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Hahahah, for some reason this journal is more popular than my actual artwork.
I'm glad you guys like this little collection of emotes and plz accounts, but I feel like there are so many more comprehensive collections out there! I feel I would do you a favor by redirecting you to one of these instead of letting you fave this one.
From now on I'm just going to use this journal as my own personal collection of favorites, if you don't mind. :)

Dude, I keep seeing all these cool icon-smilies all over the place, and I keep wanting to use them. But whenever the situation comes up, I can never remember the username. My memory is sad, really. I wish someone would make a list of all the smilies so I could favorite it and be merry.

You know what? I think I'll do it myself.

But not all at once. 'Course, I can't think of all the icons out there off the top of my head. But for every one I see, I'll put on this journal for further safe-keeping.

~o~:iconimhappyplz: :iconurhappyplz: :iconimseriousplz: :iconurseriousplz: :iconimveryseriousplz: :iconimultraseriousplz: :iconnotimpressedplz: :iconmadlynotimpressedplz: :iconimpervyplz: :iconimhighplz: :iconurhighplz: :iconcrosswalledplz: :iconwthplz: :iconyourfacehereplz: :iconimafailureplz: :iconimnothappyplz: :iconurnothappyplz: :iconwhutfaceplz: :iconimshockedplz: :iconbelieve-itplz: :iconyamiyugiishappyplz: :iconkaminaishappyplz: :iconimalternativeplz: :iconsecretplz: :iconimsquareplz: :iconimthinkingplz: :iconimragingplz: :iconfrageplz: :iconwtfisthatplz: :iconimgrinningplz: :iconimhorrifiedplz: :iconquitehappyplz: :iconhurrplz: :iconbwahplz: :icondurrhurrplz: :iconsooseriousplz: :iconicameplz: :iconhappylightplz: :iconyeeeeaaaah: :iconvictoryplz: :iconbutbutplz: :iconitalyplz: :iconmotherofgodplz: :icontonguewaggleplz: :iconverynotimpressedplz: :iconwooooplz: :iconrlyplz: :iconrlytearplz: :iconwardenawesomeplz: :iconheeplz: :icondesireyouplz: :icondesiremeplz: :iconbadassplz: :iconevulplz: :iconfearmeplz: :iconipoopedplz: :iconleleleplz: :icon0n0plz: :icon0u0plz: :iconimanimeplz: :icondawwwwplz: :iconcutiesmileplz: :iconderpfaceplz: :iconimskepticalplz: :iconyooyayplz: :iconhawrhawrplz:~o~
~o~:iconlarryplz: :iconlarryseeswhatyoudid: :iconhappylarryplz: :iconmrslarryplz: :iconminilarryplz: :iconhyperlarryplz:~o~
~o~:iconthinkingplz: :icondelightfulplz: :iconforgivemeplz: :iconareyoukiddingplz: :iconthefonzplz: :iconsaywhaplz: :iconcryingplz: :iconimsorryplz: :icongivemesmilesplz:~o~
~o~:iconorzplz::iconawkwardplz::iconstudytimeplz::iconomgwtfbbqplz::iconarigatouplz::iconvomitplz::iconherotimeplz: :iconawwwplz::iconblushplz::iconheavenlyplz::iconsayhiplz::iconranranruuplz::iconsaiyanplz::iconscaredplz: :iconguaahplz::iconvoodooplz::icondignitylaughplz::iconmiseryplz::iconplanningplz::icongreatjobplz::iconitshotplz: :iconitscoldplz::iconsickplz::iconpetrifiedplz::icononionxdplz::icondestroyplz::icontableflipplz::iconfinallyplz::icononiontantrumplz: :iconinjuredplz::iconnosepickingplz::iconcuriosityplz::icondontunderstandplz::iconnotlisteningplz::iconboredomplz: :iconcomeatmeplz::iconruncryplz::iconitsfreezingplz::iconsighingplz::iconsmartyplz::icondesperateplz::iconfeelingfullplz: :icononionnouplz::iconcomebackplz::iconinsultedplz::iconhandsomeonionplz::icononionpanicplz::icononionfailplz: :icononionpinnochioplz::iconadorableplz::icononiskiplz::iconhappyskipplz::iconpervplz::iconpunch1plz::iconpunch2plz::iconlaughingplz::iconlaughing2plz::icononiononionplz: :icononigaspplz: :iconuhuplz: :iconcblushplz: :iconhappytearsplz:
~o~:icongrin--plz: :iconblush--plz: :iconxd--plz: :iconlll-plz: :iconsnooty-plz: :icondizzy-plz: :iconoo-plz:~o~
~o~:iconiloveitplz: :iconilikeitplz: :iconblushingplz: :iconohboyplz: :icongrinclub: :icongrin-plz: :iconohjoyplz: :iconhappytimeplz:  :iconjarryplz: :iconlolwhutplz: :iconeweplz: :icondroolplz: :iconiloveyoutooplz: :iconiloveyouplz: :icondumbkawaiiplz:~o~
~o~:iconohnoesplz: :iconohnoseplz: :iconinvertedohnoesplz: :iconohnoez2plz:  :icon1upnoesplz: :iconohnoesmushroomplz: :icongwahplz:~o~
~o~:iconffffplz: :iconangrytearplz: :icondeathstareplz: :icongoodrageplz: :iconomgwhutplz: ~o~
~o~:icongoofygrinplz: :iconimsoseriousplz: (lol) :iconsneakylionplz: :iconcreepyfaceplz:

