter.

“I’m just saying, I think you need a way to train the recruits against, say, robots. You know, to prepare them in case another Ultron scenario happens.”

“And I’m just saying that you are not bringing any robots here. For training or otherwise.”

“Come on, Natasha! I promise nothing will go wrong.”

“Just like you promised you wouldn’t blow up that super computer at that conference last week?”

“That’s different. It wasn’t programmed well.”

Bruce glanced up from his book with eyebrows raised.

“What? It’s not my fault it didn’t know the answer to life, the universe, and everything.”

Vision gave Tony a perplexed look.

“Forty-two. It would have been simpler of course to have known what the actual question was.” A new voice drew their attention to the doorway. Tony sprang up from his chair and strode across the room enveloping the girl in a hug.

“I missed you too, tin-for-brains.” She chuckled.

He pulled away and held her at arm’s length.

“I thought you brought the plane down or something.”

“Are you saying you were worried about me, old man?”

She shot him a smirk. He gave her an offended look and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I’m not old. You’re old.”

“At least I don’t behave like a child.”

She mimicked his stance and stuck her tongue out at him.

“Okay, kids, play nice.” Rhodey stepped into the room with a chuckle.

The others that stood in the room assessed the girl with varying degrees of surprise. Her (h/l) hair was messy and fell haphazardly around her face. She had the same cocky smirk that frequented Tony’s face but instead of his eyes, vibrant (e/c) orbs that seemed to glow faintly around the edges gleamed at whatever she gazed at.

She shifted her weight to her right foot and glanced around the room at the few people who inhabited it.

“So I finally get to meet your little friends?” Her eyes swept over them quickly before landing back on her brother. He raised an eyebrow at her signaling that a snarky comment was about to escape him, but before he could speak Rhodey stepped in.

“Steve and Sam are on their way up right now if we want to wait for them.”

“Nah, they’re big boys. We’ll bring them up to speed when they get here.” Tony motioned the girl forward. “Everyone, this is my sister, (y/n).”

“You really couldn’t have waited two minutes?” Sam walked into the room with Steve in tow and shot Tony an amused glance. Before Tony could reply Steve stepped up to the girl.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, (y/n). Tony has told us so much about you.”

She gave Steve a fearful look as she shook his hand and glanced at her brother.

“I sure hope he hasn’t.” Tony rolled his eyes and Sam stepped up with a grin to shake her hand.

“Sam Wilson. It’s a pleasure.”

“Well I guess we’re introducing ourselves now since Tony is pouting.” Natasha stood from her spot and moved towards the growing group.

“I’m not pouting!”

Natasha rolled her eyes and shook (y/n)’s hand.

“Natasha Romanoff. So you grew up with him? I can only imagine the headaches.” The girl laughed causing Tony to pout even more.

“He wasn’t that bad most of the time. He did have a bad habit of catching things on fire.”

Bruce and Clint hovered on the edge of the conversation for a moment before Natasha spoke up for them.

“This is Clint Barton and the one in the hoodie and sweatpants is Bruce Banner. They would have stood there all day waiting to introduce themselves.”

Clint shot her a look before exchanging pleasantries and returning to his seat to fiddle with his bow.

“So you’re Tony’s ‘science bro’ that I’ve heard so much about.”

“Yeah,” Bruce gave her a nervous smile, “he’s told you about me, then?”

“Mhmm, mostly about how you turn into a big green monster. That’s really cool by the way.”

Bruce cleared his throat and tried to find a way out of the situation. His way out just so happened to come in the form of an android.

“I believe it’s my turn to introduce myself?”

The girl tensed up and turned her gaze to the figure that was approaching her. She tilted her head slightly at him. He paused in front of her and for a moment silence filled the room.

“Woah, Jarvis?”

“I am Vision. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Stark.” He watched her, slightly perplexed, as he waited for some reciprocation of pleasantry like the others received.

Instead, the girl disappeared from her place in front of him with a sharp crackle of electricity that caused the hair on Tony’s arm to stand on end. Vision felt a tug on his cape and turned his head to find the girl standing behind him poking at the material.

“It’s so real.” She breathed, her eyes glowing brighter. “How…?”

With a crack she reappeared next to her brother, brimming with excitement.

“How did you do it? Is it an advanced hologram? A robot?”

“Nope,” Tony made a popping noise on the ‘p’ and smirked at her, “guess again.”

She frowned and gave a thoughtful look. The others who had already taken a seat turned their attention to the scene before them.

“If it’s not a robot what could it be?”

He,” Tony began with a triumphant smirk, “is an android.”

She stared at him for a moment processing the new information.

“But he sounds like Jarvis."


She turned to look back at Vision who was watching the two with an almost entirely blank expression with just a hint of amusement.

“C’mon, you can work it out.”

“You know what?” Tony looked at his sister taken aback.


“I don’t even want to know.”

Now it was his turn to stare at her and process the new information.

“It’s great to meet you, Jar-ehem-Vision.” She took his hand and shook it, giving him a warm smile. He gave her a small smile in return and she moved past him to join the others.

Tony shook his head and absentmindedly followed his sister. He plopped down on the small sliver of couch that she wasn’t occupying.

For a moment she sat and watched electricity jump between her fingers. Silence reigned in the room once again as everyone waited for one of the Starks to say something. Vision returned to his spot next to the window but watched the girl, fascinated with her behavior.

“So,” all attention turned to her as she began to speak, relieving the tension of the room, “Jarvis got sexy.

Tony's jaw dropped. Bruce spewed coffee across his book and started wiping furiously to keep it from staining.

“Excuse me?” Tony’s older brother instincts kicked in.

“What?” She looked at him confused.

The rest of the room’s inhabitants had their eyes trained on Vision who stood motionless, staring in between the two siblings.

“Did you just say he was…?”

“Sexy? Yeah, why?”

They stared at each other for a moment. No one in the room moved or spoke. Rhodey shifted awkwardly, the rustling fabric of his clothes seemed to break the trance and save him from having to come up with something to say.

“I thought you would go after Spangles, not…”

“I never said I was going after him. I just said he was sexy.” Her gaze was focused on her bare toes where electricity was jumping from their tips to the metal legs of the table. “Though, I do like a good challenge and since he hasn’t been around for too long…”

“No, stop right there. I forbid-” He let out a loud yelp.

“I’m sorry what was that, bro?”

He blinked at her innocent look.

“I said, I forbi-” He yelped once again.

“What’s up with you?” Now she couldn’t hide the smirk as he glanced at her hand that was pointed in his direction.

“(y/n), I don’t want you-” He jumped up from the couch. “Will you cut that out?”

“Cut what out? I’m just trying to listen to my older brother’s hardheaded attempts to forbid me to do something.”

By this time Vision was watching the altercation with a foreign look in his eyes.

“Me? Hardheaded? Have you looked in a mirror recently?”

Clint leaned over to Rhodey.

“Are they always like this?”


At this point, both siblings were starting to get irritated.

“Tony, seriously, even if you forbid me I’m still going to do whatever the hell I want.”

“Not if I lock you in a room.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Try me.”

They glared at each other before a loud crack filled the room. Tony blinked, surprised at the absence of his sister but turned to find her standing right in front of Vision.

