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This is a redone and expanded version of this story:…

Which is part of this proposed arc:…

In the aftermath of Jason Todd's attack on Joseph Kane, Sam Kane is left in an uncertain world where his brother might not longer be with him. Joseph's will names Dick Grayson as Sam's guardian when Joseph is either incapacitated or dead. But with one small boy dealing with a tragic and painful moment, it reminds Dick of how he felt when his parents died. And when Sam runs away, it's up to Nightwing to decide how to help this young boy the best....

Sam Kane, Barkley and Joseph Kane belong to me

Nightwing, Batman, Red Hood, etc belong to DC Comics

Preview Art done for me by :iconrafa-road-to-marvel:…
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Part two for Big playgrounds

As you can see it follows the Arkham City plot, with some changes since I didn't want it to be exact and it's way to fit these two properly. Bit sad this one, but in a mood :shrug: It will have a part 3, quite sure the last part.
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PLEASE READ: You comic book fans know that this story is not entirely my own. This story is highly inspired by the short comic entitled "When Clark Met Bruce: A Tale From the Days of Smallville". Some dialogue used in this story (that between Clark and Pete) is directly from the comic. Other than that, this story is my interpretation of the short comic. I just wanted to make that little bit known.

I am actually very proud of this. I just adore Batman/Superman team-up comics. I could read them forever. Seriously. :icontruestoryplz:
Well, I am currently reading the Superman/Batman: Public Enemies comic (Love it so far!) and I have a feeling that is going to inspire even more Superman and Batman stories. That, along with the announcement (made a little while ago) of the World's Finest movie coming in 2015 :iconcannotevenplz:
I swear, if they mess that movie up...

Anyway, I'll keep the rambling to a minimum this time. I hope you enjoyed reading. If not, maybe let me know why? It would be hard for me to improve otherwise ^^;
Thank you for taking the time to look at this! Much appreciated! ^_^

I do not own the characters of this story.
Batman created by Bob Kane.
Superman created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Schuster.
Superman/Clark Kent, Pete Ross, Alfred, & Batman/Bruce Wayne DC Comics.

*DO NOT copy/reproduce these EXACT writings without my explicit permission.
Thank you.
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YES! This is where it all began, a whole year ago and now I am editing! This Chapter is complete (finally) and 100% edited!
On to the next one!
Gallery with all the chapters:…

PS- I adore comments and constructive criticism!
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For far too long he'd watched her torn down. He told her his heart, placed it in her hands, and left her with a choice. It was her move now. Obvious Jon/Harley. Sequel to Cat's Cradle [link]

Disclaimer: I blame all my fans and Christopher Nolan, DC, and Warner Bros. Without you I wouldn't have to disclaim my ownership of anything. xD! Thanks for creating Batman and the movies!
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Gallery with all the chapters:…
Make sure to read the proceedings before this one, c'mon guys this isn't first grade.

This again is written in Joker's POV, so again, this is a madman we're talking about, he will use cuss words and not give a damn about it.

I changed it from 30 years to more than ten years. my mythology timeline was screwed up... sorry!

as always, I love you all and there will be more!

:iconawwwyeahplz: YUSSS
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This is my first Robin/Kidflash fanfic, XDD

So its not THAT good, :P

Oh well, xD

Young Justice ~

TUMBLR: [link]
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OH. MAH GAWD. Back from the dead, people. FInal's week almost killed me, BUT HERE I AM NOW. NO EXCUSES. And I apologize in advance to those people that tried to send me deviant art messages; the only time i ever had to open a laptop was to write an essay or two, or do a few research papers. (I know. Be VERY jealous) But honestly, I hereby give ALL of you permission to spam me NONSTOP until i update because it is SUMMER, and I literally have NO excuse to postpone writing anymore.

-P.S. I missed this place, and all of you . . . you know, if that counts for anything . . . :P



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Question: Mature content? Maybe? I can't even remember how bad this one is. I'm pretty sure there's no gore- but basically read at your own risk. I will add/remove mature content in my February editing month.

Before- [link]


I can't say much because I am actually multi tasking right now- I have EIGHT CHAPTERS to work on!

Love you guys!

Comment if you feel the need- I love reading your feedback, BUT if you're outwardly rude I will not hesitate to report your butt :)

Clair H
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The result of one of Harley's therapy exercises. I thought it was funny and kind of sweet. I might put a couple more of these up. Not much though :shrug:

2: [link]
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