~o~:iconlaplz::iconla-plz::iconscrolllaplz::iconlachoirplz::iconlamadnessplz::iconpikalaplz::iconmudkiplaplz::iconholaplz::icontrolllaplz: :iconcatlaplz::iconexcitedlaplz::iconepiclaplz::iconladanceplz::iconrainbowlaplz::iconlarockplz::iconfatlaplz::iconfatterlaplz::iconlaloadingplz1::iconlaloadingplz2::iconpumpkinlaplz::iconpotatolaplz::iconxmaslaplz::iconchowderlaplz: :iconrinlaplz::iconmikulaplz: :iconmikula-plz:
~o~:iconbummyplz: :iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3::iconbummyballoonplz::iconrainbowbummiecakeplz:
~o~:iconcuteglompplz: :iconnewglomp: :iconpyroglompplz: :icongwomp: :icongwompplz: :iconnewhugplz: :iconglompsomethingplz: :iconlemmeglompyou2plz: :iconbackhug: :iconfurryglompplz: :iconbritishglomp: :iconcsnyder: :iconredbullglompplz: :iconpancakeglompplz: :iconpuppyglompplz:
~o~:iconredhappybounceplz: :iconorangehappybounceplz: :iconyellowhappybounceplz:
~o~:icongimmekissplz: :iconmeltplz: :iconloveyouplz:
~o~:iconyeehawplz: :iconkillitwithfire: :iconflamingplz: :iconkillthatwithfire:
~o~:iconsithplz: :iconstormtrooperplz:
~o~:iconcafeplz: :iconexcitedplz: :icontrampolinefunplz: :iconhappydayplz: :icongeekoutplz: :iconsqueeeplz: :iconyahoogrinplz: :iconpresentsplz: :iconwoodleplz:

~o~:iconchibiamericaplz: :iconchibienglandplz: :iconchibijapanplz: :iconchibigermanyplz: :iconchibiaustriaplz: :iconchibinitalyplz: :iconchibirussiaplz: :iconchibichinaplz: :iconchibicanadaplz: :iconchibipolandplz:
~o~:iconprincesspeachplz: :iconmariokart:
~o~:iconfinnplz: :iconmarcelineplz: :iconmarshalleeplz: :iconfinnandjakeplz:
~o~:iconkarlplz: (lol, <3)
~o~:iconspongebobplz: :iconpatrickplz:
~o~:iconghirahimlickplz: :icontonguedanceplz: :iconghirahimdanceplz: :icongirahimplz:

:iconpinklilyplz: :iconifeelfluffyplz:  :iconvictimplz::iconshoopde: :iconnyancatplz: :iconmineturtleplz:
:iconcatderpplz: :iconwhutplz: :iconpolloplz: :icongoldfishplz: :iconchickenplz: :iconkissingplz:
:iconLittle-cats: :iconrabbitsplz: :iconRunllamaRun: :iconducks1plz: :iconducks2plz: :iconcutehiplz:
:iconsuperw00tplz: :iconheartbeatplz: :iconTeddyplz: :iconflowerplz: :iconkittenplz:
:iconbravoplz: :iconclapplz: :iconepicclapplz: :iconfacepalmplz: :icondoublefacepalmplz: :iconwtfisthisplz:
:iconohuplz: :iconohmeplz: :iconlollarryplz: :iconlolwutplz: :iconfishplz: 
:icondontstabmeplz: :icongunplz: :iconexitplz:
:iconflexplz: :iconbodybuilderplz: :iconhalfnakedplz: :iconmonroeplz:
:icontuxedoplz: :iconfrenchmaidplz: :icongreenmaidplz:
:icontophatplz: :iconsaysplz: :iconangelwingleftplz::iconangelwingrightplz:
:iconepic-win: :iconversusplz: :iconthumbsupplz: :iconplusfav: :iconlovelyplz:

:iconvicing001::iconvicing002::iconvicing003: :iconthanks4thellamaplz: :iconhaveallamaplz:
:iconotlplz: :iconnyoronplz: :iconartblockplz: :iconobamaplz: :iconflava-flavplz: :iconSlendyDanceplz:

:iconcreeping1plz::iconcreeping2plz::iconcreeping3plz: :iconultimatela1plz:
:iconcreeping4plz::iconcreeping5plz::iconcreeping6plz: :iconultimatela3plz:
:iconcreeping7plz::iconcreeping8plz::iconcreeping9plz: :iconultimatela2plz:
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Raven Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 13, 2013, 2:05 PM

TEEN TITANS 13 by umibitoYet another Raven Fan Art by Snax-saurusRaven by Themrock
The Raven by VeloursRoseRaven by GAN-91003Mistress of magic by Gretlusky
Dangerous Raven... by dandfi4evaSoul Self by gillykins"I Walk Alone" - Teen Titans by RiptideX1090
Raven by CeruleanRavenRaven by ron-guyattazarath metrion... by oO-Fotisha-Oo
Portals by ThisDreamerAzarath Metrion Zinthos by julif-artRaven by ramy
Little Raven by namahamuDeep Inside My Soul... by ramhayTeen Titans: Raven by kankitsuru
Raven from Teen Titans by klarEVIL RAVEN by AnyaUribeRaven by MistyTang


 photo 18e88310-dcd3-4461-ba5f-8f1f85b1e7fe_zpsf0586518.jpg

Rights belong to Pakaku, the person who made the Youtube CSS skin
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  • Mood: Amazed
  • Listening to: Demi Lovato- Here We Go Again
  • Reading: NEWS :3
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... It is not season 6.

There are good news and bad news (it depends on how you view it)

Good News:
-Still has that kid-ish appropriate.
-Full half-hour shows!
Bad News( Changes. it depends if its good or bad in your view):
-The title will be: Teen Titans Go!
-Different drawing styles
-More focused on humor
-It's more of a filler episode as being teenagers during their free time
-Premieres in 2013.

Found out where?

I'm glad they're back but I'm sorta scared on how it'll turn out. Hopefully it's still interesting, yes? :)
I'm just disappointed that there's no continuation to the last episode "Things Change"... and I'm not sure if Rob and Star will even have a relationship here! :/

But you know what..? I waited 7 years for this day to come, so whether it comes out good or bad, I'm still gonna watch and support the show.