Who was watching her slightly shocked at how close she stood to him. (y/n) glanced over her shoulder at her brother and a silent battle went on between them.

Only the two siblings seemed to know what was going on. Although, everyone in the room had their hunches. Other than Vision of course.

Before Tony could say a word, (y/n) turned back and stood on her tiptoes, wrapping her arms around Vision’s neck and pulling his lips down to hers.

Everyone was shocked. Vision even more so. A strange sensation seeped into his body. His eyes closed as he reveled in the foreign feeling. The warmth of her touch and the electricity that bounced from her body to his cause all thoughts to escape him.

Then it was over.

She pulled away and released him, turning on her heel and walking towards the exit of the room. She briefly paused in front of her brother whose expression was a mixture of shock and anger.

Then she was gone.

Vision straightened up slowly, trying to process all the sensations he had just experienced.

Silence reigned in the room once again.

“That went well.” Rhodey finally spoke earning an incredulous look from almost everyone in the room. “At least nothing blew up.”

The faint sound of music could be heard coming from the rooftop of the facility. The trainees had been wondering what it was and who could have gotten up there all day.

They would ponder the sound for a little while before going back to their duties and shrugging it off as nothing important.

Tony hadn’t searched for his little sister since their exchange earlier. Instead, he spent his time pouting and whining constantly asking anyone who would listen, Rhodey being the only anyone, ‘Where did I go wrong?’ to which the answer would be, ‘She’s a grown woman, Tony, and just like you.’

Which is a pretty accurate answer considering she was the one sitting on the rooftop listening to AC/DC and contemplating how she would make it up to her older brother without coming straight out and saying ‘I’m sorry.’

That is until a certain android found her. He didn’t make his presence known immediately, instead opting for a more sneaky approach so he could gauge her emotional stance at the current time.

She hummed along with the song that was playing and Vision observed just how much like her brother she was. Though, he came to the conclusion that it wasn’t such a bad thing.

“Miss Stark?” She jumped slightly at the sound of his voice.

“Oh, hey. What brings you here?” She cleared her throat and ran a hand through her hair.

“I was hoping to find you.”

Her gaze met his and she cleared her throat again.

“Listen, about earlier...sorry about that whole kiss thing. I just…”

“That is actually what I wished to discuss with you.”

She blinked at him.

“Really? Uh, okay. Go for it.”

He took a moment to go over what he was about to say before speaking slowly.

“Perhaps we could we discuss it over dinner?”

Her eyebrows shot up and she looked at him with surprise.

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

“I believe so.” He looked at her, perplexed with her reaction.

“I believe the answer is yes then.” Her smile caused a warm feeling to spread through his chest and he tilted his head slightly trying to understand what it meant.

She picked up her speakers and walked up to him.

“In guess Tony was right. I am hardheaded.”

She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek sending another wave of warmth through his body before disappearing with a crack.
I feel like this thing is all over the place. I hope you guys get some enjoyment out of it though.

I don't own the characters mentioned.
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Thunder clashed as the heavy rain poured down to the streets and the windows you had, it was that in the Avengers tower that most of the team had been off to sleep.

Well most...

You see you were an agent that had worked for this place ever since the group first got together, you really didn’t have much of special powers. So really all you did was hand to hand combat or some weapons.
On the outside you were known for your secrets to remain secrets and had a hard look, mostly seen with scowls or glares at anyone who annoyed you. Course with a past like yours you wouldn’t blame yourself for it nor would you really bother thinking of it.

But what others didn’t know was that your fear was these thunderstorms that was happening right now, jumping out of your sleep when a loud thunder roared through the air you shook and stared out your window.

“It’s fine....just breathe in and out and you’ll get through this.....” You muttered to yourself.

Times like these you felt hated to feel weak but one things for sure..

Everyone had a weakness..

And really you thought yours was pretty much stupid...

When another clash of lighting and thunder came around you jumped and yelped slightly, shaking a bit you gulped and walked out of your room down the hall to Pietro’s

Ever since you and the speedy boy began speaking with one another or even training you felt this feeling of safety, even when he hugged you after you got back from a single solo mission that had been a long while you couldn’t help but feel that sudden feeling.

You really couldn’t get what it was since you were new to it, and of course your best friend Wanda noticed your feelings for her own twin brother, though she was a bit tipped off you both were so not noticing your feelings for one another.

But once another clash of lighting and thunder came around you were rushed out of your thoughts and ran to his room, standing right in front of his door you took a deep breath and raised your hand. Letting your knuckles knock on the door you waited.

Few minutes or so the door opened to Pietro’s tired expression.

“Hmm? (Y/N)? Whats up?” He asked tiredly, his ascent went along as well like always.
“I um....can’t sleep....” You mumbled and looked to the side.
“Huh?” He blinked then tried to rub away the tiredness out of his eyes.

What took him by surprise and woke him up a bit more quicker was you suddenly hugging him tightly and burying your face in his chest.

“Wha?!” He managed to get out but looked out the window of in his room. that’s what was bothering the girl, chuckling softly he wrapped his arms around the girl he fell for and rubbed her back.

“Scared of the thunder and lighting?” He asked more like teasing her.
“Shut up...” You mumbled blushing slightly.
“Alright how about this?” He started with a small chuckle. “Sleep in my room tonight and I promise I’ll protect you from that weather.” He finished.
“Fine...but just this time...” You grumbled.

Smiling he brought you inside his room and closed the door afterwards, when you two got into his bed he wrapped you in his arms and kissed your forehead.

“I’m here, so don’t worry.” He whispered.

Faintly smiling you nuzzled your face to his chest then slowly fell asleep.

One things for sure, you knew that if you ever got scared of the thunderstorms Pietro would be happy enough to invite you in his room and hold you in his arms just to keep your fear away and more importantly to keep you safe.

‘Maybe this is why I love him...’ You thought before you were in deep sleep for the night.

**Extending Ending**

“Shh you’ll wake them up!”
“Aww but come on one more picture!”
“No! You’ll end up waking the two up!”
“But I totally ship it!”

Groaning you woke up slightly then saw no other then the team and Tony with his phone out, everyone froze knowing that if they woke you up and got you out of your sleep....well hell was to pay for sure.

“Oh now you done it Stark!” Clint snickered.
“Might want to run Tony.” Natasha smirked.
“She wont hurt me, right (Y/N)?” Tony smiled.

At this point Pietro was up as well and raised an eyebrow at this then glared at Tony as well.

“I wouldn’t put that behind you know how she gets....” Steve chuckled a bit nervously.
“I suggest you run now....Stark!” You snapped and ran after him.

The other’s laughed and left Pietro’s room, leaving a certain speedy smiling after you and shook his head.

‘That’s my girl’
Summary:  It’s during these nights that your guard is down slightly, you hated the thunderstorms that would come around whenever, but since a certain speedy came around you find yourself running to his room.

Finally had the time to do this! I actually loved the idea for this request! :) I'm sorry though for not being able to do it so quick as I had hoped e.e but I also hope you like it! :) 
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Author's Note: This fic came to me after I heard, then saw the video for, the A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera duet "Say Something". It struck something in me and... well, this story is what came of it. If you haven't heard it, it can be found here: Say Something.