Also updated on my other note:…
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  • Mood: Enjoying The Show
  • Listening to: Star Struck by 3OH!3 ft. Katy Pery
  • Reading: Hypothesis
  • Watching: Teen Titans Shorts (Youtube)
  • Playing: music
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Alright, so I'm totally experimenting on the airings on the TTS. I'm pretty sure that there's a pattern of when they're airing.
Don't get mad at me if I'm wrong, like I mentioned earlier, I'm just hypothesizing of when it airs.

Since the very first airing of the DC Nation on March 3... TTS didn't air till the next Saturday (3/10) along with Superman @ Japan.

There's a 3 weeks gap with the airings and hopefully it will stay that way since Superman @ Japan aired at the same time as TTS.
So far... 3/10 and 3/31

If I'm right... the next TTS airings will be on:
6/23 no airings on this day
7/14 no airings on this day
8/25 no airings on this day
9/15 no airings on this day
10/20no airings on this day
10/27no airings on this day
11/17no airings on this day
12/8no airings on this day
12/29no airings on this day

...and every 3rd Saturday after that...

I'm still testing it out, but hopefully this will help TT fans who set up their alarms at 10am on Saturdays :)

Here are the shows that have passed:

Preview #1: "Burp"…
Preview #2: "3D"…
3/10: "Wrong Belt"…
3/31: "Stream of Conscious"…
4/21: "Turn Back the Clock"…
5/12: "Blackfire's Babysitters"… Mother's Day special
6/2: "Cyborg the Lifeguard"…
6/9: "Taped Before Live Audience"… This was caught me off guard. This was a TT short that was shown last Saturday, but I was waiting for someone to post the link on youtube
7/2: "Burping Contest" Full short…
8/14: "Red X Unmasked"…
9/29: "Gamma Rays and You"…
10/6: "Language Lesson"/Raven's Date"…
11/10: "Titanimal Kingdom"…
11/15: "Groundhog Minute"…
11/17: "Kids Korner 4 Kids"…
12/1: "Apprentice Part 3"…
12/8: "Bad Dad"…
12/15: "Lightning Round"…
12/22: "Mayhem at First Sight"…


So after the 4/21 eps, there was a preview of "Teen Titanic" For 4/28. It's a new short show. And also after 4/21's short preview, TT will just be partnered with random shorts. Today was Elastic man instead of Superman @ Japan. Just hopefully they didn't change the pattern of when they'll show TTS

Here is the (MAD)Teen Titanic link:…

~~~~Update 6/8~~~~


Good News:
-Still has that kid-ish appropriate.
-Full half-hour shows!
Bad News( Changes. it depends if its good or bad in your view):
-The title will be: Teen Titans Go!
-Different drawing styles
-More focused on humor
-It's more of a filler episode as being teenagers during their free time
-Premieres in 2013.

~~~~Update 6/9~~~~

So a new TT short came out earlier! I just waited for the link to be posted on youtube (:
I put it with the other episodes listed above.
I'm not sure if it'll affect the pattern... but let's hope it doesn't ^^;

~~~~Update 6/15~~~~

Promo pic :3…

~~~~Update 7/6~~~~

Not related to DC Nation but an old special features video for Teen Titans as to how they came up with the voices :)…

~~~~Update 7/16~~~~

2013 Teen Titans Go! series pics…

~~~~Update 7/20~~~~

Teen Titans Go! Reboot news…

~~~~Update 7/29~~~~

Comicon Teen Titans Go! Interview…

~~~~Update 9/28~~~~

It's been a really long time since I've made a note on this. I haven't heard about anything about the TTS! shows in a long time (since CN was taken out of my DTV schedule). So I've been looking around for news on here, fb groups, youtube, etc. just to find out about it.
So good news, I found a note on the :iconteentitans: group and they posted this link of new upcoming TTS!

One is coming up tomorrow! "Gamma Rays and You" I'll be able to post the link soon when I receive notes of the link :'3
For now, here's a sneak peek trailer for the new upcoming DC Nation :)…

~~~~Update 9/29~~~~

Just for those who want to learn how to draw them :)…

~~~~Update 11/3/12~~~~

Got some awesome news from this note from :iconteentitans:
and here are some updates for those who didn't see it!