Usage of the cover image, entitled "Mission failed" was granted by artist f19850928.

Warning: I never thought I would write one of these, but it turns out I was wrong. Not only is this a sonfic (something I'm not a big fan of) but it is also a Death!Fic.

Disclaimer: Young Justice & Batman, or the song "Say Something", are not mine. Any recognizable content is not mine.


Say something I'm giving up on you

The scream was torn from his throat as he collided feet first with the heated metal. His knees buckled beneath him and he fell to the catwalk that had halted his descent. He lurched to the side, his weight causing the already twisted metal to tilt and his body began to slide toward the edge. Instinctively, his legs hooked around the railing, once again jarring his bruised and broken body from falling into the inferno below.

I'll be the one if you want me to

For the moment, he hung there partially upside down, desperately trying to regain his breath. But the air was scorching his lungs and he was finding it almost impossible to breathe. His arms hung limply below his head, the metal cuffs searing into his flesh of his wrists as the fire below heated them.

Anywhere I would have followed you

He wasn't supposed to be there, not alone in any case. Batman and Robin had been en route from Gotham when things went south. Blockbuster's men had shown up early and had been far too meticulous when they searched the area. They found his surveillance devices and a short time later, they found him. Desmond had been only too eager to express his frustration at the appearance of the vigilante.

Say something I'm giving up on you

His ribs were broken, his nose and cheekbone as well, his back was flaring with pain and his legs were a mass of pins and needles. Being tossed from a helicopter and through the skylight of the now flame-engulfed warehouse had not improved his condition. Sweat trickled down his face and into his blood-caked hair, and who was to say if a few tears slipped from beneath his mask.

And I am feeling so small

He was scared; no point in denying it. But it didn't mean he was ready to... God, he was only nineteen! It wasn't supposed to be like this! This wasn't how it was supposed to end! Not for him! Not when there was still so much he had to say and do.

It was over my head

Something on the floor below him exploded, sending a jet of flames into the air and rocking the building. The catwalk heaved once before it shifted in the air and he was sliding again. He managed to twist his body, crying out at the pain lanced through his back and chest, and grabbed onto the railing with his bound hands.

I know nothing at all

The soles of his boots dangled over the flames, his feet burning inside the heavy leather. His shoulders screamed in protest and he felt something stab at him from inside his chest. His already laboured breathing stuttered and he tasted the blood that bubbled up the back of his throat.

And I will stumble and fall

"You're Batman."


"Were you ever going to tell me?"

"Maybe someday."

"But probably not."

"Probably not."

"... Not cool Bruce."

I'm still learning to love

He'd been so angry after being lied to by the first adult he had trusted since his parents. He hadn't talked to Bruce for an entire week. Not until Bruce had walked into his room and tossed him a padded staff. The man had offered to train him, to teach him how to harness the anger and grief and pain. It hadn't been easy, rebuilding the trust and forging a partnership. It still amazed him that somehow, in all the sparing and lessons and late nights, he had found not only a friend and mentor but a father as well.

Just starting to crawl

Had he ever told Bruce that?

Say something I'm giving up on you

Smoke billowed up around him as a second something exploded beneath him and the temperature rose even higher. It curled around him before finding its escape through the shattered skylight above him. His eyes stung as they followed its path out into the night, though not from the smoke itself. Some part of him had hoped to see a caped figure overhead, but there was no one.

I'm sorry I couldn't get to you

He couldn't remember a time before this that Batman hadn't come for him, hadn't been there when he needed him. From the first moments after his parents fell, to nursing him back to health after being nearly beaten to death by Two-Face. Batman had been his stalwart protector, his rock, his hero.

Anywhere I would have followed you

Is this how Jason felt in those last moments? Beaten and broken, bound and hopeless? Begging for rescue and knowing, deep down, that it wasn't coming? That HE wasn't coming?

Say something I'm giving up on you

Another explosion rocked the warehouse and the catwalk finally gave out and plummeted, taking him with it. He fell, heat rising up around him, only to be stopped by a metal staircase that had twisted in the raging fire and into his path. He cried out as blistering hot metal lanced into his side, ripping and tearing his flesh even as it momentarily saved him.

And I will swallow my pride

He gave up any pretence of strength, his body going limp as blood dripped from his body and sizzled on the metal frame beneath him. Tears flowed freely from beneath his mask as he stared up at the skylight. The still visible, clear night sky seemed to mock him; his one chance of escape even further away now.

You're the one that I loved

It didn't hurt much anymore. His mind felt heavy as he stared at the stars that seemed just a little bit brighter. He felt a light hand on his shoulder, slender and elegant, a woman's touch.

A mother's touch.

And I'm saying good-bye

A calloused, comforting hand cupped the side of his face and he felt himself turning into the touch. A hand that had once caressed a fevered brow, wiped away the tears from childhood hurts and had clasped unfailing to his wrists as he soared through the air.

Say something I'm giving up on you

Smaller hands clasped his tightly between them, promising him that he wasn't alone. Hands that had once held the promise of partners. Of friendship. Of brotherhood. Hands that had been taken away far too soon.

And I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you

The pain was gone. Chased away by the fleeting touches and the hushed whispered that seem to drown out the cracking of the fire around him. The stars were growing brighter and he didn't feel so alone anymore.

And Anywhere I would have followed you

"Rest now, my little Robin..."

"It's almost over, son..."

"You've done good, Dickie-bird..."


Say something I'm giving up on you

A flash of shadow blocked his view of the stars, but somehow the light grew brighter. It blinded him and he felt his eyes drifting closed of their own accord. The three comforting presences solidified around him and he felt his lips turning up in a sad smile at their warm and welcoming faces.

"Sorry... Bruce..."

Say something I'm giving up on you

"Don't speak... Stay awake! No... No, Nightwing! Stay awake! Stay with me! Nightwing! DICK! Dick, stay with me! Dickie Please..."

Say something

So... yea... I went there....
Cry run Bunny Emoji-09 (Cry) [V1] STITCH LLORA 1 
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It was a fine, sunny Wednesday afternoon in Gotham City. The kind of day that made every Gothamite wish it was Sunday. A great day for Madam Zamires grand showing of her world famous Catalonian cats eye opal collection.

"Now, Madam Zamire, your cats eye opals are valued at over ten million dollars, arent you afraid someone might steal them?" asked the reporter who was buzzing around the aged millionaires with a plethora of other reporters like excited bees over a jar of honey.

"Oh no," arrogantly giggled the giddy madam. "Why, my opals are protected by the most stringent security measures available. Here let me show you," and with that the crowd of reporters and the portly millionaires headed for the precious gems room of the Gotham City natural history museum.

As they reached the door to the room, Madam Zamire stopped the crowd. "As you can see, the hall containing the opals is sealed with two inches of plate steel and the main door is made of five inch steel plate. Not even a tank could get through," she explained. "There are also no other doors and no windows. There is absolutely no way to gain entry into the chamber except through this door," she boasted.

As Madam Zamire described the security measures outside the main door to the gem chamber, inside, smoke began to rise from the floor of the great hall. A circular pattern of wispy smoke began to rise from the tiled floor along with a hissing, crackling sound. After a few moments, the circular block fell through as the acid bored a hole through the floor.

"Even if a criminal managed to enter the chamber, any change in air pressure would instantly release anesthetic gas that would render them unconscious and helpless," the madam continued.

The top of a ladder popped through the hole as waves of billowing gas poured from gas outlets in the wall. The head of a man, wearing a divers tank and oxygen breather poked up and scanned the room. He then climbed out of the hole and helped two other men up the ladder.

"What if they could get past the gas," asked a reporter. "What then?"

"Oh, you silly man," the madam replied, "It would do them no good. The glass of the cases is made of a new, high tech plastic. They are virtually unbreakable."

The three men proceeded to apply an unusual paste to the plastic cases. They smeared the white paste about as though they were waxing a car. After a few moments, the polymer disolvant began to weaken the plastic and the men poked their hands through the soft material as easily as punching a hole through a plastic bag.

"Even if they could open the cases, which I seriously doubt, they could not remove the opals from their placements," the madam continued.

"And why is that, Madam Zamire?" asked the reporter.

"Oh, we have a very special device that puts a magnetic field around the opals, making it virtually impossible to remove them. No force in the universe could budge themnothing except a major power outage and Gotham Citys power supply is the most reliable in the world," she gleamed.

A few blocks away, a small explosion blew the top off a power pole. Sparks flew everywhere as the large metal power transformer was blown off its support and crashed to the ground. Three men ran from the pole and piled into a small truck sitting on the other side of the street. The trucks tires squealed as the truck pulled away and headed down the hill toward a dark Gotham downtown.

At that same moment, all the lights in the museum went out. The crowd began to scream and panic as confusion and fear enveloped them along with the darkness. After a few moments passed, a series of emergency red fire lights came on.

"We have a spare generator," explained the madam. "Guard, open this door immediately!" she ordered.

Two guards ran up and fiddled with a set of keys as they hurriedly opened the massive door. The door swung open and the crowd stood in absolute shock as they stared at all the empty cases.


"Tis a dark day in Gotham City, Commissioner," said Chief OHara as he stood shaking his head in despair watching the gray-haired Gordon hang up the phone.

"A dark day indeed, Chief OHara," replied the Commissioner. "A fortune in cats eye opals, purloined by none other than"

"Oh, dont say it, Commissioner. Me ears cannot stand the strain," said the Chief waving his hands.

"Im afraid so Chief. Snatched by the criminal claws of that feline felon. That she-devil of crimenone other than Catwoman!"

"Saints preserve us!" the Chief exclaimed, rolling his eyes upward. "Is there any chance for us? Have the heavens opened up and swallowed all our hopes?" he asked, looking in despair at the powers that be.

Looking outward with a stare of determination and defiance the Commissioner sat up from his chair.

"Theres just one man who can help us now. The one man who can rid this town of that feline scourge." With that, both men turned to stare at the red phone of hope that sat under the glass container across the room.


"If you will wait a moment sir, I will see if I can gain his attention," Alfred said calmly, in a thick proper English accent, as he answered the batphone.


The batmobile shot out of the batcave and raced down the wrong side of the road toward Gotham City. It was as though the same footage was being played over and over again, each time they had to run into town. The big, black car pulled up in front of police headquarters and the caped crusaders rushed into the building.

"Did anyone actually see Catwoman or any of her kittens steal the opals?" asked Batman.

"Well, no Batman but this is her style," the Commissioner replied.

"Yes, her modus operandi," smugly blurted out the boy wonder.

"Modus Operandi?" asked the Chief in utter bewilderment.

"Yes, Modus, from the Latin meeting motive or mode and Operandi meaning operation. Her mode of operation," replied Robin as he drove the fact home by punching his fist into his hand.

"Very good Latin, old chum. But what we need now are clues and not a Latin lesson," said Batman as he and Robin headed for the door.

"Are you heading for the Batcave" asked Commissioner Gordon?

"Yes, and then well check out the museum. There may be clues still left there," Batman replied.

"But me men went over the place with a fine tooth comb. Not even a microbe could get by us," the Chief said.

"While I never doubt the competency of Gotham Citys finest Chief, Catwoman is a foe far beyond the abilities of your fine force to catch," Batman said as he opened the door. The Chief shook his head in agreement knowing the Caped Crusader was right.

"Catwoman!" a startled female voice exclaimed from the open doorway. The four men turned to see Commissioner Gordons lovely daughter, Barbara, standing in the entrance. She briskly walked by Batman and Robin and walked up to her father, giving him a peck on the cheek.

"Whats all this talk about Catwoman?" Barbara asked innocently, batting her big brown eyes at the men.

"Oh, nothing to concern your pretty little head about Barbara. Batman and Robin were just leaving to check out the opal robbery at the museum," said Commissioner Gordon patronizingly.

He always did that to her, always cut her out of the picture like she was some innocent little schoolgirl. At first she hated it and resisted it but she learned that should could use that innocence to her advantage. The whole act seemed to be a vicious circle. As she acted more angelic, her father would treat her more childishly. This would force her to act more innocently to get more information out of him. It seemed stupid but it worked. If only you knew some of the stuff I do in my apartment daddy, she thought to herself in defiance.

"Well, I was just on my way home from work and I thought Id ask you to dinner," she asked, knowing he would say no. He always said no to any socializing when an arch criminal was in town. She actually wasnt headed to go to dinner. Instead, she had heard about the robbery and was hoping to turn on the innocent act to milk some information from daddy.

"Oh well, Ive got some reading to do anyway," she said indifferently as she gave her father another peck on the cheek and strutted out the door past Batman and Robin.


The door to Barbaras apartment flew open as the young heroine rushed in and made a beeline for the bedroom. "No time to chat now Charley," said Babs as she threw her purse and coat on the couch and walked past the birdcage containing her pet parrot.

The parrot never seemed to talk, being utterly confused by the spew of dialog that always came from its owner. For some reason Barbara would talk to the bird, needlessly revealing her plans to the pet parrot. Of course the ever-changing dialog made it impossible for the bird to learn any word or phrase. The only thing it had managed to learn over the years was one phrase: "Oh MY GOD!" This phrase was the only one loud enough and repeated enough times to reinforce it in the birds mind. This only happened however, when Barbara would get in one of her "special moods", then the bedroom door would shut and waves of moans and screams would ring out as Barbara would "entertain" herself.

She had always been extremely introverted. As a child she was a loner and a bookworm, always reading and never making friends. When she grew up and graduated from college, she found that her body had developed quite well and, dressed right, she was extremely attractive.

Her early life, however, had turned her off to dating men and she found that masturbation was a far better form of sexual stimulation along with her unusual fascination with bondage. For some reason, being bound and gagged and forced to climax against her will was an incredible aphrodisiac to her and sent incredible chills of sexual excitement through her body. Was it a rape fantasy? She didnt know or care. It was fun and exciting and allowed her to break the mold everyone else had placed upon her all her life. Daddys sweet little girl was actually very naughty, and the secret made her burn with excitement.

This was also partially why she was fascinated with her Batgirl persona. Being in such perilous situations, at the hands of such desperate criminals, made for an overwhelming array of titillating experiences. When she was younger, no one paid attention to her. She was a bug, an insect to be ignored. After spending time working out and aerobisizing constantly, however, she became an incredibly shapely young girl and exhibitionism was also quite exhilarating. Ha ha, Im pretty now and you cant have me! She would think to herself.