Anyways, here are two different pictures of the new 2013 Teen Titans Go! pictures.
The only difference in these two pictures is the way Beast Boy appears.

Here is how the 'new' BB looks (I personally prefer this one):
Here is how BB looked the first time we heard of TTG…

Also here's a new game of Teen Titans Go! posted on CN!…

It's actually fun. There is about 30 levels in this game before you reach the end. The ending is pretty ironic. But you gotta play it to get what I mean! :D
Happy playing for all you TT lovers :wave:

~~~~Update 11/4/12~~~~

I'm so freaking late. 8:12 "Starfire is a character that we're talking about for season 3."…


~~~~Update 11/10/12~~~~

New episode for TTS posted today on youtube. I found the link off of tumblr…

Anyways guys, I crossed off the every third saturday because it's no longer being tested. TTS had the most hits, I assume.
It appears that this may be the last video for the year, well until January of next year.

Tune in for more news next time! :D

~~~~Update 11/26/12~~~~

Didn't know I missed several episodes ago, but here they are updated! :)
I love that BBRae moment on "Groundhog Minute" short at 0:26 :)

~~~~Update 12/1/12~~~~

I can't even. SilkiexLarry moment. Had to laugh so hard xDD
But I could totally picture Robin acting like Larry to save Starfire xDDDD

~~~~Update 12/15/12~~~~

Cyborg's voice is temporarily replaced by someone else because he was (If I may assume) busy with his "The Last Push" debut.

~~~~Update 12/22/12~~~~

Seems like MotherxMumbo is now cannon. xD
Slade's cameo made my night.
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Just found it on tumblr! :)…

Sorry for taking too long on updating the next chapter for 7 Days and drabbles. I'm stuck with a writersblock :(
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SO. I'm getting back to the groove of things! Going to be organized yo.

Starting with social networks!

(If you want links to these places you can go to my front page and there are buttons/pics :D.

DeviantArt: I post mainly finished art work in full size, and accept more commissions.
Tumblr: Post the finished art work (sometimes cropped). More personal posts. More doodles and scraps.
Twitter: Convention tweeting.Teen Titans/Voice Actors Redraws.
Instagram: Previews to the week's drawing. Upcoming cosplay things. Ionno see my face?
Youtube: Answer Questions. Reviews. Me at conventions. Tutorials (Planning to do all of these at one point.)
Either way things might bleed into each other. Just know my most updated work is on Tumblr and DeviantArt. Still, I'm going to try and keep all of them alive this year.


I am going to be updating the commission page layout. (Payment and Look)

Since my last batch of commissions, I actually improved (got cleaner and more efficient) so there will be an increase of prices. I need to start crawling out of my little "you aren't that great so you shouldn't charge much" phase. I hope you guys understand.

What conventions I'm going to this year. 

Sometimes you guys like to meet up and say hi right? Last year I met some cool people and it was awesome to get a hello. So here is where I'm going with my raven cosplay (because I can't afford to make another one. ha)

Wondercon: Anaheim
Anime Expo: Los Angeles
Comic Con: San Diego (I got in last year lets hope it's the same this year)
Comikaze: Los Angeles

If you guys want to recommend me any other conventions in Southern California, tell me and heck I'd go. 

AND I don't want to fill up this journal too much.

Thanks for sticking around! Let's hope this year I stay on track and revive a couple of things!


  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: OMG-SNSD
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I know what many of you are thinking.

About 10% of you are angry about the new season of Young Justice: Invasion because it dared change so dramatically. You are being very loud and making it seem like the end of the world as we know it.

The other 90% I'd wager are very excited and happy!

For those of you that dislike change and plot twists in new seasons, I suggest you watch Scooby Doo. Without the plot progression, we do not have a DC cartoon. Let me summarize this for you: the previous season's plot was resolved very handily. Greg Weisman, genius as he is, knows there's no reason to overmilk the series. Because of the nature of this cartoon fanservicing with as many characters as possible and giving us a huge array of DC Universe fandom, the story had to go on--quickly! What I personally like about this is...