This was why she had modified her Batgirl outfit. The old one was functional but quite drab. She felt that, if she could distract a crook for a few moments with a few curves and some revealing skin, she could use the time to her advantage. This seemed to work quite well, as most men would stop in gaping awe at the female before them, allowing her to easily get the upper hand.

The full body suit was eliminated. Instead, the suit was split into two parts. The top part was a black spandex pull over that resembled an aerobics exercise outfit. It covered her arms completely and ran to the middle of her rib cage, leaving her stomach and bellybutton exposed. The front was bare and a black support bra under the outfit pushed her full breasts together into a nice, mountain of cleavage. The outfit continued up her neck and stopped below her chin, making her look like she was wearing a turtle neck sweater. A small yellow Bat symbol was stitched over her left breast in the material that ran up and around her shoulder.

The bottom half was a pair of black, spandex shorts that came up to just below her belly button and rode around the curvature of her legs, where her upper thighs met her hips. This left her legs and thighs fully exposed.

On her feet she wore a pair of high-heeled boots that laced up from her ankles to just below her knees. Her hands were covered by a pair of black, skintight leather gloves, which ran up her arms to just below her shoulders. The only thing that shed kept from the original outfit was her Batgirl utility belt, which hung low and heavy across her curvaceous stomach and around her shapely hips.

She had decided to do away with the heavy Bat cowl she always wore. It was clumsy, hot and didnt allow for a full range of vision. Instead, a black mask, similar to Robins only with larger, more feminine looking eyeholes, took its place. The red wig was also eliminated and her own short, black hair was pinned like a crown on top of her head. She found that most crooks were way too busy looking at her body to notice her face; and besides, no one could figure out who Robin was and he only wore that stupid little mask.

The final touch was a small, black silk cape that wrapped around her neck and flowed down to the small of her back, hanging just over her plump rear end. She grabbed the ends of the cape in each hand and twisted and posed in the full- length mirror in her bedroom like some sophisticated fashion model. Then with a giddy, school girl laugh she strutted away, heading for the secret entrance to her Batcycle.

"Ill just beat Batman and Robin to the museum and find my own clues," she declared as the cycle rolled out of its secret door and down the alley.


The Batmobile sped out of town and toward the Batcave. "What do you think Catwoman is up to, Batman," Robin said, slamming his fists together like he always did.

"I dont know, old chum," replied Batman, "the ways of a wicked woman such as Catwoman cannot be easily deduced. This youre going to learn as you grow from a boy to a man," he said fatherly.

"Gosh, Batman, this woman stuff really baffles me sometimes," Robin said shaking his head.

"Dont worry, Im sure the Bat-female-logic-analyzer I built into the Bat computer last week will figure out her logic and her next move," he said proudly. "Or blow up trying" he mumbled under his breath.

Suddenly, a large explosion rang out from under the speeding Batmobile, sending the caped crusaders swerving out of control. "Hang on Robin!" Batman ordered as the car careened off a cliff and plummeted into the trees below.
the first part to batgirl and catwomans exciting day
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We constantly disagree…  Can never let each other just simply be…

We inevitably hate…  Hoping someone will make the first mistake…

We endlessly fight…  Just put us together and I promise we’ll bite…

We persistently feud…  Being ever so shrewd…

We naturally loathe…  Pride and life-- by the end of it you’ll be lucky to have both…

We boundlessly provoke…  Even with a gesture as simple as a poke…

We ceaselessly despise…  Waiting on the others sheer demise…

We limitlessly mock…  Any hour of the clock…

We eternally dispute…  Raging over the same damn suit…

We continuously daunt…  Only to bitterly taunt…

We repeatedly wrangle…  We’ve knotted together so often that we’re a tangle…

We unlimitedly differ…  And our opinions are only getting stiffer…

We perpetually deject…  Even at times calling each other a reject…


Truth is we diverge and vary upon just about every trivial thing…  It doesn’t matter if you’re Robin, Red Robin, Red Hood or even Nightwing…

The one thing in this life we shared in common wasn’t the training of martial arts or the plain “R” across our hearts…  It was Batman…  From now back to the start…  He…  He was always the biggest part…

He made us brothers…  

Thicker than blood even if we tend to call it just mud…  We may not always act like it, but honestly we’re buds…

Kin of the mask conveying different tasks, though within the cloak of night together we bask…  And what we have in common perfectly…  Just take a look in the Gotham sky…and you needn’t further ask…


We constantly save…  When assembled we are most brave…

We inevitably protect…  A hint of bond you’re bound to detect…

We endlessly support…  At least when we don’t thwart…

We persistently aid…  Forever and together we’re unafraid…

We naturally serve…  A similar case with an equal nerve…

We boundlessly strive…  Our will never to be deprived…

We ceaselessly stand…  Together an army, a family even after we pretend to disband…

We limitlessly defend…  To the most terribly end…

We eternally hope…  Forced to always cope…

We continuously play…  Dodging bullets that ricochet…

We repeatedly prowl…  Following the ways of the cowl…

We unlimitedly battle…  And can keep one another’s secret without a tattle…

We perpetually rise…  To the sound of innocent cries…


Brothers of the Bat…and nothing’s going to change that…


...annnnd that's my first fan-fic/poem/thing-o-mo-bob-o... :icondontunderstandplz:

I was bored and having writers block on everything else so...guess this helped crack it a little. lol...

I love the Bat Boys...:iconloveloveplz:

Red Robin, Red, Hood, Robin, Nightwing, Batman, Gotham (c) DC Comics

Thanks for Reading!!!

rrr...stupid literature tag won't switch into my new one... :{
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Dick woke up, feeling refreshed. It was the first time in several years where he felt like he didn’t have to start working immediately or feel guilty for sleeping. However, he was confused as to where he was. The last thing he remembered was trying to fight of Deathstroke, not passing out here—wherever here was.

He wasn’t sure if he was in a room or out in the open. Everything was white, but there weren’t any walls, doors, or windows to make Dick think he was in a room. Light reflected off the white, making Dick wince at how bright it was.

Dick rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands, feeling a migraine rippling through this head. He slowly stood up and looked around, “Hello?”


Dick whirled around at the sound of the voice behind him. “Jason!” Dick ran, his arms outstretched, itching to hold Jason. He threw himself at Jason, knocking them back several steps. Dick sighed at the familiar feeling of Jason’s arms around him, Jason’s breath rustling his hair. Dick looked up and kissed Jason, relishing in the familiar feeling of his smooth, smoky lips.

Dick’s hands crawled down from Jason’s neck to his shoulders. Dick yelped in surprise and pulled back.

Jason looked curiously at Dick, “What?”

“Wh—What are those?”

Jason’s eyebrows knit together as he looked over his shoulder. He looked back at a large pair of white feathery wings that began in his shoulder blades, reaching up slightly over his head and touching the ground near his heels, “Oh, those.”

Dick stared on wide eyed. Jason looked exactly the same as he did when Dick last saw him. His black hair still curled over his temples. He was still tall, muscular, and lean with soft skin. His eyes were a piercing blue against the white shirt and white jeans he wore. The only thing that changed was the wings.

“Where are we?” Dick asked, fearing the answer.

“Dick, we’re on the border.”

“The border of where? There’s nothing here!”

Jason sighed, running a hand through his hair. He closed the distance between them and took Dick’s hands in his. “We’re on the border of life and death. I was sent here to either return you home, or bring you back with me.”


“You were shot,” Jason’s hand gently brushed away Dick’s bangs and touched a circular scar on the upper right side of his forehead. “The bullet miraculously missed your brain and just traveled through your skull. You can keep living, but right now you’re bleeding to death. Paramedics are down with your body trying to soak up the blood and stop the bleeding. They don’t know your brain is intact, they won’t unless you decide to wake up.”

“Is this a dream?”

Jason shook his head, “No. Because you can pull through, you’ve been given the option to live or die.”

“If I go back, I’d be all alone again.” Dick looked up at Jason and traced his fingers over Jason’s familiar jaw and cheek bones, “I could be with you.”

Jason pulled Dick’s hands from his face, “I don’t want you to stay.”


“What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t want you to finish living your life?”

“What life is there to live without you?”

Jason half smiled, tucking Dick’s hair behind his ear, “I can’t tell you that.”

“Wait, you know what will happen to me?”

Jason nodded, “You’ll be happy again, you just have to wait.”

“For how long?”

Jason shrugged, “I can’t tell you that. Dick, if you stay here, your future on earth will vanish. Whatever path someone else is on will change when you leave.”

“Like whose?” Dick mumbled.


Dick looked up in shock, “Bruce?”

“He’s lost me, almost Barbara, and soon you. How long do you think he’ll last? Even if he thinks he can pull through, do you think he’s emotionally ready for it? What about Tim and Damian? You have two little brothers who look at you like you’re the sun and the moon. Will you really leave them?”

A tear streamed down Dick’s face, “I want to stay with you, Jason. I miss you, so incredibly much.”

Jason kissed Dick again, pulling Dick so close that nothing could get between them.

Dick curled one hand in Jason’s shirt, letting his other fingers cup the back of Jason’s neck.

Jason pulled back, “You’ve been through so much, Dickie. Trust me; it’ll pay off his you can be patient for a bit longer.”

Dick shook his head, “Don’t make me go back, Jay!”

“I love you,” Jason smiled, kissing Dick’s forehead.

Dick felt like he was swimming, he heard garbled voices above him but couldn’t hear or see who they were.


Dick felt his body arch up and a sharp sting in his head. He weakly opened his eyes, hoping Jason would be standing before him. He was on the pavement of a building, stripped to his boxer briefs. He looked around and saw Tim standing with his briefcase in hand. He noticed a little bit of black fabric stick out.

“Mr. Grayson! Mr. Grayson, are you alright?”

Dick looked up at a woman with blonde hair who was looking at him with concern. “My head hurts.”

The woman nodded, “Let’s get him to the hospital to get stabilized.”


Dick was lying in a hospital bed, Bruce, Tim, Barbara, Cassandra, Stephanie, and Damian looking at him with worry.

“How are you feeling?” Barbara asked.

“Better,” Dick said, looking to where Bruce stood by a morphine drip.

“Did you see a light?” Stephanie asked.

Dick tried to shake his head, “No, better.”

“God?” Tim squeaked.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Drake,” Damian spat.

“Damian, stop.” Bruce snapped.

“I saw Jason,” Dick whispered, imagining Jason with his warm touches and huge wings.


It had been two years since Dick was shot. He had healed up rather nicely, but still got the occasional migraine. He tried to slow down his work pace between Officer Grayson and Nightwing in order to try and ward off the migraines. Sometimes they were simply inevitable.

He was walking down the street, heading home from dinner a co-worker had bought him. A block before his apartment, Dick stopped. He stood still, his mouth a gap, and his eyes wide.

“I told you things would get better, didn’t I?”

Dick met Jason’s smirk with his own smile and clung to him, making sure not to let go.
After Dick takes a bullet to head he meets an angel who tells him patience is a virtue and death isn't really the easy way out. This takes place after Jason's death, but in this both Dick and Jason are older, and a couple. 
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A couple are arguing in an alleyway.

Derek: Listen, Brenda, you should calm down.

Brenda: Calm down!? Do you know how much you embarrassed me?!

Tad: *off panel* Hey!

They turn to see a slightly shorter than average, but very muscular, young man approach them. He has short blond hair and blue eyes. He carries a pool cue in his hand.

Tad: Are you harassing the lady?

Derek: None of your business!

Tad: Seems you're trying to rape her.

Tad tilts his head and looks at Brenda

Brenda: *nervous* You're wrong sweetie, we was just talkin'.

Tad: Then why all shaky?

Derek: Piss off, runt!

Tad's face gets a very nasty look on it

Tad: Well that wasn't very nice

Tad brandishes his cue

Tad: Gonna have to teach you a lesson for raping on Tad's turf

Derek smirks

Derek: Oh I'm really scared.


Tad hits Derek with the cue, hard.

Tad: Not so funny now, huh!?!

He keeps hitting Derek over and over as Brenda screams. He then stops and looks up at her.

Tad: What?

Brenda runs

Tad: What no thank you?!

He sees she's dropped her purse.

Tad: I still deserve a reward.

He rummages through her bag, finds her wallet, and takes some money. He then heads out of the alley in the other direction.

Tad: Someone's gotta clean up the scum around here. Guess it's my job. At least I got rent money now....

We cut to the next morning. As the sun comes up over Wayne Manor, a lone figure on a motorcycle approaches it.

Dick: *narrating* With as much as I do in Chicago, I still spend a lot of time here in Gotham. Even so, my landlord sold my old apartment in Old Town; Alfred managed to get everyone to move ALL my stuff out in time. But I do need a place to stay when I'm in Gotham, and I'd rather it be my own place than at the manor. So, Joseph's going to help me find a place. He sounded a bit haggard on the phone...wonder what he's done now.

Dick pulls up to Wayne Manor, Alfred stands by the door.

Alfred: Master Richard, always good to see you.

Dick: Hey Alfred, where's Joseph.

Alfred looks flustered...for him.

Alfred: This way.

Moments later, we see Joseph is on a makeshift bed in the living room. Dick is a bit shocked as Alfred explains.

Alfred: ...tried to do Master Bruce's full body workout on top of a three days straight shift at the computer on top of all the other work he does in yet another vain attempt to prove himself. I think he's shocked his nervous system.

Dick: I'm surprised he's not dead from attempting Bruce's workouts...never ceases to amaze me the simple-minded foolhardy nature of some people...but then we were all young once...well maybe not you Alfred

Alfred: Au contraire I had my moments

Dick: When?

Alfred: Well in my acting days....

Joseph wakes up and groans

Joseph: Not now, Alfred...right now I feel like my body is both lead and elastic!

Dick: Well it's your own fault, what were you thinking?

Alfred: If he were thinking he wouldn't be in this position

Joseph: Oh sure, laugh at me. Just wanted to show Bruce that I'm more than capable

Dick: And what have you proved?

Joseph: That I'm a stubborn ass.

Dick: At least you admit it. So I take it you're gonna need a time out?