Every episode counts and so far no episode has disappointed in the least. This newest episode was mostly void of plot for the purpose of settling us into a new world. Think of season 1 as a reeeeeeally long pilot episode to something even more interesting. Season 1 was the beginning of Young Justice, whereas in Season 2 they're more like a pre-Justice-League team. With the introduction of Beast Boy you can probably see this going in a general Teen Titans direction. The Justice League is growing steadily, and the bad guys continue to impress.

In the end, I think we all need to sit back and give this series a chance. So far, every new episode brought with it some crazy plot twists, so what did you all expect from a whole new season? I trust that these awesome writers will not let us down for quite some time to come. Do not fear! It's not the end of the world as we know it. Right now, we are mourning the loss of certain characters and their relationships, but soon we will learn to love the new ones and the changing relationships make the show relatable. It's so much like real life!

I hope you guys give the show a chance. I'd discourage all the negative comments I've been seeing and some of them that I've even had to censor. Critiques are okay. Rebellions are not. This is a fan club...if you don't like the show...leave...? But my suspicion is that most of you already are waiting for S2E2 with bated breath. Stay tuned! And I wanna see some good fan art of all these new characters! (and old characters with new designs!)

***EDIT: By the way, if any of you watched Justice League, they did something very similar between season 2 and 3. I personally liked the later seasons better because of all the new characters.
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Color Palette Challenge

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 14, 2014, 5:43 PM

I kinda feel like doing it c: 


Send me some characters! 

I'll be doing PnF, MLP, GF, AT, Frozen, other Disney stuff, or anything I might be familiar with related stuff. 

EDIT: If possible, can you send me some characters to draw with a palette that hasn't been chosen yet? I really want to do all of them :3 

(I'll start working on #17 soon)

The ones that are done:

Stacy - palette #1 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #1

Bubbles - palette #2 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #2

LET IT GO - palette #3 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #3

Mabel - palette #4 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #4

Ginger - palette #5 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #5

Natalie - palette #6 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #6 

Twilight - palette #7 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #7

Doofy - palette #7 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #7

Apple throne - palette #8 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #8

Flame  - palette #9 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #9

Candace - palette #9 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #9

Eliza - palette #10 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #10

Pretty Princess - palette #11 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #11

Nika - palette #12 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #12

Scared - palette #13 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #13

Long fluffy hair - palette #14 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #14

Vanellope - palette #15 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #15

Adyson - palette #16 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #16

[none atm] palette #17

Imagination - palette #18 by p-l-u-m-b-u-m palette #18

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
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I promise to remember Robin when I see a young circus acrobat.

I promise to remember Slade when I see a deranged psychopath.

I promise to remember Beastboy when I see one with pointy ears.

I promise to remember Raven when I see a person reluctant to conquer her fears.

I promise to remember Starfire when I see mustard bottles.

I promise to remember Cyborg when I see cars and waffles.

I promise to remember Terra whenever I see a rock figurine.

I promise to remember Silkie when someone eats through thick and thin.

I promise to remember Dr. Light when, in darkness, one is a fool.

I promise to remember Control Freak when I see a remote used as a tool.

I promise to remember Bumblebee whenever I see a spark plug lying there.

I promise to remember Speedy when someone is vain about his hair.

I promise to remember Aqualad when I see a dignified fish.

I promise to remember Mas y Menos whenever I hear someone speaking in Spanish.

I promise to remember The Brain when I see an organ in a jar.

I promise to remember Kid Flash when someone moves nimbly from near to far.

I promise to remember Trigon when chaos and fire reign.

I promise to remember Mad Mod when a teacher inflicts pain.

I promise to remember Argent whenever I see red and black.

I promise to remember Hotspot when fire is abundant in front and behind my back.

I promise to remember Thunder and Lightning whenever a storm passes me.

I promise to remember Jinx when from bad luck we flee.

I promise to remember all other villains when someone laughs evilly but in glee.

I promise to remember all other Titans when I see something shaped as a ''T''.


Fave if this show is your life!

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