Joseph: Ha ha. Unfortunately for you, I need to rest another day before Alfred will let me even go outside.

Sam comes down at this point, rubbing sleep from his eyes. A sleepy Barkley follows him. Sam seems to be clutching a stuffed bird in his hand.

Dick: ...Where'd you get that?

Sam seems to snap awake when he hears Dick's voice. He turns and smiles at the man he considers to be his honorary big brother to both him and his actual big brother.

Sam: Oh, hi Dick. Joey and I went in the city the other day, and I saw this in a toy store window.

Sam holds it up. It's a plump stuffed robin, but with Nightwing's colors

Sam: It's a Nightwing robin!

Dick: ...You know if it weren't for my pride and sense of discretion I could make a killing in merchandising...oh man I sound like Booster Gold, someone slap me.

Joseph: Alfred, could you do that? I don't think I have the coordination at the moment.

Sam: *hugging the toy* It's so squishy!

Dick: Please tell me they have one of Damian....

Sam: Yep!

Joseph: He looked mad enough to spit fire.

Dick: That's his X-mas present sorted out.

Sam giggles

Joseph: So, unless I make a recovery in the next few hours, house hunting might be delayed.

Dick: Okay, sport.

Joseph gives him a withering glare for that, but it doesn't work.

Joseph: Maybe take Sam and Damian I can get some rest.

Dick: Can't go to your room and do that?

Alfred: Poor lad practically collapsed on that spot, had to rig up the bed under him.

Dick: Okay my sympathies, but really?...No really?! *To Sam* Let's go see if we can find anymore plush robins eh?

Sam: Yes!

Alfred: Not without breakfast, Master Sam.

Dick: And then maybe we could see if there's a plush Batman

Sam giggles at that as he and Dick head towards the kitchen

Alfred: I'll get you a meal replacement shake, Master Joseph

Dick turns and grins at Joseph

Dick: Oh poor you.

Joseph: *grumpily* Yeah yeah

Dick: Feel better.

Joseph: Oh, we are SO sparring when I get out of this bed

Dick: A hero versus the tech geek, should be interesting

Alfred slaps the back of Dick's head

Alfred: Manners

Dick: You're quite right, *courteously* I look forward to it Joey, bring your best game

Alfred: Now you're just egging him on...

Joseph: Oh when I kick your butt, Circus Boy...!

Sam giggles as he watches this.

Dick: Get well soon, catch you later Joey, come on Sam get some brekkie.

Sam: You're just annoying him by calling him Joey. I'm the only one who can get away with it.

Dick: I know. Just giving him some motivation.

Sam: Motivation?

Dick: He'll want to get better faster so he can try to knock me to the mat.

Sam: Right!

Dick: See, I know how to motivate people. With Damian, for example, I'll use the plushie.

Sam: Hehehehe

A little while later, Dick, acting "in loco frater", is pulled along by Sam through the streets of Gotham. Dick doesn't mind in the least.

Sam: It's this way!

Dick:*narrating* Note to self, if you think Babs is watching this don't look like your enjoying it

Sam: Come on!

Dick grins

Dick: *narrating* Gotta admit, Sam is a lot like the little brother I dreamed of having as a kid. I mean, I love Damian and all; but he's so...Damian. Note to self...never tell him that.

Sam: Here we are!

Dick: Huh?

They stop in front of a giant toy and comic book shop.

Dick: Did you find the plush robin here?

Sam: Yeah!

Dick: Show me!

They go in and Sam takes him to where the plush Robins were. There are 4 bird versions of the four Boy Wonders

Dick: Hehehehe, eat this Booster Gold

Sam: Booster Gold is stupid.

A kid wearing a Booster Gold t-shirt looks up.

Booster Kid: Is not!

Sam: IS TOO!

Dick: Now now, let's not allow a clash of opinions turn into violence...both heroes have their merits, so let's leave it at that

The Booster Gold kid sticks his tongue out at Sam and as soon as he's out of earshot...

Dick: You were totally right

Sam: Of course I am...I know real heroes!

Dick smiles, but then both turn at the sound of a disturbance.

Tad: *off panel* This is a *%&ing RIP OFF!

They see Tad arguing with the sales clerk, a small middle aged man in a sweater vest (think Woody Allen).

Dick: Language, kids are present.

Tad turns

Tad: &#$% You! He's overcharging me for a comic!

Clerk: It's the retail price!

Tad: Not at the newsstand at Third and Port!

Clerk: But those are old comics.....

Dick: *whispers to Sam* Learn from this, young one

Sam: Huh?

Dick: *whispers* This is what not to do

Sam: *whispers* Who do you think I am, Damian?

Tad: %&#* you, and your overpriced comics. I'm out of here!

Tad storms out.

Clerk: Oh thank heavens....

Dick: Get all sorts here eh?

Clerk: Normally kids and their parents. But this guy...I heard of him from a few comic sellers. Intense guy, looks like he's a squatter. Buys comics constantly for some reason. No one knows who he is really.

Dick: ...Really? Interesting.

Clerk: Usually he's in the East End or the docks.

Dick: I see, anything you want then kiddo?

Sam: Hmmm....

Sam heads off to look at the toys and Dick follows.

Sam: Cool! The new hero figures from Okamura's here! Now, what do I want?

Dick: My treat.

A short while later, Sam is the new owner of a Okamura Batman figure with bonus Nightwing and Robin. He and Dick walk down the street.

Dick: I feel strangely proud and honored

Sam: Thanks again, Dick.

Dick: Anytime, Sam.

Sam pauses

Sam: Hey, isn't that the guy from the store

Dick notices and is automatically wary. Tad is walking down the street, looking around. Dick keeps a hold of Sam's hand and keeps him close. Tad then bumps into a couple of thugs.

Dick: *narrating* Uh oh, those guys work for Penguin on the less legitimate side of his business

Thug: Watch it kid

Tad: You're human garbage who works for a midget. Out of MY way.

Dick: I'll say this, he's brave.

Sam: And stupid.

Dick: So you know who those are.

Sam: *watching the argument* I do read the files sometimes

Dick: Better help him

Dick takes Sam by the hand and goes into an alley.

Sam: Lemme guess, you got your costume under your clothes.

Dick: Duh, this is Gotham. Never leave the Cave without it.

Soon, Dick is in his Nightwing gear.

Nightwing: Now you stay here, and watch my stuff.

Sam: Kick some ass

Nightwing noogies Sam

Nightwing: Language, young man. And stay put.

Nightwing grapples up onto a nearby roof and flips onto a low wall to observes. Meanwhile, Tad and the thugs argue, oblivious to Nightwing.

Tad: Get out of my way.

Thug: Make me, shrimp!

Tad: Shrimp?! *flexes* I'm almost 200lbs of muscle

Thug 2: Don't care, short stuff

Tad: Short?!

He punches the first thug in the groin.
The first thug went down.

Thug: Kill him!

Nightwing: Not here, chump! *leaps down*

The second thug grabs Tad and sticks him head down into a trash can before extending a knife.

Tad: *from the can* Oh, a wiseguy, huh?!

Nightwing promptly draws an ekrisma stick and disarms the thug and smacks him in the gut. The other thug whistles and more thugs come rushing in. Nightwing turns toward Tad, who is struggling to get out of the trash can

Nightwing: Hope you got some moves, buddy.

Tad manages to get out of the trashcan

Tad: I don't need help! *punches thug in the face*

Nightwing: Doesn't look like it

Nightwing hits one thug in the face with an eskrima stick, kicks off of him and flips into the face of another. Tad pounds a thug in the small of the back with his fists (think "Kirk-Fu")

Nightwing: You don't have any form do you?

Tad: I'm tougher than these goons!

Tad gets kicked in the face by a thug

Nightwing: Being tough isn't enough

The thug then takes Tad and stuffs him into a trashcan, head down, again.

Nightwing: Oy vey

Sam: *poking his head out of the alley* Tell me about it

Nightwing delivers a kick and a punch to two thugs simultaneously. Nightwing sees Tad struggling in the trashcan

Nightwing: *sighs, narrates* Why did I even bother?

Nightwing delivers two blows to end the fight; then goes to the trashcan. He pulls a struggling Tad out.

Nightwing: You...are a moron.

Tad: Not my fault I didn't go to school.

Nightwing: No I mean what kind of idiot picks a fight he has no chance of winning, you have no form, no style and no defense...what the hell were you thinking?

Tad: Well nobody trained me, so I had to learn myself

Nightwing: Well you're not learning, take my advice, stop this and go home

Nightwing launches a line and swings off, landing softly behind Sam.

Nightwing: You okay, little one?

Sam: That was awesome! Feel kinda sorry for that guy, whoever he is.

Nightwing starts changing

Nightwing: Don't; he made things worse for himself and started the fight.

Sam: So is he a thug or a tool?

Dick turns, back in his civilian clothes

Dick: He's an idiot

Sam: Oh...

Dick: Look, Sam; I know that came off as too harsh. But even your brother, with his lack of experience, would know better.

Sam: Maybe he'll learn

Dick: Everyone starts somewhere...even the big man

Sam: For some reason, I don't see him making big mistakes

Dick: Well his first night on the job he nearly died and got caught

Sam: Oh?

Dick: He doesn't like to talk about it. Come on, let's head back and go tease your brother.

Sam: Okay.

Meanwhile, Tad storms into the apartment building he is squatting in.

Landlord: Ryerstad, you owe rent!

Tad just opens his door and slams it.

Tad: Stupid hero! What does he know!

He starts wrecking the place in anger. But suddenly, he sees a comic.

Tad: What's this, don't remember this one...

The cover says The Tarantula, its a comic featuring a "costumed hero" in WW2 fighting Nazis, etc.

Tad: "The Tarantula"

He sits down and starts reading

Tad: This guy's right; someone's gotta take on Nazis, thugs, mafia, fifth co-colu-columnists, and the other thugs. And he can't let them live like that masked guy.

Tad puts down the book

Tad: That masked guy is right though; I need to be better. I need to take them all down, and I need to be a better fighter. *thinks* Need to learn somehow.

He looks in his messy apartment for a phone book

Tad: Better start now.

Later, Tad has an almost illegible list.

Tad: *narrating* So that's the martial arts schools and the army surplus stores taken care of. Now, I'm going to need a name eventually. But what....

He looks out the window and sees the cheap bar across the way. Its neon signs advertise drinks, pool and ALL-NITE WINGS. Tad grins.

Tad: *narrating* That's it. *grabs his pool cue* But not until I'm ready. Now its time to beat some punks for rent and training money.

He heads out as it starts to storm.

At Wayne Manor, everyone is eating on the floor as Joseph still can't move.

Dick: You sure you'll be alright to spar AND help me look for a place tomorrow.

Joseph: Sure I'll be alright. Pass the potatoes

Damian: Why can't we eat at the table....

Alfred: It's called "Sympathy for the Sick," Master Damian

Sam: He's just angry because he didn't go to the store with us today.

Damian: I'm surprised you aren't ducking for cover every time it thunders.

Dick: Now boys, be nice.

Dick shudders.

Joseph: Something wrong?

Dick: Just a chill, I'm fine. *narrating* Got an odd feeling, don't know why....

Meanwhile, at the Iceberg Lounge, Penguin is pacing

Penguin: You let Nightwing, and a random street punk, beat you?!

Thug: To be fair, Mister Cobblepott, the punk didn't do much....

BANG! Penguin shoots him with an umbrella gun.

Penguin: The quantity is irrelevant, the fact is he beat you...and from this can improve

Thug 2: The punk? He was trapped in a garbage can for most of the...

Penguin sticks the umbrella in the man's face

Penguin: I doubt the punk will be discouraged. See unless you kill these people, they will come back and hit you harder...I know

Penguin puts the umbrella on his desk

Penguin: It wasn't too long ago that one of my lieutenants got too big for his britches and forced me out. I needed Batman's help just to get back on top; Oglivy, having turned himself into a freak, is rotting in Blackgate. And we have a weapons shipment to collect.  In short gentlemen, if there's a problem we nip it in the bud.

Thug 2: Yes sir

Penguin: So if anyone crosses us again be it hero, punk or freaking girl scout kill them

He pauses

Penguin: What are you standing around for? DO YOUR JOB!

They nod and head out to get to work

Penguin just sits at his desk and plots

Penguin: Time to start moving some chess pieces.

Voice: *off panel* This is only phase one, Oswald. You want to own Gotham, take it away from Bruce Wayne.

Penguin turns

Penguin: And that's why I hired you, Riddler.

Riddler grins

Riddler: And I've no real love for Bruce Wayne either; we had a run in just after he got back to Gotham. He ruined some long ranging plans. So, Oswald, Riddle Me This: What is sweeter than long awaited revenge?

Penguin: Nothing.

Riddler: There's hope for you yet.
When Nightwing returns to Gotham to get a new apartment (as his old one was sold after he left for Chicago) to be his Gotham base of operations, he and Sam Kane run into a street punk named Tad Ryerstad and start an eventual chain of events....

Special thanks to :iconlord-of-justice: for being my co-writer on this (So embarrassed, forgot to mention him when I first posted this ^^; )

Tad Ryerstad is actually one of my favorite Nightwing villains from the 90s-00s Nightwing run. A dumb thug with good intentions, he's endearing but still a threat to Nightwing. Not to mention causing no end of headaches for him. This is my idea of bringing Tad, aka "Nite-Wing", into the New 52. And like in the original stories, he's influenced by the tales of the WW2 crimefighter The Tarantula.

And speaking of the New 52; Penguin here makes references to the "Emperor Penguin" arc that occurred in Detective Comics and Riddler is referring to the ongoing Zero Year arc in Batman.

The plush robins are a reference to :iconyolin:'s toy robins she's selling.

Okamura here references the teenaged Japanese Toyman Hiro Okamura, most famously appearing in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. In a story that I might have to retcon, he supplied Joseph's original Ronin equipment (which in this point in the timeline is probably locked up tight by Batman so Joseph doesn't get any ideas).

I've purposefully made this tale open ended to account for Tad's training, Penguin and Riddler's plotting, Dick getting a new apartment, etc.

Joseph and Sam Kane belong to me

Nightwing/Dick Grayson, Tad Ryerstad, Alfred Pennyworth, Damian, Penguin, Riddler etc belong to DC Comics
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